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Property in the UK – is it time to invest elsewhere?

The property taxes changed on the 1st April 2016 and if you’re a buyto-let investor in the UK, it wasn’t good news.



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Property in the UK – is it time to invest elsewhere?

The property taxes changed on the 1st April 2016 and if you’re a buy-to-let investor in the UK, it wasn’t good news. It seems to be an unfortunate time to be a buy-to-let investor as the next

few years are set to see a significant change in profits on investment

properties. Firstly, a three per cent hike

in stamp duty for second homes began on the 1st April this year. This has sent many property investors into panic –

especially after it was revealed that the

government had rejected a consultation where a waiver was proposed for those buying more than 15 properties.

Page 10-11 Do you need a Digital Detox on your next holiday?

Chancellor George Osborne also

Page 12-13 Sal Beach Soccer Cup & Getting married in Cape Verde

cuts. As a result, those with residential

Page 14-15 The Cape Verde Foundation

announced a steep drop in capital gains taxes for all but private UK

landlords, who are excluded from the

properties began paying eight per cent more than any other kind of investor in

the event of an increase in the value of their assets from the 6th April 2016.

Additionally, in what is calculated to have a massive impact on landlords, more


coming changes will remove their ability to deduct the cost of their mortgage

interest from their rental income when

they calculate a profit on which to pay tax. In doing so, the Chancellor plans

to tax landlords on turnover rather than

profit, which means it will be payable on a nonexistent income. When broken down, some will then be paying in excess of

100% in tax rates – essentially paying all

of their profit to taxes and then more still. It will also potentially drag landlords into the upper tax brackets. This proposed

increase will start to phase in from 2017, with full implementation planned by the year 2020.

With all that in mind, it seems the perfect opportunity to reinvest

elsewhere or diversify a portfolio, as many buy-to-let landlords hunt for

more profitable alternatives to counter the costly tax changes coming into effect in the UK over the next few

years. Overseas property investment

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GOOD from NEWS Cape Verde

As the tourism industry goes from strength to strength and the government seeks new ways to improve infrastructure, there has been an influx of good news for the Cape Verde Islands recently. s Sea view villa at MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa

s Villa with private pool has never been so popular and is,

unsurprisingly, set to thrive as these

new taxes are implemented and their effect is felt across the market. With The Resort Group, one of

a variety of options available to

investors brings the benefit of a fully managed investment, which means

no maintenance costs, rental voids or

calls from disgruntled tenants. We offer an assured rate of return on luxurious

properties at our 5-star resorts in Cape Verde that are also exempt from local

income taxes, making them a very tax efficient investment. The Islands have become one of the world’s hottest

property investment locations. It’s an

undeniably popular destination amongst those in the know; the unspoilt beauty of Cape Verde has been tempting

Emerging Family Hotspot It has been reported that Cape Verde is amongst the emerging favourites for families to holiday. Recent research cites everything from its rich cultural history and lively music scene to the stunning scenery and undiscovered feel for its place on the Daily Express list. It’s no surprise that its popularity has boomed in the public consciousness recently, with such a short flight time and year-round sunshine – it seems Sal Island is set to become a major hotspot in the next few years.

investors for years. Along with a

flourishing tourism market, the National Statistics Institute recently stated that

hotel guests increased by 5.8% in the last year while overnight stays saw a sizeable rise of 14.9%.

Investors are also motivated by the

sustainable rental returns and capital growth potential at The Resort Group – maybe it’s because whether you

invest in full property ownership or our

Fractional Investment offering, any cash purchase made as part of our off-plan incentive will deliver a 7% return per

annum during construction, as well as a rewarding future after completion. If you’re looking for a range of safe,

secure and proven property investment

opportunities, contact us today for more information – call 01332 387 811.

