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April , 2019 Issue 22


Erbachmer Custom Cycles





A Huge Thank you goes to Elora Korgoth and Eva from the Grave Digger MC for the cover artwork

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Article By Craven

Bike Spotlight

Creativity when it comes to bikes can vary pretty much. Sometimes though some weird, paradox ideas work out just too good to not follow the flow. Darki had that idea of combining water and fire and out came this one – The DG Seaside Flames bike. The bike is elegant by design with the mermaid like fenders in the teal/blue/green color flow and the scales texture. Length and size wise the bike fits the theme very well as it is a bit longer and not too short. Speaking of size (we all know size matters), it is fully resizable and will fit everyone without any problems. The tank has this chrome like texture which looks like it is mirroring the fender colors. Left and right from the tank you have the really nice old school flames also in the teal color to fit the theme of the bike. For whatever reason, when you get on and give it a spin, the mirrors are sticking out. Unsure of their functionality, they make a hell of an impression. BTW: The DG Seaside Flames drives amazing. My favorite feature of this bike, is that it is fully modify and that all costs 1250L$, which is a fantastic price.

Article By Craven

Bike Spotlight

Slacker Steel has a nice variety of bikes and designs, with a very high amount of creativity in them. And wouldn’t you know there is this bike, the Bad Boy. Looking at the design of the bike, yes, it has those classic fenders on it, that remind you of what the boys your mother warned you about drove. The comprehensive impression reminds you a bit of a bullet with the pointy, front fender. The tank makes a very nice wave downwards to complete the look and that makes a beautiful line of the bike. Under the tank, you have a beautiful, massive engine and it even vibrates when you turn the bike on. Now probably the biggest highlight of the bike is the paint job. It has beautifully done tribal flames with a touch of old school flames that fade from black into white. It just looks like a very nice paint job. Let’s face it. Massive fenders, elegant lines, and flames. These three ingredients give the name Bad Boy justice. Do you want your very own Bad Boy? There are various color options and the best part is, it is available for only $1000L.

Article By Adora

Bike Spotlight

This is a 40-prim beauty. It doesn’t even look awesome on the road, YOU look good in it too. There are seats for one driver and one passenger, so forget the weekly shopping at the store – unless you leave the passenger there. The poses are drive and idle, but who want to stand still with this rocket under you?

Lights and smoke look realistic and make a cool effect in different wind lights. Doors open up vertically, which make you slide in and out easier.

The car have more colour options at main store. Burn off effects covering all area, good enough for a showoff and guaranteed is a magnet for hot chicks, referring to myself đ&#x;˜‰

Price? Well.. I am pretty speechless. This monster machine is sold for $L300, which is affordable as it has KCP redirect script and ACS 7.0 script. I need to stop rambling, I will go enjoy the ride a bit more.

Welcome to a new era in Rideout Magazine. This month we are introducing cars in the Spotlight article. This will be a great opportunity for all YOU car designers and creators out there to get your brand noticed. Special offer for May and June 2019, is the two FIRST creators, will have THEIR unique and special car published in the magazine. All inclusive đ&#x;˜‰ If you apply ‘too’ late, don’t worry. Your car will be in the spotlight as well, in order how the requests come in. o SL TOS rules apply. o NO copyrighted material (logo’s, names, etc) o Must be drivable, also my toenails need to look pretty in it How to apply: Mail to or In the message: Date Car spotlight May/June Your name LM to YOUR car or store Name of the car A short description of your brand.

V-TWINS presenting ”Assault outfit” & Nashville Boots

V-Twins Bootleggers - Clio

True Born Biker

Sadie Says Biker Fashion & Beyond, Around the Grid By Sadie Pierce

Out Like a Lamb It’s finally happening, we’re rolling into spring! Of course, there are parts of the world where the end of March can still feel like the lion is roaring, but where I’m located, it’s leaving like a lamb and I feel the sun already. Whichever is your course, rejoice as Summer is on her way. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to me and say hi. I can be reached at

Start Your Engines With being in the MC community, you must know that the designer V-Twins is one of the premier biker wear outfitters on the grid. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know their style and have to say, I’m confident you’ll be hitting their store for their fashions (and bikes!). But in the meantime, sit back and enjoy the ride as I tell you what are the must in their line up.

