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By Randy Stahla Celebrating 10 years of Music, Digital Art, Poetry, Animation, and Stories


by 3BOEZ4UBIMB Nominated for Who’s Who  in  America for 2014... Celebrating a quarter  million  song  plays on N1M Music for 2014...


Chantel Atkins (CEO/Owner) I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host. The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy! Be sure to go to www.therhythm iclounge.com to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue and take a look at our new magazine site at http://w w w .trlm agazine.com Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

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Michael Karr by Patrick Ross

Musician Michael Karr is one of those rare instances of humble musical genius. I spoke with Michael over the phone recently to talk with him about what inspired the music from his latest album entitled “Think It Over” on which he is the sole instrumentalist on all the cuts with one exception, the vocals sung by the late Izzy Rivera. A very warm and soft-spoken individual, it is through his music that Michael finds his best expression I believe. Inspired by his father a multiinstrumental musician who took him everywhere as a child and exposing him to various musical settings, he began his voyage through music at the tender age of eleven on his first recording dates with the Pittsburg Youth Symphony as a soloist. His ability and talent recognized by Trombonist Randy Purcell earned him a scholarship to Carnegie Mellon University. After completing his education and receiving two Bachelors degrees by age 19, he began playing and touring nationally and in Europe. Playing with a veritable who’s who of musical groups and artist, a list of which would go beyond the scope of this article, suffice it to say he has earned the respect of many great and talented musicians over the course of his career. Equally talented on both piano and trumpet, he is also an arranger, lyricist, composer, engineer, and producer. Having been signed to various labels during his career and producing a top ten hit on Billboards R&B charts with Stanley Fields cover of “You, Me & He” on the 3C label. It is the women in his life that have most inspired him, as is the case with his daughter after whom the track “Sarina (Sarah)” on his latest album is named. A resident musician in many notable jazz venues throughout New York City, and almost every club east of the Rockies – from after hours clubs, stadiums, and two Presidential Inaugural Balls. He is the leader of Michael’s Karrtet™, which features the musicianship of Ron Affif, Victor Jones, John Benitez, Randy Johnston, Alex Blake, and Essiet O. Essiet. Jazz Improv magazine has him listed as “Noteworthy Performance”. Michael Karr is the genuine, real deal, personally and musically. http://www.michaelkarr.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael-Karr/29741212167 http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-karr/1b/3a9/2b4 http://www.myspace.com/michaeljkarrmusic http://twitter.com/alakarr http://www.reverbnation.com/alakarr http://www.numubu.com/152817-profile-michael-karr.html http://www.youtube.com/user/michaelkarr!

Mothership is hovering, observing inconsistencies in the electromagnetic funk waves. We broke through the barriers set up by the funkless drones -only to find more funkless drones and more barriers... but we be rebellious funkateers are here to stay and we ain't going nowhere..

UNITED FUNK ORDER ON YOU TUBE ~ http://youtu.be/qVtrV6_uWPs Welcome to the United Funk Order experience.... Just beamed out of the studio, and onto the music scene. Intergalactic-Funk-Rock Band “United Funk Order” headed by the Multi-talented Thulani, Master Guitarist Indigo and Master Keyboardist Gregg “Daffy” Fitz, is pleased to present their new music CD set for fourth quarter release. Phenix Productions, Inc. presents Intergalactic-Funk Rock Band “United Funk Order”. The band’s vibe is rooted in classic funk and contains elements that appeal to diverse audiences. Thulani, aka Terra Momma, is Co-Founder and Lead Vocalist/Composer/Producer/MusicianPercussionist of “United Funk Order”, whose artistic abilities have been molded from a unique blend of international experiences. Her energetic vocal style is deeply influenced by an appreciation for the R&B, Rock and Funk classics of Tina Turner, Chaka Khan + Rufus, Mothers Finest, Cameo + George Clinton. Thulani of United Funk Order, lead vocalist, producer, songwriter and performer. Progressive House remix single "Zone 3" from David Dance records is from her upcoming album entitled "Fried Ice Cream". The song was written, produced and performed by Thulani herself who is a consummate perfectionist. She describes "Zone 3" as a journey through the consciousness of "Terra Momma” her alter-ego. In 1995 she wrote the hit single "I'll be there for you" under Barclay/Polygram records which is still being played in Europe. After her success with her single she decided to pursue her funk roots and collaborate with various stellar musicians including Parliament/ Funkadelic/Nappy Roots members on various projects. Being a versed musician/songwriter she collaborated with stellar musicians in the industry and has had successful on various labels including Sony/Hoopla/Fontana/Universal Music Group. Zone 3 is available through Beatport and Juno downloads. She produced/co-wrote a duet with Gary Shider “Starchild” former lead singer of Parliament/ Funkadelic coming out on the band outshoot of Parliament/Funkadelic - Mutiny – entitled “Funk Road” September 2013. Thulani has performed with several world renown artists including: Jerome “Big Foot” Brailey (Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and Former Drummer with Parliament/Funkadelic), Adam Holtzman (MD for Miles Davis), Dee-Dee Bridgewater (Internationally renown jazz vocalist), Omar Hakim (Drummer for Sting Madonna and Chic), Jerry Barnes (Bass player for Roberta Flack, Chaka Khan and Carly Simon), Dave Mullen (Horns for Brand New Heavies), Jane Getter (Guitarist with the Allman Brothers, The Roots and master guitarist from Saturday night live), James Genus (Bass player for Herbie Hancock and Chris Boti), Allan Holdsworth (Guitarist), Rocky Bryant (Drummer for Faith Hill, Billy Joel, David Sanborn, etc.), Keith Carlock (Drummer for Steely Dan), Rodney Holmes (Drummer for Santana), Reggie Washington (Bass player for Marcus Miller, David Sanborn and Wayne Shorter). Indigo aka Sonlight, Co-Founder, is a Composer/Producer/Musician-Lead Guitarist whose music hearkens back to a rich musical period. His influences include a diverse spectrum of artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Sly Stone, P-Funk, Mother's Finest, Bob Marley, Paco De Lucia, Led Zep, jazz greats Miles Davis, Bird, Trane, Monk and other legendary talents. Great music has a transcendental element capable of lifting the soul to heights above and beyond life's daily grind. Indigo is fully aware of this magic and strives to include this element in all his musical compositions. He's not subject to the trappings of the past but pays all due respect to the pioneers while carefully guiding his music into the future. Since the day he first laid hands on a musical instrument, playing music has been second nature to Indigo. Indigo has worked with the likes of: Barbara Tucker (Award winning house diva), Myra Singleton (Bass player for The Family Stand), Ronald Butler (Guitar player for the Wailers, Morgan Heritage Steel Post and Denroy Morgan), Adam Holtzman (MD for Miles Davis), Chango Everett (Drummer for recording artist First Circle and Family Stand), Lonnie Gordon (Soul Vocalist), Rob “The Noise” Temple (Rock and Roll Hall of Famer), Millenia Khan (Vocalist, Chaka Khan’s daughter), Melissa Morgan (Renown R&B vocalist), Rock “n” Roll Hall of Famer, Jerome “Big Foot” Brailey & Mutiny. Gregg “Daffy” Fitz aka

