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October 31, 2008

[Election 2008]

A “groundbreaking year� in tough times says Roanoke County chairman

Palin crowd sets record

Roanoke County Board of Supervisors chairman Richard Flora said he had never seen a year like the past one during a career in local government and school administration that dates back more than four decades. Flora made those remarks during County News the annual State of the County address on Tuesday morning at the Holiday Inn-Tanglewood. Flora spoke about the approval of construction for new county facilities (four total) that includes the new multigenerational fitness center in North County. A water line connection project that will link Roanoke and Franklin counties is also underway. Delayed somewhat when the original bids came in higher than expected, Flora said the new south Roanoke County library building would indeed get underway in 2009. The county’s bond rating is also one of the highest in the Commonwealth noted Flora, who retired from Roanoke County Schools last year. Fu-

New Leader P2– North Cross School recently inducted its new headmaster, Tim Seeley.

Finding Peace

P5– Columnist John Robinson escapes the rain to ďŹ nd grace in a small church in Wisconsin.

Tough Rivalry

P8– Cave Spring tops Hidden Valley in the opening round of the River Ridge District volleyball tournament


Photo by Stuart Revercomb

Sarah Palin energized a crowd of over 16,000 people Monday night at Salem Stadium. Flanked by husband Todd Palin and Greg Ferguson, a small business owner from Blacksburg who introduced her, Palin made a strong case for a McCain Presidency and vowed that, the ticket would “shake things up� once they reach Washington. As the race draws closer many have to wonder whether Virginia could be the “Florida� of 2004. Polls will be open from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Tuesday. Be sure to cast your vote!

Sarah Palin brings Republican message to valley

Sarah Palin told the ed the race for president 16,000 or so gathered on “would come down to a cold and blustery Monthe wire,� despite pollday night in Salem that ing that continues to she liked the weather, show Obama with a lead because it reminded her in most cases. of home. Then the GovPalin said “It’s not ernor of Alaska and Renegative campaigning,� publican Vice Presidento call out Obama on tial candidate spent the his record, or his past next half hour building associations with peoup running mate John ple like William Ayers, McCain, while questionformer member of The ing many of the policies Weathermen anarchist of his opponent Demogroup. Obama also becrat Barack Obama. lieves in “bigger, more Monday’s campaign controlling government, stop was evidence that and wants to wave the the Republicans still white flag of surrender Photo by Stuart Revercomb consider Virginia to be Sarah and Todd Palin wave to an enthusiastic crowd as they enter in Iraq,� said Palin. Rein play as Election Day Salem Stadium Monday night. Strong winds and rapidly dropping tem- calling McCain’s 22 draws near on November peratures didn’t keep the attendance or the excitement down as some years of military service 4. Palin, very much on her supporters arrived as early as 10:00 AM for the rally. and five-plus years in a game during the stump North Vietnam prison, programs that help the challenged. speech, was greeted with Palin said “only one man enthusiastic cheers and homemade “I can’t wait to get to work on this,� has every really fought for you. That signs when she and husband Todd she exclaimed. man is John McCain.� Obama has Palin stayed on message, claim- never served in the military. Palin took to the stage just before ing she and John McCain had the 7pm. A McCain-Palin administration There were “Joe the Plumber� best plan to reform government, cut would balance the federal budget by signs in the stand - even a “Jane the taxes, grow jobs, win the wars in Af- the end of its first term she vowed. Plumber� and “Cindy the Citizen� - ghanistan and Iraq, clean up Wall Palin said that in Alaska she had and references to special needs chil- Street greed and use all available en- “put the veto dren. Palin has a small child with ergy resources. That last issue stirred pen,� to waste- > CONTINUED Down’s Syndrome and drew loud up a chant of “drill, baby, drill,� ful spending P2: Palin cheers when she vowed to fight for which Palin led briefly. She predict- bills. She also

> CONTINUED P3: Roanoke County

General Clark rallies the troops for Obama

Photo by Valerie Garner

Retired General Wesley Clark speaks in Roanoke

Retired General Wesley Clark spoke for Barack Obama at downtown Roanoke’s Jefferson Center last week, one day after Virginia first lady Anne Holton (Governor Tim Kaine’s wife) spent time with local campaign workers and less then a week after Rallies Obama himself appeared at the Civic Center. During his appearance Clark urged about 70 of the Democratic Party faithful to march door to door for the Democratic presidential candidate. Virginia State Senator John Edwards (D-Roanoke) warmed up the crowd by stating that not since President John Kennedy has anyone inspired so many. Edwards also praised Republican Colin Powell’s endorsement of

Festival Returns Citizen’s Coalition airs more concerns about healthcare, Carilion’s dominance P11– Alex Lucas (Left) and Phillip Hatter are the men behind the puppets in “Bull: A Puppet Musical.�

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The Citizens Coalition for Responsible Healthcare held a second public forum Tuesday night at the Franklin Road Ramada Inn and although attendance didn’t come close to the 400 that showed up last month, the 75 or so that did attend were very focused on the issue of affordable health care. The Coalition has undergone a transition in recent weeks, with founders like Dr. Frank Cotter handing it off to “civilians� like attorney Ken King (Chairman, President) and other board members. Its stated mission is


“to assure accessible, affordable, high quality healthcare for all citizens.� In an attempt to broaden its scope beyond airing gripes about Carilion Clinic and some of its practices regarding referrals, pricing and itemization, the Coalition debuted a list of six initial goals at Tuesday’s meeting. “[Are we] simply an antagonist of Carilion Clinic, or are there other items we want to be involved in?’ asked King, noting > CONTINUED P3: Carilion


Photo by Gene Marrano

Citizen’s Coalition for Responsible Healthcare president Ken King makes a point at Tuesday’s public forum.



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Page 2 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 10/31/08

> Palin From page 1

evoked the imagery of Ronald Reagan, claiming that the Republican ticket still believes “that America is that shining city on the hill.” Kathy Kincaid traveled from Alleghany County to see Palin and hoped she could “clean up Washington…like she did in Alaska.” Vickie Jones of Roanoke said she liked “a candidate who talks about God,” while waiting in the cold for Palin to arrive. Sixth District U.S. Congressman Bob Goodlatte, Fifth District Rep. Virgil Goode and former Governor Jim Gilmore, now running for the U.S. Senate against Mark Warner, did their best to warm up the chilled and bundled crowd. Some had waited since the morning hours for a prime seat at Salem’s municipal football stadium. “Why vote for Sarah?” read one sign. “Because she is one of us,” it continued. Palin encouraged featuring Medi f ast the large crowd of energized Republicans to go out Meals and talk to their undecided friends. “You have a real and clear choice on November By Gene Marrano 4th.”

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> Clark

Photos by Stuart Revercomb

(Above) Sarah Palin greets supporters in front of the podium after her rally Tuesday night. Security was tight but agents seemed to have a hard time keeping up with the easygoing and friendly Governor as she took time to speak and shake hands with well wishers, some of whom were several rows back in the crowd. (Left) Palin takes a moment to bend down and speak with a young girl who didn’t have quite as good a view as those around her.

From page 1

Obama. Clark acknowledged Democrat candidate Sam Rasoul, who is running in opposition to Republican incumbent Bob Goodlatte for the 6th Congressional seat, then wasted little time in getting to his hot button issue - Iraq. Clark was an analyst for CNN on the buildup to the Iraq war. While visiting the To Learn More: Pentagon just ten days after 9/11 he was told the Call Julie Holt at (540)537-1810 United States was planning to invade Iraq. Clark or Visit said that he was asked, “Why?, and that the response Health Coach ID # 22699401 he received was muddled and unclear. Clark said he, A health coach is not a substitute for a physician or qualified “watched with dismay,” as his prediction of execumedical practitioner for monitoring those using Medifast Meals. tion failures came true. •Safe & Effective •Clinically Proven The United States should only use its armed forces as a last resort and America brings “dishonor” to its •Great Taste •Quick Results good name by preventing the prisoners at Guantan•No Calorie Counting •Soy Based amo Bay due process of law, said Clark, who claimed he told Congress, “please don’t give [the Bush Administraa blank check.” He also Architectural Antiques tion] spoke of the incompetence in & Custom Designs handling Hurricane Katrina at the federal level as an ex“One of America’s Best Salvage Shops” ample of the need for “new leadership.“ - Country Living Magazine On the economy Clark said Explore 40,000 sq ft of that “we’ve hit the wall on debt and we need some new Architectural Antiques, ideas. Barack Obama gets it.” Home & Garden Accessories, On energy, he wondered why Local Art and Much More! the current government leadInventory changes daily. ership is not helping to create alternative energy jobs. Now Open till 6pm on weekdays! Clark railed on the divisions Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm inflicted by those in power for the last eight years: “We’ve Saturdays 9am-5pm been in the grip of people who think the way to govern is to pit one group against anDirections 902 13th Street SW other.” From I-81, exit 143 to 581 Roanoke, VA Afterwards Clark was Exit 4W (460 West/Orange Ave.) 24016 L-Gainsboro, R-Salem Ave asked if he would serve in (540) 343-6200 L-13th St., on left at Memorial Bridge an Obama administration if asked to. “Colin Powell said it right, that if asked to serve he would give it very serious consideration.” Concerning criticism of VP candidate Joe Biden’s comment that Obama would soon be tested by a foreign government crisis, Clark said, “We need strong leaders to keep America safe. Take for example Barack Obama’s response to the economic crisis - it was reasoned, it was forceful, it was balanced. He gets the issues and works for an effective response. You can contrast that with the other side’s response. We can only categorize [the Republican’s position] as erratic, wavering and confused … we don’t need that kind of leadership at this time in America. We need a strong and effective smart leader.”

