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Chantel Atkins (CEO/Owner) I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host. The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy! Be sure to go to www.therhythm iclounge.com to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue and take a look at our new magazine site at http://w w w .trlm agazine.com Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

Contributors Special thanks to the individuals who have contributed to this issue of The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine! Sankofa, Writer

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*Cover spot Michael Karr with guest appearance by Sal Rubin

Bill Warfield Pays Homage to Jazz Trumpeters on “Trumpet Story” Featuring Randy Brecker

!!!!!!!!! Trumpeter, composer, arranger, and long-established educator Bill Warfield's new recording,Trumpet Story, leads to an inescapable conclusion: the ears of America's youth may be in better shape than feared. True to its title, the album offers a story - one part autobiography, one part history, and one part character study, portraying one of the great trumpet players of our time -Randy Brecker. As an educator, Warfield has done what hundreds of other professional jazz musicians have chosen to do embrace academia in tandem with their creative pursuits. Having spent nearly two decades on the faculty of the music department at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, Warfield has risen to the position of Director of Jazz Studies. But even as he built an enviable career as an educator, Warfield has maintained his zeal for devising noteworthy compositions and well-crafted arrangements that show those compositions in the most flattering light. In fact, it was Warfield's attention to his extra-curricular career that cemented his longstanding friendship with Brecker, the outstanding and influential trumpeter who appears as guest soloist onTrumpet Story. "For my first concert at Lehigh, we re-created Sketches Of Spain [the legendary 1958 trumpet-and-orchestra collaboration between Miles Davis and Gil Evans]. He and I split the trumpet part on that concert, and thus started our relationship," reflects Warfield. "It was a pleasure to be involved in this project from both a musical and personal perspective," notes Brecker. "Bill Warfield has been a friend, and a favorite of mine for many years, and on this CD, dedicated to trumpeters (and composers) who have influenced him, he proudly presents some of his best writing in a long while. Challenging, original, and very listenable at the same time. Likewise, the band is just first rate, and filled with guys I 'came up' with, along with a host of younger players." Over the years, Warfield's appreciation for Brecker's genius and professionalism has grown into a mutual admiration, the culmination of which arrives in Trumpet Story. The album began as a four-movement suite designed specifically to showcase Brecker's brilliant solo style - which combines technical virtuosity with enviable lyricism, and has garnered Brecker six Grammy® Awards. It's a style that Warfield has enjoyed and studied since he first heard Brecker on disc in the 1960s, with such proto-fusion bands as Blood, Sweat & Tears and Dreams. Three of the original suite's four movements appear on Trumpet Story, along with six more Warfield arrangements, which include the recasting of songs by several other fabled jazz names - Herbie Hancock, Joe Zawinul, Donald Byrd, and Brecker himself - who had a significant impact on his own development. Warfield has produced an album that not only flows effortlessly throughout its eclectic program, it also serves as a sonic photo album, filled with snapshots that trace his growth as an artist. With this album, both Warfield and Brecker have added new chapters to their already accomplished careers. Information about Bill Warfield can be found at: http://www.nyjo.net/!

“Trumpet!Story”!is!available!at!CD!Baby!and!on!ITunes If you would like to support our project, go to the Indiegogo Campaign at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/trumpet-story-a-tribute-to-the-great-jazz-trumpet-artists

Mary Hinds Mary Hinds is an accomplished singer, songwriter and actress from Tuskegee, Al. She has innate love and talent for music and has performed since childhood. This phenomenal singer is a renowned soloist and an enthusiastic quartet and choir member. She has recorded with The Holloway Drake Singers and The Rising Echoes, has had two c/d release’s “God Can Do It”, and He’s Coming Back”, and her songs have received airplay nationwide. Extremely self-disciplined she excels when working in collaborations, exudes patience, excels under pressure, and has an amazing stage presence when singing or acting. Mary L. Hinds a native of Kankakee, Illinois was born to entertain Since the early age of 5 years old, she has shown the ability and passion for singing. Mary has participated in many forms of singing including quartet, choir & band. She has directed several choirs: she is currently a member and president of the Goodship MB Church choir. God has obviously blessed her with a countless number of gifts and to give thanks to God, she blesses others with her ministry of singing. Mary has song at multiple churches and events throughout the world. Her current home church is Goodship MB Church under the leadership of Pastor Mack H. Parker Sr. Mary has appeared on the Dr. Bobby Jones show and has appeared with several gospel artist such as: Dottie Peoples, The William Brothers, Ty Tribbett, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Trin-I-Tee and many, many more.

Prophet Terry P. Greene, Jr. Music Legend, Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Radio & T. V. Show Host, Mag. Publisher, Author, Major Music Promotions & Marketing Phone: 917.391.1107 Email: prophetterrygreene@gmail.com www.fa7ithmusicministries.yolasite.com www.facebook.com/greeneterr http://www.facebook.com/greeneterry www.reverbnation.com/greeneterry www.numberonemusic.com/terryg www.myspace.com/greeneterry www.blogtalkradio.com/arlenebrownmedia/terrygreene www.linkedin.com/in/pgegf7hm/ http://www.cdbaby.com/all/fa7ithurban https://www.facebook.com/pages/Terry...*Music*/195470927173101

Michael Karr by Patrick Ross

Trumpeter(Michael(Karr(is(a(close(friend(and( occasionally(we(share(tweets(and(phone(calls(to( see(how(the(other(is(doing.(I(spoke(with(Michael( over(the(phone(recently(to(talk(with(him(about( music(from(his(live(Jazz(album(entitled(“Live( with(Michael(Karr(&(Friends”(on(which(he(is( joined(by(fellow(New(York(Jazz(journeymen,( guitarist(Jimmy(Ponder,(piano(player(Howard( Alexander,(drummer(James(Johnson(Jr.(III,( percussionist(Gene(Richard(Austin,(and(bassist(Dave(Pellow.( (A(very(warm(and(softOspoken(individual,(it(is(through(his(music(that(Michael(Karr(finds(his(best( expression.(Inspired(by(his(father(a(multiOinstrumental(musician(who(took(him(everywhere(as(a(child(and( exposing(him(to(various(musical(settings,(he(began(his(voyage(through(music(at(the(tender(age(of(eleven( on(his(first(recording(dates(with(the(Pittsburg(Youth(Symphony(as(a(soloist.(His(ability(and(talent( recognized(by(Trombonist(Randy(Purcell(earned(him(a(scholarship(to(Carnegie(Mellon(University.(After( completing(his(education(and(receiving(two(Bachelors(degrees(by(age(19,(he(began(playing(and(touring( nationally(and(in(Europe.(( ( Playing(with(a(veritable(who’s(who(of(musical(groups(and(artist(over(the(years,(an(“A”(list(of(which(would( go(beyond(the(scope(of(this(article,(suffice(it(to(say(he(has(earned(the(respect(of(many(great(and(talented( musicians(over(the(course(of(his(career.(Equally(talented(on(both(piano(and(trumpet,(he(is(also(an( arranger,(lyricist,(composer,(engineer,(and(producer.(Having(been(signed(to(various(labels(during(his( career(and(producing(a(top(ten(hit(on(Billboards(R&B(charts(with(Stanley(Fields(cover(of(“You,(Me(&(He”( on(the(3C(label.(It(is(the(women(in(his(life(that(have(most(inspired(him,(as(is(the(case(with(his(latest(musical( offering(“Live(with(Michael(Karr(&(Friends”(which(features(a(warmly(romantic(track(entitled(“Nancy”(on( this(wonderful(Jazz(classics(album.(A(resident(musician(in(many(notable(jazz(venues(throughout(New(York( City,(and(almost(every(club(east(of(the(Rockies(–(from(after(hours(clubs,(stadiums,(and(two(Presidential( Inaugural(Balls.(He(is(the(leader(of(Michael’s(Karrtet™,(which(features(the(musicianship(of(Ron(Affif,(Victor( Jones,(John(Benitez,(Randy(Johnston,(Alex(Blake,(and(Essiet(O.(Essiet.(( ( Jazz(Improv(magazine(has(him(listed(as(“Noteworthy(Performance”.((Michael(Karr(is(the(genuine,(real(deal,( personally(and(musically.(He(is(an(exceptional(musician(and(has(a(generous(and(laid(back(character(for(a( New(Yorker.(After(listening(to(his(playing(you(can(see(why(Michael(Karr(has(become(one(of(the(most( sought(after(musicians(by(artist(and(musicians(alike(to(be(included(in(their(live(date(musical(repertoires( and(recording(projects(over(the(years.(Truly(you(will(be(taken(in(by(his(humbly(quiet(way,(which(is( surprising(and(hard(to(come(by(in(the(music(world.(So(if(you(haven’t(heard(of(him(before(now,(I(challenge( and(invite(you(to(discover(his(musical(talent.( ( http://www.michaelkarr.com1 http://www.facebook.com/pages/Michael7Karr/297412121671 http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael7karr/1b/3a9/2b41 http://www.myspace.com/michaeljkarrmusic1 http://twitter.com/alakarr1 http://www.reverbnation.com/alakarr1 http://www.numubu.com/1528177profile7michael7karr.html1 http://www.youtube.com/user/michaelkarr1



