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Friday 12th November 2010

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WINTER SAFETY CHECK You and who’s army? The Blue Flash Music Trust and other Town Hall campaigners said the ‘battle is half won’ after Bill’s Produce announced they had pulled plans to open a restaurant at the historic site. The popular cafe and produce store had become frustrated with the delays and

expense incurred primarily because of the determined stance of Blue Flash. Horsham District Council has expressed huge disappointment at Bill’s announcement. They had seen Bill’s Produce, with some justification, as the ideal tenant for the site. Now they must pursue other avenues.

But what will happen now? The council will set about finding another restaurant to deal with, while the Blue Flash continue to fight for the Town Hall to be used as a community hall. Both sides have understandable intentions, but are poles apart. A compromise looks less likely than ever, and

while the campaigners may claim a moral victory, have they- with their disruptive tactics - inadvertently damaged our chances of securing a decent alternative location for community groups to use? One battle may be over, but another is surely just around the corner... See Pages 2-3 for more

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Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident



Bitter battle over as Bill’s is beaten

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It was a big idea that would lead to a big debate and, ultimately, a big decision. But Bill’s Produce has backed out of its ambition to set up shop at Horsham’s historic Town Hall, seemingly just as the debate stage was coming to the end of its exhaustive, costly and divisive run. There’s a sense of crushing disappointment at Horsham District Council. It would seem that bringing Bill’s in to town was seen by some of the leading council officers as being a huge boost to the regeneration of ‘The Quarter’. Their motive would seem to be only partly inspired by money. They had viewed Bill’s Produce as the perfect tenant for the site, so much so that another, higher offer was rejected in favour of Bill’s. But speaking at the end of last week, Bill Collison of

from CITV’s Toonattik & Skillicious and star of


Written and Directed by MICHAEL GATTRELL


Musical Director JOHN CORNFORD Choreographer DANIELLE DRAYTON

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Supported by 01403 218218

Box Office 01403 750220


Bill's Café and Produce Store said: “Regrettably we have had to withdraw from this transaction due to the substantial delays in progressing the planning. “During this period we have been

seeking alternative sites to open. “We have since found alternative sites that we have committed to and are unable to proceed with the Town Hall

in addition to these. “It is frustrating that the delays caused by a few people have gone on for so long and that much time, effort and resources have been expended by both sides. “The Town Hall will make a great restaurant site and I wish Horsham District Council all the best for its future and look forward to seeing it open. “I'm sure that its conversion to a restaurant will create a focal point in the square that will greatly add to the amenities of the area and benefit the community.” The ‘few people’ mentioned, who have caused these delays are primarily from the Blue Flash Music Trust. They have campaigned against the project in favour of a community and folk arts centre at the Old Town Hall.

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the resident | Friday 12 November 2010 Continued from Page 2 Throughout they have maintained that they have overwhelming public support - even yesterday this belief was unwavering. However, comments on the Horsham Facebook page would suggest that many of the town’s people would have welcomed Bill’s at the Town Hall. Certainly the Blue Flash’s intentions were well meaning, but their increasingly



cil’s plans, it’s unclear what will happen next. But we wouldn’t bet on the council’s next move to involve bowing down to the demands of the Blue Flash Music Trust! Quite the opposite in fact, they’ve vowed to find another quality restaurant for the site... A Spokesman for the Trust said: "Following the publication of the superior Gondola offer, Bill's Produce obviously had a moral choice to match the £72,500 per annum and other terms. It appears that Bill's was not prepared to do this, particularly given the continued strength of feeling amongst Horsham people for community use. “We believe this to be an honourable stance by Bill's and wish them well. I am also convinced the townspeople would welcome them with open arms to any of the many

Cabinet took the final fateful restaurant decision in February 2009. “I believe it is time for the Council to finally instruct the Cabinet to "call it a day". We look forward to a renewed offer of negotiations from HDC with a view to creating a major tourist asset for Horsham at the site of the Old Town Hall." Cllr Robert Nye, Leader of Horsham District Council, said: “This news is a huge disappointment, especially as we have only recently had confirmation from the Judicial Review that the Council acted correctly in its dealings in relation to the Town Hall. “Having said that, the rationale of the business case is still as strong as before. “Add to this the success of adjoining East Street and its many and varied gastronomic offerings, and I am confident

‘I AM CONFIDENT THAT WE WILL SECURE AN ALTERNATIVE QUALITY RESTAURANT’ forceful campaign is unlikely to have done them any favours in securing a folk arts centre. And it’s even more unlikely that the Trust will be getting a Christmas card from Horsham District Council next month. Having quashed the coun-

vacant A3 restaurant venues in Horsham sometime soon. “In my view, the Council cannot now realistically continue with trying to find another restaurant. “The lack of interest in the face of such public opposition was apparent even before the




that we will secure an alternative quality restaurant at the site and we are now looking into this.” The Order advertising the proposed works on behalf of Bill's Produce has finally been removed from the Old Town Hall in the last week.

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than a dozen market stalls on a Saturday and Thursday, including a butcher, baker, green grocers, and stalls selling tools, shoes, toys, framed pictures and handbags.

Chloe Seabrook has run a stall at the market for 11 years. She said: “Travelodge doesn’t want its customers to see the roofs of the market stalls. But we’re not talking South Lodge here - this is a £20 a night hotel! “If we get rid of the market surely it means we’re not a market town? “This is a big shock to the traders, as for many it’s their livelihood. They have to find an alternative town. A lot of customers, traders and other businesses are upset about it. Apache (fashion store) believe a lot of their trade is generated from the market on Saturdays.” A spokesperson for Horsham District Council said: “The location and quality of Horsham's markets is regularly under review because the Council, together with local businesses, wants to ensure that all of the town's markets add positively to the experience of the town amongst shoppers and other visitors. “Whilst the Council is not obliged or contracted to have market traders in the town, much positive feedback is re-

ceived about those market stalls that offer high quality and unusual items for sale, with customers visiting Horsham as a result. “The Council has been in consultation with the market's operator in West Street

“We’re not talking South Lodge here this is a £20 a night hotel”

for sometime over these proposals to remove market stalls from Horsham's West Street and Worthing Road, and to refocus the market on a smaller number of stalls in the area to the north of the Shelley Fountain. “The timing for this has been planned to coincide with the opening of the nearby new Travelodge hotel and other shops in the area, whilst where possible seeking to relocate displaced market traders from West Street elsewhere in the town centre.”

Advice from the expert



A petition has been launched to save the West Street market, which is under threat because of the new Travelodge. Stores such as Sainbury’s and Wilkinsons have petition sheets, as well as a number of smaller shops and independents, while many people on the Horsham Facebook page have expressed disappointment at the news. Horsham District Council had planned for the market to end in the next few weeks, before the opening of the new hotel, but this will now be partly delayed by allowing stalls to remain in Worthing Road up to Christmas. Currently there are more

Cllr Nye



Market under threat




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When surviving spouses, including civil partners, were given the right to offset against the value of their estate any unused IHT allowance left over from their late spouse’s estate there was generous applause from all quarters. But this concession has brought about the almost complete demise of the nil rate band will trust.

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Further investigation might reveal the need to have not one but two such trusts however. This would apply to those who remarry after the death of their first spouse, and for the spouses of such persons. Such occurrences are not so uncommon these days and the very considerable IHT savings available are invariably not fully appreciated following a second marriage. For those who have included a nil rate band will trust in their wills and are wondering whether or not to keep it, each case should be reviewed very carefully as the current IHT regime could change. Other will trusts including spousal by-pass trusts are also not used to the extent necessary to ensure those who could benefit from them do so. Estate planning per se can be really dull but knowing that the time spent will save the next generation considerable amounts of IHT, leaving them with more of the family wealth to enjoy, should put a smile on their faces. If you have any questions that you would like Phil to answer please email them to philiplansberry@spofforths.co.uk For further information about Spofforths Private Client Services or to arrange a free initial consultation please contact Philip Lansberry on 01403 253 282.

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Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident



Real passion behind Kiss REVIEW Kiss Me Kate Capitol Theatre Another op’nin’ of another show then for Horsham Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society. This time around it is Kiss Me Kate, with a five night run at the Capitol theatre kicking off in front of a healthy, loyal audience on Tuesday night. Cole Porter’s play, a huge Broadway hit, is set in Baltimore and adopts a playwithin-a-play plot, with actors performing a musical version of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew. But it gets complicated as each of the four main cast members' on-stage performance is complicated by what is happening in his or her offstage life. From the famous opening number of HAODS’ take on Kiss Me Kate, it was apparent that, as always, the cast would certainly look the part. With more than 50 years of costumes hanging on tightly

squeezed racks and countless boxes of props to choose from at their Broadbridge Heath base, in a room that gives some idea of what the wardrobe room might look like if Lady Gaga and Madonna ever tour together, producing a colourful show was never likely to be an issue. But would this be a case of style over substance? After all, planning hasn’t gone too smoothly this time around. A lead actor coming in from outside of the group that could not always be at rehearsals and a lead actress that - ten days before opening night - had lost her voice. One female cast member even had to fill in as a boy at late notice, although with the Shakespearian theme of Kiss Me Kate, that didn’t really matter. As it transpired, Lee Power (playing Fred Graham/ Pertruchio) and Debby Field (Lili Vanessi/Katherine or Kate) were the two standout performers of the night. Lee, as actor and director Fred Graham, as well at Pertruchio, the man that must ‘tame the shrew’ in the touring production of the play set

within the play, was charismatic, humorous, and was the dominant stage presence. He was also the standout vocal performer, although Debby too did a fine job, showing no signs of her re-

leads. Much the same could be said of Gus Fryatt (as Bill Calhoun/ Lucentio) and Katy Kinsella (Lois/Bianca). We suspect - but may be wrong that with the lack of young

cent sore throat. As Kate, she was a ‘shrew’ personified, giving a feisty, spirited performance, showing real attitude during numbers such as ‘I Hate Men’. A bit of me thinks she meant it! However, while both performed well individually, there was sadly a lack of chemistry between the two

men looking to tread the boards locally, Gus may find himself as a strong candidate for any roles relating to any male part aged between 15 and 30! As in previous shows, Gus demonstrated his growing vocal and acting talent, even if he did look a little too young when partnered with his

scene-stealing on-stage partner Katy Kinsella as Lois/ Bianca. The long-legged Katy was both sassy and saucy and showed a natural flair for comic timing. Other noteworthy performances came from Kim Fenwick, who did justice to one of the show’s stand-out numbers, ‘Too Darn Hot’, and Tim Shepherd, who enjoyed himself as a gangster alongside Chris Shanks. It wasn’t the most polished performance; a few of the dance routines needed a little more work as there was a little disorganisation amongst the ranks, and the sets perhaps didn’t do enough to help the occasionally lost audience to differentiate between what was real and what was ‘the play’. I also felt

the play was lacking much of the wit of some previous HAODS productions, with the laughs really few and far between. But there are more positives than negatives. As with all HAODS shows, you know there are two things that, whatever happens, won’t let you down. One is costumes, and the other is the musical score. Once again the ever-smiling Brian Steel and his band performed admirably, seemingly even compensating for those short delays for the occasional forgotten line. With only a few empty seats, HAODS have shown they are still as popular as ever, and Kiss Me Kate has done nothing to tarnish their fine reputation.

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the resident | Friday 12 November 2010



Luckiest Loser played Bowling for Soup hits, The Allisons stepped into The Pixies’ boots and The Daly Prophets played, well, whatever they fancied (pics: Victoria Thompson)

Korn band sound sweet Anyone that has attended the Battle of the Bands nights (the heats or the final) will know that Horsham has an abundance of rock acts. Anything else, such as Phrase Mob or Retrospect, sounds almost novelty, such is the dominance of guitar based music locally. This was typified by the covers section of the Horsham Battle of the Bands at the Holbrook Club on Sunday night. Four of the five bands exclusively played hits by their favourite bands - namely Korn, Pearl Jam, The Pixies, and Bowling for Soup. A sixth band, that never showed, were called Nirvana Sound... So it was quite refreshing when youngsters The Daly Prophets came on stage and played a vibrant mix of tracks, including Livin’ La Vida Loco and Love Shack. However, the honours went to unquestionably the tightest, most efficient band of the night, Korn on the Kob. They exploded onto the stage with the first live appearance in two years from dynamic frontman Richie Owen, who once again had put together a metal supergroup and fronted a fierce cacophony of sound with his unforgettable physical presence and powerful vocals. He even made use of “the bleeper” to edit out the more colourful lyrics! The band had the most authentic sound and it was great to see guitarist David Thompson back on stage again. Next, popular local covers band “Solice” became Stone Gossard and the Wonder Bras for their take on Pearl Jam numbers. It was a brave choice - the American band themselves were always something of an acquired taste, not least for Eddie Vedder’s vocals. But frontman Brad Harper and his be-

wigged band members gave a faithful rendition, even if the crowd weren’t necessarily buying into the songs. The Allisons gave us music by The Pixies fan, but once again the young crowd, unfamiliar with the songs, found it difficult to relate to. The band perhaps didn’t help themselves by not playing the two songs most people might have recognised (Where is My Mind? and Here Comes Your Man) and they also lack a female - The Pixies bass player sang backing vocals and occasional lead vocals. But still, you can’t knock the guys for playing songs they love and trying to spread the music to new, young fans. The next band Luckiest Loser were teenagers playing their first ever gig ,which was a bit daunting given the size of the crowd but they went for it and gave a good performance and got better as they went through their set of Bowling for Soup hits, encouraged by their friends and followers. The jaunty American Pop-punk songs went down well with the young crowd, not least the catchy singalong ‘The Girl all the Bad Guys Want’. The last band, The Daly Prophets, are a talented teenage all-singing 7-piece party band featuring saxophone and male and female vocals and gave a short set of dance floor fillers which had the crowd tapping their feet and grooving in their seats to songs such as Poker Face by Lady Gaga. They were awarded third place, with Stone Gossard and the Wonder Bras finishing runners up to Korn on the Kob, who donated their £100 prize to Cancer Research.

More details are local live music is available on the HDLMA website at www.hdlma.co.uk

nd a ow n y Bu


Horsham | 01403 211744 Hove | 01273 234890 Worthing | 01903 201901 Chichester | 01243 539777 countykitchens.com * Terms and conditions apply. See in store for details.

Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident



A -Z of local news C A

uditions will be held at The Capitol on Sunday, 14th November at 1pm - 3pm for next April’s Hit & Run Theatre Co’s The Wizard of Oz. They are looking for outstanding girls and boys to join the company as munchkins and other parts. Girls / Boys, aged 7 – 15, ideally under 5ft. Must have exceptional stage presence. Singing/ drama/ ballet experience is useful.

hristmas bazaar will take place on Saturday, December 4th, at Horsham Hospital in Hurst Road between 10am and 12pm. As well as the usual stalls there will be a Grand Draw with a £400 cash prize and the draw for a unique hand-made dolls house made by Horsham craftswoman Mrs Mary Phillips. The organisers are the League of Friends of Horsham Hospital.


o 30 charity campaigner Gary Marlow, has completed his 13th challenge visiting 30 counties. Gary, from Horsham, is attempting to complete 30 feats to raise money for 30 charities, to celebrate his 30th birthday.


ax Castle Pub at Two Mile Ash recently held a competition with Southwater Art Club, in which artists could paint or sketch the pub. The landlord picked Jerry KingTours’ work as the winner. The Bax Castle which is based at Two Mile Ash, currently have a display of work by the Southwater Art Club Members in the back room.


mma Gentle has raised £1,660 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity in memory of her best friend Georgia Tooley.

Send your local news to ben@the-resident.co.uk If you happen to be Zed out of the Police Academy movies, you’ve got a great chance of getting in! This was following a charity fun day in September organised by Emma, as a tribute to Georgia, who was treated at the Royal Marsden and who sadly died of cancer earlier this year. The money will go to a new £15m teenage unit recently opened at the Hospital. Emma was shown around the new teenage unit, along with her mother and also Cherie and Martin Tooley, Georgia’s parents, on tits opening in October.


lamenco Workshops were held at Collyers during Rag Week at the end of October. Professional Dancer Ana Dueñas led some lively Dance and Spanish students to dance basic flamenco with “palmas y jaleos”.


emma Arterton stars in Tamara Drewe (15), the next film shown by the Mary How Trust Film Society, on Tuesday 23rd November. Tamara Drewe, a glamorous newspaper columnist, causes a stir when she returns to the sleepy village she grew up in. Showing at West Chiltington Village Hall at 3.00pm and 7.30pm. Bar, raffle, refreshments and ample free parking. Tickets cost £5, from 01798 877641 and the usual outlets


orsham Folk Club will be holding another of its popular song and dance nights on 14th November, at the Normandy Centre, Denne Road. An evening of dancing to the club’s excellent ceilidh band will be interspersed with songs and tunes from members and guests. Music starts at 8pm. Admission is only £2 and just £1 for members: tickets available from 7.45pm at the door; under 18s and students free.


nspirational and motivational Microbiz seminars will be held in Horsham on Monday, 29th November. The free seminars are aimed at helping small businesses step up and take advantage of opportunities in tough times. Sunny Thakkar will provide useful tips on increasing web traffic, while Paul Tobenn will discuss opportunities for small businesses in the 2012 Olympics. For tickets call Nigel on 215529


immy & The Preacher, The Wilson/Whitely Project and Alice Ella are among the acts competing in the acoustic section of the Battle of the Bands final on Sunday, 14th November. It’ll be held at the Holbrook

Club, Horsham, and also on the bill are Lauren Rebecca, Taygan Paxton, Gregk Foley, Noface, The Collector (below), Elspeth Cavell and Planet Hubris and the Apathy Myth.


evin Precious explores his former life as a teacher in Not Appropriate, on stage at the Capitol on 28th November. It’s a show that will appeal to anyone who has ever taught or for that matter - been to school. Tickets £6 in advance, £7.50 on the door


inda Beacher of Spierbridge Road, Storrington, has been convicted of five counts of benefit fraud amounting to some £25,800 in relation to both Horsham District Council and the Department for Work and Pensions. Recorder Broe sitting at Hove Trial centre sentenced her to six months imprisonment, effective immediately.


r 50 ffe 2. O ls £ fe ea Ca ior m


Al **

Swim for £1* Help the kids to get healthy with our after school treats. Juniors can swim in our Leisure Waters for only £1*

Monday – Thursday 4 – 7pm The Pavilions In The Park Hurst Road, Horshamam 01403 219200

Y L ON1* £

*Offer valid Monday – Thursdays 4 – 7pm between 1st November 2010 - 31st January 2011, excluding 20th December 2010 - 3rd January 2011. A junior is 15 years and under. Children under 8 years old MUST be supervised by a parent or adult (18 years or over) throughout their use of the pool facilities. Maximum ratio of 2 children to 1 adult. Supervising adults must accompany the children in the water. Adults will be charged at the standard rate.


** Offer only available as part of swim for £1 offer. Food must be ordered by 6.45pm

DC Leisure Management working in partnership with Horsham District Council

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010



A -Z


en are urged to have their say on mental health services. West Sussex Wellbeing Initiatives wants to improve the help and support on offer for men in the county. To kick-off the project a simple five-question questionnaire has been created asking men for their thoughts about the provision of specific mental health services for them. The deadline for the survey to be completed is 30th Nov. www.westsussex.nhs.uk


orth Horsham Parish Council will be undertaking their second Children in Need venture on Thursday, 18th November. This year’s event will involve Beating the Bounds of the Parish and is a sponsored walk around the built up area of North Horsham Parish. If you would like to join the Walk, please contact the Parish Office on 01403 750786.


ld Barn Nurseries at Dial Post (on the A24) has its magical grotto up and running from tomorrow (13th Nov). They appear to have gone to quite a lot of trouble for Santa’s arrival. The garden centre’s Christmas lunches are available from 15th November, but you can

now view the menu online.


inocchio's Circus is at Shoots Garden Centre, Washington on 4th December - 2nd January 2011, at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm. Jam packed with entertainment, aerial acts, clowns, Christmas magic and pantomime favourites , and you can meet Santa in his toy shop after the circus. www.shoots.co.uk


ueens Head hosts live music on Friday, 19th November, with Juicy Lucy playing. On the same night, Nigel Bagge plays at the The Malt Shovel, Horsham, while Sarah Saville plays an acoustic set at The Tanners Arms, Horsham.


egister of Electors canvassers will be knocking on doors in November. Horsham District Council sent out forms to each of the 57,000 households in the District at the end of August and over 83% of forms had been returned. However, there are still some 9,000 occupants of properties who haven’t responded. 27 personal canvassers will be

door knocking these properties. All canvassers will have identity badges and a new form for electors to complete.


t Robert Southwell Catholic Primary School is the first school in Horsham to gain accredited Fairtrade status. This is awarded by the Fairtrade Foundation which monitors and promotes the Fairtrade mark in Britain.


V celebrity, politician and novelist Ann Widdecombe is at the Capitol on 10th April 2011. Now she brings her show to the general public answering questions and sharing anecdotes in conversation with Iain Dale.


pgrades to wastewater treatment works have begun. Southern Water engineers will spend a year extending the facilities at the Barns Green Waste-

water Treatment Works to allow for a rise in demand due to population growth. The £2.5 million project is due to end in October 2011. As well as increasing the site’s capacity, the work will ensure that the quality of the treated wastewater returned to the environment at Parson’s Brook is maintained to the existing high standard.

