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Friday, 9th July 2010

Is St John’s in Coolhurst the town’s spookiest spot - P4/5

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Members of several community groups in Southwater are in celebratory mood after winning their fight to retain use of Easteds Barn. They were out in force at a meeting of Horsham District Council’s planning committee on Tuesday night, with many speaking out against plans for the barn to become an infants school. Despite the general support of the village community, members of art, yoga, bridge and various other clubs were in danger of losing what they labelled a “lifeline” facility. But the ones who ultimately lost out were the applicant, Montessori School. The school currently operates at Church Lane, Southwater, where the lease expires in 2011, and it is currently unclear what - if any - alternatives are available to the school and the young people using it. Throughout the campaign process, those fighting to save the barn, located in Easteds Lane, for the community in-

sisted they had no gripe with Montessori. Instead, their anger was primarily directed at Southwater Parish Council. The parish council, recently criticised for its lack of objection to housing development plans proposed in the village, has not boosted its popularity in the community by supporting the application. At Tuesday night’s meeting, objector Mike Robins of Cedar Drive, Southwater, said: “Worthy though Montessori might be, it would serve a very small part of the community. “The barn was intended for our whole community and we surely deserve better than to have our open space given away for a pot of gold - dare I say 30 pieces of silver.” But a spokeswoman for Montessori said, while supporting the application: “It’s often those that shout the loudest that get heard. But (our children) do not shout, but they do deserve to be heard.”

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Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident



Long hard slog The long running saga over the future of Easteds Barn is over, and has taken a lot out of many people. Users of the barn, which hosts yoga, art and bridge clubs for children and adults, may be celebrating as they still have a good facility to use. But should they have had to fight so hard, and spend so many hours preparing a defence, to retain the use of a barn that was promised to them in a binding agreement as a “community facility” less than 20 years ago? And of course it’s bad news for Montessori, a wonderful school which may have fallen victim to its own success. It has been portrayed as being almost a corporate giant throughout the planning process, as oppose to what it is - a fine school which offers safe and enjoyable care for many children in the village. Where will they look to now? Its Church Lane building is currently leased to the Parish

Battle of Easteds Barn finally over

Council from the Fletcher Trust until 2016. It is in turn subleased (only with agreement from Fletcher Trust) to the Montessori. This sublease will expire late next year. You can understand why Southwater Parish Council supported the application, as it would undoubtedly bring in more money and ensure that Montessori’s future in the village was secure. But their stance has angered many residents, who feel let down by the council’s willingness to let one of the few local facilities go. While there are other buildings the clubs could have moved into, the users always insisted that, for many, this was not an option. On Tuesday night, Julie Stainton said: “The barn’s a social lifeline for elderly people who can’t drive but can walk short distances/ “Don’t ask 80-year-olds to walk “only” an extra mile because a business wants their

meeting hall. Let the business go elsewhere.” “The barn’s a daytime haven for people who don’t want to go out at night. The 94-yearold member of the bridge club; the 81-year-old who’s done the art classes for ten years. This council has promised to protect them.” Michael Fuller, another objector, added: “The strategy says development should help to encourage social cohesion; the application is divisive, benefiting a small section to the detriment of the wider community.” However, while Easteds Barn is used by a number of groups, its use has dwindled in recent years. Some residents and users of the barn blame that on Southwater Parish Council, with Mike Robins claiming it had done “very little over the years to market it”. Cllr Ian Howard said on Tuesday: “It is a difficult situation. We have to be careful that we don’t appear to be

telling Southwater Parish Council (how it should run). “They are endeavouring to do their best for their people. They are not doing it for profit, or 30 pieces of silver. “But there are very strong feelings about this barn. It has been there for a long time and it’s a good facility. However, there is no question that over the last few years there has been a considerable decline. “That is why the Parish Council has decided to look at it. Now we have a balance, where we are looking at replacing one community facility with another.” Cllr Howard was not the only person on the committee to support Montessori’s application, but most sided with the campaigners and agreed that the building should be retained for use by the community, with Cllr Belinda Walters suggesting it would be “setting a precedent” if the agreement (for the barn to be used as a community building) be broken.

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the resident | Friday 09 July 2010



A281 arrest

Two men were arrested when police safely stopped a van which had failed to stop for officers after being seen driven erratically on the A281 between Cowfold and Horsham just before midnight on Sunday. The van was followed north up the A281, then through Maplehurst and Nuthurst, before it was brought to a stop back on the A281 at Monks Gate near Horsham less than 15 minutes later. The van and a police car were slightly damaged but nobody was hurt. James Green, 25, of Peskett Close, Barns Green, was charged with dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, driving with excess alcohol, no insurance and disqualified driving, and is due to appear in custody at Crawley Magistrates Court on Tuesday 6th July. The passenger was released without charge. On Sunday, a car crashed through the front on Be Beautiful on Crawley Road (Pic: Jasmine Curtis)

Nail-biting stuff There’s never a good time to have a car crash through the front of your shop, but if it’s going to happen, then it’s best it happens on a Sunday. Thankfully nobody was having their nails painted or enjoying a spray tan at Be Beautiful on Crawley Road, Roffey, when an Alfa Romeo crashed through the glass entrance. While nobody was inside, witnesses did report that the accident was caused when the Alfa was caused to swerve to avoid a collision. A spokesperson for Sussex Police said: “It appears the driver had to swerve to avoid hitting another car, a VW Fox. “The driver of the VW Fox was later arrested for driving with-

out insurance, failure to stop and report an accident and taking and driving away a car without consent. The 36-year-old man has been released on bail until 21st August.” While it’s obviously not ideal for the owner, Bronwen Chapman-Goldsmith has been able to pack up much of her business and set up temporarily at her home nearby. Bronwen said: “I got a call just as we were heading out for a family barbecue. It’s quite a small community here so I heard within minutes and made my way to the shop. “Now I have to wait for a while for the loss adjustors to come in and then we can carry out the repair work.


“At this stage I don’t 90m know 0y how long it will be (before we 30kpeople are back in the shop) but can still call the shop number and speak to me. 0c Bronwen added: “I20m need to keep going as I need to 70ykeep all of my clients beautiful!0kI have set up in the Conservatory of my house which is close to the shop, and although I will miss the walk in business I suppose it’s good that I can carry on. “It’s a shame, as we’ve been really busy of late with some 100c new products. But they will all still be ready for when90m we open 0y up once again!”

Cyclist dies

A man was found dead on a footpath in Leith View Road, Horsham, on Sunday morning. Trevor Harvey, 67, of South Holmes Road, was found next to his bicycle at 7.50am. Police closed the road while they carried out an investigation into the circumstances of Mr Harvey's death. A post-mortem revealed he had died of heart failure.

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The headless horseman

In the 17th Century, St Leonard’s Forest was supposedly home to a Serpent or Dragon, which left a trail of slime. But it is also home to the legend of a Headless Horseman, and any youngsters aware of the legend can’t help but listen out for the sound of galloping hooves. The Resident went to explore the forest for clues, and thought we had got lucky, as we came across a marshall from the nearby motocross race, whose pencil had broken. “Are you the headless horseman?” we asked. “No, I’m the leadless courseman, he replied. So near, yet so far, we fearlessly continued, until we came to a lake, where a rower was sobbing, having just lost his log cabin to a woodland fire. “Are you the headless horseman?” we enquired. “No, I am the shed-less oarsman,” he replied. It seems it was not our lucky day.

Spook central? Walking around St John the Evangelist Church in Coolhurst, near Horsham Rugby Club, you can convince yourself you’re being watched. But then you could say the same of most seldom-used churches on the edge of woodland on a quiet, rural road. During The Resident’s visit, we didn’t see any ghosts. We heard a rustling in the bushes, but it was a fox. Then a whistling sound...which was a whistle - from youth team training at the rugby club. So no ghosts then, but it was a different story for Stephen Foster. Readers may recall a story in The Resident from May 2009, when Stephen and a friend endured the scariest night of their lives while camping out near the church. Stephen admitted he was “bricking it” as he and a pal,

Todd Bevis, were tormented by a petrifying onslaught of ghostly goings-on. Stephen claims that after their tent zip was opened he peeped outside to see the ghostly figure of a young girl, aged about ten, with just mist below the knees. He said at the time: “It wasn’t human. Even her eyes were not human - they were white and she was just staring, and the body only seemed to be from the knees upwards.” You might think though, that the two boys were - by camping so close to what is considered to be one of the town’s most eerie spots - the boys were asking for trouble. Stephen confirmed that they hadn’t been smoking anything funny, but you might even think that the lads scared the wits out of each other to such an extent they

The old man seen by John Rowell at St John’s appeared to leave no footprints in the snow

thought they saw something they didn’t. But so convinced was Stephen by what happened, he put out an appeal for other stories relating to the church. However, nobody replied to his appeal...until now. John Rowell, who has moved away from the area, found Stephen’s story on and told his tale, which dates back to 1973, when he was working as a contracting electrician for Seeboard. He was asked to change a distribution fuseboard at the Church in February or March of that year, and in spite of light snowfall cycled from his home in Longfield Road to Coolhurst, with his tools in a bag. By the time he had picked up the key from the priest’s house and made it the church the snow was settling, so he went inside and closed the door. John recalls: “The church was very quiet and quite dark inside and every step I took on the stone floor again made long echoes which I remember quite clearly bouncing around the walls of the church.” While carrying out his work, John heard the clunk of the latch of the church door, and then the creak of the door as someone slowly swung it open, then it creaked again as it was being closed, and the latch clunked shut. Assuming it was a colleague, Ian, who he knew would be Continued on Page 5...

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010



Continued from Page 4... making his own checks later that day, he called ‘Ian, I’m here in the vestry, behind the curtain’. But there was no answer John said: “I was suddenly surprised to see a single dark figure standing quite still in the middle of the main aisle looking up towards the alter. “He was dressed in a long brown thick cloth coat which hung down to touch the floor he had a shoulder cape over the top of it made of the same material. “He was also wearing a large brown rimmed floppy pointed hat which also looked like it was the same material. “He was covered with snow, laying on his hat and shoulders, he also had with him a straight walking stick with spiral twists down it on which he had both his hands crossed and resting on top of it in front of him.” The man asked if he could shelter from the snow which was now falling heavily, sat down in a pew, while John returned to his work. But when he checked on the old man a short time later, he was gone. John searched the building, checking the pews to see if he was lying down and headed down to the crypt but the door was locked. John had not heard the huge creaking door open, but assumed that the mystery

Stephen Foster had a spooky encounter in St Leonard’s Forest, near St John’s man had somehow sneaked out. He said: “I walked over to the main door and opened it, as I did so, it made the loud creaking noise which if he had opened it to leave I know I would have heard. “I walked out into the porch, and nothing had changed, there was my bicycle still leaning against the wall exactly where I left it. “The snow was coming down much heavier now as I looked out across into the woodland behind the church. I stepped further out into the

snow and walked along the path to the corner of the church to look back up towards the entrance gate by the road. “It was then that this whole occurrence suddenly struck me as odd. The only footprints that were visible in the snow were those of my own. “There was no sign of any footprints or marks that would have been made by any other person since my arrival. “I remember, although it was quite cold, I was sweating and I started to feel a bit unsteady on my feet.”