Seeley officially takes the reins at North Cross

Timothy J. Seeley was officially installed as the 8th Headmaster of North Cross School in a ceremony on Friday, October 17th, at the Carter Athletic Center attended by students, trustees, faculty, alumni, family and friends. Seeley was previously the assistant headmaster and upper school director at North Cross. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion from Dartmouth College, a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and a Master of Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. A nine-member search committee led by Stephen W. Lemon, class of ’80, assisted by George Conway of The Education Group in Dallas, conducted a nationwide search. That process ended with the recommendation that Seeley be selected as headmaster, replacing Paul Stellato, who moved on to a prep school in New Jersey. He received unanimous approval from the Board of Directors in February 2008, and assumed the responsibilities on July 1. Anne Lee Stevens, Chairman of the Board, presided over a ceremony that included several musical selections from the school's Select Ensemble. Tim Seeley's daughter, Molly Hall Seeley, sang "America the Beautiful". Gregory Floyd, long-time friend and mentor of Seeley’s, gave the keynote address. He had been headmaster of the high school, Portsmouth Abbey in Rhode Island, from which Seeley graduated. Floyd told those gathered that it was as if he was passing a baton to Tim, and hoped that one of Seeley's students would eventually become a headmaster at some school – asking Mr. Seeley to be his/her installation speaker. Floyd also spoke of education as a noble profession, “one in which the school shares a special responsibility with parents - leading, loving, guiding, supporting and challenging young people to be their very best.” Of Seeley he noted, "Tim is an ideal model who embodies all these goals and aspirations." He invited upper school students to challenge their new headmaster in serious debate, and assured parents that Seeley would cherish their children and bring out the best in them. Joseph Cartledge, 5th grader and president of the lower school Student Council Association brought forward on behalf of all the students the emblem of North Cross School, which was presented to Seeley by Anne Lee Stevens, as she formally invested him as headmaster. Seeley then spoke about the praise that he received from students about his address at a convocation ceremony last month: "It was the By Valerie Garner best convocation ever; we love Mr. Seeley…he only spoke for 5 minutes." He talked about his years at Portsmouth Abbey, starting as an indifferent student, showing more passion for sports

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Photo by Dot Overstreet

(L-R) Gregory Floyd, Tim Seeley, Anne Lee Stevens, Joseph Cartledge, Dr, George C. Anderson, G. Gates DeHart, Ted Robison.

than academics. As time went on, something changed. Seeley was influenced by peers who wanted to do well and valued success in the classroom. He was nurtured by "teachers who had an affection for young people and who had a belief in their students' success. North Cross School is built on that same foundation." At a reception afterwards Seeley said he started each day with traffic control, getting everyone in efficiently and safely: "That way, every day, I know that I have done one useful thing." During the rest of the day he visits classrooms, meeting with division heads and teachers. "The job is a very nice mix of problem solving, which I enjoy - but I am also trying to think creatively about how to have a really great school." During the fall, he coaches football with head coach Lee Johnson. Seeley played on an Ivy League championship team at Dartmouth. Carolyn Phillips, a staff member, said, "he's a headmaster who is seen and he's everywhere, in the middle of everything. Children respond to him, they like him, they feel comfortable with him. Rain or shine, he is outside directing traffic every morning." Tammy Shank, Development Services Coordinator, wrote the following about Seeley in a publication for the installation ceremony. "During his 27 year career, he has taught many courses including Algebra, Ethics, Philosophy, Religion, and Humanities, and served four institutions, including North Cross School, in many leadership capacities that share his one common goal, to enable each student to grow in mind, in heart, and in spirit so he or she can have a happy, full life and can contribute to the greater good. There is no more important work.” By Dot Overstreet

10/31/08 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 3

Market Building legal issues remained unsolved, apparent gap in pest control There are lingering questions surrounding the extermination service used at the City Market building, which was closed from September 19th to October 4th. For starters, it may not be clear what company serviced the Market building for a period of time prior to the awarding of a contract to Terminex in March 2008. That contract was for all Roanoke City buildings, including the City Market building, which was shut down after the state health department uncovered evidence of mice infestation in September. Superior was the prior firm used for exterminating services, but Brian Brown of Roanoke City’s Economic Development department stated in an email that, “there was not a contract between Superior and the City. We continued the existing contract the company had with Advantis [prior building management]. Superior was not fired [as alleged]. We let them know we were going out for an RFP [request for proposal] and they did not show up afterward.” Superior president, Jerry McLawhorn, who also serves as President of the Pest Control Management Association, was less than pleased by Brown’s portrayal and made it clear that on December 17th, 2007 he received a call to “cease servicing,” the Market building, as the City was going to put out an RFP. “Superior worked at the City Market building

for 14 years,” said McLawhorn via e-mail, “ and did an exceptional job providing exception pest control management service for all those years.” McLawhorn said they had serviced the City’s buildings since the 1970’s and contracted with Fralin & Waldron, a prior management group, for the Market building. He said there were mice last summer and fall - “conducive existing conditions” for infestation. The City was informed of this. There apparently was no exterminating service from December 17, 2007, until the initial service began by Terminex on April 11, 2008. According to the vendors’ leases they pay for common area maintenance, which includes, “insect and rodent treatment.” Terminex reports filed weekly in April and May of this year do show evidence of mice infestation, and ants where vendors had not cleaned their stalls properly. It is unclear whether the City read the Terminex reports or made any attempt to communicate with the vendors. Some vendors said the documents reports were never shared with them. Food vendors were required to sign an agreement dated September 26th if they wanted the City to continue repairs on their stalls. It read in part, “I authorize the City of Roanoke to complete repairs to my leased premises. I understand the repairs will be charged ac-

cording to the provision of the lease.” Eight vendors signed the document, with two adding written comments. Burger in the Square’s Louis Wilson wrote, “we need detailed billing. Hong Kong restaurant weighed in: “there was never a contract for work to be done. I was never given an estimate.” Nine vendors are in legal proceedings regarding possible charges they will incur for stall repairs, claiming the landlord – Roanoke City – is the responsible party. To date no vendor has received a bill. With only month-to-month leases being offered now and the possibility that all leases could be terminated on March 1, 2009 for a long-term shutdown, some vendors question the logic of paying for repairs. City Attorney William Hackworth said recently that he had not yet been contacted by John Fishwick, the vendors’ attorney, about a meeting to work out any differences. Hackworth further stated that he thought demands put forth by tenants in a letter sent to City Manager Darlene Burcham were “unreasonable.” Downtown Roanoke Inc., which favors a complete makeover of the Market building, hoped to meet with vendors this week, hoping to play the role of mediator. By Valerie Garner

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> Carilion From page 1 that the group has received media attention elsewhere – from newspapers in London and New York, as part of an examination of Carilion’s role in the region. The Coalition wants to develop a record of healthcare practitioners and medical services “that have been discontinued by Carilion Clinic or changed…in the last two years; assemble a list of available medical service providers in Southwest Virginia and “encourage and expect medical care [written] referrals that serve the patient’s …needs.” The Coalition also wants to work towards more standard medical care pricing, “regardless of …insurance status;” it seeks more transparency in healthcare costs and wants all service providers to make their “master charge” list available upon request. Finally, the group wants all medical service providers to produce itemized bills for services rendered or proposed, making it easier to shop around – or to protest onerous charges. “When you and I know what the price is, we can compare,” said King. One-hundred people have signed up with The Citizens Coalition for Responsible Healthcare to date, with members encouraged to join volunteer committees and interest

groups that will look at issues like healthcare provider competition and debt collection practices. The Citizens Coalition is also developing a database of healthcare-related articles and hopes to become a clearinghouse for information. Despite a stated intention to broaden its scope, much of Tuesday’s meeting still revolved around Carilion Clinic practices when it comes to pricing of services and bill collecting. King spoke of second opinions from non-Carilion providers that insurance companies should pay for, since in the long run services from outside the Carilion family are often less expensive. Dr. Lawrence Monahan, a Coalition board member, mentioned two MRI’s his wife had a year apart at the same venue – the Center for Advanced Imaging on Franklin Road – that doubled in price after Carilion bought out the private practice. The insurance deductible tripled at the same time Guest speakers Marvin Fink and Holly Shaver offered testimonials about battling Carilion Clinic on costs, having their wages garnished and the hoops to jump through when applying for free charity care. “The coming after my paycheck stuff really aggravates me,” said Fink,

who was out of work for long stretches to care for his ailing wife. Shaver said a number of doctors discounted her bills for treatment after a stroke two years ago, since she met federal guidelines for poverty – but Carilion Clinic wouldn’t budge for her hospital stay. “Who could pay $19,000 in three months?” said Shaver. “I just wanted a fair bill.” Preventive steps will be part of the Coalition’s mission, with King recognizing that many do not take care of themselves. Guest speaker Pete Lampman (Virginia Amateur Sports) spoke briefly about the Get Healthy Virginia program. King lost 22 lbs. as part of a competitive team approach to dieting and exercise last year. “If people started taking care of themselves a lot of these problems would go away,” noted Lampman. Carilion may have been the spark but some are hoping for a more global impact on the way healthcare services are administered. “We think we can make a difference,” said Coalition board member Sandra Meador, “this could have a snowball effect.” By Gene Marrano

> Roanoke County From page 1

ture challenges include the less-than-robust economy and reduced state aid. Nonetheless, plans move ahead to renovate four elementary schools in the county, using money already set aside. “The news out of Richmond over the past few months remains dismal,” warned Flora to a breakfast crowd that included local business and government leaders, at the Roanoke Regional Chamber of Commerce-sponsored event. The loss of funding from the state could reach $800,000 in the next fiscal year said Flora, who also anticipates “very limited growth” in sales and property tax revenue due to economic conditions. Real estate continues to be “a sound investment” in the county, according to Flora, while any growth in that sector re-

mains “slow and steady.” County departments are drawing up budget reduction scenarios of five, ten and fifteen percent, and have been asked to look “at any and all cost-saving measures,” noted Flora. Hybrid vehicles and use of bio-diesel fuels will help cut county fleet costs he said. Now-retired County Administrator Elmer Hodge left last summer with a message for those who remained: to build the future, “to do the things that we must do to protect our citizens, expand and improve our services, preserve our scenic views and open spaces and remain competitive in a global economy,” said Flora. All of that may have to be accomplished with tightened belts, at least for the near future.


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I am privileged, honored and blessed to represent one of the most beautiful areas in the country, the Sixth District of Virginia. Our citizens are hard working Americans who expect government to live within its means. Congress must follow the same fiscal restraints that our families and small businesses face each day. Your VOTE is important on Tuesday, November 4. Thank you for your support as we work toward a sound and prosperous future.

• Strengthen our Economy by creating new, high paying jobs and reducing the tax burden on hard working American families. • Become Energy Independent by tapping into our energy resources here at home and encouraging new resources of energy like solar, geothermal, and biofuels. • Balance the Budget by adopting a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U. S. Constitution and reducing wasteful spending. • Lower Gas Prices by reducing our dependence on foreign sources of energy, developing new fuel alternatives, and increasing fuel standards.