Taharka, is a Composer/Producer/Musician – Keyboardist who is truly a funk pioneer having worked with the likes of George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Van McCoy, Rock “n” Roll Hall of Famer, Bootsy Collins & The New Rubber Band, Sly Stone, Bernie Worrell & The Woo Warriors, Elisabeth Withers, Kool and the Gang, Color Me Bad, Forecast, Gloria Gaynor, Quazar, Underground Funk, 420 Funk Mob, The John Hickey Band, Funk-Kin, and Rock “n” Roll Hall of Famer, Jerome “Big Foot” Brailey & Mutiny. The band’s music demonstrates the funk/rock vibe, African rhythms with a Funk-a-delik groove. Indigo explains this album has sounds from “Bono to George Clinton with passionate rhythms for healing the soul. Thulani adds, “We need to express our music through the eyes of the people who are suffering. The world needs answers and they need them now for their lives today and tomorrow.” United Funk Order has created animated musical characters to add multi-media facet to their products and service offerings. Caricatures of band members have been developed as Super Heroes and are linked to other digital and animation products. The characters Sonlight, Taharka and Terra Momma in the United Funk Order animated band use a world tour to battle evil and convey positive messages. "The Funk Never dies.. it just multiplies".

LISTEN TO UFO MUSIC ON THE WEBSITES: www.unitedfunkorder.com https://myspace.com/unitedfunkorder www.reverbnation.com/unitedfunkorder


Jason&Harris/J.&Bling&City&& Jason Demetrius Harris (born November 23, 1985), better known by his stage name J.BlingCity*, is an experimental hip-hop vocalist, conscious rapper, audio music engineer, geographic artist and organist from St. Louis, Missouri. His music stems from inspirational music, soul, hip-hop, jazz, blues, and orchestra music. He grew up with a spiritual background experience working with songwriters, choir and quartet singers and large improvising ensembles. He earned his BFA in Digital Film New Media from the Kansas City Art Institute. He also received a MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media in 2011 from Mills College in Oakland, California. J.BlingCity*'s as an vocalist he is often described as epic, intriguing, symbolic, and narrated. A story from history, the news, his personal life or a life lesson is always implemented in his music. His music reminds a person of a rapper like Lupe Fiasco, Q-Tip, . The hunger he had for music grew stronger watching four of his siblings dancing with hip-hop, R&B, pop, and rock artists from the 1990s to the present year. "Music has the ability to enter into a man's consciousness. Music gives us the opportunity to debate, define, and reply. Music is powerful, it allows us to overcome mountains in our life, music helps us get respect, music is history, music is a weapon" J.BlingCity* LINKS: Website: www.mainattraction-productions.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/jblingcity Reverbnation: reverbnation.com/jblingcity Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/jblingcity FB fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/JBlingcity/285958561425146 &

Essince (TRL): How long have you been rhyming? DJ Rell Cash: I have been rhyming for about 9 years now, I took some time off, but I have been back recording since 2009.

Essince (TRL): With the exception of Coo Coo Cal's "In My Projects" back in the day I don't remember much from Milwaukee...or Wisconsin in general hiphop wise, what is the scene like? DJ Rell Cash: The scene is really absent to be honest! We don’t really have one, I mean we have guys known around the city, and we also have guys out here with definite talent, but we don’t really have a particular sound to call our own, and the city really doesn’t show love to its artists until somebody big puts the stamp on em. Crazy i know, but it’s the truth

Essince (TRL): Talk to me about the "Song of the Year" award from HNS radio. DJ Rell Cash: That joint is the "#GINlife" track. "GIN" is an acronym for "Get It Now". The flow on that track was just crazy, the beat was crazy, it was all over the place. But it goes hand in hand with the "GIN" movement because when you really feel like you gotta "Get It Now", you don’t care how you gotta go about doing it.

Essince (TRL): What has been the response for your debut, 2566? How did you pick that name? DJ Rell Cash: The response from "2566" has been very positive thus far. I know I am from Milwaukee and a lot of people don’t know what goes on here and I wanted to bring light to everyday life here. "2566" is the address to the house that I grew up in. That house, that neighborhood groomed me into the person I am today, both good and bad. I wanted to pay homage to that place, my family has been out of that house since 2007, but I live in that same neighborhood right now, 2 blocks away actually.

Essince (TRL): What are you working on now? DJ Rell Cash: Right now I’m just working on pushing the project and the single, and getting more visuals shot. I have my next project title in mind already and I will start recording for it in about a week or so.

Essince (TRL): Where can we find you online? DJ Rell Cash: Twitter.com/Iamrellcash @IAMRELLCASH Youtube.com/TheRellCash

Essince (TRL): Any Final Shout outs? DJ Rell Cash: Shout out to Milwaukee! If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere! Shout out to the squad #GINboys, and shout out to erybody that’s rockin wit the movement! #GIN

where creativity lives !

