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April , 2018 Issue 10


Expressions with Dusty Pedroia

What is… defenestration

The Rock Of Cashel

Hello! Welcome to our th 10 issue! Just 2 more until our anniversary issue! This issue we have something new and fancy for you. We are upping the amount of our bikes each issue. The bike spotlight will now have 34 bikes each month. Some of you will see in our online issue (NOT the inworld issue) a little map icon. This map icon combines the direct Landmark for each advertisement or sim or store we are writing about or the single events too. Hope you enjoy this new feature th and our 10 issue. Now‌ Let the Rideout Begin!

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Article By Craven Koskinen

Bike Spotlight

Well by now I think you guys know we love changes. Last month when I got to practice my counting skills till 7 something smacked me in the back of my head. So, our spotlight will shine now, on more than one bike. You mean two bikes? Ney. How about 3-4 bikes? Yeah, I think that’s a sweet number to display in each issue. Besides of having more bikes in here it will give us the opportunity to see more of what is out there. So dear bike makers feel free to inform us about your newest releases and we will make sure to get you in there if spots are available

Article By Craven Koskinen

Bike Spotlight

Let’s begin with a known name. Wolfsong Brothers Customs. Remember them? We had them 3 months back with their Sterling bike. This Time we have the “Phlying Phuck”. That bike is very unique. It looks pretty rough by its build alone with the brass like and black textures. Then you have the cob web Tank and back fender. Although that all is put into the background once you see the tank. It like sparkles with an electrical charge. This bike is really thrown together but the outcome is actually really nice and shows a lot of creativity put into the build. It for sure attracts a lot of looks and makes a great impression on the parking lot, or with a girl on it, or just on the road. “Phlying Phuck” guarantees the attention and with Wolfsong Brothers having a 50% sale going on at the moment it definitely is very affordable for only 1000L$. After a short and sweet convo with Daniel Wolfsong, one of the Wolfsong Brothers, he said that all bikes are undergoing a small update to make them drive even better. Ever wanted a “Phlying Phuck”? Here is your chance for an awesome price!

Article By Craven Koskinen

Bike Spotlight

Yeah that’s right. Another for the spotlight. This one is our neighbor at Sturgis. The Erbachemer Hardcore Rampage comes with materials enabled, so an advanced lightning scene with this bike is highly recommended. Erbachemer Customs is rather new to the biker scene. The bike is a great drive actually, with very sweet physics to it. I guess once more you can say this is great German engineering! Uwe, owner of Erbachemer has put in a lot of fine details into the bike. Starting at the handlebars you have small mirrors attached. This bike reminds a bit of an actual Harley – the Thunderbike, Though it shows some differences as well. For example, the tires are absolutely different and so is the engine. The tank is more rounded, the back fender sticks out more and has more roundness to it. Nonetheless it does resemble the Thunderbike a bit. Therefore, the Hardcore Rampage is a great homage to the original design, with its own elements to make it significantly different. The Bike is available for only 2000L$ which is an awesome deal for a great looking ride like this!

Article By Craven Koskinen

Bike Spotlight

All good things are three. Right? Here we would like to add a very special machine to our spotlight. Not only is it 100% original mesh by Hellbone Barbosa owner of H&C (Hogs and Cart Wheels), but also it is an absolute classic vintage machine. The Boundless bike sticks out in a bunch for sure. Those vintage bikes are hard to come by in SL, probably even more than in RL. The first impression clearly screams Indian, which is a nice contrast to the famous Harley based designs throughout the grid. The beige and red of course, which are very vintage colors, highlight the theme. With the fenders the bike is given some bulkiness and the rounding of its comprehensive shape. On top of that, you have the classic tank in the same two colors (red and beige). The Manual shifter on the right hand side of course adds more vintage feel to the bike. Without a doubt this is one of the best looking vintage bikes and nearly a must for every vintage lover, especially for the price of 500L$. It is very cheap and for this quality of a bike definitely more than just affordable.

Bike Review Vixx motors Rough craft

Well first of all, the name is fantastic! What is it that makes this bike so appealing? I think it is because it simply looks like one of those really hot Harleys. The Rough Craft was originally a Turlaccor design but is available now at Vixx Motors after Vixx

took over the Turlaccor business. For those who don’t know that, read back and do some research and you will find out what happened, we will not go into detail there for now. Let’s take apart the Rough Craft and see what it has to it!

Drivability: The Rough Craft has a rough steering to it, which is probably where it gets its name from. However after a few rounds you actually start to appreciate that steering and are used to the way the bike drives. The unique thing that the Rough Craft has to it is that it is a great cruiser but can be within 2 minutes modified into a really competitive racer. It takes a bit of practice but it totally works out and can come very close to the result of high performance race bikes in SL, especially on curvier tracks.

Adhesion: The bike has a shell. It is one of those almost 8-shaped shells which protects the front and the sides as well. The bike really doesn’t get stuck, although the shell is not perfectly fitted on the sides and you might feel that your exhaust or footrests get stuck in the walls, especially on prim roads.

Design: Like mentioned in the introduction, it looks like a bad-to-the-bone Harley. That pretty much sums it up I think. Sizewise it is kind to both

genders, though some ladies might have issues fitting on it… but you can, with basic modify skills, squeeze the handlebars a bit together and there you go. One thing that does trigger my OCD though is the engine; it is basically (and I am simplifying it here a bit) two mesh blocks that are textured. Yes it reduces the total land impact and it is very well textured but yet it is not as detailed as most. The Rough Craft comes in two color versions. One is plain black, and one is black and gold.