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Page 4 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 10/31/08

Republican party needs to learn lesson regardless of campaign outcome


he Republican Party’s ongoing attempt to create a "big tent," drift away from its stated principles of smaller government and free markets, and move "to the middle" to attract those "all-important" "independent voters" so it can "keep winning elections" has proven a dismal failure, and moderate John McCain may be about to put the nail in the Republican


coffin. Wow, just look at all those independents and Democrats flocking to McCain! (Sarcasm) Against an undeniable socialist who has close ties to crooks, unrepentant domestic terrorists, and racists, middle-of-the-road McCain will easily win this one! (Sarcasm again Will the Republican Party ever learn its lesson, that sacrificing principles to win elections doesn't win elections? Brian Gottstein It certainly didn't learn that after losing the 2006 mid-term elections, when its base finally got tired of voting for so many Republican officeholders who were government expansionists. If McCain wins – even by the slimmest of margins – I fear the Republicans won't have learned their lesson, they will again neglect their conservative/ libertarian base to instead try to "capture the middle," and we can expect another struggling presidential campaign like this four years from now. There will be no more Reagan-esque electoral landslides, because the Republicans will just keep offering up lite versions of the Democrats, and lite versions don't inspire anyone. As the saying goes, "Why vote for the lite when we can have the real thing?" The blame falls on all those Republicans who have been wishywashy about their small government principles and lectured us that compromise was the way to better governing. McCain is as wishy-washy and compromising as they get, and he doesn’t look like he’s getting anywhere. President Bush has been compromising during much of his Presidency, increasing the size and cost of government even more than Bill Clinton, and most Dems absolutely hate him. Great plan, guys. Do we think that when the liberal Democrats have control of all three branches of government after November 4, they will be wishy-washy on socialism and big on compromising with Republicans? Have they ever been before? Until Republicans as a whole start sticking to their smaller government, free market principles and find a way to communicate that those principles are actually beneficial to ALL Americans – not just the rich or the connected or big business – they will continue to lose elections. And they will continue to bring down the good Republicans with them. A weak-principled presidential candidate like McCain makes it harder for principled Republicans to get elected. As McCain fails to inspire people to come out and vote for him at the ballot box, those same people fail to come out and vote for lower offices on the ballot, putting the elections of some decent conservatives in jeopardy. I spoke with 1994 Republican Revolutionary and former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr this week, who left the Republican Party two years ago and is running as the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate. According to his campaign, he is polling in several battleground states in the margin between McCain and Obama. In other words, where McCain is behind by four percent, Barr is polling at four, five, or six percent. Many libertarian voters are former Republicans who could no longer take the Big Brother, big government ways of the majority of Republican officeholders. If McCain loses in some states because these people defect to Barr and the Libertarians, the Republicans should get the message loud and clear. Barr says he is hoping they will heed that message and realize that they need to get back to smaller government if they want to get back these voters in time for the next election.

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lection Day An Obama victory is Tueson Tuesday will day. I will not make Islam the be voting for Bob official religion of Goodlatte and BaAmerica. Nor will rack Obama. I have an Obama victory gotten a number of on Tuesday lead e-mails, phone calls to the weakening and questions on or destruction of how I can support America in generthese two men who al. We are electing Jeff Artis politically are polar a President of the opposites. United States, not a Bob Goodlatte is as fine a king or dictator of America. politician as I have ever met. Under the American system He is a straight shooter. Un- of government, a President like other politicians, Good- can do nothing without the latte has the capacity to agree consent of both Houses of to disagree while keeping the Congress with the approval channels of communication of Constitutionality from the open. His staff is top notch. Supreme Court, as Franklin His wife is one of the nicest Roosevelt found out very people I have ever met. Un- quickly. like most Republicans and What an Obama victory Negro Democrats like On- on Tuesday will represent is zlee Ware, Goodlatte knows a new day for America. An Black people are constituents, Obama victory on Tuesday too. His record for address- will represent a new way of ing the real problems facing doing things. An Obama victhe Black community, while tory will represent a generavirtually unknown, is impec- tional new view of what the cable, Darfur included. Sam role of government is both Rasoul will have his time. For domestically and internanow, however, Bob Goodlatte tionally. An Obama victory has my vote. will represent new ideas to If you have read “THE AR- solve old problems. Most imTIS BLOG” on, portant, an Obama victory you will already know how will lay claim to America’s I feel about Barack Obama. promise that all men are creYou will also know how dis- ated equal. appointed I am in the John As I said on “The SCLC McCain Campaign. McCain Radio Show” in September, may win Tuesday. But, any- “If Obama was a White guy one who knows politics has named Joe Smith, he would to admit that McCain has be so far ahead in the polls run a pretty dumb campaign. that the Republicans would Anyone who knows politics already be making plans for will also tell you that the John 2012.” I also added that race McCain of 2008 is not the would not be the primary John McCain of 2000. If Mc- reason for an Obama loss in Cain was the John McCain of November, that Obama sup2000, Barack Obama would porters not registering to have no chance of winning vote and not voting on Elecon Tuesday. tion Day would be the main Much hysteria, led by the reason for his defeat. fools and idiots on “Right My heart tells me that Wing Hate Talk Radio,” ex- Obama will win on Tuesday. ists over the prospect of an My head tells me McCain Obama victory on Tuesday. will win. I hope my heart is Let me try to calm everyone’s smarter than my head. Most nerves. An Obama victory on important, regardless of Tuesday will not lead Amer- whom you support, please go ica over the cliff to the evils to the polls and vote on Tuesof Socialism and Commu- day. If you don’t vote, don’t nism. An Obama victory on complain. Contact Brian at Tuesday will not make ica a “Black Country,” where Contact Jeff at Blacks will seek revenge for past injustices committed against us through the years.

The Roanoke Star-Sentinel


53 56

By Don Waterfield


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10/31/08 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 5

This football thing – I guess it’s in the genes . . .


ollege football season is now monium bordering on hysteria and fully upon us and as usual orcars are whizzing out of the neighbordinarily rational folk across hood in full regalia. If you are an ordithis fair country have completely lost nary citizen who doesn’t pay attention their minds! I guess they do the same to these things, and you find yourself for pro ball, but here in our peaceful out running an errand, you can’t help mountain city it is the college ball that but feel out of place because you don’t ignites the madness. For some reason have all those magnets, car flags, stickI escaped all this. The joys of stadiumers, and car socks all over your vehicle. sitting and all that accompanies it just Just lay low; it will soon pass. didn’t become part of our routine. Once this mass exodus has taken Cheryl Hodges Perhaps it was because there were so place, those of us left behind find many days with young children, when ourselves a little conflicted. On the balancing a bunch of kids was like trying to juggle one hand, we practically have the city to ourbeach balls, albeit very heavy and noisy ones, over selves! Traffic is lighter, lines are shorter. On the the heads of the other spectators. Result: not so other hand, we secretly find ourselves feeling a appealing. Then there is the expense, the long little left out. walk from a car parked somewhere in a remote But truth be told, Lane Stadium is an awesome cow pasture, (no, I did not go to UVA!) and the place. Last year we went to the game against Wilunpredictable weather, all vying for Best Reason liam and Mary. We had great seats, side across Not to Attend a College Football Game. Instead, from the press box, only a few rows up from the most fall weekends found us busily working in field near the 50 yard line. The die-hard Tech fans home and yard, getting ahead of all those zealots were still screaming over every play even though who left things in disarray to rush off to the VT Tech was really beating up on poor William and game. Mary. It was a little awkward. I can see why Sean And rush they do, although it is a prolonged and Glennon’s mom often prefers reading a book on very complicated rush. It appears to begin with a the Drill Field to dealing with some of this crazifocus on food preparation. I have politely nodded ness. alongside the excited conversations of fans who About halfway through the game I noticed confer, shop, re-think menus, shop some more, one W& M player as he turned to look up at the cook, stock their fridges with all sorts of drinks, crowd, then looked up, up, up, all the way to the and a seemingly unlimited supply of the resulting very top of the stadium. prepared food. The vehicle packing begins early of I turned to look too. From that vantage point, necessity—considering the unbelievable amount there really is no top to Lane Stadium, it just keeps of stuff, which must be packed into what is usu- on going. You could see the look on his face – ally an SUV: folding tables, large coolers, chairs, man, we may be in over our heads here! umbrellas, tents, blankets, radios, TV set - all of This football thing has gotten a lot of us in over which are decorated in school colors of course. our heads. Funny thing though, I found myself As mid-week arrives, the frenzy is beginning thinking at that game, perhaps this could be fun. to build. Attention must be turned to game attire. I mean I could’ve at least ordered some chicken Anyone who has been to a Tech game knows all nuggets or something, maybe come a tad early to about this. We once made the mistake of NOT do a little tailgating before the game… telling visiting relatives who had gotten tickets OK, it’s time to let the world know. I went to what to wear. Gee whiz, we just didn’t think about VT too - a long time ago. So I guess I’ve been a it. These poor folks were dressed in regular street closet Hokie. clothes, in colors like yellow and pale blue. It was Breathe easy. I’m coming out now. terribly embarrassing. I remember being thankful that the ESPN crew didn’t focus in on them to exContact Cheryl at pose their ignorance to the entire Hokie nation. When game day arrives, there is semi-pande-