F E B R U A R Y / / 15



Howie Moscovitch

Howie&is&a&Canadian&born&writer/producer/multi5instrumentalist&working&in&the&U.S.&He&is& comfortable&and&experienced&with&all&styles&but&specializes&in&Pop&and&Top&10&of&all&charts& including&Hip&Hop,&Dance&and&R&n&B.&His& productions&have&very&current&beats,&sounds& and&arrangements.&His&influences&come&from& all&manner&of&music.&Classical&music&from&the& Renaissance&to&yesterday,&Jazz,&World&Beat,& Country&and&of&course&Rock&and&Roll&and&R& and&B&are&all&part&of&the&mix.& Howie&played&in&and&wrote&for&an&extensive& list&of&&bands&in&Canada.&He&also&wrote&and& produced&pieces&for&Film,&Dance,&Theatre&and& Advertising.&He&was&a&pivotal&part&of&Toronto’s& Queen&St.&Scene.&He&has&worked&with&many&of& Canada’s&top&musicians&and&recorded&and&co5 produced&with&Grammy&and&Juno&award& winners.&He&continues&to&work&in&the&U.S.&with& writers,&players&and&vocalists&who&are&at&the& top&of&their&field.& Howie&is&a&highly&creative&and&versatile& guitarist&who&is&dedicated&to&his&craft.&He&is&at& home&in&subtle&and&completely&over&the&top& musical&situations.& He&has&been&the&recipient&of&numerous& international&songwriting&awards&and&his& material&has&been&pitched&to&and&solicited&by& some&of&the&biggest&stars&in&the&industry.&He&is&currently&writing&with&and&producing&artists& from&around&the&world&in&multiple&genres.&He&is&also&co5writing&with&a&stable&of&excellent& songsmiths.& & &

Website(!!!!!!http://howiemoscovitch.com! Linkedin!(!!!!www.linkedin.com/pub/howie(moscovitch/13/86b/a35/! Twitter(!!!!!!!!https://twitter.com/HowieMoscovitch! Facebook(!!!http://www.facebook.com/howie.moscovitch!! Soundcloud(!https://soundcloud.com/howie(moscovitch/dec(2013(pop(sampler! ! ! ! ! !

where creativity lives

F E B R U A R Y / / 17!

Lyrical Educator, Author and Neo Soul Spoken Flow Poet

Hakim Crampton


Lyrical Education Curriculum & Program for Students takes Schools by storm Who ever knew that Hip Hop based education would be acceptable in schools in America? So what exactly is Hip Hop based education? According to Lyrical Educator, award winning lyricist-poet Hakim Crampton, it consists of using an approach to engage students from their social context, i.e. urban culture as exhibited through the growing cultural norm of Hip Hop. Hip Hop isn't just “rap” music says Hakim, who teaches a curriculum called SLAM Lyrical Education all across the state of Michigan, where he introduces students to the history, perspective and experiences of inner city youth culture. Hakim challenges students to re-examine their current mental framework that has been shaped by the increasing negative aspects of Hip Hop. He then walks them through the history of how Hip Hop evolved and changed into the negative strands that have become the acceptable way of life for inner city youth in America. While inspiring students with his own story of having survived the streets, having been shot, wrongly incarcerated for murder, and turning his life around as an author, motivational speaker and well known national recording artist, Hakim then shows students how to translate their classroom coursework into Lyrical Dissertations, Rhymes, Poems, Songs and Essays. According to Teachers, Hakim’s methods are simply “amazing” and “life changing” for students. His curriculum S.L.A.M. or Spoken Lyrics with an Academic Mission, is being used by teachers all across the state of Michigan. He is currently on Tour across the nation on the Lyrical Education & Spoken Flow Poetry Tour. For booking info contact: HAKIMCRAMPTON@YAHOO.COM and follow him on Twitter @SpokenFlowPoet

Who is Hakim Crampton • Author of the first book of Facebook Stats, LET THERE BE LIGHT: Daily Inspirations & Thoughts of a Neo Soul Poet • Creator of S.L.A.M Lyrical Education curriculum & workbook • Author of Hip Hop 101: Exploring the History, Art and Politics of Urban Culture • Founder of AMEN 4 Youth, LLC • Youth Violence Prevention Specialist • Academic Mentor • Award winning Poet • Recipient of the Spokenword Billboards Top Hot 100 Ranking Artist of the Year 2012 • Founder of The Journal Of Neo Soul & Poetry


The Journal Of Neo Soul & Poetry proudly presents this 2-Volume LYRICAL EDUCATION curriculum series by Award winning Poet, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Mentor-Activist

Hakim Nathaniel Crampton.

Purchase this exclusive 2-Volume Curriculum series for the Introductory price of $19.99 + Postage & Handling $3.00 AVAILABLE MARCH 2014 THE JOURNAL OF NEO SOUL & POETRY PRESENTS

Exegetically Speaking The Story of My Life From The Streets to The Pen Through The Bio of My Poetry Inked with A Pen Neo Soul Poetry Series, Vol 3

The Journal of Neo Soul & Poetry 738 Union Street Jackson, MI 49203


Hakim Nathaniel Crampton Award winning Poet, Mentor-Activist & Motivational Speaker


Pathway Productions LLC an

Pathway Productions LLC is elocated in Atlanta, Georgia. s p e llm e l l h c r ite r i w m g / n We desire to create and promote innovative music across the globe. m o .c o r /S


n ev erb w w .r

a t io n

M eg a

S in g e y t r n u o BEDINGFIELD RYAN ade C Singer n WPop/Rock www.rever

MEGAN WADE Country Singer/Songwriter www.reverbnation.com/meganwade


VINCE JEYRHOM Singer/Songwriter www.reverbnation.com/vincejeyrhom

P a th

ro d u w ay P


c tio n s


A ll r LLC ,


MICHELLE SPELLMAN, CEO Pathway Productions Pathway Management


ig h ts



www.ark-ange.com Amazon Kindle US (United States) http://www.amazon.co m/dp/B0097UPM8E

(Paperback Edition) http://www.amazon.co m/Book-Manifest-HipHops-UntoldStory/dp/0977000591

