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Adrian David UK Songwriter/Composer/Producer Member of: PRS/MCPS The British Academy of Composers and Songwriters Musicians Union Played in several bands as a vocalist and lead guitarist and appeared on several TV shows in the UK. Left the live music scene to concentrate on song writing and producing. Over 200 songs published by several publishers including BMG, Chelsea Music, Champion Music etc. etc.

"If You Want My Love" – shortlisted in top 10 for BBC Radio 2 Eurovision Song Contest. 4 songs reached Semi Finalist stage in the prestigious UK Songwriting Competition 2015 Signed in the past as Songwriter to Champion Music and Management (London) Some of past songwriting and production collaborations etc. include: HTV and Yorkshire Television UK Champion Music and Management Simon Napier Bell – ex Manager George Michael/Wham! Humera Arshad - World- famous Asian singing star. Niki Evans - X Factor finalist UK. Marwenna Diame UK Songwriter Tania Evans Lead singer of Culture Beat Winston Sela – UK Songwriter Joe Quaranto – Producer ETNC Canada Currently working on many collaborations with artists and companies worldwide. All music is “One-Stop” - Master&Sync rights self-owned and sample- free. Tel: UK 07854902770, UK 01792882982 Music link: https://soundcloud.com/songman777 https://www.facebook.com/adrian.david.77 https://twitter.com/Songman7 Skype: Davidsongs7 All music, lyrics and songs: © Adrian David / PRS for Music

Chantel Sawyer (Atkins) (CEO/Owner) I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host. The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy! Be sure to go to www.therhythm iclounge.com to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue and take a look at our new magazine site at http://w w w .trlm agazine.com Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

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Hailing from the Garden State, Joshua Terrell AKA

is the next big thing

in Hip-Hop and R&B. He has dedicated countless hours writing and studying music. His music tells you exactly who he is. JERZEY is the definition of creativity and will be the new face for a long awaited rejuvenation of Hip-Hop. His plan to takeover the game is in full swing as he has already developed a strong fan base through hit performances of his smash hit titled “I’m On.” JERZEY has released 3 more singles, which have been played and requested on notable radio stations. His music has created a buzz, gaining the attention of well-known radio hosts Shaggy and DJ Jack of Spades. He has an appetite for success and the drive not to stop until he reaches “Icon Status.” JERZEY has also released one of the hottest mixtapes “JERZEY DRIVE” and he’s currently working on his debut album “JERZEYS FINEST.”



TRL: Is there anything that you feel hip-hop music has been lacking, that you can bring to the table? JERZEY: HIP-HOP HAS BEEN LACKING CREATIVITY, MOTIVATION, AND ORIGINALITY. I BRING EVERYTHING REQUIRED TO KEEP THE CULTURE ALIVE. I RAP AS IS I AM HIP-HOP.

TRL: Do you have any upcoming news that you’d like to mention to our readers? JERZEY: I HAVE A NEW ALBUM DROPPING NEXT YEAR TITLED “JERZEY’S FINEST,” AND A MIXTAPE TITLED “JERZEY FLOW.”

Mixtape is available on datpiff.com http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail-2015.php?id=774308 Instagram.com/jerzeyateam Facebook.com/jerzeyateam Soundcloud.com/jerzeyateam soundcloud.com/ateammusicent facebook.com/ateamentrecords ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!where

creativity lives

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& THE FAITHFUL FEW We Praise You (Radio edit) – Run time: 4:30 We Praise You (Remix) - Run time: 4:30 From the Album: Divine Direction


ne of the first things to keep in mind when you’re listening to Charles Moorer & The Faithful Few and their debut album Divine Direction is their disclaimer that they’re “not a group of entertainers, but a ministry full of love for God and concerned about doing His will by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music.” The message, delivered by the powerhouse, soulful vocals of Chuck and his other singers, is the focus – but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t some of the liveliest, funkiest gospel, coolest jazz and greatest songwriting you’ve ever heard from an independent group. The groove is anchored by Chuck himself on bass. The 7-track set kicks off a question: “Are You Ready?” The song has a deep grooving jazzy gospel vibe, with soulful female vocals, trumpet and sax harmonies, some rockin’ electric guitar edges and Chuck’s supremely soulful lead vocals. For the first single, there are two versions of the hands in the air old school jazz gospel jam “We Praise You”, and the second, “We Praise You, The Remix”, which features a spirited rap vocal over soaring female vocals and Chuck’s lead voice. It’s a tune about how God can change us. It affirms, in wildly musical terms, “When Praises Go Up, blessings come down!” The title track “Divine Direction” points us to God via an easy flowing vocal urban jazz groove, with a smooth and silky sax taking the emotional harmony role behind Chuck’s silky lead vocals. While that song is about finding our way, the next two tracks are instrumental and vocal versions of a gospel/soul-jazz/laid back funk tune urging us to “Make A Change”. While the vocal version features Charles on regular bass, he plays the fretless on the instrumental version which shows his deep Marcus Miller influences on his instrument. The dedication track, “Why Should I Fear”, starts with a bang, a dramatic rock jazz intro with sax and electric guitar, which eases into an uplifting, slow simmering sax-enhanced vocal ballad. It’s gospel-jazz at its finest.


The ALJ Agency Arvetra Jones / 910.988.4614 thealjagency@gmail.com


Bookings: 317-733-1068 info@charlesmoorerpraise.com



Divine Direction


“One thing that anyone who knows the story behind Charles Moorer & The Faithful Few must acknowledge is that their hearts are in the right place. Yet it’s their musical soul that’s bound to get people excited as they groove and tap along and hear the life changing Gospel conveyed through Pastor Chuck’s instantly infectious urban jazz influenced gospel tunes. The group’s sound brings to mind the great Grammy winning gospel-jazz work of Kirk Whalum, and will inspire jazz, R&B and gospel fans alike. Dynamically produced with exciting instrumentation, explosive vocal textures and driven by the vision and the heart-tugging vocals of Chuck himself, Divine Direction provides a roadmap to great music that feeds your soul!” – Jonathan Widran, Music Journalist

Available now on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby and Life Way Christian Book Store.