The books will now be exhibited at Horsham Library on Saturday, 20th and 27th November.


mas wine blending and food matching evening is being hosted by Fenix Gourmet Grill at The Barn, causeway, on Thursday, 16th December. See www.lovefenix.com for info


ehicles were damaged in a fire at a Breakers Yard on Brighton Road, Pease Pottage, on Monday night. Five cars totally destroyed by fire and another was damaged.


est Sussex County Council, which runs local libraries, has announced details of a Flying Books programme. Flying Books are a selection of notebooks that arrive in a suitcase. Each one has a title on the label attached, such as ‘A Book of Seasons’ or ‘A Book of Nature’. People have drawn, written and collaged images of their thoughts, hopes and feelings in their chosen notebook, which then go throughout the county.


oung baking enthusiast Henry Holden, from West Grinstead, has won the South East’s Warburtons Young Baker of the Year title. Henry, 17, presented the panel of expert judges with a tasty Garlic, Rosemary & Olive loaf which won him £500 towards his college tuition along with a Warburtons hamper. He goes on to a bake-off final on 1st December.


iggy played guitar, and so will Classix, at the Malt Shovel pub, Horsham, on 20th November. Yeah, struggling with Z!


Billingshurst Road, Broadbridge Heath, West Sussex, RH12 3LN

tel: 01403 272686


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Ben Pringle, Ian Bradley (black vest) and Danny Kirkland all boxed for Horsham on Saturday (All pics by Vic Heritage - www.vicheritage.fotopic.net)

Kirkland the Ringleader In terms of victories chalked up, Saturday won’t go down as one of the most successful nights in the history of Horsham Amateur Boxing Club. But the fight night at the Holbrook Club was again a fine example of why the club’s big events continue to prove so popular, as each fighter wearing the blue colours of Horsham gave it their all, in front of a huge and vocal crowd. While there’s little argument that it was Ian Bradley who again starred in the fight of the night, perhaps Horsham’s stand out performer was Danny Kirkland. The young fighter was a comfortable victor once again against Jack Stringer. He was quick and composed from the outset, moving fast on his feet but never losing his discipline.

He caught his opponent in the first round and delivered two great blows with his left in the third and final round to ensure victory. Bradley’s fight against B. Kudus was a bloody encounter. Bradley, owner of Horsham’s most bone-crunching handshake, was as always quick out of the blocks, having to punch upwards against his far taller opponent. Showing far more attacking intent than his rival, the Horsham fighter was well on top in the first two rounds, easily reading the slow moving Kudus’ telegrammed punches. But this windmill effect worked in the third, and the big man from the red corner had Bradley on the ropes. Whether or not the bell saved the Horsham fighter from losing to a knockout is anyone’s



guess, but certainly the visiting boxer had ended the engaging contest well on top. At that point, Horsham had lost the opening three fights. Junior fighter Harry Orsini fought well but lost out to the sprightly Ruislip fighter. Tom Hooley improved as his fight went on and was on top in the third, but lost out on points, as did Tom Sullivan. Merle Cavagnuolo was out of the blocks like a race


adopting his trademark low stance position, could not deliver the telling blows on his opponent. But like all of Horsham’s performers on the night, the effort could not be faulted. Ben Pringle, with his chequered shorts and pulled up blue socks, went out on the ring looking more like a footballer than a boxer. But there was to be no diving around, as he provided a stern test for a talented young fighter from West Tree ABC. Pringle recovered well from a quick flurry of punches from his opponent in the second, but lost out on points. The night’s final bout involved Dan Purchase, one of the club’s most popular fighters, which ensured few had gone home early. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to provide the grandstand finish he

dearly wanted, losing out to Will Brock. Cheered on by the crowd, and with little in it after the first two rounds, the Horsham boxer went for it in the final round, and it could be argued that he wanted the win the most. But he didn’t get it, losing out in a majority decision. While not the best night for the trophy cabinet, the night did highlight all that is good about the club with everyone boxing with spirit, discipline and sportsmanship. All of the boxers would like to thank club coaches Lee Coles, Ben Gumbrill and Shaun Stepney for their help and support. Another club night is set for 5th March 2011.

For more details visit www.horshamabc.co.uk


Featuring top brands: Buy a Kitche n for £1900 or more and receive a complimenta ry dishwasher complete with a 5 year guarantee

horse and gave his opponent no time to settle. His opponent could do nothing to counter his speed and agility and it was a brisk victory for the Horsham fighter early in the second. Archie Hutchinson took on Jacob Gabriel, but the Horsham boxer,


17 Blatchford Close Horsham RH13 5RG info@brenthurst.co.uk www.brenthurst.co.uk 01403 254236

Brenthurst is a kitchen & bedroom design specialist offering a complete service that not only includes a personalised design and supply, but also project management and installation.

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010



SOUTHERN COUNTIES GLASS Archie Hutchinson gives it his all on Saturday

Having been caught with a good punch in the first round, Dan Purchase came back strong in the final round

• Splashbacks • Worktops • Vast colour range • Supply and fix/supply only

Cut Glass to Size Mirrors Picture Glass Glass Repairs Leaded Lites Double Glazed Units Greenhouse glass Glass Shower Screens Glass Shelves Table Tops Safety Glass


Tom Hooley fought well for Horsham

Harry Orsini

Opening times : 7.30 to 17.00 Monday to Friday - 8.30 to 12.30 Saturday - Free parking

www.southerncountiesglass.co.uk - enquiries@southerncountiesglass.co.uk

Unit I, Foundry Close Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5TX

Tel: 01403 264723 Fax : 01403 268153

Trade Enquiries Welcome

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HSO musician plays 200-year-old violin


Horsham Symphony Orchestra are at the Capitol next week

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The Horsham Symphony Orchestra, under its principal conductor, Steve Dummer, and leader, Barry Sutton, opens their 2010-11 concert season on Saturday, 20th November at the Capitol, Horsham. The concert will feature Mendelssohn’s much loved Violin Concerto and the orchestra is delighted to welcome Rachel Ellis, guest leader of the HSO, in her inaugural performance as soloist with the orchestra. Rachel has been playing the violin since the age of nine and received her first training at the Kent Junior Music School in Maidstone. She won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music, where she regularly played with the RCM chamber music on tours both at home and abroad. Rachel has lived in Horsham with her family for the past 14 years and combines teaching with playing in many local musical ensembles. She has recently acquired a 200 year old violin which she will be playing in the concert. The concerto follows a performance of ‘Dances of Galanta’, by the Hungarian composer, Zoltan Kodaly (1882–1967). During the nineteenth century, army recruiters in Austria used to travel around with dancers

If you can not get to us at our shop, we can arrange home visits. Or why not earn extra cash and hold a gold party!

We will not be beaten on price.


HALF PRICE 45 Carfax, Horsham West Sussex, RH12 1EQ

01403www.sakgems.co.uk 250200

Rachel Ellis, guest leader of Horsham Symphony Orchestra

and musicians in tow in an attempt to enlist young men. The style of dance used, the ‘Verbunken’, was the basis of this orchestral suite, which was first performed in 1933. After the interval, the orchestra will perform Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony, more commonly known as the ‘Eroica’ Symphony. This magnificent work of art has become so well-known and embraced by the listening public that it hard to believe quite how radical this music was at the time it was composed (1803). Beethoven tore through musical convention to produce a towering work of genius that is filled with the full gamut of emotions, ranging from despair and sorrow through to affirmation and celebration of the human spirit. The concert will commence at 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £12, £10 for concessions over 60 and £5 for under 18s. Tickets can be purchased in advance from The Capitol Box Office on 01403 750220 or online at www.thecapitolhorsham.com.

Tickets are also available from the HSO Ticket Secretary on 01403 891356. Further information can be found on the HSO website at www.horshamsymphony.org.uk

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010



Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident



If you would like to sponsor our popular events section, email matt@the-resident.co.uk

-13th Nov

13th Nov

13th Nov

13th Nov

13th Nov

HAODS is proud to present Cole Porter's Kiss Me Kate in its glittering 1999 revival version. The story is one of fun, farce, and ultimately love, amongst a troupe of touring actors who are themselves putting on a musical version of The Taming of the Shrew. Tickets £13-17 from 750220

Evan Thomas, a Messianic Jew and Jack Sara, a Palestinian Christian are both pastors from Israel. They will both be talking at the Kingdom Faith Chuch on Foundry Lane, Horsham, at a one day national conference called “Breaking Thru” Tickets £5 from www.kingdomfaith.com/Israel

High Definition Opera is broadcast live in Screen 1 of The Capitol via satellite from the Metropolitan Opera, New York. Next up, Don Pasquale, with John Del Carlo in the title role. When Otto Schenk’s production premiered in 2006, the New York Times called it “brilliant.

Piries Place traders have come together and are rather admirably going to try and build some sort of Christmas spirit this year, as the local council still cannot commit to big spending. There’s a switch on of the lights tonight, with the rest of the town’s decorations turned on too

14th Nov

Just in time for Christmas, The Entertainer is coming to town, finally making some decent use of the huge unit between McDonalds and Argos. We sure weill miss that 50p store! The Toy Shop’s arrival is good news for children and the whole town really. Except poor Goodacres...

16th Nov

Gary’s Live Music Club at Coolham Village Hall hosts a great night of music tonight with Mich Sampson & Marilisa Valtazanou, 'Playing Rapunzel' at 7.45pm. There are also fove performance slots available for the night. For more visit the website www. bassistgaryholder.com

16th Nov

The War Memorial in the Carfax will be the focus of this year’s Remembrance Sunday service in Horsham at 11am. The Service will be led by The Revd Canon Guy Bridgewater, the Vicar of Horsham, and the two minutes silence, in memory of the fallen, will be held at 11am.

16th Nov

You can see some of Horsham’s acoustic talent at the Holbrook Club, North Heath Lane, in the acoustic Battle of the Bands showcase tonight. It features The Collector, Lauren Rebecca, Gregk Foley, Elspeth Cavell, Noface and more. Doors open at 6.30pm, £3 entry.

Southwater’s Christmas craft and gift market will be held at the Southwater Leisure Centre, Pevensey Rd, at 11am - 3pm. Stalls include handmade crafts and produce, card and wrap, jewellery, children’s gifts, face and nail painting, pottery and more.Entry by charity donation.

Not a good time to take on the Crawley. Horsham are near the bottom of the Ryman Premier, while Crawley are flying high. The Hornets take on Billericay on Saturday and then on the 16th Horsham are at home to Crawley, in the Sussex Senior Challenge Cup. Kick off at 7.30pm.

Something a little different is coming to Horsham - a Giraffe restaurant - at the former Tortellini’s site. Having never eaten at Giraffe, we can’t really comment on the grub, but it looks like fun food in a lively atmosphere, perhaps similar to Smith & Westerns without the cowboy hats.

Horsham Horticultural Society are delighted to welcome local dahlia expert Don Bateman. He will be explaining how to look after, tend, and show these increasingly popular plants. The society meets at 7.15pm at the Brighton Road Baptist Church. New members most welcome.

Horsham piano and electronic keyboard teacher Mark Reeves is staging a concert at Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham at 7pm. About 25 of his young students will perform pop, rock, jazz and classical music in aid of BBC Children in Need. Tickets £2.50, children FREE.

Florence - the city and its painters is the subject of the next meeting of Horsham Decorative & Fine Arts Society. The group meets at the Capitol Theatre in Horsham at 10.45.am. The speaker is Shirley Turner MA Oxon. Visitors are very welcome. Admission is £5

Music by The Bee Gees and Abba forms the basis of The Winner Takes it All, at the Capitol. Brothers and Jive Talkin' front men, Darren and Gary Simmons, become Barry and Robin Gibb. The second half of the show boasts a 10 piece ensemble playing Abba hits. Tickets £17.50

Deakin Fine Wines host a Christmas Wine Tasting evening on Friday, 19th November. The event is held at The Drill Hall, Denne Road, Horsham at 5.30-9.30pm, with free parking to the rear at 6pm. For more info call 01403 248130 or email info@deakinfinewines.co.uk

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is showing in Horsham from today. The film is showing in both cinema screens at The Capitol and booking is now open. the Capitol was due to show the film in 3D, but the film makers were not able to complete a 3D version in time...

Horsham Symphony Orchestra opens its 40th anniversary season with a show at the Capitol. The concert opens with Dances of Galanta by Zoltán Kodály, before Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto and Beethoven's Eroica Symphony. Tickets are £12 from 750220

The Sussex Thunder will take on the Leicester Falcons at Broadbridge Heath Stadium, Horsham. All profits from the game will go to Help for Heroes. The game will be played under floodlights, kick off 6pm, BBQ providing burgers and hot dogs. .Entry £3, under 16’s free

The UpMarket Christmas Fair will be held at the Drill Hall, Denne Road, Horsham between 10am – 4pm. 40 exhibitors will be selling luxury, stylish and unusual gifts that may not be found on the high street. Visit www.theupmarket.co.uk or call 01798 340001 fore more details

13th Nov

19th Nov

14th Nov

19th Nov

14th Nov

17th Nov

20th Nov

17th Nov

20th Nov

18th Nov

24th Nov

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010


27th Nov

27th Nov

27th Nov

27th Nov

events 27/28th Nov

Fairtrade goods will be on sale at the annual Horsham fairtrade Christmas Market at St John’s RC Church Hall, Springfield Road, Horsham, at 10am4pm. The ever growing variety of produce ensures a colourful display from toys to trinkets from all over the world.

A one day art exhibition and sale of original works of art and cards, by members of the Horsham Painting Group, is held at Quakers Hall, Worthing Road Horsham (opposite the library, at 10 am - 4pm. Refreshments will be available and admission is free.

A Woodcraft Skills Day will be held by Sussex Wildlife Trust at Woods Mill, Henfield at 11am-3pm. This one-day course is for parents or carers with a child aged 10 and above. Cost is £10/children £10 (Non-members: Adults £15/children £15) from 01273 497561

Ashington's annual Christmas Fayre is held at Ashington Community Centre, at 12-3pm. There will be Father Christmas, carol singing, home-made cakes, bric-a-brac, hot lunch and refreshments and Christmas stalls. For details on booking a table call Margaret on 01903 892633.

Horsham Open Studios will hold a Christmas Fair at Park Barn, North Street, Horsham, at 10am-5pm. Among those taking part are Jean Holder, Barbara Clements, Shirley Leather, Irma Westerdijk, Mary Bacon, Katherine Haynes, Alison Ingram and Susan Tindall.

Rusper has its St Nicholas Christmas Fair from 2-4pm at Rusper Village Hall. Enjoy a feast of traditional Christmas stalls as well as new craft stalls. There will also be fun things for the children to do plus a visit from Santa Claus. Entrance:50p (Under 12s free)

Southwater Christmas Festival, in Lintot Square, at 10am-5.30pm looks well worth going to.Worthing Panto star Mark ‘Rhino’ Smith will perform the opening ceremony. There’s also school bands, live rock music, craft and produce stalls,, Santa’s grotto and a small funfair.

Billifest will be held today. As well as the French Market and English Fayre in Jengers Mead car park, there should be a great programme of entertainment with music, good food and lots of stall. Last year Santa made an appearance and was duly swamped!

Bob Eagle, will be performing at Brighton Rd Baptist Church, Horsham, at 2-4.15pm. Admission is £3 (on the door) with tea/coffee and a mince pie in the interval. The show will consist of Christmas songs and carols and there will be plenty of opportunity to sing along.

Following the record-breaking success of Cinderella, get ready for another super Capitol pantomime as Anna Williamson leads a sensational cast. Join Aladdin, Wishee Washee, Widow Twankey and the beautiful Princess on the magic carpet ride of a lifetime. From today until 3rd Jan

4th Dec

4th Dec

4th Dec

7th Dec

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Also on show 2011 Sterling Europa, Sprite and Adria ranges

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Anniversar y 1930-2010

11th Dec

Roundstone Caravans Worthing Road Southwater West Sussex RH13 9JG

Horsham Xmas Advert:Layout 1




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Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010



Kings of kitchen quirks Steamer ’s high class products mirrors our growing love of home cooking, writes Shannon Woodvine My idea of heaven is a night in front of the TV with Jamie, Gordon or Michelle Roux, the Kings and Queens of cuisine. I’m addicted to all things cooking and apparently I’m not the only one. It seems we’re all falling head over heels in love with high class home cooking. Dedicated food lovers

around the country are indulging in their own real life versions of Come Dine with Me and they’re demanding the high class products to match their enthusiasm in the kitchen department. Originally founded by David and Liz Phillips in 1985 on the site of the former ‘Steamer Inn’ in Alfriston, Sussex, Steamer Trading can satisfy

Cheapest item: Kitchen items such as Cookie Cutter, less than £1 Most expensive item: Swiss Coffee Makers, £2,000+ Motto: Serious Cook Shops with Style Address: 24-26 East Street, Horsham, RH12 1HL Website: www.steamer.co.uk

most demands. Housing one of the widest kitchenware ranges in the world with over 10,000 items from the best names, its products include everyday basics like knives, cookware, tea towels, coffee machines and crockery as well as more luxurious, unusual pieces such as authentic North African cooking pots, salamanders and even duck presses. The only thing it doesn’t sell is the food itself. Now a quarter of a century old, award-winning Steamer Trading has 25 stores across Southern England with numbers 26 and 27 already on the cards. Each branch is unique in its architectural individuality but the same in its philosophy. From a former Victorian railway station in Heathfield to a converted church hall in Brighton, every store remains family owned and run, and is just as passionate as the next for providing the finest in

Join us for an exceptional

English Evening Wednesday 17th November 7.30pm Arrival and Drinks - 8.00pm Dinner Half pint of Harvey’s Sussex beer or A glass of winter warming mulled wine **** Peppered mackerel pate, freshly grated horseradish crème fraiche Nutborne Sussex Reserve 2009 **** Steak and kidney pudding or Pork and apple short crust pastry pie or Cheesy leek and courgette puff pastry pie Served with seasonal vegetables and new potatoes Bolney Dark Harvest 2008 **** Bread and butter pudding, custard sauce

£29.95 per person all inclusive An evening of traditional English fayre prepared by our Head Chef, Kevin Seaman. Accompanied by local wines selected by Simon at Deakin Fine Wines.

FOR RESERVATIONS PLEASE CALL 01403 265047 AND SPEAK TO DUNCAN The Greets Inn, Friday Street, Warnham, Horsham, RH12 3QY

Telephone 01403 265047


kitchenware. The Horsham store, formerly Scott & Sargeant, became part of Steamer Trading in 2004. Sitting proudly on East Street, it is managed by John Bowles and Assistant Manager Liz Hampton, and a team of expert sales assistants who are on hand to give product demonstrations and advice. Complete with customer coffee shop serving freshly baked cakes and sandwiches, it’s deceivingly small from the outset, but if you care to venture in you’ll find floor to ceiling shelves stocked with the ultimate in cooking utensils, crockery, appliances and paraphernalia –everything you could ever need to create your perfect kitchen or the perfect dish all under one roof. David, the original Buying Director of Habitat, and Liz, the former Home Editor of the Sunday Times, ran Steamer Trading until 2001 when their son Ben took over as Managing Director.

Working from the company HQ in Lewes, Ben explained: “I grew up in retail, surrounded by good design, as part of a family who have been retailers for many years. In fact, we can trace our shop keeping roots back to Aldgate, London, in 1870. “We have always been devoted to building and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers. If we can do something to make someone’s shopping experience really special, we’ll always try to do it.” The Steamer Trading buying team source products from all over the world, travelling extensively in search of the ultimate items and to ensure quality, the company tests everything personally before it makes it onto the

shelves. Ben said: “We’re always looking for the best in terms of design, functionality and value. If we can see something sitting in someone’s kitchen and we are fully satisfied that it meets our very strict criteria, we’ll include it in our range. “One of my all-time favourites is the Dualit toaster. I’ve had one for twenty years and my parents for over 25. They are made locally in Sussex, by a familyowned company, and have hardly changed since the original design from 1946.” Steamer Trading offers a special order service that can track down even the most obscure items to help complete your perfect kitchen, and a Wedding List service for those planning their big day.

Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident


Collingwood Batchellor www.collingwoodstores.co.uk W BUY NO E BEAT TH E REAS VAT INC



ercol Oak Torino

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Geneva Upholstery

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Freemont Oak Dining Set

Philippa Oak Bedside Chest £255


This timeless collection has been beautifully crafted from Solid Oak using traditional construction methods to create this French inspired range. Carefully distressed and hand finished with a warm stain to enhance the rich detailing of this sophisticated furniture.

Collingwood Batchellor www.collingwoodstores.co.uk



Bishopric Horsham ( 01403 269261




Table & 4 Chairs

Haslemere ( 01428 641947

Horley ( 01293 782404

Horsham ( 01403 269261

Haywards Heath ( 01444 417174

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010



La Source Contemporary Living

Nice motor for a 20-year-old! Kieran Vernon from West Chiltington is one of two recipients of the 2011 Porsche Carrera Cup GB Scholarship. After a demanding two-day evaluation process at the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone, 20-year-old Kieran and fellow hopeful Benji Hetherington impressed in and out of the car against very strong opposition from the other four finalists. Created and run by Porsche Cars GB, the successful 'Carrera Cup GB Scholarship Programme' will provide £50,000 each to Vernon to use as a significant element of his budget for the 2011 Carrera Cup GB season. The six finalists, chosen by an expert panel from nearly 40 applicants, were put through a rigorous two-day evaluation process at the Porsche Experience Centre at Silverstone on 18th/19th October. The programme started with driving sessions in the

latest Porsche 911 GT3 Cup race car on the Silverstone National circuit under the expert guidance of former Carrera Cup GB champion James Sutton. Each driver had two timed stints, with the second run on new Michelin slicks as all aspects of their driving and feedback were analysed. Away from the circuit, the focus switched to media work and presentation skills, as each driver underwent interviews with the judging panel as well as television interview sessions and media training. On the second day, the candidates underwent exhaustive fitness testing at the Porsche Human Performance Centre at Silverstone, which culminated with a demanding assault course over the Experience Centre tracks. Kieran’s motor sport career began in karting, and between 2004 and 2007 he won a number of championships. He finished runner-up in the 2007 Ginetta Junior Champi-

onship and finished second in the 2008 Ginetta G20 Championship. In 2009, Kieran raced to second place in the Scholarship Cup of the British Formula Ford Championship, and was a race winner in Formula Palmer Audi in 2010. “Winning the Carrera Cup Scholarship is a huge boost to my career,” commented Kieran. “I can't say how happy I am now. It's a fantastic opportunity and I want to say a big thank you to everyone at Porsche for making this happen. I'm so keen to get out on track. I'm so excited and I can't wait for the start of next season." Over the year ahead, the two Scholars will receive an extensive fitness programme managed by the Porsche Human Performance team, plus branded race suits and a new Arai GP6S helmet. The 2011 Porsche Carrera Cup GB will begin in April next year.

