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Chantel Atkins (CEO/Owner) I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host. The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy! Be sure to go to www.therhythm to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue and take a look at our new magazine site at http://w w w .trlm Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

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THA HOT$HOT Raised on the beautiful, yet small island of St. Maarten, Shane "Tha Hot$hot" Kelly became influenced by Hip-Hop music at a young age. Having always been known as the quiet child, he proved his ability to openly broadcast his opinions by dedicating his time to writing a few rhymes every day after coming home from school, as a way to release his tension and thoughts about a variety of topics. Rapidly, Shane started to become increasingly involved with his music and delivering messages in a positive way. Not only did this up and coming rapper develop a new form of confidence, but he made it very clear that he would work his hardest to achieve his dream. "I'm one of the most confident and determined people that you'll ever meet." Shane says. "I use the positive aspects of my life as motivation to get what I want and need, in order to succeed in the things that I want to accomplish in life." Shane also discovered a new tool for motivation, following the untimely death of his childhood friend, Gerald "Young G" James, who used to chant raps with him as a child. Knowing how much Gerald supported him, Tha Hot$hot continued to push harder for his dream, and used his friends passing as a source of encouragement to make him, and many other loved ones proud. He made it his goal to create powerful lyrics that have the ability to encourage an audience regardless of their age, race or gender. Tha Hot$hot is currently under the independent record label D.Y. Entertainment, and released his second mixtape "Swagger 101 Vol. 2: From Local to Global," on May 18th 2012, which was hosted by Toronto's own DJ Wikked. This same mixtape made Shane the first St. Maartener to gain over 50,000 views and 4,000 downloads on the popular Hip-Hop website Datpiff. Furthermore, he was awarded "Best Male Rap Artist" at the 2012 SXM Music Awards and his first music video for his hit single “Reppin’ It,” made its debut at the #1 spot on TEMPO’s Cross Caribbean Countdown for 6 weeks straight, and then remained on the countdown for 6 months total, marking Shane as the first artist out of St. Maarten to do so. In addition to these accomplishments, Tha Hot$hot’s website “” went public as well, enabling him to spread his music on a more international platform. Shane continues to dedicate himself to releasing high quality music in every aspect, and is expected to release new original music and more projects to continue adding to his resume, as well as remaining in the spotlight. On September 17th 2013, Tha Hot$hot released his first official single “Tropical Limelight” featuring his label-mate $tekaly Tha Singer. The single was released for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, along with a variety of other digital stores. His label/management D.Y. Entertainment then teamed up with Pantason Music & Subkonshus Music out of Jamaica; and on June 10th 2014 released the "Tropical Limelight Remix" which again featured $tekaly Tha Singer & added the Dancehall Star Konshens! Tha Hot$hot became the first St. Maarten Artist to feature the Dancehall Star, and since then went on to be on rotation on many different radio stations throughout the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Most recently, D.Y. Ent. /I From Here Music & Southern Smoke presented Tha Hot$hot's brand new mixtape project "Anticipation For Greatness" hosted by the World Famous Dj Smallz. The mixtape was released on & on August 12th 2014, as he became the first Hip Hop Artist out of St. Maarten to work with Dj Smallz which is currently the #1 Hip Hop mixtape Dj in the word! From his admirable attitude and perspective on music, to his compelling lyrics, it's safe to say Tha Hot$hot is an artist we all need to look out for! where creativity lives




Cyrus Reel “is

a progressive cellist, producer and composer from Washington, DC. With mastery in composition and live performance, he add a twist to modern music by mixing the sound of the classical and electric cello with different genres and styles. Besides his main instrument being the cello, Cyrus knows his way around keyboards and guitars, making him a much valued instrumentalist as well as a prominent producer for Classical, Rock, Pop and Electronic music. His debut EP 'The Seasons' was released in June 2014 and is available for purchase on iTunes & Amazon, as well as other online media outlets."

