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Figures show promising future for Cape Verde tourism Positive tourism statistics from the World Travel & Tourism Council predict a steady rise for investment in tourism and the consequent benefits to the country over the next few years.


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The Magazine from The Resort Group

Figures show promising future for Cape Verde tourism

Positive tourism statistics from the World Travel & Tourism Council predict a steady rise for investment in tourism and the consequent benefits to the country over the next few years.

Looking at both the direct and indirect

in 2014, and is predicted to rise by

have on Cape Verde, the report has

total GDP) in 2025. Furthermore, the

influences that travel and tourism

identified the ways in which these

sectors will benefit the country up

until at least 2025. For example, the

direct contribution of travel and tourism to the Gross Domestic Product was CVE25.8bn (15.2% of total GDP)


World Travel & Tourism Council

The World Travel & Tourism Council is an independent authority that investigates both the economic and social impact these factors have on countries. Specifically focused on promoting sustainable growth, the council engages with government and international organisations to increase employment, drive exports and improve prosperity.

5.9% pa to CVE48.9bn (18.6% of

total contribution of travel and tourism to the GDP, including indirect and

induced factors such as investment and government spending, is forecast to

rise by 6.1% pa to CVE130.2bn by 2025 (49.4% of GDP).

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Contents Pages 2-3 n Tourism Rise in Cape Verde n Agreement with Leading Travel Company Pages 4-5 n News from Llana Beach Hotel n Hot Properties Still Available Pages 6-7 n In the Press

The Resort Group PLC and Meliá Hotels International sign with leading travel company The Resort Group PLC and their long-time hotel partners Meliá Hotels

International have secured a major commercial agreement with a world-

leading travel brand. The new move will see the unnamed company delivering nearly one million customers to The Resort Group PLC’s three Resorts on Sal Island in Cape Verde over the next three years.

As part of the multi-million pound deal, the travel brand will take the large

majority of rooms at MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa and MELIÃ Llana Beach Hotel between November 2016 and 2019.

As a result of the contract, it is expected that approximately 325,000 guests will visit the Resorts each year. Working closely alongside both Meliá and

the travel company, The Resort Group’s third Sal Island Resort, Llana Beach

Pages 8-9 n Sporting Success for Cape Verde

Hotel, will ensure an increase in high quality accommodation to meet the

Pages 10-11 n Five Years at Tortuga Beach Resort n Progress from White Sands Hotel & Spa

Verde had more than 569,000 hotel guests – an annual growth of 5.5%. The rise

growing levels of touristic demand.

Figures from the National Statistics Institute (INE) show that, in 2015, Cape

is partly thanks to The Resort Group PLC’s first two developments, with MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort and MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa collectively attracting over a million tourists and multiple industry awards since 2011.

Pages 12-13 n The Cape Verde Foundation n Gardening at MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa

Jose Luis Cuevas, Meliá Operations Manager for Cabo Verde added:

Pages 14-15 n The best of the Boulevard

themselves. The fact that three established companies have come together

Levels of leisure travel spending

are expected to rise by 5.8% pa to CVE76.6bn in 2025 – a substantial

help to business owners in the country. It was also revealed that business

travel spending will rise by 7.0% pa to

CVE7.9bn in 2025. Perhaps supported by the new Hilton Praia being built in partnership with The Resort Group

PLC in the nation’s capital. The 15-floor luxury business hotel will cater for all visitor types, but will be particularly convenient for its location near the

city’s diplomatic quarters, governmental institutions, commercial, finance and residential areas.

“Many tourists are now looking further afield for inspiration and we expect

an increasing number of people to opt for Cape Verde as their next holiday

destination. While the archipelago is still relatively undiscovered, the beautiful beaches, vibrant and traditional culture are quickly making a name for

to form an operator agreement further demonstrates the excellent potential for travel and tourism on the Islands.”

The agreement means that approximately one million guests are expected by the end of 2019, which is positive news for The Resort Group PLC’s property buyers. Customers who have purchased a property located on one of the

Resorts in Sal can be assured it will be occupied regularly throughout the year and can expect ongoing rental income as a result.

“This contract is a significant achievement for The Resort Group PLC as we

continue to expand our Cape Verde operations” said Rob Jarrett, CEO of The Resort Group PLC. “Working with a respected and renowned brand further enhances our reputation as a leading developer of Hotels and Resorts that

deliver first class holidays for tourists and a rental return for property owners.