At La Source you will find the very best of European contemporary furniture and accessories.

We also offer a free home consultation.

History comes to life

Tales from the Great War came alive for Forest Pupils this week when local amateur historian Gary Cooper visited the school to speak to pupils about his book – Horsham’s Hero’s of the Great War 1914-19. After more than 6 years of investigation and research Mr Cooper has gathered together the personal stories of the 359 casualties commemorated on the town’s memorial. This often very poignant insight into the lives of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country brought the work the pupils have been doing in the classroom to life. Anyone interested in purchasing a copy should contact Gary Cooper at Friends of Horsham Museum, c/o 3 Hills Manor, Guildford Road, Horsham, RH12 1LZ or email CoopG709@aol.com

3, East street, Horsham Tel: 01403 218686 www.lasourcedesign.com


Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident

To view menu and all latest offers, join our facebook group “Taj Mahal Horsham”

Telephone: 01403 258710 or 01403 588286

15% discount on collection orders over £12 5% discount on deliveries when you spend over £20

Please mention this advert when ordering. Offer runs from Friday 12th November to Thursday 18th November.


the resident | Friday 12 November 2010

Horsham’s Seasonal Savings


THE BOTTLE Spend over £30 and get SHOP &

Corks & Screws Crawley Road & Station Road

5% Off

all wines, beers and ciders

£12 Necklaces, £8 Bracelets £4 Earings

£10 Off

Throughout Store Offers run while stocks last

Not including spirits and cigarettes valid until 31/12/10 only 1 coupon per transaction

Colour Cuts & Blow Dry

Store at: Swan Walk, HORSHAM

01403 275511


£10 Doing it the Italian way Sakakini Your Personal Jeweller

Gift Voucher Off a

Filippo Marziano arrived in Horsham from his native Sicily in 1991. At first glance at the spend pictures of most£50 of youor willmore recognise him from his 14 years at Panino’s in the Carfax. In his time he has seen many comings and goings in the tapestry of Horsham’s recent restaurant past. It has always been his dream to own and chef in his own Classic Italian Restaurant preparing authentic Italian cuisine while sourcing the finest ingredients from his homeland. So four years ago Filippo’s Italian Restaurant in Piries Place was born. Conveniently situated next to the car park and seating up to 60 guests, Filippo’s Restaurant has undergone a complete refurbishment with the aim of providing a high class, typically Italian atmosphere. All dishes are freshly made and cooked to order, guests

01403 250200 45 Carfax, Horsham www.sakgems.com

are even welcome in the kitchen to watch Filippo at work. An impressive sight is watching the chef toss the pizza dough which has previously been freshly made moments earlier using imported flour from the home of pizza, Napoli. Nothing here is pre-made, vacuum packed Valid or bought in, everything is cooked on site in the authentic Italian way. Filippo’s is a family business and children are welcome, in fact they have the pick of the whole menu in smaller portions. A take away service for the full a la carte menu is also available. Knowing what is on offer in the town now, owner and chef Filippo Marziano is eager for people to come and try his cooking and judge for themselves. He is confident he will be welcoming them back soon.

2 Can Dine for £6.99 2 regular 6” Subs, 2 medium dispensed drinks and 2 cookies or crisps. until 19th November 2010.

To add your voucher to this feature please QUOTEScall f 01403f 251000 f “I’m a regular to this restaurant, as I have found it to offer the best food in town.”

from recent reviews...

Do you or somebody you know need help with some of the things that others take for granted? At Carewise we place our service users first acting in their best interests at all times. We recognise the need for people to retain their independence whilst also feeling supported and cared for. Working closely with local authorities and families we endeavour to provide bespoke care packages designed to make life that little bit easier. Our care services can include: Full personal care, shopping, housework, daily phone call checks and medication prompts. Our rates and care plans offer the flexibility and affordability that you have been looking for and our friendly fully qualified team ensures that you receive a service that is second to none.

Carewise Ltd 2 Norfolk Road, Horsham RH12 1BZ Tel: 01403 274713 email: horsham@carewiseltd.com


An advertising promotion by The Resident

(from Google)

“The food is great and the service is good, friendly and very personal.”

(Restaurant Guide.com)

Authentic Classic Italian “Delizioso!”

“Can’t be beaten on taste”

Filippo’s is currently taking bookings for the Christmas season. Our Christmas set menu is available via email or direct from the restaurant. Birthday parties and other special occasions can be catered for. Families as well as bigger groups are welcome. Filippo’s, 5a Park Place, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1DF Tel: 01403 271125 - Email: filippo@filippos.org.uk - Website: www.filippos.org.uk Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 12-3pm and 6-10pm. Closed Sundays.

For the month of November Filippo’s would like to offer all of their customers a special promotion for lunch and early dinner:

AUTUMN OFFER SET MENU - £9.50 for 2 courses Monday to Friday 12-3pm Lunches and the “Early Bird” 6-7pm Dinner This offer is available throughout November 2010

“It is so nice to find a real Italian restaurant.”

(Restaurant Guide.com)

Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident


Join us on BARNSTORMERS BIG SUNDAE Sunday 21 November 7.30pm Barnstormers goes large in the main theatre. Already lined up are Bellamy’s People star Felix Dexter and intelligent and highly perceptive Tom Stade.

National Theatre Live in the Cinema:

BLOWERS CAUGHT SHORT AND GRUMPY Sunday 14 November 7.30pm From Mike Gatting to the Queen Mum, Blowers pours forth on a legendary career which has taken him from a brief sojourn in a merchant bank to four hip operations. Not forgetting cricket, Blowers talks about the Test Match Special commentary box and will be on hand to answer audience questions. It’s terrific fun. Don’t miss it at The Capitol.

HAMLET Thursday 9 December 7pm Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, sees his father’s ghost. Tormented with loathing and consumed by grief, he must avenge his father’s murder. What he cannot foresee is the destruction that ensues. Starring Rory Kinnear as Hamlet. From the author of DEAR ZOO The première of Rod Campbell’s

CINEMA Fri 12 - Thu 18 November DUE DATE (15) DIGITAL Daily (not Sat) 5.15pm & 7.45pm Sat 2.30pm only Plus 2.30pm Sun & Wed MADE IN DAGENHAM (15) DIGITAL Fri 6pm & 8.20pm Sat & Sun 3pm, 5.30pm & 8pm

TAMARA DREWE (15) DIGITAL Mon-Thu 5.30pm & 8pm THE ILLUSIONIST (PG) Mon 5.15pm Tue & Wed 6pm & 8pm Horsham Film Society present 35 Rhums (12A) Mon 8pm

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010

Coming soon to the Big Screen


news Made in Dagenham A dramatisation of the 1968 strike at the Ford Dagenham car plant, where female workers walked out in protest against sexual discrimination, directed by Nigel Cole. Stars: Sally Hawkins, Rosamund Pike, Miranda Richardson, Bob Hoskins 12th-14th Nov

Due Date (15) Peter Highman is an expectant first-time father whose wife's due date is a mere five days away. As Peter hurries to catch a flight home to be at her side for the birth, his best intentions go completely awry after a chance encounter. Stars: Robert Downey jr, Joel William Gonzales Shows: 9th-18th Nov

One year in the making It is always the tradition at the end of the panto that the following year’s 'subject' is announced. Yes, that's how far in advance we have to plan for the annual Christmas show here at The Capitol! Last year’s star of Cinderella Justin Fletcher announced that Aladdin would be this year's pantomime, and so the journey begins to write a script, to engage the company, to find a musical director, to source a set and costumes, to design the promotional material. This will be our 6th 'in house' Christmas production, our first being Faith Brown in Cinderella, then Sonia in Jack and The Beanstalk, Todd Carty in Dick Whittington, Sarah Jane Honeywell and Mark Curry in Peter Pan, Justin Fletcher in Cinderella and now Anna Williamson in Aladdin. I have known Anna for a few years now. We have kept

in touch since I offered panto five years ago and due to her TV commitments and other contracts I have been unable to get her here in Horsham till now. And true as her word she said she would play here and this year is our year. Anna is a great pantomime performer and eventually we welcomed her to The Capitol in the summer to see where she will be spending her Christmas. Anna had done her homework in terms of asking mates in the business about The Capitol - all came back with positive feedback! I had already decided that I would have a set for the show from the same suppliers as last year, and I did get to see it in Hertfordshire before the panto that it was being used for had finished. I hope that you will like it! So I have a set and a storyboard of what scenes, so down to the writing -not an

Michael Gattrell General Manager, The Capitol easy task as I had not written this one before. But having seen many pantomimes over the years I knew the structure and what characters I would be including so pen to paper, well actually fingers on keyboard, and started to write. By the end of July I had a script that I thought was worth a read by some of my colleagues, just to gauge their reaction - a thumbs up decision. Then I met Anna in London and went through it with her

so she was happy what she was going to be doing. This is not a contractual requirement but merely a courtesy one and we have always treated the 'top of the bill' names with this respect. But I need to cast the show! I had already made a few calls earlier in the year to some of the cast from last year’s Cinderella pantomime. Actors seem to love working here at The Capitol and it does become home for 5 weeks. In fact, it’s like one big family. So why not have some

of the actors back? This year we see the return of Nic and Tom who were Ugly Sisters in Cinderella to play Widow Twankey and The Emperor. Amanda Sim, who waved her magic wand last year as The Fairy, will be spinning her magic as the Slave of The Ring, Danielle, who has choreographed the last three shows, agreed to return and along with her husband Rhys who will be playing the Chinese Policeman. So what's left to do? Well lots really. Look at the lighting design, sound effects, props and, oh yes, music. I put a call out for a musical director and am very fortunate to have found a great musician, John Cornford, who is based in East Sussex. He came for a meeting and we went through the script, sharing ideas, and I gave him a day or two to think about whether he wanted to come to Horsham. The next day, sure enough, an email came through saying

'Yes I'd love to work with you and play The Capitol'. With this all in place I just need it to come together. In two week’s time the set and costumes arrive and for the next 10 days from the 29th November Aladdin will be directed, choreographed and musically put together. It’s not an easy task but I think after these few years of directing it is becoming easier. We can't wait, and I know when we had the recent press call the cast were anxious to receive their scripts and start learning. All the staff are involved in some way if not selling tickets, by flying scenery, by putting up posters to moving scenery. So why not come along to see the finished production? We officially open on the10th December and run until 3rd January 2011. It will be fun! Oh yes it will!



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THE BOARS HEAD a traditional pub

with a modern twist

We aim to source the very best fresh ingredients from local producers within Sussex. A minimum of 80% of our meat and fish originates from within the County, and our menus are shaped by seasonal availability. Apart from our main menu, we have a separate bar menu with a range of sandwiches and hot meals. Sunday roasts are served from noon until 5pm throughout the pub every Sunday - booking recommended! Our Christmas celebration menu is available now, for pre-booked parties of 6 or more, for lunchtimes and evenings from December 1st. Bookings are also being taken for our very special Christmas day menu.

Book now

For Christmas

...fine dining without the expense

Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 0AD for all bookings please contact Treacy Tel: 01403 266 554 ~ Email: boarshead@hotmail.co.uk

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010

Can you afford not to? Happy Hour Beer and Bento ÂŁ8.95 2 Kirin Beers and a selection of hot and cold snacks 5pm - 7pm Tuesday - Saturday Deluxe Bento Box Lunch Assorted Sushi, Shiitake Salad, Chicken Kushi-Yaki, Steamed Rice, Spicy Vegetables, Miso Soup and a choice of Crumbed Pork Tonkatsu or Seabass Spicy Shiso ÂŁ13.50 Wabi 38 East Street, Horsham West Sussex RH12 1HL T 01403 788 140 www.wabi.co.uk reservations@wabi.co.uk

sushi and bento to go swan walk shopping centre, horsham


we also cater for events no matter how large or small telephone 01403 788144



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Are you dreaming of unwrapping something stylish this Christmas..?

or want to surprise someone special with something you know they’ll love..? Pick up a Cape Scarlett Wish List* today and make somebody’s Christmas wish come true! *Wish Lists (and Ruby Jeans!) are now available in our boutique and online at www.capescarlett.com Cape Scarlett, 35 East Street, Horsham, RH12 1HR. Tel: 01403 754445

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010



Let the battle commence Welcome again to our feature where we help you to overcome the obstacles of modern life whilst retaining a sense of fun! This week we officially start our countdown to Christmas which for many of us creates an endless tick list punctuated by frantic bursts of shopping, cooking, wrapping, decorating, writing cards, making costumes for school plays, telephoning relatives, organising social calendars... and the list goes on! STOP! There are easier ways to claw back time and really enjoy the lead up to the festive season without wearing your pants over your tights - oh no, sorry, that was Superman and where is he when you need him? Superwoman wore a much more restrictive and uncomfortable costume which ensured she had a perfect cleavage at all times even when performing super human feats! Sound familiar? That touches on a whole new list - how to create the perfect look for Christmas and we can help you with that too! Funnily enough, I discovered a very old copy of ‘Superwoman’ by Shirley Conran last week and thought I would share a few tips with you. For those of you too young to remember, Shirley Conran espoused the philosophy that modern

Take charge and sort out the stress! With the busy-ness of modern day-to-day life, running a home and raising a family, while holding down a fulltime job, it’s no surprise that ‘having no time’ and feeling completely stressed is near the top of most people’s fed-up list. I’ve been watching a documentary on BBC TV for the past 3 weeks, ‘The Big Silence’. The programme follows the lives of five people attempting to find a better way of managing their lives, beginning with their meeting at local Worth Abbey. The programme starts by saying “There seems to be an epidemic of being busy, people’s lives are so full of busyness and noise, they are

unable to stop and listen, see things in greater clarity.” I found the programme fascinating, seeing the challenges faced by people trying to find a way to slow down, to think about what they are doing, and why they are doing it, and to look at their quality of life. What always interests me is what happens after a retreat, once people go home and back to their day to day lives, whether they can actually maintain the new skills they have learnt, and incorporate these into their lives. More often than not they quickly revert back to their well-worn path of being constantly on the go. I have helped many clients work on exactly

this. For lasting change to happen, people need to look at the practicalities of their lives, understanding what is important to them and designing (or redesigning!) their lives to work for them. Becoming the Ringmaster of their own circus, rather than having the circus animals running rings around them! I worked in the corporate world for 20 years before taking the bull by the horns and working out what I really wanted to do, and retraining and setting up my own business. Often people find they have somehow ended up where they are without having given much thought to what they really want. Or perhaps they

got on the Success Ladder, and poured all their time and energy into their career, and now find that their lives are out of balance, or they want something different, more fulfilling perhaps. If you’d like to sort your life out, get in touch with me to arrange a no-obligation chat, by calling 01403-793790 or emailing me at info@ cathrynhindle.com. You may find yourself saying, as most of my clients do, ‘why on earth didn’t I do this sooner!?’ Cathryn Hindle Write in to: Health & Lifestyle, The Resident, 26 North Street, Horsham, RH12 1RQ or email julia.martin@ the-resident.co.uk

woman can have it all - career, children, beautiful home, etc and her book of household management was a best seller in the seventies. The fact that she was married to the multi millionaire Sir Terence Conran, surely was the best known aid to household management! However, she does offer some sage advice and one of my favourites is “The secret to ironing is to avoid it“ and her motto was “life is too short to stuff a mushroom”. But at this time of year, the best advice is “Never rely on your memory. Keep a notebook in your handbag and do not let anybody get at it”. If you follow this advice, you can jot down any interesting tips and contacts from this page to help in the run up to your Christmas. So if you have your pen ready, read the useful guide by Susannah Brady from Offload Business Resources on the organisation of time to optimise results in your Christmas preparations. Kall Kwik also offer some vital time saving options with their Fed ex service which sends and tracks parcels worldwide and can get a gift to relatives in the USA the next day! They also offer some seasonal help with their personalised Christmas cards, menus and invitations. For beautiful, quality and original clothing made form pure silk, wool, cotton or

bamboo, seek out “After Lily” on East Street which is an offshoot of a very successful London venture. For the perfect gift which captures a special moment in time, discover Andrea Sarlo photography which offers vouchers for portraits and they are packaged in a delightful way with gift bags and a picture frame so offer a tangible and ready wrapped gift which will create memories forever. The Retreat at Slinfold Golf and Country Club offer a range of lovely vouchers for their luxury spa days and treatments too. In a rapidly materialisic world, a gift of an experience can be very welcome and it only takes a phone call to arrange so saves you time too! On a lighter note, our tip of the week to all you budding Supermen out there, is to wear your tights under your trousers as we girls have known for years, that this can really help keep the cold out and, if you want to wear your pants over them, so much the better! We need more Supermen! Enjoy!

Julia Martin

Cathryn Hindle Life Coach You can also find us on

Facebook: www.facebook. com/horsham.news


If you need to sort your life out, what are you waiting for?

Why not do something about it now! Call me on 01403-793790 or email info@cathrynhindle.com to find out more, or to arrange your free introductory session. **Evening and weekend appointments available**

Cathryn Hindle Coaching Ltd. The Courtyard, 30 Worthing Road, Horsham


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Beat those winter blues!

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art which explores the use of the five elements; fire, earth, water, wood and metal in a space. As the nights get longer and darker with cold grey days, spare a thought for your elderly relatives and neighbours who may struggle more in the Winter. Janine Lowe says ”The East area of the home is an ideal place to put a rogues gallery of older relatives and friends to help increase the energy flow to them.

Conversely we think of red as the ideal warming colour but in this area, it should be avoided and you should use blues and greens particularly if you want to renew the romantic energy in a relationship.” This area is also associated with wood so wood carvings such as the three wise monkeys would fit in well especially as three is the number linked to the area. Plants and greenery can also thrive and serve to increase the energy flow too.

If you would like to find out more about the power of decluttering and more useful tips, go to Janine’s blog at www.janinelowe.co.uk or contact Janine on 01903 787888.

492 357 816 SE



Elders / Ancestry






Janine Lowe FENG SHUI CONSULTANT 01903 787888 07843 620472 janine@janinelowe.com www.janinelowe.com

Picture the perfect gift... What could be a better gift for Grandparents, family and friends than a beautiful portrait of their own adorable children and grandchildren? What captures the joy of a family more than a photograph? Under the expert and creative eye of professional photographer, Andrea Sarlo, these can be skilfully taken in her studio or on location. We are delighted to

Special Offer 10% off with this voucher Offer Valid to 17/12/10


Mobile Hair Stylist

Over 15 Years Experience

Child’s cut £8, Ladies cut £12 Cut & Blow Dry £18, Colours from £37 Southwater, Horsham & Broadbridge Heath Areas Covered

Mon - Fri

Call Vanessa on 07917 196191

welcome Andrea to our pages and throughout the coming year she will share with us ways in which to capture those special moments. For Christmas, Andrea is offering special portrait session gift vouchers for just £35 instead of the usual £55. These vouchers are ideal as they can be given to family and friends for Christmas, and then used whenever is convenient for the recipients. Andrea specialises in

families and children and as a mother of four, she is uniquely able to draw out the best in children. Her sessions are interactive and fun and there is still time to book family sessions before Christmas. You’ll have to hurry though as space is filling up!

To contact Andrea call 01403 267660 or email at andrea@andreasarlo.com

Using the luxurious ESPA products for treatments and the renowned Jessica products for nails, the Retreat at Slinfold Golf & Country Club offers the whole range of treatments that you could wish for - from facials to pedicures, and massages to manicures. Speak to our booking receptionists to find out more details about the treatments on offer, and to take advantage of a 50% reduction off your first treatment.* *Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Only available to customers using the Retreat for the first time. This advert must be handed into Reception on payment to receive the discount.

Retreat @ Slinfold Golf & Country Club Stane Street, Slinfold, West Sussex RH13 0RE

Tel: 01403 791154

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010


n and as a s uniquely best in

nteractive still time ons before

ry though !

Creative, Exciting Drama Classes

A few places still available for new half term at the following times.

FREE TRIAL SESSION (must be booked online at www.drama-works.net) All classes are at the Barn, in the Causeway. Monday 4.15 to 5.15 - 4 years to 8 years workshop Saturday Morning 9am to 10am - 4 years to 6 years workshop 10am to 11am - 6 years to 8 years workshop (London Academy grades available)

Andrea call or email at asarlo.com

Check out our website - you will enjoy it!


Telephone: 07786 398869




London’s Lily blooms in East Street Have you discovered the hidden gem in East street yet? You may have walked past the small shop “After Lily” and been mildly intrigued, paricularly by the antique bicycles which were outside, and not realised what a treat was awaiting you inside. The shop is a branch of a higly successful London shop which neighbours the Cath Kidston store in Fulham. In fact “After Lily” now has

the same designer as Cath Kidston but the concept is very different. The intention is to give a palette of subtle colours, mixed with solid basics to create a way to dress in your own individual style. Caroline, the owner, specialises in sourcing only high quality silk, wool, and cotton clothing which is designed to be a long term investment and she fervently believes in fair trade. This is a very tactile place

and once you feel the softness of the bamboo and cotton tops and the lightness and fluidity of the silk dresses you will realise that these are garments you will want to wear again and again. The philosphy is that the garments will last and this is backed up by a highly unusual but effective ‘ trading in’ policy which means that when buying a new piece, you can trade in a used piece which is valued and offset against the

new purchase. This is very eco friendly as these are then recycled for second hand sales. The shop also sources original French pieces of furniture and home ware so you can also create an environment which reflects your own individual essence. So pop in and you will be made very welcome.

Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident




Countdown to Christmas There’s only 6 weeks to go until Christmas and so much to do! So to help you get it all done efficiently I have devised a fortnightly checklist, which hopefully you will find very useful and you never know, maybe you will get to the big day a little less stressed than normal! GETTING STARTED! Ok, I admit it, I started my shopping weeks ago with the really hard ones to buy for brothers and uncles! I saw some early shopper bargains and bagged them. Take a pencil to the family calendar now and plan when you are going to fit in everything… shopping, parties, nativities, card writing and wrapping. Set a date with your other half or a friend, or even better arrange a babysitter so you can shop alone in peace (now there’s an idea)! OVER THE NEXT TWO WEEKS YOU SHOULD… Book your office/club party or dinner ‘do’. With so many

Fed up with doing back office admin? Struggling to keep up with the paperwork?

lovely restaurants, hotels and country clubs in the local area you will be spoilt for choice - but choose somewhere and book it now! Order your personalised Christmas cards for both business and home. Write that card list first or revise last year’s and only order what you need. Send out your festive season invitations now, even if you just set a date and ask if friends and family will be coming. Start discussions with ex-partners about where the kids will be and when.. and remember to include them in the process so that everyone is happy. Book the time you want off work or find out what your staff rota is going to be. Don’t forget school plays and nativities. Get the kids to write their Wish Lists and letters to Santa so you and your family can get the most out of your Xmas £££’s… they get something they really wanted and you

Why not ‘OFFLOAD’ it to me? I’m a freelance virtual PA with years of secretarial experience and having run my own small business from start up, I understand your needs.

Why not book in a free consultation (in the real or virtual world) and find out how I could help you.

Shop and save! You may not have heard of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club before, as they don’t advertise. Instead, they rely on satisfied customers letting their friends and family know about the great value services they deliver. The Utility Warehouse provides over 350,000 customers throughout the UK with substantial savings on a wide range of utility services including home phone, mobiles, broadband, gas, electricity and non-geographic numbers. The Utility Warehouse calculates that a typical household can save over £870 a year with them – ask me how! Save 25% on your utility bill every month by shopping! The Utility Warehouse CashBack card can make a massive difference to you – it could save you hundreds of pounds a year. There’s no limit to the amount of CashBack you can earn. Utility Warehouse customers are regularly making savings of 25% on their household bills, simply by shopping! This exclusive CashBack card gives you 5% CashBack every time you shop at leading retailers including Sainsbury’s

(food and petrol), M&S (clothing and food), Argos, Boots, Top Shop, PizzaExpress, Halfords, Homebase, Domino’s... and that quickly adds up to a big saving on your monthly bill! There’s no limit to the CashBack you can earn. Spend £20 in Sainsbury’s, and the Utility Warehouse take £1 off your next monthly bill. Spend £400 on groceries in a month, and they take £20 off your next bill. And that’s on top of Nectar points and any other in-store promotions and discounts! How does it work? The CashBack card is a payment card that you load up with money, then use like any other card. It carries the MasterCard® symbol, so you can use it just about everywhere. Top up your CashBack card with money. Pay with your CashBack card whenever you go shopping and get CashBack on your next monthly bill! It’s so simple. To find out more call Sarah on 0800 458 6632 or email me at sarah@life-of-riley.org.uk” sarah@life-of-riley.org.uk

Sarah Riley, Authorised Distributor, Utility Warehouse Discount Club

get to buy it early. Going to a Panto? Book your tickets now or you won’t get any seats. Aladdin is on at The Capitol and Snow White is on at The Hawth. Book train tickets for Christmas journeys to get the best discounts available. Going overseas? Check your passports will be valid for long enough after your return dates. And finally, as if you needed prompting.. write a list of all the people you have to buy for and set a budget. Take advantage of early bargains and start your shopping now! TOP TIP Use a spreadsheet to track what you have bought, who for and how much - it will keep you focused on your spending and it’s really handy for identifying what’s left to buy.

By Susannah Brady, Freelance Virtual Secretary, OFFLOAD Business Resources

SUSANNAH BRADY Freelance Virtual PA / Secretary / Administrator

OFFLOAD Business Resources Tel: 07585 274967 Email: smbrady@supanet.com

“Print for People ... ... by People who Print!”

Call us for all your full-colour printing needs! 1,000 Full Colour A5 Flyers only £100 from

(Single sided, printed from pdf supplied artwork)

500 Full Colour Business Cards only £100 from

(Single sided, printed from pdf supplied artwork)

19 Blackhorse Way, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1NU

Tel: 01403 211511 email: sales@kkhorsham.co.uk

Kall Kwik to the rescue! In my main article, I bemoan the lack of Supermen but there are exceptions to every rule, and Martin and George at Kall Kwik in Blackhorse Way have certainly come to my rescue on many occasions! The shop is a life saver for any business or household when time is short and a quick call or email can produce posters,leaflets,invitations,

cards and menus to order. Furthermore, as both of them have past experience working on national magazines, they can offer a first class design service too! With the addtiton of Fed Ex to their services, they can provide a time saving way to send gifts worldwide as there is generally no queue and if there is, you can sit on the sofa and wait. Delivery times are

super quick too with a parcel to Australia taking no more than 5 days. To help you further in the festive season, you can have your own personalised Christmas card created from a photograph or design. However I cannot miss out Zoe, who keeps them all in order, for as we all know girls, every Superman needs a Superwoman!!

Take 20-30% off your household bills every month! Shop with this unique CashBack card and you can save money on your household bills every time you buy:

✓ food and fuel at Sainsbury's ✓ clothing ✓ DIY ✓ health and beauty products ✓ household and electrical goods





at thousands of leading high street stores! Simply top up the CashBack card with the amount of money you choose, then use it every time you go shopping! 5% of everything you spend at participating retailers comes off your monthly utility bill - as cashback!

Spend £450 a month on your shopping? That's over 25% a month off a typical bill!

This card is available exclusively to members of the Utility Warehouse Discount Club.

For full details:

0800 458 6632


See website for full terms and conditions

Home Phone





the resident | Friday 12 November 2010

The UpMarket Christmas Fair We are delighted to announce that ‘The UpMarket’ Christmas Fair will take place at Drill Hall, Horsham on 24 November 2010 from 10am until 4pm.

Items on offer will include Hampers, handcrafted jewellery and ornaments, children’s and adults clothes, Peruvian Knitwear and Cashmere, Ceramics, beautiful and unusual Christmas decorations and much more.


upmarket the


The UpMarket brings together selected artisans, food producers and discerning buyers in one central, convenient location. Our aim is to bring the best products to market in a fun and unique shopping experience, allowing independent producers a cost effective opportunity to come face to face with their customers. It’s the perfect opportunity to touch, see and taste a wide range of quality, hand made and unique goods not easily found in the high street, and is the ideal way to find Christmas gifts from a range of specially invited local artisans and producers.

A licensed on-site café will be offering light lunches and refreshments to help make the whole experience relaxing and conducive to a perfect venue to shop.

Amanda Nimmo, Director of Energy Events who are organising the market, said, “Despite the prevalence of the internet, there’s still a huge segment of the quality goods market We will also be raising money for two that the general public is unaware charities, “Prostate UK” and “The of. The UpMarket offers independent Pink Ribbon Foundation” through a producers the opportunity to bring gift-wrapping service from which all their product to market and gives the proceeds will be donated. A voluntary buying public a chance to purchase donation for entry to The UpMarket quality, individually made items that Christmas Fair will also be divided don’t always make it to the shelves of between the two charities. the high street stores.”

Drill Hall, Denne Rd, Horsham, RH12 1JF • Wedne An advertising promotion for The Resident

upmarket the

10.00am - 4.00pm

Christmas Fair

Our exhibitors.....

ulous day’s shopping at hristmas Fair. Join us for a fabulous day’s shopping at


Drill Hall, Denne Rd, Horsham, RH12 1JF • Wednesday 24 November 2010 10.00am - 4.00pm Our exhibitors..... Accessories

Cassie's Accessories Jules Accessories Katie's Originals Pink and Black Reedesign Jewels


Baby Gifts & Accessories

Bluebird Baby Gifts

Luxury Clothing

Beauty Products

Tip To Toe Ethical Beauty Mirakel Cosmetics


Vintage Rose

Peruvian Knitwear

Cashmere & Soft Furnishings Ceramics

Nettles Cashmere D-W Design Noa Ceramics

Silks, Wraps & Scarves

Nila Rubia Sarah Tyssen

Soaps & Candles

The Wellingham Herb Co.

Childrens Clothes

Little Legend Cuthbert, Dibble & Grubb Pony Maloney


the UpMarket Christmas Fair.

ting and unusual Christmas Browse our interesting and unusual Christmas gift ideas, including hand-crafted jewellery, cashmere and Peruvianjewellery, knitwear, traditional hand-crafted hampers, ceramics, ladies & children’s clothes, and much, much more. uvianaccessories knitwear, traditional ladies & children’s clothes, uch, much more.

Plus.... come and enjoy a glass of wine, a light lunch or coffee at “Vintage Rose”, our on-site café.

Supporting The Pink Ribbon Foundation & Prostate UK

Colour Analysis

House of Colour

Cup Cakes

Cake Angel

Floral Design

Willow & White Floral Design


Made in Provence

Gift Wrapping

Christine Donne

Alice Robson CinderelaB Hazel Pluckrose Henrietta Fernandez Juliette Lowe

Baby Gifts Cordelia James & Accessories Linen Lawn The Rose Silvene

Beauty Humm Products

Textile, Art

Café Phoenix Trading Just Lindsey

Unusual gifts & Home Accessories

Bo Belle

Cas Jule Kat Pin Ree


Tip Mir


Cashmere British Design British Made LibertyFurnishings Bee & Soft Orange Turtle Wotnot Gifts Ceramics

Ne D-W No

Childrens Clothes



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Be blown away this Autumn !

Order a Bathroom or Wet Room & Receive 15% of your order value in free tiles Typical examples: Spend £3,000 on a Bathroom or Wet Room and receive £450 worth of free tiles Spend £4,000 on a Bathroom or Wet Room and receive £600 worth of free tiles Spend £5,000 on a Bathroom or Wet Room and receive £750 worth of free tiles Order within 28 days of your quote and receive an extra 5% discount


& So To Bathe 37 East Street, Horsham, RH12 1HR

Tel: 01403 276266


Visit our showroom and book a free design service

Stunning rural home for sale at £1.6million

Latest planning applications in Horsham area

The latest property on the market

property Castleview stands out in idyllic spot

Open House sale at Cowfold home

Guy Leonard and Company is delighted to be instructed to market numbers 3 and 4 Castleview, which are newly built cottage style properties located in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the downland village of Amberley. This prestigious development has been built and designed specifically for the 60 plus lifestyle. These properties afford independence and peace of mind for both owners and their families. They offer uncompromising design, carefully chosen specifications, exceptional standards of finish and generous living and storage space thus ensuring a distinctive yet practical home. Constructed to the highest standards and built to exceed current building regulations, consideration has been given to energy conservation and the environment. The properties benefit from a ten year Zurich warranty offering complete peace of mind. The accommodation comprises entrance hall, cloak/shower room, sitting room, dining room, beautifully

This attractive detached family home located in the village of Cowfold will be sold via Brock Taylor’s successful ‘Open House’ method on Saturday, 27th November. The property was built in the late 1950’s and is set in slightly over a third of an acre of land. It has a guide price of £450,000. The house has been sympathetically extended to provide ample ground floor living accommodation with comprises entrance lobby, entrance hall, downstairs cloakroom, 20’5 triple aspect living room, 16’ conservatory, 19’4 kitchen/diner.

fitted kitchen, two bedrooms and ensuite bathroom. The properties benefit from private rear gardens, garage and oil fired heating to radiators. A manager is able to offer assistance when it is required and oversees day to day main-

tenance of the properties. Security and emergency alarm systems are fitted together with window locks and the properties are therefore equipped to provide the peace of mind. Both properties are being offered for sale with a

Guide Price of £399,950. An internal viewing is highly recommended and for further information and/or an appointment to view, please contact Guy Leonard & Company on 01903 742354 or visit www.guyleonard.co.uk

The first floor comprises three good sized bedrooms, family bathroom and separate shower room. The house is offered to the market in excellent decorative order and internal viewings are considered essential to appreciate the overall size and condition of this home. The Open House is on 27th November from 11.am-12pm.

For an appointment to join Brock Taylor at the Open House please contact on 01403 272022

The HCR Partnership Energy Performance Certificates from


plus VAT

07810 008193


Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident

2 | property


‘Tis the season to be Holly With land at such a premium and designs reflecting the need to maximise every inch of space, it is increasingly hard to find a bespoke luxury brand new family home. Especially one that has been traditionally constructed to a spacious and flexible two storey design, set on a wide private plot in a select yet convenient location. With this in mind, Churchlands Homes are pleased to announce that Holly House, The Oaks, off Forest Road, is now ready to be offered for sale. Churchlands, a local company specialising in bespoke projects, have been building in the Horsham area for some 12 years, and their policy is only to offer each of their select brand new homes for sale when they are nearly complete. To make the move as easy as possible, Holly house is fitted with ceramic floor tiles and new quality carpets, and the gardens are professionally landscaped to the front and rear with turfed lawns and shrubs. Every effort is made to present an established environment yet with all the bene-

fits of new build. Holly House is likely to tick all the right boxes if you’re looking for a special home built to a high specification with traditional materials that offers easy maintenance, stylish contemporary design and lovely private south facing gardens in a secluded yet convenient setting. Holly House has been extremely well designed and features very spacious and flexible accommodation. There is a generous and welcoming entrance hall, fabulous kitchen and breakfast/dining room fitted with contemporary cabinets by Johnson & Johnson under granite work tops and with quality integrated appliances. Contemporary glazed bifolding doors open from the large double aspect South and East facing living room into the Orangery, a particular feature of the property, with glazed windows to three sides and a fantastic lantern roof. This is a stunning room with lots of light, which lead out onto an Indian sandstone terrace and the lovely secluded south facing gardens. There is also a study and dining room, and the combination of these various rooms

offer lots of different ways to live in this fantastic home to suit your lifestyle. There are four double bedrooms, and the master bedroom en-suite and the main bathroom are fitted with bespoke Porcelanosa contempo-

rary sanitary ware, and are fully tiled with Porcelanosa designer tiles. Other benefits include gas central heating, a 10 year NHBC buildmark warranty, an alarm system and security features to the front door and

windows, a pressurised hot water system, and full double glazing, as well as new carpets and ceramic floor tiling. The property has an integral double garage and driveway with parking. Available for sale at a price guide of


Planning applications submitted to Horsham District Council under the Town and Country Planning Acts and related legislation requiring statutory publicity. Applications registered between 29/10/2010 and 04/11/2010

Variation of condition No. 1 of Ref AS/26/97 with the following: (a) the caravans are occupied for holiday purposes only, (b) the caravans shall not be occupied as a persons sole or main place of residence, (c) the owner / operator shall maintain an up-to-date register of the names and addresses of all owner / occupiers of individual caravans on site (d) the caravans shall only be occupied for 11 months of each year Luckista Caravan Site Billingshurst Road Ashington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 3AY DC/10/2256 Surgery to 1 x Scots Pine (T1), 1 x Tree of Heaven (T2) and group of Lawson Cypress (G1) (Work to Trees in a Conservation Area) Frennels Stane Street Adversane Billingshurst West Sussex RH14 9JJ DC/10/2257 Surgery to 3 x Beech (B1, B2, B3), 11 x Ash (A1 - A11) and 1 x Poplar (P) Bartons Little Drove Bramber Steyning West Sussex BN44 3PP DC/10/2278 Erection of side extension 1 Gatefield Cottages Wheatsheaf Road Henfield West Sussex BN5 9AR DC/10/2281 Extension along with related internal alterations (Listed Building Consent) The Cottage Bottings Farm London Road Henfield West Sussex BN5 9AD DC/10/2082 Replacement of Georgian windows for uPVC (double glazed) windows 1 Ravenscroft Court North Parade Horsham West Sussex RH12 2RE DC/10/2244

Erection of a single storey detached dwelling with garaging to rear of site and minor alterations to No. 19 Guildford Rd The Cottage 19 Guildford Road Horsham RH12 1LU DC/10/2171 Demolish and replace shopfront glazing and frame 12 East Street Horsham West Sussex RH12 1HL DC/10/2282 Proposed change of use from commercial use to residential use, part demolition, extension and other alterations to a listed building Holding and Company 49 London Road Horsham West Sussex RH12 1AN DC/10/2283 Proposed change of use from commercial use to residential use, part demolition, extension and other alterations to a listed building (Listed Building Consent) Holding and Company 49 London Road Horsham West Sussex RH12 1AN DC/10/2247 Installation of new spiral staircase to rear elevation, alteration of first floor rear window to incorporate new door serving new spiral staircase and internal layout alterations 41 Kings Gate Horsham RH12 1AE DC/10/2249 Installation of fascia board, projection sign, window advertisements, and 2 No. awnings 1B East Street Horsham RH12 1HH DC/10/2251 1 No. fascia board sign and 2 No. projection signs (Listed Building Consent) Kings Head Hotel Carfax Horsham West Sussex RH12 1EE DC/10/2253 Proposed single storey rear and

side extension 11 Clarence Road Horsham West Sussex RH13 5SJ DC/10/2219 Variation of condition 9 of planning permission DC/10/0382 (construction of 1 x 3 bed terraced house in garden of 10 Birches Road) to change compliance from Code Level 3 to Code Level 2 of the Code for Sustainable Homes 10 Birches Road Horsham RH12 4NH DC/10/2271 Replacement of 4 No. windows (Full Permission) Arun House 1 Lower Street Pulborough RH20 2BH DC/10/2272 Replacement of 4 No. windows (Listed Building Consent) Arun House 1 Lower Street Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2BH DC/10/2212 Extension to existing canteen building to create additional WC's and entrance walkway Halls of Residence Brinsbury College Stane Street North Heath Pulborough West Sussex RH20 1DJ DC/10/2274 Felling of 1 x diseased Oak (Work to tree in a Conservation Area) Wiggonholt Church Wiggonholt Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2EL DC/10/2239 Occupation of dwelling in non compliance with agricultural occupancy condition on application ref SF/14/94 (Certificate of Lawful Development - Existing) Bridge Farm Stane Street Slinfold Horsham West Sussex RH13 0QX DC/10/2250 Internal illumination of 1 No. exist-

ing free standing sign Glenmore Brighton Road Shermanbury Horsham West Sussex RH13 8HB DC/10/2268 Replace existing white single glazed timber windows with white uPVC double glazing for Nos. 1 - 10 Dorset House Dorset House Brooks Green Road Coolham West Sussex DC/10/2255 Proposed rear dormer and roof alteration 47 Bamborough Close Southwater Horsham RH13 9XG DC/10/2246 Permanent change of use of redundant plant room for use as a store and workroom in connection with florist at number 18 Lintot Square, Southwater Stems of Southwater Lintot Court Station Road Southwater Horsham RH13 9LN DC/10/2279 Garage extension with accommodation over and erection of new sunroom 4 Nightingale Park Nightingale Lane Storrington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 4LY DC/10/2270 Erection of a close board fence 11 Old Mill Drive Storrington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 4NH DC/10/2261 Proposed new vehicular access Alders Horsham Road Steyning West Sussex BN44 3AA DC/10/2060 First floor side extension 91 Penlands Vale Steyning West Sussex BN44 3PL DC/10/2262 Amendment to previously approved new dwelling permitted under Ref DC/08/1098 Silver Halt

Heather Lane West Chiltington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2NZ DC/10/2260 Conversion of store to staff room (Prior Notification) Nyetimber Vineyard Gay Street Pulborough West Sussex DC/10/2287 Crown clean 1 x Oak tree (TPO) Oaklands Harborough Gorse West Chiltington Pulborough RH20 2RU DC/10/2217 Erection of Barn style garage Trees The Common West Chiltington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2PL DC/10/2216 Construction of a domestic garage within an existing embankment, with associated landscaping Nyetimber Manor Gay Street Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2HH DC/10/2267 Erection of car barn Former Carradale Littleworth Lane Partridge Green West Sussex DC/10/2264 Surgery to 3 x Oak trees Lynwood Badgers Holt Storrington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 3ET

DC/10/2275 Retrospective permission for the retention of equestrian building comprising 3 No. stables with twobed stud managers flat above Peppers Farm Peppers Lane Ashurst Steyning West Sussex BN44 3AX DC/10/2263 Convert existing garage to kitchen, replace garage door with window and convert existing window to door, replace door linking garage with family room with new double door and convert existing kitchen to utility room 1 Sportsmans Cottage Crossgates Amberley Arundel West Sussex BN18 9NR DC/10/2195 Lay concrete base and erect a wooden apex roofed garden workshop / shed east side of site between function room and existing fence line (Full Permission) Mill House Hotel Mill Lane Ashington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 3BX DC/10/2196 Lay concrete base and erect wooden apex roofed garden workshop / shed east side of site between function room and existing fence line (Listed Building Consent) Mill House Hotel Mill Lane Ashington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 3BX DC/10/2265

Please call Churchlands on 220800 or e-mail sales@ churchlands.co.uk for more information

Planning Applications

Further details of the applications, including plans, may be inspected at the Council Offices, Park North, North Street, Horsham, during the period of 21 days from 06/11/2009, or can be viewed at www.horsham.gov.uk Any person who wishes to make representations to the Council should do so in writing, stating the reference number, to the Director of Planning, Park House, North Street, Horsham, RH12 1RL.