Website: Facebook: Twitter: http:/// Reverbnation: SoundCloud: iTunes: ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!where !

creativity lives


Mr. Trill

has been making moves down south but quickly expanding across

the country. His new single "Keep Dat Booty Movin'" has received national airplay and with his forthcoming album in the works, Mr. Trill is a name to be watching. The Rhythmic Lounge: How did you get into music? Mr. Trill: Basically as a kid, my mother and father played a lot of music and also from me being born in a blues environment, I was interested in music. As far as rap, guys in my neighborhood was rapping, so I decided I wanted to start writing and free styling myself. From recording myself on a karaoke machine putting it on tapes, finally recording in a studio. Steel Magnolia Productions was the 1st organization I actually start recording in professionally, which the group swamp mafia was formed. TRL: What are some of your goals with music? Mr. Trill: Just to be successful [and] gain as many fans as possible while making a living off music and living my dreams. TRL: Do you feel hip hop's attention on the south in the last decade has impacted all regions of the south or mostly Atlanta, Miami and Texas? Mr. Trill: All regions of the south, but there always have been a underground. We get heard even if it's just in our region and spread to other areas. TRL: What projects are you currently working on? Mr. Trill: MR. TRILL, BOSSGATORJONES the album. TRL: What would be a dream collaboration for you? Producer or artist. Mr. Trill: To do a song with Ceelo Green and Andre' 3000…but too many to name them all. TRL: Where can we find you on the Internet? Any final Shout outs? Mr. Trill: Google: MR. TRILL for all sites For booking, call (662) 549-3998 Twitter: @bossgatorjones Instragram: @bossgatorjones Shout out to all the good people in the world, but not of the world. Shout out to everybody that help and support me. R.I.P to all my love ones that's dead and gone.

terry greene is a producer, singer, songwriter, with a funky style, a warm and friendly flamboyant guy who pulls his fans into his music with innovative arrangements with vocals, his energetic lyrics are a mixture of sweetness textured with soul, neo-soul, funk, and gospel, all of his fans say when we hear his music it makes us fill like dancing and shouting in 1986 terry had a hit record with his group {lickke} in the uk, the song {automatic drip} continues to sell here in the united states and in the uk. now based out of atlanta ga., formally los angeles ca., oakland ca., new york, in his secular music career he was signed to two major record labels out of boston ma, and new jersey.

he has worked with {joe caper,s-rip j-jams recording studio} for tony, toni, tone, mc hammer, sheila e, digital underground, producer {d'wayne wiggins} of tony, toni, tone, for destiny child, keyshia cole, alicia keys, producer {wayne wallace} for confunkshun, earth, wind, and fire, nada m. walden, sheila e., stevie wonder, ray charles, {dana jon chappelle} for mariah carey, joe, clarence clemons, aretha franklin, narada m. walden, {bob castelle-blanch} for sister sledge, stacy lattisaw, pete escovedo, sheila e, wayne wallace, narada m. walden, {j. dana mars} for chaka khan, colonel abrams, roberta flack, brand nubian, {lilian white} from the dream girls cast, and sesame street {rosie gaines} from the artist prince, {brenda vaugh & the brenda vaugh band} {nada m. walden} producer for aretha franklin, whitney houston, mariah carey, temtations, stevie wonder, just to name a few. for more info: ph. 404.955.2853

A Nigerian inspirational and sensational singer, with an electrifying voice living in Port Harcourt, Prince Lee is an outstanding artist that does good music that is widely accepted. He is a star with difference and he has the capability to do all genres. His dad, Ezekiel T Nna is a powerful known district choirmaster of the Assemblies of God Church; he is also a composer, a music producer and a leader of a band called the Evangel Crusaders. Prince Lee started studying Electronics and Control systems engineering in Malaysia from 2006 and end up transferring to Liverpool John moores University, United Kingdom under special scholarship from Rivers State Government. During his studies in school he never left music because music has been his passion right from time, he compose music and use his laptop to create beats in his room and post it on Facebook for his friends to preview and lay comments. Prince Lee recorded his first Album titled "Dance" in 2010, with a powerful single called "make we dance" prince Lee is an Independent artist and a wonderful song writer in Nigeria, an independent artist who have written so many wonderful songs that is very intriguing. Many people rate him with top artist in Nigeria and West Africa.! ! ! ! ! !

