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Support and Shelter for Overcoming Homelessness



Thank you, Mr. Huntsman Our agency will never forget that day in 1992, when Mr. Huntsman, on his way to surgery, bravely facing uncertainty, stopped here, offering a handwritten note and heart-wideopen financial contribution. From that moment to now, The Road Home— and the vulnerable people within these walls who also courageously face uncertainty—have been irreversibly blessed. WE THANK YOU, MR. HUNTSMAN AND THE HUNTSMAN FAMILY, FOR SERVING OUR COMMUNITY, OUR NATION, OUR GLOBE.

To the Huntsman family—we know that your grief is deep. We mourn with you. You surely know, better than us, of the richness and beauty of his full life. But may we add just one more story, a fragment of what he meant to us? For 26 years Mr. Huntsman dedicated himself in service to our cause. He launched an initiative during the holidays to match dollar for dollar every community donation that came

our way. He gave, selflessly, at a financial level that he could—and yet he also gave tirelessly of himself. During our most recent Holiday Media-a-Thon, with quiet grit he personally visited the radio stations one by one to broadcast his support. With his voice and luminous example, he spurred many to invest with us. The sweep of his impact on just one small area he saw as his garden of stewardship, in service to those grappling with homelessness, alone was tremendous. FOR 26 YEARS MR. HUNTSMAN DEDICATED HIMSELF IN SERVICE TO OUR CAUSE.

And to you, our faithful supporters: Mr. Huntsman expressed how inspired he was by you. While he galvanized people to give through his kind matching gifts, he in turn was inspired by each gift you extended, no matter the size. All offerings were part of the shared garden that we together tend. He was moved by the depth and breadth of the generosity

of each of you, and it brought him profound joy to multiply each offering. In a sense, his contribution was as much a gracious thank you to our community as it was a lifeline for people in desperate need. MR. HUNTSMAN EXPRESSED HOW INSPIRED HE WAS BY YOU.

This garden, that Mr. Huntsman gave root to, and with love watered, will continue to grow. Hand in hand, we will, season by season, turn the soil. Watch the sun. Pluck weeds. Rejoice in the rain. Our hearts are aglow with joyful gratitude. We thank you, Mr. Huntsman and the Huntsman family, for serving our community, our nation, our globe. Your legacy lives on. Thank you.

Matt M. Minkevitch Executive Director - The Road Home

A Wonderful Holiday Season During the holiday season we are always touched by the incredible generosity each of you show to the people we serve. Lives are made better because of your support! Our 2017 Holiday Mediaa-Thon was a tremendous success thanks to the incredible service and participation of all of the DJs, TV stations, sponsors, volunteers, and each of you! We are sincerely grateful to each of you for your support. Each year, this event helps us raise vital funds that provide housing programs, emergency shelter, and supportive services for people experiencing homelessness.

Incorporated, Kennecott Charitable Foundation, Ames Construction, Cyprus Credit Union, Title West Mortgage, Salt Lake County Medical, and our anonymous sponsors. A big thank you to Rocky Mountain Chevy Dealers, Bank of Utah, Red Hanger, and Arctic Circle for your support!

A huge shout-out to all of the media stations including Broadway Media, X96, Mix 105.1, U92, 101.5 The Eagle, ESPN 700, Rewind, Bonneville Media, FM 100.3, 103.5 the Arrow, 1280 the Zone, KSL News Radio, Mi Preferida, and KUTV2.

We are sincerely grateful to Modern Display for your donation of decor! It truly made the holidays brighter for the people we serve.



will provide one person one night of shelter.


We are also truly grateful to each of our matching sponsors, including: The Jon M. Huntsman Family Foundation, Sorenson Legacy Foundation, Morgan Stanley, Chick-fil-A, Wells Fargo, Dee’s

Our deepest thanks to each of our dedicated volunteers. With your help, we were able to sort and distribute thousands of items. Without your support, we would have been unable to keep up with the demand of getting items out to our residents during the holiday season.

will provide shelter for a family for a night.


of all clients in shelter received supportive services while in shelter


Words cannot express our gratitude for your generosity towards our Candy Cane Corner holiday store. Because of your kindness 3,492 individuals, including 2,257 children, were able to have a wonderful holiday season. Candy Cane Corner is made possible because of the compassionate service of all our store managers and volunteers. Thank you!

