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February, 2018 Issue 8


Immortal Sisters MC Strength, Loyality, Pride!

Issue number 8! Yes we are out there for 8 months now. Of course we are planning on something really th awesome for the 12 issue. February has quite a few things. Mardi Gras, Carneval, Valentines day, etc. How many of you did know st though, that march 1 each year is the world compliment day? Well you might remember and throw some compliments out there st on march 1 to those around you. They for sure will appreciate it. Now… Let The Rideout begin……

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Article By Craven Koskinen

Bike Spotlight

And the spotlight today shines on‌. Wicked Chrome’s Skull Keeper. When looking at bikes, many people have different standards. Some want it realistic as possible, some want high quality poses, some want it to just look good, some want it to just drive good, and some want just to have a modifiable bike. The list there goes pretty much on and on and on. I think the reason for it is quite obvious.

The bike itself is a looker, mainly for its tank. Duh! There are many remarkable bikes out there and we try to get all of them one by one. Eventually we will get them all. I hope, at least. Anyway! The Skull Keeper is just an amazing bike and if you want to be that badass, with that one bike that has something really cool on it, this one is the right choice. By the way, it does seem that the spotlights have their periods, like in the end of 2017 we had café racers, and since December we are going back to the “badass” section of the bikes. Anyway, back to the Skull Keeper! The bike has a very classic style of a bobber. It is not just a really awesome classic one. It looks like one of those restored bikes that someone has put back together. Then, after putting it back together has replaced the headlight. You can see it if you look really good, but the headlight actually has lightning

inside it which makes the theme of the bike just flow much more away from the classic bike and give it a bit more zig. Of course it has been very well isolated, so no one gets electrocuted. Then comes the right zag and the crown piece, that one part that just makes the bike roar the right way. It is this awesome skull tank. It is not just a skull though. Looking really good at it, you can see that the skull itself has flames that go along the classic tank. Some may say something like “…ok, but I can slap a skull texture on my tank too” or something like that. Well don’t judge too fast. The skull is not only a texture but is built-in and made very well (of course in mesh).

To have a real badass ride or not to have a real badass ride, that is the question. This bike is available for only 1000L$. Who could say no to that? Well we all know tastes vary, but for those who are into the classic combination with something odd and unique looking, here is just another, very affordable option.

Bike Review NY Motorbikes The Fireblade

Bikes with non ACS scripts: Many bikes sadly lack options that people are used to, the ACS scripts that are most commonly seen. Now if you remember, we had NY! Motorbikes in a race bike review a few

issues ago. The most amazing thing about NY! is that their script can absolutely rival the ACS. Let’s see what their Fireblade cruiser can do. Shall we?

Drivability: With this NY! Motorbikes machine you have a very smooth cruiser. Yes, this cruiser it is a bit too bulky to pass as a racer but totally does the job as cruiser. It doesn’t steer too instant but not too late or too hard either. You have a very smooth ride feeling, especially in the curve, despite the bulky build.

Adhesion: The bike has a very long root prim which keeps it from getting stuck especially on mesh roads. On prim roads it is not as effective but does the job too. The crucial gear is 5. Of course, a skilled driver

is less affected by that. In any case, should you get stuck you will be quickly pushed out, so you rarely will face that problem. The bike does perform much better on mesh roads though.

Design: Well it is for sure out of the box. It reminds a bit of a dragon. The massive engine adds to the impression, otherwise everything is where it is supposed to be. Each bike comes with a gigantic color selection of + 30 different paint options. To top it off, you can mix and match too. E.g. you can have the

fenders in 2 different colors and the tank another. Despite the bike being nomod, it is fully modifiable by its menu.

though – in my opinion at least – the most remarkable one. You have a drive, idle, reverse, and park position with the bike and if you want to add poses, no problem. Just select the option to Characteristics: Basically, add a pose and it will be the menu is the there. Also each bike characteristic of the bike. comes in 2 sizes--one for It is a no mod bike but ladies and one for comes with every option; gentlemen, so pretty much adding textures, poses, everyone is covered on license plate, etc., or just changing the shine is no problem in the menu. Also the unique NY! script lets you change all the physics from gravity to bounciness. The physics option in the menu is

sizes. Another small feature that comes with the poses option is when driving faster. You see in our pictures that some of them have only one hand on the handlebar. That is the drive animation. If you go above gear 5 you will have both hands on the handlebars. It is one of those small but really cool features that give this bike a lot of character! Affordability: The price for this ‘one hell of a machine’

is 1749 L$. You, for sure, get a very unique script that is probably in my opinion the best one next to the ACS scripts and it also gets frequently updated and taken care of. Besides all of this, these bikes also have lifelong free updates for as long as second life is around. You wanted a bike with a script that can rival the ACS but is not that? There you go! It is definitely worth the price for great looks and great driving fun.

