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Cape Verde: travel & tourism hotspot The Islands of Cape Verde are causing quite a stir on the travel circuit. With pure white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, it’s not hard to see why.





The latest updates on Llana Beach Hotel and White Sands Hotel & Spa


▼ Loggerhead turtles can also be spotted on Ervatao Beach between June and September.

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White Sand Hotel & Spa Plus New Inspection Trips

Cape Verde: travel & tourism hotspot Situated in the Atlantic Ocean some 500 kilometres off the west coast of Africa, the Islands of Cape Verde are causing quite a stir on the travel circuit. With pure white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, it’s not hard to see why. Tourism is growing fast and it’s starting to rival the Caribbean for yearround holidaying. Cape Verde is still relatively new to the

largely undiscovered, visitors won’t be

tourist scene, but there’s a variety of

sharing towel space with hoards of other

things to see and do. At The Resort Group

sun-seekers. Boa Vista translates as

our focus is on developing 5-star beach-

‘Beautiful View’ and the biggest draw

front resorts on the Islands. Outside of our

to Sal is its 8km stretch of pristine white

luxury hotels, there’s a lot to discover and

sandy beaches.

you’ll soon find yourself falling head over heels with this tropical idyllic Island.

Sal and Boa Vista islands

▼ Windsurfers enjoy near perfect weather conditions in Sal.

Cosmopolitan islands

Away from the beach there’s plenty to see and do. Sal is the most

As an archipelago, Cape Verde is

cosmopolitan of the Islands. It is dotted

declared independent in 1975. Due to

made up of 10 islands, each boasting

with small colourful towns like Santa

its location, there are also strong African

spectacular scenery and year-round

Maria, where cobbled streets are lined

influences. You’ll see it in the music, the

sun. However, only two have so far

with surf shops, market stalls, bars and

fashion and the food.

been opened up for large-scale tourist

restaurants. There’s also plenty of al

development. Most of the resorts can

fresco cafés. Sal Rei on Boa Vista is well

be found on the Islands of Sal and Boa

worth a visit too.

Vista, both of which have their own unique charm.

A beach lover’s paradise

A melting pot of cultures

A haven for water sports Due to their position within the winter

tradewind belt, the Cape Verde islands offer near perfect conditions from late

You’ll find a melting pot of cultures

November through to June for various

whichever island you choose. The

water sports. Sal has been popular for

For those seeking tranquility, Cape Verde

Portuguese originally discovered the

windsurfing and kitesurfing for many

is the ideal destination. It’s a beach

Islands and there are many European

years. So if you’re a thrill seeker, book a

lover’s paradise and because it’s still

influences. Cape Verde was only

lesson and have a go yourself.


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Things to do in Cape Verde

Cabo Verde Diving s Take a trip to the famous Salt mines ▼ Exploring the Islands via quad bike is very popular.

Discover underwater worlds There’s plenty of sea-life to experience

in the rich, fertile waters off Cape Verde’s shores. Divers can head to the Island of Boa Vista where there are numerous opportunities for scuba diving and snorkelling. As well as schools of tropical

spectacular verdant mountain ranges

fish, there are rainbow-bright reefs to

to jaw-dropping ravines and even some

explore and shipwrecks litter the seabed.

volcanic landscapes. It is well worth

Whale & turtle spotting

making the trip to Sao Nicolau to go mountain trekking, while Santo Antão

If you visit the Islands in spring or early

offers amazing hikes with canyons,

summer, it’s worth fixing your gaze on

gorges and valleys.

Boa Vista’s horizon. Giant humpback whales come here to breed and can often be seen slapping their tails on the

Quad biking on sand dunes With 55km of coastline, Boa Vista is

waves. Loggerhead turtles can also

famed for spectacular beaches and

be spotted on Ervatao Beach between

untouched natural beauty. Less well

June and September.

known is its desert interior. Accounting

Fishing with the locals

for around a third of the Island, the Viana Desert is made up of wind-sculpted

The waters around Cape Verde are

dunes that act as the playground for

teeming with life and there is a range

quad biking and 4x4 safaris. The south

of fishing opportunities, whether you’re

has the biggest dunes.

looking for a relaxing day out or you are an experienced angler. Catch small fry with the locals on the edge of the pier or book a

The salt mines of Sal

Sal, which means ‘salt’ in Portuguese,

day to go deep-sea fishing. You might get

used to be famous for its salt mines.

a big catch such as a tuna or blue marlin.

These are all long gone but you can

Sao Nicolau mountain trekking

take a dip in the saltpans that remain. It’s a bit of fun because you’ll float to the surface thanks to the buoyancy – a bit

It’s not all about sun-kissed beaches.

like in the Dead Sea. Another worthwhile

The Islands vary wildly in scenery, from

stop is the Buracona Lagoon.

