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(Issue 12)

Editors letter

Well the Christmas countdown has begun and my Christmas decorations go up in just over a week. I’ve already started wrapping my gifts and still have lots to do! This issue is smaller sadly, because it’s so close to Christmas no one is doing much. But none the less I hope you will enjoy it! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started putting the magazine together. I’d like to say a HUGE thank you, to everyone who has been involved. 2011 has been a very exciting year and I’m looking forward to next year to see how the magazine will do in 2012 and what new artists and bands come along. More people are getting involved in the “sound of the Suburbs” page, I really hope this keeps up!! Also the “news flash” page has been filling up more and more, I’ve also started running ad’s in The Rockette please get in contact if you are interested! Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!

Editor in Chief

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Contents Steven Heron - page 4 (interview) The Detours - page 6 (interview) The burning crows - page 9 (interview) Sound Of The Suburbs - page 12 (Fans opinions on music, songs, bands and more...) News Flash! - page 14 (news page) Christmas with The Industry - page 15 (interview) Dead Beat Heros - page 18 ( EP interview and review) Arron Brown - page 20 (starry Night - EP Review) Christmas with Orange - page 21 (Cover story) Underclass - page 25 (In Depth Interview) When Kisses Become Scars - page 28 (Interview) The Cosmonots - page 30 (EP Review) Christmas number one pole - page 31 (music survay) Sam Barber & the outcasts - page 32 (video Interview)

Steven Heron Interview

Quick Questions

Last song yo u had stuck in your head: C – Barry Manil opacabana ow Highlight so

far: Honest O

ne album laun

Guilty pleasu


Favorite food

re: Dan Hartm

: The fast kin

an – Relight M

y Fire


The person w ho has influe nced me most music, Johnn in life: In y Marr. In life , a friend. Favorite plac e: Dundonnel

When did you realize you wanted to be a singer/songwriter? I must have been about 15 or 16 when it occurred to me that I should probably start writing songs. I’d been playing covers with mates from school and we got a new bass player who had written a stack of songs so I suppose I just felt like I didn’t want to be left out and it just went from there. Do you have a band? Yes. After the last band I was in split I took some time off and wrote some new songs

and waited for the right time to get back into gigging etc. and could find the right guys to get involved with what I wanted to do. I took a bit of time and a few personnel changes but at the moment I have a good band backing me up. Its just the three of us at the moment (myself on guitar and vox, Angus on Bass and Simon on drums) but I’m looking to add more people if the right folks come along.

music I hear and a lot of the time that will spur me on to put some chords together and depending on the mood I’m in and the feel of the song, I’ll try to write some lyrics that fit. Lyrically I just try to write about things in my life and other things around me that might make for good lyrics.

How would you describe your sound to fans or other musicians? Classic British indie What inspires you spliced with mid when you write your 70s American punk songs? and new wave. Or I get inspired by other Melodramatic Indie,

whichever you prefer. The Most powerful lyrics are? Honest and relatable ones. Simple as that. Which artist would you like to collaborate with? Johnny Marr, Ryan Adams, Arcade Fire, Elvis Costello, The Black Keys , Evan Dando and Television. How do you relax when you’re not singing? If I can’t take in more music, I’ll likely try to watch some films or documentaries.

Usually to try and find some inspiration. If you hadn’t become a band/singer etc., what job do you think you’d be doing right now? I honestly don’t know, I can’t imagine my life any other way and I’m happy about that. Do you have any pregig rituals/Lucky items? A trip to the gents is essential before playing and will always go over Which instrument do you wish you could play? Like many, the piano. It seems to be able to put a different spin on any song and keeps things interesting I think. When is your next tour? The plan is to tour in 2012 with the band and just play Scotland to start with and try to include London in the dates too. But as it is with these things, it takes time to organise it all yourself. What band are you a big fan of? The Smiths. They are the first band that really connected with me on a very deep, personal level. I’d been into a

few bands before, but this was the first band I felt spoke to me, and not the person I wanted to be. Do you get compared to any other artists? We’ve been told the music sounds like a few different people so I suppose the band and I have been compared to Teardrop Explodes, The Smiths, Joy Division, Talking Heads and even one time, Duran Duran.... Don’t ask me why?.... Best gig & worst? Best: Edinburgh Sick Kids Album Launch, May 2011 Worst: Friday Night Live Final, July 2010 If you could invite five celebrity’s over for a party, who would it be and why? The main cast of Young Guns. Bet they’d all be a good laugh and excellent banter. Love that film. Final words? Say what you mean now, so you won’t have to say it again later.

The Detours The Detours are:

Matt Littlefair - 25 - Bridgeton - Vocals What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? Mike - Our topics always tend to be on the darker side just because of the music we play. A lot of the time the music will determine the topic of the song because of the energy or vibe we have created. Ally - We have songs about crazy girlfriends, previous singers and the music industry in general. The topics can be quite varied and most of the time they are fictitious. Matt - When im writing lyrics I always like to sit back and think about things that make me feel something. It can range from emotional topics like anger or lust to the imaginary world where we pretend we the stereotypical rock icons with battles on drugs haha Do your songs always express personal experiences or is it people who you know also? Mike - I tend to enjoy writing fiction a lot more, this way I can create a

scene/story in my head and from there start to shape it to fit a particular melody or phrasing. Also, at 20, I dont feel that I have experienced that much that could be seen as a compelling narrative to a listener. Ally - When I’m writing lyrics on my own or with the band its always a fictitious scenario. It’s much easier to make it interesting. Matt - I think trying to express everything so personal can make a band seem too preachy so I think mixing it from personal to everything else keeps the writing process fresh which is how we aim to approach it. What can you tell me about your instruments and do you only play one? Mike - Most of our songs have stemmed from/are based around a guitar riff, so being the guitarist its great being able to play the musical staple of the song. When it comes to solos, thats when it comes to putting your own stamp on the song. Depending on the section it can be a

flurry of notes and a good technical work out for the fingers, or, it can be really emotional and expressive, as in trying to convey the picture/mood of the song using the guitar. I dabble in other instruments but that is more just for fun and staying creative Ally - I really provide the low end rumble on the tracks, I try to put some cool parts in too. With the guitars doing so much riffing/soloing sometimes keeping it simple is best for the song. I also have an acoustic guitar in the house that I dabble with but nothing too serious. Matt - I have dabbled on guitar, drums, bass, piano, synth and a wide range of other instruments, in the end after breaking countless strings and having no real talent on them I decided as a last resort to try singing. I must say its a tight rope i walk with on that aswell haha Ross - I can play the piano as well as drums but it would never work for the band. We’ll leave that to Meatloaf.

Mike Smith - 20 - East Kilbrid - Guitar/Backing Vox

Ross Neilson - 20 - East Kilbride - Drums/Backing Vox Chris Mackenzie - 20 - East Kilbride - Guitar Ally Graham - 26 - East Kilbride - Bass What made you choose the instruments you have now? Mike - Growing up listening to Iron Maiden, Guns ‘n’ Roses and Metallica and seeing those guys up on stage just riffing away was enough for me. It also made me grow my hair long... but that was short lived. Ally - I was putting a band together with friends before The Detours came along, I was late for a meeting to decide what we would all do in the band and when I arrived there were 3 guitarist, a drummer, a singer and a DJ. Bass was the only cool instrument slot that was left for the band so I took it. I really wanted to play guitar in the band, bass is the same though just with two less

strings, right? Ross - I play the drums because the rest of the guys didn’t want me near them on stage. I used to play lead tambourine but they felt that I was getting all the attention. Jealousy is a cruel mistress... I perform better from behind anyway.

range from really high all over the scales. I think the challenge itself was nerve racking cos i’ve never been given anything like it before. I guess what i’m saying is, I took the challenge and excelled where the previous singer left off. haha

How has your music changed since you first started playing music together? Mike - It has matured. Myself, Ross and Chris started this band 7 years ago and have been writing material ever since. As you start to get older and your musical taste broadens n then you start bringing more influences into songs, you also learn to craft a de song a lot better i.e. not every song needs a guitar solo. It has also changed x in the last year with the addition of Matt. His voice is much more expressive and commercial and we have certainly moulded our sound to his voice. Ally - Since I joined the band we’ve progressed massively. We have a natural understanding of how everyone ticks and tightening up new songs happens much quicker than before. The songwriting keeps moving up levels every time we pen a new track, and we also have a good bond outside of the band which helps. Matt: When I heard what the

How do you promote your band and shows? Mike - Usually through Facebook, word of mouth etc Ally - We’ve had a lot of promotion from Rock Radio up until their demise, which had been really beneficial. The internet plays a massive part in all promotion for the band and shows, from social networks to online radio stations etc.