With over 28 years in the Investment and Insurance business, the creator of “Music Money Matters” – a program specially designed to offer an “Inside the Business Connection” is ready to share his teachings with the World. Music Money Matters will teach you: Life Insurance Saving for Retirement College savings for Children (and Grandchildren) Long Term Care IRA’s Sep IRA’s 401K’s Rollovers from past Employers Defined Benefit Plans Saving Money from Taxation Saving Money 101 Utilize FREE tools RIGHT NOW!

It is a true honor to announce that Bobby Pickett, world-renowned bassist and singer, was inducted in the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. During the course of his career, he has seen a lot of people in the music industry fail to achieve their goals in the area of finances. Bobby teaches methods to attain a strong and balanced financial beat!


ALBUM: Blow Flyy - It's Like I Got a Set of Wings! ! ! ! ! ! !


! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Born Anthony Grant, "Blow Flyy" is a songwriter and Canadian HipHop/ Rap artist from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Canada. Blow Flyy is an artist that likes to work towards perfection. The music that the artist produces and pens are influenced by his family and passion to create great music. With a unique style in performance he delivers a new sound and flow to hip-hop through his to the point lyrics and nostalgic rhythms. Blow Flyy grew up writing poetry of inspiration, love and happiness; this would lead to his original flow and way that he composes his music. The artist likes to refer to his music as Hip-Hop/Pop because of the pop mix that is infused into his sound. Having been part of the underground Hip-Hop music scene, he took time to study how the music industry has changed and open doors through the Web for independent self financed artists similar to himself. He uses the online community to grow & perfect his craft while discovering new things he enjoys writing about. Along with finding his niche and the right genre suited for his new sound, he moves forward in the music industry with his contribution to the Hip-Hop/Pop Genre.

The flow in which the Canadian native raps does not necessarily rhyme, but since when did Rhyming every line become the must have for a hot song? Fans & reviewers find his persona and way of composing music quite enjoyable. The songs are clean, simple, but musical & entertaining. Today it is almost impossible to find a rapper that does not use profane lingo in every line of their track because a majority of them have a difficult time creating clean content. Experiencing his music without heavy profanity is like a breath of fresh air. His sound is relevant & universal with a basic appeal to music listeners worldwide. He gives his fans & music listeners his all. Blow_Flyy is a new age artist with new thought process when it comes to the industry. He like most artists who are true to the game and themselves wants to pursue his career solely as an independent artist. While many artists are looking to be signed, he remains loyal to his identity and genre. As an artist who has clean content, he has potential to gain a lot of respect within the wide spectrum of the industry. Respect with parental units and less vulgar entities will bring new money in a present yet undisturbed revenue stream. Blow_Flyy is destined to make a dent in the industry starting in Canada, to the U.S., and then worldwide, definitely keep your eyes on this artist. !

Artist Official website..https://blowflyy.bandpage.com/! Free download link #1 https://soundcloud.com/johnsonjr/08-thats-my-girl-1 free downlaod link #2 https://soundcloud.com/johnsonjr/02-wit-da-starz-copy-mp3 free download link #3 http://www.reverbnation.com/blowflyy/song/14519666-applause-remix


YOURLISTEN.COM: http://www.yourlisten.com/BLOW_FLYY Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BLOWFLYY Reverbnation:.http://www.reverbnation.com/blowflyy Twitter: http://twitter.com/BLOW_FLYY Manager: http://twitter.com/leftjab32 Manager Email: gj40@hotmail.ca More: http://itsmyurls.com/blowflyy iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/my-wings-will-takeme/id498210573?i=498210578&ign-mpt=uo%3D5 Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004JDYO92



Jason&Harris/J.&Bling&City&& Jason Demetrius Harris (born November 23, 1985), better known by his stage name J.BlingCity*, is an experimental hip-hop vocalist, conscious rapper, audio music engineer, geographic artist and organist from St. Louis, Missouri. His music stems from inspirational music, soul, hip-hop, jazz, blues, and orchestra music. He grew up with a spiritual background experience working with songwriters, choir and quartet singers and large improvising ensembles. He earned his BFA in Digital Film New Media from the Kansas City Art Institute. He also received a MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media in 2011 from Mills College in Oakland, California. J.BlingCity*'s as an vocalist he is often described as epic, intriguing, symbolic, and narrated. A story from history, the news, his personal life or a life lesson is always implemented in his music. His music reminds a person of a rapper like Lupe Fiasco, Q-Tip, . The hunger he had for music grew stronger watching four of his siblings dancing with hip-hop, R&B, pop, and rock artists from the 1990s to the present year. "Music has the ability to enter into a man's consciousness. Music gives us the opportunity to debate, define, and reply. Music is powerful, it allows us to overcome mountains in our life, music helps us get respect, music is history, music is a weapon" J.BlingCity* LINKS: Website: www.mainattraction-productions.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/jblingcity Reverbnation: reverbnation.com/jblingcity Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/jblingcity FB fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/pages/JBlingcity/285958561425146 &

