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Chantel Atkins (CEO/Owner) I started The Rhythmic Lounge in December 2010. At its start, it was a fairly simple website with the purpose of giving people a place to promote their talents and network. I had no idea that less than two years later it would transform into something much bigger. The website then underwent a complete revamp in July 2011, with a brand new look and the addition of many new features, including the creation of The Rhythmic Lounge Radio. Following suit, the radio started out as merely a 24/7 stream of hand-picked music submitted by talented musicians from the website but is now an integral part of the company. Listeners from all over the world tune in regularly to hear the wide variety of music, as well as the educational, musical and talk-radio shows that we now host. The radio’s success has only made me realize The Rhythmic Lounge could take me in new directions everyday rather than the other way around, which is why a digital magazine seemed like the next step. I’m incredibly proud to present to you hardworking artists and entertainers in this magazine and on the site, so enjoy! Be sure to go to www.therhythm to see the profiles for the great talent displayed in this issue and take a look at our new magazine site at http://w w w .trlm Thanks for the support, and happy reading!

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THA HOT$HOT Raised on the beautiful, yet small island of St. Maarten, Shane "Tha Hot$hot" Kelly became influenced by Hip-Hop music at a young age. Having always been known as the quiet child, he proved his ability to openly broadcast his opinions by dedicating his time to writing a few rhymes every day after coming home from school, as a way to release his tension and thoughts about a variety of topics. Rapidly, Shane started to become increasingly involved with his music and delivering messages in a positive way. Not only did this up and coming rapper develop a new form of confidence, but he made it very clear that he would work his hardest to achieve his dream. "I'm one of the most confident and determined people that you'll ever meet." Shane says. "I use the positive aspects of my life as motivation to get what I want and need, in order to succeed in the things that I want to accomplish in life." Shane also discovered a new tool for motivation, following the untimely death of his childhood friend, Gerald "Young G" James, who used to chant raps with him as a child. Knowing how much Gerald supported him, Tha Hot$hot continued to push harder for his dream, and used his friends passing as a source of encouragement to make him, and many other loved ones proud. He made it his goal to create powerful lyrics that have the ability to encourage an audience regardless of their age, race or gender. Tha Hot$hot is currently under the independent record label D.Y. Entertainment, and released his second mixtape "Swagger 101 Vol. 2: From Local to Global," on May 18th 2012, which was hosted by Toronto's own DJ Wikked. This same mixtape made Shane the first St. Maartener to gain over 50,000 views and 4,000 downloads on the popular Hip-Hop website Datpiff. Furthermore, he was awarded "Best Male Rap Artist" at the 2012 SXM Music Awards and his first music video for his hit single “Reppin’ It,” made its debut at the #1 spot on TEMPO’s Cross Caribbean Countdown for 6 weeks straight, and then remained on the countdown for 6 months total, marking Shane as the first artist out of St. Maarten to do so. In addition to these accomplishments, Tha Hot$hot’s website “” went public as well, enabling him to spread his music on a more international platform. Shane continues to dedicate himself to releasing high quality music in every aspect, and is expected to release new original music and more projects to continue adding to his resume, as well as remaining in the spotlight. On September 17th 2013, Tha Hot$hot released his first official single “Tropical Limelight” featuring his label-mate $tekaly Tha Singer. The single was released for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, along with a variety of other digital stores. His label/management D.Y. Entertainment then teamed up with Pantason Music & Subkonshus Music out of Jamaica; and on June 10th 2014 released the "Tropical Limelight Remix" which again featured $tekaly Tha Singer & added the Dancehall Star Konshens! Tha Hot$hot became the first St. Maarten Artist to feature the Dancehall Star, and since then went on to be on rotation on many different radio stations throughout the Caribbean and the rest of the world. Most recently, D.Y. Ent. /I From Here Music & Southern Smoke presented Tha Hot$hot's brand new mixtape project "Anticipation For Greatness" hosted by the World Famous Dj Smallz. The mixtape was released on & on August 12th 2014, as he became the first Hip Hop Artist out of St. Maarten to work with Dj Smallz which is currently the #1 Hip Hop mixtape Dj in the word! From his admirable attitude and perspective on music, to his compelling lyrics, it's safe to say Tha Hot$hot is an artist we all need to look out for! where creativity lives



Cyrus Reel “is

a progressive cellist, producer and composer from Washington, DC. With mastery in composition and live performance, he add a twist to modern music by mixing the sound of the classical and electric cello with different genres and styles. Besides his main instrument being the cello, Cyrus knows his way around keyboards and guitars, making him a much valued instrumentalist as well as a prominent producer for Classical, Rock, Pop and Electronic music. His debut EP 'The Seasons' was released in June 2014 and is available for purchase on iTunes & Amazon, as well as other online media outlets."

