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The Roanoke Star-Sentinel May 6 - 12, 2011

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Big Changes Coming Soon Killing


P7– Cave Spring and Hidden Valley square off for their annual sports day but Mother Nature jumps in and calls it a draw.

Accessible Art P9– Roanoke’s 11th annual “Open Studios Tour” is a hit as area artists welcome art aficionados and others to their creative digs.

Photo by Valerie Garner

The Roanoke City Market building has seen a variety of renovations since it was first constructed in 1922.

City Market Building Prepares For Opening in August A soft opening in mid500 for standing events. August may not have all Base rental will be $125 the spaces 100 percent full, to $150 an hour dependsaid Roger Elkin managing on the day of the week. ing partner with Hall and There is a list of approved Associates, Inc. There are a caterers for events who total of 30 spaces to lease. will have access to a prep At Monday morning’s kitchen. council briefing Elkin said Aesthetically “they’ve that “there is high demand tried to keep with the for the food/restaurant times, said Davis. It has spaces but retailers have been renovated with flexbeen the biggest difficulty ibility in mind and is apdue to the economy.” plicable “for every possiAt the soft opening there ble social or political event may be three to five retail that you could have in this spaces unfilled. Tenants’ .Photo by Valerie Garner town,” he said. are responsible to complete Center stalls now stand in the middle of the old food court. Eight groups have althe build-out of their spaces. ready committed to use common area maintenance fee. Rent will run from $37.65 to Charter Hall, said Elkin. Phil Davis, assistant manager for The $49.95 a square foot and is all-inclusive. Some tenants are receiving classes to There will be no extra common area Hotel Roanoke and Market Foundation improve their business skills. The permember explained that the third floor mitting process takes time and adds a maintenance or other fees. The cost will depend on the location space with a stage will bear the name level of complexity depending on the with the front corner location, like that “Charter Hall.” It will have carpet inserts type of food served and equipment and held by Tavern on the Market, coming over the wooden dance floors for pro- storage requirements. tection and noise mitigation. in at top dollar. There have been 55 requests for apCharter Hall will be open to the public plications out of 100 inquiries with 22 In comparison, when the city leased the building the cost per square foot was and business use “will be evaluated fair- having successinconsistent with tenants paying a range ly,” said Davis. Capacity for Charter Hall fully passed the > CONTINUED from $33.45 to $51.66 not including a is expected at 300 for seated events and screening pro- P2: Market

Faith Fully on Display as Faith Christian “Projects” Again

More Music P9– Roanoke’s up and coming “Down by the River” music festival grows in leaps and bounds and will now provide two days of tunes on May 13th & 14th.

Twenty-three speakers took to the podium at Roanoke City’s public hearing on the 2012 budget Thursday night. Eleven of the speakers praised City Gov’t the Virginia Cooperative Extension for its work in the valley and pressed for its continued funding. Council had asked for justification of the $32,000 earmarked for the VCE. There was some discrepancy as to whether city administration had received the information from the VCE on the services provided to justify the funding. There was plenty of justification from six young representatives of 4-H and countless garden groups and landscapers. The 4-H was out in force and had the help of a very articulate Jordan Watts, a sophomore at Patrick Henry. Watts, who has been with 4-H for seven years, said that, “It has provided me with leadership roles and op-


P4– Publisher Stuart Revercomb explores the killing of Osama Bin Laden and looks at how we as Americans have reacted to his death.

Knights vs. Titans

City Residents Speak Out on Funding

Last Friday marked the tenth anniversary of the Roanoke Valley’s largest community service event held in one day. Faith Christian School’s Project Faith has donated over 18,000 hours of service over the past ten years, and completed many worthy tasks around the community which would have otherwise gone undone. Project Faith organizers work for almost a year planning the kindergarten through 12th grade fundraiser and service project, which involves over 500 volunteers, most of

whom are students. Their mission statement of “A Mind for Truth, A Heart for Christ, A Will to Serve,” is put to the test every year when students clear trails, paint walls, clean buildings, clear debris, build benches and fences, and a multitude of other tasks – all for worthy local organizations. This year, students in kindergarten through second grade worked on Mill Mountain in conjunction with the Zoo, the

Photo by Lori Hedrick


Emily Kagey (5th grade) paints a bench at the Roanoke Mountain Campground on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


> CONTINUED P2: Funding

Local YWCA Aligns Itself With Depaul

Photo by Carla Bream

Nadia Summo of the YWCA and Greg Withers of DePaul. The YWCA of the Roanoke Valley has announced that they plan to merge with DePaul Community Resources, a Roanoke based non-profit serving children, adults and families with special needs. In doing so, the Y WCA will transNon-profits fer its assets to DePaul and disaffiliate from the national YWCA. The transition will become effective in late summer or early fall of 2011. For many years, the YWCA has operated almost exclusively as a homeless shelter for women and children. Over the past several years the organization has been acutely aware of a decline in the bed utilization rates at their facility, a direct result of other organizations in the valley offering the same services. This collaboration is an effort to more effectively utilize donor contributions and allocate resources in the community that better meet the needs of women, children and their families – a




> Market

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Sunshine returns Thursday with highs in the upper 60s. Temperatures are back in the 70s for Friday and the weekend with hit or miss showers and storms possible Friday and Sunday. Rain chances continue into Monday and Tuesday with highs near 80.

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cess. “Out of the 22 some will drop out naturally,” said Davis. “They may not want to compete with other vendors or they might pass for other business reasons.” Four of the previous market vendors are in the permitting process. Other vendors have contracted elsewhere. The Market Building will have solid well-vetted tenants that “meet the same requirements as their other buildings,” said Davis. In 30 to 45 days, as the permitting process wraps up, the names

> Funding portunities and taught me not to be afraid of who I am.” Watts said that 4-H has helped her overcome insecurity and that, “anticipation of camp builds excitement the whole year. I even count down days until camp, which is [now] 81 days,” said Jordan, producing grins from council members. Council members Bill Bestpitch, Sherman Lea, Anita Price, Court Rosen and Mayor Bowers were on the dais. Four supporters spoke for funding Brain Injury for Southwest Virginia. They asked for ten percent of their $180,000 budget from the city of Roanoke. Helen Butler, the mother of brain injury survivor Katherine Nash, stated that of 47 localities that are served half of them contribute to the service. Twenty percent of the clients

of the tenants will be announced. The food vendors that have either not operated a restaurant before or not operated in a professional environment will take longer for Health Department approval. Davis said they have proven the skeptics wrong that said they would not be able to lease the spaces. “Just the opposite has occurred,” he said. By Valerie Garner

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are city residents she said. Former council member and preservation activist Rupert Cutler asked for initiation of storm water utility fees for a more aggressive storm water management program to get ahead of the Clean Water Act. An unexpected budget saving suggestion came from Braxton Naff who advocated for using urban archery to cull deer rather than spending $75,000 for an outside contractor. If city code allowed urban archery then citizens could bow hunt on private property with permission during regular hunting season. This suggestion got accolades from several subsequent speakers affected by munching deer. Mark Peterson of Southeast shared pictures of the deteriorating landscaping that the city had spent hundreds of thou-

Jordan Watts (right) sands of dollars creating in the Southeast by Design project years ago. Dead and removed trees and broken curbing were his complaints. He stated that the city spends money for new projects while not maintaining completed projects - a waste of city revenue and taxpayer money. Other speakers were against

using the $300,000 for the proposed Elmwood Park renovation. Dr. Robert Roth spoke up for Sister Cities and Janet Scheid spoke for restoring funding to the Western Virginia Land Trust in the amount of $2600. Councilman Bill Bestpitch put in a plug for electing the right people to prevent budget cuts both from the state and on the federal level. He asked all to be sure to remember that at the ballot box. On Thursday May 5th there will be a budget study session at 8:30 a.m. Adoption of the budget will take place on May 9 at 2:00 p.m. By Valerie Garner

