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at our 4-star hotel Superior with an ambient and warm atmospherel

Feel warmly welcomed! Your well-being is our priority! “Take a deep breath and forget daily routine. Feel at home, relax and enjoy the heartfelt warmth and comfort of your surroudings. Our hotel’s charming and welcoming ambiance combine to create that special something where you can feel well, relax, unwind and find time for yourself. Gather new strength and equilibrium. Since the opening of Thermenhof Paierl in 1988 our 4-star hotel Superior has established an excellent reputation for fine Asian cuisine, Ayurvedic medicine, therapy with Tibetan “Klangschalen”, yoga and other Asian active- and relaxation exercises. The staff of the Thermenhof Paierl will ensure that every wish is fulfilled.”

Erwin & Dominique Paierl Günther Treiber

服务台 Asia meets styria | Pleasant, relaxing Asian ambience and well-being – meet Styrian cosiness and warmth

Thermenhof Paierl has played a leading role in introducing a new dimension of wellness in Austria for over 20 years: Enjoy the philosophy of our company “Asia meets Styria” – pleasant, relaxing Asian ambience and well-being – meet Styrian cosiness and warmth. The contrast between Asian influences and the beautiful landscape of the eastern Styria with its thermal springs characterises Thermenhof Paierl. Furthermore, our employees create a homely atmosphere, in which our guests feel shepherded.

Hotel Thermenhof Paierl „For me, it is of crucial importance to represent the values of Thermenhof Paierl, which can be seen as a highly interesting task. Added to this, I focus on conveying our homely atmosphere, our Styrian cosiness and warmth and the relaxing Asian ambience to our guests.”“

Sieglinde Raser Assistant manager Director of marketing and sales


旅馆 We will put you at your ease

As our guest you will feel our friendly and relaxing ambience and immediately become aware that our hotel is the perfect place to find your inner balance and indulge yourself. The mixture of sports, fun and relaxation will have a positive effect on your body and you will be able to regain vitalizing energy. Feel the cheerfulness and the security and leave behind all the stresses and strains. We pursue the aim of giving you a warm and friendly welcome.

Feel at ease from the day of your arrival onwards „For us it is very important that our guests experience the feeling of being warmly welcomed from the day of their arrival onwards. Together with our team we would like to invite you to revitalize your body and feel pleasure and joy.“

Bettina Fink Head of Reception

Michaela Erhardt Deputy Head of Reception


Excellent wine culture „We share our passion for excellent wines and perfect service. In fact, wine is ambivalent. Due to its manifold variety and its richness of different expressions wine can be seen as a harmonic beverage when enjoying a delicious meal. No matter whether enjoyed to regional delicacies or to specialities, wine will ennoble every meal. You will also find vintage wines at our “Vinothek”, which perfectly fit to Asian cuisine.“

Valentin Zsifkovits

Dip sommelier und Weinakademiker

Jürgen Holzmann Service manager

高级烹调 Experience culinary delights and wine culture at a high level

Our head chefs will conjure up the most delectable delicacies in our kitchen. All our specialities are prepared with fresh and predominately local ingredients. We prefer wholesome nutrition from local farmers. We establish a proper balance between culinary delights of the “Naturküche” and the Asian cuisine. Naturally, influences from the Styrian cuisine complete our range of culinary products. Additionally, our Dip sommelier Valentin Zsifkovits is looking forward to making recommendations for exquisite wines, which will ennoble your delicious meal to a culinary delight.

International gourmet dinners „We accept the honourable challenge of meeting the high culinary expectations of our guest every day. We will spoil your palate with excellent wholemeal creations or invite you to go on a culinary trip to Asia. “

Roland Neubauer Chef cook

Philipp Wachmann Sous chef


套房-房间 Wake up, open your eyes, look around and feel at ease

When you wake up in the morning, open your eyes, look around and really feel good – just like being at home ... then we know, we have achieved our aim. It was worth the effort to invest in generous design, take care and pay attention to detail and equally uphold the special ambiance of the hotel. Our rooms have been designed in two contrary styles: traditional and Asian. The latter one conveys Japanese home décor and provides a separate Zen-garden. Feel free to immerse yourself in a different, but fascinating world. All our rooms have been built ecologically worthwhile. Consequently we would like to ask you not to smoke in your hotel room. Our comfort rooms will ensure your well being.