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010

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Idyllic rural home offered Peter Hughes - country property in Petworth is selling this beautifully refurbished and extended country house set in a lovely rural setting just north of the village of Nutbourne. Longacre, which is being offered at a guide price of £1.6m, has spacious and well presented accommodation arranged over three floors, all with good ceiling heights. The principal rooms include a good sized drawing room featuring a high, vaulted ceiling and a log burning stove, a splendid Smallbone kitchen with an oil fired Aga, walk-in larder and a separate breakfast room opening into a charming sun room. There are 5 bedrooms, 2 with ensuite bathrooms and a further family bathroom. In addition, stairs lead to a large attic room which is currently used as a playroom. Outside the gardens are mainly laid to lawn with mature trees, fruit trees, hedgerows and terracing, comprising about 1.25 acres and include a heated swimming pool and a summer house.

You’ll need £1.6million handy, mind!

We face a challenge Guy Leonard & Company comment on the property market

There are few people who are unaware of the current press headlines; mortgage lending is at a six month low; harsh economic measures are ahead and, despite low interest rates and helpful noises from the IMF that the British economy is looking better, few are deceived into thinking that the next twelve months or so won’t be a challenge for most of us. During the Autumn of 2008 the letting market was flooded with properties, frustrated sellers who became reluctant landlords. This was a benefit for tenants who unusually had a huge selection of proper-

ties to choose from which gave them the option to negotiate on the rent they offered. We saw quite a dramatic fall in rents achieved during that time. This certainly changed through 2009 and the early part of 2010 – once again we had far more waiting tenants than properties and competition was rife pushing prices back up again. Many of the properties that were bought to the letting market because they didn’t sell have now been sold and the volume of stock has reduced. As Autumn 2010 progresses we are seeing yet another change. The market is

not flooded with properties and we are actively seeking new landlords. However, whilst there is a steady flow of waiting tenants they are looking for good quality properties at realistic rents. We strongly recommend that a landlord be flexible; if someone wants to take a property and they appear to be ideal but need some white goods supplied perhaps it is worth considering this. Is it worth losing a months’ rent for the sake of buying a fridge? Likewise some landlords prefer to stipulate that they do not accept pets at their property. Again if a tenant is wishing to take the property and has, perhaps, one small dog for which they are happy to lodge a higher deposit,

is it not worth considering this? In a tough market flexibility can make all the difference to the length of time it will take to find a tenant. At Guy Leonard & Company it has been part of our service for many years to offer a rent guarantee product to our landlords. This is part of the reference process that we go through with any new tenant. Over the last few years of economic turmoil we have felt this to be of great reassurance to ourselves and our landlords as it protects not only for non payment of rent but also legal expenses to gain possession of the property.

If you would like any further information contact Angie Blunden or Philip Reynolds on 01903 744166 or Karen Loy on 01403 246750.

For further information please contact the sole agent Peter Hughes - country property on 01798 344554 or www.peterhughes.co.uk

Rural problems An expert has claimed young Brits are struggling to buy homes in rural towns and villages, due to others purchasing second homes. There is a real problem in some parts of the UK, with people unable to buy homes in villages where they grew up. This is the view of Fiona Howie, head of planning at Campaign to Protect Rural England, who said the issue of second home ownership in such communities is preventing individuals from getting on the property ladder.

"We would urge councils where it is a problem to look at the level of council tax that they charge. Lots only charge 15 per cent as standard council tax to second home owners," she noted. Ms Howie explained local authorities have the power to request more cash and this should be done in areas where high levels of second abodes are situated. Plans to create affordable housing are also required and the dwellings should be allocated to local people, she remarked.

George Harrod & Sons (Est. 1970)






MEMBER NO. 70615

Office: 01403 248885 Mobile: 07774470207 Home: 01403 269319 19 Church Street, Warnham, Horsham, RH12 3QP

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Don’t believe everything you read or hear, properties are selling. Call Guy Leonard & Co to find out more. • No Minimum Sole Agency Contract • Accompanied Viewings • Highly Experienced Sales Team • Friendly Independent Agency

d & Co r a n o e L y u G f o The Directors ket r a m e e r f a t p cce invite you to a home r u o y f o l a s i a appr praisal date market ap to p u an e id tice. gation to prov ul agency prac ed without obli sf id es ov cc pr su is ly h ce ig vi Our ad uction to our h and an introd g in tt le or le for sa ce. r Horsham Offi ease RSVP ou pl e tim nt ie nven uk To arrange a co guyleonard.co. Q ail: Horsham@ em 22 82 ssex RH12 1X 24 tel: 01403 sham West Su or H x rfa Ca et re ouse 5 North St Co. Envision H Guy Leonard &

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Rudgwick ÂŁ595,000 Adjoining the Parish Church, set in a conservation area, a beautifully presented Grade II Listed village cottage with flexible and adaptable accommodation, within walking distance of the village amenities. * Enclosed entrance lobby * Reception hall * Sitting room * Family room * Kitchen/diner * Inner hall * Study/office * Utility room * Four double bedrooms * Three ensuite bathrooms * Family bathroom * Family shower room * Attic room * Paved terrace courtyard garden * Off street parking *

Horsham 01403 248222

Bucks Green ÂŁ545,000 A wonderful opportunity to purchase an eight acre plot of land, with planning (DC/09/1723) for a single storey barn style dwelling, set in a rural location with uninterrupted views across its own land.


Horsham 01403 248222

Horsham 01403 248222

Pulborough 01798 874033 Storrington 01903 742354 Horsham 01403 248222 London Mayfair 0870 112 7099

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www.connells.co.uk www.zoopla.co.uk www.rightmove.co.uk


YEAR 2008

Horsham Branch Warnham


Connells are pleased to offer to the market this property that forms part of a purpose built mews set within communal grounds of Warnham Court. The property benefits: kitchen, lounge/ dining room and cloakroom to ground floor. First floor has master bedroom with en suite and a further bedroom. Second floor has two further bedrooms with a shower room.



Connells are pleased to present to the market a three bedroom semi detached family home situated with easy access to A23 commuter route. The property briefly comprises lounge, dining room, kitchen, cloakroom, three double bedrooms and family bathroom. Externally the property benefits from a garage with off road parking and rear garden.



UNDER OFFER Connells are pleased to offer to the market a top floor studio apartment offering easy access to Horsham mainline train station, Horsham town centre and park. The property comprises: lounge/ bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, allocated parking and communal gardens.



Connells are delighted to offer to the market a deceptively spacious four bedroom semi detached family home offering versatile living accommodation. The property benefits from: family room, sitting room, lounge/dining room, kitchen, utility room and four bedrooms. Outside offers off road parking and rear garden with play area.




A three bedroom semi-detached family home benefiting from Entrance Hall, Lounge, Modern Kitchen/Dining Room, Three Bedrooms & Family Bathroom. Set within lawned gardens to front & rear with the added benefit of driveway providing off-road parking & garage.Vacant Possession.



The property is a well presented ground floor flat with one double bedroom. The property comprises communal entrance hall with security entrance phone system, separate entrance hall, living/dining room, kitchen, double bedroom and bathroom. The property benefits from double glazing, communal gardens and parking.

Farthings Hill


Hollcombe House at The Paddocks is a four detached house within this select development located at the end of a private cul-de-sac offering a secluded collection of just thirteen semi and detached houses. The property briefly comprises entrance hallway, open plan kitchen and breakfast room, living room with double doors to rear garden.



Connells are pleased to present to the market a four bedroom detached property in the popular location of North Horsham offering access to M23 commuter route to London, Gatwick and Brighton and Littlehaven station. Situated in the catchment area of Holbrook Primary School. Property comprises: entrance hall, downstairs wc, lounge, separate dining room.



Connells offer to the market a 3 bedroom extended detached bungalow. The property comprises entrance porch, kitchen, dining room, lounge, three bedrooms and family bathroom. To the rear of bungalow has an attractive garden laid to lawn with patio area. The front of property offers off road parking for four vehicles with lawn and mature trees.



OPEN HOUSE 06/11/10 A stunning period three storey bay-fronted property situated close to Horsham Station. Refurbished by the current owners the property comprises sitting room, dining room, fitted kitchen with integrated appliances, four bedrooms and two bathrooms



A well presented ground floor one bedroom purpose built apartment situated within walking distance of Horsham mainline railway station. Accommodation comprises, communal entrance hall with security entry, private entrance hall, lounge, kitchen, double bedroom & bathroom. Benefits include gas central heating, allocated parking & communal lawned gardens.



Connells are proud to offer to the market a two bedroom semi detached character house situated in the sought after area of west Horsham offering access to Horsham train station and town centre. The property comprises lounge, dining room, newly fitted kitchen, two double bedrooms and family bathroom. Outside includes outhouse cloakroom/storage room and garden.

Are you thinking of selling your home ? Call today for a FREE market appraisal Telephone : 01403 256331 - Email : horsham@connells.co.uk


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www.connells.co.uk www.zoopla.co.uk www.rightmove.co.uk


YEAR 2008

Horsham Branch Southwater


Connells are proud to offer to the market a four bedroom detached family home ideally located in Southwater. The property briefly comprises lounge, dining room, study, kitchen, utility room, master bedroom with en-suite and 3 further bedrooms and family bathroom. Outside offers garden, detached garage with additional off road parking for 3 cars.



Connells are pleased to present to the market a three bedroom terrace house situated in a popular residential location with access to Horsham and Littlehaven mainline train station. Property comprises: lounge, dining area, kitchen, three bedrooms, family bathroom, front and rear gardens. Internal viewing is highly recommended. NO ONWARD CHAIN.


OIEO £226,000

Connells are delighted to offer to the market a three bedroom semi detached property located in north Horsham within walking distance of Littlehaven train station. The property comprises: lounge, newly fitted kitchen/breakfast room, conservatory, two double bedrooms and a further single bedroom, newly fitted bathroom. Outside offers a Mediterranean style tiered garden.

Broadbridge Heath


Connells are delighted to offer to the market an extended four bedroom family home situated in the popular village location of Broadbridge Heath. The property comprises lounge, kitchen/ breakfast room, downstairs shower room, four bedrooms and family bathroom. Front and rear gardens, garage en-bloc.




Connells are pleased to offer to the market a substantial five bedroom detached house in North Horsham. Property comprises kitchen/breakfast room, lounge, dining room, bedroom/study, utility room and cloakroom. Upstairs offers four bedrooms, en-suite bathroom to master bedroom and family bathroom. The property benefits from a 13/4 integral garage.



Connells are delighted to offer to the market a 3 bedroom detached family home situated in the popular area of Searles View offering access to Littlehaven train station. Property comprises: lounge, dining room, kitchen, utility, conservatory, 2 double bedrooms and further single bedroom. An internal viewing is highly recommended.



Connells are pleased to offer to the market a two bedroom retirement bungalow situated in Warnham village. The property comprises: two bedrooms, lounge, kitchen, bathroom, patio onto communal gardens, and garage.



A one double bedroom ground floor purpose built flat ideally located for Horsham mainline train station and town centre. The flat offers double bedroom, lounge, kitchen and bathroom. The property will suit a first time buyer or buy to let investor. An internal viewing is highly recommended.

Farthings Hill


Tillington Cottage at The Paddocks is a three bedroom semi-detached house within this select development located at the end of a private cul-de-sac offering a secluded collection of just thirteen semi and detached houses. The property briefly comprises entrance hallway, open plan kitchen and living/dining room with double doors to rear garden.



A four/five bedroom Victorian property situated on the east side of Horsham offering access to the town centre with its shops and restaurants, Horsham main line station and the M23 commuter route to London, Gatwick and Brighton. The property is in the catchment area for both Forest boys and Millais schools.

Farthings Hill


Amberley House at The Paddocks is a five detached house within this select development located at the end of a private cul-de-sac offering a secluded collection of just thirteen semi and detached houses. The property briefly comprises entrance hallway, living room with double doors to rear garden, dining room, open plan kitchen/breakfast room.



34 DEvONSHIrE rOaD, HOrSHam, rH13 5EF We are acting for the mortgagees in possession and have received an offer of £274,000 for the above mentioned property. Any interested parties must submit any higher offers in writing to Connells, 31 Carfax, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1EE, before exhange of contracts takes place.

Are you thinking of selling your home ? Call today for a FREE market appraisal Telephone : 01403 256331 - Email : horsham@connells.co.uk


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www.kingandchasemore.co.uk Upper Beeding


st Ne ru w ct io n

Re Pr du ice ce d





Picturesque Small Country Town

With driveway parking for several vehicles, this 3/4 bedroom detached chalet style Bungalow is situated on the outskirts of Upper Beeding along a lane divided by an avenue of trees. Accommodation in brief comprises: lounge with wood burning stove, study/lobby room, kitchen/dining room and separate utility room. Also includes: fitted shower room and master bedroom downstairs, double glazed windows and gas heating to radiators. To the 1st floor there are 3 further bedrooms. Outside, the property has a good sized rear garden, driveway parking to the front. Viewing is essential to fully appreciate.

Contact Steyning

A 2 bedroom bungalow, attached at the back, of mainly timber construction in need of renovation or redevelopment, subject to any necessary consents, situated in an enviable position in this favoured close of character properties just off the lower end of the High Street of this picturesque small country town. It has the added benefit of a garage.

T 01903 815806 Contact Steyning

Contact King & Chasemore Steyning 29 High Street, West Sussex, BN44 3YE

01903 815806


Three Bedroom Semi-Detached House

Close to Steyning High Street

PRICE RANGE £200,000 - £215,000 A well presented three bedroom semi-detached house situated in Upper Beeding with good access to local schools, shops and the main A27/A23 trunk roads. The property also benefits from having a garage.

Contact Steyning

The UK’s largest property sale 4th–5th December Steyning office:

Guide price of £200,000-£215,000

In N st e ru w ct io n

By order of the mortgagees in possession, we would advise that an offer has been made for the above property in the sum of £319,950. Any person wishing to increase on this offer should notify the selling agents of their best offer during the course of the next 7 days.

Steyning Re Pr du ice ce d

Notice of Offer

Applecross, Hyde Street, Upper Beeding, Steyning, West Sussex, BN44 3TG

T 01903 815806

01903 815806

T 01903 815806


A very well presented first floor, one bedroom, purpose built flat situated within 3/4 of a mile of Steyning High Street with its variety of shops, pubs and health centre. The property is offered for sale in good decorative order throughout and benefits from gas central heating.

Contact Steyning

T 01903 815806

Thousands of pounds off 1000s of properties across the UK For further details visit…

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www.kingandchasemore.co.uk Storrington




st Ne ru w ct io n


Quiet Cul-de-Sac Position

A superbly presented four bedroom detached family home located in this quiet cul de sac position,local shopping facilities at Storrington are close to hand with local junior and primary schools.To the west lies the Village of Pulborough with its mainline railway station.

Contact Storrington

West Chiltington

We are delighted to offer this pretty two double bedroom Grade 2 listed cottage, set in a quaint lane just off The Square in the centre of the village. Set within this tucked-away location, close to all local amenities, the property features a wealth of original features, including exposed beams.

T 01903 745761 Contact Storrington


Views & Swimming Pool

A versatile five bedroom house with views to rear with a swimming pool, driveway parking and extensive garaging with a useful room above with a kitchen area and bathroom above (offering annexe potential, subject to the usual consents), set in around half an acre of mature landscaped grounds. Contact Storrington T 01903 745761


Within a Desirable Road

T 01903 745761


This three bedroom detached bungalow is set within a desirable road approximately half a mile from Storrington High Street. In need of some updating the property benefits from double glazing, gas fired central heating system, double garage and mature gardens to the front and rear. Contact Storrington T 01903 745761

The UK’s largest property sale 4th–5th December Storrington office:

Grade II Listed Cottage

01903 745761



Two Bedroom First Floor Flat

This two bedroom first floor flat is well presented and is located within the village of Storrington. There are communal gardens and the property benefits from a gas fired heating system. A balcony offers a westerly aspect. Internal viewing is highly recommended. Contact Storrington T 01903 745761

Thousands of pounds off 1000s of properties across the UK For further details visit…

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£1,350 pcm



An attractive four bedroom extended semi detached property ideally situated within walking distance of Horsham town centre and railway station. Comprising of entrance hall, cloakroom, lounge, 24’ open plan kitchen/dining room, conservatory, master bedroom with ensuite, modern family bathroom, secluded rear garden, garage, off street parking, GCH and double glazing. AVAILABLE NOW.

A superbly presented and attractive four bedroom detached Sussex Farmhouse style home set on one of the most sought after streets in Southwater. The property is finished to a very high standard throughout and comprises of an entrance porch, spacious entrance hall, cloakroom, study, 22’ lounge, conservatory, kitchen/breakfast room, utility room, master bedroom with ensuite.

broadbrIdge heath oIro £299,950


A well presented double fronted extended four bedroom period family home, offering spacious and versatile accommodation. Comprising of entrance hall, cloakroom, lounge, dining room, 23’ family room, recently refitted kitchen, utility room, four bedrooms, family bathroom, generously sized rear garden and off street parking. No Chain.



An attractive four double bedroom character cottage offering a wealth of period features, set in a popular part of Horsham within walking distance of Littlehaven train station and of Millais School. Comprising of 14’ lounge, 13’ dining room, kitchen, inner lobby, family bathroom, three double bedrooms, bedroom four/study, potential room for ensuite, delightful 120 ft secluded rear garden.



A rarely available one bedroom ground floor retirement apartment, built by McCarthy & Stone, situated in a modern development within walking distance of Horsham Town Centre. Comprising of entrance hall with entry system, 19’ lounge/dining room, fully fitted kitchen, 19’ bedroom, bathroom and to include all carpets, curtains and light fittings. Other residents facilities including communal laundry.

oIro £249,950

An attractive and keenly priced three bedroom detached property set within walking distance of all Southwater village amenities and within sought after local school catchment areas. The accommodation comprises of entrance hall, cloakroom, 15’ lounge, dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms, family bathroom, secluded sunny aspect rear garden, garage, GCH and parking in driveway.



A well presented three bedroom family home, which benefits from a large secluded garden, situated in a quiet cul de sac location within walking distance of village amenities. Comprising of entrance porch, 16’ lounge, dining room, modern kitchen, conservatory, three bedrooms, refitted bathroom, GCH, double glazing throughout and two allocated parking spaces.



A well presented and rarely available one bedroom home set in a quiet cul de sac location situated within walking distance of Southwater village amenities. comprising of 13’ lounge, kitchen, study area, bedroom, modern bathroom, secluded rear garden, double glazing and allocated parking.




oIro £299,950

A well presented five bedroom detached family home set on a generously sized plot close to local village amenities. This property comprises of entrance hall, cloakroom, 16’ lounge, dining room, kitchen, family room, five bedrooms, two bathrooms, large secluded rear garden, garage and ample off street parking.

An extended and well presented four bedroom older style property set a popular location in North Horsham within close proximity of local amenities and Littlehaven train station. Comprising of entrance hall, cloakroom, 16’ modern refitted kitchen/breakfast room, utility room, 14’ dining room, lounge, four bedrooms, family bathroom, large rear garden, double glazing, GCH and off street parking.




A well presented three bedroom family home situated within walking distance of Southwater Country Park and other village amenities. This property benefits from a entrance hall, 14’ lounge, dining room, refitted kitchen, three bedrooms, family bathroom, double glazing, GCH, delightful rear garden, garage and large driveway providing ample off street parking.



A well presented and spacious three bedroom home set in a cul de sac location within walking distance of local amenities. Comprising of entrance hall, cloakroom, 21’ lounge, recently refitted kitchen, three generously proportioned bedrooms, modern family bathroom, rear garden, double glazing, off street parking, GCH. No chain.



A spacious and well presented one bedroom ground floor garden flat set within walking distance of Littlehaven train station. Comprising of entrance hall, kitchen, 14’ lounge, 14’5’ master bedroom, modern bathroom, GCH, double glazing throughout, communal parking and own private rear garden.


An immaculately presented and attractive two double bedroom spacious home situated in a quiet cul de sac location on a sought after executive development in the village of Southwater. This property offers good scope for extension with a large loft space and ample plot size (STPP). Comprising of entrance hall, 19’ lounge/diner, modern kitchen, two double bedrooms, modern family bathroom.



An attractive and well presented two/three bedroom home situated in a small cul de sac location on an executive development in Southwater. Comprising of entrance hall, 14ft lounge, 14ft kitchen/ diner, two generously proportioned bedrooms currently been converted into three bedrooms, modern bathroom, rear garden, GCH, double glazing and own driveway providing ample parking.



A very well presented one bedroom apartment situated in an attractive modern block on a popular development in a sought after location in Horsham. Comprising of communal entrance hall with entry telephone system, entrance hall, lounge, modern kitchen and bathroom, double bedroom and well maintained communal grounds.

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Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident

12 | property

The Open House Specialists

2~4 East Street, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1HL

01403 272022


Follow us on OPEN HOUSE 11.00 - 12.00


mannings heath £450,000

cowfold guide Price £450,000

An extremely well presented and deceptive detached three bedroom bungalow with UPVc double glazing windows and oil fired heating.

