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March 2014

13th - Easter

22nd - Earth Day

Monthly Column By Harnoor


Word of the month – Stoicism The endurance of pain or hardship without a display of feelings and without complaint. Not everyone has a lot of stoicism.


Color of the month - Lavender


Prantik Bharadwaj Hello there, and welcome to the March edition of the River Times. This month, I will be talking about the importance of keeping the Earth clean and healthy. I chose to do this editorial about keeping the Earth clean because March is the starting of spring and April has Earth Day, when all green things grow and become beautiful and people help to clean up the earth, respectively. If our world was a carefree world where nobody cared about the earth, we would have messy water, littered parks, and our animal population (not counting humans) would decrease drastically, all of which are very bad things. There wouldn’t be chirping birds in spring, no room to play or have a picnic in parks, or a little bit of water to spare for swimming (not counting swimming in the sea), considering that we need all the fresh water for baths and drinking. Here are some tips to keep the Earth healthy: 1. Clean up trash in public outdoor places (parks, amphitheatres, etc). This helps because now there is less litter in the world and the next person who comes to that outdoor place will enjoy it four times as much than if there were trash there. 2. Take out trash from water sources (water parks, reservoirs, ponds, etc). This will clean up the water and lessen work for the aquifers. 3. Don’t litter! This is the most important tip. Keeping the Earth clean can be achieved if you don’t litter at all.

Drifting By Raul Landa and Trunks Southimath Drifting is a sport that was made in Japan. The first car use for drifting was a rally that is 200 years old. I will tell you what drifting is. Drifting basically refers a condition of oversteer, that enables drivers to take the car beyond its limits, and in some cases, go faster through the corners. Drivers have been using this technique as early as the 1930’s in Grand Prix races. Today everybody uses J.D.M.s. If you don’t know what J D M means, I’ll tell you it means J D M stands for Japanese Domestic Market. It was made in 1970. The founder of drifting was Kunimitsu Takahashi. He is a father and he was born in Tokyo January 29,1940.

Gizmos and Gadgets By Prantik Bharadwaj

Hello, and welcome to Gizmos and Gadgets. This month I will be talking about the holographic TV. Yes, you heard me right… holographic TV. This product is currently being developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and will be arriving to homes in another 10 years or so. The companies involved in this project are LG and Samsung. This project is very interesting and if you want to learn more, go to this website : See you guys next time on Gizmos and Gadgets!

Reviews By Jerry Walser


Well, I have just finished the “Heroes of Olympus” series and waiting for the fifth to come out. If you had read the “Red Pyramid” series or “The Percy Jackson” series you will love this. The greek Percy and Roman Jason have switched camps by the goddess Hera and don’t remember. And Gaea is rising with an army giants and monsters !!!

The River times

St. Patrick’s day - Marble Cookie

By Tatiana Franco


• • • • •

1 cup softened butter,1 cup of sugar 1 egg,1 teaspoon of almond or peppermint extract ½ teaspoon baking soda,2 ⅓ cups of flour (extra 1 tablespoon of flour) ⅓ cup of milk chocolate chips,2 tablespoons baking cocoa Sugar for rolling dough in, Green food coloring

How to Make It: Put butter and sugar in medium mixing bowl and cream until light and fluffy. 1. Add egg and almond extract and beat until incorporated. Then add baking soda and flour little by little. 2. Divide dough in half; color one half with green coloring. For the other half, melt chocolate chips in microwave. 3. Cool chocolate and add melted chocolate and cocoa powder to the other half of the dough. Mix until chocolates are incorporated. (If the chocolate dough doesn't seem stiff enough add 1 tablespoon of flour.) 4. Take green dough and using a little less than 2 teaspoons of dough roll into small balls. Take chocolate dough and do the same and add together to make cookie ball as pictured below. 5. Roll the green and chocolate dough together and roll into sugar lightly. 6. Place chocolate/green cookie ball on baking sheet. Press bottom of glass on cookie and smash until about 1/4 inch thick. Bake in 350 degree oven for 8 -10 minutes, making sure you don't overcook. 7. Remove from baking sheet and cool on rack. Enjoy! Brought to you by:

Knowing about Sequoia National Park By Gael

So have you have been to The Sequoia National park? Well, if you didn’t, you are missing out. It is a three-hour drive. Ok, time to cut to the chase. My family went to Kings Canyon. There are picnic spots along the road. The trees are really big. When I first saw the trees I was amazed. The trees can be on thousand years or more. The General Tree is the largest tree there. There are hiking trails, and lots of caves. I went in a cave with my cousin. We got a big scare from and guy standing in the dark corner. The trees had tiny little cave like rooms. We also went in there. There is lots of wildlife there. There are large birds to, butterflies, bears, and lots of cool bugs. At this one picnic spot there were wasps and they were huge. They had black dots and they were mostly yellow. There are some little museums there. When we went to the general we came up to a place and at the end there was a little place were you could walk. If you go there you are basically walking on a huge rock. There are beetles and green lizards. If you go there don’t get close to edge or you will fall of to who knows were. So going to the Sequoia National Park was very cool. Hope you get the chance to go. Fun Fact The General Sherman is the heaviest tree there. It is about 275 ft tall. It is the tree that amazed me the most.


The River times

April Fools' Day is celebrated on 1 April every year. 1 April is not a national holiday, but is widely recognized and celebrated in various countries as a day when people play practical jokes and hoaxes on each other called April fools. This is a very old tradition.

In 1957, the BBC pulled a prank, known as the Swiss Spaghetti Harvest prank, where they broadcast a fake film of Swiss farmers picking freshly grown spaghetti. The BBC were later flooded with requests to purchase a spaghetti plant, forcing them to declare the video as a prank on the news the next day.

Cheetos perfume: - As if the neonorange munchies don't feel icky enough in your fingers, imagine wearing them as a fragrance? Frito-Lay has sent out a halfway convincing press release announcing the Chester Cheetah has "entered" the perfume category with Cheetau, "a prestige fragrance that celebrates the irreverent, intriguing and playful nature of the iconic feline."

Shakeless Tic Tacs: - Iconic Tic Tac mints will roll out in a new shakeless pack, the company says, with a wink. Tic Tac Shakeless packs are custom-engineered to be silent for one purpose: No shake, no share!

The Month starts with fun – April Fools pranks are coming…. Couple of other wackiest PR stunts on April fools day is -

- Enjoy and keep fooling - April fools everyone….

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The river times March 2014  
The river times March 2014  

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