V-Twins V-Twins has a long history in SL, having been founded between May and June 2008 by Miley Chaplin and Amigo Uriza. Since that time they have been dedicated to releasing biker apparel for SL avatars with textures being mainly leather and denim. In 2009 they amped up their offerings to include shoes, boots, western wear, formal wear, baby girl wear, Panheads and V-Twins Bikes. Gabs Voom headed the bike project starting in 2010 with it being transferred over to Chaplin Tomorrow, who has headed it since 2014. Sunray32 Resident is the store manager and head of customer care. With the appearance of mesh onto the Second Life stage, V-Twins made the decision to merge their projects into three distinct venues; V-Twins Biker Outfitters, V-Twins Outlet Store and finally, V-Twins Bikes. Their continued success is a testament to their dedication to the clothing requirements and needs of the MC community and beyond.

A recent release is their Routine Casual outfit for women. Featuring a leather jacket that is sexily revealing, along with a matching skirt. Both pieces come complete with full color HUDS for ultimate customization. One thing you’ll learn quickly about V-Twins is that their HUDS are generous and extensive in selection.

V-Twins’ Routine Casual

If you’re a woman in this community you know how important it is to have a good pair of boots (or two) in your inventory. With so many out there to choose from, your selection has to be one of precision. The more rugged in appearance the better in my opinion. V-Twins offers their Bootleggers Moonshine boot.

V-Twins’ Moonshine Boots With both a black and brown color option for the sleek leather, and the full color wheel, once again you have endless options. Buckles and studs add the toughness we girls sometimes need to get us through those dark alleys.

Another of the latest releases is the amazing Sidekick outfit. You’ll be decked out in a revealing, open denim shirt and amazing belted, leather pants, adorned with buckles on the leg. A full color HUD is included for both the pants and shirt, along with the flexible color wheel. What is of significance in this picture below is I’m not only featured in the Sidekick outfit, I’m also showcasing one of V-Twins’ amazing bikes. This one is the Drifter and obviously classic in it’s styling. I encourage you to dress the part and go test ride these amazing bikes. You’ll thank me for it later, I promise.

V-Twins SideKick & Drifter

It’s my hope that this spread on V-Twins inspires you to head over there today. With having just moved to a full sim dedicated to all things V-Twins, here’s to you leaving there with a full inventory of new biker apparel and also a new bike or two. Let them know The RideOut Magazine sent you; the most read biker mag on the grid.


Fashion Events to Check Out This Month The Darkness Monthly – Until April 28th Lootbox– Until April 18th Men Jail Event – Until April 28th

I woke up in a state of shock and panic this morning from a horrifying re-occurring dream that I've been having since I was 15, and to be honest with you, it's left me in a state of shock and sadness all day today. Not going to go into any details about the dream, it's far too personal, but rest assured it's not that nice... So I needed something to do that would bring a smile to my face - normally when I'm down I make myself look dead, but that was far too close to the mark this morning so I went with something bright and sunny, a picture full of Sunflowers!

Isn't this pose just gorgeous fun?! It brought a smile to my face as I was taking the picture, and soon I wasn't really focusing on the bad dreams, just on the bright sunny faces of these flowers. I'm such a sunflower fan in RL! I love having some on the table, and a few in the garden just to brighten up my space! The pose I chose was actually one of the set that should be laying down, but I repositioned myself so I could stand with the flowers behind me - please don't be mad at me for doing so - yet I simply couldn't resist this pose set from Focus Poses! I LOVE their props and poses but this one screamed at me to get my hands on it, and I am sure there are more sunflower themed photos to come soon too hehe... This is the "Find Beauty In The Small Things" pose set that is available now. As a side note, I'd give my right arm, left leg and ANYTHING in between that they wanted if I could get into this store's blogging team, it's a store I'm dreaming of being given a chance with, but anyway, I found something pretty to brighten my day, and actually feel a lot better for it! Thank the magical Mother Nature for Sunflowers, really!!