Download Charles music here: Password: cmdownloads



Over!20!years!ago,!Chuck!Moorer!left!his!native!Ohio!and!moved!to!L.A.!to!pursue!his!musical!dreams.! Considering!that!the!talented!singer!and!bassist!was!raised!up!in!church,!and!sang!at!gospel!concerts!as! a!kid!everywhere!from!Akron!University,!Kent!State!University,!Prayer!Tower!Church!of!God!In!Christ,! and!a!host!of!other!churches!and!events,!!!it!surprised!some!that!he!was!pursuing!secular!music.! Exploring!his!passion!for!R&B/funk!and!jazz,!he!was!in!several!of!those!kinds!of!bands!throughout! college!and!beyond.!It!took!a!lot!of!soul!searching,!a!bunch!of!hard!knocks!and!closed!doors,!and!some! definitive!signs!(which!all!came!with!wild!stories)!to!bring!him!back!to!the!Lord.!Once!he!felt!that!God! “pricked”!his!heart!and!he!headed!back!home!musically!and!physically,!his!sense!of!purpose!became! much!clearer.! ! While!attending!the!NAACP!Image!Awards! one!year!in!L.A.,!Chuck!met!legendary! Grammy!winning!gospel!singer!and!pastor! Donnie!McClurkin,!who!kindly!remembered! an!email!Chuck!had!sent!him!a!few!years! earlier!about!their!mutual!love!for!Donnie’s! major!inspiration,!Andrae!Crouch.!McClurkin! told!Chuck!how,!for!him,!pastoring!and!music! ministry!came!together!perfectly,!like!a!hand! in!a!glove,!with!one!complementing!the!other! to!uplift!people’s!lives!and!draw!their!souls! closer!to!God.!Chuck!was!attentive!as!the! singer!told!him!how!while!his!music!is! blessing!the!church,!his!preaching!in!turn! blessed!his!music!ministry.!McClurkin’s!words,!combined!with!a!rededication!to!the!Lord!and!Chuck’s! rediscovery!of!gospel!via!contemporary!genre!superstar!Fred!Hammond!and!his!ensemble! Commissioned,!inspired!a!whole!new,!incredible!double!life!for!Chuck!as!a!pastor!and!singer.! ! For!over!12!years!now,!every!Sunday!morning,!the!congregation!at!Divine!Direction!Christian!Church!in! Indianapolis,!an!affiliate!of!the!Indiana!Wesleyan!Church,!come!to!hear!“Pastor!Chuck”!sing!and!preach.! He!says!“Singing!calms!me!and!helps!me!focus!on!the!message!I’m!about!to!share.”!Chuck!also!leads!a! band!of!musical!ministers!called!the!Faithful!Few!Music!Ministry,!whose!original!lineup!he!formed!in! 2000.!The!Faithful!Few’s!primary!mission!has!been!to!expand!beyond!the!four!walls!of!the!church!and! outreach!to!all!people!across!the!world.!The!group,!now!releasing!their!7\track!debut!album!Divine! Direction!under!the!name!Charles!Moorer!&!The!Faithful!Few,!plays!a!dynamic!mixture!of!traditional! and!contemporary!gospel!styles!with!a!touch!of!jazz!and!funk!that!ministers!to!all!age!groups.! Although!it!is!Chuck’s!desire!and!that!of!his!band!and!singers!that!the!music!be!used!to!encourage! people!to!meet!God!in!Christ!all!around!the!world,!a!portion!of!the!proceeds!from!Divine!Direction!will! go!to!the!Indiana!Make\A\Wish!Foundation,!which!was!supportive!of!Chuck!and!his!family!when!his!son! Chadwin,!then!16,!was!battling!renal!sickle!cell!carcinoma,!a!form!of!cancer!that!gave!him!a!10%! survival!rate.!The!wish!they!provided!turned!into!a!celebration!of!life!when!Chadwin!was!miraculously! healed.!Charles!himself!was!healed!of!cancer!just!a!few!years!later.!Another!unique!element!of!the! recording!is!the!fact!that!it!has!seven!tracks!–!just!as!Pastor!Charles!promises!all!future!Faithful!Few! albums!will.!“In!the!Bible,!starting!with!the!creation!story,!the!number!seven!is!God’s!number!for! completion,”!he!says.!“If!it’s!good!enough!for!Him,!it’s!good!enough!for!us!”!


Ron Handy


Montgomery, AL

The multi-instrumentalist, Ron Handy, was born and reared in Montgomery, Alabama. He began playing guitar in grade school. In junior and senior high school, Ron began to concentrate primarily on Alto Saxophone and he participated in various county and state honor bands. During high school, Ron not only played in the marching, symphonic, and jazz bands, but he also arranged and composed music for these bands. This pivotal period in his life influenced Ron’s decision to pursue a career in music. After high school graduation, Ron enrolled in college at Alabama State University, where he earned a music degree with honors. Presently, Ron is employed at Alabama State University in the Department of Music. Ron has been the recipient of the ASU President’s Excellence Award and he was inducted into the Lanier High School Hall of Fame (his high school alma mater) for creative musicianship and service to the community. He has also received numerous other awards for music and for community service. Throughout his professional career, Ron has performed with or as the opening act for various jazz, pop/R&B and gospel stars including: Grammy Award winning saxophonist Kirk Whalum; Grammy Award winning vocalist Chrisette Michele; Outstanding a cappella group and 10 time Grammy Award winners Take 6;9 time Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys; Platinum selling R&B vocalist Avant; jazz group Pieces of a Dream; vibraphonist Roy Ayers; vocalist Phyllis Hyman; trumpeter Tom Browne; saxophonist Najee; 9 time Grammy Award winner and Pulitzer Prize recipient Wynton Marsalis; super producer/keyboardist George Duke; saxophonist George Howard; vocalist Rachelle Ferrell; vocal sensation and 2 time Grammy Award winner Patti Labelle; jazz keyboardist Joe Sample; 5 time Grammy Award winner and pop/rock/country/gospel hit maker B.J. Thomas; producer/drummer Norman Connors; gospel vocalist Lisa McClendon; gospel/jazz guitarist Roland Grissum; smooth jazz violinist Jerald Daemyon; Hit R&B/pop vocalist Peabo Bryson; father/son recording artists Eddie Levert (O’jays) & Gerald Levert and gospel recording star John P. Kee. Ron has also performed with and composed music for actress Bernadette Stanis (formerly known as “Thelma” from the hit TV show “Good Times”), who is also skilled at writing poetry. A versatile musician with a love for different genres of music, Ron Handy has played gospel, classical, jazz and pop/R&B extensively. He has served as the musical director and/or woodwind/keyboard player for many theatrical productions including: “The Wiz”; “Dreamgirls”; “Don’t Bother Me, I Can’t Cope”; “Purlie”; “Ain’t Misbehavin’; “The Meeting” and many others. Ron has been featured on both local and national television, along with local and international radio. He has been featured on CNN and he was the “Artist of the Week” on the international radio program “Jazz From The City,” hosted by renowned jazz DJ Ken “Spider” Webb. Ron Handy has produced and performed on numerous recordings over the years. He has worked as a studio musician and engineer, as well as producer and arranger for several recording projects, including television theme songs and commercial jingles. Ron has released his own CDs, which include smooth jazz “covers” of the R&B group Jodeci’s “Forever My Lady” and jazz vocalist Dianne Reeves’ “Come In.” He has also recorded smooth jazz versions of other pop/R&B hits, including Brian McKnight’s “The Only One For Me”. Being a spiritual person who loves to give honor and praise to God, Ron released a CD of gospel favorites titled “Sign Me Up,” which has received heavy rotation and acclaim from radio stations and listeners alike. Gospel and “smooth jazz” stations also embraced a CD single titled “He’s Worthy”. Despite maintaining a demanding professional career, Ron enjoys taking the time to visit schools and churches to perform and talk to young people about music, life and career goals. Throughout the years, Ron has been blessed to perform for wide and diverse audiences. His versatility has allowed him to become one of the most sought after musicians in the southeast. Having been given the gift of music, Ron Handy thanks God and considers it a privilege and an honor to be able to share his music with others.

Christina Mims!

The Rhythmic Lounge: Was there an "aha" moment that made you say, "I want to be a musician"? Ron Handy: Coming from a musical household where everyone in the house played an instrument and/or sang definitely had an impact on me, but my “aha” moment came when I was in high school. I had a wonderful band director, Farrell Duncombe, who saw some potential in me and allowed me to go as far as I wanted to go under his guidance. I was the saxophone section leader and, as a teenager, was allowed to arrange musical selections and conduct them in rehearsals. The fire within me was raging once I stood in front of the band for the first time to conduct my very first marching band arrangement (laughs). Honestly, it didn’t turn out that great but Mr. Duncombe encouraged me to keep at it. I was so determined to practice that Mr. Duncombe asked the school principal if I could have a key to the band room. I think he was tired of me “bugging” him (laughs). His request was granted and I was able to practice in the band room at any time. I loved it and my desire to be a good musician (along with being a responsible young man) was of “high priority.”

