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Rock Out with The Playmore Victoria Ann: Creating a Healthier, Happier You

Country Sensation Brandon Maddox

Pause MC SUMMER 2013 volume 5

Chantel Atkins (CEO/Owner) I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host. The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy! Be sure to go to www.therhythm to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue and take a look at our new magazine site at http://w w w .trlm Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

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14 Brandon Maddox

48 DJ Apple

26 Pause MC

54 Victoria Ann

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64 Keith Secola

The$Playmore$$ $

$ $

The Playmore is one of the most outrageous, challenging and exciting attempts to bring absolute freedom into music: it is a constant struggle to find harmony starting from four completely different entities, playing more than what is primarily and implicitly established. After several live performances and intense studio sessions along the last two years, The Playmore approaches the Massive Arts Studios in Milan where the band records its first album, Pump Rock. It represents an energy overflow meant not to destroy but to create, the one that makes you start tip-tapping your feet and dance and jump. On a musical way, it becomes a stream that mixes tight bass and drum grooves with keen slaps-andsnares, high melodics and enhancing guitars, a soft and warm voice that ranges from powerful shouting to tender songwriting moods, flowing into a solid rock & dance style. $ $

How$did$you$get$started$as$a$group?$$ $

The$band$set$its$roots$ten$years$ago$in$Aversa$nearby$Naples,$Italy:$a$typical$ condition$where$a$garage$becomes$a$studio$and$2$school$friends,$Marfz$and$Bro$Joe,$ decided$to$found$a$rock$band.$After$several$years,$and$different$formations,$in$2010$ the$band$shaped$itself$with$Marfz$(bass),$Bro$Joe$(drums)$and$Gian$(guitar)$and$Pie$ (vocal):$we$had$contents$and$strong$songs,$we$had$passion,$we$had$plenty$of$ideas,$$ $ $


$ $ and$in$2012$the$band$became$“The$Playmore”,$a$music$and$entertainment$project$ designed$for$world$wide$market.$As$independent$and$Italians$singing$in$English$we$ knew$we$were$starting$the$hardest$challenge$ever,$but$you$know$what$they$say,$ “life$happens$once”$and$that's$what$we$wanna$play.$ $ $

Please$describe$your$music$style$for$those$who$aren’t$familiar$with$you$ guys!$$ $

We$like$to$call$it$“pump$rock”$because$we$wanna$pump$the$blood$in$your$veins$as$ fast$as$we$can.$If$you$feel$like$you$wanna$jump$and$dance,$and$the$music$you're$ listening$ain't$pop$or$disco$or$“indie”$but$rock...welcome$in$our$world.$So$cook tight$ bass$and$drum$grooves$with$keen$slapsQandQsnares,$mix$it$with$high$melodics$and$ enhancing$guitars$and$a$voice$that$ranges$from$powerful$shouting$to$tender$ songwriting$moods,$and$the$result$should$be$a$solid$rock$&$dance$style.$Please,$ serve$it$loud.$ $ $

Who$are$your$musical$influences?$$ $

Any$music$that$deserves$to$be$listened$to!$By$the$way$we$all$like$Foo$Fighters,$Franz$ Ferdinand$and$Editors$but$we$are$really$influenced$by$anything$that$“sounds”$in$ life,$anything.$ $ $

Describe$your$creative$process$when$you’re$songwriting!$$ $

Messy and effective! We start from ideas, a sound, and we process it thru our magic machine, The Playmore: when we are all four satisfied we close the song, arrange it and play it. Sometimes it's different, we write songs on our own or we work in couples, sometimes it just comes out perfect...there's no specific rule except for “we work together, we are all part of a clockwork”.$ $ $

What$advice$would$you$give$to$a$new$group$that’s$just$starting$out?$$ $

Be$original,$new,$be$independent$and$work$harder$until$you$are$really$satisfied$of$ your$music.$Be$your$faith$and$don't$leave$anything$to$case$or$coincidence$cause$you$ can$make$it$on$your$own.$And$face$reality$and$market,$it's$a$shame$sometimes$but$it$ helps$you$keep$your$feet$on$the$ground.$ $ $ $

Hailing from Long Beach, CA - Chosen The Disciple has been a Rap Artist since 2003, confronting secular obstacles with his music and lyrics, until his 2011 spiritual breakthrough led him to convert to the Christian religion, bringing new values to his Hip Hop.

His upcoming debut album, titled "My Calling" sees Chosen The Disciple dealing with his own conversion, professing his beliefs and new found faith through a straight forward blend of Hip Hop. Catchy melodies, advanced flows and powerful beats serving a greater meaning and purpose. 
Let the music do the talking and listen for yourself!

Website: Twitter: Facebook:


Triii Force       by  Patrick  Ross        

The Dubstep  crew  Triii  Force  from   Laubach,  Germany  was  started  in   2010.  The  groups  members  are   Mazot,  Dizz,  and  Katarakt,  inspired   by  Dubstep  culture  and  visual  arts,   they  bring  sound  system  thinking,   dub  values,  and  an  appreciation  of   jungle  bass  weight  to  their  musical   palette  of  sounds  and  influences,  in  their  self  stylized  filthy  dub  version  of  the  genre.  The  group  founded  by   Mazot  and  Dizz  originally  called  themselves  ‘Laubach  Terror  Corps.’  This  lasted  for  a  time  while  they  were   still  enrolled  in  school  as  classmates  and  friends,  until  their  apprenticeships  began  leaving  them  little  time   for  music.  Katarakt  was  in  the  music  and  video  effects  business  during  his  studies  at  the  university,  and  a   few  years  later  Katarakt  met  Mazot.  Katarakt  convinced  him  that  he  should  produce  music  professionally,   thus  was  born  Triii  Force.     Dub  is  a  musical  genre  typically  associated  with  EDM  originated  in  South  London,  England.  It  associated   with  related  styles  such  as  2-­‐step  garage,  broken  beat,  drum  and  bass  jungle,  dub  and  reggae.  The  origins  of   the  genre  can  be  traced  to  the  Jamaican  sound  system  party  scene  in  the  early  1980’s.  Featuring   syncopated  drum  and  percussion  patterns  with  bass  lines  containing  prominent  sub  bass  frequencies.     Influences  of  reggae,  dub,  while  taking  cues  directly  from  Jamaican  deejay  and  toasting  styles  of  reggae   pioneers  like  U-­‐Roy,  MCing  has  become  a  critical  element  in  the  Dubstep  live  experience.  And  are  a   distinguishing  feature  often  found  in  Dubstep  compositions  along  with  the  use  of  samples  such  as  are  used   in  8-­‐bit  video  games  and  omnipresent  sub-­‐bass  lines.  Triii  Force  classify  themselves  as  progenitors of  the   Dubstep  /  grime  sector  of  the  genre.  With  each  member  assuming  a  role,  Mazot  the  producer  and  live   performer,  Dizz  the  DJ  and  MC,  and  Katarackt  the  master  of  visual  arts.       A  very  early  supporter  of  the  genre  was  BBC  Radio  1  DJ  John  Peel.  Interest  in  the  genre  grew  significantly   after  BBC  Radio  1  DJ  Mary  Anne  Hobbs  championed  the  genre  with  a  show  devoted  to  it  entitled  Dubstep   Warz  in  2006.  A  characteristic  of  Dubstep  is  the  wobble  bass  referred  to,  as  the  wub,  is  an  extended  bass   note  manipulated  rhythmically.  This  style  of  bass  is  a  driving  factor  at  the  more  club-­‐friendly  end  of  the   spectrum.  The  sounds  of  Dubstep  originate  out  of  productions  by  El-­‐B,  Steve  Gurley,  Oris  Jay,  and  Zed  Bias   in  1999-­‐2000.  Dubstep  clubs  started  appearing  in  cities  like  New  York,  San  Francisco,  Seattle,  Montreal,   Houston,  Denver,  and  Japan.  As  the  genre  has  become  an  international  rather  UK-­‐  centric  scene,  a  number   of  women  are  also  making  headway  into  the  scene,  which  has  mainly  been  male  oriented  leading  to  a  larger   female  attendance  at  events.  Dubstep’s  influence  on  more  commercial  or  popular  genres  with  artists  such   as  Britney  Spears,  Rihanna,  Eve,  Hank  Shocklee,  Snoop  Dogg,  and  Xzibit  can  be  identified  as  far  back  as   2007.     http://www.triii-­‐ Contact E-Mail:  