This attractive detached family home was built in the late 1950’s and is set in slightly over a third of an acre of land. Lounge • Kitchen/Diner • Conservatory • Three Bedrooms • Bathroom • Separate Shower Room • Central Heating • Double Glazed Windows • Garage • Internal Viewing Essential

Set within Quarter of an Acre Plot • Ample Off Road Parking • Double Garage • En Suite to Master Bedroom

cowfold £325,000

horsham oieo £180,000

horsham £139,950

horsham £309,950

Extended Family Home • 17’8 Family Room • Utility & Shower Room • Parking & 21’ Garage • Corner Plot • Village Location

11’8 Kitchen • Two Double Bedrooms • White Suite Bathroom • Double Glazing • Rear Garden • Allocated Parking

14’10” Lounge/Diner • Modern Kitchen • Double Bedroom • Ground Floor • Close to Town and Station • Long Lease • Ideal First Time Buy or Investment • Double Glazing • Gas Central Heating

Close to Town and Station • Two Reception Rooms • Large Kitchen/ breakfast room • 4 Good Sized Bedrooms • Bathroom with Separate Shower • Good Sized Rear Garden • Off Street Parking • No Chain

horsham guide Price £270,000

horsham £220,000

horsham £329,950

horsham £182,000

Semi Detached House • Extended Ground Floor • Three Good Sized Bedrooms • Two Reception Rooms • Off Street Parking • Garage • Close to Town Centre • UPVC Double Glazing • Gas Central Heating

Two Double Bedrooms • 15’ Living Room • Modern Fitted Kitchen • 75’ Garden • Gas Fired Central Heating • Parking For Two/Three Vehicles • Part Exchange for a Flat would be considered

Detached Family Home • 3 Bedrooms with En Suite to Master • 3 Reception Rooms • Study and Conservatory • Kitchen and Utility Room • Downstairs Cloakroom • Double Glazing & GFCH • No Onward Chain

Double Glazed Conservatory • Modern Fitted Kitchen • Double glazing • Refitted White Bathroom Suite • Gas CH to Radiators • No Onward Chain

horsham £169,950

horsham £274,950

horsham £269,950

horsham £239,950

Two Double Bedrooms • Large Living/Dining Room • Double Glazing, G.F.C.H • Refitted Kitchen • Set within 1 mile of Horsham railway station • Sold with No Onward Chain

Extended Semi Detached Home • Three Bedrooms • 23’ Reception Room • Utility and WC • Off Street Parking & Garage • Access To Town & Station

Victorian Semi • Close to Town and Station • 3 Bedrooms • Potential 4th Bedroom with En Suite (sttp) • 2 Reception Rooms • Kitchen with Breakfast Room • 1st Floor Bathroom • Good Sized Garden • No Chain

18’4 Living Room • Good Sized Kitchen/Breakfast Room • Downstairs Cloakroom • Study Area • Double Glazing and GCFH • 120ft Rear Garden • Potential to extend further (stpp)

OPEN HOUSE 9.30 - 10.30





l e tt i n g s




AWARD WINNING ESTATE AGENTS 01403 272022 n e w h o m e s n m o rt g ag e s n c o n v e ya n c i n g n

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010

property | 13

STORRiNgTON £499,950

pARTRidgE gREEN £129,995

An attractive detached chalet bungalow on a generous plot. Lounge, dining room, conservatory, kitchen/breakfast room, cloakroom, 4 bedrooms, bathroom, en-suite bathroom, double garage.

HORSHAM £244,950 A well presented EOT Bryant home in popular location with GFCH and double glazing. Entrance hall, cloakroom, lounge, kitchen/diner, two bedrooms, bathroom and a garage in block.

A 1st floor conversion flat close to local amenities. Entrance hall, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, allocated parking, double glazing, high ceilings. Viewing advised.


SliNfOld pRiCE RANgE £320,000 TO £339,950

A good size link attached house offering excellent access for Town Centre and station. GFCH, double glazing, 2 reception rooms, conservatory, garage, parking and attractive secluded rear garden.

HORSHAM £225,000 A semi detached house in quiet cul-de-sac, walking distance of local shops, schools & Littlehaven station. No onward chain, 2 bedrooms with en-suite to master, double glazing, GFCH & allocated parking.

A completely refurbished 3 bed semi. New double glazing, boiler & radiators, being rewired & totally replumbed, cavity wall insulation, new kitchen, bathroom & 2 en-suites.

bARNS gREEN £199,950

A well presented mid terrace house with allocated parking, set within the popular rural village of Barns Green. The property briefly comprises of a lounge, kitchen/breakfast room, conservatory, three bedrooms and bathroom. An internal viewing is advised.

HORSHAM £182,000

A well presented two bedroom end of terrace house in a tucked away position at the end of a cul-de-sac on the West side. GFCH, double glazed, lounge, kitchen, conservatory, gardens and allocated parking. No chain. Viewing advised.

HORSHAM £435,000

SHiplEy £224,950

HORSHAM £239,950

A four bed detached house in a sought after cul-de-sac location within ½ a mile of Station. Benefits include 3 reception rooms, kitchen, laundry room, master bedroom with ensuite, garage & gardens.

A good size semi detached bungalow in need of some cosmetic updating. Entrance hall, sitting room, kitchen, utility room, two bedrooms, bathroom & good size front & rear gardens. Vacant.

An older style semi detached house near to the park, Station and Town Centre. Lounge/diner, kitchen, bathroom, sun room/ utility room, two bedrooms, ensuite, loft room, rear garden with a summerhouse.

HORSHAM £139,950

HORSHAM £250,000

HORSHAM £95,000

A one bedroom first floor purpose built flat approximately ½ mile from the town centre and mainline station, benefitting from GFCH, double glazing and allocated parking. Internal viewing advised.

A detached family home within ½ mile of Littlehaven Station. Entrance hall, cloakroom, 21ft lounge/dining room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, off road parking & secluded garden. No chain.

A first floor purpose built flat conveniently situated within walking distance of Horsham Town Centre. Entrance hall, lounge open plan to kitchen, balcony, bedroom & bathroom. Ideal first time buy. No chain.


01403 252100





Very well presented 3 bed house

A well presented three bedroom house situated close to Littlehaven Station, it offers a large kitchen/breakfast room, lounge, conservatory, two double bedrooms and a single. Available immediately.

3/4 bed detached property, walking distance to Littlehaven station. Fitted kitchen, large lounge, dining area & further reception room. 2 dbl bedrooms, 1 single, bathroom, gardens & off road parking.

A delightful and spacious four bedroom semi detached exshowhome with attached garage and addiitional off road parking, two receptions, kitchen/breakfast room, en-suite, GFCH. Available early November.

in popular location. Lounge/diner, kitchen, two doubles, 1 further single, bathroom, downstairs WC & south facing garden. Available mid-late November.

www.woodlands-estates.co.uk 3 SOUTH STREET, HORSHAM WEST SUSSEX, RH12 1NR


The National Approved


Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident

14 | property

www.mallards-estateagents.co.uk email: sales@mallards-estateagents.co.uk



Spacious 1 bed first floor apartment, specifically designed for the over 60’s. The development is well maintained and has a Resident Scheme manager. HorsHam 01403 263000


oIeo £125,000

A first floor purpose built 1 bed apartment with an allocated parking space, further visitors parking and communal gardens, dG and GfcH. HorsHam 01403 263000


oIeo £180,000



A 2 bedroom mid terrace property with 18’9 x 12’5 living room and a kitchen running the full width of the property.

A spacious 3 bed end of terrace recently undergone refurbishment, approximately 55ft rear garden.

HorsHam 01403 263000

HorsHam 01403 263000


£350,000 Substantial older style family house on west side with generous sized reception rooms, including a 13’11 x 11’11 living room with fireplace, kitchen, cloakroom, 3 bedrooms, first floor bathroom, large gardens, parking.

HorsHam 01403 263000


fIxed pRIce £260,000



An immaculately presented 3 bedroom town house with southerly aspect rear garden, situated in a tucked away location. HorsHam 01403 263000

A 3 bedroom semi detached family home with attached garage with close proximity to the town centre and Horsham station. No foRwaRd cHaIN. HorsHam 01403 263000



A spacious 4-bedroom single storey cottage set in idyllic surroundings with delightful landscaped gardens in all approaching one acre. entrance hall, sitting room/dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, cloakroom/utility, study/bedroom 4, shower room, family bathroom, garage building with office, store and 1st floor playroom.

billingsHurst 01403 785288


oIeo £280,000


A 3-bedroom semi-detached cottage-style house. entrance hall, cloakroom, lounge/dining room, kitchen/ breakfast room, en-suite shower, bathroom, garage. billingsHurst 01403 785288


A detached 4-bedroom property situated in a small residential cul-de-sac. entrance hall, lounge, dining room, fitted kitchen, 4 bedrooms, double garage, gardens. billingsHurst 01403 785288


£559,950 a well presented detached bungalow with annexe potential in cul-de-sac location, situated close to local amenities. Lounge, dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, utility room, conservatory, 3 bedrooms (master en-suite), family bathroom, garage, ample parking, gardens.

storrington 01903 746000






Brand new detached house on exclusive gated development adjoining National Trust land. 6 bedrooms (2 en-suite), 3 receptions, double garage, garden. storrington 01903 746000


A luxury 4 bed detached house situated near the heart of Kirdford. Drawing room, study, family/breakfast room, 2 en-suites, dressing room, double garage, rear garden. billingsHurst 01403 785288

A spacious 4-bed detached family house. Conservatory, kitchen/breakfast room, annexe room/bed 5, shower room, 4 further beds (1 with ensuite), rear garden. billingsHurst 01403 785288


oIeo £235,000

an extended semi-detached house with good size accommodation. 3 bedrooms, farmhouse style kitchen/ breakfast room, 2 reception rooms, gardens, parking. storrington 01903 746000

BILLINGSHURST 01403 785288



a terraced house within walking distance of village centre offering good sized accommodation. 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, conservatory, hobby room, gardens. storrington 01903 746000

HoRSHam 01403 263000

SToRRINGToN 01903 746000



An extended detached family house benefiting from 3/4 bedrooms, 2/3 reception rooms, conservatory, kitchen, utility, garage, south facing gardens. storrington 01903 746000

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010

property | 15

Munslow Bailey Gray www.mbgproperties.com

25 Piries Place, Horsham, RH12 1EH

HORSHAM £189,950 • • • • •

Bedroom End Terrace Kitchen/Diner Driveway parking Additional private parking space Garden with side access

HORSHAM £275,000 • • • • • • •

Bay fronted three bedroom semi detached Two reception rooms Newly redecorated throughout Many period features Potential to extend (Subject to planning) Gated off road parking Open views over cricket field

HORSHAM £294,950 • • • • • •

A four bedroom semi detached Tandem garage Off-road parking for approximately four cars Excellent decorative condition throughout Modern kitchen with breakfast bar Early viewing recommended

HORSHAM £239,950 • • • • • •

Exceptional top floor apartment 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms Juliet balcony with views of grounds Secure gated development Balance of NHBC warranty

Lounge/bedroom Kitchen area Bathroom with white suite Separate private entrance Private garden area Rural location (5mins by car to Horsham)

• • • • • •

2 Bedroom End Terrace Bathroom Cloakroom with shower Private driveway parking Garden Close to Village centre

01403 267530

SOUTHWATER £950 PCM • • • • •

3 Bedroom House Fitted Kitchen Ground floor Cloaks Garage South facing rear garden



• • • • • •






ATTENTION LANDLORDS - Fully managed fees from 5%!!!


• Spacious top floor apartment • Excellent decorative condition throughout • Modern kitchen with built in oven, gas hob and extractor • Bathroom with separate shower enclosure • Excellent location near to Littlehaven Station

Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident

16 | property

t : 01403 275543 w : www.inhousehomes.co.uk e : lettings@inhousehomes.co.uk e : sales@inhousehomes.co.uk Horsham £174,950 (Leasehold)

Broadbridge Heath £199,950 (Freehold)

Horsham £214,950 (Leasehold)

A well presented one bedroom first floor flat located within close proximity to Horsham town centre and mainline station. The accommodation briefly comprises; entrance hall, 11’10” kitchen, 12’ living room, 13’9” bedroom and refitted bathroom. The property also benefits from double glazing, gas radiator heating and allocated parking. An internal viewing is highly recommended. NO CHAIN.

A well presented two bedroom split level maisonette situated within close proximity of Horsham Mainline Station and being an ideal opportunity for investment/first time buy. The accommodation briefly comprises; entrance area, to the first floor is the living/dining room and refitted kitchen. To the second floor are two bedrooms and refitted bathroom. NO ONWARD CHAIN.

A well presented two bedroom terrace house situated in Broadbridge Heath. The accommodation comprises; entrance porch, 15’11 living room, open plan to dining area and refitted kitchen. To the first floor are two bedrooms and refitted bathroom. The property also benefits from recently installed gas radiator heating and allocated parking for one car. An internal viewing is highly recommended. NO CHAIN.

A well presented 2 bedroom first floor luxury apartment built by Rydon Homes and situated in the gated development of The Comptons. Briefly comprising; master bedroom with en suite shower room, second double bedroom, hall leading to bathroom, and 17’ living room opening to the kitchen. The property also benefits from gas radiator heating, double glazing and allocated parking. NO ONWARD CHAIN.

Southwater £249,950 (Freehold)

North Horsham £249,995 (Freehold)

Horsham £249,950 (Freehold)

Town Centre £279,950 (Freehold)

A three bedroom semi detached house situated within a cul-de-sac in the popular village of Southwater. The accommodation briefly comprises; entrance hall, downstairs cloakroom, double aspect lounge/dining room, refitted kitchen and conservatory. To the first floor are three double bedrooms and family bathroom. The property also benefits from gas radiator heating, double glazing and garage.

A well presented three bedroom end terrace house backing onto woodland and situated in a cul-de-sac in North Horsham. The accommodation briefly comprises; entrance hall, 14’7 living room, open plan to dining area and kitchen. To the first floor are three bedrooms and bathroom. The property also benefits from double glazing, gas radiator heating and allocated parking for two cars. NO CHAIN.









Broadbridge Heath £129,995 (Leasehold)

An extended three bedroom semi detached house situated in a popular residential area within North East Horsham. The accommodation briefly comprises: entrance porch, 14’7 living room, 17’10 dining area and kitchen. To the first floor are three bedrooms and family bathroom. The property also benefits from gas radiator heating, double glazing and off road parking for 4/5 cars in front of detached garage.

Horsham £875pcm

A well presented three bedroom link detached house situated in a highly sought after location close to Horsham Town Centre. The accommodation briefly comprises; entrance hall, downstairs cloakroom, kitchen, 16’1 living room. To the first floor are 3 bedrooms and bathroom. The property also benefits from GCH, double glazing and detached garage. An early internal viewing is recommended.

Horsham £1595pcm

ATTENTION LANDLORDS • Two bedroom house in popular location • Fully fitted kitchen/diner • Two allocated parking spaces

• Spacious lounge • UNFURNISHED • Available Now

• Fully fitted kitchen with utility room • UNFURNISHED • Available Now

Southwater £1200pcm


Horsham £995pcm

• Well presented four bedroom house • Spacious lounge • Master bedroom with en suite








Horsham £850pcm

Due to a very busy period we are extending our offer of discounted Landlord Fees into November

• Well presented two double bedroom apartment • Town centre location • Master with en suite

• Double balconyAvailable November • FURNISHED • Available Now

• Three bedroom house • Situated in a popular location • Fitted kitchen

• Bathroom withshower • Available Now • UNFURNISHED

Burford House | 26 Worthing Road | Horsham | RH12 1SL

• Four bedroom house • Fitted kitchen • Bathroom with corner bath and shower

• Good condition through out • Unfurnished • Available Now

Tenancy Deposit Scheme member


The National Approved


the resident | Friday 12 November 2010

property | 17


Putting up guests at festive season? Katrina Smith

I don't like to mention the C word, but Christmas is coming, and with Christmas comes the influx of guests. But do you have anywhere to house them? Great if you have an inviting guest bedroom, but not so good if you are short on space. It may be that your study or one of the children's rooms has to take the strain. However your guests still need to feel welcome. What has made your stay with friends or family that little bit more inviting? First of all tidy up the room your guests are going to stay in. They don't want to be faced with your overflowing “in tray” or the kids toys everywhere. Add a lovely vase of flowers to brighten up the room. Ensure there are towels at your guest’s disposal, and clean,

fresh coordinated bed linen will add the finishing touch. If you have a dedicated guest bedroom make sure that there is room for guests to hang clothes. I have to confess that my spare bedroom very often becomes the dumping ground for all sorts of paraphernalia. But I do de-clutter prior to guests arriving. I ensure the bed linen is

fresh and clean, and that fresh towels are left at the end of the bed ready for my guest’s arrival. Although the wardrobe very often has the children's old clothes in, this is always emptied before people arrive, so that they have somewhere to place their clothes. I like to leave an extra blanket out in case my guests get a little cold and I also ensure that

the key to the bedroom window is available in case they get too hot. You can never be certain as to whether people will like their bedroom hot or cold. I also think a bedside table with a lamp is required. I personally hate having to get up to switch the light on or off in the middle of the night. It can be a bit embarrassing waking everyone up in the small hours when you have fallen over the foot of the bed on your way to the toilet in the dark!. For the finishing touches you might like to consider some toiletries and a glass and bottle of water. I also make sure that there are some magazines to hand for my guests to read. Remember those small touches can make all the difference. For further information contact Katrina at True Colours Interiors on 01403 263509 or see www.truecoloursinteriors.co.uk

Stable conversion Monkhouse & Bannisters are pleased to offer this very attractive stable conversion on Coolham Road, Coolham, for sale. Little Stables offers extremely adaptable accommodation and many rooms with vaulted ceilings. The ground floor comprises an Entrance Lobby, Hall, triple aspect Lounge/Dining Room, well fitted Kitchen, Bathroom, three double Bedrooms including Bedroom 1 with En-Suite Shower Room. On the first floor is a Study/ Occasional Bedroom 4. Outside to the front

26 - 27 West Street Horsham West Sussex

there is a large garden with drive, parking area and lawn. To the rear is a full width terrace with raised decked area and most attractive ornamental fishpond with waterfall, and various storage sheds. It may also be possible to purchase up to 4 acres of pasture land directly opposite the property. The property has a guide price of £425,000.

For more details contact Monkhouse & Bannisters on 01798 872081 or visit www.monkhouse.co.uk

Property Management

STEYNING £1150pcm

aShINGTON £925pcm

hORSham £595pcm


Three bed unfurnished bungalow

Three bed unfurnished house in village location

One bed unfurnished ground floor flat

One bed unfurnished flat above village stores

hORSham £1050pcm

hORSham £725pcm

Three bed unfurnished link detached house with garage

Two bed unfurnished ground floor flat within walking distance of town centre

hORSham £795pcm UNDER OFFER

Two bed unfurnished house on west side

Fax : 01403 217083 eMail : contact@knights-property-management.co.uk www.knights-property-management.co.uk

paRTRIDGE GREEN £1250pcm

Three bed unfurnished detached house in rural location. Available December

Telephone 01403 217427

Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident

18 | property

The Pinnacle Letting Company

The Letting Specialists

LET US LET FOR YOU! We are an established and independent Letting Agent and our reputation is built upon our experience and the high level of service we provide.


e re

g tA


IFIELD | £1500 PCM




• • • • •

• • • • •

• • • • •

• • • • •

Superbly presented 5 bedroom detached house, with parking Tastefully furnished Family Kitchen/ Dining Room Good size garden Approx within 10 minutes of Gatwick

Superb 2 double bedroom top floor apartment, part-furnished. Modern kitchen through to lounge Dining Area Modern bathroom Security entrance with parking

3 double bedroom semi-detached house, unfurnished Modern kitchen with fitted applances Family bathroom with shower Front and rear Garden Garage



e re

g tA



HORSHAM | £825 PCM • • • • •

Detached 5 Bedroom House Excellent location Close to local amenities to within walking distance of mainline station Garage & Parking Available immediately

2 double bedroom 2nd floor apartment, unfurnished 1 family bathroom and 1 en-suite to main Easy access to Horsham and Gatwick Parking Close to local amenties


BROADBRIDGE HEATH | £750 PCM • • • • •

Well presented 2nd floor flat, unfurnished 2 bedrooms Modern Kitchen Bathroom with Shower Parking





e re Ag



e re Ag





• • • • •

• • • • •

• • • • •

• • • • •

Delightful 1 bedroom cottage, Part Furnished or Unfurnished Kitchen with appliances Shower room Parking for 1 car Rural location

Short & long term lets available Different sized self contained rooms All with en-suite & kitchen facilities Set in magnificent grounds Easy access to Horsham & Gatwick

3 Bedroom detached house, unfurnished Lounge through to separate Dining Room 2 double bedrooms and 1 single Well presented family bathroom Sunny good sized back garden


a service you can rely on and people you can trust

26 Piries Place, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1EH Tel : 01403 275030 Fax : 01403 264136 info@pinnaclelets.co.uk

4 bedroom semi-detached house Kitchen/Breakfast Room Downstairs cloakroom Off road parking Available unfurnished

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010

property | 19

Charlwood £4,950 pcm

Horsham £2,750 pcm

Lower Beeding £4,000 pcm

Broadbridge Heath £2,200 pcm

A fantastic grade II listed seven bedroom classic Medieval hall house which dates in part from 1456 with substantial later additions set within 3.6 acres of private grounds.

A spacious five bedroom, five bathroom detached family house located close to Lower Beeding situated in 15 acres of private grounds.

A fantastic spacious five bedroom detach family house set situated in a quiet private cul-de-sac on the outskirts of Horsham town.

A spacious four bedroom detached family house with a large garden set in a quiet rural location which enjoys views of the surrounding countryside. Hamptons Office 01403 839053 horshamlettings@hamptons-int.com

Beyond your expectations www.hamptons.co.uk

Here. There. Everywhere. At Hamptons International, we’ve always been at home with technology. We were the first UK estate agency to launch an app for iPad, the first to offer an app for iPhone, and our website has hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. So whether you’re looking to buy, sell, let or rent, with us, it couldn’t be easier.

Cowfold £1,650 pcm Situated in the popular village of Cowfold this particularly attractive semi-detached period cottage offers spacious accommodation ideal for family living.

Rudgwick £1,650 pcm

A fantastic recently refurbished three bedroom cottage dating back to the 1650’s situated in the delightful village of Cox Green, Rudgwick.