Roanoke Addressing Wind Turbines In Zoning Revision Small-scale residential wind turbines are being considered in a rework of text for the city’s zoning ordinance. Former planning commission member Richard Rife began the conversation with the only wind turbines in Roanoke City perched on William Fleming stadium light polls. The conversation continued at the council briefing Monday morning. Chris Chittum, planning administrator, told council a conservative approach with a special exception permit would start in a limited number of zoning districts. Residential wind turbines could be no higher than 20 feet above roof height and the blade width no wider than 4 ½ feet. The applicant’s neighbors would have an opportunity to weigh in, said Chittum. Chittum sees them looking like old fashioned television antennas. In agricultural or commercial districts, free standing wind turbines would be limited to 120 feet

My kids think I’m Having a Sponge Bath!

in height or 60 feet above a rooftop. The blade could be no wider than 30 feet. Zoning Text Redo And Changes – Setbacks: Setback and side yard minimums are changing in residential districts. The change will reduce the minimum from five feet to three feet from sides and the back of a property. The intent is to allow additions, such as garages, that

will line up with existing driveways. Homes on narrow lots have a difficult time with additions under the existing limitations. Unattached accessory building additions will be based on the footprint of the house. The maximum allowed will increase from 40 percent of a home’s footprint to 75 percent. The cumulative percentage of multiple accessory buildings can be no

more than 100 percent of the home’s footprint. In these cases extra fire ratings will be required. Chittum does not expect new developments wanting to incur the extra expense. Workshops: A special exception permit will be required for a residential workshop. Chittum envisions workshops used for cabinetry making, jewelry making, simple electronics and garment making as examples. The planning commission approved the zoning changes and a public hearing will be held on May 16 at the 7:00 p.m. meeting. Budget / Financial Report for March: At the council briefing, staff went over the public hearing on the budget. The savings for using urban archery in place of professional contractors for deer culling would save $75,000 over a two-year period.

Assistant city manager Brian Townsend said that the contractor culled about 150 deer in a twoyear period. He said the urban archery prospect had been addressed in the past but was dismissed for safety reasons. Townsend said that the contractors had to perform on a shooting range before they were approved for deer culling. Staff told council they did not recommend changing bulk and brush collection from alternating weeks to once a month for each. Constitutional officer pay, law clerks for judges and Sheriff Octavia Johnson’s assistant’s duties were questioned. Sheriff Johnson defended her assistant as Councilman Ray Ferris questioned items on the list. The list included speech writing, education and grant writing. The March financial report projects 2011 revenue coming in $3.6 million above Finance Director Ann Shawver’s conservative projections. She cautioned that the amount was small and should be used for deferred fleet maintenance and technology upgrades. By Valerie Garner

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mission shared by both DePaul and the YWCA. Current government funding granted to the YWCA will be reallocated to other area shelters, thereby reducing total community cost in housing the homeless. “The YWCA has a proud history of human services addressing homelessness for women in the Roanoke Valley,” said Nadia Summo, President of the Board of Directors for the YWCA of the Roanoke Valley. “Throughout history, the community has entrusted us with a responsibility to be the best stewards we can be of funding and resources that allow these services to continue. However, we live in a completely different world that we did 100 years ago, and part of being a good steward is knowing when change is necessary.” The decision was unanimous to select DePaul to be the recipient of the YWCA’s assets as well as the proceeds from the sale of the current YWCA facility, located at 605 First Street in Roanoke, which is now on the market listed for $2,050,000. The building is in need of major renovations and restoration. “We have tremendous admiration for the accomplishments of the YWCA,” said Greg Withers, President of the Board of Directors for DePaul Community Resources. “While we recognize that this was a difficult decision, we are grateful for the opportunity. The collaboration with the YWCA will be a tremendous boost to our own programming, allowing us to better serve our constituents and continue the mission of a well respected institution. To ensure continuity, we are excited to welcome two YWCA board members, Nadia Summo and Tammie Yarter, to DePaul Community Resources’ Board.”

From page 1 DePaul has had a community presence throughout the Southwest Virginia area since 1977. Currently, DePaul focuses on four core areas: Treatment Foster Care, Development Disabilities, Clinical Services and Adoption. DePaul not only serves foster children, but offers them transitional services and housing upon their exit from the foster care system in an effort to prevent homelessness in the Roanoke area. Through their Independent Living service, they offer youth ages 17 to 21 an opportunity to live in an apartment setting and begin to learn the skills necessary to transition to adulthood. Over the next two months, the YWCA will be working directly with its constituents, as well as other non-profits and organizations throughout the region to ensure a smooth transition and that all needs are met. “We are working with area shelters and agencies that work with the homeless population, such as Trust House, to guarantee that the women and children who currently reside in our facility have a place to go,” said Summo. “The well-being of our Y family is our top priority.” DePaul will continue with the YWCA’s tradition of the “Women of Achievement Awards” which recognize women of the Roanoke Valley who have made significant contributions to the community through their career achievements, leadership qualities and volunteer activities. DePaul will host this event in the fall of 2011. To learn more about DePaul Community Resources, go to www. or call 540-265-8923.

Roanoke Valley Democratic Women Make Fundraising An Art While the officials were hashing out redistricting in Richmond Thursday the Roanoke Valley Democratic Women were putting on a feast. It was the 13th year for their annual Wine and Cheese Democratic fundraising event at the Ramada Inn on Franklin Road. The event almost didn’t happen. In January, the RVDW was fined $1500 for not registering as a PAC. On January 31, before the Virginia State Board of Elections, their fine was reduced to $200 after they registered. This threw them into a tailspin for a while with thoughts of disbanding. After assurances from Democratic leaders that the paper work for PAC status was minimal the RVDW charged on. “Who has more fun than the Democratic women … certainly not the Republicans,” said Mayor David Bowers. Speakers were sparse since Senator John Edwards and Delegate Onzlee Ware were in Richmond. Mayor Bowers filled the void and honored Margaurite Garman, 90 who

Councilman Bill Bestpitch talks with Alison Baird, Sen. Edwards aide. has been an outspoken Democrat all her life. He thanked her for “her loyalty, her honesty, her hard work and cheerfulness.” Garman kept throwing “zingers” at Bowers and at one point he offered her the podium in jest. He said, “Speaking to you folks is like speaking to the Knights of Columbus.” Bowers named off the Mayors Garman

had witnessed through the years, starting with Wick Anderson and Murray Stoller up to present day. She rejoiced in victory and in defeat she said, “We’ll get them next time.” He recalled being a teen Democrat meeting Garman. Interrupting Bowers again Garman snipped, “I remember when you had just graduated high school.” Council members Bill Bestpitch, Court Rosen, County and City Treasurers and Commonwealth Attorney and Roanoke City Chair Don Caldwell were there. Roanoke County sheriff Mike Winston who is up for reelection attended. The Roanoke County Democratic Chair, Brian Lang, was tending bar. When one attendee referred to a drink as “booze,” Lang quickly corrected them saying, “It is the wine of Democratic sophistication.” By Valerie Garner