John eventually got back to work, and his colleague Ian arrived later in the day. John recently returned to the church, but still can offer no explanation as to what happened. He said: “I remember telling the parish priest about it when I took the key back to his house at the end of the day, He could not understand or explain it to me either I know that it could not as such have been an ordinary person because they like me would have left some sort of mark or footprints in the snow, especially as he had the long coat that would have

surely have dragged along the ground and made marks in the snow when he walked. “It has been suggested to me that if this was something from the spirit world, it may have been an apparition of a medieval rector or priest who was in some way emotionally involved or attached with the church in the past. “Anyway, if I was to accept this as a ghostly apparition, all I know is that he looked as real as you or me, he was not transparent in any way or floating above the ground. Nor did he give me at that time any reason to be suspicious or have any cause for concern. “It is peculiar, although at the time I did not think about it, I did not to hear his footsteps on the stone floor of the church and that he was standing in the middle of the centre aisle of the church when I first saw him which is a good three or four metres from inside the church door. “However, I did hear him when he spoke and I did hear the church door open and then close again just before I came out of the vestry and saw him. “It may be interesting to return again on another snowy day. You never know, maybe, he will be there again!” Had a ghostly or unexplained encounter? Do let us know about it by email at

Bramber Castle

l In the Causeway, Horsham, there is said to be a spirit often walks between the road and the churchyard, though he vanishes before setting foot on holy ground. l At the Star in Rusper a ghostly shadow has been observed sitting by the bar.

l At Bramber Castle in Steyning, Maude of Ditching's screams and cries can occasionally be heard in the ruins - her lover was bricked up in the dungeon after being caught by Maude's husband.

l Also in Steyning, at St Andrew’s, a ghost has been seen drifting amongst the headstones. The female phantom here is thought to be a thirteenth century lady named Milian.


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Amputee ready for Kilimanjaro hike For most of us, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro would be a steep challenge. But for singer Damian MacDonald, from Broadbridge Heath, to attempt the challenge is all the more admirable. He only has one leg. Damian, 41, is usually found singing to clients with learning disabilities at local residential homes, or performing in pubs or at functions, but from 14th-24th October he will be donning his hiking boots and climbing Mt Kilimanjaro along with a group of other amputees to raise money for LimbPower. Damian had his left leg amputated as a teenager in 1987 following a road accident while living in South Africa, and would have found the support of LimbPower invaluable had it been in existence then. Damian said: “I’ll be leaving my daughter four days after her second birthday, and we have another baby due within the next two weeks, so I’m grateful to my wife, Karen, for her support in letting me go. I’d better

Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest Mountain make this worth it!” The hard work will all be worthwhile for Damian if he succeeds in raising £3,000 for LimbPower. LimbPower offer relief to the physically disabled by aiding rehabilitation and improving the quality of life through the medium of recreational and competitive sports and arts. ”Before the accident, I had been very involved in sport in and out of school. In my age group I was school champion at high jump, I was in the 1st Team for Basketball and Hockey and

competed at the equivalent of county level in crosscountry running. “Outside school I played football for my local club, and enjoyed cycling and skateboarding," Damian said. "At 10:30am on 25th September 1985 that all stopped.” It took about 20 years for Damian to find the inspiration and opportunity to try again. First he started running again, which led to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join the Team GB Rowing Squad, training for the 2008 Beijing Para-

lympics. Unfortunately he didn’t make the final squad, but the experience encouraged him to try more. In 2008, he met Kiera Roche, founder of LimbPower, and was invited to the Amputee Games at Stoke Mandeville. In April 2010, he managed to ride a bike again for the first time, completing a 16-mile charity ride in June 2010, which led to the opportunity to join the Kilimanjaro Challenge. He said: “LimbPower has already opened up some amazing opportunities for me, now it's time I did something for them." Damian is very popular with his clients, and some of the residential homes are holding raffles and other fundraising events to help raise the £3,000 Damian needs to find within the next three months. Within the first five days of fundraising, Damian raised £650 and he is hoping the local community will support him in his Kilimanjaro challenge.

You can sponsor Damian by visiting his online fundraising page on

WARNHAM INTERIORS Interior Designers & Furnishers Interior Designers & Furnishers

Barns Green Art & Photography Exhibition will run this year from 26th July to 1st August at Barns Green Village Hall. Open on Monday from 7.30pm, Tuesday to Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 2-5pm. Original art work will be on display including paintings, pottery, & sculpture with many items available for sale. Free admission, refreshments available

Daleks coming to Dunsfold Surrey Air Ambulance opens its doors to the public with a fun day out for all the family on Sunday (July 11th). Visitors will get the chance to see the twin-engine MD902 helicopter and speak to its life saving crew of pilots, doctors and paramedics. There will also be crash scene displays and rescue enactments throughout the day from

11am until 4pm. Attractions include pleasure flights courtesy of London Helicopter Centre, tours of a Boeing 747, a Fullers beer and Pimms tent and a special visit from the Daleks and Storm Troopers. The helicopter is based at Dunsfold Park in Cranleigh off the A281 Guildford road. Everyone is welcome and entry is free.



THROUGHOUT JULY Further Discounts Available

58 Church Street, Warnham, Horsham, RH12 3QR l Telephone: 01403 257398


Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident


If you would like to sponsor our popular events section, email

9th Jul

10th Jul

10th Jul

10th Jul

10th Jul

The Friends of Forest School host a good night of live music at the school tonight at 8pm. the Jack Mac Experience, Rocky Dyson and the Cyclones, and Stones tribute Hot Rocks. Tickets are £5 from 01403 261086. The night is held in aid of CLIC Sargent. Licenced bar and snacks

Heron Way Primary School's World Cup summer fete (2-5pm), features electric Go-Karts, bouncy castle; Grand Raffle for DSi XL. There's also children's crafts, loads of games, refreshments, BBQ, cakes and ice cream. Free admission for children, adults 60p.

A ‘celebration of learning’ event takes place in Carfax, 10am- 2pm. It’s a chance to find out more about the West Sussex Adult and Community Learning Service. Includes cards and card box making ( 10am to 12pm) sketching and painting, languages, and how to write a CV (12-2pm)

There will be a special performance of The Lions Kingdom by Kids Management and Karen Kary Theatre Arts School at 5th/10th Scout Hut, Bennetts Field, Horsham tonight at 6pm, before it is seen at The Hawth Theatre from the 23rd. Tickets are just £2.50 for tonight, on the door.

Popular Horsham ladies’ choir The Pleasure Singers and Luton ladies’ choir Cantata will perform a varied programme of music at Brighton Road Baptist Church, Horsham at 7:30pm in aid of Chestnut Tree House Children’s Hospice. Tickets £8 otd or call 251144

Peter James will be talking about his crime novels, which are based in Sussex, at County Hall North, Chart Way, Horsham at 6.30pm. Following the talk, Peter will take part in a question and answer session. For further information or to book tickets contact 01444 236355.

Bon Jovi tribute band Bad Medicine will be performing a selection of hits, combined with other great rock classics by the likes of Van Halen and G&R at The Holbrook Club, North Heath Lane, Horsham. Doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £3, children are welcome until 10pm.

Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre hosts its first Race Night of the Summer. It’s just for fun so maximum bets are £1 per race and there's a special auction race at the end of the night! A light buffet is also provided. Doors open at 7pm, tickets £5 from 211311 or just turn up.

14th Jul

16th Jul

11th Jul

11th Jul

11th Jul

Sussex Air Ambulance hosts its third Open Day at its base on Dunsfold Park, off the A281 between Horsham and Guildford, at 11am-4pm. You can look around the helicopters, and other attractions include daleks, storm troopers, helicopter rides, bus rides and classic cars

16th Jul

It’s the turn of some of the senior Southern Motocross Riders to tackle the Horsham Course (along the Hammerpond Road to Mannings Heath - follow SMX signs) as the over 40s, over 50s and over 60s kick up the dirt. Races start from about 11:45am.

17th Jul

Modern oil paintings by Richard Lopez and photographic abstracts by Steve Gubbins are being launched at a one day exhibition of new work by both Artists at 24 Church Street, Warnham at 11am to 6pm. 10% of all profits will be donated to St Catherine's Hospice, Crawley.

17/18th Jul

17th Jul

FrenchFest returns to Horsham and looks set to be a great event. It kicks off today with businesses taking part in a boules contest for the May Gurney Cup - The Resident will be defending champions! 16 teams can take part but must apply soon - see inside for more details

FrenchFest continues today and tomorrow in Horsham, with a French market in the Carfax, a Tour de Horsham cycling challenge, a Norman town trail, Napoleonic re-enactors and much more. On Sunday, local artists can create Impressionist style paintings of Old Horsham

If you want to support F2 racer Jolyon Palmer at all this year, your best chance is this weekend as both the FIA World Touring Car and Formula Two Championships arrive at Brands Hatch. Jolyon, from Southwater, currently leads to F2 title race. Visit

22nd Jul

It could be a new look Horsham side that turns out for the team’s first friendly at Burgess Hill. There’s talk that captain Sam Page could leave, while Worthing skipper Paul Kennett (who used to play youth footy for Steyning and Partridge Green) could be joining the Hornets.

23rd Jul

24th Jul

Comptons Tennis Club in Lower Beeding has just finished its successful junior coaching sessions for the summer but the club does host an open day today, from 2-5pm. All nonmembers are welcome to use the club free of charge and receive free coaching

Improvements to Horsham station are currently being taken forward by Network Rail and Southern, with work due to start later this year. Public exhibitions are being held at various locations including the library, County Hall North, and from today, Horsham Railway Station

Horsham’s Got Talent final is held tonight at Bar Vin. The winner will walk off with £250. Performances start at 8pm. A new addition to the evening will be the appearance of John O'Sullivan joining Ross Andrews as joint compere. More info on Bar Vin’s Facebook page

It’s not been a classic year for movies - an Oscar winning best picture that nobody has seen and big let downs such as Robin Hood and Iron Man 2. But thankfully Pixar are here, and surely they won’t let us down with Toy Story 3. It’s being screened at the Capitol from today. Can’t wait!