Preacher’s Corner Five Point Plan for Financially Stressed Times


By Rev. George C. Anderson

’ve watched too many debates because I have a “Five Point Plan” for these financially stressed times. Though my five point plan is based on a long JudeoChristian theological tradition based on the biblical witness, and though I will be speaking unapologetically as a Christian, I’m confident that there is wisdom here for those outside the tradition as well. Here’s my plan: 1. See things for what they are. Growth is difficult in a state of denial. Let’s not shut our eyes and hope that everything will be all right when we open them again. Let’s open our eyes and try to understand what is going on the in the world and who is most affected. I suspect that much of what we learn will be sobering, but I also think we will learn that God is still good, and there is every reason to live life meaningfully and well. 2. Abandon your idolatries. The prophets identified spiritual idolatries that claim and then fail our trust. At the top of their list was trust in military and economic power. Those false gods continue to seduce and lead us into thinking that we can buy or force lasting security. As a Christian, I find my greater security in the God who claims us by grace. We have no absolute assurances about prosperity even so: that we’ll always have our health, or house, or food on the table. There are sick, homeless and starving Christians in this world; no faith is exempt from disaster. Christians should know this. That’s why Christians should not sit around waiting for God to “FIX IT!” the plea of recent Saturday Night Live skits. Christians should be part of the work of justice, compassion and rec-

onciliation that brings healing in this world is to participate in the reality of the world to come. (But I’m getting ahead of myself) 3. Reorder your priorities. Many of you already know how to do this. You’ve ridden out worse storms than this and you know how to tighten a belt, defray costs, shift things around so that what you most treasure is protected. What others could learn from you is that it can be OK, and even enriching, to submit to that discipline. But I do have a special concern for those who have allowed themselves to take on too much debt. Young adults who have done so are particularly on my mind. Too many families have gotten caught up in the pursuit of nice homes, cars and Disney World trips and now live under tremendous stress caused by living at the edge. Teetering on that edge, an economic downturn feels like a gust of wind at their back. For these families, the road to a greater sense of security can come from focusing more on eliminating debt and less on accumulating things. An affair with anxiety-producing-debt can damage one’s marriage and other significant relationships. That’s the bad news. The good news is that joy and meaning can be found through the surprising means of moderation. While it may take a while to get a debt down and out, a change in attitude toward debt can happen in a day. Maybe some young people will one day say, “You know, back in 2008, a financial crisis taught me a valuable lesson that changed my life. I learned that what matters is a lot less important than who matters. I quit being a spender and taker and I became a saver

and a giver. I like my life better. I like myself better.” 4. Notice your places of abundance. The theologian, John Calvin, was brilliant in his vision of “the Christian Life.” He encouraged us to find evidence of God’s grace in the abundant places of our lives. If one’s abundance is having financial resources beyond personal need, than give thanks to God. But there are other places of abundance too: energy; creative intellectual gifts, wisdom to share, of family and friends. The abundance could be a strong faith. Notice the places of abundance and give thanks to God 5. Be about God’s Work. To complete Calvin’s vision of the Christian Life, after you notice the places of abundance and give thanks to God for those blessings, in gratitude be a part of God’s grace in sharing them. Your sharing of abundance is a witness to the power of God to save at a time when false gods have let the world down. Don’t hold back on that witness when people have ears to hear what greed or lust previously prevented them from hearing. That’s my “Five Point Plan.” If one has faced reality, given up on false gods, re-ordered priorities, noticed the abundances of their lives and remembered to be about God’s work, it comes down to this in financially stressed times: “I know what’s important. I’m not giving up on my God, my family, my friends, my faith community or the ways I can do something to help. It’s the rest of that stuff that’s in trouble.” George Anderson is the Senior Minister at Second Presbyterian Church. You may contact him at: or visit them on the web at

Finding grace in Wisconsin


an, will it EVER stop raining!?” Jim and I are under the shelter of an aluminum awning at a truck stop some fifty miles north of the twin cities of Minneapolis St. Paul. We’re not traveling by truck, however, nor by car, but by bicycle, and it’s been pouring off and on us for the past two days. The last clear sky we saw was somewhere in eastern South Dakota. Today has been the worst, because we were already damp from our a cabinet full of obviously-donated mismatched camp last night, and the cold rain has been pelt- dishes. Instead of a refrigerator, an ancient iceing particularly hard the past few hours. We ap- box sort of thing stands in the corner. We stand preciate the shelter of the truck stop, but other- silently in this silent place. The feeling of refuge wise this in not an appealing place to be. It’s late caresses us like a warm cozy quilt. With bare Sunday afternoon; the weekend is drawing to a feet we step softly into the adjacent sanctuary. I close, and people are hurrying back to the twin walk to the center of the room, between the two cities. Everyone seems to be in a cranky mood. rows of bare wooden pews, stand still and roWe’ve been commiserating with three Harley tate around as if to take it all in. Oddly, candles riders, and one of them has been offering up an on the altar are still burning, as if carrying on almost non-stop tirade against the weather, ev- the inspiration of a heart-felt morning worship ery other word the f-bomb, his voice rising and service. We are in complete awe of the place, falling dramatically, syncopation like the rain and haven’t yet spoken a word. The feelings of on the metal awning. “Ugh, let’s get warmth, peace, and -yes- love are alout of here,” I moan. We zip up our most overwhelming. damp sweatshirts and our ratty rain It’s later that night, and we’ve coats and mount our trusty steeds. cleaned up from yet another mac The bikers give us a hearty sendoff, and cheese dinner, different this time expletives flying. in that we ate it out of the church’s We head east on Minnesota State heavy bowls. In hushed tones we Route 3, headed to the Wisconsin keep saying things like “ahhhh,” and border, quickly leaving behind the “Thank you God!”. We speak quietly truck stop and the Interstate. We pedout of reverence for the place, not al hard, leaning into the thick weathout of fear of being caught by the er. My chain and cranks are making county sheriff, a thought which we John W. Robinson new noises, complaining about the later agreed never once entered our wet and the grime. In spite of the minds. weather, it feels good to be moving again, and We unroll our sleeping bags and pads on the we’re looking forward to reaching a new state hard wooden floor of the sanctuary and lay our on this, the 37th day of a long-distance bicycle tired bodies down. I think this is the most comtrek. I wonder where we will spend the night. fortable bed I have ever known. Tomorrow we We always wonder that, because we never know will rise at dawn, as usual, and hit the road. I where we will be at the end of the day, when our have a feeling that the rain will be gone. We will bodies tell us enough is enough and it’s time to write a note to our unknowing hosts, and place stop. it with some money in the collection plate. A few wet hours pass, and a sign, which is Jim’s already asleep. I can hear his rhythmic obviously up for replacement due to its resident breathing down the aisle. As I drift off as well I bullet holes, welcomes us to the Dairy State. Yee think about how this has all come together, how Haa! We stab the rainy air with our fists, think- it’s more than just another wet miserable night ing that it must be good to be here. We pedal versus a warm, dry one. It’s a glimpse of someon into the forested countryside, where there thing much more. In this humble little church is little evidence of habitation. The light grows tonight I’m reminded of things well beyond the dimmer. It’s time to find a place to sleep, or at minor annoyances of riding bikes in the rain. least huddle, for the night. It sure would be nice I feel the steadfast, eternal love of God, I hear to find some decent shelter. We have a 10-foot the whisper of hope over the ages, and I feel the by 10-foot waterproof fly that we erect every call to be a light to others, as others have been night, but everything is just so soaked, that we’d a light to me. Including, of course, those folks love to have an option. Perhaps we’ll pass an in- who unknowingly share God’s grace by leaving viting barn, or seek refuge under a bridge. We their church unlocked! haven’t seen any possibilities for over an hour, Contact John at however, and I’m becoming resigned to pulling off into the woods and setting up the tarp for a decidedly soggy night. As we pedal up a long, gradual incline, a fresh wave of hard downpour washes over us. My head is lowered, my eyes squinting at my worn-out front tire as it grooves the water on the blacktop. I finally look up to see Jim pulling off at a gravel drive at the top of the hill. Roanoke has a There is a small white church set back from the Saltwater Fish Store! road a bit. We push our gear-laden bikes closer to investigate. It’s obvious that there’s nobody • Large selection • Live corals around the simple frame building. There is one • Aquariums & equipment feature that immediately catches our interest: • Delivery & set-up a small porch on the rear protected by a metal • Maintenance for home or business awning roof. We lean the bikes against the old clapboard siding and flop down on the wooden 540-580-7755 1428 Roanoke Road platform. This is it for the night, too wet and (Across from Lord Botetourt High School) tired to continue, we wordlessly agree. It’s almost dark anyway. The little roof over us is too small to offer much protection, but it will have to do. I get up and peer through the swirled window pane of glass in the door. I instinctively feel the door knob and it turns in my hand with a clunk. Jim looks up as the door opens. We’re standing inside the church’s small, inviting, neat-as-a-pin kitchen. It’s simple, furnished with a large white table and a dozen T-F 3-7 pm, Sat 12-6 pm, Sun 1-5 white chairs, a small electric range, a sink, and

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11-5 Monday-Saturday

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The Recipe of the Week from The Happy Chef by Leigh Sackett

Pumpkin Soup with Gruyere I have never made pumpkin soup but I have always wanted to. Well this year is the year! I carved a few hefty pumpkins yesterday so I have chunks of pumpkin waiting in the refrigerator and a grocery list of what I need to pick up from Kroger in my back pocket. We can make this recipe together! Doesn’t it look good? I am going to serve it up on Halloween evening; maybe I will make it a new family tradition. You can serve the soup out of a hollowed out pumpkin and serve it in individual small ones - I

just love that!! If I pull off serving the soup in pumpkins, I will have done my Martha Stewart task for the whole year! I will let you know how it goes in next week’s Happy Chef. Stay tuned…. 1 pumpkin, 5-6 lb ¼ cup unsalted butter 1 large yellow onion, finely chopped 6 cups chicken stock 1 bay leaf 1 ½ cups light cream 2 tbs grated orange zest 2 tbs orange juice


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Ukrop’s Holds Pet Food Drive to Help Feed the Valley’s Hungry Companion Animals

