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Hello dear readers, With this month’s issue we present you our contact hud. What is it for? It is for you to contact us easier. We basically made it easier for you guys to reach out to us inworld. Our website and emails remains unchanged. Now the contact hud is to be added. Above you have the links to where you can get your own vendors, should you not have them, our Facebook page, and our website. The HQ and WS buttons each will give you the LM where you can get your own vendors, the others will guide you to the appropriate site. Below that is the exciting part. Articles can be easily requested. Just push the button you of what you would like to request, and you will receive a notecard where you have all the information needed. Inside there is an email address and a calling card so you can submit it either directly inworld or via email, whatever floats your boat. We really hope you like the contact hud and have a great month!

“ �

During three months of the year we will focus on different topics that have affected us all in one way or another at some point in our lives here. 5

What are the different types of bullying? There are at least five types of bullying. o Physical bullying can involve hitting, kicking, pinching, pushing, or otherwise attacking others. o Verbal bullying refers to the use of words to harm others with name-calling, insults, making sexual or bigoted comments, harsh teasing, taunting, mimicking, or verbal threats. o Relational bullying focuses on excluding someone from a peer group, usually through verbal threats, spreading rumors, and other forms of intimidation. o Reactive bullying involves the bully responding to being a former victim by picking on others.

o Bullying can also involve assault on a person's property, when the victim has his or her personal property taken or damaged. Source

What are the different types of hazing? o Cursing or yelling at victims o Compelling victims to eat disgusting things

o Beating, whipping, branding, tying up, or gagging victims o Requiring victims to perform sexual acts o Forced binge drinking

Let Second Life be a safe ground!


Article By Craven

Bike Spotlight

Fatboys in general are for sure the most popular bikes in SL if not the most popular design. Bunnygun’s Gearbox just recently released their Classic Fatboy – Big Red. It’s a classic build of a fatboy and everything is where it’s supposed to be. When it loads, it is tilted when parked and looks just badass, especially with the handlebars. What really sticks out is the detail to the engine, with the chrome and the red logo of Bunnygun’s. With the hide/show option you can actually enable or disable a windshield for the bike too. Big Red comes in 2 sizes, male and female, so the ladies have an easier way of adjusting themselves on the bike. There is a tachometer attached between the handlebars, which enhances the bike's classic feel. The scheme of black, red and chrome works amazing with the soft white lining. Pose wise we have idle, drive, left, right, reverse and 3 parks. Of course just like with every classic machine there is a passenger seat. The price of this bike is 2500L$, pretty amazing for a machine that is 100% original mesh!

Article By Craven

Bike Spotlight

Concept bikes are often just an idea that creates something new, something different and usually very unique. Lately, I have been looking for the unique bikes of SL and haven’t found many. This month we went to Arty Creation and there was a concept bike. It is a beautiful long fork, with some unique features. It’s all 100% original mesh. Let’s start in the front with the headlights attached to the forks right by the wheels. The light itself is reminiscent of a robot. Even the brakes are great, since those are on the end of the handlebars. The tank is connected as one with the air filter of the engine and of course a long fork like this needs a pretty nice exhaust. The color of the bike is gold with a hint of green in it, of course highly polished – not something you see everyday on a bike. There is a saddle bag in the front, right in front of the engine. One feature that sticks out is the license plate. Animation wise we have drive, left, right, idle and 2 parks and to top it off, a passenger seat as well. The bike costs 3000L$ and is a masterpiece of uniqueness.

And join the suppor

rter group while you are at it

Bike Review Zodiac Chopper By Laysundra

This month’s review is for the Zodiac Chopper by Phoenix Ankaa-Stealth (firestorm777) owner of Stealth Motorcycles.

The Zodiac Chopper is a sleek design. Will it live up to its rating? Let’s find out!

Drivability: I took this bike out for a drive along the Strugis highway and I must say it handles quite well. There is a smoothness to it that makes for a great ride despite whatever lag one might face on the SL grid.