Barnes & Noble (online in paperback format) http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-book-of-manifest-jamesblackwell/1113741899?ean=9780977000593 Books a Million (paperback) http://www.booksamillion.com/product/9780977000593 W. Blackwell ARK ANGE ENTERTAINMENT, LLC (678) 881-9119 "This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are ARK ANGE ENTERTAINMENT property, are confidential, and are intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom this e-mail is addressed. If you are not one of the named recipient(s) or otherwise have reason to believe that you have received this message in error, please notify the sender and delete this message immediately from your computer. Any other uses, retention, dissemination, forwarding, printing, or copying of this e-mail is strictly prohibited." where creativity lives


F E B R U A R Y / / 23

Victor Orlando, percussionist to the stars, musician, music producer, songwriter, actor, comedian, writer, movie producer and director! Recent recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award in Percussion, presented by The 7th Annual Hollywood F.A.M.E. Awards. Percussionist for the multi-platinum Lowrider Band, formerly known as War. Grammy nominated & NAACP Award nominee for his CD, “N Da House”, comprised of phenomenal Funk, Jazz & Latin music, hence the name of his band, Fun-Ja-La. Available at iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, CDBaby and most of your favorite online music stores. You may have heard his song, Argentia, in the film “For The Love of Money” starring Edward Furlong & James Caan. Victor is the former percussionist of The Gap Band. His work can be heard on the timeless R&B classic, Outstanding. His work can also be heard on the unforgettable R&B hit, Computer Love by Roger & Zapp. Victor has also performed & recorded with Yarbrough & Peoples, Teena Marie, Buddy Miles, Billy Preston, Bobby Womack, LL Cool J, Chaka Khan and many, many more. To know more about all of the exciting events, music & video releases of Victor Orlando & Fun-Ja-La, please visit victororlandomusic.com.

facebook.com/victororlandomusic twitter.com/victororlando52 youtube.com/victororlando1

reverbnation.com/victororlandomusic soundcloud.com/victororlandomusic linkedin.com/in/victororlando




Mary Hinds Mary Hinds is an accomplished singer, songwriter and actress from Tuskegee, Al. She has innate love and talent for music and has performed since childhood. This phenomenal singer is a renowned soloist and an enthusiastic quartet and choir member. She has recorded with The Holloway Drake Singers and The Rising Echoes, has had two c/d release’s “God Can Do It”, and He’s Coming Back”, and her songs have received airplay nationwide. Extremely self-disciplined she excels when working in collaborations, exudes patience, excels under pressure, and has an amazing stage presence when singing or acting. Mary L. Hinds a native of Kankakee, Illinois was born to entertain Since the early age of 5 years old, she has shown the ability and passion for singing. Mary has participated in many forms of singing including quartet, choir & band. She has directed several choirs: she is currently a member and president of the Goodship MB Church choir. God has obviously blessed her with a countless number of gifts and to give thanks to God, she blesses others with her ministry of singing. Mary has song at multiple churches and events throughout the world. Her current home church is Goodship MB Church under the leadership of Pastor Mack H. Parker Sr. Mary has appeared on the Dr. Bobby Jones show and has appeared with several gospel artist such as: Dottie Peoples, The William Brothers, Ty Tribbett, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Trin-I-Tee and many, many more.

Prophet Terry P. Greene, Jr. Music Legend, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Radio & T. V. Show Host, Mag. Publisher, Author, Major Music Promotions & Marketing Phone: 917.391.1107 Email: prophetterrygreene@gmail.com www.fa7ithmusicministries.yolasite.com www.facebook.com/greeneterr http://www.facebook.com/greeneterry www.reverbnation.com/greeneterry www.numberonemusic.com/terryg www.myspace.com/greeneterry www.blogtalkradio.com/arlenebrownmedia/terrygreene www.linkedin.com/in/pgegf7hm/ http://www.cdbaby.com/all/fa7ithurban https://www.facebook.com/pages/Terry...*Music*/195470927173101


Uzi Dre

Uzi Dre is a hip-hop artist born in Clearwater, Florida. At the age of 13 Uzi Dre found a break from the street life by going to recording studios. Through the mic Uzi expressed his experience on the streets as a product of the ghetto. After building up street credit in the game, Uzi took a fall for dealing in drugs. He served a large amount of time in Florida’s D.O.C, but continued to advertise his talent and passion as an artist in Florida’s D.O.C. After Uzi’s release from state custody he made his musical presence known by opening True Fiends Entertainment and performing live events with DJ Kool, DJ Magic Mike, Cypress Hills, Jungle Brothers, Ziggy Marly, U2, Rated R, Yuck Mouth, Ice T, Evil-E, Trigga the gangsta, Smooth the Hustla, Clearwater all Stars, T-Nittie, To-Be-Real, Rob Skiza Motel Boyz, Ex-cons, Dirty Doc, The Devious Click, Will Till, Just Us, Red Rock & Jock, Mr. Zell and Squirrel James. Uzi has worked with producers 1 D, Blitz, Napolian, Holly Rod & Dre, D. Underwood, Tony P and Timothy 'Krazyfigz' Walls. Through Promotion company Lee Entertainment Louie Dee and Adam Invandino Uzi has hosted events with Coco (Ice T’s wife), Warick Dunn (NFL Player) and Winky Wright (professional boxer). While working close with radio personality host 3rd Leg Greg, Uzi recorded the radio commercial for the Kia car company promoting the Kia Rio. Uzi has made a huge impact in the streets and the Internet with his music. He is not an illusion of entertainment; Uzi Dre is hip-hop. In the words of Uzi Dre, “The ghetto life made hip hop so hip hop is me”. Uzi Dre can be reached at: True Fiends Entertainment P.O.Box 4953 Clearwater,Fla,33758 truefiends@hotmail.com Follow Uzi Dre on Twitter @UziDre Vote for Uzi Dre at artistsignal.com/uzidre Be sure to like his Facebook page: True Fiends Entertainment or Uzi Dre!