1 tbs lemon juice 1/8 tsp freshly grated nutmeg 1/8 tsp ground ginger ¾ lb of Gruyere cheese, shredded Ukrop’s Super Market held Salt and white pepper a Pet Food Drive at their Ro2 tbs finely chopped chives anoke store October 13-21, -Cut pumpkin in half and 2008 to benefit the Roanoke scoop out any strings or seeds Valley SPCA’s PET (Pets Eat Too) Program. In all, nearly then cut away hard peel -Coarsely chop flesh so you 2,600 pounds of the Paws Premium pet food was dohave about 8 cups -In large saucepan melt butter nated by Ukrop’s shoppers. over medium heat, add onion Ukrop’s matched bag for bag, box for box, and bone and sauté until turns golden -Add stock, chopped pumpkin for bone all donations purchased during the Pet Food and bay leaf -Bring to boil, reduce heat, Drive. The 5,200 pounds of cover and simmer 15-30 min- pet food will fill the need of Manna Ministries and Meals utes, discard bay leaf -In small batches puree the on Wheels recipients for approximately a two month pesoup in a food processor -Return soup to pan, stir in riod. Since April, 2008, the cream, orange zest, orange and lemon juices, nutmeg, ginger RVSPCA has been providing -Reserve a handful of cheese pet food to Manna Minisand sprinkle the rest into the tries, operators of the Carpenter’s Foundation food soup -Stir over low heat until the pantry serving the working poor. As a result of the cheese melts and blends in. -Season with salt and white downturn in the economy, pepper, pour into bowls and the need for pet food has garnish with reserved cheese risen dramatically in recent months, with an average of and chives 2,500 pounds being distrib-


uted each month to families with pets receiving assistance through the pantry. The donated pet food is helping to keep pets and people united; giving the family an alternative to relinquishing their family pet to the local pound when times get tough, and food gets scarce. The PET Program has been in existence since January, 2007, when a partnership was developed with the Local Office on Aging (LOA) and the RVSPCA to feed the pets of recipients of Meals on Wheels. Since that time, more than 400 pounds of pet food per month has been provided by the RVSPCA to LOA for distribution to recipients of Meals on Wheels with pets. The LOA administers the Meals on Wheels program in the Roanoke area. Recipients of Meal of Wheels

in the cities of Roanoke and Salem, Roanoke County, and portions of Botetourt County, have had their pet’s nutritional needs met as well as their own, thanks to this partnership. The Roanoke Valley SPCA provides adoption services for homeless and unwanted animals from the City of Roanoke, Botetourt and Roanoke Counties, and the town of Vinton. The organization also provides humane education to more than 3,000 students in the Roanoke Valley, pet assisted therapy programs, as well as basic animal care classes. For more information about the RVSPCA and its services, volunteer opportunities or to make a donation, please call 540.344.4840, or visit

Gas Pricing Horrors

ike most of you, I am relieved to see gasoline prices return (somewhat) to earth. It is truly disheartening to stand at the pump and witness the pay amount meter whiz by as the gallon gauge strains to reach the one dollar mark. With each spin of the wheel, I feel the contents of my pocket evacuating like a third quarter crowd at a New York Knicks game. Last night I was watching a rather grisly horror film produced in 1991 in which the lead fiend performs an involuntary surgical procedure on a terrified gas station attendant. During the scene I couldn’t help but notice the price on the pump and gasped, "Unleaded, .118 per gallon? When was this movie made, 1928?" Unfazed by the condition of the unfortunate grease monkey, I remained shocked and horrified by the petrol pricing. Gas mileage ratings have become a pivotal selling point for most automobiles, a vast departure from the mid-seventies when I started driving. However, there were those visionaries who saw gasoline conservation as an important issue even during that era. In the summer of 1978, my friend Jeff bought a nearly new Volkswagen Bug for the tidy sum of $2650.00 and proceeded to drive everyone crazy with his daily tales of superior gas mileage. At the time I was driving a 1968 Mercury Cougar which hemorrhaged gas and oil like a crippled Exxon tanker when standing idle in my driveway

and Jeff was working on my last weeks, we suspended operations. nerve. Enlisting the aid of my Both of us had swallowed enough friend Neil (who also wanted to gas to fill-up a Greyhound Bus strangle Jeff), we devised a way (while siphoning) and our breath of putting this boast-fest to a smelled like we had gargled with quick end. 87 octane. Attending a cook-out Our plan was simple. Each was out of the question. It was night for a week we would time to stop. sneak over to Jeff's garage and We confessed our sins to Jeff carefully fill his gas tank to the and, like any good friend; he brim by means of a five gallon cussed us out thoroughly and Jon Kaufman can and a funnel. Any spilled damned our souls for coveting evidence might give us a way. thy neighbor's fuel. Eventually The next day we would go to Jeff's house he forgave us and, as ushers at his wedding, and sit wide-eyed as he regaled us reports of we drained the get-away limo for old time 60-80 miles per gallon. Roundtrips to visit sake (his wife Debbie banned us from their his parents in far-off New Jersey required house (and garage) soon after). nary a quart of propellant! Jeff had purFor those of you who have a friend or chased the perfect vehicle. neighbor who is driving a fuel efficient car The next week Neil and I launched Phase and enjoys crowing about the economic Two of our plan removing five gallons from virtues of his or her vehicle, please refrain Jeff's tank each night and relocating the from re-enacting our three phase plan. fuel in one of our cars the next morning. Other than torturing our dear friend for a Suddenly Jeff was quiet, even complaining few weeks (which is always fun), little was about his ride. Jeff brought his Bug to sev- gained. However, I can report that I am still eral mechanics he knew all of whom saw no able to re-light my own birthday candles discernable problems. Now the "crazy" was every year with a big, strong, gust from the on the other foot. lungs. I wonder if Neil can claim the same. Finally, Phase Three found us completely emptying Jeff's tank and filling it up the Contact Jon at next day (we had to make two round trips on that one). We even left our five gallon bucket next to his car with a present from the "Gas Fairy" one night. After almost three


To remember & honor your loved ones. At Oakey’s, we believe it is truly important to commemorate every person’s life. That is why we invite all the families we’ve served during the past year to pause and remember loved ones with an annual memorial service. Following the service is a reception to celebrate the memory of your loved one and comfort each other. We look forward to observing this special time with you. Saturday, November 8, 3:00 p.m. – North Chapel Memorial service to be celebrated at North Chapel, 6732 Peters Creek Road

Saturday, November 22, 3:00 p.m. – East Chapel Memorial service to be celebrated at East Chapel, 5188 Cloverdale Road

Saturday, November 15, 3:00 p.m. – Roanoke and South Chapel Memorial service to be celebrated at South Chapel, 4257 Brambleton Avenue

Saturday, December 6, 3:00 p.m. – Vinton Chapel Memorial service to be celebrated at Vinton Chapel, 627 Hardy Road


It’s a comfort to know that Oakey’s is here for you.

We’ve always been here for you.

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10/31/08 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 7

Patriots fall to E.C. Glass, look for first district win Despite another valiant effort, the Patrick Henry Patriots fell to E.C. Glass 30-22 in Lynchburg last Friday night. The loss drops the Patriots to 1-7 on the season, and the team remains winless in Western Valley District play. “As a team, this was the best game we have played all year,� Coach Bob Gray said. “Unfortunately, we beat ourselves.� The Patriots got off to a quick start, as they marched down the field on the opening drive of the game and took a 7-0 lead after a Kyle Smith 1-yard touchdown run. After E.C. Glass responded with a touchdown drive of their own, the Patriots retook the lead when Xavier Stanley scored from 2 yards out to make it 14-7 Patrick Henry. Stanley finished with 105 yards rushing for the game. “Upfront we were outstanding,� Gray said. “We blocked really well.� But, as has become the

norm this season, the Patriot defense could not preserve the lead. The Hilltoppers scored 10 unanswered points, capped by a long touchdown pass, to grab a 17-14 lead at the half. Two fumbles, one deep in PH territory, led to E.C. Glass touchdowns and a 30-14 deficit. The Patriots did not quit, however, and drew to within 30-22 late in the game after Darren Thomas threw a touchdown pass to Dominic Alexander Jr. Patriots Coach Bob Gray and then converted a 2-point David Wilson on Friday night conversion. (Oct. 31). But Patrick Henry couldn’t “These kids understand comcorral the ensuing onside kick, mitment,� Gray said. “We’re not and E.C. Glass ran out the clock gonna quit, we’re gonna keep for their fourth victory of the working and try to get a win season. “We fought right to the Friday.� Kickoff in Danville is Photos by TJ Whitten end,� Gray said. set for 7:30pm. Knights linebacker Tucker Green (#55) (Top) tries to slow down the Blue Demons ground The Patriots seek their first game. Michael Cole (#11) runs for the Knights (Below). win in Western Valley District play when they take on G.W. By Matt Reeve Danville and star running back (and Virginia Tech recruit)

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Cave Spring Football

the football season is winding down for the Knights of Cave Spring High School, but they probably won’t mind too much. Cave Spring (2-6, 0-3 in the River Ridge district) fell on the road at Christiansburg 38-8 last Friday, despite 206 passing yards from sophomore quarterback Josh Woodrum. Erik Jacobsen hauled in 156 of those yards on nine receptions in a losing cause. The Knights have another tough assignment – they host Salem at Bogle Stadium this Friday night (Oct. 31) for what head coach Tim Fulton hopes is more treat than trick on Halloween night.

Colonels Run To Another Victory The William Fleming Colonels used a dominant rushing performance to defeat the Halifax County Blue Comets 27-10 in soggy conditions last Friday night at Patrick Henry High School. Due to steady rain that fell throughout the night, the Colonels decided against throwing the ball, opting instead to put it in the hands of senior tailback LaCalvin Hickman. The decision proved to be a smart one as Hickman ran for two touchdowns and amassed over 140 yards on the ground for the game. The Blue Comets, on the other hand, couldn’t get anything going on the ground, but had success moving the ball through the air, racking up over 250 yards passing. But the Colonel’s opportunistic defense forced four turnovers to help preserve the victory. “It wasn’t our best game, but we played pretty solid across the board,� Coach Rob Senseney said. “We bent a little but we didn’t break.� After a field goal put the Blue Comets up 3-0, Hickman scored both of his rushing touchdowns on consecutive drives to lift the Colonels to a 14-3 lead at the half. The Colonel defense struck on the opening drive of the second half, as Shaquan Manning

returned an interception for a touchdown and a 21-3 lead. Halifax continued to move the ball, however, and had several chances to make the game interesting in the fourth quarter. The Colonels then made two big plays to seal the win. With less than five minutes to play, William Fleming recovered a fumble deep in their own territory to stop a potential scoring drive by the Blue Comets. Derek Brown added a touchdown to end the scoring for the Colonels. Brown also contributed over 70 yards to the Colonel rushing attack. With their third straight win, the Colonels’ improved to 7-1 on the season, and remained undefeated in the Western Valley District at 3-0. They can clinch the district championship with a win Saturday against E.C. Glass. “We’re just going to treat it like a regular game and go about our business,� Senseney said. Kickoff at Patrick Henry is set for Saturday (Nov. 1) at 2pm. By Matt Reeve

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   Page 8 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 10/31/08

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Photos by Bill Turner

Hollins at Palmer Business Center 24 acres Build to Suit Wil Subdivide

Knights Lauren Bosche' and Meredith Walker (Left) team up to reject a Titan shot. Hidden Valley’s Jessica Church (Far left) serves against Cave Spring Tuesday night.