Detours band was like before I was apprehensive from a vocal point of view. It seemed to be a new challenge, this band were not afraind to

Describe your show, visual and musically? Mike - Our show is a mixture of energy and great musicianship. We try and put a lot of movement and energy into our stage show,

and energy alongside the technical musicianship and catchy-ness of our songs so our shows are audibly and visually entertaining. Does the crowds input help at a live show? Mike - I feel its one of the most important things to a live show. We put out so much energy when we are playing and when people start to give it back, thats the most rewarding thing. It could be anything from jumping, air drumming or singing our songs back to us, the more energy we get back from the crowd the better the show is going to be. Matt - There is nothing more rewarding than when you invite the crowd into your show. Its amazing to watch and the feeling from is such a high. When i’m on stage I feed off the audience and it shows with the performance whether its 10 or 100 or 1000 people I always seem to cater for the crowd in attendance. Do you have any ideas for your videos in future? Mike - We do actually! Although we dont know how feasible they are, but we like to keep some things a secret Matt - I think you may well see the next video involving some professional boxers. Nothing else hinted. haha

to have a real presence on stage, but also we have quite complex music and harmonies going on. Once we get an endless budget that when we start using pyrotechnics, spinning drum risers etc Ally - It’s all about the high energy performance. As Mike says, we work hard on the movement

What has been your biggest obstacle so far? And how did you overcome it? Mike - It was definitely when our old singer left the band. It was slightly out of the blue and also stopped us in our tracks, we were on the verge of releasing a single, possible festival and tour dates. It was a really worrying time because we didn’t know if that was the end of the band or not.

BUT we decided to put the feelers out to see if there was anyone else out there that could fit the band, and that’s where we found Matt (on gumtree of all places). He came in an auditioned for us and its just been on the up ever since. Ally - Completely agree with Mike. We were building up for some really good things then we were halted completely in our tracks. My motivation to overcome this was wanting to prove the previous guy and all the other doubters wrong. I called in a lot of favours in search for a new guy, and in the end an ad on Gumtree provided the answer. A horrible situation turned into a blessing in disguise with hindsight, as the band is in a much better place now than before it. Matt - As touched as I am with Mike and Ally’s answers I have to admit my biggest obstacle was filling someone elses shoes. Its never a good atmospher to walk into a band who is already the complete package and you need to fill that one vital part.


These guys all knew each other and were so tight that being the new guy into that situation was first day of high school all over again. However it did indeed turn out to be the best thing that could have happened to myself musically Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there? Our next shows are supporting Marsielle (Neil Buchanan from art attacks band) 19th Nov and the Blitz kids 4th Dec both in Ivory Blacks in Glasgow. So two great bands as well as we are playing a brand new song ‘Coming Home’. If you’ve never seen us before then you are in for a treat, as mentioned before, its a lot of good riffs, harmonies, chorus’ with a lot of energy. Describe your bedroom (colour/bed cover/posters ect)? Mike - My bedroom is Red with hundreds of posters from Maiden to Dream Theater, from Batman to Spongebob. Also I have a wall of gig, train and cinema tickets and a whole host of newspaper clippings about the band. I would say my bedroom is the weirdest out of the band Ally - My bedroom is cream and purple (I share it with the wife) so I no longer have my band posters on the wall. I have them up on the practice room wall instead. Matt - My bedroom looks alot like a hotel room. Infact I’m not that sure I can even tell you what colour the walls are. Ross - My bedroom has a vibrating love-bed like the one from the Sims. That’s all thats in it... Well, apart from the cage.

Any hidden talents? Mike- Sadly I don’t have any other talents, hidden or otherwise! If we don’t make it as a professional band then I am screwed! Ally - I can roll my tongue but that’s not really that impressive. Ross - I can turn invisible, is that hidden enough for you? Who’s your hero? Mike - John Petrucci (guitarist from Dream Theater) his technical ability is phenomenal and he has great feel and great improvisation skills, a true musician. Plus the music he puts out is so inspiring, it makes you want to go and play guitar and write riffs. Ally - Dave Grohl (God from Heaven) I grew up with the Foo Fighters as the soundtrack to my life. Matt - Johnny Reznik (Goo Goo Dolls) when I hear the words he writes and the lyrics he sings its amazing yet frustrating cos I kind of wish they were mine The person who has influenced me most in life? Everyones family has been incredibly supportive. First of all buying our instruments and encouraging us to play, coming to gigs, buying CD’s, promoting our music. Most importantly, being honest with us. That means saying if they dont like a song or thought that wasn’t a great show and helping us improve anyway they can. Favorite place in the world? Mike - Apart from the Practice room? I would have to say New York City, although i would love to go to Dubai, Japan, Singapore. Ally - Apart from the Practice room? I haven’t seen enough of the world yet, but my favourite place so far is Florida. Matt - New York City!! Would love to live a short distance away from Manhattan. Ross - I had a great time in Bulgaria earlier this year but I reckon in a few months I’ll be able to buy Greece.

Any last words? Go and check us out!! songs are on Soundcloud and available on Itunes. Music video is on Youtube and ‘like’ us on Facebook (all links below) and we hope to see you at a gig before the end of the year!

The Burning Crows How did you choose the name of your band Have you changed the band’s name before? We had a different name for about a month at the beginning but after a while of staring at it we all agreed it was a bit shite, so cue 2 months of LOADS of different names being batted about (80 percent of which involved the word hank) then bang it was just mention and it fitted perfectly. Like a sleek velvet glove. What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences? We definitely fall into hard rock and we all share common influences such as ACDC, KISS , Aerosmith and Guns n Roses, but we all have quite different influences as well which adds alot to the sound. Lance has a big 70’s rock and country thing going on, Chris is the metal head, Will is big into def leppard and more 80’s sounding stuff and Whippz ‘ tastes are... eclectic, to say the least haha. When did you form your band? About 2 years ago after a chance afternoon beer drinking in the sun! What inspired you to make music together? Girls. Hahah and the desire to be in a band we’d all like to go see and have an awesome time doing it

Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favourite venues? Do you have any upcoming shows? Quite literally all over the country - we’re getting on for 100 shows in 18 months now i think? One of the favevenues is still Norwich arts centre, it’s just got such a great feel to it . UEA, purely because there’s nothing better than 1500 of your home crowd screaming your songs back at you. There’s a lot of things in the pipeline for 2012 so watch this space... How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together? It has grown massively, even more so in recent months, whilst we’ve been working on the new ep (released 3rd March 2012 - but it on the website, at a show or through the online music sites!). Firstly a 3 to 4 week pre production stage with our manager (Matt Goom - also a rather nifty drummer and muso) pulling all the songs apart and rebuilding them. Then again with the actual recording at world fmous Rockfield Studios in Wales with the legendary Nick Brine the producer who is a wizard. Everything seemed to pull together so well! Are you seeking fame and fortune? Of course! We’re taking this as far as we can, so if you’re not... please get out of the way.