Website: Facebook: Twitter: http:/// Reverbnation: SoundCloud: iTunes: ! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!where !

creativity lives


Mr. Trill

has been making moves down south but quickly expanding across

the country. His new single "Keep Dat Booty Movin'" has received national airplay and with his forthcoming album in the works, Mr. Trill is a name to be watching. The Rhythmic Lounge: How did you get into music? Mr. Trill: Basically as a kid, my mother and father played a lot of music and also from me being born in a blues environment, I was interested in music. As far as rap, guys in my neighborhood was rapping, so I decided I wanted to start writing and free styling myself. From recording myself on a karaoke machine putting it on tapes, finally recording in a studio. Steel Magnolia Productions was the 1st organization I actually start recording in professionally, which the group swamp mafia was formed. TRL: What are some of your goals with music? Mr. Trill: Just to be successful [and] gain as many fans as possible while making a living off music and living my dreams. TRL: Do you feel hip hop's attention on the south in the last decade has impacted all regions of the south or mostly Atlanta, Miami and Texas? Mr. Trill: All regions of the south, but there always have been a underground. We get heard even if it's just in our region and spread to other areas. TRL: What projects are you currently working on? Mr. Trill: MR. TRILL, BOSSGATORJONES the album. TRL: What would be a dream collaboration for you? Producer or artist. Mr. Trill: To do a song with Ceelo Green and Andre' 3000…but too many to name them all. TRL: Where can we find you on the Internet? Any final Shout outs? Mr. Trill: Google: MR. TRILL for all sites For booking, call (662) 549-3998 Twitter: @bossgatorjones Instragram: @bossgatorjones Shout out to all the good people in the world, but not of the world. Shout out to everybody that help and support me. R.I.P to all my love ones that's dead and gone.



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! ! "International!Underground!Female! Artist"! Nominated!for!3!Awards!at!the! "Urban!Underground!Music!Awards"! (National!Event).!Winning!2!Awards! for!"Female!Artist!of!The!Year!&! Female!Rapper!of!The!Year".! Working!with!national!recording! artist!like,!Lil'!Flip,!Shorty!Mack,! Koopsta!Knicca!of!36!Mafia,!Kstylis,! The!legend!CQBo!of!"WestCoast! Mafia!Records"!and!their!!1st!lady!Marvaless.!!!Also!working!with!many!other!artist,! producers,!and!DJ's!around!the!world!from!!Italy,!United!Kingdom,!Germany,!France,! Africa!and!Dubai.!You!can!find!ThuggMiss!music!on!iTunes!Radio,!Pandora!Radio,! iHeart!Radio,!Spotify,!Sony!Music!Unlimited,!Rdio,!Xbox!Music,!and!overseas!in!AsiaQ KKBOX,!AustraliaQ!JB!HiFi,!!and!JukeQWorld!Wide.!Plus!many!more! internet!radio!stations,!with!local!and!XM!radio!airplay.!Reaching!her!goal!with!her!5! star!rated!song!"Back!It!Up"!featuring!national!recording!artist!Kstylis!(aka)!Mr.!King! Of!Twerk.! Born!in!Oklahoma!City,!Ok!(Oct!7th!1980)!but,!raised!in!Kansas!City,!Mo.!ThuggMiss! has!been!ask!by!several!A&R!agents!for!management!signing.!ThuggMiss!has!also! been!on!a!few!tours!with!Kstylis!"TwerkNation!Tour".!Even!in!the!summer!of!2012!to! present,!ThuggMiss!always!have!her!very!own!"Promo!Tour"!that!is!always!a!success! in!many!cities.!Sponsored!by!SuperStar!Promotions!for!Star!Studded!Events.! ThuggMiss!also!was!part!of!the!!"Natural!Disaster!Tour"!hitting! many!states!in!the!Midwest!and!Down!south.!!ThuggMiss!has!several!companies!that! sponsor!her!career!as!a!independent!artist!such!as!WTW!Clothing,!BossUpEnt,!and! Superstar!Promotions.!ThuggMiss!music!speaks!for!itself.!One!thing!for!sure!she!is! far!from!your!average!female,!but!a!lady!about!her!business. ! !