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> Faith

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Mill Mountain Garden Club and the Discovery Center to tend gardens, mulch trails and clear the area for spring business. Students in grades three through twelve worked to support the Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway at the Roanoke Mountain Campground, the Chestnut Ridge Horse Trail and the Roanoke Photo by Lori Hedrick River Trail. Volunteers cleaned Patrick Rakes (1st grade) hauls mulch graffiti off of bridg- with his mother, Jana Rakes on Mill es, built fences and Mountain. benches, cleaned and providing basic necessities othtrimmed trails, cleared camp- erwise not covered by tuition sites, painted buildings, re- alone. paired signs and much more. To raise money, students are A good bit of the work was challenged to write letters – 15 grueling, but, states Project per lower school student and 20 Faith Chair Stacey Lilley, “these per middle and upper school students really know how to student – to secure sponsorturn out a good day’s work. It ships for the work they will pergives them an appreciation for form. This year, the goal was our community and really puts to raise $150,000, and to send feet to serving others.” out 4,500 letters. To date, more Faith Christian School is the than 4,700 letters have been only school in the country ad- mailed out, and over $168,000 jacent to National Park prop- has been raised. School offierty and school officials say cials say they are “humbled and they “have a tremendous sense awed at how God continues to of stewardship to our national bless Project Faith every year.” parks,” which is why FCS chose to send students to the parkway If you know of a worthy orgafor its tenth anniversary. nization in need of volunteers for Another important compo- next year’s Project Faith, please nent of Faith Christian School’s send your recommendation to Project Faith is the fundraising Susan Childs at Faith Christian portion. Faith Christian is a School at schilds@faithchristianprivate, non-profit school re- ceiving no federal or state fundFor more information on ing, so raising money is some- Project Faith, please visit their thing they must do to continue website at www.faithchristiangrowing, paying teachers, and

In Memory of John Sylvester Johnson - A Giver of Love John A. Sylvester-Johnson (62) beloved adult child of God, husband of Joy, father of Anders and Stephanie, Jon Kara and Andrew, grandfather of Eli, Emy, Jillian, and Peter, son of Peggy, brother to Suzanne, friend of Ray Deyerle, patient of Dr. John Priddy, friend, pastor, companion and mentor to many and master of "Bailey the Good Dog" died peacefully on the evening of Tuesday, May 3d at Roanoke Memorial Hospital following complications from a traumatic brain injury sustained December 27th, 2010. 

 John was born in Gadsden, Alabama to Peggy and John Sylvester. He grew up in Birmingham, Alabama where he later attended Sanford University. He served as a Missionary Journeyman in Hong Kong, teaching at Hong Kong Baptist College before attending Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY where he earned an MDiv degree and later completed a PhD in Patristics under the guidance of Dr. Glenn Henson. John loved the church. He served as pastor of 23rd and Broadway Church in Louisville and Richboro Baptist in Staten Island and as a professional in-

terim pastor of Floyd a scholar as well as Baptist, Mill Creek a teacher. He loved Baptist, Buena Vista books and was a lifeBaptist, First Baplong learner.

 tist Danville, and John was a man Mount Olivet Baptist of great compassion churches. He served and understanding as Spiritual Director who strove to unite for the ecumenical a life of service and Southwest Virginia living consciously, Emmaus Commurejoicingly, and John A. nity.

 Sylvester-Johnson reflectively in the John taught courspresence of God. He es at both Virginia Western aspired to love everyone whom Community College and Blue- he encountered as a child of field College. John was the first God, especially those who felt director of RAM House, the they were unlovable. John often first Director of Outreach for St. found his greatest ministry in John's Episcopal Church, and the 'interruptions.' He listened. the first Director of Programs John held certain principles for the Rescue Mission where of faith that guided his life:

 he designed and implemented 1. God created the world in the Adult Learning Center, the order to create a family with Residential Recovery Program which to share love.
 for Men and Women and the 2. A Christian is someone practice of Spiritual Forma- who believes "Jesus is Lord."
 tions. 3. Words have usage not At the time of his death John meaning.
 was a candidate for the Angli4. Where you stand detercan priesthood in the Diocese mines what you see.
 of Southwest Virginia complet5. The questions you ask deing Anglican Studies at Virginia Theological Seminary. He also continued to serve as the Director of Programs at the Rescue Mission where he has been involved for 25 years. John was

termine the answers you find.
 6. There is one God. 7. I am not God.
 8. God's unconditional love and grace are inclusive.
 9. The Lord's Table is open to all who hunger.
 10. Jesus always stands with the poor.
 John's family is grateful for the many expressions of kindness we have received. The prayers of many have supported and sustained us through these challenging times. A celebration of John's life and ministry among us will be held St John's Episcopal Church on Sunday at 1:30. 

 The family suggests to those who wish to send a memorial gift that they make a donation to the Recovery Program of the Rescue Mission supporting the men and women who are working to break free from the bondage of addiction and embrace, with God's help, a new life in recovery.

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We are a locally owned, family run business, so we can make our own decisions, not decisions based on corporate policy. This comes into play often when we have requests that are out of the ordinary or if a family has special circumstances. We will never turn a family away. We treat everyone with dignity and compassion — which after all is our corporate policy. Oakey’s has been here for over 100 years because we are dedicated to the families we serve.

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Daddy, Is That You? "DADDY" and felt the responsive smile "Daddy? What are we doing swell against his palm. He here?" looked into her eyes and told "Uhhhh ...," the man cleared her, "You know that you are my his throat, somewhat startled, special little girl, Sweet Baby." wondering how to answer. "And that you love me," she "We... are here... because you prompted. are... sick." "I love you so very much," "Daddy? Where are we?" She closed her eyes and nod"We're at the hospital. Hon- ded in peaceful contentedness, ey." reassured by the continued She smiled when pressure of his hand. she heard the word, “I still remember `Honey'. Then her face when you gave me clouded. those ribbons for my "Why is this tube in hair. You remember? my nose, Daddy?" The blue ones with "To give you oxygen little flowers on them? to help you breath." Do you remember "And that beepwhat you told me?” Lucky Garvin ing...?" The man hesitated; "That's a machine that checks confused. “Why don’t you tell your heart." me?” "Oh." Then, "Am I sick?" “You said I was the prettiest "Yes, you are, Sweet Baby." little girl you had ever seen. I’ve A warm smile covered her still got those ribbons. They’re face. In whispered gratitude, a little old, but they’re in my she said, "You haven't called me hair now. See? She made a that for so long, Daddy. I love weak gesture upwards with her it when you call me that." The eyebrows, unable to move her talking stopped, but the smile hand to point. remained. "Daddy?" “You are still are the prettiest "Ummm?" little girl any father ever had.” "Put your hand on my cheek The man watched as a tear and tell me that I'm your little traced a solitary path down her girl, like you used to." cheek. The man placed his hand on “Oh, Daddy. I’ve been so her cheek with gentle warmth lonely without you. Its been so

Honoring the Small Connections


s I awoke in my Blue an inaugural art show containRidge Mountain ing Morgan's art -- opening this home this morning month at the VA Tech Carilion after a long night or torrential School of Medicine, where Dan rains and violent storms, wan- is a Sr. Associate Dean. Virdering past my two sleeping ginia Tech Carilion School of dogs -- I gently rubbed my foot Medicine and Research Instialong the floor underneath the tute's Creativity in Health Eduskylight -- hoping my 100 year cation Program invites pubold house had not sprung a leak. lic to the inaugural art show: With no evidence of water, I ( walked into the kitchen pouring articles/2011/04/042811-vtca cup of coffee into my favorite inauguralartshow.html) Ironimug -- hand painted cally, my major task for with cobalt blue hearts. the day is to deliver two I am warmed by the additional pieces for the thought that my dear art show -- paintings by friend in California has artist, Jane Lillian Vance a matching mug. I feel -- Morgan's teacher at strangely connected. VA Tech. Stroke of geAs I listen to the roarnius: Virginia Tech ining rain outside my structor builds cultural door -- thinking about Stephanie Koehler bridges: (http://www. my schedule for the day -- I reach over to my iPhone stories/15961/stroke-of-geniusto check the flurry of messages virginia-tech-instructor-buildsthat typically await me each cultural-bridges) morning. I am greeted by two In a world where so often emails from my friend Dan things seem disjointed and ranHarrington containing links to dom -- I am suddenly struck two articles about unfathom- with a deep sense of connectable abduction and murder of edness. Like a movie playing his daughter, Morgan -- and the through my mind -- I see a brave and loving efforts he and snapshot of the last 19 months his wife, Gil, are making to keep -- starting with a day in Octoher name and spirit alive. The ber 2009. I had just spoken to first is an article in the VA Tech a group of Business/Marketing newspaper honoring the fact students at VA Tech and was rethat Morgan would be graduat- capping the class with the proing in two weeks -- had her life fessor over a beer in downtown not been tragically cut short. Blacksburg. Much like today -Missing peace: Morgan Har- a thunderous rain was poundrington's parents need answers:( ing this mountain college town. http://www.collegiatetimes. My phone rang and the caller com/stories/17531/missing- i.d. read "Dan Harrington." I had never met the HarContact Lucky at peace-morgan-harringtonsparents-need-answers.) ringtons, yet I knew the story of The second article is about their daughter, Morgan -- only