Horsham Ride In Motorcycle Show is held at Ingfield Manor School, Five Oaks, Billingshurst, today from 12pm. There are bike contests with categories such as Best Chopper, Classic, Rat, Streetfighter, Custom and best Trike. There’s a tattoo artist, licenced bar and music too!

18th Jul

21st Jul

17th Jul

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010



24th Jul

26th Jul

28th Jul

RSPB Pulborough Brooks hosts a family fun weekend, promising a mix of amazing wildlife, challenging trails and crazy crafts. It’s a lovely place to visit with the kids. It costs £4 per child (£2 Explorer members) and £2 for adults. More details online at

31st Jul

The council is producing the ‘Horsham town local list’, which is a record of locally important historic buildings that are not statutorily listed, yet contribute positively to the character of the town. Comments are being invited by today by email to

21st Aug

Horsham District Council’s leisure services is holding an alternative outdoor sports day, with Frisbee, basketball, street hockey and skateboarding. It’s at 2-4pm for 9-13 year olds. Cost £5, at Billingshurst Leisure Centre and others in the coming weeks.

Horsham Rugby Club hosts the 4th annual touch tournament at its Coolhurst ground today. As usual, expect some teams to play in fancy dress, and others to not entirely know the rules! Always a good day out though. There will be a BBQ and the bar will be open too...

The Rudgwick Music Festival is held on the Springbok Estate in Alfold, and features covers band Malfunction, along with Black White and Purple, Henry, Eight Dirty Pages, Furious Badgers, Willie Austen, Wild Blue Angels, Jimmie Bone Band, and others. See

Wow, look at this, all of our threeyear-old readers! A little Big Club show of singing and dancing featuring Barney, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, Pingu, Fireman Sam and Gigi Foreget-Me-Not is at the Capitol tonight and tomorrow. Tickets from 01403 750220

28th Aug

One to Watch

Sparks in the Park 24th-25th July See page 28-29

Last year’s Big Day Out has become Sparks in the Park, and the organisers are promising that Horsham Park is going to be the setting for “the most amazing carnival procession Horsham has ever seen”. Horsham District Council has teamed up with one of the leading carnival companies in England to organise and stage an energetic, colourful and flamboyant carnival procession with the emphasis on participation and fun. The procession will see nearly 80 amazing wing and skirt costumes from the Kinetika Spectacle Collection parade through the Park on Sunday 25 July.

Leading up to the 25th July there will be a number of ways to get involved and participate in the carnival, including carnival making workshops, and samba workshops which hope to create and form Horsham’s very own samba band. There’s also an inter-bsuiness Sportsaid competition being run. Hopefully you’ll have seen the entry form in last week’s paper but if not it’s a good way to get your workforce involved in new sports... For more information about how to get involved, especially to be in a samba band, please contact Nick Jenkins on 01403 215216 or email

Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident



The best bits...

Once again the festival will take place over three days. Local businesses should try and get involved in the May Gurney boules contest on the Friday, although only 16 teams can enter (opposite page). On the Sunday, you can join local artists to create Impressionist style paintings of Old Horsham or work from gorgeous still-life provided by La Source in East Street. For further information please email On Saturday, beat the Tour de Horsham challenge on cycling machines in the Carfax provided by Kinetika gyms. Participants can win Kinetika gym membership prizes and give aways. On the same day step back in time and see French Napoleonic soldiers and cantinieres, and hear the tales from those times with story telling at Horsham Museum at 11.30am and 2.30pm. And of course there will be the French Market running throughout the festival, which boasts some simply delicious produce.


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French invasion Gallic inspired treats during three day festival

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Waistbelt £14.99

21 Piries Place, Horsham West Sussex, RH12 1EH T: 01403 259222

Last year, the Resident noted that FrenchFest seemed a bit of a let down after the thrill of Piazza Italia. We even came up with some ideas on how to jazz it up, such as snail racing in the Carfax, or a Citroen 2CV time trial in Swan Walk car park. Thankfully, the organisers have sensibly ignored our suggestion, and instead have come up with ways to provide visitors with a fantastic variety of Gallic inspired treats in the town centre from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th July. Now in its fifth year, the festival combines an authentic French market in the Carfax, and French culture, history and themed entertainments across the town. In addition to the market itself, regular favourites on the Saturday include Boules (Petanque) in Market Square

with the Southern Petanque Association (see opposite) and a troop of French Napoleonic re-enactors, the 45eme, who will be drilling ‘new recruits’ and story telling. For FrenchFest this year visitors will be treated to a number of exciting new features including a party of Norman re-enactors on the Saturday and a display and opportunity to gets ‘hands on’ with impressionist painting by Horsham studios in the Carfax on Sunday. Also on Saturday, Kinetika gyms will be running a ‘Tour de Horsham’ prize challenge and the Local Produce and Craft market moves to The Forum for the Saturday and features Hepworths Brewery and a competition to win a local produce hamper. Whether you come in to practise your French with the

market traders, to seek out the weekend’s shop promotions or simply to soak up the special FrenchFest atmosphere – your Horsham experience this weekend will be truly Time Well Spent. As with previous year’s Horsham FrenchFest encourages visitors and local students to practise their French language skills with the traders and special FrenchFest stickers will be handed out to those who try their linguistic skills. “Deux crossiants de chocolat et une baguette s'il vous plaît.” That’s all we know. Horsham FrenchFest 2010 is sponsored by East Street’s La Source and Cote Brasserie and May Gurney. The complete details of the programme can be downloaded from

French to the Floor Maxi With Flower Print £44.99 F: 01403 260707

Milites de Bec Normans re-enactors will be in The Carfax. Don’t be alarmed...

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010




R new Fo : R Summe F tuBS o eAm iCe CR ACH £1.50 e

8 Sterling Buildings Horsham RH12 1DR 01403 230449 Alternative to home cooking tASt AvAil ingS A All Ble DAy

CeleBRAte HoRSHAm’S FRenCH FeStivAl witH Cook, AnD tReAt youRSelF to Some FRenCH CuiSine



New ParisiaN raNge Now iN

20 Swan Walk, Horsham, RH12 1HQ

01403 275511


For further information on Horsham’s French Fest visit

Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident



Twistin’ by the boules We’ve been pretty modest about it, only mentioning it one hundred or so times in the last 12 months, but The Resident reigns supreme when it comes to interbusiness boules competitions. At last year’s F r e n c h Fe s t , the duo of studio manager Lewis Forsaith (who is French) and managing director Matthew Wheeler (who can ask for two chocolate croissants and a baguette, in French) won the first staging of the event. Now once again local firms will compete for The May Gurney Cup in The Business Boules Competition, held on Friday 16th July, in front of the Old Town Hall in Market Square, Horsham.

For the kids...

The Leaders team get some top tips during last year’s competition There is a prize for Best French Fancy Dress too, and it’s well worth making the effort, not least because you’ll have more chance of getting your picture in the paper! The aim is to raise money for local charities whilst having some fun. The event is limited to 16 teams of two people, so enter early as it is expected to be very popular. To enter please send details by email (info at the end of this article) and bring along an entry fee of £10 per team on the day. The knock out competition will

start from 12:15pm (team times will be confirmed) and it is planned that the final will finish at about 2pm. A donation will be made by the Rotary Club to the winning team’s chosen charity. Email your entry, including details of Business name, team name, contact name, number and email, and a nominated charity, to John Le Rossignol at on behalf of the Rotary Club of Horsham.

Mixed Summer Exhibition June 12 to 27 contemporary art Alexandra Bex, Anthony Giles, Bill Hudson, Joanne Last, Ray Rankine, Martine Spencer, Stephen Codner, John Wakefield, Adam Swain John Lines, Hannah Stewart, Anthony Todd Andrew Vince, Jane House, Jake Spicer Jo Starkey

More than 40 new paintings

The Horsham Gallery 204 New Street 01403 256444 /

Parents: have a flick through the Summer Action Pack – a free fullcolour 28 page guide to what’s on offer for children during the summer holidays. Published by Horsham District Council the guide offers something for everyone, including Sporting activities, introductory courses and summer camps including tennis, football, orienteering, cricket, netball, golf, camp craft skills, mountain biking and more. The action pack is being distributed to schools, but you can also view it at

For the elderly...

For older people who want to make the most out of life, Horsham Partnership for Older People (POP) is offering the opportunity to find out about different services and support available to them. The free Life is For Living 2010 event will take place at Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre on Thursday, 30th September from 11am-3pm. For more information, call 01403 249447.

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010



neilson boutique N o w o eN

l A S eR

M M Su

HRH Princess Michael of Kent opened the festival on Saturday

Odyssey night raises the bar Citizens of Humanity Vanessa Bruno Joseph Farhi Theory By Malene Birger Rutzou American Vintage Velvet Humanoid Vince 120% linen Monica Vinader Zoe’ts Ash Shoes Chie Mihara Penelope Chilvers Twenty8Twelve

and a selection of new & vintage homeware

38 The Carfax, Horsham, RH12 1ED

01403 241048

“This is a novel experience for us”, said the lead singer of  the  covers  band  Speedboatz, “as most of the places we  play  have  nicotinestained  ceilings  and  you can’t  jump  around  as  your shoes get stuck to the floor!” But at the Odyssey show, held at Windlesham House School on Saturday and Sunday, it wasn’t just HRH Princess Michael of Kent (who opened the festival) who received VIP treatment. It is a truly spectacular setting worthy of a great event ,which hundreds of people were treated to at the weekend. The grounds of the school provides a perfect amphitheatre, forming a sort of low-gradient half pipe which not only guarantees a good viewpoint for all, but also creates a sense of a safe, enclosed atmosphere. The event, held in aid of the

children's medical research charity Sparks, saw 1,500 local primary school children from Ashington, Findon, Shipley, Shoreham, Storrington, Washington and Worthing, as well as pupils from Little Windlesham and Garden Cottage Nursery, give fine performances during Saturday on the rock concert stage to the delight of the audience. As it was for the bands a day later, it must have been a memorable experience for the youngsters to perform on such a stage. Flanked by giant screens and two side stages, the set would have been more than adequate for a major music festival! The Saturday evening spectacular included airshows, messages from the astronauts aboard the international space station, music, fireworks, lights on the hills and a parachute team, while the Windlesham House children gave a

show to be remembered. There was also a funfair, a shopping village and on Sunday afternoon performances from local bands culminating with the Bootleg Beatles. While Sunday wasn’t quite so busy, there was still plenty to keep the crowd entertained, with some of the parents enjoying old hits by the likes of The Jam, the Undertones, Cockney Rebel and of course the Beatles over a glass of wine or two, as well as new music from the likes of Will and the People and Horsham band Last Letter Read. Richard Foster, Headmaster of Windlesham House School said: “It was a simply fantastic weekend and I cannot express in words how proud I was of Windlesham. “There were several times when I just stopped and pinched myself to check it was not a dream. The atmosphere throughout was fabulous.”

Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident



Hooray for Bollywood The extra Bollywood tuition paid off for students of Horsham School of Dance during their summer show at the Capitol on Saturday. The dancers received coaching from a Bollywood expert before the show, which added extra spice to the two performances. In the first half, 200 performers played out the story of The Secret Garden, which begins in India, through a number of styles including ballet and tap. The second half featured more contemporary styles such as jazz and modern, with dancers aged from three to forty performing songs from famous stage and screen productions. Three girls received a rose as they are leaving

the company. Katrin Williams is hopefully heading off to dance college, and Phoebe Wilson will be studying film. Another girl, Kelly Fitzgerald, was unable to take part in the show after hurting her leg while practising on grass! Kelly was invited on to the stage as well at the end of the show. Principal Rosemary Walters said: “Two girls, Lucy and Claire Howard, stepped in and learned Kelly’s routines in just a week, which was a great effort.” Horsham School of Dance has been running since 1925, with Rosemary only its third principal, and runs classes for boys and girls aged three and up.

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010



For more details about the dance school visit the website at

Pictures by Chris Woolgar

Free Jpeg copies are available to those pictured. Email requests to

Opening end of july Treasure Chest Soft Play Centre is a new and exciting family entertainment centre for children up to the age of 12 and for adults of any age. There is a relaxed and comfy restaurant area, serving good quality, healthy food and drinks. We provide free parking, an excellent security entry system and a range of fun and exciting party packages.



Up to 12 months - Free Under 4 years - £4.50 4 years and over - £5.50 Adults - £1.50 Discount available for childminders (term time only) Play is limited during peak times

Opening Times Monday to Sunday - 10am to 6pm (last admission 1 hour before closing)

For more information please call 01293 549009 Treasure Chest Soft Play Centre, Unit 1 The Faraday Centre, Faraday Road, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9PX

Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident



A friendly face at our local nature reserves is moving on, while the Golden Ringed Dragonfly is spotted for the first time at Warnham, writes Neil Henry

Surrey you’re leaving, Sam

Sam Bayley has been based at Warnham Nature Reserve for seven years

A well-known face at the Reserve, Sam Bayley, the warden, is moving on to a post with the National Trust in Surrey. Since making his first tentative appearance at the Reserve around seven years ago, Sam had become something of a legend with his enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, all forms of wildlife. We will certainly miss his expertise and wish him well in his new job. It was even suggested that he might wish to visit on his days off. The Friends of Warnham hosted a Bird Ringing evening on Tuesday 22nd June. This was a ‘ticket only’ event, in order to keep the numbers to a manageable level. A table was set up at the far end of the meadow and about 25 visitors were kept enthralled by Sam Bayley, Wes Attridge, (both licensed

bird-ringers) ably assisted by Jake Everitt . In between handling the different birds, explanations and anecdotes were provided by all three. Mist nets had been set up in the reedbed and a steady flow of captures in cotton drawstring bags was produced. These included a Magpie, Chiffchaffs, Bluetits, Great Tits, Willow, Garden and Reed Warblers, Wren, Blackcaps, Robin, Chaffinch and, the highlight of the evening, a Kingfisher (below). All the birds were released unharmed, after recording weights, measurements and other details. A Golden Ringed Dragonfly, a new record for the site, was also caught. Another bird ringing demonstration will be held on Sunday 19th September between 7-9am. This, too, is an ‘all-ticket’ event and advance reservations must be made. The Friends’ next event

will be an evening walk on the Reserve on 13th July. Details are in the Countryside Activities leaflet from Horsham District Council and on the Friends website Inside the Visitors Centre, the honey bees have been returned to the demonstration hive and the harvest mice are flourishing. The first releases of the captivebred mice have already taken place at Chesworth Farm. An exhibition of paintings by

Gordon Crossley, a noted artist, will adorn the walls of the Visitor Centre until September. All are welcome to visit! On the Millpond, one of the pairs of nesting Common Terns hatched their chicks. One of the other pair was found dead and its partner may still be in the area. Sightings have been made of an unusual dark-coloured visitor – identified as a Kalij Pheasant (spp Moffetti) – most probably an escapee from a nearby shoot.

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010


Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident



Now showing on the Big Screen

Shrek Forever After


Shrek suddenly finds himself in a twisted, alternate version of Far Far Away, where ogres are hunted, Rumpelstiltskin is king and Shrek and Fiona have never met. Starring: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Walt Dohrn ( - 22nd Jul)

Next part of the Twilight Saga. Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger as Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a vampire continues her quest for revenge. Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson (-29th Jul )

Toy Story: The New Batch!

This cuddly unicorn features velvety-soft, snow-colored fur with sparkly gold and pink accents. He sports a signature mythical golden horn and a fun-to-comb mane and tail. Buttercup’s durable plastic eyes are both charming and scratch-resistant. Hypo-allergenic. Ages 3 and up.

This retro-inspired toy has flashing red LED eyes and a blaster cavity that actually spits out real sparks when he’s rolled along on his sturdy rubber wheels. Sparks also sports telescoping arms with working pincers, and an elevator action that raises his entire body to new heights

The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone is a classic pull toy that has been inspiring giggles for many generations, while building motor skills and balance.

Huge buzz for They’re back - and we can’t wait. Even in the company of some of the greatest animated movies of all time - Up, The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, Ratatouille - Toy Story still stands out as being among the greatest achievements so far by Pixar Studios. And as the films continue to reach new heights, there’s nothing to suggest that the next instalment will be anything other than a wonderful cinematic experience. Especially at The Capitol theatre in Horsham, where Toy Story 3 will be shown in Disney Digital 3D for at least two weeks when it opens on Friday, July 23rd. Woody, Buzz and our favourite gang of toy characters return, but there are plenty of new faces too, as you can see from the line up here, including Lots-o’Huggin’ Bear, a jumbo, extra-soft

teddy bear with a pink and white plush body and a velvety purple nose. Woody and Buzz had accepted that their owner Andy would grow up someday, but what happens when that day arrives? In the third instalment, Andy is preparing to depart for college, leaving his loyal toys troubled about their uncertain future. Lee Unkrich (codirector of “Toy Story 2” and “Finding Nemo”) directs this highly anticipated film, and Michael Arndt, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter of Little Miss Sunshine, brings his unique talents and comedic sensibilities to the proceedings. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen

reprise their roles as the voices of Woody and Buzz, and the film also features the vocal talents of Joan Cusack, Don Rickles, Wallace Shawn, John Ratzenberger, Estelle Harris, John Morris, Laurie Metcalf, R. Lee Ermey, Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Keaton. On the back of some stunning reviews after its US opening, Toy Story 3 broke the record of Shrek the Third as the biggest single day gross for an animated film. For what it’s worth, review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 99% of critics have given the film a positive review based on 208 reviews, and here at The Resident we find that specific website to be a good guide. Owen Gleiberman from Entertainment Weekly gave the

film an A, saying: “Even with the bar raised high, Toy Story 3 enchanted and moved me so deeply I was flabbergasted that a digitally animated comedy about plastic playthings could have this effect.” Gleiberman also wrote in the next issue that he, along with many other grown men, cried at the end of the movie. Hey, if I want to cry I’ve got Homeward Bound on DVD.... Anyway, book your tickets up early as it will be a sell-out on those early nights. Call the Capitol Box Office on 01403 750220.

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010



Toy Story: The New Batch!

This lovable bear stands fuzzy heads and shoulders above other teddy bears because he smells like sweet strawberries! With a smile that will light up your child’s face and a belly just asking to be hugged, Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear is sure to become a bedtime necessity. Stain-resistant. Spot clean plush surface with a damp cloth


Toy Story 3 3D Win official Toy Story 3 giftset with The Resident We’re certain that there’s going to be no shortage of Toy Story 3 merchandise hitting the shops in the coming weeks. And the new characters will be with us for quite a while we think after all, you can still buy Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks in toy shops five years after Cars was released. Unfortunately we don’t have any of the new fluffy characters to give away, but we do have this wonderful bounty of Toy Story 3 goodies to give away, courtesy of The Capitol Theatre and Disney Pixar. The set includes a notebook, colour change mug, sticker set, laptop bag, keychain, Yo-yo and Frisbee, and perhaps a couple of other promotional goodies. For your chance to win, just answer this simple question...

This gargantuan creature sports protective shoulder spikes, while his ferocious fists are ready to smash whatever enemy gets in his way. Chunk’s oversized limbs are fully poseable, making him ready for hours of imaginative fun. As an added bonus, the press of a hidden head spike will spin Chunk’s facial expression from friendly to fierce!

Buzz Lightyear is famous for which of these catchphrases? A: Do ya feel lucky, punk? B: Hasta La Vista, baby! C: To Infinity, and Beyond! D: We’re Gonna need a bigger boat!

I know, it’s a hard one! Email your answers by email only to: Please include your name, age, address and contact phone number. Entries must be received by Friday, 16th July. One winner only. Entrants’ details will NOT be sent to any third party. Judges decision is final. The winner will be contacted by 23rd July.

This charming lederhosen-wearing hedgehog is from the Waldfreunde collection of premium imported plush toys. He may look prickly, but the plump and fuzzy Mr. Pricklepants is made strictly for cuddling! Hand was and air dry.

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Collingwood now Batchellor only


W £799 NO save £380

with immediate delivery

* save £380 ry e v i l e d e t a i d with imme

Incredible comfort, unbelievable value Relax in a Stressless® and you’ll be amazed by both the feeling and the price. As this superb Atlantic recliner with footstool in Batick cream leather and natural wood finish is now yours for just £799, with immediate delivery. And as Stressless® is the world’s most comfortable recliner, you’ll enjoy its incredible comfort and unique features for years to come. You won't find a more comfortable recliner at any price, so visit our Stressless® Comfort studio today or go to

*Save £380 on a Stressless® Atlantic recliner with footstool in Batick cream leather with natural wood finish was RRP £1,179, now £799 between 1 March and 31 May 2010 or while stocks last. At participating Stressless® retailers only.

Collingwood Batchellor

Bishopric Horsham ( 01403 269261


Stressless Studio’s also at: Haslemere ( 01428 641947

Horley ( 01293 782404

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Weird news from Planet Earth

Eye on the world

A Canadian filmmaker has replaced his own false eye with a camera - and is to let the world see what he sees. Toronto-based Rob Spence, 36, lost his right eye in a shooting accident on his grandfather's farm as a teenager, reports the Daily Telegraph. He has built a new false eye containing a wireless video camera that runs on a tiny three-volt

battery. It contains a wireless transmitter, which allows him to transmit what he is seeing in real time to a computer.

