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Our History

If you asked anyone about Mansfield, Texas in the 60s, 70s or 80s, they would have mentioned the Kowbell Indoor Rodeo. Mansfield, a small rural community at the time, was a popular stopping place for cowboys and cowgirls. The Kowbell was the place to go for an indoor rodeo experience. Rodeos were held each Saturday night, year round.

Myths Stairs

The Arena was originally built with an open roof and a canvas top that could be lowered for shelter during inclement weather. In 1961, a permanent roof was added to the arena and continued operating the Rodeo. The Kowbell Rodeo closed and the property was sold to MISD in 2004. Because of Mansfield’s fast growing population, MISD administrators purchased the historic location to build the district’s fourth high school. After clearing land and deciding on blueprints, newly hired principal, Mr. David Wright, formed a committee to create the school’s name and mascot. Legacy fit perfectly. Broncos fit even better. In June 2006, committee members chose red and black as the colors. After 18 months of construction, Legacy High School opened in August of 2007 and housed over 2,100 students. To honor the school’s “Legacy” to Mansfield, the dance team was named the Silver Spurs, the yearbook had been named the Arena, and the newspaper was dubbed The Rider. Not to mention, you can find many loud cowbells at our sporting events. The PAC, band hall and journalism room can be found where the former rodeo area once stood.

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Girls’ Locker room

Guys’ Locker room

did you know? • Cookies are sold by PTSA members Wednesdays and Fridays next to the attendance office.

• Using lockers is an option, not a requirement. • It’s always cold in the classrooms. Carrying a jacket is advised.

• You can’t go to the bathroom the first or last 10-15 minutes of class.

of Legacy

fables and tall tales

• There is no fourth floor, nor plans to have a fourth floor. Be the first freshman class to stop looking for it. • Middle school rumors usually involve Chick-fil-A and Starbucks. These are not on campus. • The swimming pool is across town; there is no pool on campus. However, you might find one in the softball field after a big rain. • You are not allowed to go off campus for lunch. But because you don’t drive, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

Swimming Pool

• No worries, upperclassmen really don’t make fun of freshmen. But they may laugh at you looking for the fourth floor. • Homework isn’t an option. Just like in middle school, teachers give you grades for it.

• Only the bathrooms in the middle of the halls are unlocked during the day; the bathrooms on the ends stay locked.

• If you get your phone taken up, you have to pay the bookkeeper, Ms. Frampton, $15 to get it back. All doors, other than the front entrance, lock after 7:25 a.m. You must enter through the front door after 7:25.

• Girls’ homecoming mum sizes depend on your grade; you wear a one flower mum as a freshman and add a flower every year.

• Tutoring is not just for dumb people. The most successful students are usually the ones who go. • High School is nothing like the movies or TV. You’re expected to be mature, be on time, not run in the halls and not act like you did in middle school.

basics on Being a legacy bronco | Page 3

pep rallies Cheers you need to know: “What’s that cheer we like to hear, go Broncos go Broncos go! What’s that cheer we like to hear, go Broncos go Broncos go! A-YO, A, A A-YO A-YO A-YO, A, A A-YO A-YO!”

Fight song:

“I believe that we will win!” “You wish you were a Bronco oo ahh.”

Tips for pep rally spirit • Always cheer on the mascot, Bucky • Cheer for your class • Anytime you hear the speaker yell your class, represent • Don’t sit down, be respectful • Get involved • Don’t be afraid to participate in our pep rallies • Stand for school song

We are the Broncos we are red, black and white, We are the Broncos we will put up a fight, Now let’s go Broncos get up on your feet, So we can cheer and bring the heat. We will be loud and proud a big family, And we will come as one and have victory, Now let’s go Broncos get up on your feet, No we will not accept defeat. B-R-O-N-C-O-S Broncos, Broncos, Go Broncos!