A Hot and Energetic voice from Baltimore, Maryland. Eriq J’Mar truly has that cutting edge sound that’s sure to place him at the top of the music charts. Eriq will captivate you with his flair for style, charming looks, personality, and his dynamic vocal skills of R&B/POP. This talented individual is artistic, a self-contained writer, and a mesmerizing performer. Eriq brings a refreshing edgy sound to the musical arena. Eriq has the ability to capture and keep the attention of a universal audience. “I definitely feel rewarded from seeing satisfied fans grooving to the uniqueness that I bring. It keeps me humbled and motivated.” Eriq J'Mar stated. Eriq J’Mar began singing at the age of six on the Wayland Baptist Church Choir; where his grandmother was the mother of the church. As he grew, he realized that he was blessed with a gift to sing. To embellish his greatest passion, he studied voice briefly at The Baltimore School for the Arts; under the late Nathan Carter, and wife Jean. Eriq then began to search for management to help his growth toward stardom. The search was successful and allowed him to perform in local clubs, talent showcases, and radio competitions. He also became one of the lead singers of the mid 90's group signed to RCA records "ME 2 U" and several other singing groups including “Diversiti.” 
J’Mar has had the opportunity of working with “Cosby Shows” Malcolm Jamal Warner, Wendy Williams, appearing on Soul Train with the late Don Cornelius, singing background vocals for saxophonist Kim Waters on the “Someone to Love You” CD, touring overseas with the platinum group SWV along with other major artists, Opening for Fantasia in DC, and the legendary Isley Brothers and Stephanie Mills at the 1st Marina Arena in Baltimore. Those things opened doors for him to sing The National Anthem for various sporting events. (Washington Wizards vs. Portland Blazers and Baltimore Orioles). Eriq is inspired by great artist such as Stevie Wonder, Daryl Coley, Tanya Blount, Whitney Houston, Neyo, Toni Braxton, Justin Timberlake, CeCe Winans, Andrea Bocelli, Celine Dion, Babyface and Mariah Carey; to maintain his devotion toward singing, songwriting, and vocal melody. Eriq’s goals are to become a world-renowned singer/songwriter/producer/Icon. Eriq J’Mar believes his positive actions and intentions play a major role in the outcome of his success! Facebook.com/eriq.jmar

14 4






Howie Moscovitch

Howie&is&a&Canadian&born&writer/producer/multi5instrumentalist&working&in&the&U.S.&He&is& comfortable&and&experienced&with&all&styles&but&specializes&in&Pop&and&Top&10&of&all&charts& including&Hip&Hop,&Dance&and&R&n&B.&His& productions&have&very&current&beats,&sounds& and&arrangements.&His&influences&come&from& all&manner&of&music.&Classical&music&from&the& Renaissance&to&yesterday,&Jazz,&World&Beat,& Country&and&of&course&Rock&and&Roll&and&R& and&B&are&all&part&of&the&mix.& Howie&played&in&and&wrote&for&an&extensive& list&of&&bands&in&Canada.&He&also&wrote&and& produced&pieces&for&Film,&Dance,&Theatre&and& Advertising.&He&was&a&pivotal&part&of&Toronto’s& Queen&St.&Scene.&He&has&worked&with&many&of& Canada’s&top&musicians&and&recorded&and&co5 produced&with&Grammy&and&Juno&award& winners.&He&continues&to&work&in&the&U.S.&with& writers,&players&and&vocalists&who&are&at&the& top&of&their&field.& Howie&is&a&highly&creative&and&versatile& guitarist&who&is&dedicated&to&his&craft.&He&is&at& home&in&subtle&and&completely&over&the&top& musical&situations.& He&has&been&the&recipient&of&numerous& international&songwriting&awards&and&his& material&has&been&pitched&to&and&solicited&by& some&of&the&biggest&stars&in&the&industry.&He&is&currently&writing&with&and&producing&artists& from&around&the&world&in&multiple&genres.&He&is&also&co5writing&with&a&stable&of&excellent& songsmiths.& &

Website(!!!!!!http://howiemoscovitch.com! Linkedin!(!!!!www.linkedin.com/pub/howie(moscovitch/13/86b/a35/! Twitter(!!!!!!!!https://twitter.com/HowieMoscovitch! Facebook(!!!http://www.facebook.com/howie.moscovitch!! Soundcloud(!https://soundcloud.com/howie(moscovitch/dec(2013(pop(sampler! ! ! ! !



The$Rhythmic$Lounge:$Please$give$us$a$little$background$for$those$who$ aren’t$familiar$with$who$you$are!$$ !

Howie!Moscovitch:!I’m!a!Canadian!writer/player/producer!living!in!Nashville!and!doing! projects!from!around!the!globe.!I!love!and!am!comfortable!with!all!music!and!I!specialize!in! Pop!in!multiple!genres.!I!normally!play!and!program!all!instruments!on!my!tracks!as!well!as! engineer!and!mix.!I!have!access!to!great!singers,instrumentalists,rappers,studios,!coFproducers! and!writers!if!needed.!I!also!like!to!write!with!and!for!the!artists!I’m!producing.!

! ! TRL:$How$did$you$get$started$as$a$writer/player/producer$and$is$their$ one$skill$that$you$embrace$more$than$the$others?$$ ! HM:!Playing!my!instruments!led!to!improvisation.!Improvisation!got!organized!into! compositions.!Compositions!then!needed!to!be!recorded!and!that’s!when!I!started!producing.!I!! also!played!in!a!lot!of!bands!and!wrote!for!most!of!them.!These!days!I’m!going!for!well!written,! well!produced!songs!with!great!hooks.!One!day!I!may!be!obsessed!on!the!perfect!lyric,!the!next! a!guitar!riff!and!the!next!day!placing!the!b.g.!vocals!in!the!optimum!spot!in!the!mix.!Therefore! the!instrumentalist!in!me!is!not!offended!if!my!producer!side!decides!to!mute!a!cool!part!for! the!greater!good!of!the!song.!Kidding!aside;writing,!playing!and!producing!are!not!mutually! exclusive!and!I’m!usually!already!hearing!a!finished!product!during!the!writing!process.!

! ! TRL:$You$seem$to$focus$more$on$Pop,$HipDHop$and$Top$10…why$is$that?$$ ! HM:!I’ve!played!written!and!produced!all!genres!of!music.!It’s!a!welcome!challenge!to!write!and! produce!memorable!Pop!hooks.!The!music!on!the!charts!is!ever!changing!and!it!keeps!it! interesting!for!me!to!be!up!to!date!with!current!trends!and!to!be!ahead!of!the!curve!and!be! trying!to!create!the!next!big!thing.!Hip!hop!at!the!moment!is!kind!of!like!Rock!in!the!70’s!in!that! it’s!exploring!and!drawing!from!all!sorts!of!elements.!I!like!that!freedom!and!I!also!like!the! combination!of!vocal!melodies!and!rap.!All!other!genres!of!Pop!are!also!about!compelling! rhythm!and!melody.!That’s!what!makes!it!appealing!to!me.!

! ! TRL:$What$advice$do$you$have$for$those$trying$to$build$a$successful$ career$in$the$entertainment$business?$$ ! HM:!Work!work!work!and!always!be!developing!you’re!craft.!Do!what!you!love!and!hopefully! others!will!love!it!as!well.!No!matter!what!genre!you’re!in,!try!to!be!somewhat!current!so!the! public!and!industry!types!can!see!that!you!‘get!it”.!Be!unique!so!you’ll!stand!out!from!the! crowd.!


