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NOVEMBER 12-13, 2022




Call 410-224-3655 to order the full-color catalogs. Live internet, telephone, and absentee bidding are available for both auctions if you can not attend.


the dollmasters PO Box 151 • Annapolis, Maryland 21404 Tel: 410-224-3655 • Fax: 410-224-2515 Follow @theriaultsdolls •

Saturday and Sunday,

November 12-13, 2022 at Theriault’s Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland

Preview 10AM Eastern Both Days • Auction Begins at 11AM Eastern Both Days


widely and purchased very expensive dolls in the


capital of Europe”.

important 50-year collection of Lila

It is this collection, notable not only for the

Rait of Victoria, Australia, author of the 1989

wonderful dolls, but also for the provenance which

book Through the Nursery Window (Oxford

accompanies many of the dolls, which make this

University Press, 1989). In her foreword to that

two-day auction an event of delight. Two days of

book, Constance Eileen King notes that Lila writes

live auctions in the gallery, as well as live video/audio

“of a country and pattern of childhood that was

presentation of the entire auctions.

completely divorced from that of Europe, a pattern that forced the Australian child into a greater

If you would like to examine your favorite dolls

perception of the wonder of a single toy…[yet] Lila

prior to the auction, you can reserve a private video

Rait tells too of the boom years in the 19th century

viewing. Or you can call the office to arrange an on-

when, glutted with vast wealth, parents travelled

site viewing (mask will be required).

Of a country and pattern of childhood that was completely divorced from that of Europe, a pattern that forced the Australian child into a greater perception of the wonder of a single toy. 2

The 224-page full-color catalog with detailed descriptions of each lot can be ordered for $69. For more information or to order the catalog visit or call 410-224-3655. There are many options for bidding including traditional absentee bidding, live telephone bidding, live internet bidding, and pre-bidding on internet. Collectors are invited to telephone Theriault’s customer service at 410-224-3655, email info@ or visit x

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x Theriault’s New Gallery Is Open! Theriault’s new gallery has opened the doors and you are welcomed in! Attendance is limited so be sure to call ahead at 410-224-3655 to reserve your seats for this special event! 6

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Live internet, telephone, and absentee bidding are available. For more information call 410-224-3655 or visit

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Get Close-Up and Personal with Your Favorite Dolls from Theriault’s Face2Live is Theriault’s new service that allows you to view on live video feed closeups of a few dolls you are most interested in. Call 410-224-3655 or email to schedule an appointment. Then simply go to and click the handy button on the side of the main page. From there you will be connected to one of our staff on video chat (you do not have to be on video yourself). A great way to get a close up look of features and face in a live private video session. Available Monday through Friday 9AM-4PM Eastern.

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x Are You Looking for the Perfect Gift? No need to search further! With Theriault’s Gift Certificates, you can send Doll Dollars to anyone! Just call us and we will gift whatever amount you want to send for any occasion! Call Theriault’s at 410-224-3655 for details!


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The Fun of Attending a Theriault’s Marquis Doll Auction Stuart Holbrook

So many reasons to come to the auction!

Florence Theriault

Start with the more than 500 wonderful dolls for auction — a veritable museum, indeed. And then consider these: The visual joy of beautiful dolls in fine displays — dolls as they should be shown.

Luke Theriault

The good time laughter and bidding with auctioneers Stuart Holbrook and Luke Theriault. The early morning walkthrough preview with Florence Theriault. The delight at greeting old friends and meeting new ones. And don’t forget the hot fudge sundaes! Beautiful dolls in a fun and laughterfilled weekend. What could possibly ever be better than this?

If you really just can’t come in person, here’s the closest thing. You can watch and listen (and bid, if you wish) to the entire live streamed auction via Proxibid. Visit and click on “Bid online” for easy details and access.