Brian Sonneman

by William Kryjak

Things were never easy for Brian Sonneman. Forced to fill the role of the man of the house at an early age, he rose to the challenge and hasn't looked back. But even this newfound responsibility couldn't keep him from doing what he truly loved – making music. Ever since Sonneman and his brother heard a rock band doing a sound check near there home, the music had its hooks in. That band turned out to be Van Halen, who continues to influence him to this day. After that, he got to play as much as he could. He joined every music organization his school had to offer, that is when he wasn't constantly practicing guitar. This work ethic has stayed with him since, as is evident in his constant touring and recording. Sonneman is the type of guy who when he knows what he wants to do, it gets done. Touring all over Washington, playing bars and clubs, for nothing but the sake of making and playing great music, he is passionate about his calling. Not only in his work on the road, but in the studio as well. Between 2005 and 2010 he put out about 7 or 8 albums worth of material, all filled with the same powerful, emotional rock that he was known for. With his latest album, King of the World, Sonneman puts out some of his most passionate work so far. There is clearly a pain hidden underneath the dark, brooding guitars and Chris Cornell-esque vocals, but it is channeled into great music. One of the preeminent rock musicians of Washington State, Sonneman's music may be dark but he has a bright future ahead of him. Keep an eye out for this man to rise through the ranks right on to your radio.   Http://    

Pi anoBl ac kSe et heVi de oonDe s e r t Snow. or g

ht t p: / / y out u. be / RCKl v U2 mQ3 4

Brandon’s influences range from the Beatles to Ralph Stanley and span from today’s Country to yesterday’s Folk and Rock ‘n’ Roll. From those early influences, he began to hone his craft of songwriting and find his own musical soul. Having always been a fan of Classic Country Music, Maddox, incorporates elements of Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Senior, and Marty Robbins into many of his original songs. Brandon currently has written upwards of 790 songs since he became a staff writer for Faverett Entertainment Group. He tours in states from Texas to Massachusetts and performs in night clubs to major festivals! Brandon has gotten cuts on several artists as well as receiving radio play across the country. Brandon, writes more and more with hitsongwriters and artists and continues to grow his fanbase and presence in Nashville and around the world!

Elaine Colon–Barbiegirl

by K.P. Spright

Every few years a star shines brighter than the rest in the music industry. Elaine Colon is no less than one; a young superstar who has a Puerto Rican descent has her music reverberating through the headphones of young and old. Moreover, these compositions come from a New Yorker, popular as Barbiegirl. Check out the latest songs at Born on April 3rd, 1992 Elaine has been interest in music since childhood. A journey that begun as a melodious lullaby as a child, led to creation of the R&B, Rap and Pop music lyricist, singer and songwriter who has created ripples in the New York Underground music scene. Her first project begun in 2012, it was known as ‘The Color Red’ this album was instant hit. Inspired by the idea of creating music to warm lives of the audiences, Barbiegirl is just at the start of her successful career beyond reckoning. Check out more about this artist right here Barbiegirl has performed at multiple locations like Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn platforms consisting of diverse audiences. Words come to her in an instant, as she listens to the melodies just to write down a heart wrenching song. If you are an Elaine fan, make sure to visit her Facebook page at Very few young artists have what to takes to succeed. Getting influenced by global artists like Alicia Keys, Usher, Jay-Z and Aaliya, Barbiegirl has numerous fans following to be entertained. She is giving everyone a beautiful song to relate to, make sure to tweet your views at


2013 Quarter 1 & 2 campaign to include: • • • • • • Album: Never To Be Tamed SHARPCD12056

UK tour booked with dates across the UK. Flicknife Records have hired a PR company to help with promotion and marketing A specialist online marketing company has been consulted. Reviews/features/interviews in: Vive Le Rock, Shindig & Record Collector Full length feature on Flicknife Records in Record Collector Magazine Tracks already featured on Starship Overflow FM, Mountain FM, Rock Radio and BBC Radio Merseyside

“With energy to boot, the band are a tornado of great indie music from thudding drum beats and riffs that makes it impossible to keep still” 100 Club, 2012


Louis Menguy: Lead guitar | Peter Fleming: Drums | Ben Breslin: Bass | Dean Fairhurst | Vocals and rhythm guitar

SLYDIGS might not be a name that is new to you. This band is the real thing: great songs, attitude, charisma, they have it all. When their first single, ‘Electric Love’, was released, the NME said: ‘Make sure that it is one of the 5 tracks you buy this month’: check it out on . The video of that single was also awarded Video Of The Week on Sky Music Channel Lava and was also in the Radar Section of NME TV. Channel 4 has featured ‘Electric Love’ on a new program, ‘Fresh Meat’ and it was also used in a Channel 5 advert.

“SLYDIGS have got the looks, the haircuts, the riffs, a Manchester postcode and a love of money, women and fast cars. In short, everything they need to be the saviours of rock ‘n’ roll and kick out the indie kids and electronica knob twiddlers.” Radio Caroline TV

“Slydigs are the saviours of modern rock’n’roll” Garry Lee, “Slydigs are one of the most catchy new bands I have heard in ages...9/10” Vive Le Rock “Hands down, utter perfection” Mike White, Mike White Presents

SLYDIGS have already supported Pete Doherty, The New York Dolls, The Fall, Idlewild, Shack, Alabama 3 among many others. The band have played numerous festivals such as: HAIGH FEST (The Coral / Courteneers), SOUTHPORT ROCKS FESTIVAL and EXMOUTH FESTIVAL They have also opened the WESTPORT MUSIC FESTIVAL in County Mayo, Ireland.

CONTACT +44 (0)7790234672


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Saturdays 11am-12pm EST “Total Education Hour” with Neil Haley The Total Education Hour is an education talk show which interviews interesting guests like education authors, experts and celebrities that provide education tips, news, latest information on their foundation or charity. The Total Education Hour is the talk shop for teachers, parents, and administrators.

Saturdays 5-6pm EST “The Independent Music Show” with Tom Lambert The Independent Music Show does exactly what it says on the tin...plays the independent music of artists and writers from all over the world. The show features music from Real Country, Rock, Rhythm & Blues and whatever you the listener, would like to hear. Of course you will hear some mainstream music on the show, but you will find it hard to figure out who’s on big budget production and who isn’t because the Independents are as good and in some cases better, than the mainstream.

Saturdays 9-10pm EST “Deposit Box” with DJ Cash Deposit Box delivers you one hour of the very best electronic music on the planet, every week! DJ Cash takes you on a journey into his EDM musical mind with brand new and exclusive tracks, unreleased bootlegs, private remixes and the very best electronic dance music in the entire world. Tweet your reactions and comments of the show to Cash @itsdjcash or write on his Facebook wall

Sundays 7-8pm EST “A Bowl of Soul” with Terry Ferguson Displaying a wide variety of R&B ranging from 1949 to today, A Bowl of Soul, A Mixed Stew of Soul Music™ gives the listener a crash course in the history and background of R&B through the years. This show covers Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Rock music. A Bowl of Soul takes listeners on a trip through history from the past to the present, highlighting singers, songwriters, arrangers and composers who have contributed to this music genre and also features the new rising stars in R&B from the U.S. and abroad.

Sundays 9-10pm EST “Detroit Sessions” with DJ Steve Ra Detroit Sessions displays a blend of sounds from up and coming Detroit talent and veterans, including Techno, House, Booty Bass, Electro House, Dubstep, Ghettotech, and more. This is the perfect show for all of you EDM fans.

