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What Makes A Mobile Application Engaging? From the beginning of app driven ecosystem, mobile developers have been building apps for lots of app categories. With every project dedicated to particular category, they face challenge, and in some conditions, these challenges are case specific. Two most popular platforms, iOS and Android have hundreds of thousands apps for every category. The game category is the wealthiest one on all platforms thus mobile game development is gaining popularity. Then we have utility apps that make a device more productive. Once users like an app, they never discard it. They do update and even refer it to others. It happens for both iPhone and Android. The major argument is about productivity, and if a mobile developer succeeds to add desired productivity to an app, it mostly proves to be successful, regardless of platforms. Traits like quality, productivity and performance give an app cutting edge over others. Dedicated users quickly grab apps with these traits as they are not only necessary for an app but also for other types of products. Users come back because of these traits, and form a long lasting engagement. A clean and simple design also engages users immediately and keeps latency low. It is potentially good. The interface should be simple and invite user exploring it. Mobile developers should first expose only the most important content. The design should also be eye-catching, uncluttered and intuitive. Program the app for the device and the environment of its OS. For example, most BlackBerry devices have physical navigation buttons while an iPhone or Android powered device does not have any physical navigation button. In case of a web app, different devices access the app in different manner and their browsers can render all stuffs quite differently. A web app needs to be tailored for all popular mobile web browsers. If possible, let users be social through your mobile application. Mobile users can contribute two times more social engagement than desktop users. More social engagement means more awareness about a product. Being social is good for most types of products, even for a virtual product. Social sites help businesses easily position them to the right user group. And every business wants it, don't they? Mobile devices are very personal. They are not like PCs that are mostly shared between many users. When an application is used on mobile device, it is supposed to be tailored for user's context. This will increase the duration of engagement. In case of free apps, do not push irrelevant promotions as many times, users get engaged with mobile for a limited period of time. Forced advertisements can irritate them. These are some important pointers for making an app engaging.

What Makes A Mobile Application Engaging_  

From the beginning of app driven ecosystem, mobile developers have been building apps for lots of

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