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July 9 - 15, 2010

ID3 Racers Sweep Through Roanoke

Market Hoppin’

Councilmen Bill Bestpitch (L) and Ray Ferris (R) share a moment during last Monday’s City Council Meeting.

P4– Downtown Roanoke Incorporated’s “City Market Saturdays,” presents a variety of new weekend happenings.

Two new council members took the dais last Tuesday. Councilman Ray Ferris felt his way through with little to say, while Councilman Bill Bestpitch trended heavily in the opposite direction. In adopting council’s organizational meeting schedule for the upcoming year, Bestpitch interjected saying, “This [council chambers] is much better for conducting the business of the council than room Council Notes 159.” Bestp i t c h noted that there was ample citizen seating in council chambers compared to the cramped EOC room. Work sessions are held in room 159, or EOC, located in the basement. “It was much less disruptive in this room if people want to come and go for the various briefings,” he said. He was not suggesting that they be televised. Vice-Mayor Dave Trinkle


Water Wars P7– The summer swim meet season heats up as Ashley Plantation and Spring Run visit Castle Rock.

New Council Member Hits The Ground Running

Photo by Steve Curtiss

The Independence Day Three - “ID3” - bike races put on another great show for Roanokers last weekend with two races on Sunday and Monday that sent racers careening through downtown streets as well as a Mill Mountain time trial on Saturday that put even the best climbers through some serious paces. (See Coverage by Bill Turner on Page 2.) Professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs all took part in the races and two 9-and-under children’s events were held downtown as well. The event, now in its third year, continues to grow with over 600 riders participating throughout the long weekend. Race Director Ron Glowczynski reported that the feedback from several of the top racers centered on what a great town Roanoke is to visit, with several participants remarking that “hotels, restaurants and other attractions are all so conveniently located and close to the courses themselves . . .” A very well kept secret? We think so . . . But hopefully the “quality of life” word will keep getting out.


> CONTINUED P2: Council

Carilion Introduces Hypothermia Non-profits Send Kids Therapy to Southwest Virginia on a Reading Adventure Conservative Talk P7– Ben Payton switches formats for Fox Radio 910 WFJX and finds a winner.

Mary Jo Shannon

Wild,Wild Berries P4 – Confessed “Berryholic” Mary Jo Shannon admits that she gets a little crazy when it comes to pursuing her favorite summer quarry.

Carilion Clinic has introduced a new treatment for patients who experience cardiac arrest and are resuscitated. The treatment involves using special equipment and procedures to cool the patient’s body, also known as hypothermia therapy. During cardiac arrest, the brain and organs compete for the diminishing supply of oxygen, often leading to brain damage in patients who survive. Hypothermia therapy cools the body, which slows metabolism and reduces the brain’s need for oxygen, ­giving rescue workers Technicians practice applying super cooled compresses to a and doctors more time to treat training dummy. the cardiac arrest and prevent X-ray and MRI, without inter- to the tremendous outcomes or reduce brain damage. Carilion Clinic has selected a rupting the cooling process. this treatment can provide,” excooling process manufactured After the patient’s condition plains John Burton, M.D., chair by Arctic Sun Inc. The technol- has been stabilized and cooled of emergency medicine at Carogy uses gel pads to carefully for 24 hours, the same Arctic ilion Clinic. “This process is less Sun system is used time and labor intensive than lower a patient’s to warm the patient other cooling methods and body temperature to Medicine slowly to normal we’re eager to start using the 33 degrees Celsius body temperature. technology to improve patient (91.4 degrees Fahr“I’ve personally been inoutcomes.” enheit). The Arctic Sun pads are volved in launching hypo“Launching this new therapy designed to allow hospital perthermia therapy at two other sonnel to perform all necessary > CONTINUED tests and procedures, including institutions using the Arctic Sun technology and can attest P2: Hypothermia



Eighty percent of students engaged with Roanoke’s West End Center graduate high school, despite being economically disadvantaged and at greater risk of academic failure, thanks to programs that foster academic success. That statistic, which is significantly higher than the city-wide rate, was one of the reasons Foundation for Roanoke Valley recently awarded two grants totaling $20,000 from its Unrestricted Funds to West End Center for its Reading Adventure Program. The Center’s program, which works in partnership with Apple Ridge Farm, is designed to improve literacy skills among Roanoke’s at-risk youth. According to Joy Parrish, West End Center’s Executive Director, results from the reading program show that 94 percent of students have increased their reading levels by one grade level or more, 11 percent have increased their reading levels by two grade levels, and 80 percent of students have demonstrated an enjoyment for reading by spontaneously

Frankie Robbins tutors Tashaun Dixon at the WEC. choosing a book to read without prompting. “Spontaneously choosing a book at the appropriate level is indicative of an enjoyment of reading. That enjoyment can unlock the entire world for a child,” says Parrish. “The Foundation was impressed with the results of this program, and we wanted to help insure that many more youth would be able to benefit from it in the years ahead,” notes Alan Ronk, Executive > CONTINUED P3: Non-profits

If your child is struggling in school, success starts here.

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Mill Mountain Hill Climb Proves More Than “Sufferfest”

A cold front approaches for Friday into Saturday. Showers and thunderstorms chances are looking a bit better. A cool down comes with this front. Look for highs near 90 on Friday and in the upper 80s on Saturday. Dry weather returns for Sunday and Monday with highs in the upper 80s.

Race “Day One” of the ID3 3-day cycling stages proved to be anything but a walk in the park Saturday. The strenuous 1.87 mile course up the infamous old winding road to the top of Mill Mountain put time-trial cycling to the ultimate test as part of the 2010 Coventry Commonwealth Games. Roanoker Bernie Sanders, a 10-year cycling veteran with over 250 races under his belt, spelled it out after completing his run - “This was a S-U-F-F-E-RF-E-S-T,” Saunders, 60, laughed. “This race is as tough as any of them. The race up Wintergreen Mountain (near Charlottesville) is several times longer mileagewise, but Mill Mountain is just as steep.” The cyclists started at the corner of Belleview and Walnut Avenues, but after a short series of rises and plateaus up Walnut to-

ward the JP Fishburn Parkway, the route took a hard right onto Sylvan Road as the adventure began. Once the only route by car to Mill Mountain summit, zoo, and the star, the narrow road has hairpin curves, switchbacks and ascends in a manner clearly not for the faint of heart. The vertical rise of the course is slightly over 900 feet and includes a classic bridge-tunnel. The finish line is located next to the overlook at the base of the iconic star. Most of the riders were part of sponsored cycling teams, but the camaraderie among all was amazing as they congratulated each other at the finish line for just making it to the top. Several riders pedaled over to the wall at the courses end, and virtually collapsed in exhaustion looking for a prized bottle of water. One rider said it was a 1.87 mile

course with 1.5 miles of pure pain. Not all of the cyclists, however, outwardly showed the effect of the climb. The brother-sister combo of Adam and Emily Croft rolled successfully across the finish to the cheers of the crowd. “It was really hard,” Adam Croft admitted. “I’ve been in competitive races throughout the State of Virginia for three years.” Sister Emily, also a 3-year competitive cycler, agreed- “It’s really steep, but it’s really fun. That middle part was tough.” Incidentally, Adam was the youngest rider Saturday at the Brittany MacDonald begins ripe age of nine. Emily checked her initial ascent up Mill Mt. in at 13. After an interview with way to the starting area, he noted, a television crew, both appeared “We’ll be back tomorrow for the ready to challenge the course a stage-2 Criterium in downtown. second time. At least those laps are flat.” As one rider prepared to take the shorter and calmer route By Bill Turner back down the Fishburn

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is the result of years of hard work and dedication on the part of many people,” says Joseph Austin, M.D., medical director for the cardiac care unit at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital. “Hypothermia therapy requires a unified approach to care and we are so excited to have the support and coordination of all areas to make this a reality.” Carilion Clinic is partnering with regional emergency medical services (EMS) in Southwest Virginia to introduce this new treatment. EMS can begin the cooling in the field through intravenous ice-chilled saline and ice packs. Upon arrival to the hospital, the patient may receive iced saline, ice packs and cooling pads. “In the last 50 years of attempting resuscitations, our success rate

> Council asked for clarification of the kind of meetings Bestpitch had in mind, referring to joint meetings with boards and authorities. Bestpitch then read language that allows, by a council resolution, that meetings can be held at another location. Trinkle held the opposite view, that if “a meeting requires more formality, more room, or more [audio visual]” then it can be held in council chambers. Council member Anita Price wondered how the wording could capture “both worlds.” City Manager Chris Morrill was asked to add his views and agreed that “the ideal would be to be able to televise our workshops.” Morrill agreed with Trinkle that council chambers are very formal and not conducive to “give and take” between council members. Bestpitch said that “we can already conduct briefings in council chambers” and that he “would have difficulty” supporting an expenditure to outfit the EOC. (In 2009 then City Manager Darlene Burcham quoted the cost at $55,181 to outfit the EOC for television briefings.) Bestpitch’s amendment to hold a 9:00 a.m. briefing in council chambers was seconded by Ferris but fell short of a majority. Only Bestpitch voted for it. Further Council Discussion: The removal of two items on the consent agenda caused some confusion. One was to discuss in closed session the disposition

