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Letter to the Editor: From Mr. Jim Hynes


am writing to commend the entire staff on your publication this year. The new format is impressive in the sharpness of the pictures, the layout in general, and the insightful and diverse writing by your journalists. As a journalism major in college, before starting my career in education, I do appreciate a quality school newspaper/magazine. Little errors always crop up, and I know you cringe when you find them after publication, but, overall, your publication is impressive. I suspect that sometimes the errors may not even be yours (the paging problem in Issue 3, Spring 2014), but rather the group that you use for printing. I would also like to comment on your Staff Editorial from the above mentioned issue. The many points you made in that editorial were valid and cleverly presented. I would particularly like to comment on your suggestion that a better word than ‘tolerance’ should have been used (by me) when addressing the issue of racism. Touche. I absolutely should have made a better choice of words! In fact, it was brought to my attention between session two and session three that day that I might consider changing my dialogue. The person bringing it to my attention used some of the same points that you used in your editorial. It hit me like a ton of bricks that I had, in fact, done a disservice to my audience in the first two sessions by using the word ‘tolerance’ excessively. Your suggested word, ‘acceptance,’ is what I used during my third, and final, presentation that morning. You said it well, “Sure, tolerance sounds all fine and dandy, but there ought to be a more palatable word in the wake of this word’s ineffective nature at actually breeding change.” We should all be lifelong learners, and my learning that day is just one example of that! Thanks for your effort and fine work so far this school year! I am looking forward to your remaining issues, and I wish you all the best of luck in journalism or whatever field you end up pursuing. You are all intelligent, passionate individuals with bright futures in front of you. R



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