Sophomores Freshmen

Pep rally seating Assignments

Players Band

Guide to Bronco Spirit

We are the Broncos we are red, black and white, We are the Broncos we will put up a fight, Now let’s go Broncos get set for a win, We’ll be victorious till the end!

events that matter • Homecoming is Oct. 28

• L.U.C.K. week: February/March (raising money for someone in need)

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• Day of Service: March 2023 (Helping the community)

dress code basics

wear this not that

dates that matter

Aug. 17: First Day of School Sept. 5: Labor Day Holiday Sept. 6-7 Yearbook Picture day (Eng classes) Sept. 23: Student Holiday/Teacher Workday Oct. 7: Student Holiday/Parent Teacher Conferences Oct.10: Student Holiday/Staff Development Day

Nov. 11: Veteran’s Day Holiday Nov. 21: Student Holiday/SDCE Day Nov. 22-25: Thanksgiving Holiday Dec. 20: End of 1st Semester Dec. 21-Jan. 3: Winter Break Jan. 4-6: Student Holiday/Teacher Workday

Jan. 9: 2nd Semester Begins Jan. 16: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Feb. 20: Presidents Day Holiday Mar. 13: Student Holiday/SDCE Day Mar. 14-17: Spring Break May 25: Last Day of School

Spirit Guide, Dress code, Events AND dates | Page 5



U hall



s hall













t hall



m hall

r te





O hall

second floor n hall


first floor

front of school

d hall I hall

J hall

Back parking lot

j hall

i hall

k hall

h hall

s hall


T hall


g hall

main gym

R hall

pe gym

Jv gym

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third floor

w hall

y hall

Z hall

Finding your way reading hallways 101 the second letter: Tells you what hallway it is

the remaining numbers: the location in the hall

V hall

w hall

y hall


the first letter: Tells you what kind of hall it is • A- academic • P - physical education • E - elective

the first number: Tells you what floor it is (1, 2 or 3)

SChool map | Page 7

Get Involved: FcA



Where they Meet K104 When they Meet Monday afternoons Sponsor SFC Watkins Purpose To allow STEM-driven students the opportunity to build and test machines.

Where they Meet Y311 When they Meet Every other Thursday Sponsor Ms. Panzarella Purpose To get together and share our love of reading for fun.

Drama Club



Chess Club

Where they Meet Z302 When they Meet Every Wednesday morning Sponsor Coach Oliver Purpose An interdenominational Christian sports ministry to see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

Where they Meet PAC When they Meet First Tuesday of every month after school Sponsors Mr. Ferman and Ms. Fortune Purpose To foster a love of theater for students on stage, backstage, and in the audience.

Where they Meet T221 When they Meet Scheduled block Sponsor Mr. Davis and Ms. Esaili Purpose To challenge students academically at competitions against students with similar GPAs.

Where they Meet EO102 When they Meet Scheduled block Sponsors Mr. Mallett and Ms. Dearinger Purpose To create an awesome yearbook, online newspaper, broadcast, write stories, take pictures, and have fun.

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Where they Meet J114 When they Meet Every Thursday after school Sponsor Mr. Ritz Purpose To meet new friends, go on trips, and learn new skills that will help you in everything you do.


Where they Meet W310 When they Meet Fridays after school Sponsor Ms. Kamphaus Purpose For students to come and play chess. New players can learn the game and experienced players can challenge each other.



organizations Gay Straight Alliance

Art Club



Where they Meet The Library When they Meet Every other Wednesday Sponsor Mr. Gillespie Purpose To provide a safe environment for LGBTQ+ students and straight allies where they can find security in their peers.

Where they Meet J108 When they Meet Scheduled block Sponsor Ms. Dorsett Purpose To prepare students for college. They learn organizational skills to help them reach their fullest potential as a student. Twice a week they have tutors come in to help the students.

Where they Meet N106 When they Meet Once a month depending on the project Sponsor Ms. Veselka and Mr. Skinner Purpose To promote the arts in our community.

Where they Meet In the PAC When they Meet Audition the second week of school, then the second Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. Sponsor Mr. Ferman Purpose Have fun while entertaining an audience.

To learn more about the clubs we offer here at Legacy, check out:


Student Council



Asian Student Union

Where they Meet B101 When they Meet 6 p.m. Mondays Sponsor Ms. Cavnar Purpose To provide effective leadership for the students and to plan campus events to keep students involved.

Where they Meet K104 When they Meet Scheduled block Sponsor Sgt. Maj. Smith and SFC Watkins Purpose To motivate young people to be better citizens.

Where they Meet W310 When they Meet Every Wednesday morning Sponsor Ms. Kamphuas Purpose To bring Christian students together to study the Bible and find companionship in like-minded students.

Where they Meet T207 When they Meet 1-2 Wednesdays a month Sponsor Ms. Rema Purpose To serve local Asian communities in a collaborative space.

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Freshman Code

Actually try

Freshman year might be the easiest year of high school, but it is also the most important. Your freshman year lays the foundation for the rest of your high school career. Your GPA and class rank start to count this year.