What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands? Enjoy it! It’s the best gang you’ll ever be in! Oh and be nice to everyone (maybe with a few exceptions - you know who you are) you never know who’ll be willing to help you out down the road... or on the way back.

What’s your dream holiday? The general concensus is anything involving sun, ladies, free booze and most importantly... jet skis!

How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? and all the usual social networks - come and say hi!

The Burning Crows

Do you guys have any other hobbies besides, obviously, making music? Many, however we are men of simple tastes... Namely; Jet skis, Beer gardens, Winding each other up, Going to shows, Gentlemen’s Clubs, Wine tasting, Curry and Xideos haha! What’s your most embarrassing experience? For various reasons, we can’t answer this question. In retrospect though, hilarious, if a little uncomfortably sticky. What is your music background: On a personal level, we’ve spent years honing our skills from a very young age dedicating hours every day to mastering our crafts (possibly a slight exagerration). But seriously, playing is something we’ve always known we wanted to do, so all the practising many moons ago was really just a pre-amble to getting out there and doing it. We’ve all played in various bands together and separately over the years with varying degrees of success (From TV & Radio appearances to rocking a mighty 3 skinheads ready to kill us on a Saturday night) and when The Burning Crows came together, it just felt right, the timing was perfect! What are your songs about? We’ve never been too good at politics, and never really “got” that kind of thing. We like enjoying ourselves and escaping all the day to day shit so the music reflects that, so the songs that come out of us tend to make you want to hit it on a Saturday night... You know the stuff; love, lovers, ex-lovers, girls, beer, girls with beer,wine, cocktails, devils, friends, adventures, good times, hard times, chest hair and... Stavros Flatley!? If you could play on your dream tour, what bands would be on it supporting you? I don’t think it would be with people supporting us, I think opening up for say DC, Aerosmith or Alice Cooper would be amazing! Just to get to watch them guys from the side of the stage every night!

Any last words? Nick if you’re reading this, you know what we’re thinking haha! For all you other lovely people... See you on the Road!

Name: Whippz Lead Vox and Guitars Age: Timeless My favourite thing in the whole world is the adrenaline rush of being on stage. I really hate Clothes I have a pet - Spider that lives in the wing mirror of my car. Her name is Susan But I would like a pet - Lady My favourite colour is - Don’t mind, whatever your eyes happen to be I love eating - haha well... for the sake of this question, houmous ;) -best gig you played & why: So many great shows. Homecoming gig at the UEA, the festivals in the summer, accidentally playing the rowdiest acoustic gig in history, all great - if you were there, you know what i mean. -Your funniest onstage moment: There’s too many... Got to be something like when Chris hits himself in the face, Will gets his hair stuck in the overhead fan, laughing hysterically because Lance has noticed something brilliant and we can seemingly communicate telepathically (in all fairness nobody on the rest of the planet would find these things funny), the mullet incident, the moment of realisation that the club was prepared to buy us anything we wanted as long as we drank it... Chris’ ridiculously unintimidating drum smile. -life on tour is: Incredible -band you would love to support: AC/DC -would you date a fan: Love to... tweet me ;)

Name: Lance Daniels Guitar and backing vox Age: Old enough to know better but young enough not to care My favourite thing in the whole world is Vindaloo and Wine I really hate ...... Tractors, Moochers, Custard, Cheap Wine, Children, France, I have a pet.......Dog But I would like a pet vulcher called hungry Stephen My favourite colour is .......... black and shiny shiny red! I love eating...... vindaloo/ungodly hot curries! -best gig you played & why: Dudestock in York this year! As a rain soaked crowd went mental for us! It was ace! A crowd barrier had to be erected (Ooooh pens) -Your funniest onstage moment: When I was younger a slightly older lady took to the stage and accosted me with her tongue! In front of a packed bar including my parents and girlfriend of the time! -life on tour is: Hilarious -band you would love to support: Aerosmith -would you date a fan: as long as they aren’t mental Name: Chris Chapman Drums Age: The youngling of the band My favourite thing in the whole world is: Playing gigs in front of big crowds I really hate: Not gigging/recording/rehearsing I have a pet: Cat

But I would like a pet: Dog... if I could afford one My favourite colour is: Blue I love eating: Chocolate! -best gig you played & why: UEA in Norwich, lots of people there and it’s a massive stage. -Your funniest onstage moment: Hitting a cymbal and accidentally letting go of the stick which then hit me in the face! -life on tour is: Absolutely brilliant! Couldn’t think of anything better! -band you would love to support: Someone really big like Aerosmith or AC/DC -would you date a fan: Maybe, never really thought about it

My favourite colour is sparkly I love eating... a lot.

Name: Will Lockett Bass & Backing Vocals Age: Who wants to know? My favourite thing in the whole world is playing music I really hate not playing music I have two cats But I would like an antelope

-best gig you played & why: UEA because there was a massive crowd who were into it the whole way through. -life on tour is: Rad. -would you date a fan: I currently am. Any last Words?(As always... will maintained his strong, dark & moody demeanor) 11

T his is t h e s o u n d o

This is where you can find out fans opinio who ha s the worst song & which

Na m e : M i c h e l l e A ge : 2 4 Kind of music yo u l i ke : h i p hop/R&B m u s i c h ate : c l a s s i ca l Favo u r i te b a n d : Jls La st b a n d yo u saw l i ve : n eva b e e n to a g i g Wo rst s o n g : a ny ro c k Be st s o n g : r h i a n n a - we fo u n d l ove La st a l b u m yo u b o u g ht : wa s age s a go - j l s n ew s o n g Last s o n g st u c k i n my h e a d : pro fe s s o r g re e n - re a d a l l ab o u t i t


Name: Scott Age: 19 Kind of music you like: Indie/ Rock Favourite band: We were promised Jet Packs Last band you saw live: We were promised Jet Packs Worst song: Can’t get you out of my Head Kylie Best song: Jimmy Eat World (all) Last album you bought: Cold Play - Exile

Name: Andrew Name: Daniel Age: 19 Kind of music you like: i like anthin really,, mostly depends on what mood I am in lol Favourite band: Nickelback

Age: 24 Kind of music you like: metal Music hate: Dance music Favourite band: Metallica Last band you saw live: kiss

Last band you saw live: arctic monkeys

Worst song: JCB song

Best song: far away by Nickelback

Best song: revolution is my name by Pantera

Last album you bought: now 79

Last album you bought: chimaira age of hell

Last song you got stuck in your head: theor y of a deadman wait for me

Last song you got stuck in your head: I’d rather have a bowl of coco pops

Nam e : D rew A ge : 2 1 Kind o f m u s i c you l i ke : I n d i e , Punk & Re g ga e Mu s i c h ate : Just i n B i e b e r Favou r i te b a n d : Th e C l a s h La st b a n d you s aw l i ve : Twi l i g ht S a d Wo rst s o n g : Bad W i n e & Lem o n C a ke The Ja n e A u ste n Arg u m e nt Best s o n g : L o s Cam p e s i n o s ! Hell o S a d n e s s Last a l b u m yo u bought : T h e S l i t s - In sta nt H i t

o f the su b u r b s

ons of what sounds are Hot on the street, Genre has the biggest following!