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Flights from Glasgow

Thomson unveiled increased capacity from regional UK airports this month, including a new route flying direct from Glasgow to Sal, Cape Verde. As the Islands have grown in reputation as a great destination, there has been a call for better connectivity, with this new route providing a direct connection from Scotland. The upgrade will be in place from winter this year, in plenty of time for holidaymakers flying out in summer 2017.

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Partner Spotlight:

Meliá Hotels International and Hilton Hotels & Resorts Meliá Hotels International

to our three resorts in Sal, we have a


60th anniversary this year and, as one

White Sands Hotel & Spa on Boa Vista,

hotels than Hilton Worldwide. The

Meliá Hotels International celebrated its of our key strategic partners, we are

delighted to see how it has become one of the world’s largest hoteliers.

Since being founded in 1956, Meliá Hotels International has grown from its first hotel in Mallorca, Spain, to a

management agreement in place for

which will transform Santa Monica into a truly luxurious beach destination.

By working with Meliá, we will be able to meet the growing demand for high

quality accommodation on the island and capitalise on the continuing growth in

There are few bigger names in

international company is one of the

most recognised brands in the industry and, since being founded in 1919,

has opened more than 550 hotels and resorts in around 80 countries.


Hilton runs a comprehensive Development

Meliá signs a new hotel every two or three

What’s clear is that Meliá Hotels

trusted developers, helping them launch

in 15 countries in 2016.

the guest experience at all of these

presence today in 40 different countries.

weeks, and it plans to open 25 new hotels

In a recent statement, Meliá said it is

transforming from a commodity product

to a lifestyle hotel experience that meets the diverse needs and expectations of

different types of guests, and providing

new experiences and added value to the traditional “sun and beach” destinations.

Partnership built for growth

The Resort Group’s long-term success in

International is instrumental in ensuring resorts is first class and that the touristic

flow continues in Cape Verde. Throughout its 60-year-history, Meliá has been at the forefront of the luxury hotel industry and,

Programme to enable partnerships with a Hilton Worldwide brand in a specific

market. The Resort Group is one of Hilton Worldwide’s trusted partners, and we

are working closely together to build two impressive hotel resorts in Cape Verde.

at The Resort Group, we will continue to

Cape Verde for pleasure

hotelier in the future.

part in the Cape Verde government’s

enjoy working and growing alongside the

Hilton Worldwide will play an integral

▼ CGI plans for the Hilton Praia, Santiago

luxury resort development in Cape Verde

is largely strengthened by the partnership with Meliá Hotels International. As our partner, the company’s largest brand

MELIÃ Hotels & Resorts is responsible for driving resort revenue through a global network of tour operators as well as

delivering a five-star luxury experience for guests of our resorts.

A future with Meliá

Our partnership with Meliá Hotels

International is set to be replicated on

Sal’s sister island, Boa Vista. In addition


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GOOD from NEWS Cape Verde

Inter-Island Accessibility

Hilton Praia will fill a strong demand for a business hotel in the capital city of a country that is recognised as an important trading location for Africa, Europe and the Americas, and has developed a credible track record of political stability.

development plans for Boa Vista,

Mandela International Airport (RAI) and

improve the Island’s infrastructure.

of Cape Verde, will be located just six

set up to drive touristic volume and We have six five-star hotel and resorts

planned for the island – all of which will

the Port of Praia, one of the principle ports kilometres away.

be built on Santa Monica Beach – and

Hilton Praia will fill a strong demand for

its doors to holidaymakers.

country that is recognised as an important

Hilton Boa Vista will the second to open

The Hilton Boa Vista development itself will be made up of 400 modern rooms

and fantastic facilities including a range of restaurants, bars and shops. In addition, guests will have access to stunning

swimming pools as well as a spa, gym and water sports centre.

Cape Verde for business

It is not just tourists visiting the island of Boa

a business hotel in the capital city of a

trading location for Africa, Europe and the Americas, and has developed a credible track record of political stability. In fact,

according to the World Trade Organisation,

long-term growth of real GDP has averaged 7.7% per year (1990-2013) and, in 2014,

economic growth reached 2.7%. Services

currently contribute about 60% to GDP, with maritime and air transport earmarked as priority sectors for development.