NEW INNOVATIONS Over the past year, The Road Home has been diligently working with community partners and government agencies to help ensure the people we serve are receiving the best services. As a part of this mission, our team is continuously looking at our services and evaluating how we can make our service delivery better. We have taken this to heart and have been refining our systems to empower each person to overcome their homelessness in a brief and self-sufficient way.

In the Midvale Family Center, we recently focused on how we could shorten a family’s length of stay in shelter and help them move faster along the path towards housing. We looked at the roles of the Diversion Specialist and Case Managers. Diversion Specialists are the first people who meet with a family turning to shelter. They will first seek to help a family find a safe, appropriate alternative to shelter. If a family needs to stay in shelter, they will then

meet with a Case Manager. Each family’s journey home is different. The Case Manager actively works with each family to help them reach their housing goals. Since each family has unique needs, we have implemented a system of Progressive Engagement, where a Case Manager works with a family to gauge how much assistance the family needs and respond accordingly. This will help us to maximize our resources and assist families in overcoming their homelessness quickly.

PAY FOR SUCCESS UPDATE We are thrilled to announce that the Pay for Success – Homes Not Jail program successfully completed its pilot phase December 31, 2017. We are excited that the program moved into full implementation on January 1, 2018. Before this could happen, certain goals were set and expected to be achieved. We proudly report that all goals were surpassed, and as a team we were

able to build best practices, modify procedures, and fine-tune service delivery.


Pay for Success – Homes Not Jail program will continue for the next five years providing housing, behav-


MAY 1 // 8 - 9AM LITTLE AMERICA We are currently seeking Table Captains for our 2018 One by One Breakfast. This free one-hour event introduces guests to The Road Home – who we are, what we do, and the people we serve. As a vital part of this event, Table Captains are asked to invite nine friends, family, and/or co-workers to enjoy a complimentary breakfast while learning more about our organization and mission. If you have questions or are interested in becoming a Table Captain, please contact Taylor Winsness at


We are excited to participate in the 17th Annual Comcast Cares Day! At this event, volunteers help us with a variety of projects at our Salt Lake Community Shelter, Midvale Family Center, Palmer Court, and several of our housing units. All ages of volunteers are welcome to participate. Each volunteer will receive breakfast and a free t-shirt! For more information or to sign up please contact Alexa Black at ablack@theroadhome. org.

ioral health, case management, and employment assistance for persistently homeless single individuals. Salt Lake County has given their full support and committed to back the initial private funder investments for the continuation of the program. We are excited to continue to watch this program grow and are hopeful that it will help set new and innovative standards for service delivery.

SPECIAL THANKS Thank you to those who donated in honor or memory of your loved ones. To see the complete list, please visit: donate/in-honor-and-memory/

Refuge. Resources. Relief.



S.L.C., UT PERMIT NO. 4770 Refuge. Resources. Relief.

210 So. Rio Grande Street Salt Lake City, UT 84101

THE ROAD HOME’S MOST URGENT NEEDS ARE: - blankets - underwear - socks - diapers & wipes - men’s pants - shampoo & conditioner

All donations can be delivered to either The Salt Lake Community Shelter or Midvale Center from 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM, 7 days a week. To view a full donation needs list, visit us online:

210 S. Rio Grande Street Salt Lake City, UT 84101 TEL Administration: (801) 359-4142 TEL Development & PR: (801) 819-7297 FAX: (801) 359-4178 WWW.THEROADHOME.ORG

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2018 Spring Newsletter  

In this issue read a thank you to Mr. Huntsman from our Executive Director, program updates, and exciting upcoming events.

2018 Spring Newsletter  

In this issue read a thank you to Mr. Huntsman from our Executive Director, program updates, and exciting upcoming events.