Name: Eilidh

Name: Terr y Hernandez

Age: 19

Age: 29

Kind of music you like: Instrumentals, drum and bass, dubstep, ambient, eletronic, j-rock mainly

Kind of music you like: any type of music

n a m e : K i l by a ge: 1 8 Kind of music you l i ke : G o t h i c / n u m eta l Favo u r i te b a n d : bet we e n stat i c x an d d i st u r b e d La st b a n d yo u saw l i ve : wa s di st u r b e d l a st December M u s i c h ate : i s any t h i n g t h at i s ju st ta l e nt l e s s au to t u n e d p i s h Be st s o n g : co nf l i c t by d i st u r b e d Wo rst s o n g : p ro b a b l y a ny t hi n g by ke s h a L a st a l b u m yo u b o u g ht : d i st u r b e d t h e lo st c h i l d re n La st s o n g yo u got st u c k i n yo u r he a d : at rey u l i p glo s s a n d b l a c k

Music hate: All instruments at once Favourite band: Boom Boom Satellites/Naibu Last band you saw live: I honestly can’t remember lol! Last album you bought: Nightmare [anima] Last song yo got stuck in your head: Jesu Hard to reach

Music hate: none really Favourite band: Aerosmith Last band you saw live: Evanesance Worst song: is t hat bad I can’t remember the name of the song Best song: I don’t want to miss a thing , immortal from Evanesance Last album you bought: Bruno Mars Last song you got stuck in your head: just the way you are from Bruno Mars

Want to appear in Th e ... t e e o ck



to feature on our sound of the suburbs page just answer these simple questions ...

Name: Age: Kind of music you like: Music hate: Favourite band: Last band you saw live: Worst song: Best song: Last album you bought: Last song you had stuck in your head: ... attach a pic (as crazy as you like) and in the Subject box type “S.O.T.S” then e-mail to

N e w s Flash Sam Barber and The Outcasts

A brand new track to be released in time for Christmas. The single is called “Merry Christmas ( I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)”. It has a very catchy tune, with simple lyrics everyone will pick up and sing along to. Read the full interview with the band about the track on page 32!

Always Read The Label

MakethisRelate Since it’s nearly Christmas MakethisRelate are starting to feel a bit festive! The band thought it would be a good idea to have a little “merch” sale! Items start at only £2 and the band even send you a Christmas card with every order! just cause they’re pure sound. Just goto - and place your order!!

Always Read The Label are recording a double a-side single. The singles tracks will be ‘Forsaking All Others/Promises. The band will have hopefully recorded it in time for Christmas.

If you or your band have any news you would like to share with the world through the Rockette, Please send it to: and type subject as “News”

h t i w s a Christm

The Industry

Christmas is upon us, we want to know what your favourite thing about Christmas? Charlie: Could say being with family but it’s definitely presents! Rosa: That festive feeling in town - German market, the ice rink, big wheel and all the christmas lights :) Euan: food food food food food food food! Grace: Christmas spirit! Just the general buzz everyone has, it’s so nice, and the presents are alright too haha Sean: Snow!

Best gift you ever got given for Christmas? Charlie: Last year T in the Park ticket. Best weekend of my life so far. Rosa: Speakers to mix my music on! Euan: First guitar!! Grace: A holiday to New York! That was a joint birthday prezzie though Sean: My drums. Who in the band is the biggest kid at Christmas? Charlie: Not sure really but Grace does seem turn into a kid around

the time Rosa: Charlie – he’s always a big kid! Euan: Charlie.... he’s always the wee kid in the band. Grace: Probably Charlie... Sean: Me, probably. Grace, maybe. What’s your favourite Christmas song? Charlie: Rudolf the red nose reindeer! Hands down. Rosa: Pogues - Fairytale of New York. Euan: I Wish It could be Christmas Every Day Wizzard......... even though I 15

don’ all.... Grace: A Spaceman Came Travelling by Chris de Burgh, I know it’s not that upbeat or Christmassy but it was always my favourite track on my parents’ Christmas album, so it’s always had that wee place in my heart :) Sean: The Darkness one. What’s it called? Christmas Time? Thing you would love to find in your Santa’s stocking? Charlie: A Gibson ES-335…. my dream guitar. Rosa: Chocolate! Euan: Gretsch G. Love Corvette? :) Grace: A record deal? Haha Sean: A half naked lady ;) What’s your Christmas tipple (drink)? Charlie: No idea haha! Rosa: Bucks Fizz! – although I use cheap fizzy wine rather than Champagne :p Euan: Mulled wine is pretty good! Grace: Baileys!


Sean: No idea. Do you like snow at Christmas? Charlie: After last year I never want to see snow again! Rosa: Only if it’s not too heavy and I don’t have anywhere to be. Euan: For about a day... then the novelty wears off Grace: Yes, for about a week! Then it just gets a bit silly Sean: Yeah! Of course. Do you have any Christmas jokes? Charlie: Nope … Rosa: There’s always so many read out from crackers but I can’t remember a single one! Euan: What is the difference between snowmen and snow women? Snow balls! Grace: Can’t say I do haha Sean: Um, uh, no. Don’t know any jokes. Why did you decide to start a band?

Charlie: Well me, Sean and Euan all played instruments and we decided hey why not?! Then we roped in Grace and Rosa and things have just progressed since. Rosa: Its a funny story - there was originally a different bass player and he left a week before a gig - Grace approached me saying they needed a bass player or they would have to cancel the gig. I said I could give it a go - I did and over a year later I’m still playing bass with them! Euan: Music is fun with other people! Grace: It was the boys who started it, me and Rosa actually joined about a year after. Sean: I wanted to make music with other people. Do you have any songs that weren’t a hit with the crowd? Charlie: One that we tried a while back but it was never booed or anything we just didn’t get a great

reaction from it. Rosa: There was one song - You Know - that is an acoustic track I wrote and just didn’t transfer very well into electric. But thankfully, most people respond really well to our music :) Euan: I personally don’t like playing longer songs on stage, but i’m not too sure... Grace: A few haven’t been hugely successful... that’s good though, it helps us realise what’s worth keeping and what isn’t. Sean: I hope not. If you could be a superhero what would your name be? And describe the costume? Charlie: Invisible man so I wouldn’t need a costume. Euan: The Mongoose, would wear some kind of terrible mongoose costume.... Grace: Ooh I don’t know! Captain something? I really don’t know... the costume would have to be sparkly though. Sean: Captain Obvious. Head to toe spandex. Funniest on stage moment you have had? Charlie: At our single launch last year, Sean’s bass pedal broke so me and Euan improvised a blues thing which we surprisingly didn’t muck up. Rosa: Every time we see one of Sean’s drum sticks fly past our heads Euan: When Sean’s kick pedal broke and me and Charlie improvised some blues on stage... pretty hilarious Grace: When we were playing Usher Hall Charlie kept stopping to have a drink and we all slagged him off a bit... that was probably more awkward than funny to be fair... Sean: At Cabaret Voltaire one

time, my stick went flying off the hi-hat and almost hit Rosa. Nobody noticed but I was killing myself laughing. What was the last song you got stuck in your head? Charlie: I have songs stuck in my head constantly but recently they’ve all been songs from the new Coldplay album that I haven’t stopped listening to since it came out. Rosa: Beach Boys - Wouldn’t it be nice Euan: Paradise - Coldplay Grace: Anything off the new Coldplay album! Sean: Wishing Well by Blink 182. Favourite outfit you own? Charlie: I’m not a big fashionable guy. I just sorta put on what’s clean. Euan: I am a man of many cardigans! Grace: I have a very nice dress that I managed to bag for less than £4 at a charity shop. Sean: Cottons and a Hibs strip. How can my readers gain access to your music? Is it free? All our recorded tracks can be downloaded from our website at Some are free. You can listen on Facebook – www.facebook. com/theindustry1. We’re also on iTunes and all the big download sites. We have one physical CD (our first single, Avalanche) which is available from the band at gigs and things. We’ll hopefully have a new single release out in the Spring too!