Vista that will benefit from the collaboration

Shared vision and values

Worldwide. We also have plans to open a

have formed with both Meliá Hotels

between The Resort Group and Hilton

Hilton Hotel in the business district of Praia, Cape Verde’s capital and largest city.

The upscale business hotel will be built near the city’s diplomatic quarters,

governmental institutions, commercial, finance and residential areas. Nelson

Thanks to the strong partnerships we International and Hilton Worldwide,

Cape Verde is earning a reputation

as a place to visit for both leisure and

corporate purposes. And it will be the

shared vision and values of both these

partnerships that ensures great success with all our developments.

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From June this year, it will be easier than ever to discover the originality of each of Cape Verde’s Islands with inter-island flights. Airline Binter CV will start with two aircraft facilitating a straightforward connection between three or four of the islands; this is expected to rise to three airplanes by the end of the year. Following the success of such services in the Canary Islands, the company will follow the same model but adjusted to the size of Cape Verde.

Growing Economy

The economy in Cape Verde has gone from strength to strength and nothing proves this more than the marked improvement in the gross domestic product of the country. The GDP is expected to post a real growth of between 1.5% and 2.5% this year, according to a projection from the Bank of Cabo Verde. The macroeconomic policy, published by the central bank earlier this year, attributed lower economic growth to national and international macro-financial developments and said that private consumption was down compared to last year, in line with a drop in consumer trust. Despite this, Cape Verde has a positive financial future, with growth improving year-on-year. The report credited the improvement in the labour market, an ease in access to consumer credit and a continued increase in interest in the Islands for this progress.

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White Sands update The Resort Group’s first development on Boa Vista Island, White Sands Hotel & Spa has progressed from groundbreaking to construction in the last few months.


A groundbreaking ceremony took

place in December 2015 with Rob Jarrett and former Cape Verdean Prime Minister Jose Maria Neves

laying the first stone. Boa Vista, where the hotel is to be built, is set for major touristic development as a part of a government scheme to improve the infrastructure and enhancing

the existing features on the island. There are currently plans for six

developments on Boa Vista, of which White Sands is the first.

Signing the contracts

s CEO of The Resort Group PLC Rob Jarrett meets with senior members of the construction team Andy Lawson and Mike Deering along with several members of the Grupo San Jose team including Nilton Ramos, Joaqium Morgado, Rui Merencio and Joao Mateus.

Contracts were then officially signed with

construction company Grupo San Jose in

February, which saw White Sands Hotel &

Spa move one step closer to construction. The company has also been appointed

to build the new University of Cape Verde campus in Praia.

CEO of The Resort Group PLC Rob

noticeably underway on the site in the

tourism to the area – a place where

of the construction team - Andy

Resort, designed to cater to families

commitment to regeneration, in close

Jarrett meets with senior members

Lawson and Mike Deering along with several members of the Grupo San Jose team including Nilton Ramos,

Joaqium Morgado, Rui Merencio and Joao Mateus, to mark this exciting

development for the White Sands Hotel & Spa.

first step towards this newest 5-star

and adults alike. It will offer a variety

of pools, a kids entertainment club, a

Investors interested in White Sands

relaxing spa. The expected completion

off-plan, with a full unit starting

the evening and into the night, and a

date is late 2018, with some of the 835 properties already being sold off-plan. Boa Vista is a simply stunning island

site at the White Sands Hotel & Spa

interesting wildlife and a vibrant culture.

development in April. Work is now


partnership with The Resort Group.