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Saturday, NOVEMBER 19, 2022 At Theriault’s Gallery in Annapolis, Maryland. 10AM Live Preview. 11AM Auction Begins. An exceptional auction of the favorite fashion icon of the mid-1950s, Cissy by Alexander, with superb examples from the private collection of Kathryn DeFillipo, Merle Glickman, and others. Along with other rare 1950s and early 1960s dolls by Madame Alexander. More than 300 dolls are included in the auction, of which a sample is shown here. A full color catalog of the collection is available for $49. Collectors are invited to attend the auction in person at Theriault’s gallery in Annapolis, Maryland. The auction will also offer live video/audio feed for collectors who prefer to “attend” the auction from their own home. The auction is available for viewing at Collectors can pre-bid or live bid at the actual time of the auction, via Proxibid. Too, live telephone bidding is available. And traditional absentee bids, too! For help or more information on bidding options, call Theriault’s at 410-224-3655. x


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Bidding Is Easy At Theriault’s Bid Live on the Internet Plan to spend the day at the auction in the comfort of your home. Watch and listen to the auction live, and get ready to bid live when the dolls of your choice come up for auction.

Bid on the Telephone Theriault’s President and Head Auctioneer, Stuart Holbrook

Choose your dolls, and then call our office to make a reservation for telephone bidding. We call you when your dolls of choice come up for bidding, and you bid just as though you were there.

Every Theriault’s auction brims with new discoveries for your collection. So why not join Bid Absentee in on the bidding fun? It’s Place your bids right up to the time of auction by mail, fax, easy. Choose your favorite email or phone. Advise us of the way to bid and prioritize lots and your top bid. We will bid for you fairly and competitively. your choices.

We Can Answer All Your Questions Call Theriault’s at 410-224-3655 or email and we’ll review all the details and help you choose the option that’s best for you. We also now offer scheduled private video previews.


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Dollmastery Vignette Series Watch Florence Theriault’s educational videos about antique dolls — available for viewing on YouTube.

Simply visit After October 15th, watch for new videos featuring rare dolls from the November 12-13, 2022 auction to be sold at the Marquis Auction Event at Theriault’s Studio in Annapolis, MD.

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Doll Research Books as Gifts |

Beautiful Books Are Always the Best Gift Here are some award-winning favorites with hundreds of stunning full page color photographs of the world’s most beautiful dolls. Each was published by the art studios of Theriault’s and are presented here by their sister company, Florence and George. THE DOL L COL L EC T I ON O F HU G UET T E C L A R K The story of the reclusive New York heiress and the family fight over her fortune captured the imagination of the public when she died at age 105. Among her treasures was an extraordinary doll collection which is featured in the 232 page hardbound book. 10”x 10”. $118. Order BT-356.

LAND M A R K Singular rare antique dolls, aptly described as “landmark”, are featured in this 204 page book with more than 600 color photographs. The collection ranges from fine early wood dolls to finest bisque dolls of Germany and France. 10” x 10”. $79. Order BT-346.

To browse the great selection of books about every type of doll visit To order call 410-224-4386. 20

CHERISHED COLLECTION, ANTIQUE DOLLS & DOLL COSTUMES OF MADAME ANDREE PETYT THE CHERISHED COLLECTION Featuring the important European doll collection of Madame Petyt highlighted by French dolls in historic costumes. Hardbound. 188 pages. 8” x 11”. $75. Order BT-256.

GO LD EN AG E OF N I N GYO An important one-person collection of antique Japanese dolls range from traditional ceremonial dolls to figures of legend in this stunningly beautiful volume with more than 300 color photographs. 9” x 12”. Softbound. 9” x 12”. $75. Order BT-376.

x For more information visit

or call 410-224-4386 x | Doll Research Books as Gifts T H E DOLL AS T HEAT R E, VO LU ME I -I I More than 500 rare Neopolitan dolls of the 18th century are presented in this two-volume set, along with their settings, accessories, furnishings and animals in these amazingly documented books with extraordinary photography. 10” x 10”. 472 pages. Available in deluxe hardbound edition at $165 (Order BT-1000H) or softbound at $125 (Order BT-1000s).

For more Beautiful Books visit or call 410-224-4386.

E N SE MB LE 19th century French poupées, their trousseaux, accessories and furnishings are featured in this stunningly beautiful book featuring the private Hanne Buktas collection assembled over 0 years. 10” x 10” Hardbound. 172 pages. $75. Order BT-303.