Rooms- just like being at home „Together with our team we set up housekeeping and, thus, create a warm atmosphere. Our lovely and fresh flower arrangements will give pleasure during your stay.“

Gertrude Strempfl Housekeeper


感官府 Realm of the senses | Indulge yourself, your body and soul

What really matters in life are moments of time out, personal needs, fun and joy, a feeling of being accepted and understood, ease of mind and the possibility of discovering one’s own sources with all senses. Specifically designed treatment rooms with their individuality, scents, colours and sounds will help you to revitalize. Indulge yourself with Chinese 5- elements cosmetics and revitalize your skin. Feel free to be pampered – because positive impulses from the body let the sun rise in our soul, releasing feel-good hormones which provide for an overall feeling of well-being. It also works the other way round – a pampered soul has beneficial effects on the body and helps us look happy and radiant.

Realm of the senses „We focus on individuality- individual consultations, and individual treatments tailored to the needs of each guest. For us it is of vital importance to provide a holistic feeling of well-being, which is also existent after your departure.“

Christine Mugitsch Therapy reception

Elisabeth Maierhofer Deputy Therapy reception


Thermal Waters of Bad Waltersdorf Hot fresh, mineral water bubbles up within the hotel grounds at an amazing 62 °C. With its thermal, physical and chemical stimuli, the water – which has a high mineral content and is particularly soft - deeply affects the whole organism. The thermal water is good for the skin, strengthens muscles, tones connective tissue and activates the body’s self-healing powers and its own protective mechanisms in the face of numerous illnesses. In particular, thermals waters act as a treatment support for: 1. inflammatory rheumatism 2. degenerative rheumatism 3. soft-tissue rheumatism 4. rehabilitation measures after suffering injuries and undergoing operations 5. respiratory diseases 6. disorder of the metabolism, dietary-related disorders 7. vegetative conditions of exhaustion Analysis of the thermal waters of Bad Waltersdorf: Cations mg per kg Anions mg per kg Sodium (difference) 410,0 Chloride 195,0 Magnesium 3,26 Hydrogen Carbonate 812,0 Calcium 12,40 Sulphate 12,0

温泉和蒸气浴 Thermal Spa and Sauna World | Warmth and light will channel your energy into happiness

The element water is the fountain of life! Sparkling joie de vivre tangible and visible on each and every pore of your skin. Warm thermal water from sources deep under the earth. We would like to invite you to use our leisure facilities, such as an outdoor thermal-panorama pool with lounge gallery and a year-round heated swimming-pool with a bathing lawn for carrying out physical exercises. Additionally, you will find a variety of different saunas, the mineralized steam bath, the aqua-relax meditation room and our Celtic garden with nude sunbathing terrace. Floating weightlessly in the water – experiencing the lightness of being.

Thermal Spa and Sauna World „In his role as chef de rang Martin Zollner does not only possess culinary skills, but also a high level of competence in creating innovative infusions for sauna. Thus experiencing our hotel is a sheer sensual pleasure.“

Christoph Pieber

Therapist & master of sauna

Gerhard Holzweber Therapist & master of sauna


神身心保养 Realm of the senses | Indulge yourself, your body and soul

Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic medical treatment, which calms shaken and fractious nerves, revitalizes and provides an opportunity to recover one’s inner balance. Thus, wellbeing is provided on physical, mental and spiritual levels. Ayurvedic medicine and treatments, which have been used in India for more than five thousand years, are applied at hotel Thermenhof Paierl at the Shiva-Ayurveda Centre. Dr. G. Gopakumar (bachelor of chemistry, Ayurvedamedicine and surgery) and his therapists from Kerala-India are looking forward to pampering you.

Ayurvedic medicinegentle Indian treatment „It is very important to cure the body by the soul and the soul with the body.”“

Dr. Gopakumar Ayurveda-Arzt

Dr. Chandrakant Naik Deepali Ayurveda-Ärztin

Smitha Shumnad Ayurveda-Therapeutin


休闲 - 体育 It is not the start but solely the perseverance that is rewarded

Hotel Thermenhof Paierl also ensures a high standard of sport facilities and entertainment. We would like to encourage you to use our fitness- and cardio room, which is equipped with the latest exercise- and cardio machines. Additionally, we offer you special active- and relaxation exercises every day. For your individual trip around the countryside we offer you mountain- and trekking bikes for free. Added to this, the costs for the room also include the tennis court fee for an hour per day. Good for life – good for the game. The 18-hole golf course near the hotel is ideal for both beginners and more accomplished players. As the founder of this golf course, we would like to provide a discount of 25% for our guests.