Cape Verde has already captured the hearts of millions of people, and our latest agreement is confirmation that it will continue to do so in the years to come.” ▼ MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa (Credit: Fortitude Photography)

Cape Verde tourism is also set to rise after a recent deal with a top travel

company – an agreement that will no

doubt contribute to the encouraging rise in tourism seen in this recent report.

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News from Llana Beach Hotel Llana Beach Hotel is set to elevate the Cape Verde experience to a whole new level. The adult-only destination will open later this year and will include a choice of beautiful pools set amongst lush tropical gardens, a state of the art gym and the rejuvenating YHI Spa as well as a variety of restaurant and bars.

In July, The Resort Group PLC

representative Victor Fidalgo presented plans to an audience that included the Prime Minister of Cape Verde, Ulisses

Correia e Silva and Mayor of Sal Island, Jorge Figueiredo. The event, which

was covered by local television station TCV, was held to showcase that the

new hotel will create 500 permanent jobs and have an annual impact of

around €10,900,000 on the state and private economy. CEO of The Resort

the Atlantic Ocean, it will offer an

innovative experience to Cape Verde

September 2016

visitors, with views that are a sight to be seen. Guests can enjoy a spot of lunch or á la carte dining at the beach club’s restaurant, then relax by the pool or in the exclusive VIP area with amazing

sea views. Bikini Beach is set to provide the greatest of nights and the very best

DJs the Island has to offer. Be prepared to expect the unexpected.

Group PLC, Rob Jarrett explained “This is a very important day for The Resort Group. We are announcing 500+

positions for Cape Verdeans on Llana Beach Hotel and Bikini Beach Club.” A luxurious beach club is also set to open on its doorstep – Bikini Beach

Club is located on the beach directly in front of the resort and will add another exciting element for guests. Set within


s The Resort Group PLC representative Victor Fidalgo speaking at the presentation

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Hot Properties

With completion just a short while away, Llana Beach Hotel is really taking shape. Construction is

Exclusive first look at the Llana CGIs and latest construction update

nearly complete, and with it, the

chance to invest in this immensely popular resort. It has recently been announced that a well-

known tour operator has signed a contract that promises to

occupy the majority of the rooms

in the hotel, an agreement that is

forecast to attract 325,000 tourists over the next few years. This

exciting development secures the

financial future for investors until at least 2019. It’s not surprising that

properties are running out fast and with just a few opportunities left for savvy investors.

September 2016

If you are interested in any of our properties then contact us today for more information via the

website. An inspection tour will

give you the opportunity to see the hotel for yourself and experience all that Cabo Verde has to offer.

Discover true luxury at the new Llana Beach Hotel Search MELIÃ Llana at and to book your holiday today.

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Adventure Honeymoon

Last month, MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa

featured in an Ultimate

Michelle Obama visits Cape Verde

Weddings piece that

highlighted Cape Verde, and Sal in particular,

as an ideal island for

adventurous couples. “MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa on the

beautiful island of Sal in

Cape Verde is the perfect base for adventurous

honeymooners. It is a

five-star all-inclusive resort located on the beachfront with unspoilt expanses

of pure white sand and

crystal clear waters. Couples can choose from a range

of luxurious villas and suites, and will love exploring the MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa recently had the

great honour of receiving the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

The First Lady visited, along with her daughters

Malia and Sasha, as a part of their tour of West Africa speaking about women’s education. While on Sal

Island, Mrs Obama took the time to talk to staff including Manager of MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, Jose Cuevas, commenting that he “found her to be a very charismatic, friendly and down to earth person”.

different swimming pools, bars and restaurants on the

resort. Step onto the beach and there will also be a water

sports centre for booking activities, which are guaranteed to get any thrill seeker’s heart pumping. Cape Verde is

a haven for water sports thanks to its position within the

winter trade wind belt. In fact, the archipelago offers near perfect conditions from late November through to June.

After taking things up a notch or two, newlyweds can visit the salt mines where they can float in the salt lakes or

scrub each other to seventh heaven in the mud bath. All

of this in temperatures exceeding 25 degrees, cooled by gentle sea breezes.”