“God loved everyone in the world so much that He sent his only Son to earth disguised as a homeless man. Then He died for all the wrongs of the world. If you believe in Him, and ask Jesus into your life, He has the power and authority to forgive you of whatever you have done wrong. He was disguised as a pauper, but is really a King. If you believe this in your heart, he will rescue you from this time of evil and welcome you into His home in heaven. A simple prayer with faith like a little child will ”Cause you to be born again to a living hope,” and you will become “A citizen of heaven.” John 3:16, Phillipians 2:7-11; 3:20

Glass Dawn CD / DVD 2 Disk Set

Available at


Blake Symphony is a talented artist/producer from St. Louis, MO but currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. With his professional experience in Media working at KarmaLoopTV to his current collaborative project with fashion company, FLÜD, Blake is definitely someone to keep your eyes and ears on this summer and beyond. Essince (TRL): Where are you from and how did you get started in music? Blake Symphony: I’m from St. Louis MO. Born & raised. Moved to NYC on a humbug in 2011 & here i am still here. I got started in music when I had to sit a year out of sports at school. Taking away all the physical activity gave my artistic side more room to grow. I was interested in making beats & had NO clue how, until my friend Wesley hit me with a copy of Fruityloops.wala. lol

Essince (TRL): Who are some of your influences? BS: Man...Musically, there are a lot of people but the royal roundtable is Michael Jackson, The Neptunes, Kanye West, Timbaland, John Mayer, Toro Y Moi....and Just Blaze.

Essince (TRL): How do fashion and music go together? BS: They both reflect a state of mind. They are both expressive. How entertaining would a runway be without music playing? lol.

Essince (TRL): What media lessons did you take away from your time at KarmaLoop? BS: The biggest thing I learned at my time with karmaloop is that making something from nothing makes you much more appealing than riding someone else's train. Not sure if that efficiently, but yeah. lol

Essince (TRL): Tell us about the new project and collaboration with FLÜD. BS: The new project is titled "DreamKast". It’s an instrumental album. I started it as a beat tape for Christmas download and that turned into a serious project that i really wanted to get right. The Flud collab is really an organic situation. I worked with those guys (FLUD) at karmaloop. So when it was time to promote, it was easy.

Essince (TRL): When can we expect a release? BS: DreamKast will be out no later than September. I wanna have time to get things right & tight for the people.

Essince (TRL): Any final shout outs? Links? BS: Shout out to everyone in the s21 power circle helping pull the wagon. Make sure yall hit my site www.blakesymphony.com !

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Angela D. Williamson



I’d like  to  introduce  myself,  Angela  D.  Williamson,  born  December  3rd, 1959. I am a fun-loving Sagittarius who is well in tuned with my spiritual side, highly motivated to succeed, and striving for Excellence. I am currently divorced and enjoying Retirement with the company of my Family. I have raised three children who have provided for four grand-children for add to my happiness in life. I am also an active member in my church home, where I volunteer my talents when necessary. My professional experience includes a full 28 years with the United States Postal Service holding various Managerial positions. I have managed up to 150 Employees at different Post Office Locations. Encountering people from all ethnicities, related to employees and customers of different backgrounds all while creating personal and professional relationships. My previous experiences include operating a Family-owned business for 20 years. The business was well known in my hometown of Riviera Beach, and was a huge part of the local community. My alternate interests that I have endeavored upon are Fashion Design, Event Coordination, and promotion. I have a great interest in music, fashion, and also different food cultures. This has driven me to  start  my  own  business  in  providing  these  services  to  the  public.  I  can  tailor  an  event  to  my  customer’s   detailed needs and expectations. My goal is always to leave a lasting impression in the minds of my customer’s  and  any  people  that  attend  their  event. My strongest capabilities that enhance me as a person are my determination, professionalism, and great people skills. I am the person to get things done, in a pleasant, expedited, and professional manner. There is no job too complicated for me to manage. I enjoy every facet of my life, being alert and assured that all of my expectations will definitely be met.

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Based out of Mississauga (suburb of Toronto), Es is an avid fan of hip-hop as well as a student of hip-hop. Inspired by influences from the golden era of hip hop and music in general, Es makes a conscious effort to take it back to the essence of hip hop...hard beats and raw rhymes. Since 1991, Es has been writing rhymes on and off as a hobby with no real intent to enter the music industry. It has and will always be for the love. This is the approach he has taken towards writing, recording and performing. “Aspire To Inspire” is my life’s motto. It is also a symbol of my journey… my growth…my progression. This record is a feel good inspirational and motivational collection of songs, intended to uplift anyone who has ever had to overcome adversity or odds stacked against them. It is an honest audio journal of my goals, dreams, successes, joys, failures and words of encouragement to all who can relate to my story…coming from a grown man’s perspective. The ability to inspire others to strive to be better is one of life’s ultimate rewards. Let’s “Aspire To Inspire”. Aspire To Inspire (stream and download link) – http://esmuzik.bandcamp.com/album/aspire-to-inspire Aspire To Inspire [Inspiration] (song link) – http://esmuzik.bandcamp.com/track/aspire-to-inspire-inspiration-prod-by-concept Aspire To Inspire (Inspiration) music video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6RCe4bzL0w http://twitter.com/HGmonsterEs http://soundcloud.com/eseme http://facebook.com/esemeelango http://essenchillrecords.com!



Victoria Ann !A#woman#of#many#talents!# !Coach for the MyOmBody App !A Member of the Connecticut Holistic Health and Lifestyle Alliance !A Member of the Waterbury Chamber of Commerce and the Health Care Council !A Member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW) !A Coach on Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Directory !A Health Professional for NutraMetrix !An eCoach and Webinar Presenter

! Be!sure!to!check!out!the!upcoming!launch!of!her!mind,!body,!and!spirit!approach!to!total!health! called!“Victoria!Ann!Brings!You!One�.!!You!can!also!follow!the!links!for!more!information!about! the!many!projects!that!Victoria!is!involved!in,!including!the!soon!to!be!launched!free!Health!&! Wellness!APP,!her!development!of!online!eCoach!programs,!Webinars,!ebooks,!videos,!and!so! much!more!! # Listen!to!Radio!Show!Interviews!&!her!guest!CoLHost!appearance!on!Your!Time!with!Bruce!Allen,! where!she!interviews!friend,!comedian!Lisa!Lampanelli!on!health,!transition!into!a!passion,!and! much!more!###http://www.lifebalancehealthcoach.com/audio!and!video# Looking!for!Healthy!Supplements!for!Vitamins,!Stress,!Weight!Control!and!much!More?## http://www.lifebalancehealthcoach.com/VitaminsSupplements# Need!Support!with!Health!and!Cooking!Goals?!! http://www.lifebalancehealthcoach.com/cooking/coaching# Need!Help!Finding!Time!to!Cook?##Check#out#my#Meal#Planner.##Register#for#a#free#week#trial#at# http://www.lifebalancehealthcoach.com/meal!planner# # You!can!also!find!me!on:# Newsletter:##http://www.lifebalancehealthcoach.com/newsletter# Blog:##http://www.wordpress.com/lifebalancehealthcoach# LinkedIn:##http://www.linkedin.com/victoriadiaz61# Facebook:##http://www.facebook.com/victoriaann;#http://www.facebook.com/lifebalanchealthcoach# Twitter:##http://www.twitter.com/VictoriaAnnLife# Pinterest:##http://www.pinterest.com/ann1055/boards/# StumbleUpon:##http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/LBhealthcoach/likes# Tumblr:##http://www.tumblr.com/blog/lifebalancehealthcoach## # ##################################################where #

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Overcoming+Writers+Block+During+Songwriting+ By:+Monet+

Whether it’s writing an essay, short story, a book or even a song, everyone

format in which their songs are written. Listening to a variety can give the

that has journeyed down the road of creative writing has been at a point

songwriter a different perspective, which can then be incorporated into brand

where the mind goes blank! Either they don’t know where to start, what angle

new songs. Nowadays, everyone and their grandparents are writing songs or

to write from or they have gotten so far into the project and get stuck, not

trying to get a foot into the music industry. With that said, one would want to

knowing where to go next. Writers block is very real, and songwriters and

do all they can to be true to themselves, definitely, but also stand out from the

lyricists are not at all exempt. Even though it happens to the best of us, there

crowd of others that are looking to walk through the same doors they're

are some steps that can be taken in minimizing or completely overcoming this

aspiring for.

obstacle during the creative process. Below I explore 5 steps that can be used Brainstorm in freeing our minds and reopening the channel for creative flow. So this is probably the more out-of-the-box option but it can be the most Step away

rewarding. Start by writing whatever words or phrases comes to your mind.