collection of bars to enjoy throughout


Construction began in earnest on

the government has already stated its

to visit, surrounded by soft beaches, White Sands Hotel & Spa will bring

Hotel & Spa can purchase properties at €151,450. The Resort Group is

guaranteeing an off-plan incentive of 7% per annum return during the hotel’s construction phase,

meaning investors can start earning

immediately. For more information call 01332 387 811

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University of Cape Verde to open new campus in Praia As part of their dedication to the wider regeneration of Cape Verde, The Resort Group has invested over 70% of the funding into the development of the new University of Cape Verde campus in Praia, which will advance the university’s capabilities in education. The new campus recently played host to Prime Minister José Maria Neves

and the Minister of Higher Education, Communication and Investigation, Antonio Correia e Silva as they

came together for an exciting day of

groundbreaking, speeches about the

future of the university and a tour of the site. Joined by Judite Nascimento, the

headmistress of the university, they cast the inaugural stone that will eventually

culminate in the building for The School of Business and Governance.

The school welcomes students

s Prime Minister José Maria Neves (right) and the Minister of Higher Education, Communication and Investigation, Antonio Correia e Silva (left).

Portuguese is spoken and numbers

Applicants that wish to apply for

Following the ceremony, the visiting

high demands on the facilities. With a

Economics, Finance, Business

about the project and were shown the

needed new building aims not only

Administration, need to have completed

but will include new auditoriums,

are normally aged from 18 to 25 years

outdoor areas, with the main aim to be

degree on conclusion of their studies,

from many African countries where

are now approaching 700, which puts

one of their courses, which include

growing interest for places, this much-

Management, Governance and Public

to improve conditions in classrooms

their secondary school education and

laboratories, canteen, sports courts and

old. Students can achieve a Bachelor’s

a school of reference for the African

which will benefit them in finding a job in

continent and beyond.

their chosen field.

The Resort Group is also set to

The Prime Minister commented at the

and will soon grant scholarships to

on the ability of their professionals to

Governance as part of their investment

efficiency and the level of sophistication

larger investment in the island, as the

as Cape Verde has no traditional

careers in banks, private companies

necessary to achieve “a high level of

support the growing economy.


become a patron of the university

groundbreaking, “Cape Verde depends

students of the School of Business and

provide conditions that increase the

to education. This is also part of a

in everything we do.” He added that

majority of graduates will carve their

natural resources, it is especially

and administrative roles – which will

management” through innovation and

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dignitaries listened to speeches

initial CGI images for the construction of the University. The new structure is set to improve on the current

conditions and offers more space than the existing structure.

Work has already begun on the

development of the school on a plot

measuring 2,200 square metres and

is located directly next to the current

campus of Palmarejo. It is scheduled for completion in later in 2016.

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Llana update Llana Beach Hotel continues to progress as it nears completion. Most recently, the private and individual wing gardens have been installed, with plants grown specifically for the Resort in specialised greenhouse conditions.


Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday 2016 marks The Queen’s

90th birthday, and The Resort

Group was selected to feature in the official commemorative

publication. The album coincided

with a fantastic line-up of events in May and we were honoured to be part of this historic celebration. The album – produced by

publisher St James’s House and announced as the only

publication sanctioned and

endorsed by the organisers – was presented as a gift to over 25,000 VVIP and VIP guests. Copies of the book were also distributed

to key figures and organisations

Beach Lagoon Update

In conjunction with our latest Sal

Resort, The Resort Group is developing a lagoon structure on the beach, which will serve both to increase touristic

value for investors and add another layer of entertainment for guests

looking to stay at any of the three

around the world including

heads of state, ambassadors and leaders of industry.

The official commemorative album – and copies of the official event programme – can be ordered

online at

surrounding Resorts.


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Good property guide Celebratory and sensual. These are

the words used by The Good Property Guide to describe Cape Verde on the

front cover of its special 10th anniversary issue. Judging by the stunning image of our resort MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort it’s easy to see why.

Our UK Sales Director, Rich Moore, recently told the magazine why

property investors should look for

their next opportunity in Cape Verde. He explained that, while there are

plenty of overseas property investment opportunities in established markets

The Resort Group opens Prague office Having successfully obtained

like Spain and France, it will be the upand-coming destinations that will offer

a rewarding long-term investment. The country is definitely one destination to watch. It has a stable political

structure, growing economy, vibrant and traditional culture, exceptional

weather, pure white sands and crystal clear waters – and they are all driving

tourists (and therefore investors) to the country.