Your favourite song ever, has this ever changed? Charlie: I love so many songs I have never picked a favourite and probably never will. Rosa: Too difficult a question! Favourite album is easier :) The Beatles - Rubber Soul Euan: Changes all the time! right now, Up Up & away - Kid Cudi Grace: Yes, about a million times! Anything by Coldplay. Seriously, anything. Sean: Fat Lip by Sum 41. Finally when & where will you be playing next? We’re on tour in early December with Hit The Road. The Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, 1st December 2011 The Ironworks, Inverness, 2nd December 2011 Electric Circus, Edinburgh, 4th December 2011

Quickie Christmas Round:

Miracle on 34th street or the Santa clause: Miracle on 34th Street. Christmas pudding Christmas cake: Cake pudding, but you better quick or Charlie will eat both. Rudolph Snowman


or or be the


Building a snowman Snowball fight: FIGHT!


Hot choc or egg-nog: Hot choc all the way!

s o r e h t a e b d dea

EP Interview

Band: Dead Beat Heros Members: Cracks, Budgie, Sean and Manners Album: Untitled EP Release date: Now Genre: Punk Rock Was this the band’s first album? The band hasn’t actually recorded an album but we have recorded EP’s short albums, the first one was “Nostalgic” back in 2010. Which came first, the music or the lyrics? Usually it’s the music, but most of the time they come together in a package. How many tracks are on the CD? 6 tracks are on the EP. How long did it take to record? This took about 2 days. Do each of you have a favourite track, if so what track and why? Budgie: My favourite song is making you sick

because the song talks wonders I love walking about the street and when people look at me they just like feel sick. What was the idea behind the cover? It was my guitar. That was the basic idea of the cover. Who designed it? Myself. Where can people buy it? From us at gigs, or email us. Will you be touring to promote the album? We’ll try to gig and do weekenders but we aren’t big enough to do all that. Finally what plans do you have for your next album? A full album to be honest and one everyone will love. Any more news to tell? We’re a band and people should listen to us.

dead beat heros

2 EP Review

Dead Beat Heros are a 4 piece Punk/Rock Band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band draws Influence from bands such as Dropkick Murphys, Rancid, The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers, Anti Nowhere League and The Distillers. This is their two new EP’s, each contains 6 of the band’s tracks. Untitled EP

Dead Beat Heros EP

Brave New World A very fast and loud thumping opening to this track. With its lack of lyrics, this track is very heavy on musical influence. There is maybe some similarity to “The Clash” in this track. With distinct hints of good old fashioned Punk Rock with a bit of a modern twist added, this track conjures up the very essence of crowded rooms with safety pin encrusted mohawk-headed youths bouncing off each other as a mad ‘pogo’ takes centre stage. This track may be for a “Brave New World”, but it has not forgotten its roots in the punk rock past.

Scabbie Lassies This track is not your usual punk rock track!! More in the style of a skater track, maybe a bit like “Avril” or “Busted” with lots of guitar and drums. More suited for younger enthusiasts, think thick black eyeliner, black lipstick and black nail varnish and you’ll get what I mean.

True Roots If you know your punk rock, then this track is intended for you. With the very slightest hints of Alternative Ulster to its intro, this track quickly flips then invokes memories of “The Damned – Neat, Neat, Neat”. It picks up where the previous track left off to keep the up momentum. Unity (on yer way) This track has two sides to it. One moment it is very quick and bouncing along, the next it has slowed down! This track may well have a split personality but they are both excellently combined and create a “Unity” that will blow your socks off!!! making you sick With a very strong guitar based intro, followed by quick drumming, this song had a very up-tempo beat and rhythm. Although there is a bit of a pop feel to this track, there is still a raw punk undercurrent. There is maybe a bit of “Buzzcocks” or “The Skids” about it. It’s got that jump around while having a good time feel to it. I Know Where I’m Going Another very upbeat track again, with more of a guitar base to it this time. It reminded me of earlier “Greenday” tracks, when they released “Basket Case”. Every so often Cracks has a “Billie Joe Armstrong” sound to his voice. A great “head banging” tune. My favourite song on this EP!! My Junkie Friends Another track with “Greenday” influences, this time I thought it sounded a bit like “American Idiot”. It has a stonking instrumental intro which continues to support the vocals after they arrive. I thought that this track was the most melodic of all their tracks on this EP.

Here Comes Her Angel This, I think, is the slowest of their tracks from both EP’s. Although, having said that it still moves on at a fair pace. A lot less of a teenager-y feel than the previous track. With deeper input from the guitars it is much more gritty. The raw edginess to their music shines through in vast quantities. Died Today Another track with a rocking intro. The guitar rocks through this track and the drums give full support to the medley. It also has that Americanised style of bands such as “Greenday” or “blink 182”. Vocals are good and the track twists and turns as the tempo raises and lowers. A good all-rounder. Spilled My Heart The pace picks up as this track sparks into life. It speeds its way through with fine guitaring, interspersed with more raw vocals. A nerve tingling up-beat sensation. Vibrant and vociferous “Spilled My Heart” is the best track on this EP. The Drink Tastes Better (When You Stay) This track reminded me of the effervescent “Billy Idol” and “Ready Steady, Go” by “Generation X”. The track flowed in a very similar style. The undercurrent and beat were similar too. In particular, the first 10 seconds of this track were almost a duplicate of the first 8 seconds of “Ready, Steady, Go”. The lyrics though are very different. Where Billy was more mellow and rounded, Cracks is more raw and cutting edge. An excellent up date to a real punk classic. Shadow Of My Doubt First time I heard this I immediately thought of “White Riot” by “The Clash”. There is a lot of similarity in the soundtrack. I thought Cracks was about to spurt out the lyrics as well, but he didn’t. What he did spurt out was actually a really good track. This track deserves to be listened to for both its similarity to “White Riot” and because this track is good enough on its own.

Overall It is clear to see where “Dead Beat Heros” get their influences from. They can be found in most of their tracks. It is good to see that a modern day punk band can still pay homage to the original bands like “The Clash”, “Stiff Little Fingers” and “Generation X”, while simultaneously adding a modern twist from pop/punk bands like “Greenday”, “Blink 182” and “Alien Ant Farm”. “Dead Beat Heros” brand of music brings punk bang up to date, cos “punk never dies”

Arron Brown – Starry Night EP Review

Arron is a guy who plays guitar and sings from the heart. His Acoustic/pop songs are very moving and full of passion. With the release of his new EP “starry night”, Arron has asked me to share my views on his new tracks.

Miss you

This track was very soft and gentle. It opens with gentle drumming and soft guitar which draws you in. Arron’s voice is smooth and soulful throughout this track, with moving romantic lyrics. Best listened to in your jim-jams with a steaming cup of hot chocolate, “Miss You” was very meaningful and should appeal to people of most genres.

The end of summer

A more upbeat track than the first, with a very catchy beat. The guitar and drumming was very good. The bubbly lyrics, with references to summertime, gave a warm feeling to this track. The lyrics help you recall those fun summer days you’ve had. I have reviewed several tracks by Arron, but I think this is my favourite.


Another great 2 track EP by Arron. With both very warm and catchy and meaningful lyrics distributed nicely between both tracks. This effervescent EP is one you will defiantly want to add to your Christmas list!

Don’t forget you can Check out Arron’s new EP for free at -

Chrstmas with....



(Cover stor

Joe Dexter - Lead vocals/Bass Perry Ladish - Guitar/Back up vocals Alec Gomez - Lead Guitar Zak Glosserman - Drums

To: The Genre: Power-pop punk! Me Rock rry How long you’ve been together: 10 Chr ette years Fro istma s m: The messiest member is: Perry! Ora nge The Prankster is: Zak. No doubt. Always keeps us in stitches. Most attractive is: Me of course! PSHH! (lead singers disease)

Bio: Formed in Los Angeles in 2002 by Zak Glosserman (drums) and British-born Joe Dexter (vocals, bass) - both still in their early teens at the time - ORANGE effortlessly blend punk-rock sensibilities with infectious pop melodies, a fusion that caught the attention of Rancid front-man Tim Armstrong, who quickly snapped the band up to his influential Hellcat Records label. Two albums, “Welcome To The World Of…” and “Escape From LA” followed, introducing ORANGE to an appreciative punkrock community and earning the band support slots on tour with punk heavy hitters including UK Subs, The Misfits and The Adicts. The Gavin MacKillop-produced “Phoenix” album followed and saw the band take a step further into the pop-punk arena, a genre that clearly suits their optimistic lyrics, anthemic choruses and killer hooks. The addition of new band members Perry Ladish and Alec Gomez, has allowed them to broaden their influences and stretch their musical ability to create music that has instant appeal without losing any of its punk edge. Orange’s new self released EP “Dead Sexy” is available on iTunes now.