Friday 12 November 2010 | the resident

20 | property

First In Letting www.leaders.co.uk


Horsham: 01403 217585

149615 Central Horsham £560 pcm

712969 Southwater £575 pcm

82801 Slinfold £625 pcm

710396 Broadbridge Heath £750 pcm

• WATER RATES AND HEATING BILLS INCLUDED • Smart unfurnished ground floor studio flat • Situated in the heart of Horsham town centre • Studio room with doors to small outside area • Fully fitted kitchenette with appliances

• Superb 1 bedroom ground floor flat • Neutrally redecorated throughout • Fully fitted kitchen with appliances • Large double bedroom with hanging space • GCH, DG and residents parking

• Well furnished 1 double bedroom annexe • Situated in rural location on a working farm • Double aspect lounge / dining room • Suitable for Single occupant only • Rent includes most bills

• Lovely 1 bedroom end of terrace house • In popular residential area • Large double bedroom with wardrobes • Modern bathroom with shower • Good size private garden

709095 Cowfold £995 pcm

713763 Horsham £1100 pcm

• Extremely spacious 3 bedroom Victorian house • Situated close to the town and station • Lounge with fireplace and open fire • Very large master bedrooom • Enclosed rear garden and off-road parking

• Extremely spacious 3 bedroom Victorian house • Situated close to the town and station • Lounge with fireplace and open fire • Very large master bedrooom • Enclosed rear garden and off-road parking

Try another option... Sales are down, Lettings are 83185 North Horsham £1350 pcm

518660 Cowfold £1600 pcm

• Spacious unfurnished 4 bedroom executive detached house • Situated in quiet close in desirable North Horsham • Separate dining room with doors to garden • Master bedroom with en-suite shower room • Gardens, single garage and driveway parking

• Beautiful 4 bedroom period cottage in Cowfold • Delightful enclosed rear gardens with patio area • 4 double bedrooms 1 with en-suite shower room • Oil central heating and dual aspect lounge with open fireplace • Detached single garage and off street parking

All type of Properties Required Give us a call for a FREE no obligation rental assessment, from one of ourexperienced Lettings Consultants.

138403 Billingshurst £1950 pcm • Substantial 6 double bedroom family house • Situated in a popular village location • Modern kitchen/breakfast room with appliances • Master bedroom with en-suite bathroom • Tandem garage and parking - Unfurnished


01403 217585

18a Market Square, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1EU email: horsham@leaders.co.uk

Opening times: Mon-Fri 9.00-6.00 Sat 9.00-5.00


198133 Slinfold £2750 pcm • Beautiful 5 double bedroom detached house • Situated in a desirable village location • 3 reception rooms and lovely conservatory • Large walled garden with countryside views • Furnished - Rent includes garden maintenance Accepted here

the resident | Friday 12 November 2010

property | 21

www.connells.co.uk www.zoopla.co.uk www.rightmove.co.uk


YEAR 2008

Horsham Branch


£2500 (pcm)


Set in an idyllic tranquil location yet with fabulous access to A23/M23 this truly stunning 5 bedroom executive home boasts luxurious and spacious accommodation throughout. Includes 5 double bedrooms, 2 en-suites and family bathroom, magnificent fitted kitchen/breakfast room with additional utility room, 4 further reception rooms and double garage.

A spacious extended family town house situated in a residential location with walking distance of town centre and train station.Property is offered in good decorative order and boasts 3 reception areas, 4 bedrooms, modern style kitchen with separate utility room, garage and driveway, contemporary bathroom suite and large garden with access onto playing fields.

£625 (pcm)

£1250 (pcm)



t vLE iewT in g


£1250 (pcm)

Burgess Hill

ATTENTION LANDLORDS PROPERTIES URGENTLY REQUIRED A spacious ground floor one bedroom flat offered in good decorative order throughout, situated in popular residential location within easy reach of Crawley town centre. Other features include: private entrance, gas central heating, fitted kitchen, built in storage, private rear garden and allocated parking space.

£1250 (pcm)


Please call in or contact us to discuss services on

Connells Horsham present a deceptively spacious modern town house offered in excellent decorative order overlooking grasslands. Property comprises: three/four bedrooms, en-suite bathroom, lounge, fully fitted kitchen / dining room, bathroom, shower room, off road parking.

Haywards Heath

£900 (pcm)

01403 256331 or horsham@connells.co.uk

A deceptively spacious 4 bedroom family house situated in the sought after quiet residential location within easy reach of town centre and train station. Features include fitted kitchen with separate utility room, large through reception room with additional conservatory, fully enclosed private rear garden, modern bathroom suite with further shower cubicle and parking.

Burgess Hill

A truly delightful and stunning top floor executive apartment situated in highly sought after location. Features include luxury modern fitted kitchen with fitted appliances, laminate flooring throughout, fabulous and contemporary bathrooms, spacious accommodation throughout, private parking space and boasting wonderful panoramic views.

£750 (pcm)

A truly fabulous Victorian terraced cottage situated in sought after central location within a few minutes walk of town centre and railway station. The property boasts complete refurbishment to an extremely high standard throughout including luxury fitted kitchen, separate utility room, private rear garden, spacious accommodation throughout.

Haywards Heath

£900 (pcm)

An extremely well presented 2 double bedroom bungalow situated in the delightful and sough after gated development in town centre location within couple minutes walk from train station. Other features include gas central heating, spacious accommodation, modern fitted kitchen, contemporary bathroom suite, allocated parking space, enclosed courtyard garden.

Are you thinking of selling your home ? Call today for a FREE market appraisal Telephone : 01403 256331 - Email : horsham@connells.co.uk


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Drivers can now have the booming voice of Brian Blessed as their personal map reader. After a Facebook campaign attracted 25,000 supporters, the king-sized Yorkshireman agreed to record driving instructions in his distinctive stentorian tones - and the Brian Blessed sat nav voice was released by TomTom last week.

Rare and revered 911 scoops classic honour The £300,000 Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 has been crowned the greatest ever driver’s car by Classic & Sports Car magazine. It comes after a thrilling finale in which a pair of British built ten-grand tiddlers came within a whisker of snatching the title. The world’s best-selling classic car magazine asked more than 100 leading lights in the classic car world, from Sir Stirling Moss to Lord March, to list the three cars they had driven that had given them the biggest thrills and the most special memories. Classic & Sports Car columnist, Le Mans ace and TV presenter Alain de Cadenet then assessed the five most popular choices at the famous Millbrook Proving Ground to make a final judgement of the most rewarding road car ever. Though the Porsche took the title just ahead of the £2million, 238mph, 627bhp McLaren F1 and the £5million-plus pre-war Alfa Romeo 8C-2300, the affordable Lotus Elan Sprint and the original Mini Cooper ‘S’ – with all of 76bhp and a sub-100mph top speed – were only fractionally behind in the final showdown. Classic & Sports Car Editor Alastair Clements said: “For me the most exciting thing about our Top 5 was not the presence of some of the most exclusive and expensive cars ever made, but the inclusion of two that just

supposedly closed due to snow. Not in the 205 it wasn’t, I didn’t see another car after Ely.” Produced in association with private bank EFG, the results of the exclusive poll and test are presented in a special 36-page supplement free with the December 2010 issue of Classic & Sports Car, on sale now

The Alfa 8C-2300

The Top 25 about any enthusiast can go out and buy today.” James Elliott, Group Editor of Classic & Sports Car, added: “It’s another great result for the Mini. “This epitome of the Swinging ’60s may not have won outright this time around, but owners and fans can still be very proud of the sort of company it keeps. “With three out of the Top 5 to its name and five out of the Top 10, Britain can rightly revel in its glorious motoring past.” Bbuilt for just a year from 1972, the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Lightweight (RS stands for Renn Sport) was made in very small numbers (217) and could achieve a top speed of 152mph. Through its rarity and searing performance, it has become the

most desirable of all the myriad 911 variants and prices have rocketed in recent years. The monocoque-bodied car was powered by a 2687cc flat-six engine, had 210bhp and could reach 60mph in 6.8 seconds. Alain de Cadenet said: “The RS is just the most perfect thing to drive and I can see why there’s such a frenzy for them now… It’s just the most inspiring, timeless driver’s car.” Many famous names picked their facourite for the competition. Martin Brundle said of the Peugeot 205 GTI: “Just the right amount of power, grip, and drivability in all road conditions. “I remember travelling home one night after an F1 test at the Nürburgring and Norfolk was

1. Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 2. McLaren F1 3. Alfa Romeo 8C-2300 4. Lotus Elan Sprint 5. Mini Cooper ‘S’ 6. Jaguar E-type S1 7. Ferrari 250GT SWB 8. Caterham Seven 9. Ferrari F40 10. Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica 11. Austin-Healey 100/3000 12. Ferrari Dino 13. Lancia Aurelia 14. Lotus Elise/Exige 15. Ford GT40 16. Audi quattro 17. Jaguar D-type/XKSS 18. Bentley Speed Six 19. Ferrari 250 GTO 20. Porsche 993 Carrera 21. Triumph TR2/3/3A 22. Peugeot 205 GTI 23. Volkswagen Golf GTI 24. AC Cobra 289 25. Lancia Stratos

Jaguar’s highly successful XF sports saloon is now available with a dramatic new appearance pack. The exclusive new Black Pack brings an added Featuring menacing dark-grey 20-inch Draco alloy wheels with diamond turned rims, a gloss black grille and gloss black window surrounds, the XF Black Pack is available on XF Diesel S, the 5-litre naturally aspirated petrol and XFR models, with prices starting at £950.

Ford's 1970 London-Mexico winning Escort is making a rare public appearance at the Classic Car Show in November. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of its famous victory, the Ford Escort, which was driven by Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm, will be on display from 12 – 14 November at the NEC, Birmingham, as the showpiece of a stand celebrating the gruelling 16,000-mile rally.

A world exclusive unveiling from the London Motor Museum of the unique “Extra Terrestrial Vehicle” (ETV) took place at this year’s MPH The Prestige & Performance Motor Show powered by Shell V-Power at Earls Court, London.

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Man y Ca

rs Re

duc ed

HPI Checked P Pre-Delivery Inspected P Fully Valeted P Warranty P Finance Available P

small car selection n 206



ford 06/06 -29000 miles 1.0 urban 3dr, a/C


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five oaks billingshurst

rh14 9al


06/56 reg - 40,000 miles 2.0tDi se 4dr,

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03/03 reg - 74,000 miles 330 Ci Coupe auto 2dr, nav


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00/X - 112000 miles 3.2 s Convertible, reconditioned engine

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land rover

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audi £11,499

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07/07 reg - 38,000 miles 1.7 CDti sXi 5dr, a/C

n now £12,299

n a6



now £6,499 (was £6,799)


07/07 reg - 64,000 miles 2.5 st 225 3dr


n astra


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n octavia


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n focus

06/56 reg - 59,000 miles 2.0tDi s estate


(was £10,799)


n leon




05/54 - 65000 miles 2.0 hDi exclusive Diesel auto 7-seater

07/57 - 25000 miles 1.6 sport 5dr, leather


n Passat





04/53 - 86000 miles 2.0 i-vteC se sport auto 5dr


n C8

n 307

(was £12,799)

05/55 reg - 47,000 miles 1.6 16v Dynamique 7-seater 5dr


n Cr-v



(was £5,499)


n grand

04/04 - 71000 miles 2.0 hDi sW se estate, a/C


now £4,999

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Now on!


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n 307

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03/53 - 49000 miles 1.6 Cooper s 3dr, 1 owner


Pre - Christmas Sale

family car/sports selection n focus







Kevin Griffin currently buying cars for ca$h



£3,499 £4,499


05/54 - 66000 miles 1.4 se 5dr, sat nav


n C3

n 107


07/07 - 31000 miles 1.3 style 3dr


(was £14,999)

04/54 - 63000 miles 1.4 Dynamique 3dr

05/05 - 70000 miles 2.0hDi sport 3dr


n 206

(was £4,299)


now £3,999

n Clio

03/03 - 77000 miles 1.4 glX 3dr, a/C


n ka


06/06 - 41000 miles 1.1 gl 5dr




n 206


n alto

06/56 - 35000 miles 2.2tD4 hse 5dr, leather




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professionals The IronIng Shop


PEOPLE est. 1984

Helping Hands Domestic Cleaning

Ironing Service Collection, Delivery Service, Drop-off The Studio, Old Guildford Road Broadbridge Heath RH12 3SU

For : Brick/stone work, carpentry, concreting, ceramic tiling, drainage (clearing, repairs, etc), electrical, fencing, guttering (clearing, repairs, etc), glazing, groundwork, paving, plastering, plumbing, roof repairs, re-pointing and almost any other type of job around the home, then contact us. NO JOB TOO SMALL The odder the job, the better we like it ! TELEPHONE : 01403 784281 or 07850 394326 (ANYTIME) Commercial and industrial enquiries welcome

opening hours 8am-5.30pm Mon-Fri Sat 9am-1pm

Professional Decorator Painting & Wallpapering Excellent references Fully insured CRB checked Free no-obligation estimates

Gill Burn 07789 852013 ladydecorators@btinternet.com

Helping Hands Domestic Cleaning We have Trustworthy & Efficient Staff to help you now One Offs, Weekly, Fortnightly

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Jane Hancock

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Matt Lines

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Brain Gym Codeword



Choose either quick or cryptic clues -both fit the same grid.



Cryptic Clues:


3 4















Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within each circle can be re-arranged to form words with a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark? I R L D

Double Crossword

Each number in the grid represents a different letter of the alphabet and every letter of the alphabet is used. Use the given letter(s) to the right of the main grid to start you off.












































1. Their productions are suited to a large variety of keys (10) 7. Made a record, being famous (5) 8. Heroic aspirations were associated with his swimming (7) 10 and 20D. Certainly not fuel from the deep (4-4,4) 11. Bold stroke made by the commanding officer on horseback? (4) 13 and 15. Baby’s toy near the creepers - they’re poisonous (6,6) 17. What bulls do to produce blood (4) 18. You’ll find the same mixture in twisted floor (8) 21. Cavalryman to continue tediously round the ring (7) 22. To come to the point, it’s a light accessory (5) 23. Recall a lot making this kind of security (10)

1. A turning-point on the factory floor? (5) 2. Wiling additions? (8) 3. What a drop in the ocean will produce (6) 4. A section of their ancient country (4) 5. Owned a place to land fish (7) 6. Stimulated to show bravery in the end (10) 9. Is poetry or its translation in store? (10) 12. Endless list of possessions for the man of originality (8) 14. Rent fuss produces a disastrous blow (7) 16. An attractive piece of ironwork (6) 19. Force one to be a school-leaver (5) 20. See 10 Across.

Quick Clues: Across


1. Loathing (10) 7. Sound (5) 8. Deceive (7) 10. Antipathy (8) 11. Retain (4) 13. Pulverised (6) 15. Improved (6) 17. Muscle (4) 18. Maxim (8) 21. Scrutinise (7) 22. Foreign (5) 23. Promotion (10)

1. Elevate (5) 2. Agreeable (8) 3. Frolic (6) 4. Further (4) 5. Merciful (7) 6. Insubstantial (10) 9. Bearing (10) 12. Adorn (8) 14. Outdoor (4-3) 16. Seem (6) 19. Blockhead (5) 20. Squabble (4)


D E E N B I A ? B S R E R N C

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION: The letter represented by the question mark is N. Cologne, Dortmund, Dresden, all German cities.

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS: CRYPTIC - Across: 6 Acquire; 7 Tonic; 9 Art; 10 Tenements; 12 Death-stroke; 15 Scared-stiff; 17 Unpopular; 19 Sow; 21 Tales; 22 Tariffs. Down: 1 Acorn; 2 Out; 3 Free; 4 Homecraft; 5 Mistake; 8 Tea-set; 11 Gear-boxes; 13 Tedium; 14 Scandal; 16 Sol-fa; 18 Away; 20 Fit. QUICK - Across: 6 Coronet; 7 Total; 9 Lid; 10 Imprudent; 12 Extemporise; 15 Joined issue; 17 Emergency; 19 Imp; 21 Unite; 22 Release. Down: 1 Comic; 2 Roe; 3 Seem; 4 Wonderful; 5 Earnest; 8 Gropes; 11 Exonerate; 13 Endues; 14 Commend; 16 Entertain; 18 Chef; 20 Pet.

Sudoku Fill in the grid below so that every column, every row and each of the 3x3 boxes contains all the digits from 1 to 9. LAST WEEK’S SOLUTIONS >

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jobs & careers Experience Support Worker required to work in Horsham and Crawley. Must have NVQ3 and previously worked in supported living or outreach with LD, Autism and Challenging Behaviour. Must be a Driver. Excellent Rates of Pay and Training Opportunities. Subject to CRB Check. Equal Opportunities

available to read online

Experienced Support Worker required for Waking Nights at an all Male Supported Living Service in Crawley. Must have NVQ3, previously worked in supported living or outreach with LD, Autism and Challenging Behaviour and experience of lone working. Excellent Rates of Pay and Training Opportunities. Subject to CRB Check. Equal Opportunities

Employer - Echo Care - 01403250800

Part time cook required for busy pub in BBH

16 HRS per week consisting of 2 evenings and 2 lunches. Includes weekends

Please contact Richard on 01403 253406 Visit :


New Pizza Hut Delivery Unit Opening Soon & Now Hiring Owner Drivers Up to £6.50 per hour Plus up to £1.20 per delivery. Guaranteed to get min 3 deliveries per hour during peak hours Must have own car & clean licence. In Store Team Members 16-17 years up to £5.00 per hour 18+ years up to £6.50 per hour Managers & Shift Runners Salary up to £25k per annum, plus up to £10k bonus No experience necessary- full training given. Apply online at www.careersatpizzahut.co.uk Or call Sean on 07598 285258 for further information

Wabi Is Growing! Due to our recent popularity we are looking for energetic and passionate people to fill the following roles;

Chef de Partie Kitchen Porters Waiter/esses We have recently been listed as one of the top 100 restaurants in the UK as compiled by Restaurant Magazine and are looking for the right people to help further expand our success. Previous experience in Japanese cuisine is not essential, just a positive outlook

If this sounds like you then Please forward your C.V. to careers@wabi.co.uk

Do you have a situation vacant ?

Sussex Health Care is an award winning group of 17 care homes providing nearly 550 beds, incorporating specialist care provision as well as care for older people. Sussex Health Care is the only independent care provider in the UK to have attained dual accreditation and certification to ISO9001:2000 with CKHS, Investors in People and Hospitality Assured.

Due to vacancies across the group we are currently recruiting for the following full time positions across the Horsham/Henfield area: RGN’s, RMN’s, RNLD’s. Senior Care Assistants, Care Assistants (days/nights).

For an application form please contact Sara Cohen on 01403 217338 or email sara.cohen@sussexhealthcare.co.uk

With our dynamic and widespread distribution and website with an average of 400,000 hits every month.

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Timely turnaround as Hornets get lucky

Pics: John Lines

For the latest Horsham FC news visit www.hornetsreview.co.uk

On Saturday evening, things were looking gloomy for Horsham Football Club. Rooted to the bottom of the Ryman Premier League, they had played poorly and deservedly lost 4-0 away to Lowestoft. But a little bit of luck - in the shape of a goalkeeping error on Tuesday night - could have turned the season around for the Hornets. At worst, it’s put them out of the bottom two for the first time in a month. Two late goals earned Horsham a crucial victory at Tooting on Tuesday evening to move them out of the bottom two for the first time in a month. After an uninspiring first half it was the hosts who took the lead when Tyrone Sealey converted Barry Stevens' 63rd minute pass and it looked as though Horsham were set to fall to their 9th defeat of the season until Gary Charman crashed home a thumping header as the match entered injury time. Anthony Storey was then dismissed after picking up his sec-

ond caution of the night but the Hornets pushed forward and were rewarded when Tooting 'keeper Jamie Butler punched the ball into his own net to hand the visitors all three points. On Saturday afternoon, Horsham fell to a 4-0 defeat at Lowestoft Town. Gary Charman spurned a couple of early chances to give the Hornets the lead but two goals in 5 minutes, from Danny Bloomfield and Adrian Forbes, put the hosts in the driving seat and they added another goal before halftime when Horsham failed to deal with a cross and Joe Francis netted at the far post. The visitors made a disastrous start to the second half, falling further behind just 30 seconds after the restart when Stuart Ainsley shrugged off several challenges to score. U18s captain Joss Knowles came on for his first team debut, replacing Ryan Woodford, but Bloomfield almost made it 5 when his shot hit the post.


Saturday 13th | from 12.30pm

STOKE CITY v LIVERPOOL Saturday 13th | from 5pm

EVERTON v ARSENAL Sunday 14th | from 1.30pm

CHELSEA v SUNDERLAND Sunday 14th | from 4pm

Live UFC on Saturday night from 8pm

Forest Badminton Club were shocked in 2008 when Sheila Howell died suddenly. To remember a dedicated member, friend (and mixed captain), the Sheila Howell Trophy was inaugurated. This year's mixed handicap tournament saw 34 club members take part. It proved to be highly competitive, made more intense given that handicaps were not disclosed until completion of the group stages.

Victoria Welsby, partnering Ian Knight, and Sarah Lewis with Paul Moss, progressed to the final with the latter triumphing in a keenly contested match. Sarah and Paul are pictured with the Sheila Howell Trophy.