So this is the first strategy to use in a case where the writer is either staring at

At this point, sense of direction and full sentences are not important. This

a blank page and have no idea where to start or stuck at the end of the first

gets the mind’s gears moving and gets new ideas circulating; when

verse or chorus and have no clue where to go next. This step involves

brainstorming is done, not only would there be a new since of direction but

actively stepping away from the writing altogether and doing something else

possibly other new ideas that can lead to more songs/lyrics.

that can help clear the mind. Go for a stroll, play a game, read a magazine – Create an outline for your song the options are endless. All the writer needs is to find something; anything Creating an outline is typically reserved for books, essays and other longer else that can get the mind off of the task at hand. pieces of work but it can also be very effective in songwriting. Outlining Read a book

while the creative juices are flowing allows the writer to better keep track of

This again falls into the category of stepping away, only this time you move

where they were initially headed when the inspiration came. An outline

your nose from that piece of paper and stick it in a book. Reading fosters new

doesn’t provide lyrics usually, but it provides an overall story about what the

creativity, not only does it expand ones knowledge and vocabulary, but

song is about and what is supposed to happen next.

fiction books especially can create a whole other world where stories don’t Writer’s block is very real and like I said previously, it happens to the best of turn out as expected and characters have a lot of personality. This can provide writers. No matter how long a writer has been in the profession or how new avenues and angles for writing a song that differs from what everyone creative and imaginative one may think they are they have all, at one point or else is doing. another, had their creative gates closed off. Implementing one or more of Listen to different genres of songs

these strategies, when it seems like there is nothing left in the creative arena

Ok, so in songwriting especially, it is essential to get varied ideas as it relates

should be more than helpful in getting those gears moving again.

to melodies and song arrangement. Every genre has a signature way or

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Unspeakable Indiscretions


Eric Ramsey began his career as a college football player at Auburn, and a former NFL draft pick of pro footballs Kansas City Chiefs. In early 1996 he changed his focus to modeling and acting. Eventually, relocating to Los Angeles in 2005 where he quickly found an interest in filmmaking which led him to write , produce and act. In 2007 he wrote and produced the short film “The Promise”. He then went on to write and executive produce the short film ‘’My Brotha’s Keeper’’, which was loosely based on his personal life experiences as a former athlete. In 2010 he co-wrote and executive produced the short film ‘’Black Rain”. While writing , producing and directing his current film “Unspeakable Indiscretions’’ Eric can also be found championing the cause of victims of childhood sexual abuse, through lecturing and petitions


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JO$1!can!you!please!introduce!yourself!to!the!world.!Please!tell!us!more!about!yourself? Hello%world!%I%am%an%upcoming%artist.%My%voice%is%versatile%ranging%from%R&B,%Dancehall%to%NeoASoul%music.%I%am%a%singer% and%songwriter.%I%am%also%a%dancer.%My%favorite%genres%of%dance%are%afroAfusion,%hipAhop,%dancehall%and%jazz.%In%the%field% of%writing%I’ve%published%two%successful%children’s%books%entitled,%“The%Lizard%and%the%Rock”%and%“The%Priceless%Hogg% Penny.”%The%first%title%has%a%soundtrack%CD%attached%to%it%where%the%songs%range%from%a%DisneyAlike%feel%to%pop%and% calypso.%The%themes%of%the%song%correspond%to%the%themes%in%the%book.%I%wrote%most%of%the%songs%including%the%awarded% theme%track, “Free%to%be%Me.”%

What´s!the!story!behind!your!stage!name? I%wanted%to%keep%my%real%name%as%my%stage%name.%The%producers%of%Grandpa%Records%thought%that%the%spelling%of%my% name%was%too%simple.%So%they%changed%the%spelling%to%look%fresher%and%with%an%urban%flair.%In%Kenya%people%pronounce%my% name%as%JoAUn%so%the%spelling%of%JoA1%doesn’t%change%the%pronunciation%of%my%name.%

What!are!your!music!influences? My%music%influences%are%Rhianna,%John%Legend,%R%Kelly%and%Idan%Raichel%.



! Do! you! consider! yourself! a! 360! artist?! After! all! you! SING,! WRITE,! DANCE,! ACT! AND! ARE! AN! AUTHOR! OF! Children’s! books.! Break! all! of! that! down! for! us! briefly.! Such! as! the! names! of! the! books,! songs! written,! dances,!shows,!awards!etc. I!consider!myself!to!be!a!Renaissance!woman!and!yes,!360!Artist.%I%mentioned%the%names%of%my%books!already.%The%first% title,%“The%Lizard%and%the%Rock”%is%a%best%seller%and%was%congratulated%by%the%Premier%of%Bermuda%in%the%House%of% Assembly%for%contributing%inspirational,%local%literature%to%the%children%of%Bermuda.%I%also%write%poetry,%articles%and%short% fiction.%Several%of%which%have%been%published%in%various%online%and%print%magazines.% My%dancing%is%my%life.%When%I%dance%or%sing%I%feel%free.%I%want%to%express%that%freedom%to%the%world%through%my% craft.%Because%of%dancing%I%accepted%the%post%of%dance%judge%on%Kenya’s%number%one%watched%television%show,% Sakata.%I’ve%been%with%the%show%for%two%seasons.%During%Season%3%when%I%joined%Sakata%the%ratings%soared%in%Kenya% and%across%East%Africa.%On%the%show%I’m%known%as%‘Judge%Joanne’.%This%was%due%mostly%to%my%frank%and%host% remarks.%They%call%me%the%‘female%Simon’%here.%