So#you#want#to#cover#a#hit#song?# By:#Monet#

This article is for all my singers! I recently attended a VIP seminar

Now that you know the elements of being a great singer, it still

which was headed by a current music industry “top notch” music

doesn’t fully qualify you to become an artist – not these days at least.

executive and he gave some great advice for anyone looking to really

The seminar only confirmed what I already knew – that if you’re

break into the music business. In this article I will concentrate on the

looking to be “discovered” and hopefully given a record deal, you

information presented for singers (I guess rappers can be included in

have to be a full-fledged artist! At the very least, you have to be not

this group as well). In his presentation he asked for singers to raise

just a singer, but also a songwriter. Having a voice is great, but

their hands, then songwriters, then artists; needless to say, everyone

within the current market, there are so many great singers that you

in the room raised their hands for the artist category.

need something else to make you stand out. Another thing is that

So what is the difference between a singer and an artist? First of all, a singer is one who determined (hopefully through honest consideration and consultation) that they have a singing voice that people like listening to and are able to sing a song – well. To take that even further, a true singer is one that has realized their talent for singing and has taken the steps to hone their skills. This aspect of becoming better at what you do can be summed up in two words voice training (or vocal lessons). In case you forgot…nobody’s perfect! Think of any great singer, either past or present – Whitney, Celine, Luther, Sinatra – they all had vocal training, either before establishing their career or during that process. In becoming great at anything you need to not only train, but you must practice. Michael Jordan, undoubtedly one of the best basketball players to date, could not have achieved all he did without consistent practice. All the athletic, acting and musical greats – all practice consistently. Singing is no different. Vocal exercises daily, or at a minimum, every other day will get your voice to top notch status and ready to play in the big leagues. Otherwise, unless you’re Britney Spears lucky, you will remain a local act.

many mainstream artists do not write their own songs, so if you are coming into the market as a singer-songwriter, you already have an advantage and more money in your pockets. Not only will you be able to write (or help in writing) your own songs, but if you are good at what you do, you can be asked to write for other artists. And again, like I mentioned previously, the only way to become good at what you do, is to practice! Yes, even in songwriting, listen to what is on the radio and follow suit, or if you choose to be a niche writer (writing for a particular genre/style) get into the habit of writing all the time. In addition to singing and songwriting, if you play an instrument, you too are even further ahead. Or if you play an instrument and write, you too can call yourself an artist. An artist is one that creates art, and in creating, you tap into who you are and what you know and make something of it. You can’t call yourself an artist if you only reproduce what has already been created (performing another person’s songs). So to all you aspiring artists, get to creating and only then can you look forward to a fulfilling and enduring music career.








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Hi! ! Find enclosed ‘PRESENTING’ the new album from JJ McCabe & Fallin’Angel. This is a bit of a departure for us as it is more pop orientated than our usual fare. This album will be promoted with the help of the various Beatles Fan Clubs around the country. Here is a reminder of what other people have said about JJ McCabe & Fallin’Angel:! ! -Rolling Stone Magazine:’!If John Lennon was making music today with the Moody Blues, they would sound like JJ Mc Cabe’!! -Peter Crowley!(for years booker at Max’s Kansas City and the first man to book the New York Dolls and The Ramones):!‘JJ McCabe's new album is proof that rock'n'roll will never die’.! -Dennis Ferrante (John Lennon’s engineer/producer): ‘Joseph is a talented songwriter/musician who records and mixes his own songs with a unique style of old-school rock’n'roll and alternative all rolled into one’.! -Madonna: ‘JJ (Jersey Joe) can certainly rock!’! ! And some general information:! ! &!Have!supported!The!Eagles,!Bruce!Springsteen,!Poco!and!been!Chuck!Berry!backing! band!on!occasions!in!the!2000’s! &!JJ!Mc!Cabe!taught!guitar!to!John!Kennedy!Jr.! &!Album!produced!and!mixed!by!James!‘Bonzai’!Caruso!(5#times#Grammy#Winner#for# production:#Madonna,#Bob#Marley#and#the#Wailers,#Clapton,#Super#Heavy,#Air#Supply,# etc)!and!Jim!Bonnefond!(Kool#and#the#Gang,#Savage#Garden,#Jimmy#Cliff,#etc)! &!They!were!signed!to!a!production!deal!with!Madonna.!The!original!band!split!up!before! any!recording!were!made.! &!JJ!McCabe!at!16!was!the!singer!of!East!Coast!up!and!comers!Kinderhook!Creek.! !! ENJOY!! !! Frenchy.! !! !! ! Flicknife Records/MG2MUSIC! mg2j1@talktalk.net/ 0044(0)7790234672/ skype:frenchy.gloder/ www.flickniferecords.co.uk /http://www.reverbnation.com/label/flicknife !!


Pete$Davies$Straps$Int.$ !


When and why did you join The Straps? I first joined the Straps the day they recorded their first album in1983. This was a one day. afternoon actually, of recording, and we did get some good work done, I particularly liked our version of House of the Rising sun, Proper good job we did on that. You were an original member of the UK Subs and went through all their hits period. How do The Straps compare? A comparison with the old Subs is not easy. The Straps have two guitars, which makes a big difference, Dave Reeves chugging Gibson is a big part of the sound, especially on stage. The early days of the UK Subs were very special, with the growth of punk everywhere, and the tremendous following we had, during those first couple of years it was a great time for the fans and us. Brave New Anger, the new album, is a good punk record more akin to 77 punk than today’s: was that deliberate after a 20 years gap? Its thirty years between albums for the Straps...The difficult 2nd album people say. The Straps singer Jock moved out of London away from the riots in Brixton and down to the tip of Cornwall with his wife and family. So although they continued to play with several personnel changes over the interim years they kind of lost momentum after their earlier successes, like touring as support for the damned, and the first singles. It was a chance meeting I had with Dave in 2012 at a UK Subs gig that we got talking about Jock and the straps, and I suggested if they wanted to give it a go I'd be well up for helping to get the band moving again, and within a few months , we had a new bass player and lead guitarist. our first gig followed where we met for the first time and went on stage 1/2 hour later , no rehearsal.....and were great. the album came about because it was so easy to play gigs together, we just had to see what we could come out with in a recording studio. After the first day of recording we had ‘Freakshow’, ‘It’s OK To Be Plain’ both of which had been recorded a few years earlier as demos, we also recorded ‘What's On The Box’ , an old Straps song that had never been recorded before and one new song ‘Dead Heroes’. A great days work, we were just getting the songs down and really enjoying the whole thing. The Faith Healer/Alex Harvey: An influence or just a good track to cover? On the first album we recorded one cover The Animals ‘House of the Rising Sun’. Jock said he wanted to put a cover on this new album and thought The sensational Alex Harvey bands, Faith Healer might work. Being a Scotsman like Alex Harvey may have had something to do with it, and anyway I always liked it especially the line, let me put my hands on you...ha ha So Phil spent a bit time working it out and on about the third day in the studio we got it down.