802 Kerns Avenue For Sale or Lease 100,000 sq ft

Cave Spring wins rubber match in River Ridge semis

After splitting two matches against Hidden Valley during the regular season, Cave Spring High School’s volleyball squad swept the Titans in three games Tuesday night (25-23, 25-14, 25-18), moving on to the River Ridge District final against Salem on Thursday. Both southwest county schools will move on to the regionals regardless; the Knights were 17-4 before the match with Salem while Hidden Valley finished their district play with the same 17-4 mark. Samantha Klosterman had 13 kills for the Titans, while Cave Spring’s Lauren Bosche' added to her VHSL career assist record with 32 more. Meredith Walker led the Knights attack with 11 kills.

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Steve McBride coached the RVC soccer team.

Coach Basil Conner’s volleyball squad was fourth in the state.

RVC sports update


Valley Christian Schools had a great start to the new school year, with 94 students involved in fall sports, ďŹ elding 1354 8th Stre t Roanoke Blue Ridge Drive three teams each in boys’ soccer and girls’ volleyball. The Eagles varsity soccer team ďŹ nished 1st in the district, 3rd in the (VACA) and 4th in the state tournament. The varsity volleyball team ďŹ nished 2nd in the district, 2nd in the region (540) 989-9501 26,000 sq ft available region 3.236 acres (VACA), and 4th in the state as well. RVCS was new to VACA (Virginia Association of Christian Athletics) this year, having • mbelďŹ Drive • Roanoke 24018 played in the VIC (Virginia Independent Conference) and BRC (Blue Ridge Conference). Contact TomSW Branch or MikeVA Branch WiContact l Subdi24014 vide TomouslyBranch Build to Suit4920 Woodmar or Mike Branch 4552 Franklin Road, S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 4552 Franklin Road, S.W., Roanoke, Virginia 24014 Phone: 540-774-1208 | Fax: 540-774-1359 | Email: Wil Subdivide Phone: 540-774-1208 | Fax: 540-774-1359 | Email:

BOL 08 BOL 08

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er 2173 Bennington Street at Palmer Riverland Road / Rt.Hollins 116 at Palmer er atHollins Business Center NewCenter Retail Center Business Hollins at Palmer 2,000 square feet available 24 acres 24 acres s2,725 sq ft sublease available Build toCenter Suit Build to Business Suit it Will Subdivide Will Subdivide 24 acres e Build to Suit Will Subdivide

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Contact Tom Branch or Mike Branch

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Before and during the Cave Spring vs. Hidden Valley football game on Nov. 7 at, Bogle Stadium, Relay for Life and Marketing students from Hidden Valley High School will be collecting donations for Brenda King and her family. Brenda, the Girls basketball coach at HVHS, is fighting Stage IV cervical cancer. All donations will go directly to her family. Checks can be made payable directly to Brenda King. Thank you in advance for your support. - Katrina Kish, Marketing Coordinator/Hidden Valley High School.

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Donations being collected for stricken Hidden Valley coach

North Cross Soccer Team Earns State Bid

The North Cross School varsity soccer team has advanced to the VIS Division II quarterfinals and will travel to Atlantic Shores Christian School (Chesapeake, VA), a member of the Metro Conference, at 4 p.m. on Fri., Oct. 31. Atlantic Shores ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO STOCK ON HAND. Buck Mountain Road is ranked second in the state, while 4.45 acres Zoned C2 North Cross School holds the seventh ranking. "The players are excited for the opportunity to defend their state title. Atlantic Shores had an outstanding season, which included winning the Metro Tournament, and we look forward to facing such a quality opponent," said Head Coach James 1354 8th Street Brown. 26,000 sq ft available The winner of the Oct. 31 game Will Subdivide will go on to compete in the semifinals against the winner of the Oct. 31 Virginia Episcopal School and     Highland School game. The semi

finals and finals will be held at Sports Backer Stadium in Richmond, on Nov. 4 Local and Nov.Crossword 7.

Great office location et Ph: 540-774-1208 | Fax: 540-774-1359 | Email: BuckSHOWROOM Mountain HOURS: Road Mon-FSJBNoQNt Sat 9 am–5 pm 6 2173 Bennington Street 4.45 acres er * Other financing options are available Zoned C2 eRiverland Road / Rt. 116 New Retail Center e 1354 8th Street Blue Ridge Drive feet available 000 square 1354 8th Street 26,000 sq ft available 3.236 acresBlue Ridge Drive 26,000 sq ft available 3.236 acres Will Subdivide 25 sqBuild ft sublease available to Suit Build to Suit Will Subdivide

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Maybe you easily fit in. Maybe you’re up all day moving and going. Or maybe you enjoy a quiet afternoon with a good book. No matter who you are, Friendship Independent Living™ is a great place to live. Because we take care of the chores, so you can do whatever it is you like to do. Now that’s living. Friendship does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age in admission, treatment, or participation in its programs, services and activities, or in employment. For further information about this policy, contact the Corporate Compliance Officer (540) 265-2222.




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10/31/08 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 9


Response to Rail Dear Mr. Gottstein Your recent column claiming that passenger rail is no more efficient than cars sounded a bit suspicious, since it goes in the face of all we are told, as well as common sense. So I decided to investigate this American Dream Coalition, upon which you apparently base all of your information. My first tip that this organization is a specifically conservative voice was the link to the Heritage Foundation that I found on their site. But the more deeply I searched, the more it became clear that this organization is not only conservative, but specifically tied to big oil. What a shock that big oil would be anti-rail!!! I don't know what your intent is. If it is to share facts, then you need to do your homework and better flesh out your sources. If it is to promote the particular conservative agenda that seeks to thwart efforts to battle urban sprawl and further kill the rail system, then you have done a wonderful job! But at least make that intent clear for your

> Wanted Jukeboxes Paying cash for old jukeboxes, Wuritzer, Seeburg, Rockola Or Ami. Any Condition. Need model number on back. Call Larry 540314-3659 > For Sale Cute English Bulldog puppies for sale, pure breed, male and females available with pictures, 10 weeks, price $600, for more details contact adrian cole. At cole1063@ gmail.Com > Moving Sale 4811 Horseman Drive, NE Roanoke,VA 24019 October 31st and November 1st/2nd 8am to 4pm Furniture, Children’s Toys/Clothing and LOTS of misc items. > Help Wanted After School Program Coordinator Part time elementary coordinator for Presbyterian Community Center after school program. Requirements: combination of education, experience equivalent to bachelor degree in counseling, education, childhood development or related field. Experience working with atrisk children preferred. Resume to: PCC, 1228 Jamison Avenue, Roanoke, 24013 and/or call 540982-2911 for Tom MacMichael Part-time Dining Room Assistant Are you looking for a part-time position with great hours in a professional work environment? Shenandoah Life has an opportunity for

Vote for McCain Dear editor, Socialism is not change we can live with. I would rather elect an imperfect Republican than a perfect Socialist. I urge your readers to Vote McCain/Palin on Tues. Nov. 4. JB Mixon Roanoke,VA

Sam Rasoul for Congress Dear editor, I have met Sam on several occasions and am impressed with his ideas for the Sixth District as well as his qualifications to serve as our next Congressman from Virginia. I believe it is extremely important that Sam Rasoul be sent to Congress as one of Obama\’s support team. If we

get a large enough Democratic presence in the House and Senate we will then be able to accomplish what was promised two years ago but was blocked from doing so by President Bush and his supporters in addition to helping Barack Obama get through his agenda for America. Let\’s send hard working Sam to Congress. John Clark, Roanoke,VA

The Sixth District Deserves Better Dear editor, Representative Bob Goodlatte has voted against equal pay for women, has consistently voted against alternatives to oil, voted against education benefits for our veterans, and even voted against ending the horse slaughter. Goodlatte has a letter grade of ìFî from the National Education Association, scored 0% out of a hundred from Environment America, the Campaign for Americaís Future, the Childrenís Health Fund, and has a 30% rating from the Alliance for Retired

Americans. Sam Rasoul on the other hand wants to care for our military men and women, end our dependence on foreign oil by investing in clean energy, and make healthcare more affordable for all. A vote for Bob Goodlatte is a vote for the failed Bush policies of the past 8 years. The sixth district deserves better, vote for Sam Rasoul in November. Jennifer Hammond Roanoke,VA

McCain will protect life Dear editor, Our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, claims: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Of these, the right to life comes first, because without the right to life, all other rights are pointless. Each generation has the re-

sponsibility to keep the freedoms of our great country alive, and voting is a part of that trust. John McCain and Sarah Palin are firmly pro-life. Sadly, Barak Obama is not. In 2001, 2002, and 2003, Obama led oppostion to the Illinois Born-Alive Infants Protection Act (BAIPA), a simple three-sentence bill stating that every baby who achieved “complete expulsion or extraction” from the mother, and who showed defined signs of life, was to enjoy the legal protections of a “person.” Instead of receiv-

classiFieDs you. We are seeking a high-energy, customer focused, individual to join our Corporate Services staff. This individual will assist the dining room staff with the preparation of food services. Qualified candidates must have a desire to provide quality customer service and have good communications skills. Candidate must be able to lift up to 25+ lbs and stand for long periods of time. Previous experience with or knowledge of food service is preferred. Part-time hours: 20-25 hours a week between hours 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. with regular hours of 8:00-1:00 p.m. Starting salary $10 + 401K benefits. If customer service is your priority and have a strong work ethic, submit your resume today to: Shenandoah Life Insurance Company, Attn: HR Job # 1030-07, PO Box 12847, Roanoke,VA 24029, Fax: (540) 857-5915 or Email: or visit our website at www.shenlife. com.We are pleased to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

24077. No calls please. Equal Opportunity Employer.

Research Technician Research Technician for Aerial Operations sought by Summit Helicopters, Inc. Pilot a helicopter to spray herbicides for the forestry, utility, and natural resources industries in its Cloverdale,VA office. Qualified candidates will have a Bach’s in Bio Aeronautics, Aeronautical Engin or related and 6 mnths of rltd exp, including organizing and planning agricultural aircraft operations and will have FAA comm pilots license and at least 250 hrs of flight time. Mail CV and salary reqs to: Summit Helicopter, Inc. Ref. RK/RTAO/JF, 595 Cougar Drive, Cloverdale, VA

> Haiku ads

Branch Manager Scottrade is looking for a Branch Manager to open the new office in Roanoke. Please apply if you are customer service oriented with 3-4 years online brokerage experience. Salary plus bonus & excellent benefits. WWW.SCOTTRADE.JOBS Administrative Assistant Local church is seeking a part time (20-25 hours) Administrative Assistent. Office and computer skills required. Call 345-1402 Data collector Position available with CoWorx Staffing Services. Position is responsible for collecting retail pricing in grocery, office, pet and mass retailer locations. Prior grocery, merchandising, inventory, mystery shopping or 10-key experience helpful. For more details concerning number of hours and pay call 1-866-744-9447 Ext. 27168.