What are you up to at the moment? Well we just finished the Bowling For Soup tour so at the moment we are trying to get over this month long hangover. We know how to party!

Records. We were 16.

How did you get into the music industry? I started Orange when I was only 13 years old. Hard to believe its been that long really... After we made this 3 song demo it ended up in the hands of Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong. A few weeks later he signed us to Hellcat

Who where your Childhood music idol’s? Both Perry and I grew up worshipping Billie Joe Armstrong. Zaks first influence was Stuart Copeland (he even had a few drum lessons with him) I believe and Alec

Who were your favourite bands growing up? For me personally I loved Sum 41, Blink 182, Green Day, Weezer and The Lion King soundtrack.

grew up really loving lawn mowers and sharp blades of grass. What can you tell me about your instruments and do you only play one and what made you choose the instruments you have now? I have a custom bass that Fender made for me. Its a Mustang with a union jack paint job and silver star inlays. It is BEYOND sexy. I get a little hard every time I use it... What age did you each decide music was going to be your career?

After the band and I went to see Sum 41 when we were 14 years old I knew immediately that there was nothing else that I wanted to do but be up there. I never looked back. Can you describe your early experiences of gigging and working on your first EP? Sure. Our early experiances of gigging were pretty much like every other band out there. Won a few battle of the bands here and there. Played my own back yard. Played our schools. Eventually we ended up selling out The Key Club on sunset blvd in Los Angeles right when all the labels and the town were buzzing about us. Hellcat won us over in the end. How would you describe your music? Back in the day I would have said we were straight up pop punk but as were much older now and we have evolved so much I would say that our more “non-pop punk” influences are shining through.. Like My Chemical Romance taking Muse to see The Cure. Who would you say are your greatest influences and who do you particularly admire right now in the industry? About a year and a half ago I discovered this guy named Martin Atkins. He published a book called “Tour Smart” and its an absolute bible to any touring musician. Its chock full of creative and innovative ideas to break your band on the road.

What are your worst and favourite parts of being on tour together? The worst part is most of my girlfriends have ended up leaving me while I have been on tour for one reason or another. That never really gets any easier. Being away for so long is hard on anyone... The best parts are always playing the actual gigs. It can be such a pain to do all the traveling and waiting but soon as you hit the stage, life makes sense. I first saw you in Glasgow, when you toured with “Bowling for Soup” how did you enjoy touring with them? I grew up listening to them and dreaming of touring with them one day. Its real proof to me that if you work hard enough through all the shit, dreams come true. Jaret is a top notch guy who I can never thank enough. What was the best gig you’ve ever played, and what was the worst? The best was probably London on the Bowling For Soup tour. We were on form that night and the crowd was fantastic. As for the worst it would be a tie between a gig we did with The Dwarves or this other show we did with Sham 69. We left both gigs covered from head to toe in spit, beer and god knows what else. Could you briefly describe the music-making process? And how you come up with your lyrics? When I was younger I would finish a piece of music and

then write lyrics and melody over that. These days though I think thats very limiting. I like to write the music and melody at the same time then let the lyrics comes to me naturally. Its like they come from outer space. If you could do a cover of any song, what song would you choose and why? We have done a lot of covers in the past like Karma Chameleon and Perfect Day but I have really been wanting to do a rock cover of My First My Last My Everything by Barry White. Its a killer cover waiting to hit the world. I can feel it! What song do you get requests for the most? The hits! Haha. Well, we say the hits but really its just the songs that have music videos on youtube. Not many people know our stuff before Phoenix but every now and then we get a request for Affirmation Song from our first record. You are the band who sing “Generator Rex theme” on cartoon network, how did

you get into that? The song is called Revolution and it was actually a B-Side from Phoenix. We never released the song but somehow a producer for the show got his hands on it and LOVED it. Before we knew it we were making a music video for it and suddenly we were on TV. It was an amazing feeling! That was when things started to take off for us. What’s been the highlight for you so far, and do you have any regrets? Getting signed at such a young age was a huge highlight. My only regret is that we were marketed as a “punk” band and I let that happen. I think that did more damage than anything in the early days.

To The Rockette From Orange x

for Christmas. The rest of the year is shit. Best gift you ever got given for Christmas? Last year I got a “magic” wand that changed the channel on the TV. That was hella pimp.

What can we expect in the future from you? More hardcore rockin’ jizzing in your face tunes! We will be putting out a new record in 2012 sometime. Keep ya butt cheeks clenched!

What would be your ideal date? I am a hopeless romantic. Candle lit dinners, romantic movies, then of course dirty sex.

What would be the best piece of advice you have been given that you would like to share with our readers? Celebrate small victories. The big ones are few and far between. I remember as soon as someone told me that last year it really changed the way that I looked at everything.

What song reminds you of the first time you fell in love? (It’s up to you if you want this to be sweet or naughty) Well the first time I knew I was really in love with a girl wasnt actually that long ago. Lullaby or Just Like Heaven by The Cure were our songs. Also surprisingly Boys of Summer by Don Henley or The Ataris version.

Christmas is upon us, we want to know what your favourite thing about Christmas? EVERYTHING! Christmas is the best time of year. I LIVE

Do you have posters up on your room walls? Not really. I did when I was a kid of all my favorite bands.

I like to keep a clean room for a clean mind these days. Im boring. Zzzzzzzz.... Describe your bedroom (colour/bed cover/posters ect)? I have several but the one Im in at the moment is bright pink and covered with fairy lights. Its pretty sexy. What is the weirdest gift you have received from a fan? Weirdest?.... Probably a comb. I was like ... What the fuck? What do you do to relax when you’re not working? I dont know how to relax! Jeez! Im always working or worrying about something haha. Life of a capricorn. If you hadn’t become a band/singer etc., what job do you think you’d be doing right now? I would have liked to work with kids or animals. Im a big softy at heart. Who is your crushes?



Zoey Dechannel, Alexa Chung and Katy Perry. Id tap that. If a genie gave you 3 wishes, what would you wish for? I would wish for a few million quid so I can buy lots of nice things for my friends and myself, a cure for CF so I wouldnt have to put up with the bullshit that comes with it and for Pokémon to be real. Do you have any pets? If yes what is their name? Yes I have a bountiful baby boy chihuahua-wannabe named Hollywood. He’s my best buddy in the world. He’s little spoon. What super power do you wish you had? And why? I would wish for the powers of time travel, invisibility and mind control. Joe Dexter, lord and master of the universe. BWA HA HA HA haaaaaaaa.... *cough*

E R I F CK I U Q Dn: Batman N U O a R m S

an uperm


or Ba


psi: or Pe


x: PS3

Xbo s3 or

ily : Fam y u g y il or Fam s n o u s G y Simp pire : Vam f l o w re : or We e r i pace p S y m a M V or ok cebook o b e Fa Fac bs : Scru s b u r c d s or S se an Friend e e h r c N ted o ND ONIO l a s y A Read : CHEESE n o i on P


In depth band interview with Name: Mikey Robertson Age: 24 Status: Taken What you do in band: Guitars Favorite band: Infected Mushroom

s s a l c Under

Name: John Keenan Age: 27 Status: Taken What you do in band: Vocals Favorite band: Prince Name: Callum Macgillivray Age: 22 Status: Single What you do in band: Drums Favorite band: Kasabian Name: Kevin O’rourke Age: 30 Status: Single What you do in band: Keyboards Favorite band: Queen Name: Sean Kelso Age: 20 Status: Taken What you do in band: Bass Favorite band: Q.O.T.S.A.