It was a short visit to Cape Verde and the MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa on her way to take part in the

Let Girls Learn initiative. It’s an inspiring project, with

OPP Today

adolescent girls going to and staying in school.

are being quickly snapped up by tourists looking for a

the prime objective of highlighting the importance of

Cape Verde itself boasts over 92% of female children in primary school and several female government

appointments. Most recently, Maritza Rosabal became the Minister of Education, Family and Social Inclusion,

after many years of important work for women in Cape

Rooms at The Resort Group PLC’s third development first-class holiday experience on Cape Verde’s sun-

drenched Island of Sal and is now almost fully booked. This is great news for clients who have purchased a

property at the resort, as high occupancies will boost rental returns.

Verde at the United Nations.

It also reported that properties are 85% sold, with

The Let Girls Learn tour continued to Liberia, Morocco,

Benelux nations. Purchasers took advantage of The

and Spain, where the First Lady made several speeches as an advocate for girls’ education. Actors Meryl Streep

and Freida Pinto, who also discussed the empowerment of women at this young age, joined her later.


overseas purchases led by Britons, Irish, Italian and Resort Group PLC’s 755 Property Options product,

which offers a fixed rate of 7% return during construction and a net minimum return of 5% after the resort opens, plus a re-sale option.

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Property Reporter UK Sales Director for The Resort

Group PLC, Rich Moore, spoke to

Property Reporter about inspection

tours taking the perceived risk out of overseas property investment

“Investing in a buy-to-let property can be a difficult decision. Buyers are

faced with considerations around the

type, location and cost of their potential purchases as well as the level of

returns their investment could bring. What’s advisable during this process is that buyers find out as much

information as possible to ensure

their decision is an informed one.

Those investing on home soil would physically view the properties they

might buy, and it should be the same for anyone looking abroad.

▼ MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa is the perfect place for an inspection tour.

OPP Today

International investors have pushed The issue for many investors is

growing off-plan sales on White

thousand miles away makes overseas

the new Resort, in Boa Vista, Cape

it is – there is a comfort in buying

2018 final completion target with

while there are potential pitfalls such

and Europe, mainly Belgium.

reduced accessibility, they needn’t feel

As it was on Sal when The Resort

property investment if it can genuinely

first development, MELIÃ Tortuga

that buying a property that is some

Sands Hotel & Spa. Around 30% of

property investment feel riskier than

Verde, has been sold ahead of its

something local to home. However,

most investors coming from the UK

as lack of local knowledge and

restricted from maximising an overseas

Group PLC arrived to build the

offer equal or better rewards.

Beach Resort, assets can be

This is where inspection tours come

as ever, the construction team

Resort Group, they enable investors

so that staff and imports are

destination and explore the quality

been purchased accordingly,

(or similar properties if they are

There are also plans to relocate

buyers the chance to ask the sellers

the construction projects there

hard to come by. Resourceful

in. Run by developers such as The

has meticulously organised

to truly experience their preferred

available and contractors have

of the properties on the market

minimising any problems on site.

considering off-plan). Tours also give

resources from Sal Island once

as many questions as they like.”

have been completed.

the exceptional quality and service that we deliver for tourists. The fact that all of our Hotels are linked to a

lucrative operator agreement, and are seeing high levels of touristic demand generally, means clients can expect strong occupancy. This demonstrates that buying real

estate in Cape Verde linked to tourism is a wise move.

Rob Jarrett, Chief Executive Officer of The Resort Group

PLC, commented “We have established a very successful property investment model for clients looking to benefit from the growing tourism in Cape Verde.

“Since our first resort opened in 2011, all clients have received a highly competitive rental income thanks to

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Llana Beach Hotel takes the quality of accommodation in Cape Verde to a new level. It will no doubt impress

both our property clients and holidaymakers alike, who can expect a truly luxurious experience when it opens. In addition, the pick-up in hotel bookings has been

exceptional and thanks to the unprecedented level of

reservations already taken, we’re anticipating a strong opening month of trading.”

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Sports in Cape Verde Cape Verde at the Olympic Games

Cape Verde’s first involvement in the Olympics was the 1996 Atlanta Games, where four athletes took part in sports including the marathon, athletics and

gymnastics - the archipelago has sent athletes to every Summer Olympics since. This year, the excitement started as soon as the athletes entered the stadium

on the first day of celebrations. Tourism is clearly a huge part of the economic

make-up of the country as the Opening Ceremony commentary even noted the availability of flights from the UK.