Article by: Jade Tyler

The Eternal Knights MC was founded by their President, Grizzly Nightfire (Grizz) He started this MC because he was tired of belonging to an MC where the “officers” changed the rules to suit “their” needs, and had no concern about what the members thought. Grizz has been a member of several MCs, and has been everything from enforcer to V-Pres. With all that experience, he decided to go solo, and make an MC group he could be proud of, and it is an awesome group of people. He wanted to start a “family” based MC, and it is that! They are friendly, helpful, and tight, a great MC! The EKMC Hang out Pic provided by Grizz Nightfire

Grizz sent me some photos of their Sim. They have shops, a weed farm, a fishing pier and the best thing I’ve seen is a Kid’s track! I’m hoping all the kids will come and test their bikes on this cool track!

EKMC & .44 Blues Club: Chaisuki (169.132.1300)

Grizz and Rox (EKMC Secretary) are always welcoming everyone to their sim and biker’s club. Not only do they have singers, they have bowling, and concerts by the best groups of Real Life. The night I took these pics, Grizz & Rox were dancing the night away with some of the other MC members, Mr.& Mrs. Slacker. Watch the events listing, and hurry on down to .44 Blues Club for great entertainment!

See you all around the grid! ♼ Jade

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Clubbing with Chellz

PitViper started singing at the very young age of 5 with his mother. He sang in several choirs and in church while growing up. PitViper always went around singing even without realizing he was doing it and still does. Growing up listening to Country and singer/songwriter types of music, few of his favorite artists are John Denver, Jim Croce, James Taylor, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton.

After being a DJ in SL for many years he got burned out and decided to try his hand at performing live around 7 years ago. So after getting the equipment, background music and a list of songs needed in order to perform in SL, he took the plunge. He started off singing live during

halftime at his DJ sets as a way to get a feel on how the crowd would take him and after getting a good response, he took the plunge and went full time. Go Big or Go Home, I guess you could say. He really hasn't looked back since.

PitViper has his own sound and style. He is always willing to take on different types and new music, though he has not tried to do any original songs. His playlist includes a large variety of Pop, Rock, Folk and singer/songwriter music.

Currently singing in several places such as Cafe Casablanca, The Krazy Korner, Brazen Head and Vibe Live Music. If you would like to keep up with him or see one of his shows he does have a group you can join. Join the PitViper Paine Fans group if you would like to attend a set or follow this amazing singer.

Geared Up SJMC's track has gone through a few changes since its establishment. It's previous half sim track landing zone started off as a city-scape with multiple buildings that made the sim appear as a full one.

To create a much more lag free environment, it was recently scaled down to two main buildings and lit roadway that encircles each.

It is prominently lit with their signature lime green color giving the landing zone a bright and welcome feel which denotes the friendly nature of all of the members, who are active and happy to hang out and play one of the many board games housed in the central building. The first couple hundred meters of track are brightly decorated in a light fantasy theme. Its bright and colorful and lovely to look at. Bright crystals and serene waterfalls are placed perfectly in your sight-line so they are easy to spot around each turn. Frigga and Odin Gray did a great job of creating a serene driving experience. Nestled at the 1289m mark is a war memorial. Upon president Kao Murphy's insistence, these monuments were carefully placed and displayed for all to stop and observe.

The monuments were graciously donated by US Navy Vet (Biker Sharkfin.) Members of the MC community in Second Life honor the lives given in the pursuit of freedom. These areas, though small, provide an important moment of reflection.

Now, not gonna lie....SJMC is populated with gaming geeks. It was just natural that they would take the time to put together a section of track as a nod to 8bit. Gamers know that term all too well, and when it comes to 8-bit, this track does not disappoint. The rider is greeted by Donkey Kong on the right and if you slow down, you will ride right through a model of the very machine you enjoyed of these games. I miss the days when the controller only had one damn button.