Read the full article in The Good

Property Guide 10th Anniversary Edition: March – April 2016

Luxury Hotel Group of the Year 2016

registration of the Resort

We were thrilled to hear that the Meliá Group has received the award for

Czech National Bank in January

incredible accolade from the Luxury Travel Awards, chosen by a panel of

Development Fund with the

2016, The Resort Group are

now able to offer the fund on the Czech market through licensed investment intermediaries. In

May, we celebrated the official

opening presentation of the new

Czech office in Prague New Town, with a mixture of agents, clients,

Luxury Hotel Group of the Year in Cape Verde. It’s an honour to win this

well-respected, industry expert judges. They were particularly taken with

the beachside setting of our Resorts, the variety of pools, restaurants and bars, and the family-friendly activities available to guests. It’s the latest in a long line of awards for MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and MELIÃ

Tortuga Beach Resort since their respective launches, and with a team always looking to improve on the already luxurious, five-star service, it shouldn’t be the last.

investors, business partners and guests – including the Consul of

Cape Verde and the Ambassador

of Portugal. It’s a great international step, with the new team looking to

encourage business development in Central and Eastern Europe,

develop and manage a network of high quality agents and business

partners in the region and support

▼ MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort win Luxury Hotel Group of the Year 2016.

new investors and clients when they invest in Cape Verde.

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Do you need a Digital Detox on your next holiday? Picture yourself arriving on holiday in the sun. After checking into your hotel, you are relaxing on a sun lounger on the beach, feeling the warm sand with your toes and sipping on a cocktail handed to you by a waiter. Now imagine picking up your mobile phone, sending multiple WhatsApp messages and checking into Facebook – and then regularly checking for replies and notifications.

You’ve quite quickly become focused

While the figures might suggest we’re

Furthermore, they saw an

plan to take time out from the norm

aren’t. But most of us would probably

more likely to remember obscure

on technology, and your original

has been hampered. It’s no surprise, though, as most of us are plugged

into our smartphones. According to a recent study led by Nottingham Trent

University, the average person checks their device 85 times a day – twice as

often as they realise. A separate study by Direct Line also

addicted to technology, some of us admit to being dependent on our

mobile devices. Therefore, it might be time to take a break from everything and anything digital – otherwise

known as a digital detox. The idea

might sound terrifying to some, but the benefits could be significant.

found that social media is the

Neuroscientists recently observed

adults spending on average 24%

from their devices in the Moroccan

favourite use for a smartphone, with of their phone

time accessing services such as Facebook and Twitter, and 12% using

messaging services.


35 people who were totally cut off

desert. As reported in Fast Company, people’s posture noticeably

changed after just three days without technology. The reasons being that

improvement in memory and were details about each other – an

important factor when bonding with other people. There were sleep

enhancements too. The guests said that, while they did not sleep for

as long, they felt more rested and

rejuvenated (possibly due to the light

from screens suppressing melatonin in the body, which makes us more alert

as we are going to sleep). The lack of constant distraction from technology

also appeared to free people’s minds

to contemplate more important issues in their lives.

they started primarily looking

While you might not be ready to

than downward into their screens.

world just yet, there are a few ways

forward into people’s eyes, rather

disconnect yourself from the real

you can break away from your phone – even if just for a short time.

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FIVE aboutFACTS Cape Verde Cape Verde is undoubtedly a

wonderfully surprising place with a

plethora of exciting things to do, see and learn, but here’s the five most incredible facts about the Islands.