Strumming a six string want to improve but need help Lessons are your hope Call Greg @ 540-354-2049 Summer-Fall tutor Enriches and reviews skills to keep learning fresh. Call Emily 725-1464 Art Lessons private art lessons drawing ,painting and sculpture ages 6 and up call Katherine Devine 427-5919

Downtown Employee Halloween Costume Contest Great prizes will be awarded for the scariest, funniest and most original costume. No entry fee. When - Registration open at 11:30 a.m. Contest at 12:15 p.m. Where - East Market Square Tanglewood -Trick orTreat The night includes trick-or-treating with mall tenants, games and activities, and a Costume Contest (for ages 12 and under). Made possible through partnership with Roanoke County Parks Recreation & Tourism, Star Country, and Small Smiles Dental Center. When - 5 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Where - Tanglewood Mall For more- www.shoptanglewood. com Dollywood Harvest Celebration - BusTrip The Singles Travel Club (couples welcome too!), is sponsoring a bus trip to Dollywood, Country Tonite andThe Smokey Mountains on Friday, October 31 - Sunday, November 2, 2008. Where- Passengers can board the bus at the BonsackWalmart,Route 460,Troutville;and at Hardee’s,2038 W. Main Street, Salem (Exit 137). Cost-The price per person of:$295 double occupancy; $275 triple occupancy; $265 quad occupancy; or $365 single occupany includes: Roundtrip motorcoach transportation, 2 nights lodging, 2 breakfasts, admission to Dollywood, ticket to Country Tonite Theatre, a riding

tour of Smokey Mountain National Park and a tour host. For more- call (540) 366-2888.

> Nov.

Extras Needed for Cycling Film There is a need for riders and extras. Film Website: People who are interested in being a part of the movie may confirm with the casting department at Road race scene at the Blue Ridge Parkway November 15th and 16th (spectators/fans)

> Nov. 1

Virginia Gentlemen Barbershop Harmony Chorus Presents 39th Annual Show “Songs of Love and Laughter” is the theme of this year’s Virginia Gentlemen Annual Show. The Virginia Gentlemen is a group of 35 male singers, led by a dynamic female director, Erin O’Dell. When & Where - The show will be performed twice on Saturday, November 1, 2008, at 2:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at HiddenValley High School in Roanoke. Cost -All tickets are general admission. Advance ticket prices are $12 for adults, $10 for seniors and $5 for students. Groups of 8 or more seniors pay $8 apiece. Tickets are available at Blue RidgeArts Council, 20 Church Avenue; from any chorus member; or from Ed Burke at (540) 977-0472,(540) 314-8304,or online at Visit our website at www.vagents. org.

Holiday House Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs presents Holiday House, a Thanksgiving and Christmas Bazaar on Saturday November 1. Arts/Crafts, Decorations, Baked Goods, Santa’s Pack Drawing, Silent Auction and Lunch available. Free Admission. When - 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Where - 3640 Colonial Avenue SW. For more - call 343-4519 from 9-12 noon. Home Movie Day Join Roanoke Public Libraries as they celebrateRoanoke’s first Home Movie Day on Saturday, Nov. 1. Everyone who has old home movies on 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm is invited to bring their films to be inspected and cleaned by trained archivists, and then screened.There will be games, prizes,information on how to properly care for your movies and transfer them to DVD, refreshments and more! When - 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Where - Brody Room at the Main Library. Early film drop-offs before Nov. 1 are encouraged.

> Nov. 6

Thursday Morning Music Club The November meeting of the Thursday Morning Music Club will be Thursday, November 6. Thursday Morning Music Club is one of the oldest clubs in the RoanokeValley, having been organized in 1908 and celebrating its 100th birthday. The December meeting will be held at Hotel Roanoke. Please

ing health care, however, babies who survived a botched abortion were left to die from cold. Obama also supports gruesome partial-birth abortion. Think, America! “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” (Proverbs 31:8a). Please support the pro-life team of McCain-Palin-GilmoreGoodlatte. Scott Dreyer Roanoke Send letters to

Salem Clock Shop

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coMMunity calenDar

> Oct. 31

> Oct. 31 - Nov. 2

readers. One would hope that you would at least provide both sides of an issue, not just one - if you are open to such an idea. Eric Lawson Roanoke

When - 10:30 a.m. Where - Calvary Baptist Church in Roanoke,Virginia. For more - President Judy Barger Edgell, 563-4782 Have an item for the calendar? email it to submissions@

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Wednesday, November 12 • 12 Noon

Location! Location! Location! 11,386± square foot apartment complex with 8 two bedroom apartments, 8 one bedroom apartments and 8 garages in the rear. Located in a great Raleigh Court neighborhood convenient to Grandin Village. The property is zoned R-7 and offers a great investment opportunity. Sale held at the “Maridor” Bed and Breakfast, 1857 Grandin Road, SW. 5% Buyer’s premium applies. VA #321

For more information, please contact Quinn Thomas (VA#1815)

540-342-3560 800-551-3588

Previews On Site: Wednesdays, October 29 and November 5 from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM

w w w. wo l t z . co m

Valley Business

Page 10 | The Roanoke Star-Sentinel | 10/31/08

Web offers Roanokers opportunity WSLS 10 Announces Anchor Promotion; John Carlin to join AccessPR to promote itself to the world The City of Roanoke was invited to present at the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) Conference in Atlanta recently, on the topic of attracting and retaining young adults in the creative economy. The conference amassed over 1,400 individuals from around the world – Mayors, economic development officials, corporate CEOs, consultants and vendors – offering specific expertise to bring back to their regional economies. We were able to share our progress and methods with others around the world, as well as, learn from others. The key theme at the conference was the importance of regional branding. It was clear by the exhibitors and speakers how technology shapes these brands. One vendor,, distributed a book called Economic Development Marketing (2008) based on their research of economic development organizations. The organization found the most effective marketing strategy used by economic development organizations was the Internet /website. Yet, funding allocations were not aligned with this proven strategy. Our region’s web presence is a tremendous opportunity to showcase ourselves to the world. There are so many fantastic web resources we can use to position ourselves in the global economy such as blogs, Twitter, Fwix, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, Craigslist, etc. These resources are easy and inexpensive to use. It’s not one group, organization or website that will create our web presence – everyone can and should participate. We need people to establish their own blog or use Twitter to communicate our story. We need people to add positive videos to YouTube. We need people to showcase the region’s beauty by submitting their photos on Flickr. We need people to tag Roanoke online content on Digg. These and other activities add to the online image and perception of a geographical region. We must drive more on the information highway by positively participating in these online communities. Everyone can help and we need it. Below are definitions of 10 online resources you must be using.

WSLS Vice President and General Manager

respected, beloved member of the WSLS team for

retire from broadcast television to join AccessPR, a division of Access Advertising+Design, as senior vice president. Longtime anchor/reporter Jay Warren will join Karen McNew as the WSLS featured anchor team. "John Carlin's legacy is unparalleled as a well-

from the anchor desk, we feel fortunate to have Jay Warren ready to assume his duties. Jay has been working closely with John and Karen for more than a decade now, and he's uniquely qualified to continue delivering the news that Southwest Virginians trust."

10 Online Resources You Should Use Warren Fiihr announced John Carlin's plan to more than 20 years," said Fiihr. "As he steps down

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length. Flickr is an image and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community platform. Fwix is a physical regional aggregator of content in over 30 online communities. Roanoke is one of 21 U.S.cities listed. Digg is a website made for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the Internet, by submitting links and stories, and voting and commenting on submitted links and stories. Craigslist is a central network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisements and forums on various topics. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site mainly used for professional networking. YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. Google Reader is a Web-based aggregator, capable of reading Atom and RSS feeds online or offline. A blog is a Web site, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Wikipedia is a free multilingual online encyclopedia. We have made financial investments in the offline image and perception of our region by creating welcome signs on the side of interstate highways as travelers pass through the region. However, what’s the return on investment for these expenditures? Could a percentage of those funds be used for search engine optimization? When people search Roanoke on Google, what will they see on the information superhighway? (Stuart Mease works for the City of Roanoke’s economic development department and is tasked with retaining/attracting young professionals)

City Council Notes: another extension requested for Walgreen’s

At last Thursday’s Roanoke City Council meeting IMD Investment Group, LLC asked for a fourth extension to complete and open the Walgreen’s drug store on Franklin Road near Ukrop’s. The requested extension to April 30, 2009, would not only allow for the building’s completion, but would give Walgreen’s time to hire workers and stock the store. The performance agreement of November 18, 2004 gave IMD $9 million of tax credits over 15 years. Councilman Court Rosen said after reading the details of the events that he did not agree with the length of the extension and the developer’s claim that ensuing events were out of their control. Rosen wanted to see incentive penalties and a Walgreen’s opening by the first of the year. He said the city has performed its side of the agreement and the developer has not. Claiming it was costing $600,000 a year, Rosen said, "the city was being overly generous.” Rosen said the first major delay came about because the developer did not know the requirements for permitting in a wetlands area, which delayed the project for a year. “The developer should have known [this] going in - given where the property was situated.” Of a subsequent delay that resulted from a wall blowing down in a February storm. Rosen said, “the block masons were onsite and it only delayed them a week or two.” IMD has met the other requirements of its first phase requirements and has spent in excess of $3 million on infrastructure. City Manager Darlene Burcham has recommended the extension, given that it is close to completion, with the understanding that Walgreen’s corporate policy does not allow acceptance of new stores between the months of November and January. Burcham believed that Stuart Mease the store would be open short of the six-month

extension requested. Burcham said that with Council’s discussion the developer is getting a clear message. City Attorney William Hackworth said that if the extension is granted and the developer does not perform it would result in a breach of contract. The Director of Finance Ann Shawver said she has been in discussion with Burcham and though the project is potentially an economic development benefit for Roanoke she thought that certain “remuneration” adjustments would be appropriate, should the six-month extension date not be met. Rosen made the motion to table and wants the City to come back with not only an extension, but also penalties in the event of a delay beyond the next deadline. The vote was 5-1 with Mayor Bowers voting no. Painter said there were circumstances beyond his control and that tabling the extension will give him time to work it out with the City. Asked if the delay was due to permitting issues or economic conditions relating to the “credit crunch,” Painter said that he had no comment - but indicated that it might have been a factor.