The$Melting$Pot$Burns$ The$retro(active$future$current,$currently$rolls$out$to$sea$and$the$city$that$never$sleeps,$leaps$into$now$ from$then,$creating$tomorrow.$Today,$the$sun$rises$and$heads$turn$on$their$screens,$communicating$their$ daily$meditations$and$actions$to$further$the$art$forms$in$which$they$love.$Unknowing$one$another’s$ efforts,$they$create$New$Yorks$current.$Carrying$each$other$out,$DJ’s,$Musicians,$Producers,$Labels,$ Artists,$Dancers,$and$Purveyors$of$Technology$in$the$Visual$Arts,$arrive$at$a$place$of$wonderment.$The$ third$eye$awakens$and$collaborations$melt$into$the$pot$that$is$New$York.$How$does$one$imagine$what$ tomorrow$will$be$with$a$city$so$vast$and$wide$with$ethnicity$and$culture.$The$famed$history$of$this$cities$ art$and$dance$culture$has$helped$many$enthusiasts$stay$active$and$forward$thinking$through$some$blood,$ sweet,$and$tears.$The$question$is$will$there$be$an$experience$out$there$that$will$leave$New$York’s$ever$so$ critical$mass$in$awe.$Let’s$start$from$the$beginning.$ $ The$year$was$1976,$the$location$84$King$Street,$site$of$the$world$famous$Paradise$Garage$and$its$ fearless$leader$DJ$Larry$Levan.$Levan$took$on$an$11$year$run$that$set$the$stage$for$NYC’s$incredible$of$ nightlife.$Preceding$Studio$54$and$directly$inspired$by$David$Mancuso’s$Loft$parties,$the$Paradise$Garage$ reached$a$tipping$point,$creating$a$worldwide$interest$in$the$future$of$music,$clubbing,$and$mixology.$ Using$Disco,$Funk,$Soul,$and$so$many$more$influences,$music$was$mixed$together$to$create$a$nonstop$ party$atmosphere$and$an$energy$that$rivaled$the$city$itself.$The$underground$nature$of$this$experience$ was$so$intense$and$intriguing$that$it$kicked$open$the$doors$for$what$we$know$now$as$Garage,$House,$ Techno,$and$so$many$different$forms$of$electronically$produced$dance$music.$The$frenzy$influenced$the$ opening$of$the$UK’s$historic$Ministry$of$Sound$in$1991$and$stemmed$further$in$the$creation$of$BBC’s$ Radio$1’s$Essential$Mix,$which$is$the$most$listened$to$show$for$the$music$till$this$date!$Meanwhile$in$New$ York,$the$list$goes$on$and$on$in$the$creation$and$success$of$clubs$such$as:$Area,$Danceteria,$The$Limelight,$ Palladium,$Roxy,$Sound$Factory,$The$Tunnel,$Centro$Fly,$Shelter,$Vinyl,$Twilo,$and$plenty$of$illegal$ warehouse$parties$were$throwing$out$raw$underground$energy$way$into$the$next$day.$People$celebrated$ life$and$never$wanted$to$stop.$This$was$evident$due$to$large$masses$showing$out$at$famous$all$day$ Sunday$parties$like$Body$and$Soul.$New$York’s$list$of$influential$DJ’s$and$Producers$are$too$many$to$name$ and$its$diversity$from$House$to$Techno$to$Tribal$to$DnB$to$Electro$to$Downtempo$was$unrivaled.$It$ seemed$as$if$nothing$could$stop$The$Big$Apple,$then$came$Giuliani.$ $ NYC’s$government$structure$single$handedly$took$on$the$booming$industry,$finding$ways$to$raid$ and$take$down$our$super$club$monuments.$One$night$while$enjoying$a$Danny$Tenaglia$set$at$Vinyl,$we$ received$a$special$announcement$from$DT$that$he$had$just$got$back$from$London,$where$he$had$recorded$ his$brand$new$Global$Underground$mix$and$that$we$were$going$to$be$the$first$to$hear$it$and$live$in$the$ mix.$My$friends$and$I$got$chills$and$we$prepared$for$what$was$going$to$be$a$huge$night$in$our$trek.$3$ songs$into$this$set,$the$doors$were$blasted$open$by$authority$and$they$heartlessly$cleared$the$place,$ treating$people$like$worms.$I$distinctly$remember$Danny$saying,$“Fucking$Giuliani”.$Not$knowing$what$to$ do,$we$intuitively$made$our$way$over$to$Twilo$to$catch$a$spectacular$set$of$Mr.$Sven$Vath,$who$turned$my$

group,$a$bunch$of$breakers$into$Techno$and$House$heads$immediately.$The$sign$of$the$times$was$clear,$ New$York’s$super$club$era$was$coming$to$a$close$and$its$dance$culture$slowly$put$to$death.$$



The$next$phase$carried$a$plethora$of$criticism$and$chatter,$with$the$most$common$phrase$you$would$hear$ down$at$WMC$and$many$music$gathering$was,$“New$York$Sucks$Now”.$I$had$been$in$town$visiting$from$ Florida$and$was$shopping$at$Satellite$Records$when$I$came$across$Victor$Calderone$and$he$straight$up$ told$me$the$only$decent$place$to$play$out$was$Crobar.$At$this$point$it$seemed$a$like$only$time$would$tell$if$ New$York$would$ever$get$back$to$those$days.$ $ The$test$of$time$has$now$run$its$course$and$like$any$nuclear$explosion,$I$pull$a$line$from$Peace$ Division’s$remix$of$“Roaches”,$“Underground$we$live$forever$baby,$just$like$roaches,$always$living,$never$ die,$and$on$that$note,$let’s$get$back$to$the$program”.$Well$the$program$currently$reads$Cielo,$Sullivan$ Room,$Marquee,$SRB,$The$Morgan,$The$DL,$National$Underground,$Pacha,$Highline$Ballroom,$PS1,$ Greenhouse,$Shelter,$Santos$Party$House,$and$the$newly$formed$instant$classic$with$the$big$Funktion$One$ sound$system$who$is$currently$supporting$the$domestic$and$global$talent$of$this$music,$Club$Output!!$ Also,$once$again$there$are$plenty$of$illegal$after$hours$and$warehouse$for$those$adventurous$types.$ Europe$has$now$taken$notice$and$is$staking$its$claim$on$New$York$again$with$the$upcoming$openings$of$ Club$Space$and$Sankeys.$Good$luck$stopping$us$this$time.$There$are$too$many$lifers$currently$active$in$the$ industry$that$bled$for$this$music$and$they$are$all$highly$inspired$and$motivated.$With$the$help$of$Artists,$ Live$Musicians,$Percussionists,$Dancers,$and$the$incredible$technology$of$3d$Mapping$and$its$visual$ counterparts,$The$Current$will$be$so$strong$that$any$attempt$to$stop$it$will$definitely$result$in$a$revolution$ true$in$cause$and$nature$with$seasoned$leadership$and$proper$organization.$I$will$be$on$the$front$ line………..$$$ Jason$“Apple”$Aparicio$­‐         959FM/8422119693?fref=ts  





! ! On!the!front!end!of!the!indie!rock!music!movement,!the!band!Late%Cambrian!from!Brooklyn,!NY,!are!now! presenting!music!from!their!third!project!to!fans!the!world!over.!Much!like!the!name's!referencing!of!a! primal!time!period!where!the!earth!and!all!life!forms!underwent!dramatic!change!and!resettling,!this!crew! pushed!directly!into!shifting!cultural!undertones,!and!gravitated!their!sound!toward!listeners!with!a!keen! awareness!of!current!social!developments.!They!prefer!to!keep!an!upbeat!spin!on!the!many!alterations!that! a!more!global!intercultural!demands.! ! Most!of!the!band's!songs!are!derived! directly!from!their!own!experiences!and! inspirations!while!rehearsing!and! performing.!Their!lyrics!are!often!referred! to!as!being!'existential'!because!of!how! closely!they!relate!to!everyday!social! interaction.!The!sounds!used!draw! comparisons!to!Weezer!most!times,!due!to! their!intense!guitar!play!as!well!as!the!high! tempo!of!other!melodies!used.!Keeping!to! their!original!aim!of!creating!music!of!a! higher!purpose,!the!group!does!dialogue! their!songs!toward!some!stiff!subjects!like! aging!and!homelessness.!They!also!sing!of! celebrity!lifestyle!and!other!more!bubbly! subjects.! ! Late!Cambrian!has!been!honored!by!online! carriers!like!Ourstage,!Sonicbids,!and! Reverbnation!for!their!work.!Television! shows!such!as!The!Real!World,!Married!To! Jonas,!and!others!have!placed!their!music!in! tracking.!One!of!the!most!noteworthy!songs! so!far!is!probably!"Ryan!Gosling."!It!was!featured!on!their!second!EP!project!and!carried!over!onto!their! third!and!current!album!entitled!"Peach."!It!is!being!played!in!26!markets!and!featured!on!online!video!sites.! The!latest!tour!is!happening!around!the!East!Coast.!But,!as!has!been!the!case!since!the!band!formed,!they!are! looking!to!promote!abroad.!Japan!has!been!very!receptive!so!far,!with!their!first!round!of!cd’s!selling!out.! They!would!also!like!to!tap!markets!around!the!UK!and!Holland!areas.!Their!cunning!audio!mantras!have! also!been!featured!in!several!music!festivals!all!over.! ! Their!music!is!available!on!IVtunes,!Amazon!and!CD!Baby.!Their!music!can!also!be!found!at!the!following! sites:

Website: Song!Ryan%Gosling - Song!Shut%In - Song!Middle%Years -! ! ! !

where creativity lives

S U M M E R / / 25

PAUSE -- PACIFIC ROSE - SPECIAL EDITION DZK Music/LRT/Fontana/INgrooves/Universal Music - July 2013 “I give you my honest takes on humanity, and I’m always poking fun at something, so if I don't make you think, hopefully I will at least make you laugh,” explains the producer and voice behind Pause, as he digs through a box of vinyl at his studio in Venice Beach. “Al Jarreau,” he says, fishing out 1975’s We Got By. “The rhythm section is so locked in on this... This is going to blow your mind.” Equal parts producer, lyricist, instrumentalist (he plays 7 instruments, to date), performer -- Pause is very much in control of his craft. Pause came to LA in 2003 to pursue his live act, the frontman of the large-ensemble funk hip-hop band, Swamphouse. For the next 8 years, Pause would spend heavy time performing in L.A. and on the road, etching his name as a formidable performer in major venues from Los Angeles' own Key Club, to the House of Blues - Chicago, and even overseas festivals in Israel and Europe But the past couple years, his nights are spent bouncing around his studio playing one of his many instruments or plumbing the depths of a vintage vinyl collection, studying the history behind each record, and occasionally splicing segments of rock ‘n’ roll, soul, and jazz history until the dawn peeks over the San Gabriel Mountains. "I love rap, don't get me wrong, but I can’t stand being referred to as a rapper. I feel like, now, calling myself a rapper basically says that I don’t understand music, but I can rhyme. It just sort of pigeonholes me to certain sound and persona. Music, to me, is emotion personified through sound. My thoughts aren't always one genre, you know, so how could my music be?" The truth is that Pause sounds exactly like he should for someone working in the gritty paradise of Venice Beach -- Beautiful, raw and real, with the default set to funky. Full album download, images and album art: Artist Page: MEDIA INQUIRIES:

Facebook: Twitter:

Track Listing: 1. Comin Out of the Darkness (Produced by Double K and Pause) -- While tripping on acid, a man has an epiphany that in the grand scheme of things, he is basically nothing. 2. Caroline (Produced by Indy One) -- Caroline is a metaphor for a place or state of mind where you are peaceful and happy. 3. Put Me in the Game (Produced by Mnemonic) -- One can only spend so long practicing patience. At a certain point, we need to get in the water and sink or swim. 4. So Scandalous (Produced by Buccweet) -- Demonstration of the emotional roller coaster that is a dysfunctional relationship. 5. Shouts Out (Produced by Indy One * Featuring Aidge) -- Classic hip-hop track. Just having fun and talking crap. 6. It Keeps On Rainin (Produced by Mnemonic * Featuring Double K, Chris Clarke, and Indy One) -- Even though it rains, we maintain. No pain, no gain. 7. Look At Me Now (Produced by Bird * Featuring Aria Minor) -- Narrative of the juxtaposition of Pause's life 10 years ago vs. today. 8. Cocaine (Produced by Indy One * Featuring Double K) -- The peaks and valleys of all things related to the drug. 9. That's How I Do It (Produced by Bird * Featuring Devin Mares) -- Grimy, dirty, quick-witted tune about being awesome. 10. Have You Seen (Produced by Pause * Featuring UltraLove) -- Plush groove; deep, recalescent vocals; soul and swag, at its finest, in one. 11. Get to Know You Once Again (Produced by Pause and Double K) -- Asking an estranged lover to forget the past in what feels like a final plea to repair their broken relationship. 12. Gametime (Produced by Pause and Dan Rockett) -- A bombastic, anthem-style banger to pump you up on game day.



Music!is!Edmund!Brown's!passion,!and!it!has!been!his!entire!life.!Despite!his!years!of! service!as!a!registered!nurse!and!in!the!U.S.!Air!Force,!Edmund!has!never!given!up!on!his! dream!of!producing!soft!melodies!that!soothe!the!soul!and!relax!the!mind.!Finally,!he!has! given!in!to!the!siren!call!of!his!love!for!music!and!produced!!sounds!that!can!only!be! described!as!"smooth".! He!calls!his!music!style!"Smooth!Urban",!and!his!albums!combine!complex!jazz!rhythms! with!the!simple!sounds!of!an!electric!guitar!and!synthesizer.!Imagine!the!soulful!jazz!of! the!80s!without!the!vocals,!and!you!get!an!idea!of!the!music!played!by!Mr.!Brown.!It's! definitely!a!style!of!music!for!a!more!mature!audience,!but!his!latest!album!"Share!My! Love"!is!a!production!that!is!worth!a!listen.!! His!music!is!simple,!with!none!of!the! flair!that!usually!overrides!the!simple! pleasures!of!jazz.!With!so!little! fanfare!in!his!music,!most!would!think! that!it!gets!boring.!However,!by!the! end!of!his!album,!listeners!feel!so! much!more!at!peace!and!relaxed!that! they!save!the!music!for!another!listen! when!stress!mounts.! The!skill!of!the!music!is!undeniable,! and!his!talent!ranges!from!making!the! electric!guitar!cry!softly!to!laying! down!simple!beats!on!a!drum!track!to! hitting!all!the!right!notes!on!the! synthesizer.!It's!not!everyone's! favorite!style!of!music,!but!it's!a!style! that!jazz!lovers!are!sure!to!enjoy!!!


John David Schrader by Amanda Craig John David Schrader is a songwriter, composer, producer, engineer, and multiinstrumentalist from Kingston, New York. He fell in love with music as a young child when he saw Elvis Presley on television. His hunger for music soon expanded to include Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, the Beatles and more; eventually he wanted to create music on his own, and began learning the violin in the 3rd grade. He developed into an avid instrumentalist. He plays a wide variety of instruments, including guitar, drums, vibes, saxophone, and piano—most of which were selftaught. He studied music through high school and majored in music in college. In addition, Schrader has a degree in media production for film/audio/video. He now owns his own studio, JLS Sound, and production company, Bugbird Productions. At the age of 21, Schrader developed an aggressive form of testicular cancer and was given only five years to live. The impact of cancer changed his life—not only because of experiencing cancer personally but because he previously lost family members to cancer as well. In the fight of his life, Schrader began writing songs that revealed his internal struggle with life and death. He eventually won the battle with cancer and went on to grow in his musical career. Today he leads the John Schrader Band (JSB) and has released three CDs, performing most of the instrumentation on his recordings. Albums include “Discontent,” “Blood in the Wood,” and “Daylight Crashing;” he is also currently working on his fourth self-produced CD. Some of his music is available for listening on Reverbnation at He has his own YouTube channel at The JSB Twitter account is He can also be found on Facebook at News and updates on the band can be found on Schrader’s website at