Adhesion: I found in driving the Zodiac Chopper, the adhesion is good. I don’t get stuck in walls, even at gear 7. However, depending on the curves of the highway, I found myself falling off the road in that high gear, but while in the lower gears not so much.

The Zodiac Chopper is a typical chopper make and model with wonderful accents for each zodiac sign that comes in this chopper design.

Each bike comes with a hud and cuddle option when you purchase the bike itself. If you try the demo you won’t get the menu at all. Like stated above, in the design you can choose which bike suits you for whichever Zodiac sign that you find yourself in. You can select an awesome accent and picture of that zodiac sign on the tank.

Affordability: You can be riding in style with this Zodiac Chopper each designed and characterized with the zodiac sign of your birth month!

Priced at 1500L, get yours today!

Driftwood - A Dream Series Event April 5thMay 5th hair: Besom head. Genus body: maitreya skin: iTGirls tatoo: Garden of Ku pose: BellePoses

sometimes the life is like a one way Anja sponsored by T.P.G.Project marketplace my boots Milos sponsored by V-Twins marketplace my Pose Bento Assise 18 sponsored by Jess Poses marketplace tatoo: Garden of Ku hair: .shi head. Genus body: maitreya skin: iTGirls



Sadie Says Biker Fashion & Beyond, Around the Grid By Sadie Pierce

Back To School We’re in the month of August and this means only one thing. Well, maybe two. 1.) Summer is winding down and 2.) It’s back to school for so many. The days of no schedule and a care-free way of life is coming to an end. Back to the grind as they say. So grab your books and get to learnin’ or as is the case for us bikers? Get to riding in the cooling days! Please know you’re always welcome to reach out to me and say hi. I can be reached at

Here’s Some Schooling I’m always on the hunt for designers and clothing creators for both men and women, it’s really something I enjoy. And because of that I’m excited to be telling you about this month’s featured designer. Tabou has so much to offer in way of clothing for both men and women and have a nice mix of accessories thrown in. Group gifts are available and the nominal $20L fee shouldn’t stop you from joining to keep up to date on their new releases and featured events.

Quietly situated on the Cylon Homestead, they share the space with VoltHair. So when you’re done shopping for clothing, think about a new do. Meanwhile, here’s what Tabou has to offer.

Tabou Tabou has a nicely laid out store. The standard entrance with easily found group joiner, featured group gifts and a display showing gift cards, events they’re featured at and a redelivery terminal. I really like when stores have all these items featured in one place; at the entrance. It’s clear, concise and helps shoppers find what they may be needing in way of gifts and redelivery.

My first feature was chosen with the August Sturgis rally in mind. Strappy, sexy and revealing in all the right ways. The Lacy outfit consists of a top and skirt with or without panties. (So you know, things “could” happen with this number. *winks) Straps and chain give it an added interest and make it unique in the design. A single purchase comes with a color hud to select your metal. At $240L it’s a steal.

Tabou’s Lacy Outfit

Tabou’s Elda Tabou’s complete Elda outfit is not for the faint of heart. Rugged and gritty for the girl that needs to get her point across and done so in a timely manner. Consisting of a black, crop top that has plenty of show for those of us that are daring. Shredded jeans and bandana accent with my favorite part, a bullet belt. Reminiscent of a bandolier it really adds to this outfit and is my personal favorite. I wish perhaps she made this as an individual item so it could be worn separately. (HINT) $250L for the jeans and a cool $150L for the top.

My last selection is just as enticing. The Nova dress and jacket keep things sexy and club ready. You’re able to wear these two individually as they are separate purchases. The silkiness of the dress is almost touchable, and the toughness of the leather jacket is a juxtaposition with the whole look and makes it intriguing to look at. Each piece runs for $199L and will enable you to get this in several colors to suit your needs.