Joseph A. Hurry Sr was raised in Los Angeles, California and received his A.A. Degree in Mass Communications from Merced College. After serving five years in the United states Air Force where he boxed after Vietnam in NATO as the base welterweight champion for two years, he never lost a fight. He became a radio personality at KLBS Radio Station in Los Banos California. He went on to pursue a career as a broadcast engineer and was commissioned by the F.C.C. with General Radio Telephone License. He moved back to Los Angeles, California where he worked as an engineer, air personality and instructor at the National Radio Service. He discovered he had another talent for Directing and Producing live events. He produced at Occidental College in Los Angeles the PATRICE RUSHEN Concert. He wrote and directed numerous music videos and documentaries. He returned to college to study Radio, Television Broadcasting and Film at California State University of Los Angeles, earning his B.A. Degree. He was hired by THE NATIONAL BLACK TALENT DIRECTORY as Director of Sales; he was responsible for the financial support generated to create the book. It was herald as a major accomplishment by the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER and the DAILY VARIETY newspapers in Hollywood. His past experience as a producer, writer, and director provided a base for him to pull together entertainment industry professionals and companies for the first ever BLACK TALENT INDUSTRY EXPO '88 in Los Angeles and was awarded a commendation from the Mayor Tom Bradley. He helped form the National Black Talent Industry Enterprises and was made VicePresident of Marketing and Special Projects. His past experience as a producer and director provided the expertise to produce the ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY EXPO in Chicago, a first of its kind at RAH PRODUCER’S CENTER . Mr. Hurry has formed his own entertainment concerns: As the CEO of BLACK STAR FILM, LTD. Mr. Hurry states, “I have also published two books in the hopes of producing them for feature films. They are, EXTREME MISSION: KONDA MASON (sci-fi) and MY LIL' HOMIES (urban drama). I have one film in the can, THE FLIP SIDE (supernatural dark comedy) which the trailer can be found on at BLACK STAR FILM, LTD.. BLACK STAR FILM, LTD. The only way to continue to make my dream a reality is for me to live it. “ ! ! !


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(BE ABOUT SUCCESS IN CONTROVERSY) Virginia native, B.A.S.I.C. first came out of the shadows when he made it to the final round of 103 Jamz Fest in the summer of 2012. Since then he has been in the lab working hard and hitting the scenes, especially since the release of his latest project in March 2013 titled XXV. XXV is a collage of lyrics that express feelings, stories, and lessons learned from his journey last year as a 25yr old. Since the break of the album, B.A.S.I.C. has won Hip Hop Artist Of The Year, as well as winning the Mixtape Of The Year Award sponsored by DS Magazine. Featured on numerous radio shows fm and online. He has been featured with some of the finest artist from his music group Aspire To Inspire, including Intalek, Lew Sid, Stretch Dolla, Meeze, and Motive. In addition, B.A.S.I.C. has collaborated with Virginia artists such as Sanura, Maria Rosado, A. Driver, Mass, Carnage45 and Soul Sun. Not influenced by the radio, numb to the latest trends, and true to himself, B.A.S.I.C. guarantees musical satisfaction.


Are You A Marketable Artist? ! By:!Monet!

Many independent artists begin their career by of course,

Song lyrics are also worth a mention when it comes to

having a love for music coupled with musical abilities. They have an

being a marketable artist. Lyrics are a way for an artist to express

artist or artists that they are influenced by and develop a sound based

the emotions they feel the song should convey. It’s the ideal avenue

on the said influential artist or cultivate one that is unique to them.

for one to get creative and let it show. But like the sound, lyrically,

Having your own sound is what sets an artist apart from all the

the song must either be epic and/or totally relatable. Abstract songs

thousands of other aspiring persons in the industry and as

about abstract ideas, too far out from the status quo are usually not

counterintuitive as it may seem, one must be different but relatable.

well received. Sure there may be a few persons that “dig” your

So ideally you must be a different variety of a familiar sound.

music, but the following from the masses, which leads to ultimate

Having a sound and music style all your own is great, but an artist must first note who their audience is (or who they want to

career success will not be harnessed. As it relates to a long-lived career, every artist must be

target). They also need to determine if there are any other artists with

forward thinking. Making music is definitely the main criteria, but

a sound even remotely close to theirs and take note of how their

your influence should go beyond just music if you plan to be around

careers went/is going and learn from them. Ultimately, if an

for decades to come. Especially if you become a success doing what

independent artist is looking to one day be signed to a major label

you love, major corporations and major brands will seek you out to

and have the backing of the majors, there must be a great deal of

be a part of their marketing campaign. You get paid, they get the

marketability for them to even take notice. (Or the artist can build a

attention and interest from your fans, and everybody goes home

massive fan base but again, your music must be relatable in order for

happy! Especially these days when music sales aren’t where they

persons to hop on your bandwagon).