P Bailey  

by Aaron  Wilson    

English  born  Paul  Bailey,  musically  known  as  P  Bailey,  can   be  considered  as  a  genuine  indie  music  connoisseur.  The   combination  of  his  soulful  performances,  dynamic  writing,   and  persistent  marketing  makes  for  a  very  solid  standing   as  an  artist.  Not  at  all  afraid  to  pour  out  his  passion  upon   his  spicy  R&B  funk  tracks,  P  Bailey  has  become  known  for   soul  and  sultry  he  almost  dips  you  in  once  exposed  to  his   works.     Mostly  self-­‐taught  about  music,  he  was  inspired  at  a  very   young  age  by  the  radio  listening  selections  of  his  father,   whom  himself  sang  in  a  choir  while  a  youth  in  Jamaica.  A   grade  school  principle  also  fostered  his  talents  by   commending  his  participation  in  Music  class  where   students  were  required  to  come  up  with  their  own  songs  to   go  along  with  instrument  play.  He  credits  other  influences   like  the  Motown  sound,  Stevie  Wonder,  Michael  Jackson,   and  Muscle  Shoals  as  also  having  a  prominent  affect  on  his   sound.       His  broad  range  of  vocals  are  layered  over  nice  blends  of   electronic  rhythms  and  sweltering  urban  medleys.  He   honed  his  writing  in  line  with  artists  Luther  Vandross,  Ron   Isley,  Donny  Hathaway,  and  some  others  who  contributed   to  the  spirited  90’s  vibe  his  songs  adopt.  His  crowd-­‐ pleasing  concerts  came  out  of  his  early  talent  show   performances  where  audiences  were  taken  back  by  his   singing  and  dancing.       P  Bailey’s  most  noted  break  was  probably  from  the  superstar  Rick  James’  sampling  his  song  ‘Part  time  Lover’,   which  was  used  in  the  movie  Colors.  He  went  on  to  win  the  Professional  Publishers  &  Songwriters  award  in  the  UK   as  a  member  of  group  Walter  P.P.K.  for  a  song  called  ‘Get  On  Board’,  that  ranked  very  high  on  house  dance  charts.       Since  then,  P  Bailey  has  gone  on  to  promote  projects  through  commercial,  college,  and  online  outlets  in  Japan,   Australia,  Canada,  and  the  UK.  He  also  recently  signed  licensing  deals  in  China  and  Russia  through  collaboration   from  his  own  publishing  company.       P  Bailey  is  a  proven  model  for  endurance  in  the  indie  realm  of  music.  His  display  of  honest  art  and  tenacious   marketing  places  him  in  the  right  places  at  the  right  times  for  his  voice  to  be  heard  by  spectators  of  a  spectrum  as   broad  as  his  vocal  range.  The  experience  of  actually  watching  him  sing  through  more  visual  outlets  now  only  adds   to  the  personal  touch  he  shoots  forth  from  his  tunes.    His  music  can  be  found  on  the  following  links:     Web  link:


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S U M M E R / / 33

Lance Leek was born in Bell County, Texas and raised in Atlanta, Ga. While still in high school he lost one of his closes friends (who was also in a rap group with him) in a fatal car accident - which he later faced felony Vehicular Homicide charges on in State Court. Leek and longtime friend Troy Gunn started pursuing music more seriously in remembrance of their passed friend and group member. He first established himself behind the scenes starting a production company name Street Scholar Entertainment which would go on to do production for Jay-Z, Tela and Jermaine Dupri just to name a few. Now with his self- critically acclaimed Mixtape DReams, DRugs, & DRinkin "DR3" on the way July 23rd, Lance Leek look to position himself in the rap game as one of 2013 rising MCs. And with songs ranging from his love for Hip-Hop on "A 80's Story" to having a drug addicted Mom on "Deeper" to the radio friendly "U Deserve More", he shows versatility, depth, and raw emotion which a lot of today's rappers are lacking. Also a talented songwriter he's diversifying his catalog and working with other artists who have took notice of his crafty writing skills. Check for him to be one of Hip Hops most talked about Rappers in 2013 and beyond.

Follow LANCE LEEK: IG: LanceLeek FB: Lance Leek Youtube: Lance Leek Twitter: Dr3classic


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Movie Reviews ‘Crying Freeman’ by Wandalyn Thomas



‘Crying(Freeman’(is(the(1995(film(directed(by( Christophe(Gans.(Screenwriters(were(Christophe( Gans,(Thierry(Cazals,(Roger(Avary(and(Laurie( FinstadGKnizhnik.((Based(on(the(manga(by(Kazuo( Koike(and(Ryoichi(Ikegami. Starring(Mark(Dacascos,( Julie(Condra,(Bryon(Mann,(Mako,(Yoko(Shimada,( Masaya(Kato(and(Rae(Dawn(Chong.((Ignore(the( plot(and(concentrate(on(Mark.(There(are(too(many( twists(and(turns(to(count. (Emu(O’Hara((Julie(Condra)(is(the(sole(witness(to(a( hit(on(a(Yakuza(member.(She(runs(into(the( assassin(Yo(aka(Crying(Freeman((Mark(Dacascos)( when(she(attempts(to(flee. Crying(Freeman(completes(another(contract( before(going(after(O’Hara.(But(instead(of(killing(her,(he(defies(orders(and(allows( her(to(live.(The(Hakushin(Society’s(leader(is(Shido(Shimazaki((Mako).(Crying( Freeman(murdered(his(son.(Then(he(takes(him(out. Unknown(to(the(assassin,(he’s(a(pawn(being(used(to(ignite(a(war(between(the( Hakushin(Society((Yakuza)(and(The(Sons(of(the(Dragons((Chinese(Triad).((Next( Crying(Freeman(and(O’Hara(are(targets(of(both(groups. Ryuji((Masaya(Kato)(and( his(wife(Kimie((Yoko(Shimada)(Hanada(plot(to(eliminate(Crying(Freeman(and( become(the(new(leaders(of(the(Hakushin(Society. The(good:(Dacascos’(crazy(skills.(Dacascos(battling(his(on(screen(nemesis(from( ‘Drive’(Masaya(Kato.(The(entire(Hokkaido(segment(at(Yo’s(home.(The(late(great( Mako.(Byron(Mann.( (The(bad:(The(convoluted(plot.(( (The(ugly:(Never(being(released(in(America.((No(sequel. (

‘Wicked City’ by Wandalyn Thomas



‘Wicked(City’(is(the(1987(anime(film(original( released(in(Japan.(It(came(to(America(in( 1993.((Directed(by(Yoshiaki( Kawajiri.(Screenwriter(was(Kisei(Choo.(Based(on( the(novel(by(Hideyuki(Kikuchi.( (In(this(reality,(humans(and(mutants(coG exist.(The(mutants,(who(appear(human,(are( called(Black(Worlders.(But(this(isn’t(known(to( the(general(public.(Weird(and(strange(events( are(explained(away.(Evidence(is(destroyed(and( etc. (Black(Worlders(access(Earth(through(a(trans( dimensional(portal.(Humans(and(Black( Worlders(were(at(war(for(centuries.(Eventually( both(sides(came(to(a(ceaseGfire.(A(joint(topG secret(spy(agency(called(the(Black(Guard(is(the(peacekeepers.(Every(one(or(two( hundred(years(delegates(meet(on(Earth.(They(revise(and(update(several(key( points(in(the(treaty. (Now(a(new(treaty(will(be(signed(soon.(Nothing(must(interfere(with(this(event.( Two(Black(Guards(are(assigned(protection(detail.(The(agents(this(time(around(are( Taki(Renzaburo(and(Makie. Superiors(told(them(Mr.(Guiseppi(Mayart(is(crucial(to( the(peace(talks.(There’s(a(good(Intel(a(terrorist(Black(World(group(called(The( Radicals(will(make(an(assassination(attempt. (Well(that’s(the(cover(story(anyway.(The(truth(is(Mayart(is(there(to(protect( them.(Human(and(Black(World(governments(want(a(hybrid(child.(Figuring(this(is( the(best(way(to(unite(the(species. Scientists(have(been(conducting(genetic(tests( for(centuries.(Both(sides(agree(Renzaburo(and(Makie(should(be(able(to( conceive.(The(Radicals(are(disgusted(by(the(idea.(Renzaburo(and(Makie(are(the( real(targets. If(only(they(had(focused(more(on(the(spy(aspect.(The(attention(to(detail(and(fights( are(great.(But(the(sexist(language,(repeat(violence(against(women(and(rape( scenes(are(a(turnoff.(People(might(find(the(reveal(of(the(spider(woman(after(the( opening(love(scene(and(the(subsequent(fights(disturbing. (