Of the early punk band, who were your favorites? My favorite punk bands were the Ramones and New York dolls, Wire, The Ruts, Dickies, .... Any chance of UK Subs reunion? And are you guys still friends? I saw Charlie last week and mentioned a reunion with me Paul and Nick, dunno if it’s possible , Paul and I would do it, and think Charlie is keen, but there is the band as it is now, they are very good, I have loads of respect for the current subs line up and wouldn't want spoil that. What about the future of The Straps? Will you come to the US? The Straps are very keen to play all over the world given the chance.....just need people to make us some offers of gigs , tours etc., we'll be there.. Finally, a reader’s question: what gear do you use for your drums? Set up, etc.? Any advice for a budding drummer? My set up: Tama Starclassic, 22x18, 12x9, 13x10, 14x12,16x14, on the album mostly I used a old Ludwig bronze snare which I've customized a little, or a Craviotto Maple. the cymbals From Istanbul Agop, 17 &n 18 traditional crashes, and Alchemy 22ride, hats china and 20crash. Tama speed cobra pedal and other Tama hardware. heads Remo ambassador X on the snare, pin stripes on the toms and Evans bass Emad head, with a hole in the front. Get some lessons from a good drummer. They know stuff that you can quickly learn, saves a great deal of time and you can work on new rhythms and patterns, building up your ,'toolbox' of grooves and fills. ! ! !

Flicknife Records/MG2MUSIC! mg2j1@talktalk.net// 0044(0)7790234672// skype:frenchy.gloder// www.flickniferecords.co.uk // www.facebook.com/frenchyflicknife//Twitter: Flicknife Records @Doomned!

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! !

Unspeakable Indiscretions


Eric Ramsey began his career as a college football player at Auburn, and a former NFL draft pick of pro footballs Kansas City Chiefs. In early 1996 he changed his focus to modeling and acting. Eventually, relocating to Los Angeles in 2005 where he quickly found an interest in filmmaking which led him to write , produce and act. In 2007 he wrote and produced the short film “The Promise”. He then went on to write and executive produce the short film ‘’My Brotha’s Keeper’’, which was loosely based on his personal life experiences as a former athlete. In 2010 he co-wrote and executive produced the short film ‘’Black Rain”. While writing , producing and directing his current film “Unspeakable Indiscretions’’ Eric can also be found championing the cause of victims of childhood sexual abuse, through lecturing and petitions



! !

Ms. LayaLee, aka MizzFitt , born in Brooklyn, NY

but her family relocated to the southeast where LayaLee found herself to be a southern girl! However, due to her parents who traveled to different parts of the country, LayaLee does not carry a southern accent. She's an honor student with a goal to become a successful lawyer and wants to travel the world... She began her interest in the entertainment industry at the age of 9 and has already been around many interesting people who have made their career in entertainment. She's blessed in that way... By 10, she had already signed with a SAG affiliate talent agency and got a record deal with an indie label out of Atlanta, GA. Now she will get her big break in her first featured film that will be in post-production in 2012. As well as her new series that will air next year 2013/2014 too! She is definitely one who doesn't shy away from what she wants! She challenges herself! She's recording her first song at Soul Asylum Studios in Atlanta, GA, the same studio that appears on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and R&B Divas as well as T.I Family Hustle. She has a great development team [producer Tommy Gunz who was part of recording artist Mims "This Is Why I'm Hot" project and DAO Music Group, which is now a distribution and publishing company, her choreographer Q. Lamar, who has been in many music videos, cameo for a few movies and reality shows] behind her and starting off on the right track! She is not just a recording artist and actress. She has volunteered for some of the big organizations such as American Heart Association, Toys 4 Tots, and North Spruill Public Library. She's a young leader in the community. MizzFitt's direction is to target anti-bullying and just make fun and meaning music for all ages. Her song "Nerdy It Girl" has played on the Rita Stylez Radio WATB AM 1420 in Decatur, GA and college radio WUOG 90.5 FM at UGA! She will be featured in her first indie movie "Boarder Line" that is still being shot going into 2014. Also, MizzFitt is not culture shocked when she meets celebrities. Since she was a little girl, her parents have been in the music business and she has met her share of familiar faces. However, in 2013, she got to experience meeting celebrities on her own now that she is making her way in the music circle. MizzFitt will be working on two more songs that will appear on her short album to be released in 2014. This young lady is a busy bee for 2014! ! https://www.facebook.com/MsLayaLee?ref=hl https://twitter.com/MsMizzFitt "Nerdy It Girl" Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/Nerdy-It-GirlMizzFitt/dp/B00GAONLEW/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1388719300&sr=8-3&keywords=nerdy+it+girl iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/im-the-nerdy-it-girl-single/id736748965 Reverbnation - http://www.reverbnation.com/MizzFitt!




Jerry Astbury & fpc (for popular consumption)

Attack Media Group & Sabrina's Songs are proud to announce the musical insertion of "The Rising" by Fpc Forpopularconsumption in the upcoming Season 8 of Americas Got Talent...Congrats and big shout out to composer/artist Jerry Astbury... FPC has been gaining recognition across the music industry for his ability to DJ / Produce and Perform in both the EDM and Media production landscapes. Equally at home delivering banging DJ sets in clubs throughout Vegas and LA or scoring the music for the latest ATTACK MEDIA project FPC captivates his listeners with his passion for music. The Montreal Quebec native FPC was initially spotted by legendary Producer Mark Berry, CEO of ATTACK MEDIA GROUP. Not long afterwards the artist would be producing high-energy DJ sets for POSH in Las Vegas and Universal City Walk in Hollywood. FPC currently has several releases with the San Francisco Nights Records Label in Italy and a growing list of requests for his DJ sets, remix productions and radio mixes. Every note, every sequence has a purpose – has a story. fpc’s emotions absolutely boil over. And there is no escaping that realization of that talent that lies beneath. It is pure, it is skilled and it is intelligent. The ability to take an emotion or thought and transform it into such masterpieces is more than extraordinary. I call it a fusion of Mozart meets the electronic age. I’m literally blown away by the raw talent. There is no doubt, you will be, too! Administered for the world by Attack Media Group - info@attackmediagroup.com Jerry Astbury and fpc (for popular consumption) are now available on San Francisco Nights Records http://www.sanfrancisconights.org/ !