Book a holiday…but avoid top tourist

destinations that are likely to be rife with technology distractions such as British

pubs littered with TVs and city billboards. Instead, choose a remote location such as archipelago Cape Verde, which

positions itself as a place to relax with its ‘no stress’ mantra. Stay on the island of

Sal as it has just a handful of hotels and

boutique shops, along with friendly locals who are more interested in making your stay memorable than using technology. Choose your accommodation…

but make it an all-inclusive five-star resort. If you stay in a resort that

offers excellent facilities and services, there’ll be little or no reason for you to phone and book an excursion

or activity, or check your tablet for

restaurant recommendations. If you stay on Sal island, stay at MELIÃ

Dunas Beach Resort & Spa for the

ultimate distraction-free experience. If you upgrade to The Level, you’ll also

1) Sal had its very own salt mines benefit from a personalised service and priority reservations.

Go back to basics when you’re there…

at Pedra de Lume, which sit

dramatically at the mouth of a longextinct volcano.

which means using things technology has

2) Excellent conditions for water

tourist to recommend an activity instead

of the Islands. On Boa Vista, the

to a friend rather than send a text

makes for ideal swimming, surfing

now replaced. For example, ask a local or

sports are optimised by the position

of searching online, and send a postcard

bay of Sal Rei offers protection that

message. You could even take photos

and windsurfing conditions.

you can look forward to getting the photos

3) International footballer Nani hails

using a disposable camera, which means developed once you’re back home.

from the Islands. He was born in the

And if you can’t live without your

Cape Verde to Europe as a child.

just make a few small changes. Don’t

4) The crystal clarity of the pool in

or beach every day and keep your

means you can see right down to

your phone at a certain point of the

it resembles a beautiful blue eye.

technology devices on holiday…

capital, Praia, before emigrating from

take your phone to the swimming pool

the Olho Azul Cave at Buracona

devices on silent. Finally, only check

the minerals on the ocean floor and

day or week, giving yourself a target that is challenging yet achievable.

After all, you might surprise yourself and enjoy the digital detox.

5) Cape Verde is the place to

see loggerhead sea turtles as the

most significant nesting site on the eastern side of the Atlantic. Visit

between June and December and

head down to the beaches of Santa Maria or Boa Vista.

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Sal Beach Soccer Cup As the second annual Sal Beach Soccer Cup kicked off on the sandy beaches of Santa Maria, the four stands were packed to capacity. Guests from nearby hotels, including MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, joined local enthusiasts and supporters to witness a battle of wills between four determined Beach Soccer teams – Cape Verde, Portugal, England and Spain.

Outside the custom-built stadium,

many locals gathered to dance and

celebrate over the three days of the

tournament. While inside, attendees, including CEO of The Resort Group

Rob Jarrett and President of the Cape Verde Foundation Analita Fernandes

Das Neves, were treated to music and cheerleaders to start off the contest. All teams had ample supporters

and enjoyed an amazing friendly

atmosphere. The England team in

particular had good support from the crowd, and to the delight of many of

the guests, they scored a fabulous 7 goals to 2 when they played against Cape Verde.

The Cape Verde flag was flying high

all around the town of Santa Maria and the restaurants and bars were buzzing with excitement throughout the three days. Anticipation built with every

match as the goals stacked up, there were some in which one team clearly dominated but some came just too close to call at times.

In the end, it was Portugal who won the cup with an incredible undefeated streak – winning 3

games out of 3. It was an undeniably successful international Beach Soccer Tournament so hopes

for further games are high and

organisers are eager to host the World Championships in Cape Verde by 2020.


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Getting married in Cape Verde Cape Verde is becoming a go-to destination for couples searching for a relaxed yet luxurious approach to their ceremony. But getting married in Cape Verde isn’t the only option – beautifully photogenic blessings and laid-back honeymoons are also unsurprisingly popular. Weddings

catered meals to surprise gifts waiting

adults only through to family-themed

beautiful alternative to a UK wedding

was especially happy with the level of

is the large swim up pool bar – cocktails

Couples searching for an effortless yet have increasingly been looking to Cape Verde as a destination.

in your suite. One TripAdvisor reviewer service and attention to detail at MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa.