In an  era  saturated  with  upstart  MCs  all  vying  for  the   coveted  status  of  “next  big  thing”,  the  story  of  27-­‐year   old  New  york  native  Ja  biggs  (born  Jakiem  swinger)  is  a   refreshing  exception  to  the  quick  route  for  fame  and   success.  The  first  artist  signed  to  bornjus  new  hot  trackz   entertainment  label,  biggs  made  himself  notable   through  a  scholarly  approach  to  the  game  –  no  small   feat  considering  his  Magna  Cum  Laude  distinction  upon   graduating  from  St.  Joseph  University.     If  his  sudden  christening  by  bornjus  shocked  the  haters,   their  doubts  were  quickly  refuted  when  Ja  biggs   dropped  his  recent  mixtape  'it  feels  like  yesterday",  as   well  as  a  coveted  guest  verse  on  phife  dawg's  riddim   kidz  Inc.  oh'  with  Soulful  and  swagg,  Ja  biggs  lyrics  touch   on  everything  from  his  upbringing  in  New  York,  to  the   poverty  and  hopelessness  that  affect  his  community.   The  mixtape  (i.f.l.y)  encapsulates  not  just  who  Ja  biggs  is   as  a  rapper,  but  who  he  is  as  an  artist  and  a  person.     Taking  from  his  favorite  artists  a  love  for  powerful   storytelling  with  an  intense  inner-­‐strength,  Ja  biggs   advanced  to  writing  his  own  lyrics  at  15,  soon  amassing   stacks  of  notebooks  filled  with  rhymes  and   observations.  Without  a  DJ  or  producer  to  provide  a   beat,  From  then  on  Ja  biggs  was  constantly  creating  new   music  and  lyrics  leading  to  his  current  and  flow,  and  his   hit  single  i.f.l.y  out  now  on    

Songwriting: Do  what  you  know,  Do  what   you  love!     By:  Monet   A lot of articles and technical songwriters would tell you that

what is the result? (You may ask). Well, do the names Michael Jackson,

songwriting takes time. They say that a really good song that has a lot of

Prince, Will I Am, Pharell Williams or Quincy Jones ring a bell? All of

success takes weeks, months and sometimes years to complete and

these artists/songwriters went against the status quo and embraced their

perfect. In my opinion, from my experience and in talking to some

uniqueness, the quirkiness that was them. In a sea of other songwriters,

successful writers, some of the biggest and greatest current and classic

artists, performers, they stood out and people loved it! Their audiences

songs were more or less an after thought. Songs that came as a result of

loved it so much that their songs have become embedded in music

practicing chords, as a burst of inspiration that overtakes or as a “What

timelines across the world. Their sound not only made them stand out,

would happen if we do this”…). Don’t get me wrong, I agree that

but it made them memorable; it made them great.

anything worth doing is worth doing well, and even in songwriting, In addition to embracing who you are as it relates to songwriting, I must effort has to be placed on getting a quality song. At the same time, when add, that one should be careful when stepping outside the box, not go writing, one should do what they feel, do what feels right. Chances are if two miles down the road. Meaning, your sound should be unique to you you are in love with your song, others will love it as well. but not so unique that only you can appreciate it. Ensure that in all the I am a big believer in balance in whatever is done in life, and

quirkiness, that “feel good” music is still produced. A songwriter or

songwriting is no different. Especially as an aspiring songwriter or artist,

artist wants an audience to love who they are but the audience must also

one should (in my opinion) pay attention to the music trends and what is

love the music. That is what makes your song successful. Be open to

current on the airwaves. However, if what is playing on the radio is not

criticism but only constructive criticism and from knowledgeable and

true to who you are and true to your sound, don’t become a “sellout” and

trustworthy sources. As a singer-songwriter, I always bounce song ideas

change yourself just to fit in. Instead, figure out a way to fuse what’s

to not only other musicians, but persons that have no ties to music other

current with the sound appeal you are going for. There are 7 billion

than what they like, listen to and buy. If you can convince the wider

people in the world and not all of them will be drawn to the same type of

audience that your sound is great and that they should love your music,

music, why do you think there are so many different genres in the first

they will; but you have to believe in your music and yourself first.

place? People like variety and music offers that. Who knows, the sound Songwriting is a gift, a craft…an art. And every artist in every art form that is true to you may be that which persons have been looking for all uses life experiences and their personal qualities to speak to the masses along. through their art. When writing your songs, be true to who you are and Once every few years, or even every decade, there is an artist that record

what you love but remember great music is the ultimate goal. Everyday

labels and music executives deem as unfit to sell to the masses…they

radio hit may be successful for a time, but real good, feel good music

supposedly aren’t good enough. These songwriters/artists embraced a

lasts forever and that should be every songwriter’s ultimate prize.

unique look, sound and feel with their music and took it all the way. And

Katja A beautiful, young Australian starlet who has the charm and sophistication of Grace Kelly, with the style and charisma of a young Janet Jackson. Katja Glieson is the first Australian pop princess about to break in the United States, with her urban pop caramel voice and her ‘naughty but nice’ cheeky grin. Katja released her first highly anticipated single ‘Peek a Boo’ on July 16th, 2013. The single, with it’s catchy, sugar-coated pop melody and lyrics potentially more controversial than even ‘I Kissed a Girl’, explores the taboo yet tantalizing topic of voyeurism. You will never think of the child’s game of ‘peek a boo’ the same way again.!

The Rhythmic Lounge: Your new single “Peek a Boo” is known to be somewhat controversial. Tell us about the concept of the song and why you chose to put something out with such edgy lyrics! Katja: Haha yes there are so many elements to the song (and music video premiering on VEVO on Tuesday the 23rd Julyjust won the Wild Ace award at the 2013 Las Vegas Film Festival) The song is about curiosity. Growing up a very sheltered girl. I was overweight in my developmental years. So I was very unconfident when it came to relationships and developing sexual feelings. So I became a bit of an observer of my friends and their relationships. Of course it's about voyeurism and taking the pleasure in watching others in their most intimate, private moments. But hey isn’t that what reality television and social media is, in a way? Now the video, on the other hand, plays with some of these elements but takes everything a little bit further. It is Episode 4 of a series of Episodes that follow “Special Agent Kitty and her Cyborg double “MK1” in the world of “Terminium City” (If you can think of Gotham City, or Sin City- put a female James Bond, Bruce Wayne and team her up with a 7 of 9 from Star Trek, meets Metropolis).

We meet Kitty, a sweet teenage schoolgirl residing in Japan planning her birthday party with her best friends. She has a boyfriend and lives next door to his family. But there is something not right. Kitty can't explain it but she feels like someone is watching her. The video then delves into trauma and how we as humans can repress memories of certain traumatic events that have happened in our past. There are triggers that bring these memories back. In Kitty’s case there is something that triggers all these flashes of horrible events that have occurred in her past which explains her over-sexualism to mask her pain and to protect herself from being hurt again. Was that too much? Haha

The Rhythmic Lounge: How will you manage to set yourself apart from the number of artists that people are going to try to compare you to? Katja: Thank you for asking this. There are a few amazing artists that I have grown up idolizing that I have humbly already been compared to. And I am so very honored. Obviously we are all individuals and have our own style, talents and taste. But other than the creative differences, I think a huge thing that sets me aside from all other comparative artists of my genre is how very raw and real I am. Everything I do I am in complete creative control of. The music I write is all my own. My style and genre is something I truly enjoy creating. What I stand for with my morals, beliefs and values is ALL me. From my upbringing and social status and childhood, I have had so many experiences where it has been more logical to not be doing what I am doing today. But despite EVERYTHING; from growing up with little money in an area that doesn’t particularly favor the arts (I am from the Western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia) to being an unconfident, shy, bullied, obese girl, to having issues with body image, and depression. To having to work crazy hours in order to save to be here in the USA, to leaving home and coming here alone, leaving behind relationships and friendships. And I am an open book on it all because we need to feel like we aren’t alone when things get hard. And we NEED an example of coming from some of the worst situations out the other end and actually begging to see your wildest dreams come true! I feel like Cinderella sometimes.