The Country Store Deli

had not really improved much, with only about five percent of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims leaving the hospital nationally. This has been a source of great frustration for providers,” said Charles Lane, M.D., emergency medicine physician at Carilion Clinic and the regional medical director for Western Virginia EMS Council. “We will bundle induced hypothermia with an intensely managed program to develop a specialized care center for those who have suffered SCA. For certain types of SCA, this results in almost a tenfold increase in survival. We are looking to making significant improvements in survival and quality of life.” - For more information, please visit From page 1

of fire station #5, prior to deciding which of the three offers to accept. Bestpitch requested that the closed session be removed from the consent agenda. Bestpitch made it very clear that all he was asking for was to remove the closed session from the consent agenda to be discussed separately. “We’ve already had more discussion on the consent agenda than is permitted under parliamentary procedure,” said Bestpitch. Rosen, Trinkle and Mayor Bowers voted against removing it from the consent agenda 3-4. Bowers left for a court hearing and handed the reins to Vice-Mayor Trinkle. Bestpitch then asked for “a simple yes or no answer to … whether identification of the subject [of closed session] would adversely affect the bargaining position and negotiating strategy of the city.” Morrill responded, “In this case I don’t believe it would.” He then asked the city attorney, Bill Hackworth, if it would be possible in the future to identify the subject of closed meetings; for example, identifying the tax number or street address of property to be acquired or disposed of. Hackworth said it would be possible, but wondered who would make the call on whether it “adversely affected the city’s bargaining position. Hackworth thought that “it undoes the purpose for having a closed meeting.” Bestpitch said that the person who requests the closed

meeting could make that call. “In today’s closed meeting, that would be the city manager,” remarked Bestpitch. Hackworth feared council would “be besieged by the press and the public” should the subject of closed sessions be divulged. Rosen thought that “this council has been extraordinarily transparent.” He believed it a dangerous path to go down in identifying closed session subjects ad hoc. “It’s not saying we don’t support transparency,” said Rosen. New council member Ray Ferris said he was relieved that many of the tough issues were resolved before July 1. “We still have some tough issues to consider,” said Ferris. He admitted that it is a challenge to make decisions that are “fair to everybody.” He is committed to involving the citizens in the process. Ferris said he seconded Bestpitch’s motion to open up for discussion moving briefings to council chambers, though he believed that logistics made it impractical. “By raising it, it will be something we will discuss every time we have something to talk about,” concluded Ferris. In other business: City manager Chris Morrill amended the trash collection for the physically challenged. The requirement to have a yearly doctor’s certificate was eliminated. Bestpitch’s concern over parking garage maintenance deferral, as presented in the financial

report, was clarified as being cosmetic in nature – painting and cleaning. The director of finance, Ann Shawver, said there was significant improvement to the original revenue projection for fiscal year 2010. The prior projection that revenue would be down 3% compared to FY09 was dropped to only 1.7%. There have been three to eight months of consecutive improvement in tax collections. Areas of improvements were: sales tax, lodging tax, cigarette tax, admission tax, and food tax. The city’s portion of school funding is now down to $1 million, but it is a significant improvement over the $2.5 million projected earlier. Shawver also noted improvement in Roanoke’s unemployment rate. A public hearing will be held for award of Fire station #5 on August 2 at 2 p.m. to the Que House, Inc. – Gamma Alpha Chapter of Omega Psi Phi, Inc. A public hearing on the same day will be held for an alternative location at 530 8th Street, SW for the second offerer for the fire station, Rebuilding Together Roanoke (RTR). Economic development personnel will work with the third offerer, Jamie Brads, owner of Blue Ridge Rescue Supply.

By Valerie Garner

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> Non-profits Director of Foundation for Roanoke Valley. The Reading Adventure Program utilizes proven success of the High Scope curriculum, based on listening, phonics, developing vocabulary, and writing to teach and improve basic literacy skills to children in kindergarten through the sixth grade. Students attend the program twice a week during the school year and daily during the summer months. Children in kindergarten through

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third grade focus on letter-sound correspondence, phonemes, spelling patterns, creative writing, sight vocabulary, and fluency. Fourth, fifth, and sixth graders continue practicing foundational skills, but also learn to integrate automatic word identification, comprehension, and writing skills. “Making a critical difference in a child’s ability to read holds long-term positive ramifications for the community, and we are glad that some of our

many endowment donors have provided unrestricted resources that enable us to significantly fund quality programs like the Reading Adventure Program, “ adds Ronk. Foundation for Roanoke Valley has served the Roanoke Valley for more than 20 years. The Foundation currently administers over 240 named endowment funds on behalf of the community. Unrestricted endowments are particu-

larly powerful as they provide the Foundation with the flexibility over time to seek out and fund highly effective programs across a wide-range of community needs. Folks interested in establishing their own personal or family legacy through an unrestricted endowment or any of the many other types of endowment funds offered by the community foundation should visit

Goodlatte Proposes Solution To Stalin Bust Controversy Congressman Bob Goodlatte has called on the D-Day Memorial Foundation to remove the controversial bust of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin which was recently placed at the National D-Day Memorial, alongside the busts of the true heroes of World War II -- Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle, Harry Truman and others. Congressman Goodlatte is a co-sponsor of legislation currently being considered before the House of Representatives which calls on the U.S. Department of the Interior to conduct a feasibility study to determine if the National D-Day Memorial should be designated as part of the National Park Service (NPS). The addition of the Stalin bust on the grounds of the National D-Day Memorial, which is devoted to the heroes of World War II, has added unneeded controversy to this effort to save the Memorial. As a solution to the ongoing controversy, Congressman Goodlatte strongly urged the National D-Day Memorial Foundation to follow precedent which has been set by the Saratoga National Historical Park in Saratoga, New York. During the Revolutionary War, the battle of Saratoga was a turning point and American General Benedict Arnold emerged as one of the heroes. However, Arnold is probably most famously known as the traitor who later deserted the Americans and joined the British Army, leading British

troops into Virginia. In 1877, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the American victory at Saratoga, a monument was constructed to honor the American heroes of the Battle of Saratoga. The monument consists of four separate niches – one for General Horatio Gates, one for General Philip Schuyler, one for Colonel Daniel Morgan and the fourth one, which would be for General Benedict Arnold, remains empty. (To view pictures of the monument at the Saratoga Historical Park, containing the empty niche, visit the National Park Service website at: http://www. “While I have heard the argument that Josef Stalin’s bust should be placed at the D-Day Memorial because of his role in supporting the Allied countries during World War II, making the Communist dictator a prominent part of the D-Day Memorial is inconsistent with our veterans’ fight against the horrors perpetuated by his rule,” said Congressman Goodlatte. “The commissioning of a bust and public display of one’s likeness is a traditional symbol of tribute and honor which is unbefitting a violent dictator such as Josef Stalin. The National D-Day Memorial Foundation should follow the lead of the Saratoga National Historical Park and remove the bust of Stalin from its pedestal, leaving the empty pedestal. His contributions to the Allied victory

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along with the atrocities that he committed against his own people are well documented in the plaque that currently hangs at the Memorial.” Congressman Goodlatte has heard from numerous constituents, including various local veterans’ organizations, who strongly oppose the placement of the Stalin bust on the grounds of the National D-Day Memorial. In response to these inquiries, Congressman Goodlatte has written multiple letters to the National D-Day Memorial Foundation requesting that the Stalin bust have no place at this memorial which is meant to honor the brave young men who sacrificed their lives to protect the freedoms we hold so very dear. Goodlatte continued, “Josef Stalin was a paranoid megalomaniac responsible for the slaughter of millions of his citizens and others. As leader of the Soviet Union, he led a campaign of terror including mass executions and forced labor in work camps at home in the Soviet Union and he oversaw the spread of communism throughout eastern Europe and is responsible for the Cold War. The appropriate location for the bust of such a dark and sinister man is off in a dark closet, but the empty pedestal and telling plaque should remain as a reminder of this aspect of World War II history.”


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The Rescue Mission held a “Tooth Fairy” day last Friday to offer free dental services to patients, most of whom were guests at the Mission. According to Lee Clark, Director of Development and Administration, the project included a total of 76 volunteers. He was pleased that “some physicians who came here today have agreed to come back on a regular basis.” Pictured is Dr. Thompson, assisted by Murri Deveaux, as he confers with patient Marsha Lambert. Kyle Edgell, who works at the mission, played the part of the Tooth Fairy.