TRL: You play several instruments! How did that come about? RH: Wow! That’s a good question! As I stated earlier, my family had instruments around the house all the time and it sparked my interest to see how each one operated. Several years ago I worked with John Gibbs, a fantastic musician who owns a music store here in Montgomery. Whenever I was in the store I would watch customers come in to purchase different instruments. To my surprise and amazement, John would demonstrate each instrument that was requested. I don’t mean “tinker” with it (smile). He could “really” play every instrument that he put his hands on…WELL (laughs). It was great for me to see a person do that and he was gracious enough to show me some techniques on different instruments. I was getting into multi-track recording at the time and I had to lay all of the tracks myself. Whew! During those days I didn’t have digital recorders to work with, so everything went to tape. It really helped my musicianship because I had to literally “perform” every part in its entirety. I continue to work like that now because I get a better feel for the music by actually “playing” the parts separately.”

TRL: Why was going to college and getting a degree in music important to you? RH: First of all, both of my parents are retired educators and going to college was always stressed to me, along with my siblings, as a way to position ourselves for a better life. I was so into music in high school that my mind was made up about having music as a major. I really wanted to learn everything that I could about music and possibly teach one day. My saxophone instructor in college, Dr. Laurence Hayes, played a major role in convincing me to soak up all of the knowledge that I could from him. Believe me, he had a wealth of knowledge and I was encouraged to go beyond my musical barriers. The music was so difficult that I would spend 4 to 6 hours a day working on various exercises. I once asked, “Why are you giving me such difficult pieces to learn?” I soon found out that he was planning to retire and I am now in his old office at Alabama State University. Talk about irony (smile). Attending college and getting a degree in music has been extremely beneficial to me. I owe a major debt of gratitude to all of my former teachers for the seeds that they’ve sown in me. May God bless them all!

TRL: You've performed numerous times as a solo act. How challenging is that? RH: That’s a great question! The solo act came about as the result of my maturing as a multi-instrumentalist and producer. I owe a lot of my decision to perform solo to Dr. George Shaw, a Long Beach, California based musician/producer/educator whom I met several years ago. He literally took me under his wing and instructed me on the “ins” and “outs” of studio recording. He’s a guru when it comes to studio gear and he’s an awesome trumpet player. Well, I had a performance coming up for a festival and was working so hard that I didn’t have time to pull a band together for rehearsals. I was about to cancel the engagement when Dr. Shaw says, “Do it yourself!” His statement changed everything for me and I began to perform with or without a band. I spent a great deal of time learning several tunes on a variety of instruments to enhance my “live” performances. Performing live with a band is wonderful and I enjoy that aspect tremendously. The challenge of performing “live” on a “track date” concert is that it requires a lot more energy. Since I’m performing the instrumental parts on the tracks, I always think about my energy level and which instrument(s) I will be playing “live” to keep things fresh and interesting. It’s truly a challenge, but I enjoy it!

TRL: Do you remember the first time you heard yourself on the radio? RH: Yes I do remember the first time I heard a selection that I’d recorded in the studio on the radio (laughs). Back in the day, I was always working on stuff (smile). A good friend of mine and music business mentor, Steve Myers, would always ask me… “Are you working on some material?” I would always say “yes” and he would tell me to get it to him as soon as I was done. After several months of asking the same question and getting the same answer from me, I reluctantly gave Steve a tape to check out over the weekend. I didn’t think it was ready, but he took it and returned it to me on the following Monday. He told me he liked it and I said “thanks, but I’ll finish it soon”. To my surprise, I was driving and listening to our campus radio station (WVAS FM 90.7) when I heard one of my selections on the radio. You see, Steve Myers was the station manager at the time and he’d copied the tape and put it on the air. I guess he was tired of “waiting on me” and decided I was ready (Laughs). As I think about it, I’m glad he did that. I would probably still be “getting ready” today (smile)! Thanks, Steve!

TRL: How did the interesting concept of the "Killing Me Softly" video on YouTube come about? RH: The “Killing Me Softly” track and video came about very quickly. The vocalist that I work with, Christina Mims, has always loved that song and wanted to perform it. I laid the instrumental tracks for her to rehearse with. She liked it and went on the computer to make sure she had all of the lyrics correct. We were not really intending to “record” the song at that time. It was really just a “fun” thing. She looked over the lyrics for a few minutes and said…”Hey, I want to lay some vocal tracks over what you’ve done.” She proceeded to lay the lead and the harmony tracks in one take each… top to bottom. Wow! As we were listening back to the performance Darrick Long (an ASU student) walked into my office and said… “I really like that and I have an idea.” Darrick takes his iPhone out of his pocket and says…”let’s make a video”! The footage on the iPhone was shot right then. As we listened to the lyrics of this great Charles Fox – Norman Gimbel composition, Darrick (along with his twin brother Eric) had a concept to convey a unique message through the video. The world recently commemorated the 60th Anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March and State Senator Quinton Ross played the video for visiting dignitaries during their visit to Montgomery. The video was met with a rousing ovation of approval and we are all very proud to have been a part of it. We’ve received many positive emails and texts from around the world from those who have viewed the video on YouTube! Christina (a gifted vocalist) and Darrick (who also designed my website) are truly talented individuals and I love working with them. Thank you, TRL!

King David tha Vessel

A native Chicagoan, King David tha Vessel, or KD, has been a staple in the Gospel music scene for the last 10 years. Well noted and respected amongst his peers, KD has not sought after recognition, but is not foreign to it, being nominated for a 2009 Rhythm of Gospel award in the category of Holy Hip-Hop, but also 2014’s Rap Ministry Awards as an award recipient. The music GOD has blessed KD with goes straight for the soul of man and is presented in a unique way that is timeless and authentic. KD has shared stages with the likes of Mary Mary, Thi’sl, Da T.R.U.T.H., and others, along with appearing on songs with the likes of Brother 3, Nikeya Yound, Shannae Lennore, and Tony WHOA!, even securing a spot on 2013s Holy Hip-Hop Vol.17 compilations album which was nationally released. A published author, KD has a huge heart for the strengthening and reestablishing of The Church and GOD’s intended standard. Working tirelessly to be a staple in his home ministry and community, KD works tirelessly to make the voice of GOD heard in creative ways to a distracted generation with short attention spans. He understands that the moments are precious, and opportunities to present CHRIST in a way that can/will change the listener are now more important than they’ve ever been. KD recently released the critically acclaimed studio album, A Hero 4 The Hurting. Visit www.yieldedmusic.com for more info.