were in previous eras, an artist wanting to make a career and lifelong

In addition to the sound, the artist must have a look that is

success should also be a business person – a brand.

either strange enough to create a buzz about themselves, or highly

Music is all about creativity, emotion and conveying those feelings

marketable – in other words, looking like an A-list artist. (Note:

to your listeners. But if the goal is to make a lifelong career from

individuality is the name of the game; no one wants to see a carbon

those talents, an artist should not forget to ensure there is a level of

copy. Take cues from your influences and make it your own). Great

marketability in their presentation. Live well, plan well, get creative

but bizarre examples are Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga that debuted

and make it happen!

with outfits fit for someone off their rocker, but it definitely got a buzz about the artist and ultimately about their music.


JJ APPLEBY! Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Winston Fraser aka JJ Appleby moved to England. There he was part of the successful band, The Equators, who toured the UK, Spain, and even went to New Zealand. He's got a folksy, gospel sound, a unique Reggae twist, love songs, and a positive message. For bookings, press/media inquiries and information please contact:

where creativity lives

N O V E M B E R / / 21


“I just want to make good

music! There is something that's been lost in the art of making music nowadays. I think if you’re tired of hearing what’s on the radio you should come to my music page and hear something that hasn’t been heard in awhile and that’s someone telling you a story, keeping you in tune with what is coming out your speaker with a beat that makes you want to dance and having you wanting to know more about the person that your listening to. I think it’s time we take back the music and make it what it was before, something that takes you away from your everyday stress something that would make you want to get up and make a change in your life and make you feel good about yourself, and make you want to do better for yourself and your family. Let's stop all this “me” music and let's make good music again. I've done Promotions for various record labels when their was still some around for RCA Loud Records New York, Tommy Boy Records New York, Priority Records New York, Columbia Records New York, MSC Entertainment New York, also was a Radio Personality for weekend programming for Jersey City University College New Jersey. I also went to school for Music Business at Fort Lauderdale Art Institute FL, and went to school for Music Business and Producing Institute of Audio Research New York. I’ve traveled with Refugee Allstars working promotions and work as a Hype man, and worked on stage performing with the Dockxxmen and with Piacasso as his Hype man. You can also see me as actor doing extra work on various shows and movies, so if any directors and producers think I have the look for a part please contact me at”