Active- and relaxation exercises „Together with our guests we carry out diverse active- and relaxation exercises, ranging from yoga, Qi Gong, Pilates to water gymnastics. Thus, physical exercise and relaxation amalgamate.“

Fi ie Pfingstl Health instructor

Claudia Fischer Therapist


Visit the great gallery of puppets and experience fine art Born in Osa (Russia) Elena Vasilyeva has lived in Hartberg since 2004 and has skilfully created various puppets. If you are searching for a very special present or collecting puppets and teddy bears we would like to encourage you to take the great art gallery of puppets in Hartberg into consideration. It is well worth the visit!

Tourismusverband Hartberg Š Bernhard Bergmann

神身心保养 Day trips | Explore the great regional places for outings

We would like to invite you to take a relaxing time out, find your inner balance and indulge yourself in the middle of the beautiful landscape of the eastern Styria with its thermal springs. You will get information about interesting destinations for day trips, such as the imposing castle Riegersburg or the chocolate fabric Zotter, at the information centre. While during the summer months the lake Stubenbergsee and the beautifully situated castle Herberstein with its zoo are popular places for outing, you can enjoy the beautiful sights of the Styrian “Apfelstraße” with its fruit tress covered in blossom in the spring. Next, from April to October the special exhibition with the theme “realm of power” staged in St Jakob im Walde is worth a visiting. Finally, the borough Hartberg and the capital city of Styria, Graz, are famous for their mediaeval and cultural centres.

Kräftereich, St. Jakob © Zwickl

© Tierpark Herberstein

Apfelstraße © Sepp Hirt

Riegersburg © Steirisches Thermenland/Eisenberger



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Lift Club-Lounge

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Seminar room

Information Restaurant Terrace


Bar CafĂŠ

健康大网 An overview of wellness | Take care of your body so that your soul will wish to live there

Realm of the senses 1 Shiva-Ayurveda-Center 2 Warming-up Room 3 Massage 4 Pedicure/Manicure 5 Body Wraps 6 Beauty 7 Far-Eastern Massages 8 Japanese Lotus Bath 9 Japanese Rest Area 10 Japanese Zen Garden with Tea House 11 Doctor’s Room 12 Health Reception – Energiequelle Sauna world 14 Sun Banks 15 Thermal water fitness pool (36°C) 16 Mineralized Steam Bath (45°C) 17 Infrared cabin

Hotel technicians

18 Styrian Sweat Chamber (65°C) 19 Styrian spring with “Grander” water 20 Ice Grotto

„We are operating in the background and check equipment and machines to ensure that your stay is completely carefree. Additionally, we take care to ensure that your hotel room is well temperate and our thermal water is perfectly fresh and clean.“

21 Celtic Garden and Nude Sunbathing Terrace 22 Celtic Sauna “Lautrum” (90°C) 23 Relaxation Room 24 Aqua-Relax Meditation Room

Thermal spa and wellness facilities 25 Outdoor Thermal-Panorama Pool (32°C) 26 Thermal Swimming-Pool (32°C) with Lounge Gallery 27 Year-Round Heated Swimming-Pool (28°C) and Bathing Lawn 28 Gymnastics 29 Cardio-Fitness Area 30 Changing Rooms

Josef (Pepo) Rath Gerald Postl Hotel technican




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Thermenhof Paierl – quickly and easily accessible in the east of the Styrian spa region By car: Take the motorway Südautobahn A2, exit Bad Waltersdorf/Sebersdorf.Then continue towards Bad Waltersdorf, on through the village to the spa,turn left before the spa. Using the car navigation you will find us by searching for “hotel”, or “special places”.

By train with car transport: From Feldkirch and Innsbruck to Graz – take the motorway Südautobahn A2, exit Bad Waltersdorf/Sebersdorf; By train: Arrival station Bad Waltersdorf – free transfer to the spa

Home pickup service in Vienna, Graz: Firma Jagerhofer – Tel: 03333-4141; Firma Gerngross – Tel: 03332-8210; Firma Gruber – Tel: 03338-2376; By plane: Nearest airports are GrazThalerhof and Wien-Schwechat. Shuttle-Service to the spas;

Hotel Thermenhof Paierl ****Superior A-8271 Bad Waltersdorf, Wagerberg 120, phone: +43-(0)3333-2801, fax: +43-(0)3333-2801-400 e-mail:, Fotos © 2009 by Hans Wiesenhofer

Asia meets Styria  

Asia meets Styria at our 4-star hotel Superior with an ambient and warm atmospherel

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