The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! KD: Hey, guys! My name is King David tha Vessel, or KD, and I'm a CHRISTian songwriter, rapper, singer‌amongst other things. I've been involved in music and the creative arts practically all my life, and I've been a recording artist of over 25 years, with the last 12 in the Gospel genre. I'm big on serving my church, my family, and my community and what GOD has blessed me to create, musically, reflects those priorities. > > > > TRL: How has growing up in Chicago helped to shape your musical and spiritual path? KD: I love Chicago. I don't care what people see or hear in the news, I love my city. That being said, I love GOD more, and that heart has enabled me to glean and appreciate the diversity of my city, as well as helped me to intercede for the place I call home. Growing up here has taught me to be sensitive to the needs of others, but to also be bold and consistent in how we go about addressing those needs. Been other places, cities, and seen different things, but nothing compares to home; it's like how I feel about JESUS: been with and around a lot of other people, but nobody measures up to HIM. Corny? Maybe. But I absolutely mean it. TRL: Who were your musical/spiritual influences growing up? KD: Growing up, I was exposed to a variety of sights and sounds musically. Walter Hawkins was a big influence, but so, also was Sandi Patti and Larnell Harris, Doug Odom, Bill and Gloria Gaither, Andrae Crouch. There was a secular mix of music going on at home that I gleaned from, as well; the vocals, the feel, the arrangements, etc. I guess, from a spiritual standpoint, the people I looked up to must growing up were my parents, working together in ministry. There was a lot I didn't know or understand, then, bit they worked hard for the LORD to the best of their ability at that time. TRL: Do you have any upcoming projects or events that you would like people to know about? Always got a few things cooking! Be on the lookout for new music coming SOON, along with a book on prayer I'm looking to release before the end of the year. They'll be a few other things that will drop before 2016 concludes, and 2017 will be an exciting time, so I just encourage everyone to connect with me on my website and corresponding social media to keep pace! I LOVE connecting and building relationships with people! http://yieldedmusic.com https://m.soundcloud.com/kdtv-1 Twitter: @Yieldedman FB: yieldedmusic

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Darrell Herbert

is a poet, songwriter, and activist. He is a recipient of

a national silver medal and gold key, presented by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2014. He is also a recipient of the 2016 Scythe Prize. His poetry has been various sources such as Section 8 Magazine, Madness Muse Magazine, Beat Yard Magazine, as well as in HangTime Magazine and The Lemonade Stand Magazine. Darrell's poetry fits in a very comfortable place. A lot of people have really looked up to him and his writing, and have personally thanked him for inspiring their achievements as a writer. If I Darrell had to convince a friend or colleague to read his poetry he would tell them to be prepared. As vague as his poems appear to be they do clearly and powerfully evoke a particular mood—a mood of unease and discomfort, desire and alienation. It is representing the hopes, fears, and angst—especially the angst—of people living through uncertain times. Darrell Herbert feels as if his poetry brings a new realm towards confessional subject matter. His poetry is very thought provoking to say the least. It is filled with a lot of emotional aspects, brutal honesty amazing wordplay. As for Darrell the last literary reading he attended was on Wednesday, October 5, 2016. He actually had the chance to meet with organizer, spoken word performer, writer, public speaker, workshop facilitator, emcee and poet, Dasan Ahanu and thought it was one of his most wonderful experiences. Darrell has read a lot of Dasan's works so it was really exciting to see it up close and in person. Many people consider Darrell's writing too dark, or too aggressive but honestly don’t allow those opinions regarding his writing style from writing out his stories. Darrell realize that he was a writer when he earned my first publication for poetry at the age of eighteen. At the age of eighteen he earned a national silver medal and gold key presented by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2014. A year later at the age of nineteen his nationally recognized poem "Racism in America" was taught inside of West Chester East High School by a local teacher named Richard Mitchell. The students also annotated his poem. Usually Darrell listens to music to get inspired. His writing process is mostly done on his phone in complete solitude. Darrell handles a bad review of his work by seeing it as fuel for inspiration to prove those same people wrong. Not everyone is going to love Darrell's work and that is expected and is fine because he believes that everyone has their own taste for poetry and writing styles. Darrell never allows a negative comment or harsh critique of his poetry to stop him from making more poems for his generation. Sylvia Plath is Darrell's favorite poet despite what others may think of her, he can relate to her poetry on so many levels. Her writing style is so relate-able and different Darrell love's the fact that she was never afraid to address her own flaws in her writings. The biggest mistake Darrell believes he has made as a writer was during the year of 2014 when he was on a complete hiatus in terms of performances and actually writing poems. The worst advice he heard authors give writers is to "stop writing dark poetry and write about something more happy." Darrell believes that artists are mostly ignored, in rare instances canonized, but almost never understood he has heard some claim that dark poetry is bad, or it will make people adore or worship death, suicide and things of that nature. Others have claimed it is sick to write about dark things, that people should only write about nice things. However, not everything in this life is so colorful and happy so he thinks that the purpose of any art is to make people think about things and to look at those things from a different point of view and see beyond the narrow scope of things.

Darrell doesn't believe that by suffocating things doesn't solve anything. For him personally, poems are something to put pain into. What scares him the most is not living up to his highest potential. However, what's done cannot be undone. Even so, that does not make me weak. It doesn't mean that he needs fixing anything. It simply means that he is. Darrell doesn't usually buy books, he typically just reads them online and finds it much easier. Currently he's reading Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People." Darrell Hebert wants the world to know that he is a very dedicated and detail-orientated person, which feels a lot, so he writes a lot. Darrell considers himself very introverted. Even though this is true he wants his poetry to really resonate with all of the people who feel ignored, mistreated, misunderstood, isolated, alone, and so forth. Darrel believes that instead of bashing what you hate, promote what you love. Love is the answer; it always has been and always will be. We are here on earth right now to be loved. It is our most sacred identity. Even though it can get messy at times. Strangely it is often very complicated. But, love is the most powerful force in this universe. Love is able heal those scares and give you that security; love is life!

The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Darrell Herbert: I'm Darrell Herbert. I'm a poet, songwriter, activist, and author. I write mostly for those people who feel misunderstood, lonely, different, depressed, angry, the list gets longer. I'm an introvert.

The Rhythmic Lounge: Who would you say has been the number one biggest influence along your creative journey? DH: The number one biggest influence along my creative journey has to be Sylvia Plath. I love how outspoken she is in terms of her poetry. Plath basic made it cool to talk about depression, anxiety, and above all else suicide.

The Rhythmic Lounge: It’s obvious that poetry is your go to creative outlet. Dark poetry specifically, has been what you embrace the most. Why is that and what advantage has that given you? DH: Dark poetry has often received a lot of negative feedback from people who obviously don't understand it. People have often question as to why I write dark poetry. I think my poetry is truly inspiring once you read deeper into what I am saying because I am strong enough to actually put myself out there and actually show my feelings. Dark poetry is a great way to show people that life isn't all smiles. That life has its ups and downs, and some people experience more downs than others. No matter how I say something, it will always be taken in the wrong way by someone. Greatness is not always understood, or accepted by the general population. Of course I am misunderstood. That just proves how great I am, and how much of a threat my words are. And this makes people uncomfortable. Which in turn, makes me become more daring and willing to fail. Failure is unique. Threatening the status quo. Threatening the order of things, and the way we look at other people. Time to create something worth noticing. Time to challenge the status quo. Whether you consider yourself creative or not, you can always embrace your inner creativity and make positive contributions to your communities and societies alike. The world needs more trailblazers and fire starters, more trendsetters willing to question the system and do something interesting. What people won't understand, others will. Probably tired of hearing about this, but I could care less. Don't lie to yourselves. Don't act like we all don't feel heartbroken, lonely, or ignored. We all feel that way. These feelings are perfectly normal. It is what makes us human. I am empowering my generation because I have absolutely no filter when it comes to my poetry and writing. And I will continue being a voice for those who feel indifferent, alienated, or otherwise unheard.