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9/9/09 2:11 PM


Page 4 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 7/9/10 - 7/15/10

Confessions Of A Wild Berry Picker

Sometimes Good Things Happen

My husband considers me cious pies, cakes and jams they before the peak of the blackOne of the best parts of be- after a few years, Thomas could lot of young parents, of that I am a bit “loony.â€? Why, when the would provide. berry season. Each one is like a certain. temperature is in the nineties, I suppose nostalgia plays a ruby, glistening in the sunlight. ing a columnist is the feedback keep up with his peers. that finds its way to me. FreHis parents, both consumTo hear that he continues to would anyone in their right part in my quest for the wild I gather them thankfully, placquently, I will hear from somemate professionals, went prosper was reward enough, but mind choose to bundle up in fruits. But it's more than that. ing my bucket beneath the clusa long sleeved shirt and long For me, berry picking is a spiri- ters to catch the berries as they one who has read a column and through all of that with a it gave me a moment to reflect determination on what the Althoff family, and pants, spend the day fighting tual experience. Berries grow in drop. If they fall to the ground has something to say about it. clamped-jaw A recent entry, “Fathers: Lookand faith that all would be well. those like them, have endured. brambles, poison ivy, gnats abandoned remote areas, away amid the tangle of poison ivy ing Back . . . Looking Forward, â€? Not once did I ever hear a com- In times where Thomas’ life and possibly snakes; then re- from the noise of traffic and and dead branches they can turn home, like the loser in a the busyness of modern life. never be retrieved. Sometimes brought one of the more re- plaint about their difficulties or hung in the balance, I wondered see any sign that they were dis- if I would have the strength his battle with a bobcat -- stained The sheer silence is soothing. my carelessness causes me to markable comments. More than thirty years ago, couraged. Donna advanced to parents showed if one of my red with blood and berry juice? Silence -- punctuated only by lose them. Sometimes their loss our office hired an excellent carhead nurse in our office and Bill, girls were in a similar situation. Sometimes I question my own the occasional rustle of a rabbit cannot be prevented -- merely sanity, especially when I probe startled by this invasion of his pulling the vine toward me can diac care nurse, Donna Althoff. rose from patrolman to Captain One never knows what reaction one might have to such stress. I for a stubborn thorn, try to dis- briar patch, or the lyrical war- cause them to fall. So it is with She had been an experienced in Roanoke’s Finest. nurse in the Roanoke Thomas and his like to think that I would have guise my scratched hands, or bling of a mockingbird. I find life. We make mistakes and Memorial CCU so younger brother, found the grace and strength nurse a persistent case my body relaxing and things just happen. No need to Daniel, continued they did; I’m certainly not sure of poison ivy. my mind freed from fret. I move on and soon locate we knew her qualifications were beyond their growth and my that would be the case. Despite these hinanxiety, contemplat- another loaded cane. question. What none memories of famThrough it all, the Althoff ’s drances, when July ing deeper and more My stick is a simple but cruof us knew was how ily trials faded as dehave had an amazing faith in rolls around I find mymeaningful matters. cial piece of equipment. I probe cades passed. When God and felt that was the susself wondering what The abundance of the area ahead before stepping entwined our lives retirement came for taining force for them. Today, the berry crop is like dark ripe fruit and into a thicket to avoid surpris- would become. She and her husband, Bill, they moved to that belief is as strong as it was this summer. Finally, clusters of bright red ing a snake or other critter. If Bill, a Roanoke poNorth Myrtle Beach in those times so long ago. I succumb, don my berries – promise I should hear a warning rattle and I enjoyed the Although I tend to put great protective clothing, of more to come – I can retreat -- I hope! So far I liceman, had recently Christmas cards stock in my personal strength douse myself with inspeak to me of God's have not encountered a snake, had a child. When Mary Jo Shannon sect repellent, round goodness in provid- but they tend to lurk around the baby, a little Hayden Hollingsworth that regularly ar- to deal with whatever life may rived with tidbits deliver, I find it hard to believe up my bucket and a sturdy stick, ing for his creatures. I meditate dead trees and underbrush boy arrived, joyful Grandin Road SW anticipation turned to heart- of family information. that those without an Invisible and 1731 head for the berry patch. on the words of Psalm 67: “ The where berries and poison ivy 540.206.2610 wrenching anxiety: Thomas When I wrote my fathers day means of support could do as I hesitate to tell you where I earth has yielded its increase; thrive. find my berries. This Celebration is not en- Extravaganza: God, our God has blessed us. I also use the stick to spread was born with transposition of article, I wondered what, if any, well. Valentine’s Saturday, January 30, 5pm-9:30 pm Donna and her family are well tirely self-serving. That would God has blessed us; let all the the branches, revealing the fruit the great vessels of his heart. responsive chord it might strike Food for Lovers, INDIA SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA deprive From you of aMEETS major part ofFebruary ends of the earth fear him!â€? hidden beneath the leaves, or to The life expectancy of such chil- in those who read it. When I settled; Bill in his retirement, dinner Thursday, 11 through Sunday Brunch, 14,cane the joyLocal, of berry picking -- theFebruary Each is covered with pull a cane nearer. Occasionally dren is measured in months. returned from a trip, I found an but Donna still works in a cardiorganic, sustainably-produced fare joins with spices and recipes from India for a special winterthrill a spot where the berries, and each berry is load- a long cane will snag my shirt, Donna and Bill took him to the e-mail from Donna. Thomas, ology office. Through the years 1731 Grandinof Roadfinding SW dinner event. 540.206.2610You can celebrate Tastes of Love at Local MCV where, at age just 1, he 2 had a now 31, had seen the article and I shared many patients for witheveryo carlocated miles from Downtown Roanoke, has something berries are abundant.warming Inthe themany late ed with seeds. How wonderful its thorns Historic piercing theGrandin cloth and Village, ravaganza: Roots CafĂŠ: oysters, kindsRoger of chocolate, and other pm-9:30 pm procedure to partially correct sent it to his parents. He and diologists in the Myrtle Beach Well known area all sitarist O’Dell will bring spring I scout mountain roads that those seeds are still viable puncturing my skin. I become From stocking stuffers & gift certificates to that extra special gift. Avoid the stress of crowded ma Valentine’s Celebration Extravaganza: 1731 Grandin Road SW amorous offerings you; expect surprises,the too. Saturday, January 30, 5pm-9:30 pm musical artistry toawait the evening, accompanying ST VIRGINIA ry 11 through 540.206.2610 Food for Lovers, fields. 1731 Grandin Road SW and the fences inanswering pasture after passing through the birds' entangled, unable to pull free. I the problem. He survived the Heather now have a baby girl of Hospital. Should you have a meal and questions about Indian music. Local, organic, sustainably produced fare. 540.206.2610 Relax & enjoy the spirit of the holidays in a friendly neighborhood setting. INDIA SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA From dinner Thursday, February 11 through ary 14, ed fare joins with When IMEETS spot arching spans of digestive systems! New berries imagine a scene from a science surgery, grew stronger and at their own. Her name is Kayden. cardiac problem while visiting Valentine’s Celebration Extravaganza: Sunday Brunch, February 14, Local, organic, sustainably-produced fare joins with a special winterReservations 540-206-2610 Saturday, January 30,Extravaganza: 5pm-9:30 pm 8 hadora a Fontan procedure, was wonderful hear from there, you should count yourself For an hour, a day, lifetime, Life isItGrand in the to Village. Come see for yourself, we’re ex Valentine’s Celebration Food for Lovers, new canes filled with are planted, not justVillage, in this spot fiction where bri- age spices and recipes from India forsuggested a white special winterReservations 540-206-2610 Saturday, January 30, 5pm-9:30 pm nt. of Love at Local Historic Grandin located justmovie, 2 miles fromthe Downtown Roanoke, has something for everyone forofthe holidays. Food for Lovers, INDIA MEETS SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA From dinner Thursday, February 11 through an operation to correct the malthem and catch up all that has very lucky if she were involved warming dinner event. You can celebrate the many Tastes of Love at Local Historic Grandin Village, located just 2 miles from Downtown Roanoke, has something for everyone for the holidays. blossoms, I make a mental note: but wherever the birds fly and ars snare a human and devour colate, and other INDIA MEETS SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA From dinner Thursday, February O’Dell will bring Sunday Brunch, February11 14,through Local, organic, sustainably-produced fare joins with Roots CafĂŠ: oysters, all kinds of chocolate, and other From stocking stuffers & gift certificates that extra special gift. Avoid the stress of crowded & traffic jams. Well known area sitarist Roger O’Dell will bring ady. In those days it was trehappened. in your care. Just as Thomas and Sunday Brunch, February 14, ct surprises, too. Local, organic, sustainably-produced fare joins with the seeds. The very From spices and recipes from India for a special wintercompanying the return in July. drop place her on the trusty stocking stuffers giftmy certificates to that extra special gift.a Avoid the stressmalls of crowded malls & traffic jams. Sunday Brunch Lunch Tues Sat 11am-3pm amorous offerings await you; expect surprises, too. musicalOpen artistry to the evening, accompanying the spices recipes from India for a of special warming dinner event. You can and celebrate the many Tastes Love winterat Local Historic Grandin Village, located just 2 miles from Downtown Roanoke, has something for everyone for the holidays. out Indian music. mendously risky proposition, Thomas is manager of The Daniel can testify, you couldn’t oduced fare. Relax & enjoy the spirit of the holidays in a friendly neighborhood setting. ILocal, learned this strategy as aTastes child where berries grow, abandoned stick pushes