By Valerie Garner

Two Robs: covering the computer bases - and slightly hipper these days

When you call the office of Two Robs on Brambleton Ave. in southwest Roanoke County, you’ll most likely hear the voice of “Mac” Rob at the other end of the phone. But don’t worry, if your Windows Vista program is acting up, he’ll refer you to “PC” Rob, who’ll be able to diagnose and fix what’s wrong. That’s part of the strategy behind Two Robs computer service; to not only repair both operating systems, but to insure that Macintosh and PC systems work together in business situations. Rob “Mac” Underwood and Rob “PC” Miles have been in business for nearly four years.  Originally, they called their company Computer Tech Solutions, wearing ties and business suits on sales calls.  The duo, friends since third grade, found they didn’t really fit the ‘computer geek’ mold, however. “We felt like we were intimidating people,” said Underwood. They called on a friend, Karen Chase at the 224 Design advertising shop in Roanoke, who came up with the “Two Robs” moniker. “Many times you’ll come in during the summer and find us in shorts,” said Underwood, who along with Miles sported Hawaiian shirts on the day of their interview.  Indeed, their casual style and witty banter are partly what endears them to clients. With Two Robs, Chase turned a pair of computer repair and custom system geeks into a hipper duo, with a new company name, logo and look. “Its almost like they’re becoming the brand,” she noted to the Star-Sentinel in a recent story. Rob Underwood said then that Chase watched the interaction between the two partners and talked to their customers before suggesting changes. Some couldn’t recall their former name (Custom Tech Solutions), but they knew them as the two Robs informally. The pair often bickers good-naturedly about issues, including politics. The name stuck. “Trying to figure out where we wanted to draw the line between casual and professional. She

was very good at doing that,” says Underwood. The new logo “just looks like fun,” he adds. also demonstrates their new image on line. “Our clients say they are happy we can dumb stuff down for them so they can understand, but not talk down to them,” said Miles. Service is also an integral part of their business plan. “We’ll go to businesses or homes, but we tell them up front that it will be cheaper for them if they bring the computers to us,” said Underwood. And just what are the main problems clients encounter? “Viruses,” the two say in unison. “Don’t click on links,” said Miles.  “Go to the website directly to install programs like Adobe and Flash Player.”  Failure to back up files is another problem they see frequently. “We ask clients how far back they can go for their data,” said Underwood. “If it’s 30 days, then back it up every 30 days.” “Backing up files is like flossing your teeth,” added Miles.  “It’s Rob Underwood (left) and Rob Miles not exciting, but you should still do it on a regular basis.” Photo by Melanie Burnette They also recommend storing the data in two different places, just in case.  Still, things can go wrong and when they do, Two the general consensus, “said Miles.       The Two Robs serve as middlemen for Dell computers and Robs offers a one-stop shop. “We are among a very few who can make Macs and PC’s work have different used computer models for sale.  They also provide together,” said Miles, who is certified in Windows.  He learned to a recycling center for old computers. “We make sure all your data work on computers while in the military, stationed in Germany. is cleaned from the hard drive; then we recycle the parts,” said “I couldn’t find anybody to fix the thing, so I learned how to do it Underwood.  From service to maintenance to sales, the Two Robs seek to instill faith in their clients that, as they state on their webmyself,” he said. Underwood has a retail background and learned to use a Mac site, “Computers are not the enemy.”     Contact through work in graphic arts.  They operated separate businesses either Rob at 777-0071.   for several years before realizing they could combine their services to provide a complete package. As for the Mac vs. PC wars, they concede that both have their adBy Melanie Burnette witn contributions by Gene Marrano vantages. “Macs are creative; PC’s are for the business side.  That’s

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10/31/08 |The Roanoke Star-Sentinel |Page 11

“Author Talk” highlights companion/therapy dog training

Author Lorie Long discussed her new book - A Dog Who's Always Welcome: Assistance and Therapy Dog Trainers Teach You How to Socialize and Train Your Companion Dog recently at the Roanoke County Library Headquarters. The 'Author Talk' and book signing was sponsored by the Friends of the Library. Long trains dogs and competes in Agility, Tracking and Obedience. She and her Border Terrier, Dash, have earned the highest honor in Agility - the Master Agility Champion title awarded by the AKC. She is a trainer and member of the Star City Canine Club in Salem. Bill Watson, president of Roanoke Valley SPCA, introduced Long, adding that, "the single biggest reason why an animal is turned into a pound is because [it] is not well-mannered." Long said that people often misinterpret natural tendencies in certain breeds as a behavior problem. She told the story of one man that was ready to give up on his Siberian Husky because, when leashed, the dog pulled his mother down the front steps. One thing that he failed to realize: for a Husky, every molecule in that dog's brain shouts "pull" when harnessed in any way. It is what that dog was born to do. Through the process of socialization, Long said that owners can teach dogs to react to their environment in a managed way, using specific steps outlined in her book. "Most of the time, the environment competes with a dog's behavior training," Long told those gathered at the library in southwest Roanoke County. They may be taught to obey commands in the living room, but once outside, they become oblivious what they have been taught. The process of socialization will take away that competition. She spoke of learning how to understand what dogs are saying to us. One chapter of A Dog Who's Always Welcome is devoted to interpreting the body language that dogs use to communicate. Long said, "Something interest-

The Wright Kids are performing at the Roanoke Main Library, Veteran's Day, Tuesday, November 11, from 6-8 pm. They will be playing live, hosting a Q&A and signing autographs. CD’s will be available and footage from their appearance on America's Got Talent will be shown. Phone 540-853-1057 for more information.

Taubman Museum Ribbon Cutting to take place November 8

Almost ribbon cutting time: The Taubman Museum of Art lifts the curtain next week with a member preview on Thursday, a gala on Friday and a grand opening on Saturday, November 8. Coming in the next Roanoke Star-Sentinel: a conversation with Executive Director Georganne Bingham about the big event and the museum’s future plans.

Photo by Dot Overstreet

Lorie Long talks about her new book – with the help of a friend. ing happens when your dog feels understood by you. It is an incredible change in your relationship; it goes to a whole new level." She also suggested that a potential dog owner evaluate their lifestyle and what kind of owner or trainer they will be. It is wise to research a breed, to understand what their natural behaviors and tendencies are. This applies also to adopting dogs from a shelter. The Roanoke SPCA has an Animal Behaviorist on staff; they work with potential adopters to make the right pet choice for their lifestyle. October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month. In addition to having Long to speak about her book, the County headquarters is collecting dry dog and cat food. Preferred brands can be obtained from the Roanoke County Library web site. There will also be a silent auction, which includes gifts for pets and people, which runs until 6:00 PM this Friday, October 31. All items are on display at the HQ/419 Library and proceeds will go to benefit the RVSPCA. By Dot Overstreet

Arts Festival is back for an encore next weekend The second annual Roanoke Arts Festival is a shortened affair this year, just two days long instead of four, and has been moved back by a month (to November 8-9) to coincide with the opening of the Taubman Museum of Art. Arts Festival manager Rick Salzberg calls the Taubman opening “such a singular and notable moment in the cultural life of the region,” in noting that it made sense to tie the festival to its debut. Salzberg anticipates going back to the first weekend in October in 2009, when the festival is “likely,” to go back to four days as well. Underattended and perhaps underpromoted in its first year, Roanoke City government leaders envision it eventually as a much longer cultural happening, along the lines of the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina. “It has to, and we can do it,” said Salzberg, who adds that the “template” being created this year – different art genres, various venues – will be handy when planning future festivals. Once again the city-sponsored event runs the gamut from avant-garde puppet shows to free concerts at Elmwood Park for the younger crowd with the Magic Twig Community (a group of local bands) and tried-and-true Crystal Gayle at Jefferson Center on Sunday, November 9. See the complete list of events, venues and times at The Tony-award winning play Doubt will be staged at Mill Mountain Theatre’s smaller Waldron Stage on November 7, 8 and 9 after a run at Hollins University this weekend. The play, which becomes a major motion picture next month, is a joint production between the the-

ater departments at Hollins and Virginia Tech. Hollins department chair Ernie Zulia will direct Doubt, the second straight year that the school will be involved with the Roanoke Arts Festival. The Roanoke Symphony Orchestra joins in with “SpirAlex Lucas (Left) and Phillip it over Oppression,” a concert Hatter with the “actors” from at Shaftman Performance Bull: A Puppet Musical. Hall at 3pm on November 9, also the second time the RSO tourists are also expected for has joined forces with Salz- the Taubman Museum openberg and company. ing on the 8th. Salzberg is eaFood even enters the equa- ger to see how the Taubman tion as the new Virginia debut will affect the Arts FesWestern Community College tival and the cultural scene in Culinary Institute stages “An Roanoke itself. “We’re in the Explosion of the Culinary eye of a very exciting hurriArts,” across from the Dumas cane.” Center on Henry Street, on both days of the festival. The By Gene Marrano institute itself is right across the street at the remodeled Claude Moore complex. “Talk to a chef – they are artists as we know,” notes Salzberg. It’s free, as are many but not all festival events, and tastings will be offered. The puppetry mentioned previously is Bull – A Puppet Musical, written by Hidden Valley Middle School teacher Alex Lucas. “Even more than last year perhaps there’s something for everyone,” said Salzberg. The Taubman Museum is doing its part by hosting “Fiddlefest Lite,” a bluegrass concert, on November 9. That same night at 5pm Roanoke filmmaker and Virginia Tech professor Paul Harrill will show two short films at the Grandin Theatre, one of which, (Gina, actress, 29) was a Sundance Festival winner in 2001. Several museums are getting into the act with exhibitions at the same time and the monthly Art By Night gallery walking tour will be moved to the weekend of the arts festival, when a throng of

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Crystal Gayle with Sam & Ruby Performing Arts Center Sunday, Nov. 9 7 p.m. SATURDAY AND SUNDAY NOVEMBER 8 - 9, 2008



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