The Rhythmic Lounge: Do you have any news or upcoming events that you’d like to mention to our readers? DH: I want to continue getting my poems out there. I want to continue earning awards for my poetry and contributions to society. I want introverts to feel okay with being introverted.

Norah Wilson The$woman$sings$with$a$soft$musical$voice$that$ accelerates$with$oomph$of$lasting$effect$upon$the$hearts$ of$“THE$PEOPLE”.$$ Norah$Wilson$sang$her$first$vocal$tune$when$she$was$ born$in$the$small$country$side$neighborhood$in$ Bridgeport$Indiana.$Norah$graduated$from$Ben$Davis$ High$School.$$She$continued$and$mastered$the$oldest$ duty$of$all;$today$she$proudly$states$being$a$“P.H.D.E.”$$$ Norah$Wilson$is$the$wife$of$Chaplain$(Col.)$Michael$D.$ Wilson$Ret.$(39$years$of$service)$Mother$of$9$grown$ children,$stepOmother$of$2$grownOchildren,$Grandmother$ to$18$children$and$a$greatOgrandmother$to$2$precious$ little$girls!$Novah$Wilson$is$her$4$pounds$of$a$Pomeranian$ pet!$ Who$said$life$is$but$a$song?$Who$do$you$know$that$really$ sing$in$the$rain?$Do$you$believe$in$singing$even$when$ your$heart$is$breaking?$Life$is$not$what$you$make$it:$you$ can’t$make$a$day$appear,$or$skip$a$day$in$exchange$for$ another$that$you$rather$not$live$through!$$Norah$has$ sung$in$marriage;$sing$while$grieving$when$it$ended!$Sang$ during$her$many$births,$yet$sang$during$a$time$to$say$ goodbye$to$her$first$born$son.$Norah$has$learned$to$smile$ through$her$tears$and$sing$cry$while$singing.$$$$$$$ “PROFESSIONAL$HOME$DELIMA$EXPERT’$as$she$calls$ herself$with$a$glint$in$her$eyes!$Singing$has$been$her$“out$ let”,$her$source$of$comfort$through$“taking$life”$as$it$ comes$to$her.$$Sometimes$she’s$sway$fully$bold,$other$ times$weeping$can$be$heard$in$her$words$as$she$sings$to$ your$heart.$ In$life,$we$all$shed$tears,$we$all$laugh$till$we$cry,$we$cry$till$ we$laugh…..in$grief….in$closing…..in$all$the$places$in$between.$$Norah$Wilson$sings$because$God$made$her$a$ soul$that$has$His$Spirit!$ Norah$Wilson$is$on$top$of$the$mountain$singing$with$a$gift$only$God$gave:$wisdom$in$song,$we$all$can$hear$ what’s$in$a$secret$place$of$God…….the$Soul!$Many$shall$hear$Norah$Wilson$and$be$blessed$by$this$Angel$called$ by$God!$ Noteticuliously$Norah$Wilson$Sings!$$$ http;//cdbaby.com/cd/noteticuliouslynorahwis Wilson @ cd baby.com noteticuliously norah wilson youtube video Godlightmusic.com norahw7@gmail.com https://noteticuliouslynorahwilson.hearnow.com

The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren't familiar with you! Norah Wilson: Godlight to you! Iam Norah Wilson, AKA Noteticuliously Norah Wilson: to be precise in my own style is what I say is me being “NOTETICULIOUSLY NORAH WILSON” Iam married to Chaplain-Colonel Michael Wilson Ret. Iam the mother of 9 children: I love being a “domestic Engineer” being the highest calling from God to a woman!

TRL: When and how did you first get involved with the church? NW: My whole family went to church as well as held services in our homes. I have very fond tender memories of my Grandparents , parents, brothers and sisters with neighbors and friends holding hands together. It wasn’t long before my private studies presented me with titles of “bible Scholar” and “Sister Spirit” as well as singer. It’s been my excitement along with singing in choirs all my life.

TRL: You call yourself the "Professional Home Dilemma Expert." What does that mean exactly? NW: I believe all I really needed to know in life would come from God and being married with lots of Blessings (children) God gives me wisdom to see the truth and the right in life; marriage gives me the opportunity to share, and children opens the door to my womb to give life more meaning like never before …as a blessing from God! I became more than a woman that had a simple “job,” I didn’t have to be retired in old age; being a wife and mother is “forever” Iam far from being “domestic”….Iam priceless! I became a “pro at being a home maker” A consoler in grief through despair . A teacher of kindness, a giver of love, a peacemaker in dilemmas. Knowing God is never wrong or failing. I became a “P.H.D.E.” What exactly is that? I am a “PROFESSIONAL HOME DILEMMA -SOLVING EXPERT!

TRL: It seems as though "song" has gotten you through so many tough times in your life, and even helped you to celebrate the happy times. Is there 1 particular time that really stands out to you? NW: I can always think of a song to match my mood or situation; one of the most pain filled times of my life was in grief. This is a very personal memory that I will share with you; I’ve lost my mother, my father and my 23 year old son! I’ve been widowed twice. In each time of grief, there was a song that God allowed me to have in my heart to get me through this sad time! “Were not the only people in the world that goes through ups and down”

TRL: What do we have to look forward to from you in the near future? NW: I am very happy and excited about my plans to release my 5th. Album; "HEAVEN & MOONDUST" in December, another soul comforting experience!

Terrance Jackson

, as

former interim chairman of Youth Planning Council for near Eastside of Buffalo, created Get Rich and Grow Wealth 10 keys to being an effective leader in a global economy to address underlying reasons for many social epidemics that plaque our communities. It provides principals and strategies to obtain financial wealth. Mr. Jackson gave the key note address at the Department of Labor Turner Job Corps in 2005, received Letter of Endorsement from FraserNet, and brokered the Fiscal Cliff Deal with the Federal Reserve Bank to stabilize the U.S. Economy. Currently, he speaks to youth and young adults teaching financial concepts that build and preserve wealth. His motto "Quantum Physics states infinite possibilities for your current reality. What you believe in will manifest in your life."

The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Terrance Jackson: Hello World, I am Terrance Jackson, author of Get Rich and Grow Wealth. As former interim chairman of Youth Planning Council for near Eastside of Buffalo, I published these 10 keys to being an effective leader in a global economy to address the underlying reasons for many social epidemics that plague our communities.

The Rhythmic Lounge: What was your main goal in creating Get Rich and Grow Wealth? TJ: Poverty is a lack in ability to take ownership of yours goals. Many people work all their life for companies without receiving credit for their contributions. Rich people own their goals and get credit for their hard work. Every environment has its own challenges. There is only one earth, and we can only work with what you bring to the table. I believe the key to sovereign debt management is reducing unemployment, increasing consumer spending, household income, and tax revenues. I learned at Russ Whitney's Real Estate Training Academy; only people with basic organizational skills bring enough to the table to be successful. Hence, the creation of Get Rich and Grow Wealth 10 keys to being an effective leader in a global economy, a personal money manager anyone can apply to build WEALTH.

The Rhythmic Lounge: Who was your biggest influence in you starting down a path of entrepreneurship? TJ: I admit I had a great early childhood education. My grandmother, Jesse H. Jackson Sr., President and/Founder of Ascension Chemical of America, was the first black man to make a million dollars in Chemical Manufacturing in the late 70's. When my father, Jesse H.Jackson, passed away, I was 11 years old. My grandfather became head of my household and taught me how to be a man and successful in business. Now, I live off the 10 keys he taught me to be an effective leader.