Forest play at Tanbridge House School on Sunday evenings from 7pm following the junior club which starts at 5.30pm Contact Gill for details on 01403 254150

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Report; Jamie Tullett Pics: Victoria Thompson

Sparrows’ star Cadette Horsham Sparrows Girls U12’s recorded a 3-0 victory over table topping Littlehampton Devils thanks to a superb hat trick from Mia Cadette. The result meant Sparrows overtook their rivals at the top of the Sussex County Girls Mini-Soccer league. Sparrows started the strongest, with Cadette getting her first chance early in the half when a low corner reached her in the box, only a bobble taking it away from her and saving Littlehampton. The away side then had an opportunity to take the lead when Eleanor Kill squared the ball for Skye Austin whose shot narrowly missed the goal. Sparrows’ impressive Emily Burnie was almost sent through to shoot at Abigail Braim in the Littlehampton goal only for Megan Fullard to stop that attack. She singlehandedly prevented a further series of Sparrows pressure by Léah Cadette from resulting in a goal for the home team. Molly Beadle then set Léah past the defence only for Littlehampton captain Ellen Grant to save the day for her side. Play was then stopped as a loose ball hit a Sparrows defender in the face who was forced to leave the pitch with a nose bleed, but soon after the break the home team struck their first goal. Léah was the orchestrator, taking the ball from her own box all the way to the opposi-

tion penalty area, and after successive saves from Braim, her sister Mia finally found the corner of the net. Sparrows continued to press but Littlehampton held them to the one goal lead going into half time. Substitute Sarah Cannons had the next chance for Sparrows after the break only for Skye Austin who was tracking back to thwart the attempt on goal. However, Sparrows’ pressure soon paid off, the second of two corners from Léah was allowed to run to Mia who poked the ball past Braim to double the lead. Littlehampton gained possession after the goal and Skye played in Stacie Holmes to test Bethany Beadle in the Sparrows goal, who smartly turned the shot around the post. But it didn’t last, and Sparrows retrieved the ball and mounted succeeding attacks, with Mia trying desperately to get her hat trick. Her efforts seemed in vain, however with only a few minutes to go, the ball fell to her from another of her sister’s corners and she scooped the ball past Braim to joyous applause from the Sparrows support. Littlehampton had no time to react and Sparrows recorded their sixth win of the season to race to the top of the league. Under 11 Heron Way Cup Chesworth Rovers Youth lost their second encounter with Dorking Saints 6-2 at Forest School on Saturday, writes

Freddie Underwood. Chesworth started the better side with the majority of possession and territory, but were caught on the counter by a neat one on one finish. Rovers equalised when Jake Hull poked the ball into the roof of the net in a goalmouth scramble. Dorking showed why they beat Chesworth in the earlier league encounter with some strong attacking play resulting in three more goals. James Christer had the chance to pull one back from the spot, but his effort was

saved. However, Jake Hull got hold of the rebound at an angle and his shot was pushed into the path of substitute Freddie Underwood who scored his first goal for the club. Keeper Joe Cross denied Dorking on several occasions but the Saints did add two more goals, making it 6-2. Under 13s SC Youth Cup Horsham Youth Under 13s dominated their County Cup round three match at Three Bridges FC, running out 9-0 winners.

Horsham ‘keeper Joe Moss made a good early save, before Finn Bigg beat his man and put in a great cross to Nik Bristow to open the scoring. Bristow calmly netted his second after only 6 minutes, then combined with James Tilley, with Tilley firing in with a left foot drive. Bristow’s hat-trick then followed following another Bigg cross. In the 21st minute Eddie Davies drove forward, finding the net with a super strike in the far corner. Horsham’s sixth followed when Bigg latched onto a long through ball and the Three Bridges ‘keeper rushed out of his area using his head to briefly clear, but only as far as Jack Reeves who drove his shot low and hard into the net. The fresh legs of Dan Cusdin and George Matthews were linking well but it was Jack Reeves who set up Bristow and his looped flick found Hugo Cowan who ran in to head home. A lovely curling free kick to the far post from Reeves fell invitingly for Bristow to take his fourth, before Cusdin fired another.

Under 13s Girls Football Horsham Sparrows Girls versus Worthing Town Girls proved an evenly matched encounter on Sunday morning. The final score was 1–1, with Lucy Derham’s 30 yard shot that chipped the highlight for Sparrows. Under 14 Arun & Chichester YL

Horsham were not at their best, but managed to come away from Worthing United with a win. After just two minutes Ross Williams drove home a right foot shot after an Andrew Roberts cross was allowed to travel a long way. It was 2-0 after five minutes, a long throw from Jordan Walser was not dealt with and Roberts sent a looping header over the stranded ‘keeper. The young Hornets then seemed to go to sleep and Worthing created several chances before pulling a goal back. The visitors finally extended there lead on the half hour mark when a Zack Conniff-Broome free kick from the right hand side of the penalty area found an unmarked Walser, who comfortably headed home. Conniff-Broome struck a penalty wide in a scrappy second half, but it ended well when a delightful through ball by Roberts found Callum Nash who chipped in. Under 14s friendly A friendly match turned into a competitive clash when Broadbridge Heath encountered the Lower Beeding Lions who were not going to be tamed, writes Sam Norgate. A few minutes into the game, Callum Nash scored the opening goal, but Heath equalised 20 minutes later.

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Horsham defeat Heath Horsham Under-10s won their first Mini Rugby Festival of the season on Sunday, 1st November at Crawley. The A squad won all four pool matches with a 5-0 victory over old rivals Haywards Heath Bs as a warm up, followed by a win over Hove who were unbeaten for the whole of last season and this until losing to a very committed and determined Horsham team 2-1. These two games saw some excellent passages of play with Horsham's rucking a clear strength over other teams and some great passing movements despite the appalling weather. Next up was East Grinstead, who were beaten 2-0, and finally a good 4-0 win over Tonbridge as the weather improved and Horsham's strong running game came into its own. This set up the final against Haywards Heath As, who Horsham had never beaten previously and had won most of the recent tournaments in Sussex. Youth Football

Continued from Page 60 Liam Ruz and a great header by Liam Kidd ensured Lower Beeding had control by half time. Shortly after play resumed, Aaron Pyzer delivered a composed shot, netting a fourth goal, before Tom Bowie latched on to a great pass from Pyzer to make it five.

Under 15 Arun & Chichester YL Horsham Yth had a short trip down to Bolney to face Marle Place Wanderers, who they lost to in last year’s County Cup. Horsham started the brightest and played their passing game, and on 13 minutes Anthony Jupp’s shot from the edge of the box was deflected into the back of the net. Alex Parsons then fired in from 19 yards as Horsham started to take control and Greg Gander rose at the far post for the second game in a row to make it 3-0. Stanley Rice also got on the score sheet with a well placed shot to make the half time score 40. Horsham added to their score when Zak Comber scored twice. Marle Place got a consolation in the 72nd minute, but Horsham came forward again and in the last minute Comber popped up to get his second hat-trick in two weeks with a rare headed goal to make it 7-1. Under 15 Div B H&DYFL Roffey Robins Athletic took the points in a dramatic match at Lower Beeding. A great run and cross from George Hole was slotted in by Max Lewis for the opening goal. The second half was full of drama. Roffey’s Jake Williams had two efforts cleared of the line in quick succession, and Connor Pollards goal bound shot was deflected just wide. Lewis then had a

A closely fought game was broken when Matthew Pitt took a pass on the burst and broke through the Heath defence to score followed by some determined defence by Horsham to

keep a strong Heath side out. The tackling was excellent which never let Heath get any momentum and the commitment and determination was superb with Horsham winning 1-0.

The Under 10s B team also took part in the Festival and played some good rugby against some strong A team opposition eventually losing four games but winning against Crawley.

goal disallowed for a foul on the keeper, before Beeding also had an effort chalked off for offside. With just 3 minutes left on the clock a Craig McCreadie shot was saved by the Beeding keeper, but Matt Sigrist was there to pick up the rebound and poke it in to the back of the net. As the game went into time added on Beeding attacked looking for the equaliser, but Roffey broke away, and a glancing header from Zac Malinsky was hooked in on the volley by Dan Goddard from 10 yards out.

the quarter final of the Cup. Royals took a while to get going and although the home side scored two goals in the first half, goals from Stanley Rice, a quick fire double by Zachary Love and another by Jake Legrange saw Royals 4-2 up at half-time. The second half saw Royals score a further five goals, from Jake Legrange, a double from Tom Frankland, Harry Garman and Jacob Waller. MOTM went to Zachary Love, with good performances from Joshua Wood, Anthony Jupp, Callum McHale and Alex Parsons.

it was BBH who took the lead when Michael Wood’s cross/shot was deflected in for an own goal. On the hour mark, Jack Petersen played a sublime ball over the Lancing right-back and Stuart Barber made no mistake by slotting the ball past the keeper for 2-0. That goal was followed by a wonderful strike from Ollie Moore, who found the corner from all of 30 yards, before Wood added a fourth, latching on to a neat Andy Putnam’s pass. After a little bit of handbags, BBH saw the game out, although Lancing did score a late consolation.

Under 15s Plate George Baker netted twice as Horsham Sparrows beat Storrington Vipers 6-0 in the Plate. Baker opened the scoring after a free- flowing passing move and soon slotted home his second to put Sparrows two up. Joey Calder-Smith netted to extend Sparrows lead before a powerful volley from Dan Stutchbury put Sparrows 4 up. After the break, both teams put even more pressure on each other’s defences until Daniel Barna received the ball after a quick breakaway and guided his long range effort into the top corner. James Cooper scored Sparrow’s sixth and final goal with a fantastic finish from distance. l Roffey Robins Wanderers won at Dorking Saints Pumas. Alex Homes hit a 30 yard scorcher to put Roffey ahead, but it wasn’t until the second half when their neat play was rewarded with a second goal, which came courtesy of Sam Collins. Collins added another to make the final score 3-0.

Under 15s Fred Sparks Cup l Royal United came up against Div 'A' newcomers Ashington in

Horsham & District U16 Cup QF Southwater 'Reds' cup run ended on Saturday, going down 4-1 to East Grinstead. Scott Murrell levelled before the break, but despite looking on-top for most of the game, Southwater soon found themselves behind again and let in another two late goals as they went looking for an equaliser.

Arun & Chichester U16 Cup QF Southwater soon forgot the disappointment of the previous day’s cup exit with a9-1 demolition of Rustington Otters. It took a while for them to find the back of the net, but Ben Chowney scored the first and Man of the Match Zach Haulkham added a second before the break. Adam Laker, Henry Hayden, Alex Best, Chris Maxted and Ryan Thomas all netted in the second half before another two from Haulkham secured the win and setup a semi-final fixture with Arundel.

Under 18 SCFYL Broadbridge Heath Youth travelled to Lancing on Thursday night (4th Nov) Lancing hit the post early on but

Under 18s Sunday league Southwater Under 18s came back from a goal behind to earn a creditable draw against Worthing Rebels. In an even first half, Rebels scored late on to go into the break one up. However, shortly after the break Jack Morgan’s strong run down the left ended when he was brought down in the box. Morgan stepped up to convert the spot kick himself to put Southwater level. Southwater dominated the second half but fell behind again late on. However Southwater kept pressing and James Amankwaa’s fine through ball was finished off by Dan Rose.

Under 18s Ismithian Youth Cup Horsham YMCA U18’s crashed out of the Lucas Fettes Ismithian Youth League Cup on Thursday night with a 3-1 home defeat to Sutton United. Not even a Harry Magnus stunner eight minutes from time could spark a late YM revival, as The U’s cruised comfortably into the next stage of the competition.

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Metcalfe fires 139 checkout

BBHVC still head the A Division as three of the Divisions games end 5-4. BBHVC stay unbeaten after their win over The Gate in Rusper, while despite losing 5-4 to the Kings Arms, the Rising Sun still hold second place. Greg Upton banged in a maximum for the Sun, but Ross Gillingham's 117 checkout swung the game in favour or the reigning Champions. The Sussex Barn made the trip down to Steyning worthwhile by winning 5-4 at the Cricket Club, with Rob Metcalfe (pictured above) hitting the highest finish of the season, a fine 139. But the week’s biggest movers are the White Harte. They thumped Loxwood Club 9-0 to move into the top three, helped by 104 and 100 finishes from Gary Simpson and Dan Bradford respectably. The Anchor Inn continue to dominate the B Division. Last week it was the turn of the Southwater Club to feel the Anchor's weight, going down 9-0, with Kinchin on target again with his maximum. Railway Inn also remain unbeaten, after beating the Three Compasses 6-3, and the Storrington Club remain hot on the tails of the top two following a 7-2 win at the Dog & Bacon, with Shay Leogue's 118 outshot the highlight for the Storrington side. The Windmill continue to struggle, as they went down 5-4 at home to near neighbours the Plough. Both the top two in the C Division boast 100% records after four games, leaders Railway Colts enjoyed a 6-3 victory over the Kings Head, while the Fountain B ended the Kings Arms C's unbeaten record, when winning 5-4 at the Fountain. Elaine Gray produced a fine 103 finish for the Fountain A, to help her side beat the Cock Inn 7-2, and record their opening win of the season. The Hare & Hounds from Cowfold won their second game, by beating the Windmill B 6-3, to move out of the bottom two.

Reports & Pics

Many thanks to all of the clubs that have submitted reports. We do our best to publish all reports sent to us, and welcome words and pictures from all sports clubs in the district. So keep them coming - and if you think there is a match/sports event we should be at then do get in touch. Don’t forget pics taken by The Resident are available as Jpegs free or charge. Please send reports and picture requests to ben@the-resident.co.uk

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Bears cave in to rivals The Big Match Report: Nick Hind Pictures: Chris Woolgar BBH Res v Storrington Res A battling second half performance was the only consolation for Broadbridge Heath Reserves as they went down 5-2 against Storrington Reserves. The Swans pulled out a first class performance, brimming with confidence, to leave the Bears nursing a sore head at the wrong end of the Reserve Section-West table. With only one place and point separating the teams before kick off, I expected Heath to come out fighting, marking their territory from the off. But, it was the away side, showing exceptional intensity and desire, which took the game by the scruff as the Bears struggled to find their race pace. The Heath couldn’t even mark Storrington’s shadows as the away side picked their way through a static midfield with ease. And it was no surprise when the Swan’s No. 10, Neil Richardson, started the scoring on 10 minutes; on the run towards the near post, he applied the deftest of touches to a cross from the right, flicking the ball behind his front leg and into the far corner for a peach of an opener. With the Swan’s wide-boy whizz kids, Dan Cobb and Jake Cockerton, terrorising their opposing full-backs, dangerous crosses flew across the Heath box with disturbing regularity, but it was a misplaced pass at the back that

led to Storrington’s second. Kristian Bridle intercepted and ran through to chip the Keeper from 18 yards to give the Swans a 2-0 lead. First half damage not over for the Bears, Jake Cockerton’s Stinging shot was too hot for Keeper, Gary Brown, to handle as Dan Cobb headed into an empty net to make it 3 up for Storrington as the whistle blew for the break. Another from Neil Richardson made it 4-0 before the Bears finally awoke from their hibernation. Damien Francis eventually got the home side off the mark, heading in from a corner. And at 4-1, Heath had opened a chink in the door, but it was slammed shut moments later when Tom Carter drove in No. 5, a cracking low drive past a despairing Gary Brown in the Heath goal. The Bears plugged away valiantly, showing some steel to try and get back on level terms. Nathan Sleat whipped in several dangerous crosses from the left, and the midfield at least fronted up for the second half battle. They got their small reward when Paul Gallagher fired in at the death to make the score-line almost respectable at 5-2. Manager, Mick Robinson, grasped on to the Bear’s sweeter smelling phase of the game afterwards explaining, ‘the first half was forgettable, but, all credit to the boys for

Broadbridge Heath Reserves lost out to Storrington Reserves on Saturday coming out fighting to draw the second half. That’s the determination I will expect for our next game.’ Unsurprisingly, a satisfied Swan’s Supremo, James Baker, was very positive in his team’s appraisal saying, ‘It was a great team performance and we continue to show our ruthlessness in front of goal- that’s 16 goals in 3 games.’ Jumping 2 places on the back of this result, and with a goal record like that, it’s surely only a matter of time before the Swan’s begin a gracious climb up the league. The Bears must start bulking up or they’ll

be looking at a harsh winter.

Premier League Poor finishing was again the problem as Southwater lost 20 at Chichester Uni in a game they should have got a point from. Chi Uni were the better side in the first half and led 1-0 at the break. Southwater improved in the second half and put the home side defence under constant pressure but couldn’t find an equaliser. Toby Lovett went closest forcing the home keeper into a fine save, before the visitors conceded a late second.

Division 2 North AFC Roffey continued their recent good form with another win, this time a 4-2 victory at Rudgwick. They took the lead against the run of play Olly Smith putting in Craig Young who finished well. Gavin Fowler supplied a good cross for Russ Harwood to fire home from close range, before Harwood again added to his tally after a corner from Dan Lawrence was converted with a nice right foot finish. Dan Lawrence added the fourth with a fine jinxing run and strike from the edge of the area. Manager Jonny Lawrence commented: “There would have been fireworks if we had lost that game!” Sussex Junior Cup Despite their best performance of the season Horsham

Crusaders suffered their first defeat of the season when they were beaten 2-1 in the second round of the Sussex Junior Cup to White hart Revolution on Saturday. An under strength Crusaders side showed played with passion, pace and skill and were extremely unlucky to bow out of the competition. In the first half both Adam Parsons and James Callaby hit the crossbar and Chris Atkinson, Matt Mason and Ali Hughes went close. It was completely against the run of play that White Hart Revolution took the lead when a long range shot beat stand-in keeper Jack Mainstone. In the second half Crusaders continued to pour forward and a delightful Chris Atkinson free kick found the head of James Callaby and Crusaders were level. With Dom Giacomelli, Ryan Taylor, George Lewis and Matt Mason solid at the back, it was a shock when they retook the lead late in the second half.

Mid Sussex Junior Cup Nick Baker was the hero for Southwater grabbing himself a hat-trick as Southwater came from behind to book their place in the next round of the Mid Sussex Junior Cup. Forest started the better of the 2 sides and were 2-0 up before the visitors came to life. Baker grabbed a quickfire brace just before half time to ensure the sides went in level

at the break. Southwater were the better side in the second half and took the lead just after the hour when James Amankwaa reacted quickest in a goalmouth scramble to hammer the ball into the bottom corner. Southwater made sure of the win when Chris Leppard`s cross found Baker, and his diving header flew past the ‘keeper to complete an impressive hat-trick.

Sussex County Women Horsham Sparrows Ladies put on a brave and resolute performance before eventually succumbing to East Preston and Littlehampton Town. With virtually the last kick of the first half a miss-hit cross sailed over the Sparrows keeper to put East Preston and Littlehampton Town ahead at the break. Sparrows continued to press with Carys Dunn surging forward and Holly Beth Dazely and Liana Brooksbank battling in midfield. Elizabeth Sharpe and Georgia Malins were solid in the heart of defence and Lucy Sharpe linked up well with Liz Ogden and Player of the Match, Hannah Wright. However as Sparrows started to tire, East Preston and Littlehampton snatched a second to run out 2-0 winners.

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John Pocklington finished in third place on the yellow route and (in blue) Edward Timbrell on his first trial. Pictures: Steve Hook


Nash signs extension

Robin Rev-best Horsham Riders were negotiating the tricky trials track at Northlands, near Horsham, earlier this month. Riders at the motorcyle trials had to deal with a lot of fallen leaves ready to catch the riders for a dab. This month’s winner on the white expert route was regular top three award winner Clint Leggett, who has changed from a fourstroke bike to a brand new Gas Gas 300.

Runner up on the same make of bike was Alan Aslett. The largest field of the day was the blue route with 19 riders, with the win taken by new name to the top three Sean Staker on 10ml. Best ride of the day went to yellow route rider Robin Ball who rode all the sections clean Regular winner John Yardley was to finish the day in 4th.

Sussex County Cricket Club are delighted to confirm that Chris Nash has signed an extension to his current contract. The Cuckfield-born all-rounder will remain at The County Ground, Hove, until at least the end of the 2013 season. Nash, 27, was awarded his first professional contract with Sussex at the end of the 2004 season, having made his first team debut two years previously, and has since made nearly 5000 first-class runs. He wrote himself into the record books this season by scoring a century at his home club ground of Horsham, as it was the first time in Sussex’s history that the first four batsmen in an innings had each scored a hundred. He also hit a career-best 184 against Leicestershire at Grace Road. Indoor Cricket

Green Glory

Report courtesy of Steve Hook

White Route

Blue Route

Yellow Route

Red Route

Clint Leggett - 17ml (right) Alan Aslett - 20ml Sean Parsons - 21ml Tony Flegg - 41ml

Sean Staker - 10ml Tom Horsborough - 18ml Sam Davidson - 20ml (above) Keith Tracey - 23ml

Robin Ball - 0ml Joe Davidson - 2ml (left) John Pocklington - 4ml John Yardley - 5ml

Bill Platt - 23ml C Staker - 41ml Adam Holloway - 47ml Elaine Dufaur - 50ml

Very accurate bowling from Barns Green, kept the Pulborough batsmen in check in week 1 of the Identilam Colts Cricket League on Sunday. Although Jordan Dear (17) and Oli Heasman (12) hung on until the fifth over, wickets began to fall as the batsmen began to take risks. Alex Walker bowled his two overs for a miserly 4 runs, and Pulborough closed on 603. In reply, James Powell,26* & Ben Hill, 20*, knocked off the required runs in the seventh over. Some aggressive fast, straight bowling from Louis Lewis gave Steyning early hope against Barns Green, but sensible batting from Tom Haynes, 26*, and James Powell, 20*, ensured Barns Green posted a formidable 105-4. The situation was even worse as Steyning’s batsmen subsided to 35-5, but last man, 9-year old Chris Barnett, had other ideas, and scored 43, to give Steyning another bonus point. Some suicidal running between the wickets gifted Pulborough early wickets against Steyning, but they were unable to capitalise, and they in turn gave away too many Wides/No Balls, as Steyning’s Oli Collins staged yet another rearguard action with 30, to ensure Steyning had a reasonable total to bowl at. Pulborough made a poor start, slumping to 18-3 in the second over, before Oli Heasman,38*, and Charlie Davies 17, began to tilt the balance back to Pulborough, but after Charlie was out, Oli was left with too much to do.

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The Resident - 12th November 2010  

The Resident newspaper, 12th of November 2010 issue.

The Resident - 12th November 2010  

The Resident newspaper, 12th of November 2010 issue.