where creativity lives

N O V E M B E R / / 23


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Hannah Gill Video/Single Release: Nov 2014 New EP Due out: Jan 2015 Soul Cover Album: Dec 2014 iTunes: Reverb: Website: Facebook: Video: Cover: YouTube: There are voices that make you stop and listen. Voices that have a way of carrying a message that extends beyond the lyrics deep into the soul of the music and deep into the very being of what you hear. It's the kind of sound that comes once in a lifetime and carries on for a millennium. That sound is the voice of Hannah Gill. Many have come before her but none have been like her. The mature vocalist and singer songwriter has an extensive range and her experience is growing though she has her homegrown talent from Easton, MD. An active participant in high school musicals and talent shows, Hannah Gill has been singing from an early age, Gill says, "My parents exposed me to a lot of music. I love folk music and plenty of ragtime, jazz, especially Ella Fitzgerald as well as a bunch of acoustic music – the Avett Brothers, artists like that. Real artists.” As soon as producer and musician Brad Hammonds heard her, he understood that Gill was something, “She came in to record a couple of songs. She opened her mouth and began singing. I turned to my partner, producer Reed Taylor and said, ‘this is crazy. She’s so good.’” That day the pair laid down two tracks, takes on Kimbra’s “Two Way Street” and Christina Perri’s “Distance,” both on the EP. “I love the way “Two Way Street” flows,” Gill explains. “And the lyrics for “Distance” have always grabbed at me.” Hammonds knew he needed more from her – as soon as possible. As someone with a long track record in music, already renowned as a guitarist and composer through his own three albums, he understood what he was hearing. This wasn’t someone raw who needed to be developed. Hannah Gill was completely the real thing, arriving fully formed. “She’s so mature,” he says. “She’s an old soul, both as a vocalist and as a person. She’s comfortable with herself. That’s hard to find with anyone.” Soon four more tracks were in laid as Gill accompanied by Hammonds, along with a spare group of double bass, drums and trumpet crooned her way to the effervescent and sparkling sound. Brad Hammonds and Greene Street Music's musician's are an ideal accompaniment for someone with the kind of vocal sophistication that conveys deep emotion without resorting to histrionics or auto tune synthesized vocals. When he listened back to the songs, Hammonds signed her to his label, Greene Street Music, the first artist he’d wanted there. “She’s just so good. I simply had to be a part of that. She has that wonderful, deep voice hearing her, Hannah’s just so exciting, and She’s got such a future.” Her first New York show at Café Vivaldi drew a packed house and that same weekend she made the video for “I Feel Awake.” Filmed in back-and-white, it’s a portrait of a singer who doesn’t need artifice. Simply being herself is quite enough. In the studio or onstage, Gill is spontaneous. After all, she notes, “the whole point of music is to experiment.” And she’s smart enough to keep her home life and her new career separate. “I don’t say much about it. I really don’t want to be that girl. But some people at school will stop me in the hall and say they’ve seen the video on YouTube. That’s cool.” For now she’s content to take things one step at a time, to catch her breath in between. Her feet are firmly on the ground, and she refuses to be carried away by it all. Her live band – Hammonds, Mathias Kunzli on drums, bassist Jason DiMatteo and trumpeter Matthew Jodrell – brings a wealth of experience with them, ranging from work with Paul Anka to Regina Spektor. They know talent and they see it in Gill. Every journey begins with a single step, so the proverb goes. Hannah Gill has made hers into a giant leap. “I’m very grateful for everything that’s happened so far. I’m going day by day. If it takes off, that would be phenomenal. I don’t know where I’ll go musically, there’s so much to try. But I’d love to stay with the same group of musicians. They’re incredible.” That giant leap is going to be the first of many.

where creativity lives !

N O V E M B E R / / 29

ARTIST: Grey ORIGIN: South Florida WEBSITE: TWITTER: GreyNyteLyfe IG: Airmaxjunkie


Essince (TRL): How long have you been rhyming? How did you get into music? Grey: I started writing my own music when I was 13. I was a fan of hip-hop at an early age. I used to print out the lyrics to some of my favorite rappers and recite them. In middle school we used to beat on trash cans and freestyle throughout the day. That's when I realized I had my own talent. So I started writing after that.

Essince (TRL): Talk to me about the Bar Exam. What is it? Grey: The Bar Exam is a monthly showcase held in Atlanta, hosted by MicxSic. It's an Apollo style competition between 15 artists who perform 1 song and have a chance to win $1500 in prizes. The judges for the competition are usually industry judges who give it to you straight. The motto is "Pass the bar or pass the mic."

Essince (TRL): What are your plans for your career? Grey: I just relocated to Atlanta about a week ago. I feel being in this area is very beneficial to what in trying to do as an artist. There's a lot of connects in this city and if worked right, it can definitely jump-start my career. I'm looking to perform and network with as many people as I can to create a buzz in this city and for people to know who Grey is.


Essince (TRL): How important is having a good stage presence as an artist? Do artists need to be able to perform and not just solid on social media? Grey: I think stage presence is crucial. You can have the dopest lyrics in the world but if you get on stage and don't grab the audiences attention then it's a waste. You have to be able to engage the audience. No matter if it's 3 people or 3,000 people, you need to grab their attention in your own way. Some people have crazy energy and some are more laid back but the key word is "engage." I can't tell you how many times I see people get on stage and don't connect with the audience. They want to rap to their friends on stage with them, turn their back to the crowd, scream n jump around but don't connect with the audience. Stage presence is something you constantly improve on show after show.