The Rhythmic Lounge: Entrepreneurship isn’t always easy! What advice would you give to someone who wants to take that creative path but is hesitant because of the possible struggles? TJ: The greatest challenge people face is the willpower to reach their goals. We can read a book, attend a lecture, or watch television to get a dream. It's the know how to take advantage of money, education, and resources that separates a winner from a loser. For example, I want to be a doctor, but, I can't retain information, or effectively communicate my ideas to get from point a to point b. These are the challenges many people face. Get Rich and Grow Wealth will teach people how to fulfill their dreams with knowledge about mind, body, and soul that will create the willpower to take advantage of every opportunity available to reach their goals.

The Rhythmic Lounge: Do you have any upcoming events that you’d like to mention to our readers? TJ: I would like to invite every professional to visit my website and interact with Get Rich and Grow Wealth, create a budget, and achieve your financial and personal goals. Go to http://allis1.wixsite.com/getrichandgrowwealth.

LinkedIn: Terrance Jackson Twitter: Kingyashua1 Facebook: King Yahshuah Instagram: Kingyahshuah ! ! ! !

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Jerome Pullen



Street!and!rhythm!and!blues.!!He!began!playing!music! professionally!at!the!age!of!17!and!in!1988!he!formed!the!duo! P.M.,!releasing!his!first!single,!“You”!later!that!year.!!After!the! release!of!“You”,!the!group!had!the!opportunity!to!tour!across!the! country!and!overseas,!including!stops!as!far!and!wide!as! Greenland!and!Japan,!with!popular!R&B!group!Kool!&!the!Gang.! In!1996,!seeking!a!new!creative!venture,!Pullen!founded!a!new!group,!Project!Inc.!(featuring! Mac!RHedd).!!Mac!RHedd!served!as!a!new!solo!endeavor!for!Pullen,!backed!by!a!group!of!top!tier! musicians.!!The!band!began!to!grow!in!popularity,!as!they!performed!with!major!artists!like!Outcast! and!J.!Blackfoot.!!Their!single,!“Playing!Ain’t!EZ”!gained!them!more!notoriety!as!their!touring! schedule!intensified.! Now!an!established!artist,!Pullen!has!continued!to!build!on!his!decades!old!musical!friendship! with!the!legendary!Barkays,!performing!with!them!whenever!possible.!!He!has!recently!opened!his! own!label,!W.E.K.!Entertainment,!to!support!the!release!of!his!single,!“Make!Me!Say!Ooh”!from!his! debut!solo!album!My#Life.!!The!album!also!features!Barkay!lead!singer!Larry!Dodson!on!“Forever!and! Ever”!as!well!as!Pullen’s!own!twist!on!the!Barkays!classic!“Your!Place!or!Mine.”!!Original!Barkays! bassist!James!Alexander!will!be!handling!promotions!to!radio!for!the!record.!!Pullen!feels!the!new! album!will!give!him!a!chance!to!showcase!the!full!range!of!his!talents,!saying!“The!sky!is!the!limit!”! In!addition!to!his!career!as!a!recording!and!touring!artist,!Jerome!also!leads!one!of!the! meanest!party!bands!in!Memphis.!!Having!headlined!the!2012!Africa!in!April!Festival,!his!band!is! among!the!most!in!demand!in!the!club!party!scene.!!Their!range!extends!from!classic!hits!from!soul! men!like!Stevie!Wonder,!Luther!Vandross!and!Al!Green!to!rock!acts!such!as!ZZ!Top,!Journey!and! Foreigner,!to!modern!pop!stars!like!R.!Kelly,!Madonna,!Michael!Jackson!and!more.!!If!you!need!a! party!band,!you!need!The!Pullen!Project.!


Nathan (Mrjunbug) Clayborne born and raised in Nashville, TN. He was recently nominated as SEA AWARD'S IMPACT ICON! His music career started with the group Capital Punishment klik in 1993 with the release of Return From The Dead, selling 1,500 copies of cassettes only. In 1995 Capital Punishment released Ghetto Stories selling 4,100 copies. In 1997, Capital Punishment released Shadow Of Death, selling 10,000 copies. Shadow of Death has over 50,000 downloads over the Internet to date. Sales in Germany and Japan have catapulted Mrjunbug to successful stardom and in 1999 Capital Punishment released Different Levels of The Game nationally through select-o-hits, selling 3,000 copies scanned and 5,000 copies from hand to hand. In 2000 the group split and Mrjunbug released Karma vol.1. The single Whatcha workin wit attracted lots of attention in Georgia and Florida. Orpheus Entertainment, and Slip-n-slide records showed a lot of interest but could never reach an agreement. Mrjunbug has opened shows for some very established artists, such as The Ying Yang Twins, Young Jeezy, DMX, Ludacris, CoCo Cal, Eightball and MJG. In 1996, he opened for Tupac in Nashville, TN and St. Louis, Mo. Nathan (Mrjunbug) Clayborne also does all of his productions! Mrjunbug also known as DJ Trixx runs his own live Internet radio station called Cashville Radio. The stage is now set for the Nashville native to make positive noise in the music industry!

Twitter - @MRJUNBUG615 facebook.com/mrjunbug IG- mrjunbug38 reverbnation.com/mrjunbug youtube.com/mrjunbug615 Booking and Features : bughousemusicpromo@gmail.com 615.625.8448

The Rhythmic Lounge: Please introduce yourself and give the readers a brief background for those who aren’t familiar with you! Nathan Clayborne: Nashville TN. Some of you know it as Cashville. With very little popularity in the Small town called Antioch, TN. There were 2 young men playing high school football together. Nathan (MRJUNBUG) Clayborne and Brian (SUPREME) Smith. Together they would form the Rap Group Capital Punishment Klik. The Group was made up of 2 Producers/Rappers/Djs that released rappers off of there own label ETERNAL RECORDS. From there the group wrote and produced 5 albums. Return from the Dead, It Ain't No Mystery, Ghetto Storiez, Shadow Of Death, Different Levels Of The Game.

TRL: Who have been your biggest musical influences? NC: Well first and foremost it's God Rest his Soul PIMP C hands down if you really know me. Just say that I learned a lot from him while he frequently visited Antioch and Brentwood I'll leave it at that. We had 2Pac, 50 Cent, Ice Cube, Eric B n Rakim, Too Short, Biz Markie, Keane, Dr.Dre, Eminem, Outkast, KRS 1, Public Enemy, T.I, Magic Mike, Pistol. Shannon Sanders, Biggie, Trick daddy, Pastor Troy, Triple 6 Mafia, Gangsta Pat, E40, Alcapone, Dayton Family, Brotha Lynch Hung, Kool Daddy Fresh, Indo G n Lil Blunt, WC and the Mad Circle, Mack 10, Keith Sweat, Al B Sure. R Kelly. Master P, Scarface, Geto Boys, Jay Z, WU Tang Clan, 8Ball n MJG, 2Live Crew, and Snoop Dogg. NWA, Spice 1, Mac Eiht, but my favorite rap group of all times is UGK. We had some REAL ARTIST.