long. So very long. I thought I’d never see you again.” “I have missed you, too, my Sweet Baby.” “But now that you’re here with me, I am so happy, Daddy.” “I’m glad,” the man answered. After a pause, she asked slowly, "Daddy? Am I... dying?" The man paused, holding his breath. Then he exhaled gently and began to caress her temple with his thumb. "Yes, you are, Honey." She continued to smile. "Will you stay with me while I die, Daddy?" "I couldn’t leave you, Sweet Baby. I love you." Again she nodded peacefully. "Then it'll be all right." After she was gone, the man stood up from the stretcher and slowly raised the sheet to her chin. Lowering it back a bit, he stared at the sparse, unkempt white hair and the deeply wrinkled face. Then he covered her. A nurse entered the room with a chart. The man spoke to her, "Any idea who she is?" "Nobody knows," came the response. She shrugged; not uncaring; just helpless. "Just another dead bag lady without a name, I guess." The physician looked down at the covered body and murmured, “I guess.”

missing for a few days at the time. The reasons why he was calling are insignificant to the point of my story -- other than to say it was to become a bridge to a friendship with some of the most remarkable people I have ever known. Little did I know -- as I stood huddled under an awning on Main Street in Blacksburg during a rainstorm -- how much this family would come to mean to me. Little did I know -- that months later -- in circumstances completely disconnected from that conversation in the rain -- I would meet an artist and teacher named Jane Lillian Vance. Little did I know -- that I would have the honor of working on a film about the cultural bridges of Jane Vance's work has built between our small village in the Blue Ridge Mountains and another in Nepal (A Gift for the Village). Little did I know that the film would be dedicated to her student -- Morgan Harrington -- who was to travel with her to Nepal the following summer. Little do we EVER know -- how the smallest connection or interaction may change the course of our lives -- both good and bad. So, on this day -- as the rain subsides and the skies begin to clear -- I want to honor the bridges of friendship and connection that have carried many of us through very difficult times in our lives. I also want to honor the bridges that will carry us to the path that lies ahead. By Stephanie Koehler stephaniekoehler@cox,net

Preacher’s Corner - Tragedies and Victories


eteorologists and reporters have called the outbreak of tornadoes last week one of the deadliest in US history. Scenes and reports of the devastation on the TV and in newspapers took me back to scenes of other tragic events in mid and late April: to the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas and the fiery tragedy there on April 19, 1993. to Oklahoma City and the bombing of its Federal Building two years later - to the day.

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Captain (abbr.) More elevated Teaspoon (abbr.) This Roanoker developed a move called the Gorilla Press Slam and is in the WWF Hall of Fame. Ditto (2 wds.) Dined Coarse Mark Stood opposite Fast movers located in Vinton on Parker Lane. We smooth the wrinkles out - ---specialty. You got a problem, -----! (from Where the Wild Things Are, two words) Daddy Chalky What Virginia is for Fizzy drinks Misses Raggedy Ann's friend Ask But I do like sleeping in a ----. (from Where the Wild Things Are) In the __ (jungles) Mountain in our city limits

41 42 43 44 45 46 49 50 51

52 55 56 59 61 62 63 64 65 66

Airport abbr. Cubes Cuss Chest Director of Harrison Museum of African American Culture in Roanoke. Antibody producer Mad -----, rogers and hazlegrove, specializing in providing effective legal representation Tallest mountain nearest to roanoke salem and vinton area and holds the broadcast towers for our television stations. In possession of Pro Crust Forestall Ship initials Pick English sailor Sign of the zodiac Records Recess


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By Don Waterfield Find the answers online: Have a clue and answer you’d like to see? email:

to Columbine High School otic Ramblings” lists other in Colorado on April 20, 1999 deadly happenings that ocwhere two students stalked curred in the month of April: and shot fellow students and for example, the genocides in a teacher. Armenia and Rwanda, and to the Virginia , the outbreak of the Tech massacre on Revolutionary war, April 16, 2007. the American Civil All were bloody war, and the Bosnian tragedies with many War, and the assasdeaths and numersinations of President ous injuries. All left Abraham Lincoln and behind great fear and Dr. Martin Luther shock. King, Jr.). The author Joe Lehman As I was “researchthen posed a question ing” the exact dates of these and invited readers to share events I found an interesting their thoughts about “this bie-article published in 2007. zarrely, tragic week” in histoIn this article, the author, ry. “Is there something about known by the byline “Cha- this time of year that lends it-

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nu d 3r An

by Joe Lehman

self to madness?”, (s)he asked, and went on: “ Some people believe that long winters can cause a type of madness. Is there any truth to this?” An interesting hypothesis. I offer another. All of the fore-mentioned tragedies occurred in the first two weeks after Easter – after the great high holy days for us who call Jesus Lord God and savior. In three of these years, Passover had been celebrated recently. Both Passover and Easter are springtime feasts – feasts celebrating liberation from slavery and new beginnings, a passing into a brand new life, and the great and mighty actions of God that have left behind a people. I ask: in the face of so much good, in the wake of “so much God,” in the aftermath of believers gathering in great numbers in families and in assemblies of faith to pray, celebrate, remember and give thanks for our-God-whosaves and frees, could evil be raising its ugly head ? (Only, of course, to be defeated once again by God who is always VICTOR and who will never leave us orphans!) I wonder. Joe Lehman is the Pastor at Our Lady of Nazareth Catholic Church located at 2505 Electric Rd (Rte 419.) Visit them on the web at:

“Caching in on Hidden History!”

Our Lady of Nazareth

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Join in Roanoke County’s exciting geocaching event! Using state of the art GPS technology, you, your family, or team of friends will be asked to join others on a fabulous adventure. Search for boxes at various historical sites throughout the County containing coins and jewels with varying point values. See who can get the most and win! Your hunt begins at Green Ridge Recreation Center.