T HE ST EI N A M R H EI N MUSEUM COL L EC T I ON Nearly 1000 rare dolls are presented in this exquisite commemorative book featuring the beloved Swiss museum which had remained silently closed for many decades before its exquisite dolls were presented to the public. 204 pages. 10” x 10”. Hardbound. $85. Order BT-310.

x For more information visit

LOVE, SH I R L EY T E M P LE The personal childhood doll collection of the beloved film star was perfectly preserved by her family and is featured in this extraordinary 256 book along with memorabilia and historic commentary. 10” x 10”. Hardbound, more than 1000 full color photographs. $55. Order BT-318.

or call 410-224-4386 x


Overwhelmed? Moving to a smaller home? Faced with handling a family estate? Or just deciding to downsize your collection. Collectors tell us the word that most describes their feeling is “overwhelmed”. Not to worry. For more than 50 years, Theriault’s has been the “little engine that could” in helping collectors and families accomplish that task effortlessly. We listen to you. We evaluate your dolls and lay out a plan to accomplish your goals. And then, if you agree, we do all the work. Our full-time professional staff travels to your home, inventories your property, carefully packs and transports in our own secure vehicles, prepares and markets your dolls for auction,

and presents them to collectors worldwide whose trust in Theriault’s is borne out by the prices they are willing to bid. You just sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. Stuart Holbrook, President of Theriault’s, is traveling throughout the country now, visiting with collectors by appointment. If you have questions or would like to schedule a noobligation complimentary appointment, call Theriault’s at 410-224-3655 or email

Call 410-224-3655 to schedule a no-obligation appointment. 22

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x Visit x Featuring educational videos about antique dolls, up-to-date doll news, and great resources. always has something new, with great information and highlights in a clean and simple place to discover them. Explore our upcoming auctions, stunning doll photography, and invaluable resources for collectors. All in one easy-to-navigate website.

Go to to complete your doll research or just to see what’s new!

Order Form for Doll Auction Catalogs “Golden Age of Ningō, The Ayervais Collection” Auction Catalog — At Theriault’s Gallery, Annapolis, MD - October 15, 2022. $75. ❒

“Cherished” Marquis Auction Catalog Featuring Private Collections — At Theriault’s Gallery, Annapolis, MD - November 12-13, 2022. $69.

“The Beautiful Cissy Doll” Marquis Auction Catalog — At Theriault’s Gallery, Annapolis, MD - November 19, 2022. $49.

...Or Start A New Subscription Today! 2023 Calendar of Dolls Featuring beautiful antique dolls. Sixteen full-color photographs featuring gorgeous antique dolls. 24” x 12”. $22.

❒ Ten-Issue Subscription Receive the next ten doll auction catalogs at a 60% reduction of single-issue price. US: $329. Canada: $459. International: $499. ❒

2023 Calendar of Dolls (16 months thru March 2024): $22.

*Maryland residents add 6% sales tax. Name Address

Subscribe Now to Theriault’s Award Winning Catalogs for fabulous savings and the assurance that the catalog you want will never be “sold out”. On a ten issue subscription, the individual catalogs are only $29.90 – that’s a whopping 60% savings!




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Nov. 12-13, 2022


10:00 AM EST. Preview Each Day. 11:00 AM EST. Auction Each Day.

November 19, 2022

“The Beautiful Cissy Doll” 10:00 AM EST. Preview. 11:00 AM EST. Auction.


the dollmasters


PO Box 151 Annapolis, Maryland 21404

Join the Auctions in a Live Video Presentation. Call 410-224-3655 for More Details. x

Absentee, Telephone and Live Internet Bidding We welcome absentee bidding, live telephone bidding, and live bidding on the internet. Too, you can “tunein” to the online auction and watch and listen to the entire event. Questions? Give us a call and we’ll help you choose the bidding option that is best for you.

Auction Information The auction will take place at the Theriault’s Studio in Annapolis, Maryland. For auction information call Theriault’s at 410-224-3655 M-F 9AM-5PM EST or go online to Email queries to anytime.

To order the auction catalog for $69 call 410-224-3655 or visit