One cheeky monkey

A Chinese man who saved a onearmed, onelegged monkey says the primate has paid him back by killing his chickens. Li Chun, from Yunnan province, says the monkey has become a member of his family but copies everything Li does. When it saw him crack some eggs to make a meal it went into the hen coop and smashed all of

the eggs it could find. And when Li slaughtered a chicken, the monkey killed about 80 chickens

Lab tests have revealed that a replica World Cup trophy seized by police in Colombia is made out of cocaine. The 14in statue was found in a delivery crate at Bogota airport. The crate was in an airmail warehouse waiting to be sent to an address in Spain, airport anti-drug chief Jose Piedrahita said. The World Cup replica was

mixed with acetone or gasoline to make it mouldable.Meanwhile, a submarine built by drug-traffickers was found in Ecuador!

The Cocaine Cup

Golden Vuvuzela

A Russian businessman has paid almost £20,000 to have a £2 plastic Vuvuzela covered in expensive white gold and encrusted with precious stones. Linz-based jeweller Klemens Pointner who specialises in providing tailor-made items for Russian clients said he met the businessmen at a trade fair in Moscow.

Pointner refused to reveal his customer's identity - but said the white gold-clad Vuvuzela features a one-carat diamond.

A motorcyclist escaped serious injury when he collided with a black bear that unexpectedly ran across a northwestern New Jersey highway. The motorcyclist was taken to hospital, where he was treated for minor injuries and later re-

leased. The bear also survived and walked into the woods.

Bear hits motorbike

Team FM was made up of students from Millais and Forest

Solar, so good as joint effort secures victory Engineering students from Forest and Millais School competed with the best schools from around the country at this year’s Schools’ Marine Challenge last week. In glorious sunshine twelve teams battled it out at the beautiful lakes of the Bluewater Shopping Centre. Team FM - Daniel Mannion,

Thierry Chapman, Frederick Golding, Guy Goddard, Tomasz Szczepanski, Alex Rawlins, Sarah Parker, Nicola Miller, Annabelle Stephenson and Lauren Overend - entered three boats, two in the solar class and one in the electric. In the solar class the teams high spec boat achieved a fantastic third place overall out of a strong field of 20, but it

was in the 20-minute electric boat endurance race that the team’s technical skills came to the fore. FM’s super light monohull design took a commanding lead in the race early on, and with excellent teamwork in the nail-biting pit stops, came out in first place. A great day of racing ended with more success as Team



FM also took home the teamwork cup and with it a trip to the international boat show in Southampton in September. Mr Walker of Forest School said ‘It was a fantastic day. The team get better and better each year. Next year we will definitely be fighting for the overall team challenge cup!”

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The Quarter Card

34 East Street Horsham RH12 1HL

1 East Street Horsham RH12 1HH

3 East Street Horsham RH12 1HH

01403 240 489

01403 273 859

01403 218 686

To Enter The Quarter Card Monthly Draw

19 - 23 East Street Horsham RH12 1HH

01403 249 274

3a East Street Horsham RH12 1HH

„ Participating businesses will give you one sticker per transaction, minimum spend £5. „ When your card is complete, add your contact details and hand to any participating business. All completed cards will go into a prize draw at the end of that month. „ Winners will be notified by telephone and will be asked to participate in publicity. „ The final East Street Development draw is planned to take place at the end of August 2010.

£200 01403 756 868

Monthly Draw

18a Market Square Horsham RH12 1EU

01403 217 585

5 East Street Horsham RH12 1HL

01403 248 887

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The Quarter Card

10 Market Square Horsham RH12 1HB

35 East Street Horsham RH12 1HR

18 East Street Horsham RH12 1HL

01403 254 955

01403 754 445

01403 276 886




SHOP 1 Stans Way, East Street Horsham RH12 1HU

01403 271 100

24 - 26 Market Square Horsham RH12 1HL


01403 750 111

Monthly Draw

Participating Retailers Beauty Secrets Cape Scarlett Cote La Source Leaders

The Cutting Room

Pizza Express Premier PC Supplies Purdies Linens Rainbow Healing Steamer Trading

Strada The Aga Shop The Cutting Room Tortellini

Terms & Conditions Competition open to UK residents aged over 18 only. The prize is non transferable. Closing date for competition entries will be 1 working days before the draws (draw dates to be invalid. Winners may be obliged to take part in publicity associated with the presentation of the prize. right to amend the rules of the competition or cancel it at any time without notice. Promoted by East Street Traders Group. By entering this competition you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.

East Street Traders Group, c/o Rainbow Healing, 3a East Street, Horsham, RH12 1HH.

11 Market Square Horsham RH12 1EU

01403 255 088

1b East Street Horsham RH12 1HH



Phone…………………………Email……………………………………………………… I agree to be bound by the rules of the competition I would like to be kept informed of further promotions from The Quarter


01403 252 211

Monthly Draw

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HSO’s sterling tribute to John Review: Horsham Symphony Orchestra 19th June, The Capitol There was an essentially local feel to the HSO concert at the Capitol Theatre, being packed with supporters for their own town orchestra, a local soloist, and the world premiere of a commissioned work by a Sussexbased composer. Added to that, the Brahms symphony which constituted the second half of the programme was dedicated to the memory of long-time HSO player and supporter John Harry, who died two months ago. His widow Audrey, also associated with the HSO for very many years, must have been immensely moved by the performance of the symphony, the orchestra obviously playing their hearts out in tribute to their dear friend John. But back to the beginning! It is often difficult to "sell" a contemporary work to its first audience, but conductor

Steve Dummer managed it excellently, with a brief introduction which left us in no doubt as to the treat in store for us. Julian Broughton's Symphony in E is composed in the traditional four movement structure, but there tradition ends.. He writes on a big scale with enormous attention to detail, and the wind parts especially provided brilliant shafts of colour to the script and a real challenge to the HSO wind section, which rose as always to the occasion. The second movement, starting with shimmering strings reminiscent of SaintS a e n s ' ‘Aviary’, was quite delightful, and the last passacaglia s h o we d Broughton's skills both as a contrapuntist and an orchestrator. After such an intense listening

La Source Contemporary Living

experience, the Mozart 4th violin concerto proved perfect programming, with its light orchestration and irrepressible charm bringing the audience back to familiar territory. Here the soloist was local musician Sara Stagg (pictured), who played with sparkling dexterity and stylistically elegant approach throughout. The second movement showed a lovely breadth of line and real communication with the orchestra, and the final rondo - with its wittily contrasting dance episodes - was charm personified. It is easy the think of conductor Steve Dummer as a charismatic, ebullient front man for the HSO; but in fact this belies a steely grasp of even the most tortuous of scores and an extraordinary ability to focus the orchestra. The HSO last performed Brahms 2nd symphony in 1997, and I wrote then that they played it with conviction and panache. This time they again played with conviction and panache but with an added passion, making an unbeatable combination well deserving of the tumultuous applause at the end of yet another superb concert.

See our new exclusive range of top quality Italian leather sofas in store Brooklands Dance Studios will be performing a lively annual show at The Capitol on 11th -12th September. An energetic team of performers showcase a spectacular array of routines to popular chart hits, as well as tracks from musicals including Grease, Mary Poppins, The Rocky Horror Show and Wicked. Tickets cost £13 (£11 concessions) from 750220.

3 East Street, Horsham, West Sussex 01403 218686 l

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010



A youngster is proud of her rosette

It was easy for the dogs, although some of the owners inevitably struggled on this course.

The Breed for Speed! Dogs can’t take part on the Krypton Factor, so instead they have agility courses to compete on. Hundreds of dogs competed in a huge event hosted by Bridge House Dog Agility Club at Horsham Rugby Club over the weekend. An array of challenging courses was set up on Saturday, while Sunday the event continued in the hands of the Surrey Agility Club. Animals and their owners had to negotiate a course of jumps, tunnels, climbs, and even the odd hoop or see saw! Lesley Bridle of Bridge House Dog

Agility Club ( said: “It’s always as much about the social side of the event as the competitions. “It’s a great chance for us to all get together and have a day of doggy madness!” There was a brief moment of drama off the course, as a small bonfire started at the edge of the woods got out of control, but the fire service were called and quickly extinguished the blaze. And after that, the animals could relax, shaking their legs off with an occasional burst around the circuit!

Pictures by Chris Woolgar


Everyone deserves a beautiful smile... and we can help you achieve that with a smile makeover

BOOK A FREE SMILE CONSULTATION (Free smile consultations available on appointments booked in before 30th September. Please quote ‘summer consultation’ at time of booking to qualify for a free appointment -Thank you) Carfax Dental Practice 18, Carfax, Horsham West Sussex RH12 1EB Tel: 01403 253 696 “What goes on tour, stays on tour!”

Quality care in a relaxed atmosphere


Brain Gym





Replace the question mark with a letter so that the letters within each circle can be re-arranged to form words with a common theme. What are the three words, and the letter represented by the question mark?


Each number in the grid represents a different letter of the alphabet and every letter of the alphabet is used. Use the given letter(s) to the right of the main grid to start you off.




































Y Q E D N R I L T H O G X 15 16 17 18 9 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 B P Z S V F M C K A W U J






Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident


Across 1. Pierce (9) 8. Be in debt (3) 9. Ban (11) 11. Foreshow (7) 12. Walk (5) 13. Starry (6) 15. Make more intense (6) 17. Giver (5) 18. Scandalise (7) 20. Unconcerned (11) 22. Transgression (3) 23. With sincerity (9)

Down 2. Make a mistake (3) 3. Artifice (5) 4. Foreigners (6) 5. Letter (7) 6. Consider (11) 7. Dwelling-place (9) 10. Unpaid (11) 11. Mildness (9) 14. Shorten (7) 16. Money-chest (6) 19. In that place (5) 21. Nothing (3)



J ?





Across: 7 Earned; 8 Vacant; 10 Envelop; 11 Angry; 12 Odds; 13 Scorn; 17 Sweat; 18 Stye; 22 Allow; 23 Observe; 24 Desert; 25 Reeled. Down: 1 Develop; 2 Provide; 3 Realm; 4 Macabre; 5 Range; 6 Stays; 9 Spectator; 14 Awkward; 15 Startle; 16 Defends; 19 Hardy; 20 Close; 21 Askew.

LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION: The letter represented by the question mark is K. Chekhov, Pushkin, Brodsky, all Russian writers.



Fill in all the squares in the grids below so that every row, column and each of the nine 3x3 squares contain all the digits from one to nine.



