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May , 2018 Issue 11


Undercover With the Pro‘s Physics

This is the last issue of The Rideout Magazine… st before the 1 anniversary! Ha! I hope you guys didn’t think we give up that easily. Blasted with awesome articles we are more than th happy to present our 11 issue. And also you have a few teasers for our upcoming event “The Rideout Kapow” which will have many awesome events over the weekend th starting with our 12 issue so keep checking our website and our group or join it if you are not a member of it yet.

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Article By Craven Koskinen

Bike Spotlight

We present you the Bloodwolf Kustoms’ Death Jester Low Rider. Bloodwolf Kustoms’ has only opened in March 2018, but have made a couple of impressions at bike shows and also with a custom bike for a club (Highway to Rock). The Death Jester is a very massive long fork that is really sticking out. Probably the most noticeable is the blowing skulls in the rim. What more could fit a Death Jester Bike? IRK. Death – Skulls: A neat association that sticks out very much here. The one thing that got to me the most is the flames that come out of the exhaust when you start the bike. It is not the standard ACS flames. Those are actually very cool looking. Besides the skulls there is a lot of chrome on the bike with a very high shine to it. If you are e.g. on a ride out this bike for sure would stand out. Not only by its size, of course that is one of the reasons, but also because it has those incredible details, and follows its Death Jester theme from front to back. The price is unbeatable at 1500L$ and you can get it right at the Bloodwolf Kustoms main store.

Article By Craven Koskinen

Bike Spotlight

Let’s put move our spotlight on “Project: Fox” by SMR. ‘Project: Fox’ is coming out the 1st of June and we had the pleasure to get an early glimpse and test run it.

Of course the main looker is the tank. It has this beautiful crease in the middle that follows it along the whole line to the seat. It does remind a bit of a racer doesn’t it? A huge highlight of the bike is also the whole exhaust assembly: it just looks weird and stylish, but yet like it was made just for this bike. The poses are made very well and fit without big problems. Size wise it is made as L and S (large and small) and you can resize it without big problems. There are 3 color variations; silver, bronze and foxy. The ride on this bike is a damn smooth one and that is speaking for the cruiser. You can get this bike as the fat pack with all colors for only 1900L$ or as a single pack for 1199L$. Give it a try and maybe you will be just as convinced of Project: Fox as we are, but you have to wait until June 1st!

Article By Craven Koskinen

Bike Spotlight

This next spotlight goes on a very special classic machine by Infamous Customs. That store stands for an outstanding building quality and very clean builds. The Skull Crusher is one of Infamous’ newest creations and is just outstanding. When first taking a look it’s just a wow impression. I think it is because it’s just an extremely clean build, with immense proportions. The other fact that makes the bike actually stand out is that it fits boys and girls alike. Even though the bike comes only in one size – Usually those rustic builds scream for a big guy. In this case though, we have an awesome huge build that fits everyone alike and makes either male or female look like a real badass. We only needed to resize it 3 times from the original size. Just like all bikes by infamous customs it drives very smooth and has sweet physics settings, so you don’t end up in a flying ride or a bouncy ride. The bike comes in 7 different colors in total. The price is amazing 999L$ and for that bike it is not just a great price but a real steal.

Bike Review Sinful Motors Legions Bike

Once upon a time there was a green little island called Rock of Cashel in the virtual world of Second Life. On that green little rock was Sinful Motors and he made cars and bikes. Sin was a modest guy and did not realize what his machines did it seemed, so‌ oh hell...

We tried some of the bikes you can get there for free and they were pretty awesome! At the FFM Bike show in the past month he had one bike out that just totally got to our eye, so we decided to review it. Let’s see what this pretty little machine does!

Drivability: The Legions Bike is very drivable. It takes the curves really smooth and you have the feeling that it is probably one of the smoothest rides you ever tried, at least it’s what I felt when I tried it. If you tune it up a bit you can race it too, but it is mainly just a really elegant cruiser.

Adhesion: The durability on a mesh road is without a problem. The bike has fitted solid pieces on the tires and on its sides too, so you don’t really get stuck anywhere. It performs very well on mesh

and prim roads. The physics settings of gravity 4.0 and density 1200 are perfect for this bike and its purpose. It performs extremely well.

Design: The design of the bike put in one word is simply elegant. In fact, it is one of the most elegant bikes any of us have seen from our little magazine here. It may not be everyone’s style, but it definitely is awesome and something different. Is it the black and gold theme that gives that impression? Not sure but it definitely is awesomely designed!

The bike has only this one design but comes in two sizes (regular and F) and can be additionally resized.