“Rated recently as one of the safest places in the world to take a holiday. Flights

from Britain go direct from Manchester, Gatwick and Birmingham, that is a non-EU

In total, Cape Verde had five competitors hoping to be the first to win a medal

The Official Opening Ceremony of the Acadêmico Football School

Lidiane Lopes raced the competitive women’s 100m. Over in the boxing, Cape

the Acadêmico Football School for the

option for you.” Clare Balding.

for their country. Jordin Andrade was a men’s 400m hurdles challenger while Verde had one entry in the Super heavyweight event, Davilson Morais – who was competing for the second time following his former appearance in the

2004 Games. Elyane Boal secured a spot in the individual rhythmic gymnastics event, which marked the third time that Cape Verde had entered a competitor

into the sport. Finally, the Islands had one athlete in the taekwando competition, Maria Andrade, who eyed glory in the women’s flyweight category under 49kg. The whole country watched eagerly to see if they could take home their first

medal from Rio, and although unsuccessful this year, The Resort Group PLC wishes competitors the best of luck for future Games.

Rob Jarrett recently visited

unveiling of an honorary plaque and the official opening ceremony. The

football team that plays at the stadium,

Acadêmico do Sal, enjoys sponsorship from The Resort Group PLC and

the ceremony marked an important

milestone in this continued support.

The event, which took place on 15th

July at the stadium itself, also included a tour and a musical performance by local artists.

Medal Success at the Paralympics

It was with great pride that Gracelino Tavares Barbosa captured Cape Verde’s first ever Paralympic medal. The 31-year-old athlete won the

bronze medal in the 400m T20 at the Rio 2016 Games earlier this month and said afterwards that he “had never imagined this would happen”.

He was shocked to be able to speak to the Cape Verde President shortly after his win, claiming that his “victory was for all [his] compatriots”.

Tavares Barbosa is now looking to the future and the responsibility of his prize - he plans to inspire other athletes from the archipelago, showing hopefuls that “with hard work they can also one day win a medal”.


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CEO and Founder of The Resort Group PLC Rob Jarrett with representatives of the Paralympic Games of Cape Verde at the official opening ceremony of the 10th CPLP Games.


The pitch at the Acadêmico do Sal, home to the Acadêmico Football School, during the opening.

The 10th CPLP Games in Cape Verde

Monday 18th July was the official

opening ceremony of the 10th CPLP

Games, which took place on Sal Island between 18th and 24th July. It was

attended by The Resort Group PLC

founder Rob Jarrett and other dignitaries The Community of Portuguese

With the Games off to an impressive start,

is a multinational under-16s sporting

the 100m, T-13 category where local

Language Countries (CPLP) Games event that encompasses many

different sports. The timing couldn’t

have been better with summer bathing the Islands in sunshine and tourists arriving to enjoy the weather. Santa Maria beach, for example – voted

one of the best beaches in the world – hosted the beach volleyball and swimming tournaments.

Approximately 1000 people were

involved in the Games – over 500 of which were athletes, while the

rest were heads of the delegations, medical staff, volunteers, technical

support and organisers of the Games. The Resort Group PLC is proud

to have been a supporter of the

Games as a gold sponsor – offering accommodation in our Resorts to

many of the athletes and organisers.

a real highlight for the Islands came during Paralympic athlete Ireland Lopes took the gold medal. His success is now the best

performance in Cape Verde CPLP history, winning two more gold medals and five medals in total for the archipelago. It’s

an incredible achievement given that his

training for international competitions only started two years ago.

Though narrowly missing out on some

of the prizes, it was still clear that every

Cape Verdean athlete performed above

and beyond. One such game was Cape Verde’s 2-0 defeat to Brazil in the men’s

soccer U-16, a match played at Stadium Marcelo Leitão in Espargos. The Cape

As the curtain fell on the 10th edition of

commented that he considered it a

one of the most successful yet. The final

Verde team Coach, Jorge Humberto, normal defeat against “an excellent

team” and remained confident in his team’s abilities.