is most known for starting Amalgam Digital, which helped boost the careers of

Joe Budden, Max B, Currensy, Lil B and many others. From DJ to Record Label owner, to Artist Manager, to acclaimed Filmmaker (his recent documentary, Egypt through the Glass Shop debuted during Sundance last year), now Next (@Anyextee) is stepping into a new realm, as a rapper. Finally stepping out from behind the desk, Next tells the tale of life behind the scenes in the business world but also strategically uses sound to help enhance the listening experience to a whole new level. Essince (TRL): How did you get your start in the music business? Next: My introduction to the music business started organically from living and being around the culture. I started out as a DJ and that lead to the monetization of my mixtapes in effort to buy more records. As a mixtape dj, You want to expand your operation from selling hand to hand to making them available in stores. That's where the culture of Hip-hop first becomes a business for me and it grew from there.

Essince (TRL): Being around MCs all the time, why do you think you waited until now to become one? Next: Timing. It's believed there is a time for everything. When we examine the true definition of what an MC really is we discover it's the master or ceremony. In ancient traditions this would be the medicine man, shaman or tribal elders through whom ceremony and rituals of song and dance would communicate stories to the tribe. Some stories are told through actions. If you look at the way I run my business I've always approached it as an MC communicating a story through the Amalgams action. So in that sense me being an "MC" really isn't a new concept. It's the putting myself out there as a performing artists or a rapper that’s new. Another thing to consider is that I was putting out, representing, or managing other artists and it could've been viewed as a conflict of interest by some people. I had to go through these experiences in order to learn and grow from them. I wasn't ready before. It wasn't my time. Now I can come out the gate with unique experience and offer substance in my music that I couldn't have delivered prior. Now is my time.

Essince (TRL): What is Cymatics? How will adding certain tones affect people? Next: Cymatics is the study of visible effects that sound and vibration have on matter. It's a derivative of the Greek word "kuma" meaning "wave". By adding certain tones and frequencies the listener can be healed. What we hear is processed and carried throughout our body affecting it in a positive or negative way, even causing change at the cellular level and that this is why music and sound with the right intention can heal us. Sound also permeates us quickly because a large percent of our bodies are made of water. By exposing ourselves to the healing frequencies, we can easily achieve a greater sense of balance and higher consciousness. There is a broad spectrum that can range from pineal gland activation to tones that have been known to kill bacteria in the body or even the rife tones, which are believed to kill cancer cells. Essince (TRL): You're in Egypt right now, actually. How has that culture influenced what

you did with your album? Next: My debut album "Executive Decisions" is mostly influenced by my experience in the music industry and spiritual growth as a person but I'm in Egypt right now for an intense study of ancient Egyptian symbolism and the sacred sciences touring with Egyptologist John Anthony West and the Enneagram institute. What I'm discovering from this experience has been instrumental in helping to rapidly expand my consciousness and will undoubtedly have a direct influence on my sophomore album. That's going to be the one.

Essince (TRL): Where can we hear your music? When will the album be released? Next: As an artist and a filmmaker my efforts are concentrated on the entire body of work including the visual aspect of the art form and so I'm mostly focused on releasing music videos right now. Those can be experienced at AmalgamDigital's YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/AmalgamDigital) or my Vimeo page (www.vimeo.com/Anyextee). The "Executive Decisions" album is scheduled for a late February release available direct from www.AmalgamDigital.com as well as ITunes and other digital retailers with a physical release available on CD soon to follow.

Essince (TRL): Any final shout outs? Next: Shout out to Rhythmic Lounge Magazine for this opportunity. Shout out to John Anthony West for showing me Egypt through symbolist eyes. Shout out to the people that more people should know about. People like Royal Raymond Rife and Rick Simpson.!



! !

Flicknife, was both a home for artists like Hawkwind and their individual members and a starting point for artists as Dogs D`Amour, Ozric Tentacles, Adamski, SOHO and many others, yet that is not all there is. Flicknife Records keeps on releasing fascinating music from either legendary bands or new artists - so come in and be fascinated. Thirty years of History and still going strong! If you would like to contact the label please use the form at the bottom of the page or send an email to info@flickniferecords.co.uk To contact one of the bands on the label, please see the relevant contact information below:

Slydigs Head to www.slydigs.co.uk or email admin@slydigs.co.uk Gunslinger Head to www.alandaveymusic.com Lastwind Head to www.sonicassissins.co.uk Steve Swindells Head to www.reverbnation.com/steveswindells Flicknife on ReverbNation http://www.reverbnation.com/label/flickniferecords Contact us about the site Send an email to website@flickniferecords.co.uk!

! ! !

https://www.facebook.com/pages/City-Of-Gold-records-Kamlegaze-Productions/113945675290052 http://www.myspace.com/kamlegazeproductions !



…Poetry In Motion, Unlimited Songwriter and Sex Appeal

Experience the presence of Mija. Rough and ready vocals. Smooth and sensual lyrics. Mija engulfs the listener with a tasty blend of lustrous tracks and passionate vocals with a jagged edge to them. Mija that effortlessly grabs every ones attention. The ladies love the ST. Louis native son and the brothers appreciate that he musically expresses their thoughts. The performing songwriter Mija began his music career at the sweet innocent age of 6 by learning to play the drums. He grew up in a rough neighborhood called Kinloch in St. Louis Mo. but, chose the right path away from his troubled surroundings. Mija grew up in a musical household with many aunts, uncles, and cousins who were all multi-talented along with mom and dad singing. He was inspired to the music business early on. Having my mom on the road and watching her practice and perform many shows made me want to be a performer as well. At 10 years of age, Mija started writing songs and became a self taught DJ and mixed tapes.. My family had a recording studio in the basement and I hung out and learned about the art of making music. Those experiences led him to actively pursue a career as he believes that singers should put their all into perfecting their craft. Enthralled by his performances Multi-talented Mija spent his teenaged years rapping and singing in a few local groups and as he honed the skills, he learned how to work the crowed. To experience Mija would be to experience his live performances. In my songs, I say things no one else would say. Mija is an extraordinary talented and a multi-genius. Song writer, singer, producer and newly found talent of Directing is just among a few god!given gifts in his domain.