Don’t text and walk

You will get distracted and probably run into something or someone.


Remember to always wear your ID around your neck (Mr. Cousins will be your best friend if you do). Also, do not open any doors during the school day for anyone, not even your friends.

Watch the doors in the hallway

The doors open out, so keep your head up when you are walking in the halls. There are too many stories of people getting hit by the doors. Stay off your phone and walk with purpose on your way to your classes.

Don’t play music in the hallway

Just because you like techno music doesn’t mean everyone else wants to hear it.

Don’t complain

Your freshman year is one of the best because it’s all new. Enjoy it.

Don’t run in the hallways

You have a 5-minute passing period; there’s no need to run. I don’t care if you’re late.

Don’t stop walking

Get to class. Don’t stop and talk to your friends in the middle of the hallway. You become a roadblock for everyone else.

College advice

During your freshman year, start preparing for the PSAT/NMSQT, SAT and ACT. These scores will be crucial in your college application process (that is, if you plan on going to college).

Final Exam Exemptions Exemptions can be confusing in high school and they change every year. Expect these to change, but here are the rules for the 2022-2023 school year: • Eligible students will receive two exemptions each semester, if they meet the required standards. • Students must maintain an 80 or above average for the semester. • No more than two absences in the class a student wants to exempt. • An absence for a school-related function does not count against you. For example, if you go on a band trip for three days, don’t worry about losing exemptions. • Students suspended, sent to an alternative education program (BIC or JJAEP) or sent to AC for any reason cannot exempt. • Don’t get in trouble for dress code or any other reason. Even if you’re in AC for five minutes, it still takes away all of your exemptions. • Students may not absence fail any class for the semester. • If a student violates one requirement, they will lose exemptions. • Each semester cleans the slate for students. If you have three absences for the first semester, they will not affect exemptions for the second semester. • During an free period of time, you can make an online request for your exceptions.

Time shift - 7 a.m. is early :( Try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep You can survive with less, but doctors suggest getting around this amount of sleep.

DO NOT procrastinate Doing all your homework in one night will make you extremely tired and will leave you exhausted the next day. Work on homework when you get it so the stack doesn’t pile up.

Eat Breakfast Eating breakfast ensures energy to get through your classes.

Pack ahead of time Pack your school stuff together at night before you go to bed so you can sleep in later and not have to worry about scrambling to find a misplaced paper early in the morning.

Plan your morning routine

page 10 | Survival Guide

Setting your morning routine in your memory makes the process easier and faster.

Apps to Know


class link


google drive edugence




Problems with a Teacher? Research:

There are district policies, campus procedures and then specific course syllabi that parents can access online or in Canvas.


Your first contact is the teacher or coach. Ask questions to figure out what’s happening in the class or sport.

what the library offers •Free black and white printing; colored is 25 cents •They sell discounted school supplies •They give you websites and books for research projects • Green screen for video projects

lunch info

Problem solve:

1. Get there early or pick a short line because they take forever. 2. Chips in the line cost less than chips in the vending machine. It may only save you a quarter, but quarters turn into dollars and dollars get you cookies from PTSA. 3. Ask for extra condiments. If you’re trying to cover your whole sandwich or don’t have enough for all of your fries - ask for extra. 4. Anything chicken is usually good, and the nachos are always a safe choice. 5. You have to stay on campus for lunch. 6. A, B, C & D lunches. 7. Now you can bring food to microwave. Just don’t leave a mess for someone else to clean up.

Academic Expectations • Always remember to turn your work in. It’s a good idea to still turn it in even if it is late or not finished. • Your goal as a freshman is to earn six credits to be able to move on to 10th grade next year. • Go to tutorials for help. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Ask your teacher about tutoring incentives to get extra points on quizzes and tests. • If you fail a test, go to your teacher to retest or make corrections within a week. •As a freshman, you will have frequent binder and planner checks. Make sure you learn the expectations and requirements for this.

Work with your student and the teacher to solve the problem. Voice your concerns. Listen to all sides. Allow time for the implementation of agreed changes or procedures.

Helpful Websites 1. classlink.com 2. therideronline.com 3. deltamath.com 4. edgenuity.com 5. khanacademy.com 6. google.com/drive/


Who to follow: @LegacyBroncos @therideronline @legacyhscheer @legacybroncofb @LHSDrill @legacychoirs @LegacySBall @LegacyStuCo @broncoxc

Chromebook Basics

Follow up:

Communicate with your student and the teacher to ensure all agreed-upon procedures are happening.