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terry greene is a producer, singer, songwriter, with a funky style, a warm and friendly flamboyant guy who pulls his fans into his music with innovative arrangements with vocals, his energetic lyrics are a mixture of sweetness textured with soul, neo-soul, funk, and gospel, all of his fans say when we hear his music it makes us fill like dancing and shouting in 1986 terry had a hit record with his group {lickke} in the uk, the song {automatic drip} continues to sell here in the united states and in the uk. now based out of atlanta ga., formally los angeles ca., oakland ca., new york, in his secular music career he was signed to two major record labels out of boston ma, and new jersey.

he has worked with {joe caper,s-rip j-jams recording studio} for tony, toni, tone, mc hammer, sheila e, digital underground, producer {d'wayne wiggins} of tony, toni, tone, for destiny child, keyshia cole, alicia keys, producer {wayne wallace} for confunkshun, earth, wind, and fire, nada m. walden, sheila e., stevie wonder, ray charles, {dana jon chappelle} for mariah carey, joe, clarence clemons, aretha franklin, narada m. walden, {bob castelle-blanch} for sister sledge, stacy lattisaw, pete escovedo, sheila e, wayne wallace, narada m. walden, {j. dana mars} for chaka khan, colonel abrams, roberta flack, brand nubian, {lilian white} from the dream girls cast, and sesame street {rosie gaines} from the artist prince, {brenda vaugh & the brenda vaugh band} {nada m. walden} producer for aretha franklin, whitney houston, mariah carey, temtations, stevie wonder, just to name a few. for more info: ph. 404.955.2853

! ! ! !



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Can$I$really$Make$Money$as$a$Songwriter?$ By:$Monet$

So many times I hear this question being asked, and I’ve been asked this

Nowhere in that division is there money being paid to the artist. That is

a few times myself. Well the long and short answer to this question is a

the reason why many major artists would go as far as ‘contributing’ to

solid YES!

one line in the songwriting process just so they will have some sort of ownership. That is why as independent artists it is in your best interest to

A lot of people want to be a part of the music industry, and even more write your own songs. And if you’re thinking – “I don’t know how to people want to be an artist, a headliner, the person with their name in write songs” then learn; it’s not rocket science, really. As a creative lights. But who are the real MVPs within the music industry? Well minded person, just let it flow through you and let the creative magic obviously the record companies and their executives, but next to them are work. And after you have written your masterpiece, if you remember – you guessed it – the songwriters! Did you guess right? I know most of nothing else that I said in this article, with every ounce of power or you probably thought the artist was next in line to receive the huge leverage you may have, try to maintain ownership to your songs. It is payouts, but not necessarily in this case. Yes the more successful artists great to be listed as songwriter, but when you are also listed as song have net worths well into the millions, but when it comes to what is owner – you get double for your trouble. acquired through songs alone? Songwriters win this one. Surprised? Yea I was too when I made this discovery.

Think of a hugely popular song, any song from any decade and any genre. Got it? Good. Now if this song has not been created within the last year,

On the hierarchy of persons that are paid when a song is displayed in a think about all the places that you have heard this song being played. Are public platform – performances, downloads, television features you imagining commercials, on CD compilations, video games? Well songwriters get paid before the artist. Artists appear to be the ones to guess what – every time you heard that song, in whatever capacity, the make the biggest profits in the long haul of things, but most of that is due songwriter got paid. to a variety of external endorsements. So by now you’re probably trying to figure out just how songwriters make more money than artists, well,

Now, I guess this is the point where I should talk about the sustainability

I’m about to tell you.

of this career. Yes, on average songwriters do make a decent income, but it should be noted that one hit wonders are great, but a songwriter with a

Every time a song is downloaded, the songwriter gets a percentage of the diverse catalog of songs has a much stronger position in the long run. sale, every time a song is performed publically, the songwriter gets a The more diverse your catalog, the more royalty checks and the more percentage of the sale. Every time the artist gets paid for a song, the you will be able to survive and thrive off of a songwriting career. So to songwriter also gets paid. There are also many instances where the all the artists, seek to be songwriters as well, because long after the songwriter gets paid even when the artist doesn’t. Performing Rights period which the artist performs the song, you would still be paid on that Organizations (PROs) collect royalties for public performances, of which song. Even after the artist dies, your checks keep rolling in. So can you the money is divided into two – a portion to the songwriter and the other really make money from writing song? My answer – of course you can! portion to the publisher (the person that owns the copyright to the song).