Catholic Church

Pre-register NOW, or sign-up the day of the event! (540) 387-6078 ext. 494

Contact us: 540-774-0066

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Media support by:

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The Decision to Kill Bin Laden

he news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed at the hands of an elite Navy Seal team came as good news for most of us and many Americans celebrated the fact like it was the Fourth of July. Indeed, a Rasmussen Poll revealed that over 86% of us approved of the decision to execute him in lieu of putting him on trial. I have to both agree and disagree. I agree because the man deserved it. Anyone who feels their cause justifies slaughtering innocent men, women and children by the thousands and acts on it, needs to be removed from the planet as quickly as possible. If there’s been a more despicable character since Hitler, I’m not sure who it is. They both now share an infamous place in history and unmarked graves. It might be said that the biggest problem we have with the process by which he was killed was that it took too long. It just goes to show that, given the needed resources and a little deceitful collaboration from one of your enemy’s “allies,” an individual can hide out for quite some time. Of course, the opposite of that might be, given their unlimited resources and time, the United States Special


5/6/11 - 5/12/11 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 5

forces are going to find you . . . And as they images that showed Palestinians celebrating have proven on a number of occasions, one on 9/11. It wasn’t a comforting comparison. There’s something about smiling and jumpshot is all they generally require. Another reason to kill Osama Bin Laden is ing around when someone is killed that that asking the questions (in a military tri- would seem to lessen our humanity. One sound reason for not killing bunal or not) would provide far too Bin Laden is that in many ways it great an opportunity for terror cells seems to be far too easy a way out. to link their terrorist actions to that ongoing process. Not to mention the I’d rather he be left in complete isosuffering it would cause for families lation surrounded by pictures of his who lost loved ones on 9/11/2001. victims and their families and left to Additionally, giving Bin Laden any ponder the misery he has inflicted opportunity to make pronounceas long as his natural life allows. Bin ments during a trial, prior to what Laden may have thought he underwould be his sure execution, seems Stuart Revercomb stood God, but his twisted ideas like an exceptionally bad idea. might eventually be replaced with There are lots of good reasons for going an awareness that informed him otherwise. with the kill order. I’d rather let him grow old to wrestle with Yet, I have to admit that I found it trouble- the truth of his actions and possibly see himsome that people would take to the streets self for who he really is - a mass murderer and celebrate. I suppose from a national capable of God’s forgiveness if not his fellow perspective it could be deemed that we had mans. Releasing him of the opportunity for cause to do so, but personally it seemed well . that life long trial seems like an alternative he . . , something less than right. When I saw the would have preferred. video of Americans (mostly college age stuBut perhaps the killing of Bin Laden, above dents) dancing and celebrating in Washing- all, links us to the idea that such an act is a ton, I was immediately reminded of the same final answer to any problem to begin with.

Fit to Be Tied: Doggone Storm's A'Coming!

We might be able to rightfully justify our outlook over theirs, but the reality is that we must recognize that the love that gave birth to the creation doesn’t allow for a response that is born solely of revenge - because to do so would be to ground it, at least marginally, in the very hate and evil it strives to conquer. And no part of that which is contrary to such perfect love can be part of its ultimate reality - its ultimate victory. So the creator and the created wait upon each other, I suppose . . . The latter, struggling through the madness of this world with one eye on the curtain of truth that seems to stay partially closed to the infinite promise behind it. While the former breathes life inexorably into the world, asking and whispering and cajoling that we might trust Him with the truly difficult circumstances of life and that all will somehow be well . . . We must all trust such a truth and live on. By Stuart Revercomb

The Happy Chef - by Leigh Sackett


Cream Cheese-Poppy Seed Pound Cake

ove your mom and the medium to high speed about wooden toothpick inserted ven though, grow- repeatedly in the same room spins in circles just out of moms you love by bak- 30 seconds or until softened. in center comes out clean. ing up in Alabama, with your paranoid pet for a reach. ing and giving the gift Gradually add sugar, 2 table- Cool in pan on wire rack 15 spoons at a time, beating minutes. Remove from pan. I have had plenty of couple of weeks, eventually he So I think we have arrived of this scrumptious cake. It on a medium speed about 5 Cool completely on wire exposure to and an inordi- or she becomes “counter con- at an action plan that will is one of a kind just like the minutes or until very light rack. Drizzle Lemon Icing nate fascination with thun- ditioned and desensitized.” work for all of us. When the mother who loves you best. Happy Mother’s Day! and fluffy. Add poppy seed over cake. Makes 16 to 20 derstorms, today I get Seems to me this might next storm approaches, if you and vanilla. Add eggs, one servings. prickly heat when I be an expensive form should stop by our house just 1 cup butter (no substitutes) at a time, beating on low to -Lemon Icing: In a small see the red blotches of treatment, since then, you will discover the 1 8-ounce package cream medium speed 1 minute after mixing bowl stir together on the radar moving surely the pet owners wife wearing the Thunder- cheese each addition and scraping 1-1/2 cups sifted powdered closer and closer to are compelled to stay shirt (lord knows she might 6 eggs bowl frequently. Gradually sugar, 1/2 teaspoon finely our corner of Floyd with relatives for the enjoy some pacifying.) I will 3 cups all-purpose flour add flour mixture, beating shredded lemon peel, and 1 County. And so you duration of such a pro- be exceedingly tranquil under 1 teaspoon baking powder on low speed just until com- to 2 tablespoons lemon juice can imagine this has cess. The cure might the influence of the Valium 1/4 teaspoon salt bined. Pour batter into pre- to make icing of a drizzling Fred First pared pan. consistency. been an especially just be worse than the we got for the dog; and you’ll 2-1/4 cups granulated sugar -Bake in a 325 degree oven prickly spring so far, disease! find said animal kicked back 1/4 cup poppy seed about 1-1/4 hours or until a and we have months of towBut finally, we have hit and basking in the glorious 2 teaspoons vanilla 1 recipe Lemon Icing (see ering cumulus ahead of us. upon the solution: the Thun- cacophony of the storm, free The problem is our storm- dershirt ®. I am not making at last from the frantic antics below) -Allow butter, cream distressed yellow lab, and I’m this up. It comes with a 45- of two overly-protective and cheese, and eggs to stand not sure how to explain or al- day, money–back guarantee. neurotic humans. at room temperature for 30 ter this behavior. His reaction The jury is still out. We have minutes. Meanwhile, grease to thunder may be hardwired a few weeks left to decide its and lightly flour a 10-inch Fred First / Floyd County VA tube pan. Combine flour, into his brain by the cosmic effectiveness, and are hoping Books: baking powder, and salt. Set consciousness of his ancestry. this is not the magic beans, Blog: aside. It may be an irrational fear pet-rock, Brooklyn Bridge for -In a large mixing bowl based on Road Runner car- gullible, wit’s-end dog own beat butter and cream cheese toons he’s seen about other ers. The explanation for the with an electric mixer on canines being charred to a purported effectiveness of pile of ash by a lightning bolt. this product is that the snugWhen it comes to your to-do list, I have also considered the ly-fitted garment has a swadpossibility that he’s just jerk- dling, pacifying effect on the put your future fifirst. ing our chain because he en- creature. The testimonials are Decisions made in the past may no longer be what’s joys watching the wild dance gushingly appreciative. best for the future. To help keep everything up to date, we do as we begin stressing If you watch the demo, putin anticipation of his storm ting the garment on your beA financial review is a great opportunity to sit face to melt-downs. loved pet when the storm is face with an Edward Jones financial advisor and But I really want to enjoy on its way is oh so simple, if, develop strategies to help keep your finances in line with your short- and long-term goals. summer thunderstorms from like the instructional video, the porch again, and so we your dog is a small, stationary To fifind out how to get your fifinancial goals have begun to think of ways manikin. However, if your on track, call or visit today. that thunder and lightning dog is a twirling, slobbering, can come and go without the panic–stricken, 85 pound whining, the drooling, the real dog, you will likely beCarl M Grove, AAMS® Member SIPC Financial Advisor clawing at the door, and the come the one wrapped inside . 2115 Crystal Spring Avenue panting––not to mention the the Velcro straps, while your Roanoke, VA 24014 540-344-9211 odd things that the dog does. unadorned and laughing dog w w I have seen the large, wild beast meets chatty-outdoorsyman shows in which a rifle propelled, chemical-filled syringe is fired at the beast to sedate it. I have wondered lately where one might get such ballistics. But working from a distance is hardly necessary, as our pony-sized storm-dog FOOD is flush between our legs, starting a half hour before the STORES first peal of thunder. A strong barbiturate inside a finger-full of peanut butter would be all that was needed. Safe dosing is an issue, however, as is the fact that some of our storms last for days on end. A week of IV sedation seems over the top, so on to Plan B. We are not the only people Call today for a Free Consultation! in the world to have this proband review of existing documents lem. You can buy CDs of obIt’s easy to use your Kroger Plus Card for fuel savings at noxious pet-disturbing noises Shell. For every 100 points you earn at Kroger, you instantly that include fireworks, maRobert “Bob” Bersch save 10¢/gal. on quality Shell Nitrogen Enriched Gasolines. Reasonable Rates • Night & Weekend Appointments chinery noises, babies crying, Attorney-at-Law 40 Years Experience other animal noises, traffic Pick up a brochure at your participating Shell stations for noise and of course, thunder. more details. Start saving today! At Shell, we want you to The idea is that if you play the get the most out of every drop. offending sound loudly and WILLS ON WHEELS is a division of BERSCH LAW FIRM, P.C., Roanoke, VA