Using the central letter and at least three others, how many words can you find? Plurals, proper nouns and hyphenated words are not allowed, and there is at least one 9-letter word. 15 words = OK, 20 words = Good, 25 words = Great, 30+ words = Excellent. LAST WEEK’S SOLUTION: DISMOUNTS



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Snack Attack

The Snack Wagon and the Youth Support Team are operating again in Horsham Park on Friday evenings this summer until the end of August. Youth workers involved in both successful projects will engage with the young people who often gather in Horsham Park and other open spaces across the Horsham District on Friday evenings during the summer months. The Snack Wagon initiative aims to increase young people’s awareness about the effects of alcohol and to empower them to make informed and responsible choices. There are a range of activities available, such as real ‘beer goggles’, which helps young people to assess their alcohol unit intake.

Forest car boot

Forest School hosts a Giant Car Boot sale on Sunday, 18th July, at 9am-12pm. The site opens for sellers at 8am, at entrance on St Leonards Road opposite Dickins Way. Entry for buyers from 9am is 50p, free for children, at the main Comptons Lane entrance.



Cast raise the roof at Capitol Forest and Millais raised the roof at the Capitol Theatre, Horsham, last week with their amazing production of Billy Elliot. Thanks to the Billy Youth Theatre initiative, youth groups and schools are for the first time able to perform a shorter version of this well known, inspirational story, set in the North East of England against the background of the historic 1984/85 miners’ strike. For 13-year old Ed Goacher who played Billy this was the first time he had taken to the stage in such a performance. He said: ‘I was a bit nervous at first as I hadn’t ever had a dance or singing lesson in my life!’ said Ed. On stage however there was no sign of his inexperience; his powerful performance as the young Billy struggling against his

family to pursue his dream of becoming a dancer, was exceptional, acting, singing and dancing his way into the hearts of the audience. The relationship on stage between Billy and Mrs Wilkinson, played by 15-year old Sophie O’Shea, was heart-warming with Sophie bringing a strong authority to the role with just the perfect balance of softness and humour. Whilst Ed held the spotlight, he was wonderfully supported by the amusing and slightly batty grandma, played by Phoebe Verbeeten, his defiant Dad and older brother, played by Dylan Marshal and Calum Snape and the endearing and very funny Michael played by Abdul Ahmed. Not only were the onstage performances electric, the musical production and the band,

made up of pupils from both schools, were sensational, bringing the story to life with a roller-coaster of musical emotion – humour, sadness, anger and joy. The whole show filled the theatre with such energy that you could have got up and danced along, and culminated in the fantastic ‘Solidarity’ which saw the whole cast packing the stage for a truly fitting finale. Full recognition must go to Mrs Helen Sykes, Millais School, and Mrs Jane Bowen-Melfi, Forest School, who worked tirelessly to put on such a wonderful show. If this is anything to go by, this will hopefully be the first of many future joint productions. Review submitted to The Resident

Ed Goacher took the lead role in Billy Elliot (Pic: Chris Woolgar forThe Resident)

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 12pm - 10pm

Fully Licenced and Air Conditioned

LuNch AND EArLY DiNNEr SPEciAL served between 12noon-3pm and 5:30-7pm 2 course 12.95 3 course £16.96 Special 3 course Sunday Lunch Menu £16.95


01403 261222 Private functions and party bookings welcome Please call in with any enquiries

35-37 Springfield Road, Horsham RH12 2PG

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A new dimension in TV technology


The snappily named Panasonic TXP50VT20 50” 3D TV is available at Aurac

Your Local Jeweller & Pawnbroker GOLD & SILVER WANTED New or Scrap Don’t post it Use it to get instant Cash If you can not get to us at our shop, we can arrange home visits. Or why not earn extra cash and hold a gold party !

Television technology has moved on at a rapid rate in recent years. We have moved from square sets to widescreen, from big and deep tube televisions to slim LCD and Plasma panels, from analogue to digital and high definition. The latest development is the move to 3D, which many in the audio visual industry think might be the biggest jump in technology since the change from black and white to colour. Graham Russell of Aurac Sound & Vision said: “We have just had the new 50" Panasonic 3D television set up for demonstration at our Horsham store and it is amazing. “Customer feedback from those that have seen it so far has been really positive" When most people think of 3D they think of cheap cardboard glasses that didn't really work, and Jaws 3, but the technology has moved on a huge amount in recent years. Graham explains: “We have moved on a long way since the days of red and green glasses that gave you a blurred, off colour and quite non-3D image. “The new TVs use something called active shutter glasses, which talk to the TV to sync up the image, the end result is that it is now possible to get a full high definition 3D signal, so the picture quality you can get is amazing. “In fact because of the technology used it is possible to get a

better, sharper image than most cinemas and the 3D being shown in pubs.” This fact is being backed up by the specialist AV press who have been very critical of 3D attempts in the past, but now are already giving out several awards for the latest 3D TVs. So what can you watch in 3D? Well so far, not a lot, but that is all set to change. We are beginning to see the launch of 3D films onto the market on Blu-ray, the Playstation 3 already has 3D games available and Sky will launch a 3D channel later in the year for its HD subscribers and it has been confirmed that all Freesat HD boxes are 3D ready if the BBC or ITV wanted to launch a 3D service. With all the buzz surrounding big Hollywood 3D films such as Avatar and Toy Story 3 it won’t be long before there is a lot to see. "I was very sceptical about 3D before we had this Panasonic in", says Graham of Aurac, "but I am now a total convert, the technology is simply amazing. “During the French Open Tennis we had a live 3D feed to the store and it felt like you were sitting in the crowd. There isn't a lot of 3D content at the moment, but that is set to change, and in the meantime because of the technology behind the TV this is the best 2D TV Panasonic have ever made as well." The Panasonic TX-P50VT20 50" 3D TV is currently on show at the Aurac Sound & Vision store in Piries Place Horsham.

Mike Andrews had his name pulled from a wheelbarrow last week and was announced the winner in the search to find a ‘green-fingered’ tenant for the newly created allotment area at The Greets Inn, Warnham. Owners Natalie and Duncan Entwistle created an allotment area whilst redesigning the pub’s gardens, ahead of summer. The couple offered the chance of

‘growing your own’ to anyone keen to do so, living nearby, asking that anyone interested make themselves known, with the winner being selected at random, pulled from a wheel barrow. Tenancy of the allotment comes free of charge on the proviso that the pub could purchase a percentage of whatever is harvested in the future, for use in the Greets Inn kitchen. Pictured: Duncan and Mike

We will not be beaten on price.


HALF PRICE 45 Carfax, Horsham West Sussex, RH12 1EQ 250200

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BAX CASTLE Good Food & Real Ales


The Bax CasTle has won The sussex CounTry puB of The year award on more Than one oCCasion. Specializing in good food, real ales and traditional surroundings. Dating back to the 15th century and nestled right next to the Downs Link bridleway The Bax Castle is time well spent. Traditional home cooked food available every day ranging from bar snacks to evening meals. Large garden with children’s playing facilities. opening hours Mon - Fri - 12-3pm - 5 - 11pm Sat & Sun - Open All Day

Two Mile Ash Road Horsham RH13 0LA

01403 730369

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Company _____________________________________________ Contact Name

_____________________________________________ Contact Email

Businesses needed in hunt for future stars So we’re not Spain or Holland, and Andy Murray will still ‘win a grand slam one day’, but it’s not all doom and gloom! We did great at the last Olympics - with stars like swimmer Rebecca Adlington bringing home Great Britain’s biggest haul of gold medals since 1908! Here in the Horsham district, we’re trying to push for even more success in 2012. A new community partnership is set to launch an exciting scheme to encourage and support young sports women and men in the district to achieve their goals of becoming future Champions and Olympians. This is an ideal opportunity for businesses to raise their company profile in the community, show support for our up and coming sports stars, and foster team spirit within the staff as part of the first ever business fun challenge in the Park! The Fund (for more details see below) will be launched on Sunday July 25th at the ‘Sparks in the Parks’ event in Horsham Park with an Inter –Business Sports Competition and we are

looking for businesses who are up for a challenge. The competition consists of teams of 4 people who will compete against each other in 6 fast moving, easily accessible sports. Each sport will only last for a minute or two per person...... so we are not looking for endurance or skills which require a lifetime of practice.... just 4 competitive fun-loving people who can represent your Company and bring you success. The Sports involved are: l Golf (60 seconds per team member hitting balls with velcro onto an archery-like target) l Netball/Basketball (60 seconds per team member to score as many goals) l Batak (a quick-fire reaction game...60 seconds per team

member) l Rowing (60 seconds on a rowing machine per team member) l Cycling (60 seconds on a cycling machine per team member) l Table Tennis (60 seconds per team member against a table tennis robot) Each 4-person team will undertake each sport and there will be cups and medals for the winning team in each sport and for the Overall Winning Team. Participating teams will pay £25 which will help provide the initial monies for the Funds. An Entry Form for teams is attached right...

Can I raise my company profile even more at this event? Yes - by becoming a ‘Set for Success’ Launch Partner! Businesses wishing to become a Business Partner of ‘Set for Success’ will be asked to sponsor one of the 6 Sports Events, or the overall Event. In return they will be given extra promotion through the Award Scheme’s publicity and website and the opportunity to display promotional company

The Garden at Wiston House is open for the first time on 11th July, as part of the National Garden Scheme. Nestled at the foot of the South Downs within a landscaped park, Wiston House has a Victorian garden under restoration.Features include a conservatory, terraced lawns with herbaceous borders, a recently discovered cascade, woodland garden, Italian parterre, a new herb garden, walled vegetable garden and greenhouses. The gardens are open at 1-5pm.

banners and flyers at the event and showcase their logo on the event’s on-site signage. The cost of sponsoring one event is £100 which will cover the cost of the Cup, (bearing the company name), and the individual medals. The Cost of Sponsoring the overall Competition is £250 to include similar benefits plus the inclusion of the company name in the event title. It is planned that the event will be run annually with future fees to continue the sponsorship being £ 50 and £150 as the Cups will have been purchased from the initial fees. Business Partners will also have access to the Sportsmen and women supported by the scheme as well as being able to influence the future plans for the Programme and the selection of beneficiaries of the Programme.

_____________________________________________ Team Members (if known)

____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

Please send this form, together with a cheque for £25 made payable to The Rotary Club of Horsham Set For Success Fund by Saturday 17th July to: Rotary Club of Horsham, Birkdale, Greens Lane, Mannings Heath, RH13 6JW Tel: 01403 754005

Full instructions and rules will be emailed to the Contacts named above.

To take part in the business Set for Success challenge, to apply to be a Business Partner or to find out more about the scheme, please call John Le Rossignol, Horsham Rotary on 01403 754005 or email Sussex Bootcamps’ 10 week Best Body challenge has raised £2,613 for the Children’s Starlight Charity. Local residents were invited to come along each Saturday morning and take part in a 45 minute outdoor exercise class in the sunshine. Classes were free but the 50 participants’ donated and collected money. The challenge was aimed at improving the health, fitness and shape of the individuals. For more about Sussex Bootcamps visit, email or call 01444 340030.