Essince (TRL): What is it that you want people to take away from a Grey performance or hearing a record of yours? Grey: I want people to feel and connect to my music as if I were speaking on their own life. I want people to relate to my music and be the reason why someone got thru a bad day, or the reason why someone wants to party or the reason why someone wants to pursue their dreams. I want to connect with people beyond the stage and beyond the music and tap into their personal

Essince (TRL): How can fans reach you and find your music? Grey: Everything can be found on They can access all my music, photos, videos, blog, etc. Follow me on IG:

Essince (TRL): Any final shout outs? Grey: Shout out to Essince for this opportunity. #NyteLyfe #PMODB

where creativity lives !

N O V E M B E R / / 31

Michael Karr by Patrick Ross

Trumpeter(Michael(Karr(is(a(close(friend(and( occasionally(we(share(tweets(and(phone(calls(to( see(how(the(other(is(doing.(I(spoke(with(Michael( over(the(phone(recently(to(talk(with(him(about( music(from(his(live(Jazz(album(entitled(“Live( with(Michael(Karr(&(Friends”(on(which(he(is( joined(by(fellow(New(York(Jazz(journeymen,( guitarist(Jimmy(Ponder,(piano(player(Howard( Alexander,(drummer(James(Johnson(Jr.(III,( percussionist(Gene(Richard(Austin,(and(bassist(Dave(Pellow.( (A(very(warm(and(softOspoken(individual,(it(is(through(his(music(that(Michael(Karr(finds(his(best( expression.(Inspired(by(his(father(a(multiOinstrumental(musician(who(took(him(everywhere(as(a(child(and( exposing(him(to(various(musical(settings,(he(began(his(voyage(through(music(at(the(tender(age(of(eleven( on(his(first(recording(dates(with(the(Pittsburg(Youth(Symphony(as(a(soloist.(His(ability(and(talent( recognized(by(Trombonist(Randy(Purcell(earned(him(a(scholarship(to(Carnegie(Mellon(University.(After( completing(his(education(and(receiving(two(Bachelors(degrees(by(age(19,(he(began(playing(and(touring( nationally(and(in(Europe.(( ( Playing(with(a(veritable(who’s(who(of(musical(groups(and(artist(over(the(years,(an(“A”(list(of(which(would( go(beyond(the(scope(of(this(article,(suffice(it(to(say(he(has(earned(the(respect(of(many(great(and(talented( musicians(over(the(course(of(his(career.(Equally(talented(on(both(piano(and(trumpet,(he(is(also(an( arranger,(lyricist,(composer,(engineer,(and(producer.(Having(been(signed(to(various(labels(during(his( career(and(producing(a(top(ten(hit(on(Billboards(R&B(charts(with(Stanley(Fields(cover(of(“You,(Me(&(He”( on(the(3C(label.(It(is(the(women(in(his(life(that(have(most(inspired(him,(as(is(the(case(with(his(latest(musical( offering(“Live(with(Michael(Karr(&(Friends”(which(features(a(warmly(romantic(track(entitled(“Nancy”(on( this(wonderful(Jazz(classics(album.(A(resident(musician(in(many(notable(jazz(venues(throughout(New(York( City,(and(almost(every(club(east(of(the(Rockies(–(from(after(hours(clubs,(stadiums,(and(two(Presidential( Inaugural(Balls.(He(is(the(leader(of(Michael’s(Karrtet™,(which(features(the(musicianship(of(Ron(Affif,(Victor( Jones,(John(Benitez,(Randy(Johnston,(Alex(Blake,(and(Essiet(O.(Essiet.(( ( Jazz(Improv(magazine(has(him(listed(as(“Noteworthy(Performance”.((Michael(Karr(is(the(genuine,(real(deal,( personally(and(musically.(He(is(an(exceptional(musician(and(has(a(generous(and(laid(back(character(for(a( New(Yorker.(After(listening(to(his(playing(you(can(see(why(Michael(Karr(has(become(one(of(the(most( sought(after(musicians(by(artist(and(musicians(alike(to(be(included(in(their(live(date(musical(repertoires( and(recording(projects(over(the(years.(Truly(you(will(be(taken(in(by(his(humbly(quiet(way,(which(is( surprising(and(hard(to(come(by(in(the(music(world.(So(if(you(haven’t(heard(of(him(before(now,(I(challenge( and(invite(you(to(discover(his(musical(talent.( ( http://www.michaelkarr.com1


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The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine artist...


The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine artist...