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Page 6 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 5/6/11 - 5/12/11

Dogwood Festival Attracts Thousands

Thousands of local residents turned out for the annual Vinton Dogwood Festival last week. On Saturday festivities kicked off with a 5K run. Vendors lined Lee Street and visitors listened to music at the Farmer’s Market bandshell. Children checked out the inflatable attractions and people could even have their picture taken in the cockpit of an F4 fighter jet. One vendor highlight: Clifton Forge resident Catherine Smith sold her “Trashion Fashion” jewelry – made from discarded soda cans (earrings, necklaces, hairbows, etc.)

Lifetime Income: A Great Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day will soon be here. If you’re a mother, you will (hopefully) receive thoughtful cards and gifts. But there’s one present you may eventually want to give yourself, and it’s a gift that truly does keep on giving: a strategy for your retirement. Of course, it’s important for everyone to build adequate financial resources for retirement — but the challenge is even greater for women. Largely due to family responsibilities, women spend, on average, 12 years less in the workforce than men, according to the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement. Less time in the workforce equates to lost earnings, missed promotions, By Gene Marrano smaller and fewer raises and duced retirement plan benefits. In fact, men have, on average, about $91,000 in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), including all IRA types and the This assistance is available at Joy Baptist Church, 37266 Farris amounts rolled over from other Drive, Glade Spring from 10am-6pm. The Chapter anticipates retirement accounts into IRAs, compared to just $51,000 for providing financial assistance to 95 families. • The Red Cross has set up a bulk distribution site for cleaning women, according to a recent items, rakes, brooms, etc, at Landmark Baptist Church, 34319 report issued by the Employee Benefit Research Institute. Lee Highway, Glade Spring from 10am-6pm. Whether you’re married, di• The shelter that was located at the King Center at Emory and vorced, widowed or single, you’ll Henry College closed today at noon, as there were no residents want to build financial resources in the shelter any longer. of your own and be prepared • Those needing Red Cross assistance may call 276-645-6650. to manage your finances during your retirement years. You’ll be helping yourself, and, by becoming financially independent, you’ll also avoid the possibility of depending on your grown children for support. To help ensure a financially secure retirement, consider these ideas: • Fully fund your IRA each year. As the numbers above show, women are way behind men when it comes to funding their IRAs. And IRAs, with their tax advantages, are great retirement-savings vehicles. A traditional IRA have the potential to grow on a tax-deferred basis, while Roth IRAs have the potential to grow tax-free, provided

Red Cross Provides Comfort for Tornado Victims The American Red Cross is helping residents in Southwest Virginia where destructive tornadoes damaged homes and caused power outages. The primary goal of the Red Cross is to take care of those affected. • Mobile feeding vehicles have been canvassing neighborhoods providing meals and distributing hygiene and clean-up kits since Thursday, April 30. As of May 1, the Red Cross has served 3,413 meals and snacks. • The Red Cross began providing individual client casework, mental health counseling and financial assistance on May 1 for families whose homes were destroyed or suffered major damage.


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you’ve had your account at least five years and you don’t start taking withdrawals until you’re 591/2. So make it a priority to “max out” on your IRA each year. In 2011, you can put in up to $5,000 to a traditional or Roth IRA, or $6,000 if you’re 50 or older. • Boost your 401(k) contributions. Put in as much as you can afford to your 401(k) or other employer-sponsored retirement plan. At the very least, contribute enough to earn your employer’s match, if one is offered. (In 2011, you can put in up to $16,500, or $22,000 if you’re 50 or older.) Your earnings have the opportunity to grow tax-deferred and you have a range of investment options, so your 401(k) or other retirement plan can be an effective, flexible way to put money away for the future. • Invest in an annuity. If you’ve reached the contribution limits of your IRA and 401(k), you may want to consider purchasing an annuity, which can be structured to provide you with regular payments for the rest of your life. And this lifetime income source is especially important to women, who, at age 65, can expect to live, on average, almost 20 more years, compared to slightly over 17 for men of the same age, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As a mother, you willingly spend a great deal of time and effort on your children. But it’s important to also think about yourself and your future, so review your strategy for retirement with your financial advisor, and take the actions needed to help make sure you can enjoy all the Mother’s Days of your life in the comfort you deserve. Carl Grove is a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones located in Roanoke. He may be reached at 540-344-9211 or Edward Jones, its associates and financial advisors do not provide tax or legal advice.

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5/6/11 - 5/12/11 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 7

Cave Spring and Hidden Valley Go Head to Head on Sports Day Cave Spring Defeats Hidden Valley 4-3 In Baseball

Cave Spring and Hidden Valley had their spring sports day Tuesday afternoon with each school picking up wins and Mother Nature grabbing the spotlight as well. Cave Spring won both the baseball and softball contests by 4-3 and 3-2 margins respectively. Hidden Valley posted 9-0 shutouts over the Knights in both girls and boys tennis. Heavy rain hit Bogle Stadium, suspending the girls and boys soccer matches.

Cave Spring scores in bottom of the seventh to defeat Hidden Valley 3-2 in softball

Tennis - Matchup Of Number One Players For Each Team

Playing in the #1 spot for Cave Spring, Michelle Spitz returns a shot Tuesday afternoon. Cave Spring #9 Ryan Gerhardt heads to the plate to beat the tag of Hidden Valley catcher Sean Kidd.

Cave Spring batter #12 Danielle Stump connects against the Titans Tuesday afternoon.

By Bill Turner

Holding down the top spot for undefeated and defending state champion Hidden Valley, Kristin Harter sets to return a Knight serve. Hidden Valley catcher Amanda Radford looks to third after forcing out a Cave Spring runner at the plate.

Hidden Valley batter #9 Jack Moore tries to lay down a drag bunt against the Knights.


PH Girls Softball Come Off Break Looking for More Success The Lady Patriots went into spring break on a 4 game winning streak most recently beating the William Fleming Colonels 16 0 on Thursday, April 21. All Patriots hitters had at least one hit and Grace Putney delivered a two-run home run in the five inning victory. On Saturday, April 30, the Patriots hosted

the Turner Ashby Knights from Harrisonburg for a double header. The Patriots lost a close 2 - 1 battle in the first game, falling just short and stranding runners on 3rd and 1st base in the bottom of the fifth and final inning. The Patriots bounced back in the second game with a 3 - 0 victory on the strength of



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Rachel Hale's three run double. Three runs were more than enough as Hannah Otterman pitched a complete game shutout. The Patriots go back into District play on Tuesday hosting the GW Danville Eagles. The Patriots are 3 - 1 so far in District play, losing only to undefeated Halifax County.

