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Special needs children workshop


Continued from Page 18 administrative affairs. The school is deep in debt, the result of wild overspending. As a result, the KIDCS is operating without a principal, and a teaching staff that has been dramatically cut down to the bone. The solution the school suggests, more borrowing, will only exacerbate their problems. Last year we warned parents not to get suckered into this school. We were right. We understand that many parents and children are have formed attachments to this school, but common sense tells us that continued devotion is misplaced. It is time for the Board of Regents to pull the plug and correct the mistake of granting this charter in the first place, before the children lose yet another year of instruction.

Riverdale Y is located at 5625 Arlington Avenue. For more information regarding the seminar, please contact Charlie Schiller at 718-548-8200 ext 229. For more information on our speakers go the website and

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strong political voice of the Bronx. “I think that the city is starting to realize that we speak in one voice,” Diaz said. “For the first time in a very long time people are seeing the political leadership in our borough speaking in one voice and they’re taking us seriously. The community board keeps calling the parks department back to the table and ultimately there are questions that have to be answered.” The skating rink is set to be opened this November. The request for proposals deadline was postponed one week, to May 23, after the addendum allowing the cooling towers to be permanent was added. Members of the community board have been upset at the limited input the community has had, but some of them are now waiting until the board takes an official stance before voicing further opinions. Meanwhile legal questions have been raised as to whether one potential contractor had foreknowledge of the Request for Proposals, and indeed may have helped draft it to strengthen their chances of getting the contract.




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Beacon of Hope Gala May 11, 2011

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The RIVERDALE REVIEW • Thursday, May 12, 2011

On Wednesday, May 25 at 7:00 pm, the Riverdale Y will host a workshop on ‘ How to protect your child legally and financially’. Andrew Cohen, Esq and Mitch Weisbrot, CLU will present a informative seminar that addresses the legal and financial preparations that are crucial to safeguarding assets and benefits for your special needs child. Both men are fathers of children with disabilities. Their personal experience and professional expertise enables them to help other parents navigate the confusing and emotional aspects of estate planning that best serves the child. The entire community is invited. The


Riverdale Review, May 12, 2011  

Weekly newspaper published in Riverdale, NY 10471

Riverdale Review, May 12, 2011  

Weekly newspaper published in Riverdale, NY 10471