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the CPLP Games, it had proven to be

tally put Cape Verde fourth in the medal table with 3 gold, 2 silver and 6 bronze medals – a total of 11.

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Five Years at Tortuga Beach Resort It’s been five years since the doors opened at MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort so we look back at the high points of our very first development in Cape Verde. Occupancy levels have remained

strong since launch, with consistent

growth and an impressive average of over 70% in the last 5 years. During high season, which traditionally

stretches from October to February as

winter sun lovers visit the Islands, rates

have reached as high as 99% – a trend that shows no sign of slowing down.

It wasn’t long before the awards started rolling in. It started with MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort being named ‘Cape

Verde’s Leading Hotel’ in the 2012 World Travel Awards, an award it continued to receive in 2013, 2014 and 2015,

but it didn’t stop there. The coveted

TripAdvisor ‘Certificate of Excellence’

was awarded to the Resort in 2013 and

s Impressive entrance of MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort

2014. Most recently, we were honoured

Resorts post-completion, working in

to receive the Luxury Hotel Group of the

close partnership with the hoteliers. So,

Year 2016 from the industry-renowned

to ensure only the highest of standards

Luxury Travels Awards.

on MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, extra

If the reviews on TripAdvisor are anything

been made since its launch to further

prestigious award twice since opening.

This has included a new waterside

wonderful welcome, excellent service and

Spices dining area, new furniture for

said it all: “We stayed here last year, it

decking for the beach, improvements in

spacious and spotless, food was great

bar to a luxurious champagne bar. There

enough for you, […] we had the holiday of

infrastructure of the Resort, such as the

multi-million pound investments have

to go by, it’s no wonder it has won this

enhance facilities and guest experience.

Users have frequently commented on the

restaurant, an expansion of the main

stress-free environment. One reviewer

the bars and restaurants, Bali beds and

really is a little bit of paradise. Rooms are

the Spa and an upgrade of the sports

with plenty variety. The staff could not do

have also been improvements to the

a lifetime. Can’t wait to go back!”

IT systems and the staff offices, and the

The Resort Group PLC is known for

level of investment including staff training

its continued vested interest in our


company is committed to continuing this and facilities.

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The construction site at White Sands Hotel & Spa sits on the coastline of Santa Monica Beach.

White Sands Hotel & Spa Construction Update Construction has begun in earnest on site at the White Sands Hotel & Spa development on Boa Vista. The groundbreaking ceremony started proceedings in December 2015, and contract signing followed in February 2016 with construction partners, Grupo San Jose. Work is now noticeably underway on the site, with the structure now visibly in place. Our most recent Resort will be split into family and adult-only sections, ensuring that all guests enjoy the

highest quality of service tailored

to their individual needs. The family orientated facilities include two

separate children’s pools, a baby

pool and adventure playground as

well as a kids club for entertainment

day and night. There is also a wet bar and poolside restaurant serving up first-class refreshments throughout the day. The expected completion

date is late 2018, with some of the

Discover Sal Rei on Boa Vista


perfect name for a town founded in the famous saltpans that provided income

This latest venture is one of six

the ferry port, meaning easy access to several of the other Islands, including

835 properties already being sold

Sal Rei, capital of Boa Vista since the mid-1800s, translates to Salt King – a

for so many of the local residents. Its northwestern location makes it ideal for

developments that will eventually

Santiago, Sal and Maio.

replicate the success of the Resorts

Colourful, captivating and full of life, the town still manages to retain a cosy feel

to visit, surrounded by soft beaches,

speaking, this peaceful capital is the fastest growing town in Cape Verde, and

culture. White Sands Hotel & Spa will

Sands Hotel & Spa, it will offer visiting guests a taste of the real Cape Verde.

where the government has already

Head down to the beach and you will find some of the best conditions for

in close partnership with The Resort

waters are calm and inviting, while the idyllic white sandy beaches are world-

be built on Boa Vista, seeking to

on Sal Island. It’s a stunning island

with the Cape Verdean “No Stress” mantra in full effect. That said, statistically

interesting wildlife and a vibrant

it continues to develop with every year. Situated just half an hour from White

bring tourism to the area – a place

stated its commitment to regeneration,

swimming. Protected from the wind by the small islet of Ilheu de Sal Rei, the

Group PLC.

renowned for their beauty.