Rob Jarrett, Chief Executive Officer of

“My wife and I stayed at the hotel for

have been choosing the islands for their

remember and certainly got that. From

The Resort Group can see why couples ceremony: “With marriage costs at an

all-time high, it’s no surprise that couples have been heading to the sunshine and splendour of the Cape Verde beaches

our honeymoon. We wanted a holiday to checking in to departure everything

about this place was memorable and all for the right reasons.

for an unforgettable ceremony. The short

Our Deluxe suite was spacious, clean

hours, makes it a very viable option for

restaurant was excellent. Offering such

flight from the UK, only a little over five friends and family too.”

Cape Verde provides the ideal location for renewing vows or for a stunning

and peaceful. The food served in every a wide choice of options there really is something for everyone’s taste buds. The swimming pools cater for all –

beachfront ceremony and there are many

water play parks. A particular highlight in the pool, who could ask for more? "

Cape Verdean traditions

What is often so enchanting about a wedding ceremony is the customs

that make it unique to the culture and country of the bride and groom, and Cape Verde is no different.

For obvious reasons, weddings are

an incredibly important festivity on the islands. Among many traditions is the

custom of batuque, most commonly seen on the island of Santiago, in which the

wedding party takes part in solo dancing and a call and response choir, inspired by Cape Verdeans’ African roots.

ways to organise your day. A civil wedding

The ceremony is a big event with

the Islands for 30 days but a marriage

these can be expensive affairs but are

cannot take place unless tourists are on

blessing ceremony before or after a legal UK service offers a wonderful alternative.

extended family and friends invited –

incredibly festive and extremely inclusive, often with a whole island involved.


For those who choose to celebrate

their vows at home, Cape Verde is a

picturesque honeymoon destination.

Many couples have been heading to

If you’re interested in celebrating

holiday, enticed by the year-round

or relaxing on your honeymoon in

the islands for a romantic and relaxing sunshine and variety of activities on offer. Staff at the resorts work especially hard to make sure that everybody has their perfect honeymoon – from specially

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your wedding, renewing your vows Cape Verde, download our events brochure with this link: http:// events-brochure.pdf

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The Cape Verde Foundation

The Foundation has been hard at work for the last few months, raising valuable funds and materials with the help of our guests and investors for the communities in Cape Verde.

Fundraising Skydive

listening to what positions we needed

Andrews took a huge leap for the Cape

me really nervous. I hadn’t googled to

One of our intrepid supporters Nicola

Verde Foundation over Easter Weekend and jumped out of a plane to raise

money. We asked her a few questions

about the lead-up to the jump and how she felt on the day.

to be in for our own safety was making see how far 15,000ft was but we were told that we would free fall for 2 miles

and the other mile we would have our

parachute out to glide around and enjoy the views, that’s when it hit me how high

it was. Leaving the safety briefing, I then How did you feel in the days leading

went to meet all my family and amazing

I was starting to feel really nervous – the

When I was called to get my suit and

up to it?

friends who had came to support me.

day before was the worst as people

harness on, my heart was in my mouth.

were saying, “just think tomorrow you’ll

be at the airfield getting ready to jump”, and asking how I felt. Children from

the school I work at were asking lots of questions about my jump too.

I was introduced to George who was

the guy I would be attached to. He must have been able to see I was nervous

as he was making a lot of jokes and it instantly made me feel more relaxed.

something close to my heart but looking down standing on the edge of the

plane waiting to free fall was the most Did that change on the day itself?