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Give Dodgeball a go at Sparks day

Who doesn’t want to try Dodgeball, really? You’ll soon have the chance to follow in the footsteps of White Goodman (below) and Peter La Fleur, as Horsham aims for sporting glory at Sparks in the Park on 25th July. It’s all part of the London 2012 Open Weekend celebrations when sporting, arts and culture organisations open up opportunities for everyone across the UK to try. Sparks in the Park will be part of this celebration, offering a wide range of sports for people to try, including Stoolball, Baseball, Urban Rebounding, Football, Karate, Basketball, Dodgeball, Golf, Rounders, Tennis, and more. If you don’t know what Urban Rebounding is, well, it’s aerobics on a trampoline. We can’t say why the ‘urban’ bit is needed, as it appears to be something that country folk are quite capable of doing. That aside, Horsham Park Bowls Club will also be offering a free Open Day as part of the event. All activities are free and coaches are on hand to help, advise and en-

courage people to ‘give it a go’! The adjoining Pavilions in the Park will be celebrating the Open Weekend with their own Open Day from 9.30am – 6pm. All activities are free and include: • Olympic Island Inflatable 9.30am - 10.30am • Trampolining 1pm - 5pm • Arts and Crafts 1pm - 5pm • Face Painting 1pm - 5pm • Synchronised Swimming Display 4pm - 5pm • Synchronised Swimming Taster Session 5pm - 6pm (must be booked in advance by calling 219200) For those wanting their sport to be a bit sillier PEACH’s ‘Its a Knockout’ Zone will offer people the chance to challenge their family and friends in a fun range of sporting games including Crazy Caterpillars, Chicken Run, Pony Hop Racing, Puzzle Mania and Up & Under. The key event of the sporting day will be the launch of a new Set For Success fund. This new community fund, led by the Rotary Club of Horsham, will be launched with a sporting Hexathlon challenge as local businesses compete against each other. See them set the standards at Table Tennis Robot, Batak, Shooting Stars, Cycling Stamina, Rowing Stamina and TriGolf. Sparks In The Park runs from 12-5pm. Visit

Hunting for minibeasts

Sussex Wildlife Trust (SWT) is running an exciting and funpacked summer of children’s activities at Woods Mill nature reserve near Henfield. On Tuesdays during the school holidays SWT’s Summer Holiday Club offers environmentally themed activity days designed to keep youngsters busy and happy during the school summer holidays. Activities include hunting for minibeasts in the undergrowth and pond dipping (3rd August), finding out why colour and camouflage

matters to wildlife (17th August) or how to make your own work of art from natural materials (27 July). The Trust’s Summer Holiday Club is suitable for 6-11 year olds and runs between 10:30am2:30pm. Children do not need to be accompanied by adults but please supply a packed lunch, drink, suncream and suitable clothing.

Cost for members: £9 per session and non-members: £12. For further info see or call 01273 497561

Try out baseball at Sparks in the Park, staged in Horsham as part of the London 2012 Open weekend


Sussex Window Company Energy Efficient, Cost Efficient, We are Efficient! Windows  Doors  Porches  Conservatories 

Facias  Soffits & Guttering  Trade Welcome 

No Job Too Small, We Do It All!

All work guaranteed We will beat any written quotation!

The Sussex Window Co. Limited 01403 734545 or 07786 516125


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Making the most of home storage

Open House at Victorian New St. home

Henry Adams focus on rural homes


Newly built bungalow West Horsham: £425,000 Different stages of life bring different  needs  in  our  choice  of  home, based  not  only  our  preferred lifestyle,  but  considerations  such as  convenience,  a  safe  environment, ease of maintenance and saving on unnecessary costs.  The current economic situation has highlighted for many the cost of maintaining their home and gardens, and the increasing price of fuel, parking for work or shopping, and running their vehicles. With parking in and around Horsham town centre at a premium, the rare opportunity of a newly built detached bungalow in a lovely private plot with ample parking and car barn on the popular west side of Horsham and easily accessible to Horsham town centre and station is an option which may solve some of these problems. Recently constructed to a high specification by local company, Churchlands Homes, who have been building individual quality homes in the Horsham area for the past twelve years, Farmlea is likely to tick all the right boxes if you’re looking for a special home that offers easy maintenance, stylish design and lovely gardens in a secluded yet convenient setting. Enjoying the benefits of an established residential area with neigh-

bours close enough to provide security but set in a secluded position, the bungalow has been extremely well

designed and features very spacious accommodation. There is a generous and welcoming entrance hall, fabulous kitchen and breakfast/dining room fitted with light Zebrano style cabinets by Johnson & Johnson under granite work tops and with quality integrated appliances. A large double aspect south and west facing living room has doors leading out to the terrace and overlooks the lovely gardens. The master bedroom also enjoys views over the

garden with doors leading out. The master bedroom en-suite and the main bathroom are fitted with be-

spoke Porcelanosa contemporary sanitary ware, and are fully tiled with Porcelanosa designer tiles. Other features include gas central heating, a 10 year NHBC buildmark warranty, an alarm system and security features to the front door and windows, a pressurised hot water system, full double glazing and a heat recovery system, as well as new carpets and ceramic floor tiling. This is a particularly delightful and secluded plot which enjoys a south and westerly aspect, and has been professionally landscaped to provide a very private and established setting rare to find within easy reach of Horsham town centre. The property is approached over a gravel driveway leading to a generous parking area and an oak framed car barn. Due to the size and spacious layout of the bungalow, early interest has not only been from those seeking to downsize from larger properties in less accessible locations but also those with older children seeking the independence of being able to walk without reliance on the parental taxi service and couples wanting access to Horsham and the station for work without parking worries and costs. The property is available for immediate occupation through Courtney Green on 252222.

The HCR Partnership

Energy Performance Certificates from


plus VAT

07810 008193

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2 | property


For the record: Sussex Stud

To advertise in the Property section please contact Matt or Davey on 01403 251000 or email

Estate agents are welcome to send in editorial and pictures for properties on the market. Please email

In an editorial of the front page of the property section of The Resident (25th June 2010) we published details of a detached cottage in West Grinstead for sale, under the headline ‘Superb Sussex Stud’. The Resident has been asked to clarify that, although the property offered for sale through Guy Leonard and Company forms part of the Old Sussex Stud, the cottage is no longer part of the Sussex Stud, which is under separate ownership. We are happy to clarify that the Sussex Stud is not for sale. The property for sale was originally converted from the water tower and is offered at a guide price of £439,950. For further details contact Guy Leonard & Company on 01403 248222.

Property prices sneak up by 3%

Property prices in the UK rose during the first half of this year, it has been claimed. According to new figures from Nationwide, the market went up by 3% over the six-month period. Currently, the typical price of a residence stands at £170,111, the firm suggested. Responding to the findings, Martin Gahbauer, Nationwide's chief economist, said: "The month of June presented a picture of broad stability for the housing market. The price of a typical UK property rose by a seasonally adjusted 0.1% month-on-month." However, the annual rate of inflation should continue to drift lower, he added. In a bid to boost the sector, the new government announced the abolition of HIPs when it took power.

New St. open house Fox & Sons will be holding an open house day on Saturday, 24th July at a property in New Street, Horsham. The spacious and well maintained characterful three bedroom Victorian terraced house is situated in a convenient location within Horsham. In addition to the three bedrooms, the property comprises a lounge through diner, en suite shower room, kitchen, utility room, bath-

room and courtyard rear garden. The property also benefits from double glazing, gas fired central heating, ceiling roses, stripped wood doors, exposed varnished wooden floor boards. It is for sale with a guide price of £260,000. To arrange a visit or for more details on the open day (at 23pm) contact Fox & Sons on 01403 217417.

Spacious lounge

Bedroom One


Tel: 01403 273124 Fax: 01403 210339 Web: Email: 12 Queen Street, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5AF by the Iron Bridge

Taste is everything

We’ve got it all !

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property | 3


The country specialists Henry Adams offers a wide range of rural homes Nothing could be more idyllic than a country cottage garden on a summer’s day. For anyone looking to dip their toe in the water of country life, Henry Adams specialise in offering a wide range of rural properties for rental. “Landlords who choose to place their properties with us can have confidence in our depth of experience in handling letting countryside homes, from 1960s family houses to pretty cottages and some with quirky character,” said Richard Town, manager of their Horsham Lettings office who also lets properties for the National Trust locally. Henry Adams tend to offer for let the slightly more rural homes alongside town centre properties, which mirrors their sales office portfolio. “Many of our properties are near farms and villages,” commented Richard, “so we get quite a few enquiries from families moving out of London who would like their children to enjoy a country upbringing, but don’t want to be too far from a 24hour Tesco or a station.” Renting a country home gives the opportunity to experience country style living without the long term commitment to buy. It also enable

Will 90% mortgage help out the first timers? Henry Adams has a number of properties on the market tenants to pinpoint the villages they prefer, but generally Henry Adams find that many of their tenants choose to extend their letting arrangements as they settle in to country life. Henry Adams offer a range of management services to suit all landlords, whether letting their first property or a portfolio. “We have strong demand for all types of homes in both town and country, so anyone wishing to discuss

letting their property is welcome to get in touch” said Richard. “We have a very experienced team who take the time to discover prospective landlord’s requirements and to provide professional advice tailored to the individual.” For further information, please contact Henry Adams letting office in Carfax, Horsham, on 01403 282500 or

First-time buyers may find it easier to get onto the property market after Yorkshire Building Society announced its decision to lend 90 per cent of property value. The two-year fixed-rate option at 5.99 per cent will have a number of incentives for those looking to attain a home, including £500 cash back and no product fee. Tom Girling, mortgage product manager at the organisation, noted the move was an attempt to balance

the needs of the sector and consumers. We are now lending to people with smaller deposits and waiving many of the fees. This can save around £2,500 which can make such a difference," he added. Individuals who chose to use the deal will also get 12 months free building and contents insurance. Simon Rubinsohn, chief economist at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, recently said supply is starting to outstrip demand, which may see a reduction in house prices.

Munslow Bailey Gray Horsham’s newest & most exciting estate agency requires more properties


House Doctor Consultation

0.5% 0%



PLUS No VAT for a limited time only, terms and conditions apply.

with all new instructions

For first 3 months, terms and conditions apply.