TRL: What has been your greatest career accomplishment so far? NC: My greatest career accomplishment this far has been being able to stay in the game. I've been nominated for several underground award shows in different categories. I won a STAXX contest on LOUD.COM with a signed microphone from DJ KHALID. I’m being presented with the IMPACT award at The SEA AWARDS in Miss. In 2017. That's a very big accomplishment for me. Because that means out of all these years I haven't been unnoticed. 9 albums. Capital Punishment Klik 5. And I’m still going. I produce and manage artists as well. Bughouse ENT. My label is on its uprising. So stay tuned.

TRL: Are there any upcoming events or projects that you’d like to mention? NC: I have a few shows lined up in NY, Cali, and Down South. I have BUGS LIFE (MY DAYS ON EARTH) EP that’s out now. My next project is titled BEYOND DREAMS (ANGELS PLAYGROUND). Then there will be only 2 more projects after that. I will then focus on releasing artist on Bughouse Ent. PAC WEEZY will be the first artist to come out on the imprint. Also my partner in NY, KING ROGUES the creator of the DRR (Dark Rein Royalty) and I will be releasing a project in 2017 a compilation of all the artists we have coming. The stage is set and now it’s time to take off like a rocket. My photographer GO DADDY is an up and coming artist that we are proud to have on board here at BUGHOUSE ENT.

Michael(Egleton((! At the age of seven, Michael Egleton was introduced to music when his mom brought home a guitar for Christmas. He continued to play and experiment with numerous instruments before finding his musical connection with the keyboard. Michael began his musical career by playing and composing Gospel music for local artists and churches. Throughout the years his passion for music has broaden to include various genres such as Jazz, R&B and Soul. Johnny Gill, Bobby “Blue” Bland, George Benson, Michael Henderson, Tyrese are just a few of the names that come to mind when you hear the music of Michael Egleton. Whether you’re in the mood to dance or for love the R & B, jazzy and sultry blends of piano and orchestra sounds sprinkled with raspy vocals takes you there with every song. Today his keyboard is how he interprets life and allows his feelings to flow from the heart. Egleton’s mature sound can be attributed to his childhood and being raised by his grandfather, a fiery Gospel preacher from the south and former ” Honkie Tonk” musician himself during the 40′s and 50′s playing in the juke joints around Chicago. This fresh, new sound with an old flare and innovative techniques and style best describes Michael Egleton and his music. It is simple yet mature, nothing too complicated, a straight to the point sound that’s refreshing to today’s music. Many of Michael’s musical influences include legendary Stevie Wonder, The Clark Sisters, George Duke, Michael Henderson, George Haynes of St. Louis and Barry White to name a few. Originally from Barberton, Ohio, Michael currently resides in Akron, Ohio. Akron is well-known for producing several artists and industry greats and Egleton aspires to add his name to that list one day. He has released two independent albums Baby, Baby, Baby and his current album titled, That’s Alright. This new album is steadily rising up the charts and is currently number one on Akron’s charts in the Blues, Jazz and Soul categories. All of Michael’s life experiences and lessons shapes him as a musician and are reflected in his music. Eager to experience success on the next level Michael Egleton is making his mark in the music industry.((((( (

WWW.MICHAELEGLETON.COM www.reverbnation.com/michaelegleton www.soundcloud.com/michaelegleton( ( (

( The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!Please!introduce!yourself!and!give!the!readers!a!brief!background!for!those!who!aren’t!familiar!with!you!! Michael(Egleton:(I(am(a(fresh(new(sound(with(an(old(flare,(innovative(techniques(and(style,(I(would(best(describes(and(my(music.(It's(simple,(yet( mature.(Nothing(too(complicated.(A(straight(to(the(point(sound(that's(refreshing(in(today's(music.(Many(say(I(sound(like(Donny(Hathaway,(Johnny( Taylor,(Michael(Henderson,(Billy(Paul(and(a(few(other(artists(and(singer(from(the(past(such(as(Isaac(Hayes,(and(Billy(Preston.(Originally(from( Barberton,(Ohio,(I(now(resides(in(Akron,(Ohio(and(make(my(music(home(in(Atlanta,(GA,(commuting(to(and(from(during(the(year.((I(have(released( three(independent(albums,(Baby(Baby(Baby,(the(award(winning,(A(Look(Into(My(Heart(and(his(new(independent(release,(That’s(Alright(“The(Rewind”,( and(one(album(with(the(Tate(Music(Group(Label,(That's(Alright.(Songs(from(the(award(winning,(A(Look(Into(My(Heart(CD,(are(being(played(on(radio( stations(across(the(country,(the(UK(and(worldwide,(on(FM,(AM(and(XM(stations.(I’ve((won(The(Ohio(Music(Awards,(Adult(Contemporary(category,( 2014,(The(Most(Listened(to(songs(for(2014(with(Baby(Baby(Baby(“The(Remix”(with(the,(It’s(All(Soul(To(Me(with(Simon(Darke(Radio(Show(in(the(UK,( recently,(2016(Akedemia(Music(Awards,(Best(in(Jazz,(and(has(been(an(IMA(nominee,(and(is(also(a(2016(entry(into(the(IMA(Music(Awards.(I(have(had( numerous(articles(and(reviews(written(in(many(music(magazines(about(myself(and(my(music.(Songs(from(A(Look(Into(My(Heart,(has(quickly(reach(#1( on(every(music(site(it(has(been(a(part(of.((It’s(Over(“The(Remix”(was(one(of(the(songs(featured(this(year(during(the(domestic(abuse(crisis(of(the(NFL,( and(in(the(personal(lives(of(many(private(relationships.(My(past(release(with(the(label,(Tate(Music(Group,(That's(Alright(was(a(main(stay(in(the(top(10( on(music(charts(for(the(Akron,(Canton,(Cleveland,(and(regional(Ohio(area(in(the(Blues,(Soul(and(Jazz(genres(on(many(online(music(sites.(All(of(my(life( experiences(and(lessons(shape(me(as(a(musician(and(are(reflected(in(my(music.(( ( (

The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!Were!there!people!around!you!who!really!encouraged!and!influenced!you!to!pursue!your!talent?! ME:(Actually(yes,(there(were(quite(a(few(people(from(many(years(past(that(had(encouraged(me(to(pursue(a(career(in(secular(music.(I(was(already( was(already(writing(Gospel;(music(and(had(written(one(song(that(was(secured(by(the(well(known(great(Gospel(singer(and(my(friend(from(this(area,( Douglas(Miller(of(“Anchored(In(the(Lord”(fame(and(his(hit(with(MC(Hammer(and(of(whom(every(now(and(then(I(have(opportunity(to(play(for.( One(of(my(sister’s(aunts(was(a(member(of(the(Weather(Girls(or(as(also(known,(The(Two(Tons(of(Fun(group(of(“It’s(Raining(Men”(fame(and(who(sang( background(for(Sylvester(for(many(years,(who(I(like(to(call(Ms(Izora,(the(late(Ms(Izora(Armstead,(husband(at(that(time(would(encourage(me(every( time(they(would(come(the(Akron,(Cleveland(area(to(come(and(record(a(song(back(in(my(20’s.(I(just(didn’t(feel(it.(I(wasn’t(prepared(mentally(and( chose(to(pass.(I(had(a(very(young(family….(It(just(was(not(in(the(cards(for(me(at(that(time.(There(were(other(at(this(time(who(also(would(talk(to(me( about(checking((things(out(some(of(which(went(on(to(pursue(their(music(careers(with(such(bands(as(the(S.O.S(Band(and(Roles(Royse,(Switch((and( more.(I(still(chose(to(stay(back.(As(you(see,(this(area(has(been(rich(in(music(history.(It(was(at(this(time(in(my(life(I(felt(I(had(something(to(offer.(I(gave( it(a(spin(with(my(first(independent(release,(Baby(Baby(Baby(and(really(didn’t(expect(anything(to(come(of(it.(As(a(matter(of(fact(I(laughed(to(myself( about(it.(I(submitted(it(online(to(a(few(music(sites(and(the(rest(is(history!( (