thelocated cane away meal and answering questions about Indian music. organic, sustainably produced Dinner Tues -all Sat 5-9:30 pm Relax & enjoy the spirit the holidays in a friendly neighborhood setting. warming dinner event. You can celebrate the many offare. Love at Local Historic Grandin Village, just 2 and miles fromof Downtown Roanoke, has something for everyone for the holidays. Roots CafĂŠ: oysters, kinds of chocolate, and other 11am-3pm Well known area sitarist Roger O’Dell will bring From stocking stuffers & gift certificates to that extra special gift. Avoid the stress of crowded malls & traffic jams. but it offered the only chance Westlake Cinema and settling be in better hands. Roots CafĂŠ: oysters, all kinds of chocolate, and other 2610and still amorous offerings await you; expect surprises, too. Well known area sitarist Roger O’Dell will bring musical artistry to the evening, accompanying the find it exciting. During areas, where broIan step aside, free again. Another Reservations 540-206-2610 For anstorms hour, have a day, orFor a lifetime, in the Village. Come see for yourself, we’re expecting you! hour, aLife day, orGrand acertificates lifetime, Life is extra Grand in the Village. Come seeof for yourself, we’re expecting From stocking stuffers &is gift to that special gift. Avoid the stress crowded malls & traffic jams. you! 0-206-2610 Reservations suggested 540-206-2610 amorous you; expect surprises, too. musical artistry toawait the evening, accompanying the meal andofferings answering questions about Indian music. Local, organic, sustainably produced fare. Relax & enjoy the spirit to of the holidays in a friendly setting. approach a normal life. neighborhood The well into fatherhood. Donna the Depression, children conken trees, show how God brings metaphor. Tangled and snared Supporting Our Local Growers meal and answering questions about Indian music. Local, organic, sustainably produced fare. Relax & enjoy the spirit of the holidays in a friendly neighborhood setting. Reservations 540-206-2610 For an hour, a day, or a lifetime, Life is surgery Grand inwas the Village. Come we’re expecting you! performed atsee thefor yourself, commented as we recently Reservations suggested 540-206-2610 tributed to the family economy good out of an apparently hope-For by "Thy rod andLife thy is Grand 540-206-2610 Sunday Brunch Open Lunch Tues - SatReservations 11am-3pm an temptation. hour, a day, or a lifetime, in the Village. Come see for yourself, we’re expecting you! Sunday Brunch Reservations suggested 540-206-2610 Creative Cuisine with Mayo Clinic under the watchful chatted that when she watches 11am-3pm Dinner Tues Sat 5-9:30 pm 11am-3pm by gathering berries and nuts.Sundayless situation. staff, they comfort me." Brunch Contact Hayden at Open Lunch Tues - Sat 11am-3pm SHOP LOCAL and Find everything you need in . . . Sunday Brunch Open Lunch Tues - Sat 11am-3pm 11am-3pm Dinner Tues - Sat 5-9:30 pm From the first wild strawberries Abundant Spring and early It begins to rain, a light sum- eye of Dr. Gordon Danielson, Thomas holding his baby she Supporting Our Local Growers ENJOY the FUN!! 11am-3pm Dinner Tues Sat 5-9:30 pm Growers in late May until October winds summer rain has produced the mer shower. Soon my shirt and an international superstar in sees a side of him that she had Supporting OurCuisine Local Growers withSupporting Creative Our Local Growers showered the ground with walnicest blackberries I've picked hat are soaked, but I want to fill such realms. It went well and not known. That happens to a uisine with Creative Cuisine nuts and hickory nuts, we spent in years. Most are as large as the my bucket. Just as I am about to Cuisine with Creative hours reaping harvests we did first joint of my thumb, covered head for my car, I spot a patch Individuals not sow, contemplating the deli- with clusters of tiny purplish of the reddest, ripest raspberspheres. My fingers slide be- ries I've seen all day. They are Individuals or small groups neath each one and separate it deep inside a thicket, far from Individuals or small groups Individuals or small groups Individuals or small groups from the branch. Plunk, plunk! the path, hovering above a pile They drop into the bucket. of broken tree limbs. Common Creative Cuisine There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of reasons Lisa Wade Call for Soon the bottom is covered and sense says I Private would be foolish to visit downtown Roanoke these days, but that Wade Lisa Instruction no sound is heard as the berries to go YOGA after them. I recall lines hasn’t stopped a local organization from offering Individuals or small5VF'SJUPt4BUUP groups Featuring First Run, 5VF'SJUPt4BUUP LOVE Featuring First Run, 5VF'SJUPt4BUUP accumulate. from Browning, "Ah, but a a few Featuring First Run, Roanoke Incorporated’s 1415 Grandin 1415 Rd. Grandin Rd. more. Downtown 5VF'SJUPt4BUUP Documentary, Foreign, Independent Featuring First Run, 540.400.8555 Lisa Wade Documentary, Foreign, Independent 1415 GrandinVARd. Roanoke, 540.400.8555 Shopping Documentary, Foreign, Independent God could have been satis- 540.400.8555 man’s reach should exceed hisDocumentary, Roanoke, VA 540.400.8555 “City Market variety Foreign,Saturdays, Independentâ€? have presented a& Roanoke, VA & Children’s Films Children’s540Films 521-0313 Featuring Run, & Children’s Films WWW.VIDABELA.NET 540- 521-0313 1415 Grandin Rd. & Children’s Films WWW.VIDABELA.NET fied 5VF'SJUPt4BUUP just providing food for his WWW.VIDABELA.NET grasp, or what's a heaven for?"First 540521-0313 WWW.VIDABELA.NET of programs on Saturday mornings and will conDocumentary, Foreign, Independent Roanoke, VA creatures,540.400.8555 but he went the extra The quotation seems appropri- tinue to do so until October. & Children’s Films 540- 521-0313 WWW.VIDABELA.NET mile with beauty and taste. If I ate. Reluctantly, I turn away and 1310 Grandin Road,by Roanoke Sponsored Haley Toyota, City Market Sat1310 Grandin Road, Roanoke 1310 Grandin Road, Roanoke time my picking day right, I also head for the car, hoping some urdays offers cooking demonstrations,1310 liveGrandin music Road, Roanoke find red raspberries that ripen bird will drop the seeds of those and even health screenings to those that can tear Grandin Roanoke away from the Farmer’s Market, City superior berries in 1310 a more ac-Road, themselves cessible spot. Market food court, the museums or other goingsOnce I have scrubbed away on in the area. Haley is bringing in a different new Carilion Clinic was part of a recent City MarI am the slowest the oil from the poison ivy and car to show off every weekend to add some more ket Saturdays program. diligently searched for ticks that fun in the mix. carpet cleaner in Roanoke. may have invaded my body, I Lyndsay Smith, Communications and Program health issues. “It’s a great venue,â€? said Community Outreach am ready to enjoy the spoils Manager for Downtown Roanoke Inc. (DRI), said of my search. No amount of City Market Saturdays now includes last year’s representative Edie Naughton (RN), who noted money could purchase a single Music on the Market program, which was cur- that they had seen “a lot of out-of-towners ‌ on “I will give your precious berry. Like the Little tailed as a separate event due to budget issues. their way to somewhere else,â€? visit the booth. Teen carpet the time pregnancy, diabetes and breast health awareness Red Hen, I will share them with “We’re just mixing it up,â€? said Smith. my own little chicks -- city-bred and attention The cooking demos staged by local restaurants were also part of Carilion’s message. “We’re trying grandchildren who might oth- and culinary schools take place on the second to grab some people and hopefully [send] them it deserves to erwise never know the taste of Saturday of every month through September. away with a little more information,â€? said Naughproduce the best hot blackberry cobbler, home- Other weekends will feature music and assorted ton. “We’ve found some people that need attenresults possible.â€? made blackberry jam, or fresh programs, with the last Saturday of the month fo- tion and should probably see a doctor.â€? “Just to do something different on Saturdays,â€? blackberries with cream. Ah, cused on information and how-to sessions. said Smith of the motivation for City Market Sat• 2 rooms and a hall for $75 • 5 rooms and a hall for $155 the extraordinary joys of sumAt a City Market Saturday event several weeks urdays, “because we are a seven day a week mar• Furniture cleaning also available! mer! ago nurses from Carilion Clinic were checking ket. â€? It’s not hard to find the downtown market Contact Mary Jo at blood pressure, body mass index and other vital area crowded on a weekday when local businesses Danny Williams • 989-1825 • Cell - 765-7144 signs, while handing out information on various are open, “but what’s the draw to get people down here on a Saturday?â€? asks Smith. This Saturday (July 10) features another “Chef on the Market Day,â€? with demonstrations by the Virginia Western Culinary InstiHANGING ROCK Roanoke has a Locally Locally Owned Owned & & Operated Operated tute. Appetizers take center stage ANIMAL HOSPITAL Saltwater Fish Store! “doesn’t your pet deserve the very best...â€? from 11:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m., with • Large selection • Live corals Do you have trouble remembering to give your entrees from 1:30 - 2:30. July 17 Hanging Rockmedication Animal Hospital • Aquariums & equipment dog heartworm every month? features music by the Poison • Delivery & set-up is a full-service veterinary We can now offer you a better solution to • Maintenance for home or business Bottom Boys. Virginia Western hospital. We offer many once monthly heartworm prevention 540-580-7755 1428 Roanoke Road services to promote and chefs-in-training will return on (Across from Lord Botetourt High School) PROHEART 6 is health an injection that is given at preserve the of your August 14 for another demonthe office that protects your dog form deadly pet. We have serving heartworms for 6been months. Whenour the next stration. clients isand Roanoke injection duepets you of willthe receive a reminder to As the market area bustled return the office for. the next injection. Valleytosince 1996 with locals and tourists, the $PNQSFIFOTJWFXFMMOFTTDBSFt'VMMEFOUBMTFrWJDFt5-$GPSFWFrZQBUJFOUt4VSHFry Carilion Clinic booth pulled in •Residential "DVQVODUVSFt)PNFPQBUIJDBOEIFSCBMSFNFEJFTt4QFDJBMJOUFSFTUJOFYPUJDNBNNBMT its fair share of visitors on a re•Commercial Janice Annis, DVM Cinthia L. Honeycutt, DVM Todd Czarnecki, DVM, CVA cent Saturday afternoon. “We’re T-F 3-7 pm, Sat 12-6 pm, Sun 1-5 -PDI)BWFO%SJWFt3PBOPLF V"t •Line Striping very fortunate to have a Farmer’s Market like this,â€? said Naughton, that DRI asked them to Amish Amish Made Made Oak Oak Reproduction Reproduction Furniture Furniture adding be a part of City Market Saturdays. Benches Kitchen Tables