The Rhythmic Lounge: How did you get started? Mija: The musical background of our family runs deep and rich in its essence. Our (Mija, Rekha and TM) grandfather was an internationally known blues legend by the name of Timothy Cooper a.k.a. 'Little Cooper' and the Drifters. He was the head producer on Ike Turner's Album titled "East St. Louis- The Stevens Sessions". He also had a platinum single called "Evening Train". I guess our grandfather planted the seed of his musical legacy into the rest of his children and grandchildren through our grandmother. This was our influence and our family was very talented. My (Mija and Rekha) mom 'Sharron Allen' was a singer and so was my (Mija) father. Mijas' father 'Clifford Miller' is one of the lead singers in 'A Moment In Time" a.k.a Seattle's Starbucks Singers. With all of this musical DNA embedded deep within our souls, we had no choice but to follow their footsteps. Mija started doing music as early as 5 yrs old and is also the beginning of Kamlegaze Productions. Rena Houston was also born into the music industry. Her grandmother was a gospel singer singing with her family and a background singer for Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley, and etc. Her mother was a solo singer for her home church choir. She was also a background singer for Chaka Khan, Luther Vandross and sang duets with Jermaine Jackson, Teddy Pendergrass, and etc.

TRL: Please describe your music style for those who aren’t familiar with you! Mija: Our music style is extremely universal. We never put any sort of limitations on our musical projects. Dealing with us in a studio session may lead you into a world of R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Latin, Country and even a little bit of Classical on a good day. We truly love all genres of music and so therefor label ourselves and style of music as being unlimited.

TRL: Who are your musical influences? Mija: Our musical influences are Michael Jackson, Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmunds, Led Zeppelin, Patti Labelle, Beethoven, Dr. Dre, Madonna, Beyonce, Faith Evans, Jill Scott, Adele, Cindy Lauper, Michael McDonald, Elton John, Michael Bolton, Rod Steward, Dolly Pardon, Janet Jackson and the great Whitney Houston just to name a few.

TRL: Describe your creative process when you’re songwriting! Mija: The creative process of Kamlegaze Productions (Mija, Rena Houston, TM, and Rekha) is organic in its nature. As the great late Michael Jackson once said, 'The music writes it's self. In order to form the music you must become the music.' When we are songwriting we focus on giving the audience a fragment of our lives through experience of our inner souls, we begin painting a picture through deep meditation giving unto you. We sit in a room with our ink pens, notebooks and open minds and we free style on the mic with our subconscious thoughts connected directly to the Creator. We cannot do anything without the guidance of God who constructed architectural proficiency in our DNA to form an outstanding song.

TRL: What advice would you give to a new artist/group that’s just starting out? Mija: My (Rekha) advice to a new artist/group would simply be to just be yourself, I feel that there's no need to fake who you are as a person. Who cares about what others think of you. YOU'RE the one making money! It's all about entertainment.!



Please&contact&Noemi&Velez&at&noemivlz@yahoo.com to see more of her photography or to get more information on her daughter’s stories!& ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Angelina!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“A!Special!Child”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Christal! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“Guardian!Angel”! ! !

& !!……………!

Album Reviews Michael Karr - Think It Over by Patrick Ross


★★★ ★★

Veteran journeyman trumpeter Michael Karr, has travel the gamut of music, artists, and faraway romantic places over the course of his career having recorded over 39 albums. His latest offering entitled “Think It Over” dubbed as Neo Soul is expressive both of soul and of a now sound. Beginning with the title track “Think It Over”, it evokes pictures in the mind of earlier days in cool jazz music married with soul influences. I can almost hear Anita Baker covering this tune. The next track “Cristina” picks up the pace with a funky guitar riff and colorful back ground vocals, bringing to the fore it’s easy breezin’ sounds of life and love of the songs title character. “Here We Go Again” brought me to the frame of mind, having a romantic dinner in a supper club by the waterfront at sunset. “Sarina (Sarah)” is another classically stylized ballad that makes me wonder who these women are that have inspired Michael Karr to have immortalized them musically. Included are two covers tunes George Michaels “Careless Whisper” and the SOS band’s “Be Good To Me”. I found that I could put this album on for a quiet night of romantic bliss and easy conversation or even a first date. This is destined to become an easy listening cool jazz favorite for fans of the genre and of Michaels soulful trumpet playing. I give it five out of five stars as I add it to my own instrumental music collection. A must have.


Sina - Succumbing is not Acceptable by William Kryjak ! !

Rating: ★

★ ★ 1/2

What do you get when you mix one part Rick Ross, one part The Game, and a large helping of 2000 era rap production beats? “Succumbing is not Acceptable”, the title of the new album by Sina is the answer to this question. With laidback beats but a spitfire delivery, he brings a unique approach to the rap game. The spacey production on the song “I'm a Sina” is this kind of laidback beat I'm talking about. The song “High Heels” is another feature that is catchy and definitely grooves. But perhaps the title track “Succumbing is not Acceptable” is my favorite. It is the closest that Sina comes to his true sound. While the album has its highs, there are lows as well. The most glaring example of this is the lyrics, which never really rise to meet the aggressive execution. We're all familiar with the success and excess of rappers, and it comes out even less convincing from someone underground. The talent is there, it just needs a little polish. Overall the album is definitely satisfying and has its catchy moments. It is a fun record with a cool sound.


! ! ! !

www.flickniferecords.co.uk! !



Profile for The Rhythmic Lounge


The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the print/digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine...


The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the print/digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine...


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