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Cabo Verde Diving specialises in providing a complete range of water sports and activities to the visitors of our resorts on the Island of Sal. Situated on the beachfront by our MELIA Tortuga Beach Resort and classed as our official partner, all excursions are bookable at our reception desks as well as in the office itself. The company is well established and has been showcasing all Cape Verde has to offer since it was formed in 2003. Expect a family friendly environment, where all the divers are considered friends. You will share with us the most beautiful underwater moments on Cape Verde. Their mission is to satisfy clients by providing a wide range of water sports such as scuba diving, snorkelling and a variety of aquatic excursions. Everything they do is executed with the highest regard for personal safety standards. n Cycle Hire n Catamaran Boat Trips n Horse Riding Excursions n Hummer Off-Road Tours n Island Tours n Segway Off-Roading n Snorkling Trips n Scooter Rental n Quad Bike Rental n Quad Bike Island Tour n Jet Ski Hire n Diving and Scuba School n Fishing Trips n Kitsurfing and Windsurfing school and rental available Tel. +238 9978824

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s CGI representation of initial designs

New Llana lagoon under construction

The Resort Group is pleased to announce that construction of a new lagoon is now underway just offshore Cape Verde on the Island of Sal. Once complete, holidaymakers at our three beach-front resorts will have access to a purposebuilt pier, adding to the rental appeal of nearby investment properties. Official start of lagoon project

offers a tranquil setting for year-round

We also take our environmental impact

holidaying. Sal is also popular with

very seriously and a large part of our

The first stone was cast ceremoniously

water sports enthusiasts though,

decision to build the new lagoon is

into the water on 6th May by our CEO Rob

particularly wind and kite surfers,

that it will provide a vital habit for local

Jarrett and Construction Manager Pedro

and the idea behind the lagoon is to

marine life.

Silva, marking the official start of the

provide a safe and peaceful haven for

construction phase of the lagoon project.

sunbathers and swimmers.

A small gathering of key employees were there on the day to raise a glass and toast the new enterprise.

Vital habitat for local marine life

From an investment perspective, the new lagoon will help to make our three hotel resorts on the Island of Sal even more attractive to holidaymakers and

Here at The Resort Group we pride

add value to properties. So watch this

Our own staff were joined at

ourselves on being socially responsible,

space and keep up to date with The

the launch by a select group of

putting money into the local community

Resort Group for more developments

representatives from construction

via the Cape Verde Foundation.

on this exciting new venture.

firm CSJ San Jose as well as our strategic partners, Meliá Hotels International. It was a low-key event to signal the official start of the build and the lagoon project will be officially unveiled to the press at a later date.

Haven for sunbathers & swimmers

Working with overseas investors, The Resort Group has already opened two successful hotel resorts on the

▼ Latest Llana Construction Images

Island of Sal and a third is nearing completion. Located between MELIÃ Tortuga Beach and MELIÃ Dunas Beach, our new Llana Beach Hotel will open next year. Only a limited number of properties are still available. With beautiful sun-kissed beaches and a tropical climate, the Island


Keep up to date with all the latest developments at

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Celebrities at MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa

enjoy it’s year-round sunny climate and

Wonderful wedding and honeymoon destination

laid back lifestyle. With it's own personal

More and more people are heading

hashtag of #NoStress Cape Verde is the

to our MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort

perfect retreat to recharge your batteries.

as a honeymoon destination

MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa continues to be inundated with

Image Courtesy of Stuart Campbell

celebrities. Many flock to Cape Verde to

following their wedding in the UK. Recently we have spotted Simon from

With wonderful white sandy beaches

Blue and his girlfriend Jess Impiazzi

and guaranteed sunshine – not to

at the Resort. Simon even took time to

mention luxurious facilities on tap

senerade a lady as a suprise for her

– it’s little wonder we’re helping so

60th birthday and he also took to the

many happy couples enjoy their first

decks at the Gabi Beach Club as part

days of wedded bliss. The good

of our famous White Party which is held

news is that we’re campaigning

every Monday.

for MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort to have the legal status to perform the

U @simonwebbe1


full marriage ceremony, enabling

this is just what I needed,fantastic

couples to plan their entire wedding

weather,restaurants,and great activities.

experience in Cape Verde.

#MeliaDunas #CapeVerde Fellow DJ and TOWIE star Lauren Pope also entertained holidaymakers at our Friday night Gold & Fire party recently. Fellow TV star Charlotte Crosby and

U Charlotte Crosby @Charlottegshore

friends from hit show Geordie Shore also

@MissHollyHagan @HollyGShore

enjoyed everything Cape Verde has to

Having an amazing time in #CapeVerde

offer enjoying a short break in 'paradise'.

#MeliaDunas #NoStress #Paradise

Fundraising for foundation The Cape Verde Foundation was founded by The Resort Group to make a positive contribution across a variety of projects in Cape Verde, supporting its people and local communities. Our core focus is helping the children of Cape Verde, offering them new opportunities and prosperity for the future. To keep up to date, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook.