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The Cape Verde Foundation

The Foundation has been hard at work for the last few months, raising valuable funds and materials with the help of our guests and investors for the communities in Cape Verde.

s Photographer Stuart Campbell has been collecting for the Foundation

Football Shirt Donation Drive Summer School

Children aged between 9 and 12

for the Foundation in Cape Verde so

contact with the English language at

Education is a key point of progression we were more than happy to support

our Portuguese law firm GPA with their English Summer School.

With the help of The Resort Group

PLC, who arranged accommodation at the MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort, three young lawyers from the GPA

Lisbon office were able to volunteer

as external teachers for the school. A local GPA lawyer was also a part of

programme and helped to coordinate

the whole process from the Sal office. Held between 18th and 29th July at

the School of Espargos, the scheme received a high number of requests from the local children to attend

courses, far exceeding the initial expectations - so much so, that

next year the plan is to repeat the

initiative and to increase the number of classes. In fact, due the limited submissions before the Summer School started, the team were

expecting 30 attendees but ended up with an incredible 60 applicants.

years old, essentially had their first

the Summer School. During their time,

they’ve learned basic English, such as

Our work in Cape Verde

includes the generous donations of visiting guests – who bring

everything from toys to clothes for the children of the Islands.

how to introduce themselves, primary

Many families come to us to kindly

jobs, hobbies, sports, personal features

holiday with them, while others

vocabulary including animals, food, and nationalities, as well as some

fundamental grammar. With the older

13 to 15 year old students, the classes

went one step further to teach them more advanced grammar and vocabulary. By the end, they were able to have small

discussions and read some simple texts. During the Summer School, the

children also received two meals, prepared by local cooks hired by

GPA. They took part in some extra curricular activities too, such as

didactical games in English, movie projections, dancing and football

– where they were encouraged to

introduce English expressions, a great way to practice the language.

▼ Vânia Cunha, who helped with logistics, and Victor Finizola, teacher at the Summer School and lawyer at GPA Lisbon present certificates to Diviner and David Cunha Spínola.

leave items they’ve brought on collect their donations before

they arrive. That’s what footballer, investor and frequent visitor to MELIÃ Tortuga Beach Resort

and MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa, Kevin Thornton and

photographer Stuart Campbell,

have done. With help from people like young Jack, who has lent

a very charitable helping hand

with his old kits, they have been collecting up football shirts for the children of Cape Verde.

Some of the contributions include Manchester United, Liverpool,

Barcelona and Chelsea. There’s

something for every supporter in this 100-strong collection.

It doesn’t stop there, though.

They would like others to help the cause by adding their football shirts to the pile, so they can

take an assortment of teams to

the children when they visit the

Islands next month. It’s a worthy cause as football is big in Cape Verde – FIFA often place the

archipelago high in their Africa

rankings due to the huge amount of talent there.


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Creating lush tropical gardens on a volcanic Island The gardens at MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa are quite the sight to be seen. Green and luscious, they are an instrumental part of making sure guests get that 5-star feeling when they visit.

s Gardener Jeff next to the luscious plants planned for Llana Beach Hotel

Yet growing and maintaining the Resort

gardens has many challenges. The Cape Verdean landscape and year-round sun doesn’t create the perfect conditions for such lush and colourful surroundings. So it’s no surprise that it doesn’t all

happen without significant investment, time, money, and, most of all, lots of

expertise. Starting from the ground up,

the grass originates from Arizona, where it can stand heat and does well on their many golf courses. It does need a lot of looking after though, with a team

in place to water the grass every two hours while its germinating.

environments. Acacias and Ficas

s Palm trees and coconut trees do particularly well in the Cape Verde climate.

Tree Pine seemed ideally suited, loving

The sea breeze is a particular factor,

A lot of the work is trial and error

featured highly, while the Australian

in Cape Verde’s unique environment.

salt, sand and ocean breeze.

cutting, an incredible feat given the

Passionfruit lines the walkways for a

Spa. The magnificent palm trees, for

Palm from Singapore and Bird of

the impressive coconut trees in the

eventuality has been considered – from

original coconuts – despite it taking only

for which Gareth and Jeff make their

while they figure out what will thrive

But everything is grown from seed or

size of MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort &

tropical feel, supported by Traveller’s

example, are grown from seed, while

Paradise from the Canaries. Every

greenhouse are still housed in their

indoors plants to welcome the guests,

18 months for them to grow two metres.

own pots from moulds, to water-loving Papaya grass for the water features.