Tabou’s Nova

I’ll hope for your sake that you take a trip over to Tabou and see what you can purchase to fill your closet. With summer rallies in full swing and more coming this fall, you’re going to need to have just the right look. I’m convinced that Tabou has what you need and more. And men? Don’t shy away, there’s a great section just for you too. When you get there, let them know that RideOut Magazine sent you; the most read MC magazine on the grid.


Fashion Events to Check Out This Month The Liaison Collaborative – Until August 26th On9 – Until August 31st

ManPocalypse – Until August 28th

A while ago, due to the extreme heat wave that was happening in my little part of the world, the Goddess of Life made an emergency call out to her sister. The celestial call took a while to reach the Goddess of Water in the dark caves under the mountains of the Lost Unicorn, but once it did it took a mere matter of moments until the skies opened up and rain began

to rain.. Slowly at first and the torrential downpours to soak the parched earth, while the Goddess of Water whipped up the water within the cave to a frenzy! This is another one of those outfits that I was in love with the moment that I saw it, but due to the CURELESS release draining my wallet it took me a little longer to get my hands on it... It's such a pretty outfit for those of us out there that love fantasy fashion. It's a gorgeous gacha collection from Moon Amore called Liquid Soul, and it was or could be is still available at The Epiphany, although I cannot be sure if it's WAS or IS since I cannot find a closing date anywhere!


Deadly Oasis

Enough is enough. I don’t know what my Ol’ Lady was thinking, believing that she could go on a month and a half long vacation, but I have had enough. I loaded the bike and headed out to find the Ol' Lady and O.L.A.G.F. (Ol' Lady Approved Girl Friend). Their Thelma and Louise adventure is going to come to a screeching halt! With a furrowed brow and a determination to find the two vixens and bring

them home, I cranked the throttle. They were not that hard to find. Just had to consult the credit card receipts and find the last shoe purchase. The road passed like a flash as mile by mile I came closer to my quarry. I stop at a huge glass building long enough to consult the credit card statement. I was on the right track, I was sure of it. Deadly MC territory. Figures. I roll up the road to a crossroads. Consult the statement again.. Deadly Oasis.. I turn right not even thinking of the theme that seems to be developing. A dry heat just

fuels my furry. A month and a half. Who takes a vacaction for a month and a half? More importantly who leaves me to my own devices for a month and a half? Damn women. The bike rumbles in a low announcement of my arrival. Echoing against the desert rocks. The scene was a lot like the red rocks where I grew up, a strange kind of beauty that is hard to explain until you see it. The colored sand sending up waves of heat you can see. It didn’t matter, I was on a mission.

I must have missed the signs that let you know you have entered the people’s lands. Off to my left I see a tribe hunting buffalo. I don’t want to spook the

skittish animals so I slow down just a bit and slip to the shoulder. The bike could probably use a break anyway and this was the perfect place to make sure I was on the right track. Before to long one of the braves came to see what I was up to. We exchanged pleasantries, I asked how the hunt was going. Of course he said it was a great

hunt. The small talk continued for a while before I asked if he saw the two fugitives. He tells me a story of a silver hair and a red head that traded them their bikes for a truck because the packages could’nt fit on the back of the bikes anymore. I congratulated him on making a fantastic trade with the round eyes. He laughed and told me it ended up being fair with all the moccasins and beadwork they had to throw into the deal. Verification that I was on the right path. Only the Ol’

Lady and OLAGF would trade two custom bikes for moccasins. I thanked him and accepted his gift of buffalo jerky, Then fired up the bike and headed out hot on their trail. Of course just a few minutes later I pass a fort. A stagecoach of all things was pulling out. A flashback of yesteryear popped into my head. Spontainously I yelled �giddyup� and cranked the throttle. It would have made me chuckle if I was not on a mission. As I rumble down the road I notice another tribe paddleing canoes by the

falls. Seems for once in our long history the people finally outnumber the round eyes here. I throttle up again. There was no telling what damage was being done to my bank account with these two on the loose. They had to be stopped and time was flashing by. The sun flashed high in the sky as if to confirm I needed to get moving. Miles of road laid out infront of me with brilliant red rock and desert skies the only thing keeping me company. I could feel in my gut I was closing in on my prey.