The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!What!has!been!the!most!memorable!accomplishment!of!your!career!so!far?! ME:(There(are(quite(a(few(memorable(instances(in(my(short(career(thus(far.(One(is(my(very(first(performance(on(stance(at(The(Musica(here(in(Akron,( Ohio.(It(was(mind(numbing(to(say(the(least.(The(energy(on(stage(with(the(band(was(out(of(this(world!(Then(there(was(my(first(award.(This(was(so( special(because(it(was(like(a(validation(that(I(could(play(in(the(big(leagues(if(given(a(chance(and(shown(the(proper(way(of(doing(things(required(by(the( industry.(Then(there(was(the(“Top(25(Most(Listened(To(Songs(of(2014(with(((the(late)(Mr(Simon(Darke(Radio(Show”(in(The(UK.(This(validated(that(I( could(be(appreciated(worldwide(and(that(music(is(a(universal(language.(I’m(sure(there(will(be(more(if(I(continue(on(the(path(that(I’m(on(and(with(the( help(of(the(Lord.( ( (

The!Rhythmic!Lounge:!Are!there!any!upcoming!events!or!projects!that!you’d!like!to!mention?! ME:(What’s(next(in(the(near(future(for(me(is(first(to(finish(my(new(independent(project,(That’s(Alright(“The(Rewind’.(The(next(two(releases(to(this( independent(project(are(releasing(as(I(write.(One(of(which(is(also(already(entered(into(the(2016(IMA(Music(Awards.(This(song(is,(Behind(These(Walls( featuring(Bob(Esterle.(Behind(These(Walls(is(a(moving(song(about(the(emotions(and(feeling(one(may(experience(during(the(stormy(times(of(a( relationship(that(has(lost(it’s(flame.(Then(the(carry(over(that(occurs(when(one(transfers(all(of(this(baggage(to(a(new(relationship,(penalizing(the(new( interest(for(the(sins(of(the(past(relationship.(This(song(is(produce(by(Wes(McCraw,(Creekside(Audio,(Norton,(OH(and(Samuel(Haygood,(NeDAeGroove( Productions,(Atlanta,(GA.(for(the(new(independent(project(from(Michael(Egleton,(That’s(Alright(“The(Rewind”,(produced(by(Wes(McCraw(and(Samuel( Haygood(with(associate(producers,(Mr(K.T.(Beats(((Mr(Kevin(Taylor(Jr)(of(KT(Got(Beats,(Atlanta,(GA(and(Mr(Dereck(Gelespie,(Gee(Funk(Productions,( Akron,(OH.(Pop(“Rewound”(has(already(been(released(to(radio(and(many(Smooth(Jazz(stations(are(starting(to(warm(up(to(it.(It’s(produced(by(Samuel( Haygood(for(That’s(Alright(“The(Rewind”.(Then(there(is(the(HOT(dance(tune,(Stank(“Wound(Up”(also(produced(by(Mr.(Samuel(Haygood(for(That’s( Alright(“The(Rewind”.(This(Hot(dance(tune(is(being(played(by(DJ(everywhere(in(this(region.(It’s(built(for(hand(and(line(dancing(and(that’s(just(what( they(are(doing!( There(is(an(autobiography(planned(for(released(in(2016(in(which(my(branding(team(at,(BlueeArtists(in(Baltimore,(DC(area(are(preparing(to(write(with( me.(We’re(looking(at(some(small(roles(in(film(and(starting(planning(for(the(brand(new(independent(project(for(2017.( The(new(Video(EPK(Premier(for(Behind(These(Walls(was(release(recently.(Filming(for(the(Music(Video(to(this(song(will(start(in(August.(( To(my(fans(I's(like(to(simply(say,(Thank(you.(Thank(you(for(everything,(your(support,(your(listening,(your(kind(words.(Your(inspiration(when(I'm(ready( to(give(up.(For(getting(me(through(a(very(tough(time(a(few(months(ago(when(my(younger(brother(had(passed(from(Lupus(and(less(than(30(hours( later(my(baby(sister(was(murdered(by(her(lover.(When(I(thought(it(was(over,(20(days(later(my(nephew,(my(sister's(19(year(old(son(passed.((I(was( living(on(the(words(of(my(songs(and(the(touches(from(you,(my(fans.(Thank(you(so,(so(much.(I(am(nothing(without(you.(I(do(appreciate(and(respect( you.(Please(keep(supporting(and(spreading(the(word(about(Michael(Egleton!(


Album Reviews JERZEY – JERZEY DRIVE by Ross Guity


★ ★ ★ 1/2

Legends Queen Latifah, Naughty By Nature and Redman - as well as hit-making relative newcomer Fetty Wap are just a few of the artists from the state of New Jersey that have made a big impact in the world of Hip-Hop music over the years, and now in 2016 and beyond, talented up-and-coming lyrical beast Joshua 'JERZEY' Terrell is primed and ready to carry on the tradition of greatness with the release of his FUEGO-hot new mixtape appropriately titled JERZEY DRIVE. Tracks like 'NJ Anthem,' 'Waste My Time,' 'I Need Proof' featuring Young Skillz, and the R&B-tinged songs 'It's All Good' and 'Get It On' are all rock-solid, head-nodding listens, and Jerzey consistently brings it with his brand of hardcore 'True Speak' throughout all 13 cuts. JERZEY DRIVE is now available for downloading on DatPiff :: The Authority in Free Mixtapes

Eye’z - Dedicated by Patrick Ross !

Rating: ★

★ ★ 1/2

San Francisco’s one of my favorite cities in the world where even though I never made a home there, I spent a great amount of my life there while living in California. Bay area based piano songstress and actress Eye’z who began singing and performing in preschool, was taught to sing and play by her aunt, a negro spiritualist classically trained in voice and piano. Studying music, piano, and acting at many fine arts schools in the bay area. Her music has a style incorporating old school roots blended with modern rhythm and blues hipness and sass. I find her songwriting is creative, assertive, and confident. “Dedicated” is the track that we are reviewing, but after listening to her playlist I found that there were other musical gems, which delighted and caught my ear’s attention. Which only serves to highlight the artist’s greater potential being realized within the right circle of music, talent, and production. “Dedicated” is not the latest track in her catalog as this no frills, no fuss tribute to 1950’s stoop songs clearly evokes an old school sentiment of an era gone by. Performing regularly at Sweet Fingers and at The Revolution Café where they have a grand piano, is one of Eye’z favorite venues to play piano and perform in the Bay area. An independent songstress with the gift of sultry pop and funky down home grit, there’s an element of real artistic endeavor and reach in her songs. instagram.com/mseyez twitter.com/eye39z facebook.com/eyezpopmusic youtube.com/eyezpopmusic ello.co/eye-z Reverbnation.com/eyez


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The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the print and digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From f...


The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the print and digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From f...