Characteristics: Probably the main characteristic is the large pose menu the bike has inside. It is attached in an invisible prim above the seat, so you can cuddle or just pose, or just … you know. Now I know some of you are probably already thinking something like “won’t that cause too much lag?” Yes it would. Therefore, each bike also comes without the big pose engine. Besides that, the bike has the standard drive, idle, reverse, left, right and 6 park animations. The parks seem a bit generic and don’t fit 100%; that is the slight downside, but they are actually very well made and with a bit of adjusting and playing you can get them there.

The Rough Craft… and this is my favorite feature… is 100% modifiable. It comes even with the texture maps, so you can do pretty much anything you want to it to customize it to your liking. Affordability: The prices is 3000L$. Yes, it is a bit high, but on the other side you have to consider what you get for it. A fully

modify bike with a lot of poses, that drives great. Without a doubt you have a great machine and you can do anything you want any way you want. If it wasn’t for the small flaw in the design with the engine we would have had the first bike that makes 100% of our rating. So give it a try and maybe you fall in love with the Rough Craft as well.

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Article By Dusty Pedroia

Dusty Pedroia is from the South in the United States and an amateur photographer and art lover in real life. He has spent the past 5 years learning and developing his cyber photography in Second Life. In SL, he does a variety of photographic work for clients, both personal and business. His passion is in creating pictures that tell a story and express emotion. “I love to express myself in my pictures,” says Dusty, “but I never dreamed that others would be touched by what I try to convey.” Mr. Pedroia uses songs, real-life events, personal observations, poetry, music and even friendly challenges to find his inspiration. When doing client work he loves to receive ideas from his customers through any of these mediums and thrives on the challenge of giving his clients their vision. Flickr is Dusty’s primary platform for expressing his art . According to Dusty, he never wants to “create a picture just to create a picture. I always want to be motivated by something that I feel compelled to express.” “Because I ride often in real life, I find a lot of inspiration for taking biking shots in SL.” Bring your bike and your dream to Dusty and let him create a vision with you.

Article By Craven Koskinen

Race bike review Optmus Race OR S900 GTX Biturbo furios Optmus Racing has a ton of bikes, for sure. A couple of them actually are sports bike too. For more overview and for the wide range of Valentino Armani’s (owner) product line you will have to check out the store. I mean

he even offers a very awesome Golf Cart. The OR S900 GTX BiTurbo Furios comes with a special remark on the sales picture: “for advanced drivers only”. Curious what it has to offer? Let’s have a closer look at it!

Drivability: Considering the driving performance in low gear the bike is a very suitable cruiser for those that enjoy a sportier cruiser. It is very agile. When you gear it up and add some turbo, you will have to make some adjustments, especially to the steering itself and the drift of the bike. Once you have figured out your proper settings, it actually races very well. As small proof, you can enjoy the view of the timer board of Optmus’ Racing Timed track, where you can try out all of their bikes.

Adhesion: The shell looks a bit like a bob (remember cool runnings? If not, you should take a look at that movie.) It is a bit sensitive on prim roads or roads with prim walls but otherwise it works very well. It can reach a very high performance without having any issues. Gravity and downforce can go up to 9.0 without any issues (yes that’s right we have acs’ 7er series scripts). The only downside to this is that it is a no modify bike and you cannot set the physics of the bike. A bit less bounciness would be good, in order to prevent you from bouncing off surfaces if you hit them, especially in the curve.

Design: The design reminds of a very sporty Yamaha. What really sticks out is the bit longer end of the bike and of course the a bit less rounded exhaust, which looks pretty cool the way it is and a bit different. Besides that, it has everything a bike would have in RL. One really cool thing about the design is the tachometer. It is attached to the front of the tank, which is a bit ‘out of the box’ thinking but gives the bike a really cool touch. It is not just attached to the tank though; it has cables and all and is properly connected.

Characteristics: Ok the bike comes in 2 versions. The actual bike and a poseable (not drivable) version. The poseable version is the bike with 600 poses! That is one hell of a prop! The bikes come in male and female sizes and are fully resizable. The

drivable bike includes a drive, idle, left, right, reverse and 3 park poses. Especially the turning poses are very well made and make the drive look much more realistic. What is a bit unusual is that the sporty bike is 41 land impact.

Affordability: The Price is 3000L$. It is a proud price which is absolutely fitting for what you get. Yes, it is of course more for people who enjoy taking pictures

but It is also for those who like a really good looking sports bike in their garage with the potential of a pretty decent race bike.

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This was the 10th issue of The Rideout Magazine. Don’t forget to give our online version a try with the landmark system. Maybe in the future we will find a less laggy option to do this inworld too, from the ones that we tried. Also don’t forget to check our facebook and to stay up to date with our events as some are going to come pretty soon. Speaking of events there are many rallies going to pop up now so make sure to check them out and if you can leave some change in the donation jars of the MC’s. Rideout out…..

The Rideout Magazine  

The Rideout Magazine, Issue 10, April 2018

The Rideout Magazine  

The Rideout Magazine, Issue 10, April 2018