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Valentine’s Celebration Extravaganza:

Saturday, January 30, 5pm-9:30 pm Food for Lovers, INDIA MEETS SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA From dinner Thursday, February 11 through

Sunday Brunch, Februaryfare 14, joins with Local, organic, sustainably-produced spices and recipes from India for a special winterwarming dinner event. You can celebrate the many Tastes of Love at Local

Roots CafÊ: oysters, kindsRoger of chocolate, and other Well known area all sitarist O’Dell will bring amorous you; expect surprises,the too. musical offerings artistry toawait the evening, accompanying meal and answering questions about Indian music. Local, organic, sustainably produced fare. Reservations 540-206-2610

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Vida Bela LOVEReason To Come Downtown Vida Bela LOVE LOVE Lisa LOVE Historic Grandin Village, located just 2 miles from Downtown Roanoke, has something for everyone for the holidays. From stocking stuffers & gift certificates to that extra special gift. Avoid the stress of crowded malls & traffic jams. Relax & enjoy the spirit of the holidays in a friendly neighborhood setting. For an hour, a day, or a lifetime, Life is Grand in the Village. Come see for yourself, we’re expecting you!

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7/9/10 - 7/15/10 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 5

The Grey Cliffs of Dover

The Happy Chef

by Leigh Sackett

Granola on a Stick!

So why not visit southeast England when it’s cold, wet, and dark? That’s the way it is much of the time anyway, and when we’re back home and A few weeks ago my daughter able in our community for your sticks but may be added if you it’s oppressively hot summertime in Virginia we had the best time at First Bap- children. Summer is indeed are going to cut the granola into can look back and say, “ahhhh, I’d like to step into tist’s Vacation Bible School. She too short in many ways but for bars. a day like that right nowâ€?. went with a friend while my son us moms it can be very long in -Line a large baking sheet Such as it is, the wind-driven rain is was attending the VBS at our others . . . Everyone wins with with parchment paper. lashing the southern coast at Beachy Head, a nachurch (Raleigh Court Pres- VBS! This fun snack recipe can -Measure out 1/2 C. of granoture preserve just west of Eastbourne, an hour and byterian.) Both children com- be used in any Western themed la and shape into a log. Starting a half train ride from London. I can hardly see my plained at the start of the sum- VBS or on a camping trip with from the bottom of the log, stick brother up ahead. We’re on a part of the 130 km. mer - they said, “Mom - VBS is your church, friends or family. the pretzel into the granola, South Downs Trail which crosses the open space for babies!â€? But I just gave them shaping it around the pretzel. of the Head. This section of the trail features a the four word answer that leaves 1/2 C. Light Corn Syrup Do not worry about the shape particularly impressive section of chalk cliffs for no room for discussion ("We 1 C. Brown Sugar because you will be reshaping which this coast is known. On nice days this place The “Grey-Whiteâ€? Cliffs of Dover. are doing this.") and so away we 1/2 C. Butter, Melted it after it bakes. Fill the baking is popular with paraglider pilots, but this is not and command posts (some joining with the Na- went! My son complained the 2 Tsp Vanilla sheet side by side with 5 granola one of those days. We hike bent into the wind, our poleonic ones) in the cliffs and under the castle, first day as he walked through 3 C. Quick Cooking Oats pretzel rods. Make sure you rain jackets soon proving inadequate. It’s exhila- and the modern-day tour of the eerie facilities is the door but I didn't hear a thing 1 1/2 C. Fruit, Seed & Nut Trail leave ample room between each rating to gaze several hundred feet down to the fascinating. From these stark subterranean of- afterwards because he had such Mix one. sea from the unstable cliff tops; the waves crash- fices, some with small windows cut through the a good time. My daughter was 3/4 C. Mini Chocolate Chips -Bake for 14-15 minutes or ing through the mid-day gloom. high cliffs, Montgomery coordinated the massive amazed by her VBS experience Large Pretzel Rods until light brown. Do not panic Soon we’re on the bus headed east to Pe- evacuation of Dunkirk. This harrowing operation and now she says she wants to Additions might be: shredded when you see that the granola vensey, eating chutney sandwiches we picked up involved mobilizing approximately 900 commer- be a Baptist. coconut, M&Ms, marshmalhas melted away from the pretat a grocery along the way. It turns out that I’m cial and civilian vessels, and 330,000 people were It seems a lot of Vacation Bi- lows, etc. zel rod. Once the sticks have not a big fan of c h u t n e y, evacuated. ble Schools happen in early June baked for the required time, but hey “when in Rome‌ Emerging from the tunnels into a light mist, I’m but you can always find them -Preheat oven to 350 degrees removed the tray from the oven “. The fortress ruins on relieved that it’s not wartime now –not here any- going on throughout the sum-In a large bowl mix corn and working quickly with two the coast at Pevensey are way, I quickly remind myself. Contemplating how mer if you look. The activities syrup, brown sugar, butter and knives simply mold and shape impressive. The R o m a n s there is always the misery of war at various places are wonderful and there are al- vanilla until well blended. the granola back around the built the fort in the year throughout the world at any given moment, I ways new friendships born since -Stir in oats. Add trail mix pretzel sticks. As the granola 279 and abandoned it walk silently and thoughtfully up the winding ap- the programs reach out into the and chocolate chips. Stir in ad- cools, it will harden around the after a few hundred years. proach to the castle gates. community at large and not just ditional goodies 1/4 C. at a time, pretzel stick. Then the Normans took Our timing for visiting Dover Castle is seren- within the church walls. One making sure that the mix is still -This recipe makes about 10 it over in 1166 when they dipitously good. An extensive restoration of inte- very important factor, especially sticky enough to mold around granola sticks depending on invaded Eng- John W. Robinson land and rior furnishings, embroidery and weaving, accu- in this day and age, is that these the sticks. how much granola mix you William the Conquer- rate to Henry II’s rein circa 1100, was completed camps are almost always free. *Marshmallows are not rec- measure out for each pretzel or became King. That was the result of the Battle just prior to our arrival. The interpreters share In summers past, as well as ommended for the granola rod. of Hastings, I’m sure you remember. their knowledge -not to mention their infectious this one (when my kids ap The town of Hastings is famous for the enthusiasm- of the painstakingly researched and peared to be too old), I have legendary battle, of course, but beyond that it is a carried out restoration. underestimated the power of Anglican Catholic Church pleasant little fishing village. Interestingly, there is We learn about Thomas Becket and his rela- VBS. They still love it and it is no protected harbour; the fishing boats are pushed tionship with King Henry II. They were friends as entertaining as any expenand dragged into the sea from the shingle beach when young but later fell out over the Law of sive camp I might send them to, Sunday: Holy Communion utilizing various mechanical assistance, including Church versus the Law of Royalty when Becket but most importantly it teaches 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. pm heavy equipment. Seeing the heavy-duty wooden became the Archbishop of Canterbury, just down them the things they need to Thursday: Holy Communion fishing vessels being pushed around unceremoni- the road from Dover. So much was the ill will, in know to become the people God Ah fact, that it is believed that the murder of Becket intended them be. The typical ith ously by a bulldozer is fascinating. On this day the 9:30 a.m. rsound of the waves crashing on the shore is amaz- in the cathedral by four knights was ordered by VBS is for elementary age chilcal Historic Grandin Village, located just 2 miles from Downtown Roanoke, has something for everyone for the holidays. King Henry himself. I’m reminded of “Death in dren but once you are too old to her ing, the shingles tumbling over themselves like 366-9416 From stocking & gift certificates to thatbyextra special gift. Avoid the stress of crowded malls & traffic jams. 4910 Hubert Rd NW Roanoke oo. shards of china plates. There is somestuffers commotion e the Cathedralâ€? T.S. Eliot. participate in the activities you (at Hershberger, E of Williamson Rd.) c. Relax & enjoy On the spirit of the holidays in London’s a friendlyVictoria neighborhood setting.a youth helper - my in pushing some of the boats higher up the shore the train ride back to can become an hour, a day, a lifetime, Life Grand in the Village. Come we’re expecting out of reach of the leapingFor waves. “Ahhh, butor she’s Station weiseat our hastily-procured lunch,see orfor is ityourself, son thought his youthyou! helper nasty out..â€? one of the fisherman remarks to me dinner? A meal of ready-made sandwiches from a was the coolest guy ever! Voted “Best Overall Dining Experienceâ€? ch with a shake of his head. We’re glad to be on –relabusy English grocer is always a good bet, chutney I really believe in these proby Roanoker Magazine tively- dry ground. notwithstanding. The cheery conductor points grams and encourage every The white cliffs of Dover are grey on the out Canterbury Cathedral as we roll through the one to take advantage of these day we’re in town. In fact, when we emerge from town of the same name. wonderful jewels that are availthe rail station we can hardly see Dover Castle No time to stop there today, however . . . Nightthrough the low dark clouds scudding over us. time at Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus Brazilian The prim little woman in the ticket booth at the awaits castle seems pleased to have some visitors, and International Cuisine Contact John at explains entry to the Neopoleanic and WWII era 4167 Electric Road Individuals or small groups tunnels, and the ancient castle, with an extra dose of enthusiasm. Sheets of rain On The Hill, chase us up the broad walk that overlooking leads to the war-time tunnels. President,ĂŠKDĂŠCapitalĂŠSolutions Roanoke County! The high promontory that Dover Castle (circa 1000 AD) 5VF'SJUPt4BUUP Featuring First Run, 1415 Grandin Rd. CALL: Monday Through Friday Documentary, Foreign, Independent now occupies is shared by540.400.8555 the Roanoke, VA & Children’s Films 540- 521-0313 ancient ruins of a RomanWWW.VIDABELA.NET lighthouse, testament to the historical significance of this piece of 1310 Grandin Road, Roanoke ground. There are strategic tunnels dug into the cliffs from the time of Napolean’s threat to England. And during the dark days of WWII war planes of the Nazi ProvidingĂŠBusinessesĂŠwith Luftwaffe flew directly overhead AccountsĂŠReceivableĂŠFinancing on their bombing missions to andĂŠEquipmentĂŠLeasing English cities. Earlier, when war with Germany was recognized as inevitable, the British built a complex compound of tunnels