something that is primal and exciting about the hunt. A kind of steady adrenaline flow that keeps your mind in a wild kind of focus as you seek your prey. A flash of aluminum catches the corner of my eye. I aim the bike at where The rock formations flash I saw the flash hoping it by counting the miles as I would mean some kind of ride on. The beauty of this refreshment for me and my desert fading as quickly as steadfast steed of steel. I the road behind me as I pull into the parking lot of pass. My mind completely what seems like a shed or focused on getting the two mechanics shop and a women back on our island watering hole of some kind. were I can keep my eyes on I park the beast close to the them. Spots of lush green doors and head on in for lands start to appear. The some greatly needed desert seemingly protesting libations. Maybe the encroachment of grass and water. Something both my bike and myself needed at this point. I start looking for a good place to stop and consult the bank account for which direction I should go. There is

Some local gossip will confirm I’m still hot on their trail. It did not take long before my attentiveness

was rewarded. Talk of the silver hair and red menace were the talk of the town. Seems there will be two weeks minimum before the local retailers can stock back up on shoes of any kind. Marleen was particularly worried since her six year old son just blew out his flip flops. She wasn’t about to carry the yard monkey around in this heat and keeping sneekers on his feet was like trying to keep a scorpion out of the desert. I hopped on my

phone and ordered a six pack of flip flops with a next day delivery tag for a tip. She was grateful and pointed me in the direction the mad shoe shoppers went. The lands quickly changed appearance as the desert gave up its fight to the lush green lands of the water rich. I pass a farm house that looked like it use to be a barn. A momentary laps in thinking about the mission as I admired the skillfull conversion of the barn to a house. A quick shake of my head brought me back to

my mission. I hit a curve that gave me a fantastic view of the road ahead. Good news was the incredible lush green scenery and tree lined roads to tease my senses as I drive. The bad news was it seemed to be miles and miles of road with no kind of city in sight. No shops to slow down the fugitives meant I would have to

press harder if I had any hopes of catching up to them. I drove on for miles before coming to a crossroad. Another delay while I have to consult the account. The Gods seem to be with me as the account revealed there must be a city close. A hard left on the scent of my prey. Soon there would be more news

of the fugitive’s whereabouts. I push on with a sense I was gaining ground on them. Something deep in my soul told me I would be rewarded at the upcoming city or town. My hand twists the throttle again, spurred on by a bit of adrenaline.

Rewarded I was as it was not a town that I rolled into but a city. Cities mean lots and lots of shops. They could even be here. Excitement temporarily clouded my mind. Without thinking of time I stop at the very first shop. Rushing in I start rapid firing questions at the bewildered shop girl. ”Dude slowdown” is basically the responce I get. A sharp slap back into the moment. I take a deep breath and start to ask questions again. This time getting responses that are much more useful. Yes I was on the right track. No

they have already left. Yes there is not a shoe left in the city. No I missed them by a few days. No she didn’t see the direction they went because they were only the first shop you come to off the highway. The answers were not as good as I imagined but made more sense than my delusion of thinking I could have caught up to them so easily. This was a marathon not a sprint. I needed to keep that in mind and keep focus. I thanked the girl and headed to the next shop. The last shop let me know which direction they headed. They warned me it was going to get cold up

in the mountains ahead, so I bought a coat and headed down the road. The cold crisp air bringing my head totally back in focus. It may take weeks but I will catch my prey and end this insane vacation. There are way too many bikes to paint and roads to build for this insanity to continue for even another week. Besides the Visa is almost to the limit. My time is running short. With my hair completely frozen stiff I finally see lush green lands again. The warmth sorely needed on my tired bones. The bike sputters slightly as the climate

changes. Seems its hunger for fuel is as great as mine. I come to a gas station and grab a Juan burrito (probably pay for that later) and some gas for the hog. The attendent starts droaning on and on about the women and the purchase of a trailer for the packages they were carrying. Lord is there no

end to this shoe spree? He points the way they went. I jot down a note for my RC to set up a ride out on these incredible unique lands before heading to catch them.

