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Spring Break (Florida Style!) by Jake Fanning


h, Spring break. A perfect time for vacationing when the weather isn't too hot or too cold. This year in Colorado, it was no different. We experienced a week with everything from snow to 70° weather. At Ralston Valley, however, not everyone stayed in Colorado. Many students here were able to experience Spring Break in a new way. Here at Ralston Valley High School, we have four different school sponsored trips during Spring Break. These trips included three that went overseas (England, France, and Spain). Only one of the trips actually started in the United States. This trip went to Orlando, Florida. Around three hundred students in Ralston Valley's band, orchestra, and choir journeyed on a three hour flight to visit Orlando, Florida. Overall, the trip lasted from Sunday, March 23 through Friday, March 28. A total of six days spent in hot, humid, paradise (or hot, humid, torture depending on how you look at it). I was able to question two students that went on the trip, Jean McClelland ('17) and Heather Stehle ('16) about their musical experience in Orlando. I first asked the two what places they visited in Florida. "Downtown Disney (Disney's shopping district), Magic


Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Universal Studios." (Jean McClelland, '17) I then asked the two what their favorite place out of the six places was. Jean’s answer was a little held back as she considered her answer carefully, "Personally, it was a tie for me. My favorite was either Harry Potter because well it's Harry Potter. I was able to experience the world inside of the book. Everything from the actual Hogwarts castle to Hogsmeade and bitterness. But, I also enjoyed Epcot a lot too. It was an incredible experience being able to visit 20 different countries in just a couple of hours. On top of that I got to sample all of the food that varied greatly depending on what country you were visiting." (Jean McClelland, '17) Heather on the other hand had a clear decision in mind before I even asked the question, “Magic Kingdom was definitely my favorite over all of the other resorts. I like it so much because it was the old time Disney feel. To me Magic Kingdom is what being a kid and going to Disney World is all about.” (Heather Stehle, ‘16) My next question for the two was: what rides did you do in Disney and which rides were your favorite and which one was your least favorite? Both took some time to answer, to consider all of the rides they had rode and which ones were worthy of mention.

Heather went with some more classical rides that included: “Space mountain, splash mountain, peter pan, pirates of the caribbean, small world, big thunder mountain, Harry Potter, the safari, and expedition Everest, and Haunted Mansion. My favorite out of those would have to be Haunted Mansion. I loved the movie and the ride had awesome effects and the music overall was just amazing. My least favorite though was definitely the stitch ride. It was just so boring and wasn’t worth the wait at all.” (Heather Stehle, 16) Jean on the other hand went with some newer rides, “I went on a ton of roller coasters: space mountain, thunder mountain, rockin roller coaster, tri-wizard tournament, and expedition everest, and a giant one in universal. My favorite was probably the one in Universal because it had a 300 foot drop straight down. I also rode the tower of terror, Haunted Mansion, ET, Harry Potter, and a viking ride. All of them were pretty fun. My least favorite though was ET because it was just basically a bunch of dioramas of the movie.” (Jean McClelland, ‘17) My final questn regarding their trip was regarding the actual reason was they were in Disney, what was your favorite part of the trip. “What I liked most was all of the people there that were listening to us. It was amazing to see how our hard work paid off.” (Heather Stehle, ‘16) Jean’s answer was very similar, “The stage was

hanging over the water about 20 feet which created a very cool atmosphere. We had probably people watching us play, and the best part of it was playing the combined piece with the band because it was always my favorite.” (Jean McClelland, ‘17) Upon finishing the interviews I realized just how amazing this experience would be. It’s truly an experience that those students will not forget for a very long time. R

“What I liked most was all of the people there that were listening to us. It was amazing to see how our hard work paid off.”