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Somalia Peterson, known by her two stage names "Stekaly (Tha Singer)" and "Sumaiyah (Tha Poet)", is a multitalented Sint Maarten Recording Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Poet and Actress. Born on Sint Maarten, raised in Aruba and the Netherlands, she began her career as a result of a friendship with Mr. Steve Chemont the CEO of D.Y. Entertainment, Sint Maarten, in April of 2012. After battling with many unforeseen circumstances and personal social economic challenges, she finally got her first opportunity to put together a catalogue of songs of which “Reflection” feat. Tha Hotshot was the 1st release on February 26th of 2013. Stekaly (Tha singer) performed officially for the first time on French Saint Martin at Club L’Essentiel -- an upperclass French Club. In the early development of observing her diverse talents, her character, her beauty and her personality in and out of performances, as both a singer and as a poet, DY Entertainment came up with the idea to market her two talents by separating them and giving her two names. Somalia Peterson has taken on Stekaly (Tha singer) for her singing personality and Sumaiyah (Tha Poet) as the poetic sibling of her personality. As a Sint Maarten artist, her first single went into International stores (emusic, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Simfy, Spotify, Rdio, Muvemusic, Googleplay, Xboxlive, Nokia, Deezer, Radio, iHeartradio). She was also on the airwaves of many international radio stations such as: Power 99 Jamz (Houston TX), Hot 104 (Atlanta GA), KDOM- DJ Matrixx (Tampa, FL), WDOM-DJ Nsyne (Houston, TX), and WVIB- VIBE 106 (Birmingham, AL), with over 5000 airplays in 8 weeks. Her First Single “Reflection” Feat. Tha Hotshot was also added to the East Coast DigitalRadio music and Mixtapes DJ Pool list on March of 2013 as a Bonus Track, which was tagged by Famous Hip Hop artist such as Birdman, Wale, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Music, Rick Ross, Shawty Low, Tyga, Trouble, Future etc. “Reflection” was charted at #23 on the Digital Radio Tracker For “National Airplay Top 50 Independent Chart As of March 9th, 2013 with 632 plays in one week. Furthermore, it was also charted at #150 on the National Airplay Top 200 Chart in the first week, climbing the chart at # 110 in the second week of the release of her New Single “Reflection”. Stekaly (Tha Singer) is also featured on many Caribbean Websites such as:, caraibesmagazine,com, and Growing up in Aruba with her Mom, she loved to dance and write poetry rhymes and sing. She grew up in a very isolated and abusive environ, that caused her to delve into her art. Expressing her experiences through her art before an audience of Rockstar posters, hanging on the walls of the bedroom which she shared with her sibling, with only a roll on, as a Microphone. This was her way of counteracting the negative into a positive. During her years of growing up, she was shy and reserved which limited her to singing in Choirs in Aruba. Moving back to her country Sint Maarten, she lived with her Dad, consequently with her Aunt. She joined the “French Quarter Methodist Choir” in her Teenage years and continued her singing in the church Choir for 5 years. Her involvement in the Choir ended when she was put out on the streets by her Aunt for not wanting to stop seeing a boy she dated in 1996, who also became her Husband and Father of her 3 lovely Daughters. After 14 years, the relationship ended with a Divorce.