Can!you!talk!to!us!more!about!your!hit!track!Chiziqa!.What!inspired!the!lyrics!and!the!video?!What!was!it! like!working!with!a!celebrity!rapper!Fishahman.!How!did!this!union!come!about!and!how!is!the!song!being! received!in!Kenya!and!other!places. Chiziqa%is%a%fusion%of%all%of%my%talentsA%singing,%dance%and%songwriting.%The%lyrics%were%inspired%by%a%few%girlfriends%and%I.% We%were%out%listening%to%jazz%one%night%and%talking%about%our%lives%and%the%things%we%were%going%through.%We%began% making%jokes%and%laughing%at%our%situations%saying%that%when%life%gets%stressful,%just%wind%from%your%waist.%So%in%the% midst%of%a%fun%girl%night%out%I%promised%to%write%a%song%called,%“Wind%from%your%waist”. In%the%studio%at%Grandpa%Records%I%had%the%lyrics%that%I%had%written%down.%When%I%sang%the%chorus%the%producer%would% say,%“Chiziqa”%in%between%the%lines%of%the%song.%He%said,%“This%song%can%only%be%described%as%Chiziqa.%In%Kiswahili% ‘chiziqa’%literally%means,%“go%crazy”%or%“madness”. Fishaman%is%an%artist%from%Mombasa.%Refigah,%the%owner%of%the%Grandpa%Records%label%suggested%that%he%do%the% collaboration%with%me.%At%the%time%I%had%a%couple%other%artists%in%mind%for%the%colabo%however%once%Fisha%arrived%at%the% studio%I%understood%why%Refigah%had%suggested%him%to%be%on%the%track.%Fishaman%was%so%relaxed%and%easy%to%work%with.% The%studio%time%was%like%magic%as%we%completed%the%song.%He%was%always%gracious%and%fun%to%work%with%the%whole%time.% Several%months%later%when%we%performed%in%Mombasa%I%got%to%go%to%Fisha’s%house%to%meet%his%family. In%Kenya%Chiziqa%is%being%received%well.%At%first%the%public%were%shocked%because%they%didn’t%know%that%I%could%sing.% Now%that%the%shock%factor%has%worn%off%Chiziqa%is%gaining%traction%on%local%television%and%radio%stations%across%Kenya,% Tanzania%and%Uganda. One%challenge%for%me%is%that%although%Kenyans%are%avid%consumers%of%American%pop%music,%the%rules%change%for%people% living%in%Kenya.%People%want%musicians%living%here%to%sing%in%Swahili.%My%song%is%a%mix%of%Swahili%and%English.% % %

So!how!was!the!recording!and!writing!process!behind!this!album? When% my% creativity% flows% songwriting% flows% easily.% That’s% how% it% was% writing% Chiziqa.% I’m% used% to% writing% songs% with% deep,%wordy%lyrics%like%the%soundtrack%for%“The%Lizard%and%the%Rock”.%Chiziqa%was%a%new%type%of%‘pop%music’%songwriting% for%me,%which%I%enjoyed. The%recording%process%was%equally%enjoyable%where%everyone%in%the%studio%were%dancing%to%the%track%even%though%it% was%still%in%the%process%of%being%completed.%We%knew%that%this%song%would%cause%everyone%to%‘wind%from%their%waist.’

What´s!the!concept!behind!your!choice!of!producers!and!who!do!you!work!with? The%concept%behind%my%choice%of%producers%is%being%able%to%connect%to%the%average,%Kenyan%listener.%Grandpa%Records% makes%music%for%all%of%Kenya,%East%Africa%and%is%now%promoting%their%music%in%West%Africa.%Some%artists%only%focus%on%the%% % %

% urban,%Nairobi%population%when%producing%music%in%Kenya.%I%wanted%a%sound%that%everyone%could%relate%to.%This%is%why% you%hear%the%dancehall%beats%coupled%with%the%afroAcoast%sound.

We!heard!you!have!lived!in!some!exciting!places.!Name!some!of!the!countries!you!are!receiving!love!from! and!have!worked!in.!Give!us!brief!stories!from!each!place!you’ve!resided!in. I%was%born%and%raised%in%Bermuda.%My%father%is%Bermudian%and%my%mother%is%Canadian.%I’ve%lived%in%the United%States,%Israel%and%I%am%now%living%in%Kenya.%I%also%spent%3%months%in%China%teaching%English. In%the%United%States%I%completed%my%college%education%and%was%trained%in%modern%and%afroAfusion%dance%styles.%It%was%my%first% time%living%outside%of%my%tiny%island%Bermuda.%Many%things%were%a%cultural%shock for%me%including%the%inAyourAface%racism,%large%shopping%malls%and%restaurants%everywhere.%It%was%while%living%in%the%U.S.% where%I%developed%a%passion%to%visit%and%live%in%other%countries. After%living%in%the%U.S.%my%husband%and%I%moved%to%Jerusalem%in%Israel.%I%had%never%been%much%of%a%language%person% however%in%college%I%caught%onto%speaking%and%writing%Hebrew.%I%wanted%to%continue%learning%Hebrew%so%this%was%the% initial%reason%for%moving%there.%While%there%I%also%picked%up%some%Arabic.%My%two%sons%were%born%there.%About%two% weeks%after%my%second%son%was%born%I%got%the%opportunity%to%sing%with%Israeli%pop%star,%Lee%Fishman.%There%is%a%track% on%YouTube%called,%“Chelsea”%where%you%can%hear%my%soprano%voice%in%the%background%doing%the%adlibs.

We%moved%back%to%Bermuda%for%4%years%and%then%wanted%to%branch%out%again.%We%found%ourselves%living%in%Nairobi,% Kenya%and%we%are%still%here.%I%am%happy%at%the%way%my%career%has%taken%off%here%in%Nairobi.%Here%is%where%I%have%found% my%wings.

How!did!you!get!into!acting?!Was!Sakata!your!first!television!show!and!how!is!that!explain? Sakata%is%an%aired%dance%competition.%I%am%the%female%judge%on%the%show.%The%job%of%the%judges%is%to%observe%the% performances,%give%comments%on%the%performance%and%provide%a%score%based%on%our%rubrics%of%dancing.%Although%there%is% some%drama%that%goes%on,%we%are%not%scripted.%Everything%that%happens%during%the%show%is%our%own%reaction%to%what%is% happening%in%front%of%us.

We!saw!you!in!a!few!commercials!for!Kenyan!Dance!TV!Show!Sakata;!however!how!was!the!one!filmed! off!set!on!the!beach?!How!long!did!that!take!and!did!it!remind!you!of!your!birth!country!Bermuda? During%Season%4,%Citizen%Television,%the%owners%of%Sakata%decided%to%do%regional%auditions.%Previously%auditions%were% only%held%in%Nairobi.%One%of%the%locations%for%the%auditions%was%in%Mombasa.%I%love%Mombasa%and%yes,%it%does%remind% me%of%Bermuda.%During%the%week%of%production%I%swam%in%the%ocean%before%and%after%every%filming. It%was%suggested%that%we%do%the%audition%commercial%for%Nairobi%on%the%beach.%It%was%fun.%I%was%barefoot%in%the%sand% while%doing%takes%for%the%commercial.%There%was%a%camel%in%the%distance%on%the%beach%and%families%were%swimming%in% the%ocean.%The%beach%commercial%became%the%most%popular%commercial%for%Sakata%and%the%Nairobi%audition%turnout% proved%it%so.

Who!are!some!of!the!celebrities!you’ve!met!along!this!journey? Along%my%journey%to%Kenyan%stardom%I’ve%met%many%celebrities%along%the%way.%Some%have%been%wonderful%and%others%have% behaved%like%divas.%Some%of%the%celebrities%whom%I’ve%met%are%Wyre,%DNG, DNA,%Kenrazy,%Lenny,%Amelina,%Amani,%Size%8,%DJ%Cream,%Lam%(South%Sudan),%Lee%Fishman%(Israel)%.

What's!happening!next!in!Jo$1s!world? I%will%begin%touring%across%Kenya%and%East%Africa%soon.%My%dancers%and%I%are%looking%forward%to%it.%I%am%presently%in%the% studio% recording% another% track% with% Grandpa% Records.% I% plan% to% release% another% single% and% then% work% towards% an% album.