The Rhythmic Lounge: You have had appearances in some of the most popular musicals, such as The Wizard of Oz and Fame…just to name a few! How do you feel this exposure has contributed to your recent success in the music industry? Katja: Oh!the!musicals!were!some!of!the!most!fun!times!I!had!back!at!home.!I!did!a!lot!of!touring!around!Australia!particularly!for! children.!So!I!hope!they!will!remember!me!if!they!hear!me!on!the!radio!or!see!me!in!a!magazine!or!on!television!or!VEVO.!I!will!be! doing!a!tour!here!with!my!label!LRT!Music!(Lisa!Thomas)/Royal!Slave!Records!hosted!by!entrepreneur!Taylor!Kellstrom!called! “The!Next!Generation!Tour”!which!will!be!a!very!special!tour!about!setting!goals!and!helping!youths!find!their!paths!to!creating!a! life!they!always!dreamed!of!having.!I!was!heavily!involved!with!a!company!that!did!similar!work!in!Australia!called!Alpha!Shows.! Where!we!incorporate!strong!empowering!messages!for!children!into!a!huge!Rock!Concert.! ! ! !

The Rhythmic Lounge: Not only are you a musician, but you also act, direct, choreograph and do other things. Did you make a conscious effort to be known as an all-around talent? Katja: Thank you, yes I love ALL aspects of the arts. I am insanely passionate about being involved in every single part so that the people viewing it are getting the real me…all of me. Of course I have my skeleton team that help make my crazy creations come to fruition, but it's very important to be honest to the audience. In this day and age in the entertainment industry, people can smell fake from a mile away. I make a very conscious effort to be honest with the people I am creating for. I write the concepts and scripts for my episodes, I sometimes choreograph my own movement- I don’t have a swag choreographer telling me how to look into the camera. It's just me; it's how I move naturally. I have been in some films in Australia and have even written a couple of screenplays - one comedy and one psychological thriller that I would LOVE to do one day. Acting is something I have also been very passionate about since a very young age as I am certain my mother would vouch for :) Thank you so much for interviewing me. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and what I am doing. I really appreciate how thoughtful your questions were. I apologize for writing so much haha.

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! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!!You!grew!up!in!Charlotte!and!starting!rapping! when!you!were!only!13!years!old.!How!was!the!music!scene!there!while! growing!up!and!was!it!conducive!to!you!becoming!the!artist!you!are! today?!! !!

Honey!Dip:!Actually,!I!grew!up!in!Havelock,!NC!and!moved!to!Charlotte!when!I!was! about!23.!I!love!all!types!of!music!and!music!was!my!escape!to!anything!that!I!had!! !

! ! going!on!at!that!!!time.!My!father!was!a!DJ!and!that!inspired!me!to!have!a!passion! for!music.!I!guess!you!can!say!it!was!just!in!my!blood.! !! !

TRL:!Where!did!the!name!Honey!Dip!come!from?! !!

HD:!I!got!the!name!Honey!Dip!from!my!child's!father!he!used!to!call!me!that!all!of! the!time.!He!got!it!from!a!song!by!Jim!Jones!and!he!said!that!the!girl!on!the!video! reminded!him!of!me.!So!I!took!it!and!ran!with!it.! !! !

TRL:!You!have!performed!all!over!and!opened!up!for!a!variety!of!people.! Is!there!one!performance!that!has!stood!out!for!you?! !!

HD:!Oh!my,!there!was!a!show!in!Jacksonville,!NC!last!year!I!think!where!I!opened! up!for!Juvenile!and!my!mom!Queen!Bee!came!and!got!me!off!of!the!stage.!That's! one!performance!I!will!never!forget.! !!!!!!!! !

TRL:!Many!artists!just!want!to!entertain!but!you!have!a!deeper!objective.! Tell!us!more!about!the!work!you!do!with!children!and!standing!up! against!violence!! !!

HD:!I!love!children!I!have!two!of!my!own.!I!do!what!my!heart!tells!me!to!do.!I! participate!in!a!lot!of!events!for!children!to!help!raise!awareness!about! violence!and!to!help!keep!them!safe.!!! !! !!

TRL:!What!can!we!look!forward!to!from!you!in!the!near!future?! !!

HD:!I!am!working!on!my!album!"I!Am!Who!I!Am"!I!have!a!video!that!I!am!getting! ready!to!shoot!soon.!I!have!the!Hostile!Energy!Drinks!that!I!am!working!on!getting! in!stores.!You!can!find!out!more!about!Hostile!Energy!Drinks!and!Hostile!Magazine! at!!Also,!I!am!working!on!new!music!and!a!tour!in!the! near!future.! ! ! ! ! !

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Host of Jersey Rock, the longest running local music show in Monmouth and Ocean Counties on 95.9 The Rat, Tuesday-Thursday night at 11:30pm Each week,  Maria  spotlights  one  band  for  three  nights,  playing  different  songs,   promoting  their  shows,  fun  facts,  bios,  tour  dates,  and  anything  else  coming  up.  She   also  has  bands  come  in  for  "web  sessions"  for  her  Jersey  Rock  page.

09/15/13: Trash Bar- Brooklyn,NY w/TBA 09/13/13: Bar Matchless- Brooklyn,NY w/TBA 09/7/13: Asbury Lanes- Asbury Park, NJ Chemtrail CD Release Show w/TBA 08/14/13: The Court Tavern – New Brunswick, NJ Vasudeva Record Release Show, w/Holy City Zoo, Gulfer, Pilots in Orbit 08/07/13: Union Hall – Brooklyn, NY Hillytown Presents: w/ The Box Tiger, Flying Pace

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Johnny JRAMA a.k.a. John D. Setticase is one of the up and coming Rap Artist out of Miami, FL that is really beginning to make some noise. Born and Raised in the County of Dade, JRAMA is no stranger to the street life and his music is evident of it. "As this dude progresses he's really going to be a problem" says Mr. My Projects Coo Coo Cal. JRAMA is currently promoting the release of his debut Single "Come Vibe Wit Ur Boi" which is expected to be up for digital release this Labor Day Weekend! Having already established his own corporation Johnny JRAMA, LLC and Record Label JRAMA RECORDS, Johnny JRAMA is on his way to what seems to be a very promising start. Email:

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Kush Cloud Productions is an up and coming hip-hop group from Columbia MO comprised of members, 42oh and Goodwill. They strive to push their lyrical boundaries by incorporating pop-culture, current social, and political events that affect our everyday lives. They have begun to make their mark within the scene playing shows all around Missouri and quickly gaining national recognition with radio play all over the US. With an upcoming Mixtape and EP release, along with a Midwest tour summer 2013, you'll be hearing a lot from these guys in the near future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Victoria Ann-Life Balance Health Coach Victoria is a Certified Health Counselor and former pharmaceutical researcher, author, and quality assurance trainer. Her desire for a more natural, healthy lifestyle developed into a passion. Her ambitions led her to the holistic health coaching field. Her many goals include working with individuals to improve their health and lifestyle, inspiring corporate "lunch & learn" programs, and developing fun "eat what you grow" programs for children. Victoria received her certification at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She received a BA in Biology from Western Connecticut State University and has 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Victoria is trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. Drawing on this knowledge, I will help you create a completely personalized “roadmap to health” that suits your unique body, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. Victoria is currently leading workshops on holistic nutrition and also offers individual health and nutrition coaching to singles, families, and other group workplace settings. Health Counseling Programs Newsletter with tips for healthy fun living Individualized Workshops available for small groups and corporate settings – Tailored To Your Needs

See more at:

Newsletter: Life  Balance  Essentials     Blog:  Life  Balance  Health  Coach     LinkedIn     Facebook     Twitter      

