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Llana Beach Hotel Construction Update See the new images for The Resort Group’s latest Cape Verde development FIND OUT MORE INSIDE



Increased tourism to Cape Verde, Fractional Investments and more


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Llana Beach Hotel – Construction update and investment opportunities See the latest development of the Llana Beach Hotel Lagoon project

Situated between the 5-star MELIÃ

manmade lagoon placed on the beach


Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, Llana

built from rocks removed from the

of Llana Beach Hotel. With year-round

Tortuga Beach Resort and MELIÃ

Beach Hotel is designed to elevate

the guest experience in Cape Verde to the next level – featuring new

facilities for all three beachside resorts and adding value for tourists and investors alike.


surrounding beach and accropodes,

simultaneously hosts an area of calm

sea (perfect for swimmers) and glorious rock free sandy white beaches. The

stunning lagoon has been developed

in line with guest feedback - this latest development aims to add additional

The latest photography shows a new,


between the three resorts. This lagoon,

value to the resorts, their guests and investors.

There’s still time to get your own slice temperatures between 25°C and

30°C, direct flights from key worldwide cities and legislation preventing overdevelopment of the local area – this opportunity presents the perfect

conditions for investment. Investors

not only benefit from long term rental

yields, but also capital growth that other

emerging markets can only dream about.

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▼ Latest Llana Construction Images

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MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort voted Cape Verde’s leading hotel! We are delighted to announce that MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort has been voted Cape Verde’s Leading Hotel at the World Travel Awards for the fourth consecutive year!

MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa Continues to Impress Since MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa opened in November 2014,

its 1,150 rooms have helped a host

of celebrities unwind, garnered over 1,000 reviews on TripAdvisor and,

most recently, received glowing praise from holiday-goers Emily and Jamie!

Emily and Jamie stayed at the Resort to celebrate their birthdays and

anniversary this week, leaving this

resort has been just that! Your staff have provided the upmost level of

service throughout our stay and we

can’t thank them enough! In Particular, Paulino and the team at Atlantis have

provided excellent serve at breakfast, Ivalena at The Level pool and Jose at Odyssey & Velvet bars have all

provided fantastic hospitality throughout out stay which we fully appreciate.

lovely note behind for staff:

We can’t thank Emily & Jamie enough

We wanted a fantastic holiday to

Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, and we’re

our anniversary this summer and your

them enough to leave this note!

celebrate both of our birthdays and

Competing against a strong list of nominees including Riu Karamboa and Morabeza Hotel, we are thrilled that our hotel has emerged as the award winner. Hailed as the ‘Oscars of the Travel Industry’, The World Travel Awards aim to highlight the travel brands that make the greatest contribution to the industry in terms of quality, innovation and service. Winning this award for the fourth year is a fantastic achievement and highlights the fact that we are committed to the highest standard of excellence for our guests and investors.

for choosing to stay at the MELIÃ

so happy that the Resort impressed



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Cape Verde's Leading Hotel

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The rise and rise in tourism to Cape Verde Cape Verde continues to show growth in visitor numbers, in particular tourism, says a new report from the Cape Verde National Statistics Institute. The report, which charts visitor numbers to the archipelago during the first 6

months of 2015, details an increase

of 2% in visitor numbers – with a 4.1% year-on-year increase in the second quarter of 2015.

These fantastic indicators of the

country’s economic growth have

also prompted Cape Verdean airline

TACV to open a new air route from the country to Maceio, the state capital of Alagaos, Brazil. This is fantastic news

for the country and property investors in itself, though the news also means that Cape Verde will have new international links to Amsterdam, Lisbon and

Paris – widening the opportunities for

European tourists to visit and stay at the

s 2% increase in vistor numbers

archipelago on holidays.

We couldn’t agree more. Find out how

In an article covering the news on

7% return during construction as

James (Property and Investment Writer)

opportunities for full property purchase

in Cape Verde property – before the

Cape Verde’s growing tourism industry

you can get started with a guaranteed, Roxanne

part of our off-plan incentives. With

highlights that now is the time to invest

and fractional investment, investing in

international community gets there first:

is within easy reach.

With booming tourism and discounted real estate, it won’t be long before investors zoom in on Cape Verde’s bountiful property market. For investors seeking a lower entry level property purchase, there are investment opportunities in the country’s hotel sector currently attracting interest among buyers of income generating assets, starting from as little as £10,000.”

Miss Turismo 2015

Cape Verde’s annual competition to select an international advocate for tourism on the islands commenced this August, with 13 hopefuls competing at MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa to become Miss Turismo 2015! After a tough selection process, we’re pleased to confirm that Miss Turismo Cape Verde 2015 is… Ayline Fortes! Congratulations, we can’t wait to see your work.


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CEO Awarded ‘Tourism Merit Medal’

Rob Jarrett has been awarded the Tourism Merit Medal by the Municipality of Sal in Cape Verde. The new honour officially and publicly recognises Rob’s positive contribution to tourist development on the island of Sal.

Mrs Dirce Évora, Chairperson of Sal City Council, presented the award at a

ceremony, which took place at the City Hall in Sal, Cape Verde. Commenting on his award, Rob said: “I am incredibly proud to receive such a prestigious

award, and be applauded for developing hotel resorts that capture the beauty of Cape Verde. It’s also a privilege to see the impact The Resort Group has

made on tourism and therefore the country’s economy. We have had our fair share of challenges but I have an excellent support network of employees

and partners who work tirelessly to make our resorts the best they can be.

Meliá Hotels International, for example, is instrumental in ensuring the guest experience at each resort is first class and that the touristic flow continues

in the country. And of course the Cape Verde government, which is always highly cooperative and complimentary.”