How did you come up with the name for your band? Was it your First choice? “Bring It On Down” by Oasis has the line “You’re the outcast, You’re the underclass, But you don’t care because you’re living fast”. John brought this to the rest of our attention. We all liked it as it really represented where we were at that time. Even now we still feel like we don’t really fit in with any of the other cliques and scenes around but we like that fact. We went by the working title of “Just Because You’re Paranoid” while we

were writing the first bunch of songs for a couple of reasons. Our love of Nirvana AND The threats of legal action from a previous project that had kind of fallen apart around us so I guess it was a tounge-in-cheek title during this period of great change for us. Did you have any other band names in mind? I wanted to call us The Culture or Special Circumstances as I was reading a lot of Ian M. Banks at the time. We were all coming up

with names all the time, some more serious attempts than others but in the rare event that we all agreed on something, a quick google search would show that 100 other unsigned bands had the same idea which was enough to put us off. What does each of you bring to the band? Between all of us at some point or another we all bring passion/humour/ creativity/logic/levity to situations. I couldn’t really say “one person does this” as we really function as a collective most of the time.

How long have you all known each other and how did you meet? I joined a band with Kev and John back in 2006 which Callum ended up joining in 2007 so we’ve been together for what seems like forever. When that group ended the four of us realised we had a good writing/ performing dynamic so it just seemed like the natural next step in our evolution to carry on without anyone else… of course, we still needed a bassist and after a few false starts Sean ended up with us (and playing his first gig 6 days after meeting us) last year and from then on it’s been full speed ahead! Which 3 words would you use to describe your music? Immense, end of How would you describe the ‘look’ of your band? Anti-topman What have been your experiences of “celebrity life”. What are the perks/ negative sides of fame? It hasn’t been huge so far to be honest. I’ve been recognised a couple of times by complete strangers which is nice but at the moment we’re still at the point where it’s only when you say you’re in Underclass that people then go “oh yeah, I’ve heard of you” I don’t know if we’ll ever get to Beatles (or more recently One Direction) levels where we risk dismemberment from masses of adoring fans just by being outside but who knows? It’s always good to chat to folk that obviously just know you from the band as it gives you a little bit of an ego boost that your music is actually making it out there and staying with people. Who or what are your major influences? Between the 5 of us I guess you could say almost everything. Blues/Funk/ Rock/Indie/Rap/Dance/Classical is a very quick vague summary as it would take to long to go into in-depth. When you gather our individual influences together it creates this bizarre melting

pot where you’re never completely sure about what the next song is going to sound like but it will still definitely be an “Underclass” song. Which songs do you perform most frequently? Most of the sets generally include the first batch of songs that made up our debut album (recorded in March but we’re taking it slow, no plans to release it at the moment) but as we keep writing we will swap new ones in to keep the crowd guessing. There are already a few tracks that we’re basically “not allowed” to leave out for fear of the fans starting a riot. “Sheep”, “Rabbit” and “The Bottom Line” are generally the songs that we always play to get the fans pumped up. I think the 3 tracks also do a pretty good job of showing the range in our material so it’s good to have them all in a set to keep everything nice and eclectic.

What are your rehearsals generally like? It varies, if we have a big show coming up then we’ll all be strictly business and blast through our sets to make sure everything is airtight. If we’re writing or just generally rehearsing then there’s a much more relaxed atmosphere and we all have a mess about. One of us mucking about with a riff can turn into a 20 minute jamming session as easy as we could spend half an hour talking total nonsense. We can be disciplined when we need to be but we all prescribe to the theory that if you’re not having fun then there’s not much point. Do you have a set time each week in which you practice or are rehearsals more spontaneous? We generally try to practice at least twice a week though more (or less) can be arranged via

frantic texts and phone calls. The fact that our management provide us with rooms in their own studio is a welcome bonus to being with them which makes it a bit easier on our wallets. What has been your biggest challenge as a band? When we recorded our first album in March this year we went up to Aviemore with Tape Studio to record it all in a huge lodge that Tom Nicol owns. It was the last project they were planning to do up there before moving the operation down to Edinburgh so we only had about 10 days to record an entire album. One song was completely re-written up there and some of our more vague jam sections had to suddenly be structured which was a bit of a shock to the system. We moved up there for a week and a bit (except for Sean who due to work, had to record ALL the bass parts in one day) but by the end of it we managed to make a HUGE sounding album… I really can’t wait until we get to the point that we can unleash it on the world but we have to wait until the time is right. That was a high-pressure situation though and I’m proud to say, we delivered. What’s the one thing you HAVE to have on tour? Sleeping bag without a doubt, you never know when circumstances may dictate that a night in the minibus is the easiest way. What’s your favorite gig story? On the way to play Manchester for the first time both Callum and Sean ended up really needing to go for a piss after we had passed the last rest stop for about 40 miles due to the route our driver took… what followed was the funniest

collection of phone videos I have ever recorded, it drained my battery but the whole episode was documented. I may make it into a short film at some point in the future. What’s the weirdest thing you have ever signed? Totally cliché, but the only thing that springs to mind other than records, cds and posters is waaaaaaaaay back in the olden days with our first band where some girl at the cathouse got John to sign her tits. This was back when we we’d barely even been together that long. If I remember right it was our first gig with a drummer (the one before Callum) What’s your ringtone? I generally have my phone on silent but the only ringtone I’ve had is “The Monochrome Effect” by Perfume due to an American Dad related joke. If you watch the show go and listen and you’ll understand why. I used to have “Tu es ma came” by Carla Bruni as my alarm because it’s the sexiest sound in the world to wake up to. Last album you bought? Kasabian – Velociraptor Who is your top 5 celeb crushes? I don’t really have any and as far as the rest of the guys go I couldn’t really be sure but I guess at this point we’d go with anyone for the publicity it could generate lol. Just incase any of our significant others read this that last part was clearly in good humour.

It’s a work in progress but it looks cool so far. The rest of us are wimps. Do you have posters up on your room walls? If yes, what are they? I used to but not since I moved into my new flat. I have some Beatles artwork in a clip-frame, a signed Porcupine Tree drum skin that I got in 2007, a royal mile ghost tours sign on a pole that I “acquired” at some point during the fringe last year and a big print of the “Think Tank” artwork that Banksy did for Blur. Apart from that I just have a few of our records as a little reminder of what we’ve done so far… oh yeah and a licence plate from a car… can’t really remember where that came from again. If your life was a song, what would the title be? Not to blow my own trumpet but I think my song “The Bottom Line” sums up my life pretty simply. Any other news you would like to share with the readers: Thanks for reading. Our new single “Beat Your Fist” will be available on iTunes and the rest of the internet places. If you buy it we can keep doing what we do. Check us out on facebook /underclassedinburgh and come along to see us play sometime. Buy us a drink as well if you really want to! Cheerz

What’s your favourite item of clothing you own? I had one of those t-shirts with the microphone that made the light move like E.Q. settings that I wore to a couple of gigs but everytime I did the music blew the speaker and I had to keep sending it back to the manufacturer… gutted. Do you have tattoos or piercings? If yes, how many and where are they? John is in the process of mapping out his entire life on his back and arms.