ďżź Available now on iTunes

Marlon a.k.a SmoothProducerMidnite 'His style is great, his music is one of a kind, plus he is smooth. Once you hear his music, you will automatically fall in love with his style. His sound has never been matched…using live sounds mixed with studio sounds has never been done. Marlon J Condoll Jr a.k.a SmoothProducerMidnite is a very unique artist. Since 2001, he picked up the mic, and ever since then it was history. Being known for his amazing thought process when he rhymes, the only people that will understand him are people who know and love music. Around 2006, he started making beats and he picked it up so fast that he had a choice to make, rap or make beats! In the end he decided to do both, which was a terrific idea. Fast forward to 2009 and now he has grown into a complete artist. Now at only 25, he has already got the business side and is ready to take the industry by storm. His music is very smooth on the ears and his personality is very up lifting. He wants to get better as a person and as an artist... plus he writes and produces all of his songs. A jack-of-all-trades…he has worked with artists around the world, including Sowfi, a European singer. He has also produced 2 tracks off of her CD called ''Never Too Late'' and the single ''Something Brand Nu, was produced and written by him! Many artists want to work with him because of his new style of hip-hop called "swing hip hop. SmoothProducerMidnite is one of those artists that will make you say ''WOW!" Make no mistake, he is the next up to bat and he won’t strike out. Also he has recently completed an online interview on Blogtalk radio and on the show he says '' I rep a lifestyle that's not often celebrated, but at the same time, its most common." Working a "9-5" job and going to school while making music is not easy. He has done countless things on his own and with the support of his family and close friends he will succeed. But is the music industry ready for an artist that thinks outside the box 100% of the time? Only time will tell but one thing you can count on…he puts 100% into everything that he does! (Music and Beat Links) Facebook.Com/SmoothProducer

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Occoeur'is'a'newly'emerged,'all'original,'pop4rock/alternative'band'from'Birmingham.'' The'band'formed'in'late'2011'by'Alexandra'Slawinski'(Vocals)'and'Luke'Challender'(Lead' Guitar),'and'was'later'joined'by'Joe'Challender'(Bass),'Al'Wilce'(Rhythm)'and'Neil'Meadows' (Drums)'in'March'2012.' Fronted'by'a'soaring'female'vocalist,'described'as'‘Amy'Lee'singing'Paramore’'and'an'energetic' back'line'they'provide'an'entertaining'show'both'musically'and'visually.'Their'songs'are'packed' with'hard4hitting'riffs'and'catchy'vocal'hooks'due'to'varying'genres'of'influence.' Their'debut'7'track'extended'EP''Taking'Over''was'launched'on'iTunes'and'similar'music'sites'in' November'2012.'Occoeur'also'placed'second'in'the'Live'Band'of'the'Year'Competition'2012' held'at'The'Robin'2'venue,'Bilston.' ' Recommended(if(you(like:(Paramore,(Jimmy(Eat(World,(My(Chemical(Romance.(


! Thursday'28th'March'' ' ! Friday'29th'March'' ' ! Saturday'25th'May' '

' ' '

Eddies'No.8'Rock'Club,'Birmingham.' Route'44'[Inn'on'the'Green],'Acocks'Green.' Glastonbudget'Festival,'Icon'Stage,'Leicester.'

Some'of'the'band’s'favourite'past'shows'include:' ' ! Headline'support'for'American'' ' Touring'Band'‘The'Ex'Senators’' ' ' ! Catalyst'Culture'Event'' ' ' Outdoor'Festival' ' ' ' ' ! Live'Band'Of'The'Year'' ' ' Grand'Finals' ' ' ' '

October'20th'2012' 02'Academy'2'Birmingham' July'15th'2012' Birmingham'Cathedral'Green' December'16th'2012' Robin'2,'Bilston.'


! General!Inquiries!! !!!!!! ! For!Press/Bookings! Alexandra!Slawinski! Tel:!07958366657!!

!! !

Album Reviews Triii Force - Lost Identities by Patrick Ross



Album project ‘Lost Identities’ is German Dubstep crew Triii Force’s debut voyage into the world of filthy Dubstep. For the uninitiated the term “Dubstep” is in reference to a musical genre which emerged around 2002, by which time stylistic trends used in creating these remixes became noticeable and distinct from 2-step and grime, as was first created in the South London music scene in the early 1990’s. Classmates Mazot and DJ Dizz along with new friend and crewmember Katarakt have formed the newly renamed group after having taken a small sabbatical from the music scene in pursuit of apprenticeships after completing their studies at the university in Laubach, Germany. Their passion for EDM is evident on this album that begins with the futuristic cut ‘Awakening of Triii’ as prologue. The set quickly transforms in to Dubtastic mix of elements of sub-sonic bass wub on the cuts ‘Basshypnosis’ and ‘Defragmented Bits’ part 1 & 2. The cuts ‘Fallout’ and ‘Frog Acoasma’ bring about images of a post nuclear age leading to an apocalyptic future in which transmutation both musically and physically are the results, as DJ Dizz’s narrative over the tracks espouses the dangers associated with mans precociousness with atomic power leading to calamity for mankind. The title track ‘Lost Identities’ followed by ‘Mental Prostration’ reveal the throw down nature of the crews efforts to create total musical submission on the dance floor in reverence to these new gods of Dubstep grime in ‘Preemptiv Attack’.

Edmund Brown - To Share My Love by Andy Peloquin



The style of this album is called "Smooth Urban", but it feels a lot like the smooth jazz played during the 80s and 90s. It has that same sound, too, as the tracks are a bit quieter and more subdued than most rich, full-bodied jazz. However, the fact that it's just one man playing a guitar, a synthesizer, and a drum track means that it's not going to be the same quality of music as a full jazz band. The music is relaxing, and it definitely has the soothing tone that the artist was going for. For those who like instrumental music, it's a peaceful listen that will help calm you during a busy day. It will be drowned out if you listen to it as background music, but it has a subtly romantic melody that makes it good for those intimate settings. The album could use a few more instruments than just the synthesizer and guitar, but all in all it's music worth listening to you if you want something to put you in a laid back mood.

Brian Sonneman - King of the World by William Kryjak


★ ★ ★ 1/2

In Brian Sonneman's most recent effort King of the World, he puts out a melodic collection of alternative rock songs, with a sound that ranges from Depeche Mode to Soundgarden. It is clear that all the hard work Sonneman has put into his music career is starting to pay off, and these songs are some of the best he has come out with so far. One of the favorites is the title track, a song about love that also broadcasts his songwriting ability as well as his dynamic vocal range. One Sonneman's earliest influences were Van Halen, and there is definitely some David Lee Roth present in his vocals (and I mean that in the best of ways!). “How Do I Tell Her's” catchy chord progression is more like something you would hear on the radio, but he doesn't sacrifice quality for airplay. My favorite track on the album is “Now and Again”, which offers a futuristic vibe, with a haunting chorus. This is one song I would like to have heard a bit more of. My only complaint with the album is that while Sonneman can clearly do whatever he sets his mind to, his album more of a sampling than a cohesive effort. I think the real key to his success is finding an exact sound and committing to it. While he has made strides in finding his musical self, it is evident that Sonneman has only started to show us what he can do. Personally, I can't wait for what's next.

De’Sean Mack - New Day Same Dollar by Sankofa



I was telling a friend a few years ago that mix tapes use up a great deal of creative energy, and sometimes when it comes time for a solo debut, the artist sometimes drops the ball. De'Sean Mack comes from a slew of mix tapes in Virginia and he still has some fire. It’s all about the trap with this guy. Money is to be made and while he seems to love a girl on one track, he makes it clear that she doesn't come before the money. He's driven to let the listener know how they do it there in Virginia and he reminded me about the silent lethalness of the machete. There are some featured artists also, like Tais Tantrum who sounds like a dangerous chick. Razor blades between her teeth and gums, so be careful when you kiss her. I could tell that some of the music came from the same producer but De'Sean gave them different delivery styles every time.

’ “Life is Grand”

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Profile for The Rhythmic Lounge

Trl summer 2013 issue  

The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine artist...

Trl summer 2013 issue  

The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine artist...