Clubbing with Chellz

Country Mojo is owned by Josey Wells. If you have ever met Josey, he is a great person with a very fun personality. I am sure this contributes greatly to the success of this club. Josey, like all club owners, wanted to start a club where everyone can cut up and have a great time. This is what happens here. The club is very laid-back much like the owner. They have different themes and events. Recently they were partying on the beach during one of my visits. Everyone was cutting up and having a

As a club owner some of the challenges faced is finding what works for everyone. Josey, like so many others, loves the club the way it is and doesn’t want to see any changes. Josey does DJ at the club also with his partner Nicole. He says that he sucks at it but, he does an awesome job. He keeps the crowd engaged and entertained that’s for sure!

Country Mojo is open 7 days a week starting at 6 am and they stay if they have the VIPs come in. The club is primarily country, but the DJs can play what they want depending on the mood. They have a few, cute little stores if you want to include some shopping while you are there.

They are in the top 10 country clubs. They are also celebrating their 1-year anniversary this month. Woot ‌CONGRATS! So, if you are looking for an awesome place to hang your hat, just to kick up a little dust or are out exploring make sure to stop by and give it a try. You will be glad you did!

V-Twins Rumbling release featuring t simply adorable an comes with an imp options! (I tried th the textures on thi a HUD for changin a great bargain and new favorite V-Tw fitmesh (2 sizes), M Hourglass. You can

g (dress) is a recent this cute dress! It is nd the dress HUD pressive 24 texture hem all and I just love is dress). There is also ng the ribbon colors. It's d certainly one of my win dresses. It fits Maitreya, and n find it the V-Twins

Dura-B90 BLAXIUM -Ponsonya Piercing [//REBIRTH/]-BEARD_JUNN-Grayscale MGmen's_Jacket_Brut_Eagle DAPPA - Maison Tattoo. [VEX] Ace Jeans Distressed Blue TonkTastic - Captain's Boots /Used-Look [MANDALA]Sinra Rings Season3 UNISEX Bike V-Twins Bikes (Bobber) Cayenne Cream

Geared Up Welcome to Wyld 'n Wicked MC! Meet FreeSpirit and her friendly crew. This track, created by Free and Hank is perfect for your next ride out, accomodating everyone you want to bring for a fabulous journey on tranquil roadway that will take you above three thousand meters. A pretty yet lowlag landscaped track serves for a sweet and easy ride.

To the left of the rez zone stands Free's tribute to loved ones who have passed. Take a moment to wander before you take off up the track. Not only is it a place for reflection, but it also tells of the thoughtful person Free truly is.

A driver and a passenger will see a track differently. One will focus on the road, the other will focus on the surroundings. I'm pretty ok on a bike...but for this ride, I wish I was the passenger. The absence of surrounds allows the track to visually expand and your

Ascend along the roadway lined with MC flags and appreciate the climb along the smooth roadway until you reach the zombie area equipped where you are greeted with the gravedigger. Seriously though.... I sat and watched This guy for a few minutes and I don't know why I found him so mesmerizing... The track is filled with twists and turns and each mile of roadway is well connected, a reflection of the time and attention paid to the creative building process.

The road takes you through a desert-like themed area and progresses to an open-air track that is quite curvy but stays an easy ride with a generous track width. The next section is also a timed track, so you can park your crusier and race a little before you continue. I didn't stay to put up a time...its been awhile since I've been on a race bike, but I know a few racers in the MC community so make sure you take advantage of it.