Rob established The Resort Group in 2007 to capitalise on Cape Verde’s natural beauty, sensational beaches and friendly people, and put the

archipelago firmly on the tourist map. His vision became a reality when, in

2009, he secured a management agreement with Meliá Hotels International

– the largest resort hotel group in the world – to operate the company’s (now completed) resorts on Sal, MELIÁ Tortuga Beach Resort and MELIÁ Dunas

Beach Resort & Spa. As well as attracting holidaymakers from across Europe, both resorts quickly attracted hundreds of property investors looking for longterm investment opportunities.

Since Rob has invested in developing Cape Verde, tourism figures have risen significantly, and the company now represents 4% of the country’s GDP.

Furthermore, Rob has created over 1,000 new employment opportunities

for the local people and the figure will continue to rise as The Resort Group

launches new property developments in Cape Verde. His third project, Llana Beach Hotel, which will have 601 properties, opens in 2016.

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Holiday-makers donate to Cape Verde Foundation The Cape Verde Foundation exists to help feed and educate the children of Cape Verde. It’s a fantastic cause and holiday-makers have been extremely generous in bringing donations for the Foundation with them on their holidays to the islands. We’d like to thank in particular the Andrews and Chumber families, who both came equipped with toys, clothes, books and even stationary to donate to the children of Cape Verde. Their kindness even inspired the staff at The Resort Group to set up their own donation event in September; gathering toys, clothes and even a gigantic teddy bear to be delivered to the children of Cape Verde. Because of all of this good will, we’ve decided to place donation boxes into our Cape Verde resorts. If you’re heading out to the islands soon, drop any unwanted currency into one of these boxes at your hotel’s reception and we’ll use it to improve the lives of Cape Verdean children. Thank you!





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Fractional Investment Opportunities

Fractional property investments

the islands. Tourism to Cape Verde

typical buy-to-let property and have a

year-round sunshine and stunning

provide many of the benefits from a

lower financial entry point. To help you understand what’s on offer from our

fractional investment products, we’ve

put together these 5 potential benefits:

1. You can get started with as little as £10,000

Because you’re buying a fraction of a property instead of owning it outright,

you can get started with a much lower

budget and still receive returns on that

investment. This also means that you’re

unlikely to require a mortgage, removing the need to find a lender before you can invest in property.

2. You’ll gain access to rental returns and capital growth With a fractional property investment in one of our developments your returns

are linked to the tourism performance

of Cape Verde, the occupancy level of the resort and the revenue generated by the tour operators who service


is growing year-on-year thanks to its beaches. The island’s resorts continue to receive fantastic reviews from

holiday-makers, and there were even additional international flight routes opened to Cape Verde this year.

Furthermore, Cape Verde is protected

7% per annum return whilst the property is under construction

Property investments are recognised as one of the safest and most rewarding routes to achieving a long and sustainable return. The good news is that there are investment options for a range of budgets, from buying outright through to fractional investment.

by legislation which restricts the

amount of touristic development and so investors enjoy protection against

over-supply, maximising the potential for capital growth.

3. Legal fees are built-in All of the legal fees associated with your investment are built-in to the

price of your investment, meaning

that there’s no additional costs to pay on completion as you would when purchasing a property outright.

4. Running costs are significantly lower

Rather than paying for the ongoing

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s Llana Beach Hotel Duplex CGI

Considering a buy-to-let property abroad? The Fractional Product

The Resort Group CEO, Rob Jarrett, authored a recent article in The London Economic explaining how property investment is within easy reach of anyone looking to make their money work harder:

s 7% p.a. return assured during construction*† s Cash investments from only £10k s Share of rental income s Share of capital growth running costs of your property in their

s No closing costs

entirety, with a fractional investment

s No mortgage required s Supported by signed hotel operator s Tried and tested investment model


* 7% interest is paid on the full fraction price for a maximum period of 4 years or completion of the property, whichever occurs first † 7% is available on selected stock only





you’re sharing those costs with other

investors and pay a proportion relative to the fraction of the property that you own.

5. Get a 7% assured return during construction Set up a fractional property investment in one of The Resort Group’s

developments and we’ll assure a 7%

per annum return whilst the property is under construction* (for a maximum of

4 years). This means that your money is working for you as soon as you invest, whenever you invest.

If you’re excited to get started with

a fractional property investment, our products will get you started with a

revenue generating asset within a hotel

managed resort from £10,000. Contact us

“The main advantage of a buyto-let investment is that you are purchasing an asset, which has the potential to grow in value as well as deliver a regular level of return. Property investment has always been popular for this reason, and is a main advantage over savings accounts. The buy-to-let model is a good idea because it is accessible to the new and experienced, especially when the property is managed for you. Investors can take advantage of various payment options – they can pay for a property using cash or buy through their pension. Properties can be purchased outright (with deposits starting as low as 45% on a new property), and fractional investments are available for those with fewer funds to release.”

to find out more on +44 (0)1332 387818. *7% interest is paid on the full fraction

price for a maximum period of 4 years,

or completion of the property, whichever occurs first. 7% assured return is available on selected stock only.

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s Llana Beach Hotel Pearl living area CGI

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Developing world-class resorts in Cape Verde

Delivering first-class returns for investors

Our Product & Your Return The Resort Group are looking for sales agents to sell our 5-star property developments in Cape Verde. With a proven track record we can offer your clients a safe, secure investment with excellent rates of commission and incentive schemes.

What we offer: 3 An exclusive portfolio of property with guaranteed returns of 7% for up to 5 years 3 Full initial and ongoing product training 3 Office based sales support 3 Full range of marketing services

If you are currently operating in property, investments or the financial services industry then please speak to us today about becoming an agent, call +44 (0)1332 387 811 or email

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Resort Life - Issue 7 - Autumn 2015 Quarterly magazine by The Resort Group PLC Read about the success of overseas...