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One of the questions we hear often is what is the best cardio machine out there?. There are a wide range of exercise machines available. At your gym you have may come across ellipticals, treadmills , bikes , step up machines and even sit down bikes. However the elliptical such as Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical (Sports)have a great advantage- you can work out on them much longer and therefore burn more calories. Have you ever seen some people get to the gym step up to the treadmill and then crank it up at high speed and run like crazy? After barely one minute they get off panting?This is not the way to work out. Using ellipticals allows you to work out much longer as you dont have to run very fast. Combined with other exercise such as squats you should not only look great but you will also be more toned in your legs. Elliptical enable you to carry out long term endurance based workouts . They focus on your legs and your lower body.,calf muscles as well as hamstrings. Compared to a treadmill , we recommend the elliptical for those who want great cardio as well as to lose weight. The elliptical machine is an easy to use equipment which does not have a steep learning curve. It looks like a cross between a ski machine and a stair stepping machine. Its foot pedals move up and down in a cycle motion .The handles exercise your arms and back at the same time as they move back and forth. In short you get the advantages of walking , jogging, skiing and stepping all at the same time. It targets all muscle without too much stress on your joints which can cause pain. Treadmills put some stress on your joints . So the elliptical machines are great especially fro those above 35 years who want toe ensure that their knee joints and others last for along time without wear and tear. On the other hand a treadmill is great if you planning for a marathon as it works a lot of on your muscles. Elliptical machines are for those who require the most effective cardio that is possible. They are more wholesome- targetign all parts of your body. It also add variety to your workout. This is great as when you get bored you can simply go to another routine. One of the tricks that we use with great success is that alter our exercise routines . You may have notice that if you work out on a treadmill or any other one routine , sooner or alter you reach a plateau – your body gets used to it .However with the elliptical machine you are tricking your body with different routines which enable you to continue gaining muscle or losing weight- or whatever your objective is. There are many elliptical in the market. If you are looking for one under 1000$ then the Proform 6.0 ZE Elliptical (Sports) is a good choice. This ellpitcal has resistance even at its lowest resistant levels. It compares well with the level 5- 10 in elliptical that find at your gym. This machine is silent therefore you can listen to radio or TV as you work out. It is also easy to set up. As long as you tighten the bolts on set up- you are unlikely to get any squeaks. It is also very stable unlike the cheaper ellipticals which shake as you work out. While this one gives best value for the money- at the low price there are some things that it does not have. It has a fan ( which most other cheaper elliptical don’t have) but the fan is weak. The heart rate grips look cheap. The display is design in a way that its hard to read if you are taller than 5.5ft like me. You have to hunch over a little to read . IF you want a different elliptical, in the same price range and quality then your other choice is the Schwinn. However the latter does not have the upright handles that also monitor the pulse.

However many people complain that it does not have an AC power supply. One has to buy an adapter. We expect the manufactures to fix that issue soon. Some also complains that you cannot change the workout duration which is set at half an hour. If you need to go for longer than 30 minutes you have to stop and then start a new workout. The display will track your resistance , calories burned as well as time. Specifics Oversized slip resistance pedals iPod compatible audio Resistance 0-10%, EKG grip pulse, Water bottle holder EKG grip pulse Water bottle holder Resistance 0-10% The quality of the machine is high. Unlike other machines that break belts and resistance device this one will last you a long time. The pieces are made of steel and not aluminum like other cheap elliptical. Assembling will take you about one hour and the instructional or doing so are fairly easy. It is easier if you have a friend to help you hold some parts but you can do it by yourself. For best prices and free shipping Click here.


On the other hand a treadmill is great if you planning for a marathon as it works a lot of on your muscles. Elliptical machines are for thos...

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