The Resort gardeners, Jeff and Gareth

Goundrill started life in the UK, working

but there are plants in existence that

enjoy windier conditions, such as cork and oleander – beautiful, yet resilient for when the breeze picks up. Palm

and coconut trees are also popular,

easily brought over from Cape Verde’s capital island Praia, a dream to grow

and fitting for the environment, they line

the avenues. One of the more surprising

additions to the gardens is a grass seed

from England, Lamb’s Tail, which seems to thrive in Cape Verde.

on prison gardens, and whilst their

Meanwhile, the greenhouse is full, ready

that coming to Cape Verde had been

the ground is ready. Some gardens

though, picking up which plants

are more than twenty different varieties

Plants that are indigenous to similar

newest Resort.

knowledge is extensive they admitted

to be moved to Llana Beach Hotel when

a “learning curve”. They soon adapted

have already been introduced, but there

would do well. The first port of call?

of plant life prepared to flourish in our

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The Boulevard forms the backbone of MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa

On the Boulevard

If you take a stroll down the Boulevard you’ll discover the eclectic variety of businesses and services available to you during your stay at MELIÃ Dunas Beach Resort & Spa.

Amongst the ice cream store, luxurious

Analita Beauty Salon

businesses that continue to go from

faces await you at the Analita Beauty

Level lounge and gift shop are three strength to strength as tourism and occupancy rates rise every year.

The Analita Beauty Salon, Boulevard Boutique and Analita Boutique offer

a number of holiday treats including

manicures, pedicures, massages, hair

treatments and a variety of chic fashion collections between them.

A range of packages and friendly

Salon. From spa facials that refresh and rejuvenate, to children’s braids to keep them cool and make them

smile, the staff will do all they can to

accommodate for your needs. It’s the perfect pick-me-up before a special

night out – and with the great prices,

s Guests can choose from a variety of shops during their stay

guests often come back for more.

Analita Boutique

If it’s island fashion you’re looking for, then search no further. The Analita

Boutique caters for men, women and children, concentrating on looks that

suit the hot weather and stocking all the essentials you may have forgotten.

Boulevard Boutique

An unplanned evening out calls for

Boulevard Boutique, which stocks high-

end, luxurious pieces designed to add a

All of the enterprises are part of The Resort Group PLC’s commitment to longevity at the Resort and form a part of the Integrated Businesses structure that ensures high quality service across the company.


touch of glamour to your holiday. From

dresses and shoes, to finishing touches such as jewellery and perfume – it has

everything you might need to make an impact as the sun sets.

The fashion show, which takes place on the bridge across the main pool

every Friday, showcases the best of

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Boulevard B OUT I QUE

Fashion to suit all tastes OPEN 9am - 9pm EVERYDAY

the week’s stock and is a great chance for holidaymakers to see what they can pick up for a bit of poolside glamour,

FASHION SHOW EVERY FRIDAY 3PM Drop in and see us on the boulevard at Dunas Beach Resort & Spa for more info

that evening’s White Party at the Gabi Beach Bar or a night in Santa Maria. All of the enterprises are part of The Resort Group PLC’s commitment to

longevity at the Resort and form a part of the Integrated Businesses structure that ensures high quality service across the

company. It has clearly been a successful venture, as guests continue to flock to the businesses for that mid-holiday pamper or purchase. In fact, such was the high

demand, Analita’s Boutique has opened


a second store on the nearby MELIÃ

Tortuga Beach Resort – and as The Resort Group PLC expands to more Resort sites and Islands, there’s talk of taking this successful model to new ventures.

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contact Sales support for more information on

01332 387811 info@theresor tgroupplc .com w w w. t h e r e s o r t g r o u p p l c . c o m

23 Ocean Village Promenade, Gibraltar

Profile for The Resort Group plc

Resort Life Issue 10  

Cape Verde Tourism Figures, medal win at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Llana Beach Hotel construction and much more.

Resort Life Issue 10  

Cape Verde Tourism Figures, medal win at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Llana Beach Hotel construction and much more.