d !

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St. Thomas of Canterbury

Vida Bela

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Page 6 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 7/9/10 - 7/15/10

Commentary: Editorial Board Takes a Stab at Transparency

My name is Forest, Forest Gump and “I may not be a smart man but I know what transparency is” and it ain’t here in River City. The Roanoke Times July 1 editorial: “Openness and transparency” presses the two new council members to make good on their campaign promise of transparency and openness. The RTEB hints that the last council made progress in that regard. Phooey! Council briefings are where most decisions are made. One could even argue voting takes place at briefings. Mayor Bowers though makes verbal reference to it not being a vote. It’s just a “consensus” show of hands or grunt of approval – a go-ahead to city administration on a project direction. “Public input” then follows and befuddled citizen’s exiting council chambers mumble “they already had their minds made up.” Imagine that. Televised briefings were campaign promises in the last election too. After the new council took office the city manager then Burcham brought to council the cost and impediments to televising briefings in the EOC. If you ever wondered what EOC stands for it is the “Emergency Operations Center” – in case of a terrorist attack or natural disaster <snicker here if you like>. Council members suggested the city manager look into taping briefings at a minimal hourly rate and have them available for replay online. It was never revisited again. The briefing room (the basement - room 159 or EOC) is so crowded at times with television camera tripods and interested citizens you can’t get to the coffee pot <sigh>. Seriously citizens and staff are bumping into each other. Media are jockeying for seats and shuffling microphones around the table. Mayor Bowers leaned back in his chair so far one time he almost landed in my lap. And if you

sit behind Councilman Court Rosen you can read his text messages <pointed sigh>. Cases are being made that text messaging during public meetings is open to FOIA requests. It seems citizens have become suspicious that council members are secretly texting each other regarding agenda items. Number one on the RTEB transparency list in the July 1 editorial asked for topic clarification for closed sessions. Meaning name the “subject” of closed session before closing the door to citizen’s prying eyes. Try arguing that point with the city attorney William Hackworth. Hackworth doesn’t agree with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). No matter that Virginia’s FOIA Advisory Council has consistently written opinions to the contrary - the city attorney just doesn’t happen to agree. I’ll try that tact with a judge and see how that works for me. Roanoke county names the subject very clearly on their agenda and it hasn’t hurt them one bit. To end my little tirade let me paraphrase a member of the media. I asked him why he didn’t threaten litigation to force FOIA compliance? I’ll never forget – he said, “we have to pick our battles.” If John Q. Public doesn’t care then we don’t care. He had a point – if the populace is not clamoring for transparency then the vocal few that identify the FOIA transgressions are whistling in the wind. Valerie Garner, Roanoke Editor's Note - Valerie Garner is a regular contributing reporter to the Roanoke Star Sentinel and like everyone else in the world, she has an opinion. Don't be shy - send us yours.

Letter: Tea Party Unsuccessful and Misleading Referencing the article "Second Roanoke Tea Party Big Success" by Carla Bream in the July 10 ­ 16, 2010 issue of The Roanoke-Star Sentinel, I have to say this rally was not as successful as the Roanoke Tea Party had hoped. Frankly, this movement scares me to death, especially in their support of the Fair Tax which they say will be better but in actuality, the consumer will end up paying all taxes for goods and big business, which will be exempt from their cur-

rent taxation, will end up getting richer and the poor will end up getting poorer. This falls directly into what conservatives want all along and that is to cater to the rich and big business while standing on the backs of the poor, taxing the poor and middle class to death thus casting the middle class into the poverty levels of the poor. The conservatives are trying to achieve these goals by selling a fraudulent bill of goods to the ignorant and the desperate

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which is what the Tea Party is primarily composed. It makes me extremely angry when the Tea Party quotes the forefathers to fit their agenda and pervert history to their own designs. This movement is a threat to the nation and I firmly believe it is a precursor to destroying democracy and creating a new type of dictatorship or even communism. Obviously Virginians were not fooled by the Tea Party considering last spring's election where none of the three Tea Party candidates were elected to office. So I would like to urge people, do not be fooled by the Tea Party. If you support them, you are ultimately throwing yourself into the proverbial estuary of sewage without a paddle. Sidney Vaught, Roanoke

This year the General Assembly considered 2,135 bills and a significant number of resolutions. Governor Bob McDonnell signed 871 of the bills into law after they were passed by the Senate and House of Delegates. The vast majority of these new laws went into effect on July 1st. Below are brief summaries of some of the new laws that have drawn the most interest from Virginia Citizens: Business/ Jobs Fifty million dollars in financial incentives will be made available to recruit new businesses to Virginia. State economic grants may be used for the construction of private buildings for companies that create 25 or more jobs. Veterans are exempt from the handling fee charged by the Department of Business Assistance in connection with the establishment and operation of a small business. No resident of the Commonwealth shall be required to maintain a health insurance policy. Companies that create at least 50 new jobs are eligible for $1,000 tax credits for each new job. Good Government General Assembly members are required to disclose sources of income they receive from state or local governments or advisory agencies. This requirement mirrors the pre-existing policy on income from private

In the Jewish synagogue, the Torah (which also makes up the first five books of the Christian Old Testament) is written on scrolls of parchment and stored in the Ark, usually an inset in that synagogue wall which faces Jerusalem. During Shabbat and other special occasions of worship, the Torah scrolls are removed from the Ark. The rabbi reads or the cantor chants from the Torah in a way analogous to the Sunday readings in Christian churches, and similarly to the way a Catholic or Episcopal priest reads from the missal during Holy Communion. Parchment is derived from animal skin, and as such it does not absorb ink. Were the rabbi’s assistant to point to the words on the Torah scroll with a finger, oil would smudge the words,

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sector sources of income. The Governor, his Political Action Committee, or any pertinent Secretaries are prohibited from knowingly soliciting or accepting contributions, gifts, or other items worth more than $50 from any bidders or offerors, their controlling persons, or persons acting on their behalf, who have submitted bids or proposals for public contracts worth $5 million. Virginia state agencies are required to enroll in the federal government's E-Verify program by December 1, 2012 and use the program to check on the legal employment status of every newly hired employee. Crime Prisoners who owe fines, court costs, and other penalties are required to contribute part of their pay from work programs to relieving this obligation. Killing newborns who are still connected by the umbilical cord will be considered homicide. A loophole previously existed that made it legal for newborns to be killed several hours after they were born if the umbilical cord was uncut and the placenta remained attached. The death penalty for murdering law enforcement officials is extended to fire marshals and their assistants, auxiliary police officers, and auxiliary police deputies. A $10 additional fee will be added to the penalty for all criminal convictions to raise

money for Internet Crimes Against Children units. Driving The general highway speed limit on highways where it is currently 65 MPH may be increased to 70 MPH after VDOT review. Specialty license plates will be available to supporters of the Virginia Kids Eat Free program, supporters of the Professor Garfield Foundation, supporters of Planned Parenthood, supporters of the Virginia Retail Alliance, supporters of the Virginia Recycling Association, and supporters of the Washington Capitals hockey team. All drivers and passengers under 18 must wear a seat belt regardless of where they are sitting in the car. The penalty for exceeding the speed limit raises from $5 per mile over the speed limit to $6. Education Public institutions of higher education may establish college partnership laboratory schools. Policies allowing the creation of virtual school programs and establishing public charter schools were relaxed. Contracts for purchasing Board of Education approved textbooks for grades 6-12 must allow the purchase of electronic textbooks. - Information provided by the Office of VA State Senator Ralph Smith - District 22

Preacher’s Corner: To Whom Do We Point?