How did it feel when you were

terrifying thing I have ever experienced.

minutes away and then felt terrified

When we were in the plane, George

Can you describe the experience

I was absolutely fine until we were 5 beyond words. It would have been so

easy at this stage to just go home and

admit defeat but because I was doing it for the Foundation I wasn’t going to let them down.

about to jump?

asked how high I thought we were – I

said 5,000ft but we were only 1,500ft. At that point, I just wanted to get off the plane. The plane kept climbing

higher and higher. I saw the sign in

the aeroplane saying that 15,000ft is What words of support did you have

the highest you can skydive without

I had lots of texts and Facebook

we were at 15,000ft and we could all

from friends and family?

oxygen. The light went green signalling

messages on the day offering support

start jumping. I was fourth to jump,

and encouragement. It kept me focused as to why I was doing the sky dive.

when the guy in front of me had gone

I knew there was no turning back. We

shuffled towards the door, ready to take What happened when you got to

our position to jump. George reminded

After checking in, I was called for my

as well as facing my fears of flying

the airfield?

me again why I was doing this jump

safety briefing. Sitting in the room

and heights. I knew I was doing it for


of jumping?

George threw us out the plane and we instantly fell head first, the feeling was amazing. The wind was so loud as I

was free falling and everything seemed a blur until our parachute came out. I

could then see Exmouth, South Wales, Hinckley Point and eventually I could

see all my family and friends waiting for me to land.

You’ve done so much for the

Foundation already – what is it that motivates you?

Having children myself and working as a teaching assistant in their school, I

know how important education is. Also,

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Nurses in Espargos

Six nurses recently flew out to Cape Verde to complete a six-week work experience placement in the Hospital Ramiro Figueira.

With the help of Dr Monica at Medical Services SA and the University of Nottingham,

the six nurses were placed at the Espargos-based hospital to aid those who work on

the frontline of Cape Verdean healthcare. Dr Monica and her colleagues are based in MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, where the medical team helps guests in need.

Jasmin, Kieren, Lauren, Kim, Alys and Julie were all halfway through their nursing

qualification – in their second year of a 3-year course – studying Adult Field Nursing at the University of Nottingham. The course included a six week placement and

Cape Verde as a destination for this was a first for the university. The placement

came about after a holiday at MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort and Spa in September last year, where Lauren met owner Rob Jarrett and Foundation President Analita Fernandes Das Neves, that the wheels were put in motion.

it goes without saying that every child deserves a good quality of life.

Their day started at 8am sharp, when they were all driven to Espargos and then

sent to their different departments to be placed into pairs. It was back to the Resort for a spot of lunch and then straight off to the hospital again for the afternoon.

It was a learning experience for everyone in many different ways - “most of the

What’s next for you? Is there

nurses we’re working with are keener to learn English from us than teach us Creole

I would love to spend a day working within

They were also overjoyed to be in Cape Verde during National Health Day on 7th

anything else you’d like to do?

or Portuguese but we’re trying to pick up as much of the language that we can.”

a school or youth centre in Cape Verde

April – where the Islands celebrate healthcare professionals.

when we go back next summer. We will

also carry on sending out toiletries, clothes

Healthcare in Cape Verde has come noticeably far since tourism started to boom

a local Brownies group who would like to

are always in need of more equipment as demand grows. The Resort Group work

and toys and I have been invited to talk to know how they could fundraise and help

the foundation. This definitely isn’t the end

of the Andrews family helping out the Cape Verde Foundation

The Cape Verde Foundation has

received an incredible €1,389.50 from

on the Islands, making an impact on the number of patients. The health services closely with them and also Medical Services SA, Cape Verde who have a fully

equipped medical facility on MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa to help the people visiting on holiday and avoid any extra strain on the local resources.

Read the blog at for more information about nurses’ six-week experience in Cape Verde.

Nicola’s brave skydive fundraiser.

Founder of the Foundation and The

Resort Group, Rob Jarrett, has also

agreed to match the donations made so far, doubling Nicola’s total.

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Resort Life - Issue 9  

The latest issue of Resort Life – Issue 9 – has landed and is full of news on our latest developments and life on Cape Verde.

Resort Life - Issue 9  

The latest issue of Resort Life – Issue 9 – has landed and is full of news on our latest developments and life on Cape Verde.