The End started a new beginning for Stekaly (Tha Singer) as she once again got involved in singing and poetry. Struggled many years, before being able to afford to pay a studio. Juggling between, being a single mother, a working woman and the development of her craft. In 2008 she released her first single “Silk Love” as “New Chick on the Block” under the direction of J.Lyrics. 3 months after she was left on her own to push her music with little to no resources and lots of discouragement from people, who said she was past the industry age, that having Children would have negative implications on her career, that she was too shy or couldn't sing. Did small performances on her own between 2009 and 2010, that didn't go to well. Stekaly took a step back to assess her passions, focused on learning the business of music and went deeper into the art of singing and poetry. Two years later talking to her friend Mr. Steve Chemont who owns a music store “D.Y. Entertainment”, She was ask if she would allow him to manage her. Mr.Steve Chemont was already managing Mr. Shane Kelly a.k.a Tha Hotshot. She took two weeks to think it through and decided to co-sign an agreement with D.Y. Entertainment and begin a musical venture that took her by surprise. 2012 she spend her nights recording a catalogue of single’s, in 2012 did her first successful performance as a singer and poet at a Upper Class Night Club. 2013 she was released to the public under her new name Stekaly (the Singer), by a Producer from Europe “Icefromsxm tv”, Mr. Sherman De Vries, who did her first Exclusive Visual Interview in Sint Maarten and released it as a youtube video on January 16, 2013, consequently her poetry video was released on January 22nd, 2013 followed by the leading Newspaper of her country “Sint Maarten Daily Herald”. D.Y. Entertainment took their time to make sure all of the rights to Stekaly’s music was protected, published and distributed Internationally. After a tedious wait her first Hip hop/R&B single was release and promoted on February 26th, 2013 in all digital stores, Local and International Radio Stations, Local and Region Websites and announcements were made for weeks by the Sint Maarten Daily Herald. D.Y. Entertainment is working on booking her shows and gigs. Also working on more promotions locally, regional and international. On June 5th 2013, her single "Reflection" featuring Tha Hot$hot was featured on Dj Smallz's "This That Southern Smoke R&B 4" hosted by YMCMB's songstress Shanell. Stekaly became the first artist from St. Maarten to be featured on any Southern Smoke mixtape. She kicked off the 2014 calendar with even more historic accomplishments as Stekaly was interviewed by The Website which had previously been ranked up to #3 On XXL Magazine's Top 100 HipHop Sites List. Her "Reflection" music video which was her first video that was directed by CanIFilms, made it on TEMPO Network's "Cross Caribbean Countdown" as the "Bonus Video Of the Week". A week later the video made its official entry on the countdown at the #10 Position. She then became the 1st Female Artist out of St. Maarten to remain on the "Cross Caribbean Countdown" for a duration of 8 weeks. "Reflection" peaked at #2, the highest yet for any Female St. Maarten Artist and retired at the #4 slot Most recently, her first mixtape "Panic Disorder" (The Prequel) hosted by the World Famous Dj Smallz released on August 19th 2014. She became the 1st Female Artist out of St. Maarten to release a project hosted by Dj Smallz which is currently the #1 Hip Hop mixtape Dj in the world.

where creativity lives

O C T O B E R / / 23


Album Reviews JenHodges and Spurge - The Untitled EP by Patrick Ross


★ ★ ★ ★ 1/2

There is something different going on in Nashville and it not your typical country music scene either. While modern day country artist might be dabbling and experimenting with other genres. Jen Hodges and Spurge are definitely pushing the envelope and the needle past the red line. While I could waste space and words here talking about who they remind me of I won’t diminish this band in that fashion as they are definitely not idolizing or mimicking. They are there own brand of music, not quite a Rock band, neither are they a Punk or Metal aggregation, and definitely not a Jazzfusion, Hip-Hop, Avant Guard entity. But yet they possess all of these qualities just the same, and something a little extra in the sauce. There is very mellow and sensual edge to their music bordering on the romantic, while delving into the video game post apocalyptic arena. They hint of album oriented rock here and splash’s of Pink Floyd and ELP there, but not in the fashion of tribute bands or imitations thereof. There is a sincerity here that underlies the music, though you are definitely not going to dance and sing along to catchy riffs and choruses. There is an Austin City Limits vibe here and it makes for a great change of pace musically. There is no one cut that stands out, but the Untitled EP as a whole is the foundation of it all. Music for all moods!

Maticulous - yard-work by Patrick Ross

Rating: ★

★ ★ 1/2

! Self billed as “your favorite rappers competition.” The debut album entitled “Yard Work”, features 14 cuts that take the listener on a journey through the life and mind of the artist known as Maticulous. Though the spelling of his name takes on “urbanistic” translation, by definition he stays true to the adjective musically and lyrically for the most part. Lyrically speaking many of his chosen themes are clichéd, in that he is really offering nothing new to the genre in general. Never the less there are a few stand out cuts on the album, which is available on iTunes. What stands out for me the most is that he has chosen to represent his musical repertoire with original backing tracks for which he wins points for as a result. It is the pop “She Got It” and club-dance tracks “Alive” and “Drinks to the Ceiling” that stand out for me most. While the cut “Off the Chain” offers us biographical insights into his personality and character. I would like to avoid playing the comparison game as is suggested by his billing as “your favorite rappers competition,” which for me he is clearly not. I believe that if he remains true to his name by being careful, conscientious, diligent, scrupulous, punctilious, which are synonymous with his chosen moniker that he may one day rise to the occasion of becoming an artist with a true poetical vision of his own making with no need to compete.

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The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine October 2014  

The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine artist...

The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine October 2014  

The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is the digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine artist...