In%the%writing%world%of%JoA1%“The%Lizard%and%the%Rock”%e%book%is%about%to%be%launched%later%this%year%as%well%as%a%memoir% that%I%have%written%that%is%a%part%of%the%Bermuda%Anthology.%I%continue%to%write%articles%and%blog%posts%in%the%meantime. Later%this%year%Sakata%will%commence%Season%5.%I’m%feeling%more%confident%in%my%own%skin%these%days%and%am%looking% forward%to%a%successful%year.

Where!can!we!find!more!about!your!music!or!stage!performances? You%can%find%out%more%about%my%music%and%performances%through%the%following: Facebook:%Judge%Joanne%https://www.facebook.com/JudgeJoanne Twitter:%@jo1bermudian Blog:%%www.ballburgessadventures.blogspot.com%and%%www.joanneballburgess.wordpress.com

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History Of 9MTheLabel 9M Syndicate Records was launched as an online record label to leverage the power of the Internet to market and promote quality music to the consumer. In the music industry, 9M Syndicate Management & Music Group is now a brand and a trademark associated with the marketing of music recordings and music videos. Most commonly, 9M Syndicate Management & Music Group is the company that manages such brands and trademarks, coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing and promotion, management, demo shopping and enforcement of copyright protection of sound recordings and music videos; conducts talent scouting and development of new artists ("artists and repertoire" or A&R); and maintains contracts with recording artists and their managers. The term "record label" derives from the circular label in the center of a vinyl record which prominently displays the manufacturer's name, along with other information. We have been producing recordings for indie/major labels and artist funded projects since 2002. 9MTHELABEL Offering Distribution: Music & Film, Marketing/Promotion, Music Production, Demo Shopping, Management Consulting & Contract Negotiations, Artists Promotion/Marketing. Distribute your music! 9M Syndicate Management & Music Group provides artists, bands and labels with comprehensive distribution through some of the world’s leading online music stores and services such Spotify, iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, Rhapsody and many more.



9M Syndicate Management & Music Group is an online service dedicated to supporting musicians around the world by helping them distribute their music online. We want everyone to be able to take advantage of the new distribution possibilities that the Internet offers and have the opportunity to sell their music on a truly global marketplace. Shopping Your Music! 9M Syndicate Records provides artists, bands and labels with comprehensive shopping services to the world’s leading labels "label-shopping." We use our industry connections to obtain deals for the band and are paid with a percentage of the band's income from the deal we secure. Contact for more information. (210) 577-6314 anr.services@9mthelabel.com submissions@9mthelabel.com www.9mthelabel.com www.facebook.com/9M.Syndicate.TheLabel www.twitter.com/9M_Syndicate www.myspace.com/9msyndicate Walter Sanders Founder & CEO Alliance Global Inc. Of America (210) 409-5870 http://www.allianceglobalcorp.com http://www.allianceglobalmedia.com http://www.9mthelabel.com Alliance Global Internet Radio: http://allianceglobalmedia.com/online_entertainment.html http://www.facebook.com/Alliance.Entertainment.Enterprises Follow Us On Twitter: http://twitter.com/alliance_ent http://www.youtube.com/user/MyAlliance1 Follow Us On Google+ : http://www.google.com/+WalterSandersAGI

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The Rhythmic Lounge: Can you please tell us a little bit about Aromaology, for those who are unaware? Daisy Kimbro: Daisy Kimbro is the founder and CEO of Daisy's Aromaology LLC, the newest, hottest All Natural handmade Bath and Body Product line to hit the market in recent years. Kimbro developed the Eco-friendly line consisting of soy candles, diffusers, body butters, an all-in-one bath, body, hair and massage oil, raw Shea butter and moisturizing soaps because of her concern for the environment. Daisy wanted to create products that benefit both her customers and the Earth. Daisy's mindset has always been focused on loving, giving and helping wherever there is a need. She puts that same synergy into all of her products which has set her apart from the rest of the market. Daisy's Aromaology home based business began in 1998, specializing in natural and organic home fragrances. Back then her only product was candles. Today aromaology is privileged to have developed a complete line of high quality products that continues to produce natural/organic items that are cruelty free, ingredients that are of faire trade, supplies that are made from recyclable resources. She also focused on leaving less of a carbon footprint as much as possible. Babies, teenagers, college students, men and women all can benefit from the products. Our products are bursting with toxic free natural/organic ingredients and pure botanicals that nourish and balances the skin while supporting its natural ability to produce anti-aging moisturizers that clarifies, protects and effectively fight the signs of aging. Aromaology's timeless product line is recognized for its fragrant superior quality and is coveted by the chic shopper and celebrities alike. Nature makes perfect "Scents". Aromaology, as much as possible, creates her strong fragrances from nature which creates a catalyst for awakening the senses. These scents are so powerful that with just one sniff, customers are instantly captivated by the smell. Once they try the product they always return for more. Aromaology fragrances awaken your emotions and help restore the body/mind to a healing state. Essenses extracted from plants, flowers, shrubs, herbs and trees create fragrant essential oils which are used in 2 ways, through the nose and through the skin. Apart from its antiseptic and medicinal properties, plant essences (essential oils) are healing fragrances that not only treat the body but also the mind. This mind and body connection is the first step towards natural healing where the beauty of holistic aromatherapy lies. Fragrance oils are used in some of our products as well. Fragrance oils are aromatic or perfume oils and are sometimes called manufactured scents. They are designed primarily in the manufacturing of perfumes, cosmetics and flavoring oils. All of our products are available in over 20 different aromas. Daisy is always looking for ways to give back to nature and everyone she comes in contact with. So much so that she found a most creative way to do so. Anyone who purchases an aromaology product (such as a candle in this case) would normally be prepared to discard the casing after the candle is all used up and that would be the end of the experience,but not here. This is where another one begins. Once you've used the product you can then peel off the label (which is made of plantable paper) put it in the ground and grow precious flowers. In addition to that you can also reuse the glass for any purpose of your choice including drinking. Aromaology soy candles are hand poured and contains no animal products, making them ecco, vegetarian and vegan friendly. Our candles are manufactured meeting FDA and kosher standards and comes from non-GMO, herbicide and pesticide-free soybean crops in the United States. We directly support American farmers and the American economy which helps reduce American dependency on foreign oil which helps support the American economy. The all natural clean white candle come in an array of amazing scents. They burn 50% longer than other wax, and produce little to no soot. These candles provide a long lasting powerful fragrance guaranteed to create a heavenly long lasting scent through out your entire home. There are added benefits in these soy candles, once liquified they can also be used to moisturize your body. TRL: What made you create this company? DK: I started creating Aromaology products as a hobby in the beginning. I have always been a creative being. My grandmother who I was named after, my precious loving Mom and my Mom's sister all encouraged my creativity. My grandmother and my mom both

