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Nicky Clarke NHD109 Nicky Clarke products continue to set the benchmark in hair care really, plenty launch each year but Nicky is still the firm favourite. With one of the UK’s top styling teams, their products are salon-tested and designed to suit individual hair types and styling needs. Nicky calls upon over 25 years of being at the top of his profession to deliver, innovative, high-quality and professionally-proven products to help you get just the right of amount of volume. Better than looking like you just stepped out of a chip shop, remember those adverts?. The Nicky Clarke 2000W Professional AC Dryer is perfect for creative styling with volume, but with maximum control and minimum frizz.

Sennheiser HDR 170 These wireless headphones include a base unit that doubles as a transmitter and battery charger. This product is unlike any other wireless headphones – which is a compliment – and it certainly succeeds on sound. With just one analogue input, connectivity is limited, which might be a deal-breaker for some of you. The idea behind these headphones is that you hook up the transmitter to your TV or AV receiver, and then run your sources – such as your Sky box or Bluray – through the TV or receiver. If that’s what you’re looking to do, the RS 170 should be at the top of your list of wireless headphones. Above all though, this is a sexy piece of tech that will add the finishing touch to your music or computer setup.

Parrot Zik Parrot recently claimed that these were the world’s most advanced wireless headphones. Whether that’s true or not, they’re certainly the trendiest, sculpted by French designer Philippe Starck. The headphones are first and foremost very comfortable, with ear cups lined with memory foam and an ergonomic headband. The noise-cancelling function of the Parrot Zik headphones works tremendously well, achieving a decent amount of isolation. There’s also a decent level of dynamic reach, although when connected by wire, the sound had a touch more detail than without. But this wasn’t enough to put us off. This is a high-end set of headphones that aren’t exactly revolutionary, but have certainly raised the bar, especially when it comes to design.

THE REVIEW 2014 143

The Review - Idris Elba - Issue #3  

This third issue is ovulating with all the things that make the material world worth living in. Smith, your motoring editor, takes a set of...

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