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White Sands investment opportunity With tourism to the Cape Verde islands taking off, there are impressive returns to be made from investing in a luxurious beach-front property. Visitor numbers have almost doubled since 2013 and expected to top one million this year. By getting in early, there’s potential for strong capital growth and rental returns. White Sands Hotel & Spa will be our first resort on the Island of Boa Vista. As part of the same archipelago of islands as our other three resorts, we will be able to apply what we learnt on Sal. And with a similar luxury spec, it will be delivered to the same high standard as our previous resorts. There will be 835 properties available. On completion they will be marketed by Meliá Hotels International, so you can rest assured that a global hotel chain is managing your asset and the rental of your property. Inside, there’ll be an exceptional choice of restaurants and bars, offering fine dining and space for socialising.

Boa Vista translates as ‘Beautiful View’ and is renowned for its stunning pure white sandy beaches.

Guaranteed investment returns

White Sands Hotel & Spa

White Sands is now available for off-

We have a range of buying options for investors. Properties at White Sands can be purchased outright from £170,000 but smaller tranches are also available with Fractional Investments starting at £10,000. As well as the financial benefits, full ownership gives five weeks personal use, with one week per year for purchases above £40,000. On the back of the unprecedented success we’ve had in Sal, we have a proven investment model and we’re predicting similar results for Boa Vista. With tourism growing strongly, there’ll certainly be plenty of demand for our hotels.

The enchanting island of Boa Vista

With 55 kilometres of coastline, Boa Vista translates as ‘Beautiful View’ and is renowned for its stunning pure white sandy beaches. It’s the most easterly island in Cape Verde and the third largest in the archipelago, yet the least densely populated. Hence it has an untouched feel and until recently remained a well-kept secret.

The hotel will be family friendly with various

plan investment and we’re offering a

children’s facilities as well as dedicated

special 7% p.a. guaranteed return on

Following the success of neighbouring

adult sections. All guests will receive the

all cash purchases for a period of four

Sal, the Cape Verde Government has

highest quality of service tailored to their

years. Thereafter, you’ll join our Hotel

earmarked Boa Vista for major touristic

individual needs. The beach area will have

Management Scheme and receive a

development. As well as approving

modern al fresco bars, including the

regular rental income from your buy-to-

plans for new hotels and resorts, they’re

illustrious Gabi Club - offering the ultimate

let investment. There’s also the prospect

investing in the Island’s infrastructure,

beach-club experience.

of capital growth.

from roads to energy supplies and the


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▼ CGI representations of the developments planned on Boa Vista

Why not come and have a look for yourself? Inspection trips are a great way to experience first-hand the appeal of Cape Verde, and why it is such an attractive investment proposition. Inspection trips cost £750pp for a maximum of two people. This amount includes a week allinclusive stay at MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort or MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and your flights. You will be given a guided tour of the Island, including a look at our existing resorts. We can show you specific plots, and tell you everything you need to know about buying one of our properties. If you go on to purchase a property we will refund you in full for the trip! airport. Boa Vista is therefore set to

a marina, but a key consideration is

become the next holiday hotspot.

preserving the Island’s character and

If you are interested in purchasing

unexplored edge. By capitalising on

a Cape Verde property, and would

The Resort Group has obtained prime

tourism growth, it’s an exceptional

like to arrange a trip, call Jackie

development land on Santa Monica

investment opportunity.

Edwards on 01332 387 818 or

Beach - the jewel in the crown of Cape Verde’s beaches. It enjoys a sheltered position in the southwest, making it ideal for sunbathing. White Sands

Last chance to invest in Llana Beach


But if you’re looking for something with a

will eventually be joined by five other

shorter lead time, we’ve still got a limited

resorts and we’ve also got plans for an

number of properties available at Llana

impressive marina.

Beach. Act quick because it’s almost sold out. Construction is at an advanced

The end goal for Boa Vista is to

stage and the Resort is due to open in

transform Santa Monica Beach into a

2016. Similar investment terms apply, get

truly exclusive and unparalleled beach

in touch for details. Investment offers are

destination. We’ll have six resorts and

subject to availability.

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Developing world-class resorts in Cape Verde

Delivering first-class returns for investors

Share in the success of our world-class resorts The Resort Group is a 5-star developer offering proven property investments in luxurious Cape Verde resorts Financially very secure, and established as the market leader in Cape Verde, our track record is unrivalled in the industry. We work in partnership with Meliá Hotels International, the world’s largest resort-operator, to ensure a world-class holiday experience alongside an excellent rate of return for property investors.

Our proven property investments offer: • A choice of property types across our luxurious resorts • Payment options to suit your budget • Entry level investments from only £10k • 7% guaranteed return for up to 4 years* • Cash or pension investments available • Annual usage of the property for up to 5 weeks**

For more information about 5-star resorts with a guaranteed return

Contact us on 01332 387 818 or visit

Terms and conditions apply. *Number of years on cash purchases may differ by resort. **Subject to investment plan selected.

Profile for The Resort Group plc

Resort Life - Issue 6 - Summer 2015  

Quarterly Magazine by The Resort Group PLC Overseas Property Development in Cape Verde

Resort Life - Issue 6 - Summer 2015  

Quarterly Magazine by The Resort Group PLC Overseas Property Development in Cape Verde