If the issue remains, set up a meeting with the coach or teacher, you, and your parent.

School supplies Backpack Pencil Pen Highligher Paper Binder chrombook *Don’t purchase school supplies until after the first day of school. Teachers will pass out a syllabus with additional school supplies. Bring both A day and B day supplies every day. Keep it all together.

• It’s a really good idea to charge your Chromebook every night. If your Chromebook is dead, then you can’t do the activities in class to your full extent. Paper copies are no fun. If your Chromebook isn’t working, visit the library for tech support. • Every student must have one unless you use a personal device. Remember to bring your Chromebook to class every day. • Make sure you don’t download any blacklisted apps or visit blocked websites. It will get your chromebook taken up.

Helpful information | Page 11

Who to know

Dr. Bonneau Principal What are you are known for?

“I’m known for being out and involved on the campus – you’ll see me everywhere!”

What’s one of your pet Peeves?

“One of my biggest pet peeves is when people don’t try – they just want to give up when things get tough. We learn from challenge, so quitting prevents learning.”

What is one random fact about you? “I have three miniature schnauzers named Rocky, Chewy, and Molly.”

Ms. MonaJami Academic Principal What DO YOU WANT FRESHmen to know?

“This can be the beginning of four of the best years of your life if you approach it with the right mindset!'

What is something you’re known for?

“I randomly burst into song and quote random movies (usually animated Disney ones).”

What SHould Freshmen look forward to?

“Being challenged and stretched as a learner. This is an exciting time in your educational career and is the next step before college, career, or military.”

page 12 | Freshman Survival Guide

Mr. Contereas Assistant Principal

Ms. Bible Assistant Principal


What is something you’re known for?

“The many different opportunities they have to participate on campus, such as athletics, clubs, band, JROTC, and drill team, to get involved in school.”

What are you known for? “Caring for kids. When they know they have a problem, they know that I can help them with whatever problem they have.”

“I am known as someone who is eager to learn and loves meeting new people!”

What’s your “pro-tip” for Freshmen?

“Venture out and get to know others! You will build life-long friendships in high school.”

What do you want Freshmen to look forward to?

“Finding their interests and joining new clubs and organizations. High school can be a very busy time in your life, but it is one of the best times!”

Mr. Cousins Assistant Principal What are some of your pet peeves?

“When students don’t wear their IDs and are late to class.”

What do you want freshmen to know?

“I want them to understand that you must have a great start in order to be successful and that the teachers are behind them because this is a family.”

What are you known for? “Where’s your ID?”

Ms. Vorsino Lead Counselor

Ms. Frampton Bookkeeper What do you want freshman to know?


“Don’t worry or stress—you will do awesome!”

“A kid came into my office thinking that there was a fourth floor and I had to fully explain to him and show him a map to prove to him that there wasn’t a fourth floor. There is no fourth floor.”

What are your pet peeves?

What do you want Freshmen to look forward to?

“Experiencing everything Legacy High School has to offer to the fullest.”

“My biggest pet peeve is students who don’t pass their classes. It creates extra work for the counselors.”

What is your “pro-Tip for Legacy Freshmen?

“Have fun this year, and soak it all in. It will all happen really fast.”

What’s one thing you’re known for? “Taking payments.”


“High school goes by way faster than you think it will. Make the most of your time here—join things, go to events, and participate in clubs/organizations.

What are you known for? “I am “scary” until you have me in class then you find out I always have snacks and I am involved in many things so I have lots of answers.”

What do you want Freshmen to Look forward to?

“Pep rallies. Dances. Field days.”

Important people To Know | Page 13

Boring but important stuff tutorials

Attending tutoring schedules

Most teachers have their tutoring schedule outside of their room either on the wall or on their door. Otherwise tutoring schedules can be found on legacy.mansfieldisd.org under the resources tab.

What are tutoring incentives?

You can get a tutoring form from your assistant principal’s office or online. These forms can be used to add points to your grades. It can be used to get rid of absence failures with up to 3 hours with a core teacher before or after school.

how to use the library 1. Check in

Walking into the library, there will be a scanner for your ID to show you were in there during the day.