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Over 870 New Laws Begin in VA

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marring the sacred text. Consequently, in Jewish worship a pointer is used, called the yad. At a Bar Mitzvah, the young man coming of age is given the privilege of reading from the Torah scroll. Recently, a St. John’s parishioner attended the Bar Mitzvah of her grandson in Washington, D.C., and she was struck by the reverent and respectful way the yad was used to point to the Torah text. She subsequently purchased a yad and presented it to St. John’s for our own use during Holy Eucharist. Our new yad is a beautiful and ornate thing. It is silver, and its detail is striking. The tip of the yad is shaped like a human hand, and it even includes lines and creases on the palm. Were one not to know the yad’s purpose, it could easily stand alone as a work of craftsmanship and art. But the yad does have a purpose, which is to point beyond itself. In our worship, the yad draws the eyes of the priest to the words of God’s great love and sacrifice for humankind, and those words themselves draw the soul into communion with that very God, changing us from mere creatures into adopt-

ed children. If you’ll permit the simile, God calls us to be like the yad. Too often in our culture, there is a preoccupation with self, a tacit belief that life’s central point is self-affirmation. We believe that our gifts, our accomplishments, and our abundance ought to point back to ourselves as indicators of our value and worth. But this is not the message of Holy Scripture, and it does not define the life of faith. Our lives are blessed so that we may be a blessing. We are gifted so that we can point back to the salvation story of God’s overwhelming love and be drawn into that love in our relationships with God and with his children. That is the very purpose of our lives. We are to point to the One who “to the poor proclaimed the good news of salvation; to prisoners, freedom; to the sorrowful, joy,” the One who “rising from the grave, destroyed death, and made the whole creation new.” Reverend Barkley Thompson is the senior pastor at St. John’s Episcopal Church. During the summer, St. John’s gathers for Sunday worship at 8 a.m., 10 a.m., and 5 p.m.

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To thank you for supporting our new business, we are taking 35% off custom framing for the month of July. Look for the flags! 3203 Brambleton Ave. • Roanoke, VA 540-400-6600 • Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm, Sat: 9am - 2pm

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Ashley Plantation and Spring Run Visit Castle Rock

Jenna Alam of the AP Stingrays waits for her call to the platform.

Castle Rock's Bailey Roberts checks her 50-meter time after an impressive run.

Salem Continues to Dominate Myrtle Beach

It’s gotten to the point where the winning is just accepted and folks might be starting to feel a little bad for the Myrtle Beach Swimmers make a splash as they leave the platform in the Pelicans. After Salem’s 10-6 win on Monday night, the Red Sox 50-meter freestyle. have improved to 12-1 in 2010 against their Southern-Division rivals from South Carolina. The aggregate score of those 13 matchups: Red Sox 86, Pelicans 41. Jeepers! The lopsidedness of the rivalry (if you can even call it that) has been even more staggering at the Pelicans home digs of BB&T Coastal Field. Heading into Tuesday night’s series finale, the Red Sox had won 11 consecutive games in Myrtle Beach, a streak that began on July 5, 2009. Salem has walloped the Pelicans in their own backyard over this stretch, dominating by a comGrace Aheron of Spring Run bined score of 84-28 in the 11 shows her enthusiasm as she games of the streak. Again, the one-sidedness of this eviscerais called to the platform. tion has begun to feel a little uncomfortable. But, alas, the Red Sox continue to win ballgames. Salem’s third consecutive win on Monday night improved the full season record to 47-35. After going hitless with three strikeouts in the opener in Myrtle Beach, All-Star third-baseman Will Middlebrooks awakened offensively on Sunday and Monday, going 5-9 with eight RBI in the two games, highAshley Plantation's Jacob lighted by a 7th inning grand Terry kicks up the water in slam on Monday. Middlebrooks’ the 25-meter. blast cleared the wall in straightaway center field, a mammoth and timely shot that gave Salem plenty of cushion to perpetuate their dominance over the Pelicans. Earlier in the series, the Red Sox picked up a 2-0 shutout victory and a 10-4 triumph by the beach. In the opener, newcomer Mark Holliman, Michael Lee, and Cesar Cabral combined on a three-hit shutout and Salem

Commonwealth Games of Virginia Baton Competition Results 17 Members of Pizzazz Star City Twirlers, under the direction of Coach Joan Duus and Assistant Coach Marie Freeman, competed in the Commonwealth State Games of Virginia Baton Competition held at Hidden Valley High School on June 5th. This was the second year for the Contest to be held here in Roanoke and it was well attended by over 50 Twirlers. Other local groups that attended were the Emeraldettes from Vinton and the Timberlake Sweethearts from Lynchburg. Members of the Pizzazz Team include: Rachel Benton, Danielle Cormier, Hannah Hebert, Elizabeth Hudson, Alicia Hughes, Miranda Hughes, Rebecca Keller, Rori Leftiwich, Kyra Leonard, Megan McConnell, Stephanie Meriwether, Kylie Ordonez, Lana Dayle Roach, Meredith Smith, Samantha Taylor, Olivia Thomas, Haley Vogel.

7/9/10 - 7/15/10 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 7

Oscar Tejeda runs the bases during a recent Red Sox game. catcher Tim Federowicz connected on a first-inning two-run single against Pelicans ace Julio Teheran to plate the only runs of the game. The next day, Salem utilized a seven-run fifth inning to roll past the Pelicans. The first six batters in the inning reached and the Sox led 10-2 heading into the ninth before the Pelicans scored two more in garbage time. The current road trip is no ordinary swing through the Carolina League, for after playing series’ in Myrtle Beach and Kinston, the Red Sox journey to the northeast - departing typical Carolina League territory for the “Futures at Fenway” spectacle in Boston. Salem will play the Potomac Nationals in the second half of a doubleheader at Fenway Park on July 10, a momentous occasion for the minor leaguers as they get the unique

opportunity to play at America’s most beloved ballpark. Salem returns home on Monday, July 12 for a doubleheader against Potomac beginning at 5:30 at Lewis-Gale Field. Following an off-day on Tuesday the 13th, Salem will host the first-half champs from Winston-Salem for four straight from Wednesday thru Saturday. The homestand will include the Salem Red Sox’ Annual “Wing Fling” competition on Thursday where fans can sample wings from around the region and vote to determine who has the best wing in the Roanoke Valley. Friday’s game will feature postgame fireworks and the first 1,000 fans through the gate on Saturday will receive a Daisuke Matsuzaka Bobblehead compliments of WSLS.

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Correction: July 2nd Edition - “Putt Putt Masters”

Tournaments start at 7 p.m., not 6 p.m. Free practice starts at 6 p.m. In the caption of the Top 5 finishers. Troy's last name should have been Sarver, not Sarber. Dennis Biesma was shown playing hole # 8, not Clayton Craft.


2010-Beginner Class—Sitting L to R—Kyra & Alicia; Kneeling Rori, Kylie & Lana Dayle; Standing Miranda, Haley & Hannah. Pizzazz took Gold Medals in the following Team Competitions: Tiny Tot Half Time, Junior Half Time, Juvenile Small Dance


Twirl, Junior Small Dance Twirl, Junior Medium Dance Twirl and Junior Pom Pon Team.