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Left to right: Cynthia H. Shively, Jodie S. Wertz, Michael B. Kemp, Judith A. Honaker and N. Edward Link, Jr.

N. Edward Link, Jr. Senior Vice President—Wealth Management Portfolio Manager Financial Planning Specialist Cynthia H. Shively Financial Advisor Financial Planning Associate Jodie S. Wertz Client Service Associate 213 South Jefferson Street, Suite 1600 Roanoke, VA 24011 540-345-1555 • 888-449-4449

Michael B. Kemp Senior Vice President—Wealth Management Portfolio Manager Financial Planning Specialist Judith A. Honaker Registered Client Service Associate

© 2010 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC. Member SIPC.

A Morgan Stanley Company NY CS 6488998 10/10


Page 8 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 5/6/11 - 5/12/11


Send sports pictures, announcements and story ideas to

North Cross Topples Cave Spring Wild Bill’s Weekly Sports Roundup 13-6 In Lacrosse Rematch North Cross jumped out to a 7-3 halftime lead and never looked back as the Raiders defeated the Cave Spring club lacrosse team 13-6 Monday afternoon on Thomas Field. Freshman attacker Chris Pollock led the North Cross scoring with 4 goals and 2 assists. George Revercomb added a goal and had 5 assists for the Raiders. James Stinnette had two goals for Cave Spring.

North Cross attacker #19 Chris Pollock (in white) circles behind the net as Cave Spring defenseman #11 David McPead looks for the stop. Pollock netted 4 goals in Monday's win. North Cross defenseman #14 Ben Batzel (in white) clears for the Raiders as Cave Spring's #13 Matt Young looks to disrupt the pass.

By Bill Turner

Cave Spring attacker #10 Jack Bondurant (in dark) looks to get past the check of North Cross #17 Kyle Fraser.

Liberty Christian knocks off Raiders 7-4

Liberty Christian used the long ball to overcome an early deficit in defeating North Cross 7-4 at Porterfield Field last Friday afternoon. Liberty followed a two-run blast to deep left-center in the second inning with a solo shot in the third in handing North Cross only its fourth loss of the season. Chris Shelton went 3-for-3 and Spencer Shaff had two hits for North Cross.

North Cross pitcher Craig Hoelzer brings down the tag at the plate on a sliding Liberty Christian base runner. By Bill Turner

North Cross third baseman #10 Thomas Weaver comes up throwing on a slow-roller.

Did you miss me? This col- ture of speed, hitting and solid umn took last week off as high pitching. The Red Sox are home schools enjoyed the spring Thursday through Sunday in a break. But, everything is back four-game showdown against to business as usual, as the fi- Myrtle Beach. Game times are nal drive to district playoffs and 7:05 T-F; 6:05 Sat; 4:05 Sun. the eventual spring jubilee in Some of the best junior golfRadford are on the horizon to ers in the world converge on the crown state champions. Roanoke Country Club links The Wild Bill Baseball Top-3 next week for the Scott Roberthad a major shake-up as Lord son Memorial Tournament FriBotetourt has moved into the day through Sunday, May 13number one spot with its 13-3 15. Previous Robertson winners record. Hidden Valley (10- continue to show up on both 3) falls to second after its loss the PGA and LPGA Tour. Adto Cave Spring Tuesday. The mission is free for spectators. Knights, with the win Don’t forget to get and a perfect 5-0 rethe early jump on cord in the River Ridge, the Greenbrier Clasmove into the third sic PGA Tour event in spot. Poll busters ready White Sulphur Springs, to make a move include July 25-31. The First Tee North Cross (12-4) and of the Roanoke Valley Northside (11-6). gets a cut of badges purIn the WB Softball chased through the Top-3 William Byrd organization and that Bill Turner retains first place includes daily admiswith its 11-3 record. Northside sion to the tournament and all is lurking in the shadows at #2 concerts, including Keith Urban (12-2). Moving into the poll at and Tim McGraw. third is Cave Spring after their It’s looking more and more sixth straight win Tuesday, like the new sport gaining which put the Lady Knights popularity in the high school atop the River Ridge. Northside ranks is lacrosse. A longtime visits Byrd on Friday with the varsity sport at North Cross and Vikings looking to avenge their Roanoke Catholic, lacrosse has earlier 6-0 loss to the Terriers. already been added at Patrick With the price of gas continu- Henry and William Fleming. ing to rise, the place to be this Club teams at Hidden Valley summer for a fun-filled evening and Cave Spring are moving fast may well be Salem Memorial as well and will become fully enBallpark. The Red Sox are off dorsed in the next 2-3 years. to a fantastic 17-6 start in the Now to the mailbag where Carolina League and have the a reader asked what were the early lead in the Southern Di- most absurd rules in profesvision. Manager Bruce Crabbe sional sports. Here’s my tophas the Sox clicking with a mix- three. If you have one to add, let

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Send your inquiries to: info@ By Bill Turner


Six of the PH Boy's track team athletes competed in the Milestat Elite Track Meet in Richmond last weekend. There were some notable performances including many personal records (PRs) for these athletes. 3200 Meter Run: Patrick Woodford 9:27.36, PR, state qualifying time, 3rd place out of 98 runners Harrison Toney 9:58.36, PR [Broke 10 minutes, a significant milestone in this event] Joe Cotter 10:36.62, PR Sean Deyerle 10:37.12 PR

Pottery Painting Studio

Quotation of the week“What hair color do they put on the driver’s licenses of bald men?” - George Carlin

PH Boy's Perform Well in Milestat Elite Track Meet

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me know. Pro Football: the 2-minute warning. Why does anyone need to be warned about this moment at the end of each half. Anyone who can read knows when there is two minutes left on the clock. This is just a cheesy gimmick to get in another beer commercial. Thank goodness in baseball we don’t have a ninth inning warning. Pro Basketball: the advance the ball to mid court rule. This is the only rule in pro sports that penalizes the team that is successful and rewards the team that fails and can’t play defense. The basic premise is if the opposing team scores, you call a timeout to shrug off the court. Then, when play resumes, you get to restart the game at mid court. Apparently, the school of thought is that you’re so despondent, it’s necessary to give you a half-court head start at the end of a game. Pro Wrestling: the tag in tagteam. Why is a tag needed? Eventually everyone is going to be in the ring and hit over the head with a chair. So why slap fingers in the middle of it all.

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1600 Meter Run: Patrick Woodford 4:33.62 Hartnel Paultre 4:33.06 Sean Deyerle 4:57.15 PR, District Qualifier Joe Cotter 5:06.93 PR

The Boy s 4X800 m team of Patrick Woodford, Harrison Toney, Gabe Anderson and Hartnel Paultre also turned in their season best 8:29.21 finishing 11th out of 30 teams.

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5/6/11 - 5/12/11 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 9

Open Studios Allows Visitors Another Down By The River A Two-Day Happening Glimpse Into Artist’s World

For the 11th year, this time at nine locations around Roanoke, local artists opened their working studios and galleries last weekend for the Open Studios tour, where they met other artists, art aficionados and those that were just curious about a world they might not know much about. Downtown Roanoke, the Raleigh Court neighborhood and South Roanoke hosted more than a dozen artists, many of whom have been on board with Open Studios since its inception. C.J. Phillips, a mixed media artist, was welcoming visitors to her gallery space at 110 W. Campbell Avenue, where several other artists also have studios. “It grows every year. We see new people – people from out of town [as far away as] Winston-Salem and Greensboro.” Phillips likes to use recycled materials and was showing off a series of paintings mounted on pieces of discarded linoleum. Other larger works out in the building

Mixed-media artist C.J. Phillips with her work.