Stuart North, 28, Happy, Singer/Guitars Martyn Gibbons, 33, Content, Bass guitars Michal Masnik 24, On the prowl, Drummer

When Kisses Become Scars

How did you come up with the name for your band? Was it your First choice? Stu has been playing around with this name for years, It has quite a deep meaning

What does each of you bring to the band? Stu brings the ideas, Martyn brings the Meat and Veg, Michal brings his pretty little self. Seriously we all just like to play Did you have any you know. keeping other band names in it live. We are a mind? collective Not really, but have thought of some How long have you of the most stupid all known each other dumb ass names you and how did you could possibly think meet? of lol Stu and Michal have known each other for a while, they met after using the same

studio and producer in Tottenahm. We auditioned countless bass players, Martyn totally blew our socks o with his playing about 18 months back, and have all hit it off. Which 3 words would you use to describe your music? Ha!! we would use Raw Powerful Machine!!! How would you describe the ‘look’ of your band? We are who we are,

we dont do image, pretty honest in our ways ;-) What have been your experiences of “celebrity life”. What are the perks/ negative sides of fame? We have all been in bands before, playing various festivals from Reading to the Guild fest. Its a such a buzz doing something that youve always wanted to do, but never take it for granted and always keep on pushing!!

your only as good as What has been your your last gig biggest challenge as a band? Who or what are your We are constantly major influences? challanging We all grew up ourselves to get on big American better, to get that bands, like Guns killer riff that N Roses, Nirvana, will influence a but anything that generation. Rocked and gets your blood pumping, What’s the one thing that’s Us. you HAVE to have on tour? Which songs do Like to keep it easy you perform most on tour, getting frequently? bogged down is just We are kicking out not cool. couldnt be our debut album without our phone “Fall In From The Apps. & a fresh Top” at the moment, bottle of Rum, and getting some always goes along great feedback from way 8) the crowd. Also writing new material What’s your favorite at the mo, which is gig story? really exciting and funniest thing ive fresh seen is Tyla from Dogs D’amour What are your falling o the stage rehearsals generally as he was so pissed, like? the show had to We Rehearse as be stopped until much as we can, we his head could be are prolific writers bandaged up. Tylas and have to get these a legend though, and ideas out there, we he came back and turn up with say 3 or Rocked it. 4 new ideas and go away with one. Its What’s the weirdest always the way.. thing you have ever signed? Stu signed an album

for a band he wasnt even in 8). What’s your ringtone? Got the Ship alarm on the Iphone ha ha. Last album you bought? Duff Mckagans Loaded. A true legend. Who is your top 5 celeb crushes? Dont know about crushes, but Gemma Arterton alright What’s your favourite item of clothing you own? Love my leather jacket, and my grandad slippers..

The Cosmonauts – EP Review

The Cosmonauts are a four piece Rock/Indie band from Edinburgh. Regular Rockette readers will remember the band from a previous issue. Well they are back with a brand new EP, just in time for Christmas.


The Howl This track begins with a blast of very fast guitaring, which never seems to slow down at all. Along with the bands unique vocals, added howling gives the track a new dimension. There is a very alternative feel to this track. Its fast paced instrumental background blends superbly with the quirky vocals which raise and lower in both pitch and speed. A fantastical conglomeration of musical mischief. Dawn Breaks With a simple beat, this track began with drums, keyboard and light tambourine. There is a real feeling of flower power surrounding this track. The psychedelic lyrics further emphasise this. This track seems to get inspiration from the likes of Hendrix, Dylan and Led Zeppelin. So kick off your shoes, put a flower in your hair, light up a wacky woodbine and relax man.

Linger On Slowing down yet again, “Linger On” starts with violin and slow guitaring. With long, slow lingering vocals there is a really romantic feel to this track. The music trickles along like a babbling brook, conjuring up images of lazy summer days and picnics in the countryside. The vocals complement this style of track and are very well sung. A real smoochie track to share with the one you love. Overall “The Cosmonauts” have produced an excellent EP. Each track is completely different from the others, yet they also seem to complement one and other. This EP shows that “The Cosmonauts” are not restricted to a single style of music. They have a range of both lyrical and instrumental ability which should appeal to all genres.

e l o P .1 o N s a m Christ k pole this I carried out a quic tte. I asked week for the Rocke contributors some of our regular Christmas what their favourite No.1 songs were. o.1’s didn’t Some of the best N e and some have a festive them that were of the festive tracks e it to No.1 suggested didn’t mak sults though at christmas. The re were very interesting. t popular Here are the mos answers...


The Pouges

Fairytale of New York


I wish it could be Christmas



Merry Christmas ev


The Darkness Christmas Time

Band Aid


Do they know its Ch


Rage again

st the mac

Killing in th

e name

John Lennon

So this is Christmas

Paul McCartney

A wonderful Christm


East 17

Stay anoth

er day




as time




Sam Barber and The Outcasts Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight)

Video Interview

Was that your first choice of how to make it? No. I wanted Sam in a Santa suit swaggering along Princes Street with a bottle of Buckfast in his hand, being rude and obnoxious, bumping into people. Kind of a Richard Ashcroft in the Bittersweet Symphony video type vibe. And I was thinking the rest of the band could be getting chased along Princes Street by security guards after shoplifting christmas presents. Similar to the opening scene of Train spotting. Also wanted 50 gorgeous cheerleaders dressed as elves doing a choreographed dance routine on ice. We didn’t have that big a budget though. What’s the video called? Merry Christmas (I don’t want to fight tonight), which is of course a cover of The Ramones. Andrew Moir from Leith FM asked us if we were up for doing a cover of a Christmas song he could play on the radio. Sam and I have always been fans of this song, so it made sense to do it. Who directed the video? Well initially I wanted David Lynch or Spike Jonze to direct it, but they were surprisingly hard to get a hold of. So Sam just did it himself. What message was it trying to send to the public/ fans? hmmm Merry Christmas! Did you have a choice of how you wanted the video to be done? (i.e. of band, special effects included or animated, ect) I didn’t, no. Sam is a notorious control freak.

Where did you film it? Sams back garden for the outside scenes, also my house, Sam just taped me putting down my bass and some acoustic guitar parts. Also got some footage of him playing my son Rileys guitar, nice white Gibson SG.. also some live footage from a gig at The Greenside in Leslie, Fife and maybe Henrys Rat Cellar in Edinburgh.

Reverbnation as a free download as a Christmas gift to all our fans. Maybe put it up again this year, depends how festive Sams feeling. Any more news to share? Yeah bands been going great. Even better since we got our newest recruit Mary Robbs in on violin, shes got some good ideas for choreography too... We currently are recording the final instalment of The Valley of Silence trilogy, few tracks down

How many people where involved in the production? Sam, Me.. hmm and the film crew obviously, there was loads of ‘em. Are you happy with the end result? Anything you would change? Yeah happy with it, it’s alright innit. If I could change anything, I would have got the 50 sexy cheerleaders dressed as elves doing a choreographed dance routine on ice. Are you excited about making the next video? Not really. Unless I can get some nudity in there. Not the band like, although that would be interesting. Was thinking just some of our groupies cavorting naked whilst the band smashed up a hotel room, don’t know if that would fit in with the whole astronomy pop vibe though. Or 50 naked cheerleaders doing a choreographed dance routine, although not on ice, that might be a bit cold for them.

already, and its sounding epic. Hopefully be released early 2012. So alls good in camp Outcast yeah. Happy Turkey an aw’ that!

Where can people see your video? On YouTube, I guess. http://youtu. be/6Ef1ceKOeeQ . MTV never picked up on it unfortunately. What album/EP is this track on? Not on any album or EP, was played on Leith FM quite a bit. And last year we had it up on

to watch the video Goto

g n i w e i v r o f ! ! s g k n n i a k c Th o R p e e k &

N e x t i s s u e due on January 6th

theRockette - issue 12  
theRockette - issue 12  

theRockette - issue 12 (dec 2011)