As you climb through the mountains, pay attention for the arrow to direct you to continue up the track, otherwise you might end up looping which wouldn't necessarily be a bad's

A couple more meters and the road will take you to a paintball area. You may not have time to stop now and play around but make sure you come back to it because perhaps I have not ridden enough tracks lately but I rarely find paintball arenas anymore. Speaking come there are drag racing tournaments but no grid-wide Paint-Ball tournaments?? Can someone get on that maybe?

Further on, your trek will take you through a cityscape inspired track and past Wyld 'n Wicked's headquarters.

From city to broken alleyways, I love this little area with its caved in walls and graffitti. Post apocalyptic, you will drive headlong into the zombie shooting area. Me personally? Its been ages since I've killed dead things...

Your next leg of the journey is a familiar one, however here they have incorporated the side of it that is usually bypassed by other riding sims. The road tightens up a little as you make your way through the village but its nice to have the opportunity to go through it.

A small connector track will bring you back to a ride through the mountains on black top highway that will eventually lead you to what I have always referred to as Short Mountain Track. Its an oldie but a goodie and the one track I learned to race on. There are timer boards on this small stretch of road for the speed freaks.

The winding connector will pop you out onto a race oval and another eventual connector that leads you to a winter track. Fitting for a higher elevation and OOO I LOVE the change in road texture!

Your eventual stop will be at 3334 meters and a beautiful winter wonderland.

Overall, the track at Wyld 'n Wicked MC is well...wicked! It offers racetracks that are well integrated into the ride along with the paintball and zombie hunt so there is always something to do to break up the ride. The connections are so well done that the journey is never interrupted and the highway is wide enough to accommodate larger groups of riders. The best part though? The welcoming people of this MC who are around to answer questions and greet you warmly to their amazing home.

A big thank you to Raven for being there for all three times I showed up for a ride and also to Free, Hank and the rest of the crew at WWMC for creating a fine and interesting place to hang out. Cheers!

The dispointment Sometimes we have high expectations on people and what they offer. It is something that is inescapable. Sometimes we expect that the things you buy or order from a professional will work the way you want. Then in a sudden move you see how they slide through your fingers as they can’t solve the tiniest little issue to make it all perfect and presentable. Listening to and meeting a customer’s

expectation are the biggest and most genuine way to show how grateful you are that a person gave you the opportunity to show off YOUR brand. Sadly, this fails drastically because of pride or incompetence with customer service skills. Sellers should try to meet customer’s wishes and special requests whenever possible. Their customers are after all, potentially displaying their product and brand name. The truth is, the only one you should rely on, is yourself.

All I can say is, when you get drop-dead tired of people that basically can’t hold up what they stand for? GO RIDE A DUCK! Since I am a smart girl and always listen to my own advice, I went riding on a duck!

This duck is a trike with a rubber duck shaped frame; wait! It is a rubber duck! Don’t tell me that all of you reading this, haven’t had a nice, fun experience with a rubber duck!

I’m being honest when I say I didn’t have ANY high expectations at all on this duck. But it really surprised me how well it ran.

This yellow rubber machine is made by ƊƛƦƘƖ (darkwitch.ghost) and keeps steady on the track with it 21 duckpowered prims. Da duck shop My ducklings, make sure your feathers are clean and keep the helmet on!

BLUES! If you love that kind of music, then you’ll find a lot to love at Blues Cove. Aqua is the owner and Nele is the host, and together they make one of the best teams and venues in SL. Nele, always welcomes you, and makes you feel at home.

Blues Cove Wallboard.

Aqua Willowind, Owner

The line up of singers are the ones in SL that know how to perform and keep a crowd listening. Throughout the performances, the singers interact with the crowd, and the friendships that are formed last forever. It‘s always fun to get involved in a convo at the Cove.

Would you like to have a private party? Aqua can provide you with a great space to rent. Just contact her, Aqua Willowind, for more information. And I hope I‘ll see you at The Blues Cove, you‘ll be glad you came. - Jade ♥




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The Rideout Magazine, Issue 26, August 2019

The Rideout Magazine  

The Rideout Magazine, Issue 26, August 2019