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Page 8 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 7/9/10 - 7/15/10

Fox Radio 910: Christian Radio Switches To Conservative Talk Format

Ben Peyton has long been acquainted with Christian broadcasting. His father, Harry Peyton, a minister, began airing religious programs in 1937 and later switched to the management side of broadcasting. In 1991, the younger Peyton, a former pastor himself, bought an off-air radio station in Roanoke and aired contemporary Christian programming, before changing to a Southern Gospel format. As time passed, Southern Gospel music “just dried up,” in Peyton’s words, primarily due to lack of interest on the part of audiences and advertisers. “So we began to consider alternatives,” said Peyton -- one being Christian talk. A friend in Lynchburg who has what Peyton describes as “a hybrid talk station … really encouraged me to give serious consideration to do what we’re doing today.” Beginning on April 1, 2009, the former WWWR (3WR) — now known as WFJX (or Fox Radio 910AM.) — located in southeast Roanoke, began airing a line-up of conservative talk, news, and sports. After some tinkering along the way, the station’s current weekday line-up features such conservative radio heavyweights as Laura Ingraham, Jay Sekulow, Dennis Miller, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Fred Thompson, and Jim Bohannon. Dan Patrick hosts a sports talk show weekdays from 7 - 9 p.m. The station carries high school sports as

well. Morning and weekends feature Christian programs, as well as talk programs. Laura Ingraham was a significant catch for WFJX, which at one time carried “The Dave Ramsey Show” before losing it to WFIR. “We were talking one day,” explains Peyton’s son Blair, WFJX’s operations manager, “and we were like, ‘You know, why don’t we see if we can maybe get Laura Ingraham on?’ … Because they only run her on WFIR [for one hour], and we have the time available here to run her show live for three hours. And when that came through, we were like, ‘Well, maybe we should go ahead and . . . see if we can get some [other] big names on the station.” In addition to a line-up of nationally recognized conservative talkers, WFJX features its own locally-based talk show host, Marcus Wagner, who presents his outspoken, opinionated conservative take on current events live, weekdays, from 6 to 7 p.m. Wagner and WFJX initially hooked up when he called to say how much he enjoyed the station. “He and I,” Ben Peyton recalls, “got together and had coffee one time, and he proceeded to tell me that he had done this sort of thing up in Radford. We talked to him more about a sales representative [position] than an announcer.” Wagner, however, wanted to host “because that’s his passion,” Peyton continues.

“Basically, the decision for him to come on board had more to do with . . . what we felt his ability was to bring in income and to meet clients and sales . . . the announcing was just something he wanted to do and we agreed that this could work.” The response to Wagner’s show took Blair Peyton by surprise. “It’s been very favorable. Being . . . a local show, and not being so well known in the area, I didn’t expect as positive a response as we’ve gotten. So it’s been great.” Not everything on WFJX is serious—as is the case with “The Blair & Christie Show,” airing weekends (Saturday at 11 a.m., Sunday at 1 p.m.). Hosted by Blair Peyton and WFJX public affairs director Christie Quackenbush, the show eschews weighty topics in favor of a lighthearted tone, and arose out of the need to fill the station’s weekend schedule. Longtime friends and TV aficionados, Blair and Quackenbush go on the air and talk about television and their personal events. Peyton doesn’t see the station as overly competing with Roanoke’s other, more established conservative talk radio station, WFIR. The latter, he says, has “really big names, and we’re just . . . contributing to the market, bringing some other options.” Referring to Wheeler Broadcasting, (Owners of WFIR, K92 and Q99) Ben Peyton explains, “They are probably the largest, most success-

Photo by Gene Marrano

The new format has been a winner for WFJX and owner Ben Peyton. ful group of radio stations in the market place with some excellent signals. We’re just trying to produce an excellent quality program that gives the people a choice. We’ve got a little different, unique approach and kind of sense that our sound is a little more youthful sounding in news-talk—if that’s possible—than WFIR . . . As long as our station performs for advertisers . . . selling their products, bring people in the door—that’s all that matters.” By Melvin E. Matthews, Jr.

Long Time Framer Steps Out on Her Own

It takes courage to start a new venture when your child is in college and the numbers predict that you won’t live as many more years as you have already lived. Courage, in this case, comes in the form of petite, and snappy-eyed Kristi P’Simer. When faced with the decision to leave the career path she had followed for 28 years, and pursue a fulfilling way to work out the rest of her years before retirement, she chose a road less traveled for someone in her circumstance -- starting over with her own business. Encouragement came in many forms, not the least of which was an offer from a friend to renovate her commercial space for a frame shop. Thus, “Simply Framing by Kristi” became a reality. On a recent day at the new shop, artists dropped by and phoned, and customers sought solutions from the resident “expert.” Through it all, the look of delight never left Kristi’s eyes. She readily admits that she had spent years in a comfort zone -- perhaps even a rut -- and now says, “I’m having a blast.” That’s quite an admission for a new business owner in this difficult economic era.

The shop is dotputs her heart into ted with works by treating them the local artists, preway she would like senting a colorful to be treated, which backdrop for the explains why artlabor-intensive ists and customers job of framing alike have followed customers’ treaher and support sures. The wall her new venture. behind the cusP’Simer also offers tomer service a very competitive counter contains commission strucan artful display ture for the artists of personal treawho sell and dissures, framed and play in her shop. preserved behind Having been inglass. volved in art and P’Simer is quick Personal treasures enclosed in glass and preserved for framing for years, to explain that a lifetime by Kristi P’Simer. P’Simer knew she contrary to comwould need to offer mon perception, great framing can be afford- a wide array of options in order to put together able for everyone. She puts her art background the high quality work she is known for. Her and creative talents into treating customers’ shop carries a large selection of mouldings and pieces as if they were her own, to create a fin- mats, including over 2000 samples, and also has ished product they are thrilled with. She also in-stock inventory. All framing is performed


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The Country Store Deli

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to CPF standards, and she offers conservation framing. She will accept rush orders and all work is done on site. For those less experienced, or unsure about their piece, she always suggests that clients frame for the picture, rather than frame for their décor. “The frame should be a minimal distraction,” she explains as she turns to answer the phone. Good advice from an artist who prides herself on providing the perfect framework for the treasured possessions her customers bring through the door. P’Simer plans to run her shop with her customers as the focus, promising, “We turn your treasures and memories into works of art . . . our quality is unsurpassed. If it means something to you, it is important to us.” She invites customers to come in for a free estimate.

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Page 10 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 7/9/10 - 7/15/10

Commonwealth Games Return to Roanoke Valley With several events already completed, and this weekend’s high school baseball showcase at Kiwanis Field, the Coventry Commonwealth Games are indeed underway. Between now and next week, the “Main Games Weekend,” from July 15-18, about 10,000 athletes and their families will descend on the Roanoke Valley to take part in competitive events that range from basketball to badminton, from arm wrestling to chess and disc golf. One highlight of the Commonwealth Games, which have been held in Roanoke for all 21 years: an Olympic-style opening ceremony, complete with a parade of athletes, keynote speaker and a featured musician. The opening ceremonies take place at the Roanoke Civic Center Coliseum on Friday, July 16, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 for adults, students 6-17 are $3 and five & under are free. American Idol finalist Bucky Covington (season 5) will perform a set at the ceremony and short track speed skater JR Celski is the motivational keynote speaker. The Washington State native spent time away from home as a youngster, sacrificing family life in order to train as a speed skater. Celski also overcame a serious injury caused by an errant skate to win two bronze medals at the recent Winter Olympics in Vancouver. In the past, the Coventry Commonwealth Games have also featured Olympic gold medalists from a variety of sports. New this year is a tailgate party beforehand, held indoors at the Special Events Center from 5-7 p.m. Games, food and other activities will take place at the tailgate, which is open to everyone with opening ceremony tickets. Judo (held in Norfolk) and “Ultimate Frisbee” are among the

handful of new sports being staged this year. The competitive Frisbee event, to be held at Green Hill Park, is an activity that is now “played a lot in college” according to Virginia Amateur Sports president Pete Lampman. Registration in many of the individual sports “happen to be up,” added Lampman. Record numbers turned out for the hill climb in Roanoke last weekend. He wanted to use the new Green Ridge Recreation Center for part of the 3-on-3 basketball tournament, but the Roanoke County facility is so busy that couldn’t be worked out. Even so, Lampman hopes to steer participants to Green Ridge for recreational swimming after their events are over for the day. VAS is the Roanoke-based group that stages the Commonwealth Games and has managed to keep them in the Star City year after year, even as other cities have made pitches, recogniz- Pete Lampman is president of Virginia Amateur Sports. ing the multi-million dollar impact every year from those that pro baseball team. come here to eat, sleep and play. Lampman was still looking for “a few more” volunteers that For those interested in getting a head start on the Main Games could help at the opening ceremonies as of early this week. VAS, weekend, the baseball competition at Kiwanis Field this week- which features a small handful of paid staff members, leans end will feature four teams of Virginia high school juniors and heavily on volunteers for the Commonwealth Games and other seniors, split up by region. Dozens of college coaches and pro events it stages during the year. “Things are going well – we’re scouts will be in attendance, often with radar guns in hand to pleased,” said Lampman of the upcoming competition schedmeasure a pitcher’s speed. uled for the Main Games weekend. There is an impressive level of baseball talent in the Commonwealth – current major league standouts like David Wright, (See for more information and Ryan Zimerman, the Uptons (BJ and Justin) and Brandon Inge a schedule of events) played high school ball in Virginia. Some appeared at the ComBy Gene Marrano monwealth Games, and played at the former home of Salem’s



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News from the Roanoke Valley for July 9, 2010.