2. Look for a book

Walk around and find a book you think you will enjoy. Take it to the front and get it checked out.


time management


Having a job or playing a sport can complicate a schedule. Doing your homework at lunch the day you get it can help you get it done on time. Doing little bits at a time throughout the day can also help more than you think.

make up work/absences 2. Check your teachers’ resources, Canvas, or their website if they have one.

If you decide to visit the library during lunch, you can play board games with your friends at a table.

want to finish a project or do some work on the library computers, sit at an empty one and do your work.

Social Life

Having friends is hard when you have to balance lots of things during the day. Having study dates with friends is a great way to have a social life and get all your work done at the same time.

3. Have your parents call the attendance office ahead when you plan on being absent from school.

4. Try not to miss more than four days of the same class so you can have exemptions.

page 14 | Freshman Survival Guide

If you can’t make your normal teacher’s tutoring, you can find a teacher of the same subject that has a different tutoring schedule.

4. Play Games

After two tardies in the same day, the attendance office will call your parents. Then on your 3rd, the attendance office can write you a referral or place you in AC. Neither of these options are preferable, so don’t be late.

Tardies turn into absences after 20 minutes of missed class. Don’t miss more than you have to; it will catch up with you.

1. Ask your teachers for work the day before you miss to avoid late work.

3. Use the computers If you

2. No more than 3

1. 20 minutes max

Other Options

5. TCC Classes

Junior year students are allowed to start taking TCC courses. Classes meet Monday through Thursday, but meet in the library on Fridays.

3. Passing Periods

You have five minutes between each passing period. Multiple tardies can lead to Saturday School or AC, and you can’t get your exemptions at the end of the semester if you’ve had AC in the past.

Beauty sleep

Getting enough sleep during the week can be a problem for a lot of teenagers. Do class work in class and don’t take it home to finish if you don’t have to. Doing homework early instead of procrastinating can help you get to bed earlier. Eating an early dinner can also help you feel tired and ready to go to sleep earlier.

5. Plan appointments around core classes and/or important days.

6. If you’re sick, bring a doctor’s note to the attendance office.

7. Skipping classes isn’t worth it. You can’t learn if you aren’t there.

freshmen bucket list people to meet

MR. Skinner

ms. Larimore

Coach Keel Influential Educators

These three teachers have positively impacted teachers and students around them, and should be people you want to meet. Both resourceful and engaging, Mr. Skinner, Ms. Larimore and Coach Keel are staff you would want to see around the school.

get a mum

Homecoming is one of the most festive games of the whole year. Show your school spirit with a bushel of decorative ribbon, feathers, and bells. Seniors wear white and four flowers while underclassmen wear one flower starting freshman year.

get involved

A great way to get the total high school experience is by joining clubs and participating in school activities. Dress up days are a great way to show your Bronco pride. See page 8 and 9 for a list of clubs and organizations that you can get involved in. We highly recommend joining Journalism or other clubs for experiences you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

non-football sporting events

Football is iconic, so go. But also attend a volleyball or tennis game. You’re closer to the action and can yell louder. Spring sports are usually in the playoffs. Don’t be a bandwagon fan and just show up for basketball, soccer and baseball playoffs.

read The Rider


The online student newspaper, The Rider Online, is a great source of news and a way to stay involved with the school. From movie reviews to student profiles, photos and videos, The Rider Online has you covered. Check out therideronline.com

buy a yearbook Yes, the cost is more than the $20 you paid at middle school, however, the high school book is more than 300 pages, has autograph pages and tons of memories. It’s the only thing you’ll have from high school 10, 20, 30 years from now unless you plan to carry that iPhone around in 2045 with your grandchildren. You won’t regret it.


“To be confident and focus on school and don’t let drama distract you. Hopefully I can go to Texas A&M to take medical classes in pediatric nursing.”

-Kamdyn Eisenhaur, 9


“Don’t compare yourself to the other graduating classes, just do you. Something I regret was taking AP classes when I had the chance to get take college credits.”

-Benjamin Thomas, 12


“Make sure you take care of your academics because that’s when your GPA starts. A lot of the time students will make it to junior year and want to increase their GPA because they weren’t motivated.”

-Ms. Dana Vorsino, Counselor

2022 Girls Softball

letter jacket

Lettering in a sport or club is a great way to show commitment to the sport and a fun way to show school spirit everywhere you go. Visit with your coach or sponsor for how to earn a jacket.


For A and B days, check the MISD calender or ask a teacher, friend or AP if you are confused.

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