Characteristics: Where to start? Let’s pick the most obvious first. The front forks definitely are one of the main aspects that contribute to the bike and give it a special character. One thing that gives the bike a lot of character is the extreme number of poses. Drive, Idle, left, right, reverse, and 10 parks! Yes 10 parks. That is amazing. You pretty much find something for everyone there. If you want to pose

for pictures or just look cool you got it all in there.

Affordability: 1000L$. That’s like kicking me off my chair here. For what this bike does and how it performs and handles and definitely the looks, this price is an absolute earth shaker. You get definitely a lot for a rather small amount. The bike is coming out soon so keep looking out for it!

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Article By Craven Koskinen

Racing What is it really

About ‘Ride the Lightning’: ‘Ride the Lightning’ used to be a blog that dealt with all kinds of bikes in SL. Probably the biggest inspiration for it was after a rough day at Deezul Raceway. All suspects return to the scene of the crime. Remember that one? It was where I went

afterwards to H&H because of the track on the first level. That track was the track I learned how to ride on in SL, but also the track where I met Helvis Xue. Many of you may know him. He is a truly brilliant racer. As I couldn’t find my 100% fit for racing I went all over the place to find a good race bike. That's how ‘Ride the Lightning’ came to be.

What's this all about? It’s not a creation story really more of just an explanation. This past September at the Freeriders Race that was going on, I heard some people saying how it's all cheating. Is it? And this is what this all is about. It’s a lot, but it is not cheating.

and probably fall over the railing at some point. What does that mean for us in SL? It means that riding along the wall is simply cheating. Pretty much every monkey could do that.

Shells: For a properly tuned bike for racing purposes a shell is crucial. Racing vs. wall riding: The Not to avoid you from simple definition of a race is getting stuck but from that two people drive and falling through the road. To the fastest wins. In RL all simplify this - once you participants would have to stay on the road for that. If you slid along the wall you would not only totally damage your bike but eventually hurt yourself

start your SL vehicle it turns physical. What does physics teach us? Every moving object creates friction. The shell basically dampens that effect. More physics later and from Becca. Ever heard of the term "tank"? It's used to classify the shape of a shell of a bike mainly.

Those shells are, in comparison with the size of the bike, enormous and so often have multiple shells. This is made because basically if one shell doesn’t hold, there is a 2nd and 3rd and etc. This is a way builders can make a very stuck resistant

bike. But let me ask you this, besides the fact that most races will ask you to leave and dq you because of the shell because it is considered unfair: What sport is it if you cannot get

stuck and you have an absolutely stuck resistant bike that is basically surrounded by a tank battalion?

Banking: Back since the Tama bikes, banking is a big topic for races. If you ride a bike RL you bank with each turn. It is probably one of the most significant properties of riding a motorcycle. If you have a vehicle that doesn't bank, is that still a bike? Yes, it is, but no it is not. Thus, many no bank bikes if seen at public races are dismissed as well. Let's call that the tank effect. Also, you could even make a scooter that way into a mean racer.

Crazy fast speeds: They are very possible. With the help of camera huds they are able to be upheld as well. Most bike makers have speeds up to 600-700. Whatever the number is in the gears, as Becca explained so lovely, that can be compared to horsepower. What limits us to increase that? Well nothing except the limits of a computer and physics in SL.

More physics: Physics are important. That includes gravity, friction, density and bounciness. Without that we wouldn't have such nice riding bikes. As I said your bike creates friction

even if you reduce it in the physics. Well you can adjust your physics in the bike and reduce the friction some might say. Well it’s not 100% the fact. You still have friction once you move. So some smart pants would say to reduce all physics to 0 then it wouldn't cause any interaction. If you did that you would have a flying machine. That would be known as my beloved Hagrid effect. To find that balance for your own driving style is crucial for your performance if you are into racing.

That is probably the main reason why a race bike

should be modifiable or at least have an option added in the menu (which is possible) to give you a way to edit the physics. Since many don't have that, it makes little to no sense of buying or selling a race bike that is no modify.

This was a small round up of race bikes and what many of the requirements are. I hope you liked it. Next month for our anniversary we will be back with another really cool race bike.

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Unless there is an apocalyptic event happening, we did it! One year of The Rideout Magazine. The next issue st will be our 1 Aniversary Issue. You can already get our anniversary vendors available at our HQ. The functionality is unchanged, just the look has upgraded a bit. We do hope you like them. Also with the release of our anniversary issue we are going to open “The Rideout Kapow”, our small event and hope you all can join us to celebrate our anniversary with many fun events… Rideout out.

The Rideout Magazine  

The RIdeout Magazine, Issue 11, May 2018

The Rideout Magazine  

The RIdeout Magazine, Issue 11, May 2018