Painter Eric Fitzpatrick’s studio. stoneware, where he can infuse structure, geometry, pattern and tactile forms into his works. They all start with molds crafted out of silt, with painstaking precision. The Vinton resident was working on a project in Arizona with another architect who had encountered Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1950’s. One of the construction techniques involved the use of silt. Gryder, who perfected his version at the Rhode Island School of Design, then developed his silt-cast or “slip cast” molds, where he pours clay into the molds created. The different shapes and textures that were possible with silt-casting fascinated him. “I’ve been developing it ever since.” Gryder often focuses on commissioned works requested for specific spaces. Several national publications have shown works by Gryder, who also had an exhibit at the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum on the Hollins University

atrium were products of her “dumpster diving” as she termed it. “Everybody can come [to Open Studios],” said Phillips, a board member for the annual event. Across the hallway from Phillips, Diane Patton showed off her paintings, as potter Steve Mitchell “threw clay,” in one corner. Patton remembers when there were relatively few artists in downtown Roanoke. She and others kept spaces at Studios on the Square. “I’ve been painting somewhere in downtown Roanoke for 25 years,” said Patton, who likes to meet newcomers when Open Studios rolls Chris Gryder uses a silt-cast technique to around every spring. “Many people didn’t know create molds. we were here.” Patton, whose paintings she said “are all inspired campus two years ago. Open Studios visitors last by nature … and growing up in the mountains,” weekend had the chance to meet him and discuss welcomes people to come up and watch her work his uncommon technique – one of the meet-theduring the week. She also has a particular way of artists goals for the annual event. going about things: “I take that point of departure and then don’t look at the photograph anymore By Gene Marrano … and I go from there. Color plays a big part in composition.” Patton painted in a realistic style for 20 years before moving on to more abstract works after first tackling her fear of trying something new. “If you paint eight hours a day you evolve - you can’t stand still. As an artist if you Paint your own mugs, bowls, are growing, people will follow picture frames, pet dishes you. It’s really painting from the inside out.” & much more! Patton was happy to share her thoughts on abstract painting We can help you create with Open Studios visitors; she a unique gift termed her colorful work “Pie in the Sky” as being “bold and for someone special. brave.” Other works were comNo experience necessary! posed with paint-infused beeswax, a style labeled as “encaustic” We host by Patton. birthday parties, While familiar artists like Eric Fitzgerald, Lucy Hazelgrove, Jabridal showers, mie Nervo and Barry Wolfe are ladies night Open Studios regulars, the anand field trips! nual two-day event also offers a chance for relative newcomers to meet local patrons of the arts. Sat: 10-6 | Sun: 1-5 Chris Gryder, a ceramic artist Tues, Wed, Fri: 11-6 when he’s not working his day job Thurs: 11-9 as an architect, met the public at Ann Bondurant Trinkle’s gallery / working studio on Kirk Avenue. Gryder believes he is the only 120 Campbell Ave, SE | artist in the area that does silt-cast Downtown between Market Sq. and Williamson Rd.

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Promoter Gary Jackson says this year’s expanded two-day Down By The River concert event on the old Victory Stadium site made sense: instead of renting equipment and tents twice as he did last year for two separate concerts (John Hiatt, Down By The River), why not do it once? The May 13 and 14 concert dates have tickets that Sisters Martie Maguire and can be purchased separately or Emily Robison two-thirds of as a combination package to save the Dixie Chicks. money. “It makes sense to do it all at once,” said Jackson, a vet- enue several months ago. Food and other vendors will eran promoter who has worked be on site; Jackson has also set on shows and events across the country, including major hap- aside camping space for those that want to stay overnight on penings like Lollapalooza. Down By The River is a proj- the 13th. Kid’s World “will be ect spearheaded by Ed Walker’s amazing this year,” promises CityWorks organization and Jackson. Inflatables, climbing Kirk Avenue Music Hall, where walls, live music and animals Jackson books many of the mu- from Mill Mountain Zoo are sic acts that come through Roa- among the attractions there. There will be some “major, noke. Highlights on Friday, May 13 (6:30-11pm) include Chris giant tents,” for Down By The Thile, Jay Farrar and Amos Lee, River, promises Jackson. “Evwhose Mission Bell album de- erything happens under tents.” buted several months ago at the There will, however, be lowervery top of the Billboard chart. priced general admission tickets Down By The River is “really for those that want to bring their taking Kirk Avenue outside of own chairs and coolers, sitting its walls,” says Jackson, who also outside the tents on the grass works under the banner of GJ field. If the weather is bad most will be able to find a place under Productions. Saturday (May 14) features those tents, adds Jackson. Tickets range from $25-$45 an all-day menu of local (Pace Brothers) and national acts per person each day, combinafrom 1-11pm. Neko Case and tion passes are $40 general adthe Courtyard Hounds – two- mission or $80 under the tent. thirds of the Dixie Chicks – fin- Those who run the Gallop for ish off the show from 7-11. In the Greenways 5K race on Satall there will be three stages of urday, May 14, get in free on music and other entertainment, Saturday by showing their race including an expanded Kid’s tag. About half of those who had World. The Music Lab tent will feature local and regional art- purchased tickets as of about ists, including Suite 25 and Sa- two weeks before the concert vannah Shoulders, comprised had done so for both days, acof high school-age students. “I cording to Jackson, who is strivwas thoroughly impressed,” says ing to make it a family-friendly Jackson of Savannah Shoulders; event. Kids 12 and under are he put them on stage at Kirk Av- free; people can come and go as they please – they may want

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to bring children during the day on Saturday, for instance, but leave them at home with a babysitter that night. Jackson has been assembling the show lineup for many months. “I worked hard on this one.” The lineup changed somewhat since he started working on it last August but he’s pleased with the final results. Amos Lee is a “great story,” a former inner-city teacher turned Billboard chart-topper. Courtyard Hounds come with “an incredible band. All of …the music is amazing.” Chris Thile (Punch Brothers, Nickel Creek) kicks off the concert at 6:30pm on Friday the 13th. Neko Case (Saturday, 7:15) has been generating a lot of buzz on line, according to Jackson. Jay Farrar (Friday, 8pm) is “almost like a Neil Young.” Farrar has been with the alternative country group Son Volt and has toured on his own. “It’s just got that California feel to it,” says Jackson. All of the artists have the ability to “put on incredible concerts … the ability to get inside your heart and soul, and make you feel better.” Free parking will be available at the Carilion garage across the street and elsewhere nearby. “There’s a chance for thousands of people to come together and have a good time,” says Jackson, who wanted to do it as cost effectively as possible. “There’s a lot going on.” For more information and tickets go to:

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Page 10 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 5/6/11 - 5/12/11

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American Life in Poetry BY TED KOOSER, U.S. POET LAUREATE Putting bed pillows onto the grass to freshen, it’s a pretty humble subject for a poem, but look how Kentucky poet, Frank Steele, deftly uses a sun-warmed pillow to bring back the comfort and security of childhood.

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I take pillows outdoors to sun them as my mother did. “Keeps bedding fresh,” she said. It was April then, too— buttercups fluffing their frail sails, one striped bee humming grudges, a crinkle of jonquils. Weeds reclaimed bare ground. All of these leaked somehow into the pillows, looking odd where they simmered all day, the size of hams, out of place on grass. And at night I could feel

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some part of my mother still with me in the warmth of my face as I dreamed baseball and honeysuckle, sleeping on sunlight. - by Frank Steele



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When he said, 'Be perfect', he meant it. He meant we must go in for the full treatment. It is hard, but the sort of compromise we are all hankering after is harder - in fact it is impossible. It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad." - C.S. Lewis


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