owned there own business. My grandmother owned a daycare center. My mom was a hair stylist and had her own beauty shop at one time. All three of these successful women motivated and supported me in all three of businesses I tried. Aromaology has been my baby for fourteen years. I never gave up on this passion of mine. I knew this was the one.It all started when a wonderful dear friend of mine had an idea to make pillar candles made with parrafin wax. Because I have always been health conscious I wanted to try a wax that was healthier for the environment. I researched waxes and came across, soy wax. I knew this was the ticket. We started making these scented soy candles in our house and found people walking by smelling the scents would knock on the door and ask what was that smell. Our neighbors, family and friends begged to purchase but we weren't selling at the time, we were doing it for fun. Later on we decided to sell the candles to family and friends. The more we sold the more they wanted. Next we signed up to be a vendor at a local festival in LA, we were shocked that we sold out the first day. The second day we had nothing left to sale. The light bulb went off, I knew we had something incredible. Immediately I decided I wanted to create a complete line of products that would be non-toxic, no animal by products and safe for the planet. A year later I moved back to my hometown, Palmdale California, with my Mom to help take care of her, she was not well. I continued with the development of the Aromaology line which consists of scented soy candles, a bath-body-hair-massage oil, healing soaps, diffuser, body butters and himalayan salt scrubs. I was not selling the products, I just made them to give as gifts and for relaxation. Moving ahead to a year or so ahead, one of my best friends, Geraldine Hughes, came to me while I was in the garage whipping out some candles. Hughes insisted I get my products out for the world to experience. Daisy, you have an amazing product, you should sell these items. I wasn't interested. Geraldine did not give up and would not take no for an answer. After weeks of persistence I finally gave in and said yes. I am so thankful that Geraldine insisted when I resisted. That was the true beginning of Aromaology. We shared a booth at the Black Business Expo, the results were amazing. My products were picked up for a movie by Alton Glass called, "The Candy Shop", that went straight to DVD. Sadie Mestman, a dentist that I worked for in Beverly Hills, my mentor, started selling my products in the dental office. I have many celebrities supporting Aromaology, Molly Shannon from SNL, P-diddy, Vanessa Simmons, YoYo to name a few. The rest is history in the making. TRL: How does Aromaology stand out from its competitors? DK: Aromaology stands out from other competitors in many ways. The number 1 is that my products sell itself. With just one wiff and the customer is sold. My products smell amazing! The scents are precise and strong, my customers tell me regularly, they have never smelled anything like it. My products have many uses besides what I intentionally made them for, the body. Customers inform me constantly what other uses my products have. For instance, my all-in-one bath, body, hair, and massage oil are made with oils that have many benefits. Men and women alike have told me the oil is good for more than there body. It is an excellent moisturizer for the interior of there cars. Its great to moisturize leather seats and as a bonus it leaves your car smelling incredible. Aromaology body butter is also beneficial for your hair. Almost all of my customers including me have experienced someone running behind you asking what are you wearing? You smell amazing! How can I get a hold of those products? One of my favorite testimonials came from a client thats a man, he expressed to me that during the summer, the more you sweat, the more you smell good. I thought hmmm, I need to use that as a slogan. lol TRL: Do you have any words of advice for young entrepreneurs trying to create a lasting brand? DK: My advice to young entreprenuers: Dream big and set goals that are so high that they scare you, otherwise your goals are not big enough. Form habits that feed success instead of habits that feed failure. When I incorporated these daily habits, my life and business took off. I get up every morning no later than 5am. I read my bible, mediate, write at least 10 things I am grateful for and I also write down 10 goals as if I have already achieved them. I eat to live and not live to eat, I am a vegetarian. I try to walk every morning and listen to music that's empowering. Now I am pumped and ready to start my day. Have a good positive, attitude and perspective towards everything in life. Sometimes you have to embrace failure. You may see it as something bad, try looking at it as something good and learn from it. What you thought was a failure could be disguised as a great opportunity. Never give up on your dreams or passions in life. Do something daily towards your goal. Even the smallest minut thing done daily will help you get closer and closer to your goals. Add value to everything you do. My goal was never to focus on money, my focus has always been to give back and do my part to try to make this universe a better place. If every person in the world made deposits daily for the betterment of the universe, can you imagine how much better off the world would be? Never stop learning and growing. Make it a habit to learn something new every day personally and in your business or career. What better way to learn and grow? Read! Try to make it a habit to read a book every month. I would like to suggest reading a book that helped me succeed, "The Slight Edge", by Jeff Olson. This book will help you succeed in anything you are trying to accomplish in life And above all, do everything in love, have faith, believe and receive all the blessings that God has in store for you. God made it happen for me and He definitely can make it happen for you!!

Album Reviews Michael Karr - Live with Michael Karr & Friends by Patrick Ross



Live with Michael Karr & Friends is a 40+ minute musical excursion through some classic Jazz standards, and features some exemplary playing and soloing that is both relaxing and enjoyable. There are numerous fine solo performances sprinkled through this five-song set on piano, trumpet, guitar, and saxophone. Karr’s trumpet style is both fluid and mellifluous, and evocatively romantic on the cuts “Nancy” and “September in the Rain.” Backed by a tight and perfunctory rhythm section of bass, drums, percussion, and horns. Guitarist Jimmy Ponder bluesy signature style takes center stage on the classic “Since I Fell For You”, which also features the musicianship of supporting players Karr on trumpet, the energetic piano of Howard Alexander, James Johnson Jr. III on drums, Gene Richard Austin on percussion, and Dave Pellow on bass. Rounding out the set is the effervescent Horace Silvers classic standard “Song For My Father”, which serves also a fitting tribute to Silvers legacy. The playing is both flamboyant and stylish and shows the fine musicianship of these New York Jazz players who proudly carry the torch in these contemporary arrangements as they cover some the most well know standards of the Jazz era. So if you are a Jazz fan or enthusiast, or maybe you are just discovering the music for the first time and don’t know where to begin. Michael Karr & friends is a good starting point in the world of straight ahead Jazz classics.


Es - Aspire to Inspire by William Kryjak !

Rating: ★


Canadian rapper Es’s new release Aspire to Inspire is a welcome shift from your average hip hop music. Rather than songs about taking people down, he builds them up with music that quite literally aims to encourage a positive mindset. But this isn’t just a well-meaning lyricist – Es has chops. Writing rhymes for over 20 years has helped sharpen his skills and has graced us with the kind of artist the music industry could use more of, in more ways than one. Despite his talented songwriting, the first thing that really hit me was the beats. Backing tracks that you might hear on a Common or Jurassic 5 album, there is a fresh, up-beat feel that fits perfectly with the music. Of course what brings it all home is the overall meaning behind everything. The common gripe amongst rap’s naysayers is that too many songs are about nothing: anthems of wealth, songs objectifying women and glorifying crime. While I tend to feel this sentiment is a bit overstated, it is so refreshing to hear someone come at things from a different angle, especially someone who is actually talented. On his song “For the Loot”, Es proves he can hang in there with the best. His flow is solid, and although the message is nothing we haven’t heard before, he speaks with a conviction that makes the song hit that much harder. The song “Love” feels a bit more old-school but definitely not stale. I also appreciate that he closes the album with a strong track. Too many of today’s rap albums are no more than vehicles for top-40 singles; Aspire to Inspire comes across as a much more complete effort. Overall the stuff is there. The beats are solid. His flow in places reminds me of Nas – authentic and raw but still musical. Lyrically he is solid, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say he has room to grow. The message is definitely there but it needs to be refined if he wants to make an impact. Es is as good as anyone out there right now, and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t find success among people looking for positive hip hop music performed by someone serious. If he wants to be commercially successful though, he needs to take it to the next level. Maybe work out those hooks. A big chorus doesn’t really fit with his style of rap but if it can raise his profile more power to him. In my opinion Es is just a small step away from big things, and if he keeps hustling he’ll be there in no time. http://soundcloud.com/eseme



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The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine artist...


The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine artist...