A lot of the visuals on this part of the track were built and placed by Angel Smith. Thanks for your work in bringing just a little more geek to Savage Jokerz Angel! There is a whole lot of Mario up in here! All good though, adds to the fun of cruising through this section and despite all of the colorful additions and moving parts the track still stays lag free!

Chill...the fun doesn't end once you exit the 8-bit.

Further up the track, Kao pays homage to his favorite movie of all time...Hackers. He didn't stop at naming his three children after the characters, he went on to create the Hacker track.

Be advised, there are some flickering textures so there is a warning for those that are sensitive to moving parts...MAN that sounded dirty didn't it?

Slow down a little bit and turn up your sounds....small parts embedded in the track will shout movie lines at you during your ride. Those that are familiar with the film will recognize them no doubt. When you hit the 1735 mark, a small recreation of Cyberdelia is planted on the right hand side of the road. Stop in and break out your skateboard! Savage Jokerz are not responsible for broken arms and cracked knee caps if you suck at it though. HACK THE PLANET!

Upon arriving at the top of the track, you have a drive-in theater on the right and a shooting range on the left. Both of which are open to anyone and everyone to enjoy. Overall, it's a pretty fun ride, even if it's only an 837m high track. Sometimes a half sim is all you need to explore the creative side of building and with a base track that you can build on you are free to give in to whatever inspires you. This track was built by TeylaGrace, but each MC member had a hand in adding the flair that makes this an interesting place to be.

Hope to see you stop by and check the place out!

Della Lafevre Blackwolf Pack MC VP Vice President

LOV MC Rally

Demolition Derby – MC Edition One would think it would be a bad thing to win a demolition derby, but in this derby, you need to stay alive with a non-wrecked motorcycle to win. The range was large and there were loaders in the corners with grenades and bullets as ammunition, which you may think would help you get your enemies in the game to lose faster ‌ Unless you drive over that grenade yourself and instantly lowering the life of the bike and your chances of winning. If you lose the bike, it means you are out.

In the beginning there were 7 people in the competition at the same time, including me. Everyone had a different way to ride their bikes and different driving styles. This is one of the few games that trigger my adrenaline. This time, the article name is so fitting. Roadrage. *crazy laugh* The winner of the demolition derby at LOV MC?

This is why I am always apologizing in advance if you ever join me on a rideout or ride. I can be a bit competitive; a bit? That’s a huge lie. But for me a race or competition is to beat my own best time, to boost my ego. Drive safe and watch out!


Prehistoric – Jurassic World Event for SL! Yes, SL has dinosaurs, and they can be yours! There are puzzles, clues and mini-games at this sim for you to enjoy. I followed the signs to the time machine, walked into the portal and I was in Jurassic World. You can even ride on the dinosaurs! (Unless they are hungry‌heehee.)

Listening & Dancing to the music.

People were coming in quickly.

Before going into the Sim, you need to get an avatar for ingame play. You can also become a dinosaur, if you wish. There are rules for the sim, and the sim owner, Wanders Nowhere, has spelled it all out in a notecard. It was interesting to me just to explore the museum on site. I talked with Dr. Laura Dominguez, and found out the rules and regulations about the mini-games. I hope you‘ll tp‘s the LM: Fort Nowhere (128,77,1102) - Jade ♥

Available Jobs: Spotlight Writer Models (1 female, 2 male)

1 bloggers (1 male) All applications either by email to or via notecard to rideoutadmin or just visit our website

Easter is here with with lots of Easter events and hunts going on throughout the MC scene in sl. We hope you enjoy that holiday and get some time off. Just don’t try to run any bunnys over. Once more a huge thank you to Elora & Eva from the Grave Diggers MC and also a huge thank you to Della from the Blackwolf Pack MC for their awesome help and inspiration. Rideout out‌

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The RIdeout Magazine, Issue 22, April 2019

The RIdeout Magazine  

The RIdeout Magazine, Issue 22, April 2019