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November 2013

Editor’s Desk This time, my editorial will be about Thanksgiving. Most people know about Thanksgiving and might think this is another boring article about how Thanksgiving started. But, if you were expecting that, you were wrong. This time, I am going to tell about my view about Thanksgiving and why it should be celebrated.

Thought of the month Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they are always there. -Anonymous

Birthday of this month Say Happy birthday to Gursharan – November 5th Cameron – November 17th

Health Tip Hungry+Angry=Hangry Have you ever noticed that when your sugar level drops, so does your mood? It happens to all of us. Eat regularly throughout the day to keep your mood up and up.

One reason that we should celebrate Thanksgiving is to say thanks for everything we have. Some people in the world might not even have the things you have. If you say thanks on Thanksgiving, think about why you say thanks for everything. Another reason that we should celebrate Thanksgiving is because you get to spend time with your family. These days, kids are always spending time with their technology and friends. Thanksgiving should be a time for family, not for electronics. Those are 2 reasons why Thanksgiving should be celebrated. I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving! Good-bye! Prantik Bharadwaj

The River Times

November 2013

News by Tatiana Franco: Typhoon Haiyan In the Philippines Last weekend in the Philippines there was one of the worst tropical storms of all time. Typhoon Haiyan, as they call it, hit 500 miles-wide of the Philippines and had winds up to 186 miles, making up to 140 miles an hour, and that’s worse than Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy were once two of the largest tropical storms ever, but Typhoon Haiyan is making them look like mild rainstorms. This chart shows how bad the hurricanes were, 5 being less dangerous and 1 being very dangerous.

Sports quarter By Jerry Walser On Friday night November 8th, the Manteca Buffaloes finished their regular season by defeating East Union Lancers by a score of 49 to 7. Some of the players who had outstanding performances were quarterback Joe Menzel, Alex Laurel, and the entire offensive line. The Buffs open the playoffs on Friday, November 15th, with their first round matchup against Central Valley from Ceres.





Eastern US, Eastern Canada, Bahamas, Bermuda, Greater Antilles



Eastern North America


Typhoon Haiwan



Want some advice? By Madison Kackley Mariah Ambrose: What do you do when your best friend is sad? Maddie: Make he or she feels a little better about themselves. Maybe tell he or she that their hair looks nice, or that you like their shoes. If you don’t want to do that, you can maybe try talking to them about their problem and help find a solution to it. See you next time on, “Want Some Advice?” Jenna Villanueva: What do you do when you don’t like something that your friend made? Maddie: Honesty is always the best policy. Tell he or she that you didn’t want to hurt their feelings, and lie.


The River Times

November 2013

It’s all about Technology (New) Prantik Bharadwaj Currently our lifeline of survival is a phone or a tablet or a laptop and for them to run at a low cost you require is Wi-Fi. We communicate, read/study, do research, find a driving direction or be in touch with your medical professionals, play a game or any other activity Wi-Fi plays a great role in making things more accessible. How many of us would you, guess would be traveling in coming weeks, either heading to the airport or taking our safe freeways for a gettogether with friends and family for Thanksgiving? Well, I don't know. But I bet it's a lot.

This Month By: Harnoor Word of the Month

And if you're one of them, there's a good chance that at one time or another you'll be looking for a way to get online while you're on the road.

Tranquility: tran-quil-i-ty

Pretty much everyone knows they can find free Wi-Fi at a Starbucks. They're usually pretty good about providing power outlets near their tables and chairs, too, if you need to top off the battery on your phone or laptop.

The quality or state of being tranquil; calm.

Recently, McDonalds have also started similar free Wi-Fi with all the services you need for a quick need. So the trend is increasing and it will help people like us to have more accessibility.

T Th hiiss m moon ntth h’’ss C Cooooll IID DE EA A:: Let's start by making this assumption clear: Cool ideas are only cool if they work. And when your idea has to do with electronic payments, "working" has a whole lot to do with keeping your personal information safe and secure.

Function: Noun

Sentence: There is rarely any tranquility in the classroom.

1 Book of the Month

Splendors and Glooms: By Laura Amy Schlitz. Candlewick. A 2013 Newbery Honor Book



But if these guys at Coin have worked that out, they have an incredibly cool idea.

What is it? The bold-red orange hue is a richer version of spiral coral. Look outside around and see it in a vibrant maple leaves, or spot it in the grocery store in the form of in-season persimmons.

Coin is a plain, grey gizmo that's exactly the dimensions of a credit card, with the magnetic strip on the back and everything. But Coin can act like any of the swipe-able cards in your wallet. You can store the details for up to eight of your credit cards, or gas station cards, or ATM cards, or gym membership cards or whatever on the Coin itself, with an unlimited number in an app on your Smartphone. And when you need that card, Coin will do a perfect impersonation. You can stick it in an ATM. A cashier can swipe it through their reader. If you try to lose it, the Smartphone app warns you that you've left it behind. If your Smartphone is out of range for too long, the Coin card deactivates itself. Check out their Video on their site -

Color of the Month


Flower of the Month Chrysanthemum A red one means “I Love You”, a white one means innocence, purity and pure love; a yellow means slighted love


Santa is back again! I can't believe that Christmas will be here again so soon. I have never seen Rudolph's nose so bright but I bet you are even more excited than Rudolph. Well you should be because this is going to be the best Christmas yet! Santa Claus is generally depicted as a portly, joyous, white bearded man who will bring gifts for all. So be prepared, and create a list of gifts that you have in mind. On the D-day, leave a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa and celery and water for the reindeers’ and be assured of your requests. Do you know the zip code where Santa stays – Yes, it’s 99705. Some think Santa is real and some do not. It’s all individual belief and we leave it to your own individual discretion. Enjoy and have the best fun this Christmas…

The River Times

November 2013

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December 7th Remember

December 25th Christmas



December 31st New Years Eve


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