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Article By Craven Koskinen

Welcome back to another “In the Raw”. Today we will take a raw look at a rather new company in the motorcycle business. Wolfsong Brothers Custom Designs. They are pretty new with a whole four bikes available. Judging by their designs though, there is much to be expected there in the future. The one thing that mainly sticks out about Wolfsong Brothers is that they use themed bikes. Christmas Trike: Golden Skull: Porcelain: or Sterling. But they all are fully themed, which

Wolfsong Brothers Custom Designs

actually requires quite a lot of creativity and skill. Not only to theme it right, but also to use the right textures and that don’t look like they were taken at the beginning of the last century. Our main focus will be on the Sterling bike though, as it is just really remarkable by its build alone. The Sterling bike gives you the best example of how Wolfsong Brothers Custom Designs build their bikes. Basically it’s a classic bike that gets pepped up by the tires and rims, the handlebars,

the tank and fender(s). With their Sterling bike you have those tribal inspired rims that make an oldie look a bit more

those sterling silver disks. It reminds you a bit about some vintage tribal designs that you pepped up – sorta “pimp normally would see in an my ride� for bikes in a old mansion or castle on way. The handlebars are the walls melted from a bit raised and go some silver. The same design higher. Along the bike just bigger you can also you have some cute little find on the back fender. details as the brake disks And then the tank! Yes of and chain drive have course the tank is one of the main pieces of a bike where you can apply your designs. Here we have the same vintage design made from sterling silver. It is surrounded by that subtle black metallic

shine and it just gives the bike its character to the right core. Wolfsong Brothers Custom Designs is definitely a new uprising bike company in SL, led by Daniel Wolfsong. I personally have big expectations from them

in the future as their current stable has quite some amazing things to offer. With each bike at 2000L$ they are in a fair range and you get nothing less than what you get from any other bike makers for that amount.

Article By Craven Koskinen

SMR Motorcycles Mjoelnir The ammer of the gods Mjoelnir, the hammer of the gods: it is a nice phrase for a bike, especially a race bike. It makes you wonder if the ride holds up to its catchy name, or if it is just another bike that uses a name people

know now from various movies, just to make the sales. Let’s check it out and see if Mjoelnir really passes our test criteria and if it really is the hammer of the gods.

Drivability: It is very drivable. Surprisingly due to its gravity it is a suitable cruiser. As a race bike it is defo a great one. The handling is very smooth, even a bit too smooth maybe in a low gear, and almost instant. Like pretty much every racer, you will need to tweak it though when you gear up all the way and have turbo on.

Adhesion: Gotta love that fancy sounding word. The bike has a rather unique build up. Its root is a sled that goes along the bottom. A fitted shell pretty much covers it. You will barely

get stuck and it keeps the line pretty well. Of course when you go full speed and turbo 50 straight into a wall you will get stuck. But, no worries, you will get pushed out quickly.

Design: it is a typical race bike design though it comes with a sweet paint job displaying two hammers. Elegant and sporty--what more could you want from a race bike.

The paintjob is either white or black carbon and has the markings and the two hammers of the bike on it. Basically all the colors are for boys and girls equally divided. though it has turbo +9 instead of the typical +1 option. To add to this, the bike comes in 8 different paint jobs or as a single color. Each bike is fully mod and can be resized. Characteristics: The bike offers some out of the box things. First of all it comes with the texture map of the bike in case you want to customize it. The other special part is the turbo option. Standard is 30, They all come in a small and large size. You get a drive, left, right, idle, reverse, shift and 4 parking poses included. As said the bike is mod so you can

swap or add there. Due to the shell it is a bit hard to reach especially the fenders. You can add your own texture through the menu as well.

Affordability: 1900 l$ is the price for the multicolor

version of this bike. The single color version comes at an astonishing 750 l$. For this performance, options and possibilities both are an amazing price and absolutely worth it. Feel free to give it a try and release your speed demon.

Available Jobs: Bike Reviewer Race Bike Reviewer Interviewer Models (1 male)

2 bloggers (1 male, 1 female) All applications either by email to or via notecard to rideoutadmin or just use one of our mailboxes at our HQ.

We sincierly hope you enjoyed this issue. We have more nice things for you coming up next issue. This month it was brought to us that many people take their MC for granted. Well if you take your MC for granted same thing happens that always happens when you take stuff for granted. It will not work out. Please remember that your MC relies on you and every other single member as it is a club not a solo walk through if you will. So be good to your MC. See you guys next issue! Rideout out‌..

The Rideout Magazine  

The Rideout Magazine, Issue 8, February 2018

The Rideout Magazine  

The Rideout Magazine, Issue 8, February 2018