Please call 01403 267530

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4 | property

The Open House Specialists 2~4 East Street Horsham West Sussex RH12 1HL

01403 272022

southwater £475,000

handcross £295,000

Master Bedroom with En-suite • Further 3 Bedrooms • 27’ Kitchen • Family Room • 19’ Living Room • Garden Room • Detached Double Garage • Off-street Parking • Large Garden

Modern Family Home • Three Bedrooms • Living Room • Kitchen Diner • Downstairs Cloakroom • Conservatory • Large Secluded Rear Garden • Detached Garage and Driveway • Village Location • Quiet Cul-de-Sac • Easy Access to A23/ M23

horsham £187,500

horsham £259,950

horsham £302,950

Kings gate £265,000

Two Double Bedrooms • Large Living-Dining Room • Double Glazing & GFCH • Refitted Kitchen • Location within 1 mile of Horsham railway station • Sold with No Onward Chain

Semi-detached • Three bedroom • Kitchen•Breakfast Room • Garage & ORP • Double Glazed and GFCH • Close to both local schools and shops

Victorian House • Three Double Bedrooms • Living Room • Dining Room • Refitted handmade Kitchen • Period Features • Secluded West Facing Garden • Town Centre Location • Close to Station

Luxury Modern Apartment • Second Floor • Modern Kitchen & Bathroom • 2 Double Bedrooms • En Suite to Master • Town Centre Location • Lounge Diner with Balcony • Underground Allocated Parking

horsham £Poa

north horsham £379,950

close to station £170,000

horsham £119,950

Close proximity to town and station • Two Reception Rooms • Modern Kitchen • Cloakroom • First Floor Bathroom • Planning Permission for Double Storey Extension • Off Street parking

Four Bedrooms • 16’ 2” Living room • 18’ Kitchen-Diner • Garage and OSP • Double Glazing & GFCH • Popular North Horsham

Two Double Bedrooms • Second Floor Flat • Modern Kitchen • Town Centre Location • Double Glazing • Gas Fired Central Heating • Garage En-Bloc • 995yr Long Lease • Close to Railway Station

New Fitted Kitchen • Allocated Parking Space • Direct Access to Lawned Garden • New En Suite Wet Room • GFCH • Share of Freehold

lower Beeding £Poa

horsham £225,000

horsham £224,950

close to town £295,000

17’2 Living Room with exposed beams and fireplace • 19’ 7 Kitchen • breakfast room with fitted appliances • Luxury Bathroom and En Suite • Three Double Bedrooms • Village Location • Fully Refurbished

End Terrace House • Three Good size Bedrooms • Kitchen • Dinning Room • 13’08 Living Room • Double Glazing & Gas Central Heating • Walking distance from Shops & Littlehaven Station

3 Bedrooms • Lounge/diner • Private Rear Garden • Modern Refitted Kitchen • Double Glazing & GFCH • Good School Catchment

Semi Detached Family Home • 3 Bedrooms • 18’9 Living Room • Dining Room • 14’10 Family Room • Luxury Refitted Bathroom • Downstairs Cloakroom • Landscaped Garden • Off Road Parking




l e tt i n g s




AWARD WINNING ESTATE AGENTS 01403 272022 n e w h o m e s n m o rt g ag e s n c o n v e ya n c i n g n

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010

property | 5 Sales Lettings Land & New Homes Holiday Lettings Farm & Equestrian Sales & Management

Horsham £1,295,000

Horsham £950,000

• Reception hall • Drawing room • Dining room • Family room • Conservatory • Cloakroom • Kitchen/breakfast • Pantry • Utility • Five bedrooms • Two dressing rooms • Two bathrooms • Three garages • Stabling • Swimming pool • Grounds of approximately 1.5 acres

• Drawing room • Study • Family room • Large kitchen • Dining room • Amdega conservatory • Galleried landing • Master suite with dressing room, bedroom and en-suite bathroom • Guest suite with bedroom, walk in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom • Three further bedrooms • Gardens

Horsham 01403 248222

Horsham 01403 248222

Billingshurst £750,000

Horsham £500,000

• Drawing room • Dining room • Study/family room • Kitchen/breakfast room • Master suite with bedroom area, dressing room and bathroom • Guest suite with en-suite shower room • Three further double bedrooms • Family bathroom • Gardens • Double garage • Rural outlook yet within half a mile of Billingshurst station

• Entrance hall • Cloakroom • Dining room • Kitchen/breakfast room • Utility room • Lounge • Conservatory • Four bedrooms • Master bedroom with en-suite shower room • Family bathroom • Two additional loft rooms • Double glazed • Double garage • South-east facing rear garden

Horsham 01403 248222

Horsham 01403 248222

A substantial detached modern home which enjoys a delightfully unspoilt semirural location amidst other individual detached properties and yet having a high degree of seclusion.

A five bedroom detached executive home, occupying a pleasant, semi-rural position, within half a mile of Billingshurst main line station.

A modern detached family home offering extensive accommodation, situated in a popular non estate location, within walking distance from Horsham town centre and mainline station.

An immaculately presented family home with additional bonus rooms in the roof, offering versatile and spacious accommodation.

Pulborough 01798 874033 Storrington 01903 742354 Horsham 01403 248222 London Mayfair 0870 112 7099

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6 | property


pr es


io rt o


Ld email:



a superbly appointed 4 bedroom attached barn which boasts many of the sought after traditional features of a barn conversion. attached garage. No CHaIN. HorsHam 01403 263000


opeN day

Come along Saturday 10th July any time between 11.00am and 12.30am to informally view this 4 bedroomed house with double garage in excellent order. HorsHam 01403 263000



a 3 bed attractive character property located at the end of a tree lined driveway, accessed via double opening electrically operated gates. HorsHam 01403 263000




a brand new 3 bed detached house built to exacting standards to an individual design by anbeck Homes situated in a well established and sought after location. HorsHam 01403 263000

£549,000 Substantial detached family house comprising: reception hall, cloakroom, drawing room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast room, conservatory, utility, master bedroom with en suite, 3 further bedrooms, study/bed 5, family bathroom, benefits from integral double garage, gardens, dG, GfCH.

HorsHam 01403 263000




a very spacious 2 bedroom mid terrace house in a cul de sac with approximately 56 ft rear garden and garage en bloc. HorsHam 01403 263000


a spacious end of terrace family house with double glazed windows and gas fired heating to radiators. The property is in need of redecoration and modernisation. HorsHam 01403 263000



a substantial detached chalet-style house offering versatile accommodation. entrance hall, cloakroom, ground floor bathroom, lounge, dining room, kitchen, utility, study/bedroom 4, conservatory, 3 bedrooms, en-suite shower room, integral garage, west-facing rear garden with well-stocked flower & shrub borders.

BillingsHurst 01403 785288




penthouse style apartment on outskirts of the village. double bedroom, lounge/dining room, kitchen, bathroom, parking, GCH, communal gardens. BillingsHurst 01403 785288


A converted ground floor flat with its own entrance set in a picturesque village location. Lounge/kitchenette, bedroom, shower room, communal garden to rear. BillingsHurst 01403 785288


£525,000 a detached executive home on a corner plot benefiting from 3 reception rooms, conservatory, kitchen/breakfast room, utility, master bedroom suite with en-suite and dressing area, further bedroom with en-suite, 3 additional bedrooms, gardens, double garage plus parking.

storrington 01903 746000




a spacious detached house comprising 4/5 bedrooms, en-suite bathroom, family bathroom, cloakroom, 2/3 reception rooms, GCH, large garden, garage & parking. BillingsHurst 01403 785288



detached property set in grounds of approx. 1 acre. 3 reception rooms, 4 bedrooms including a separate annexe, detached double garage. storrington 01903 746000


A 2 bedroom ground floor retirement apartment built by mcCarthy & Stone for those aged 60 years and over. entrance hall, lounge, dining area, kitchen, parking. BillingsHurst 01403 785288



detached house on a corner plot. 4 bedrooms (master with en-suite), living room, kitchen/breakfast room, cloakroom, double garage, gardens. storrington 01903 746000

BILLINGSHURST 01403 785288



extended detached house in need of refurbishment. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 reception rooms, garage, approx. 1/4 acre plot. No onward Chain. storrington 01903 746000

HoRSHam 01403 263000

SToRRINGToN 01903 746000



detached bungalow. 3 bedrooms, lounge, dining room, conservatory, kitchen/breakfast room, utility, loft room, bath/shower room, gardens, parking. storrington 01903 746000

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010

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national awards Awards won 2004-2009. Part of the Connells Group.

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Horsham £225,000

Three bedroom midterrace house located within walking distance from Horsham town centre. The property benefits from having 3 bedrooms, lounge/diner, kitchen, downstairs cloakroom, bathroom, front and rear garden.



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Horsham Guide Price £290,000

Bright and airy three bedroom semi-detached house benefiting from versatile living accommodation with lounge through diner and also having conservatory. The property also benefits from extended modern kitchen.

Horsham £109,995

One bedroom purpose built ground floor flat being sold with vacant possession, the property comprises of modern shower room, lounge, ktichen and bedroom.

Coolham £120,000

80% share of this two double bedroom purpose built maisonette with a lounge/diner, kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. Outside are communal gardens and two allocated parking spaces.

Cowfold Guide Price £375,000















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Copsale £299,950

A 2/3 bedroom semidetached, older style house situated in an semi-rural position within the rarely available hamlet of Copsale. The property benefits from outstanding rural views and having a paddock area (currently being used for a pony).

Broadbridge Heath £239,950

Immaculate three bedroom terrace house with garage benefits from being recently updated throughout, modern bathroom, kitchen breakfast room and also having a conservatory.

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Exceptionally presented 3 bedroom SemiDetached chalet bungalow in the popular village of Cowfold and benefits from uninterrupted far reaching views to the rear. An internal viewing is highly recommended.

Warnham £450,000 Part of a purpose built mews of elegant three storey properties set within the beautiful communal grounds of Warnham Court. The communal grounds extend to approximately 14 acres and are noted as gardens of historical interest.

Horsham Guide Price £220,000

Light and airy three bedroom terrace house situated within a popular cul-de-sac location in Horsham. The property roughly consists of: Entrance porch, lounge/diner and kitchen from the landing three bedrooms and bathroom.

Horsham £167,500 Two bedroom first floor apartment, built by Lentminster Developments and is located approximately one and a half miles from Horsham town centre and main line railway, with links to London and Brighton.

Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident

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t : 01403 275543 w : e : e : Broadbridge Heath £99,950 (Leasehold)

Horsham £139,950 (Leasehold)

Southwater £215,000 (Freehold)

Horsham £219,950 (Leasehold)

A well presented ground floor studio apartment situated within the popular Village of Broadbridge Heath. The accommodation briefly comprises; entrance hall, bathroom, 13’2 living room open plan to 6’10 bedroom area and an 8’4 refitted kitchen. The property also benefits from double glazing and allocated parking. An internal viewing is highly recommended. NO CHAIN.

A well presented one bedroom first floor flat located within close proximity to Horsham town centre and mainline station. The accommodation briefly comprises; entrance hall, 11’10” kitchen, 12’ living room, 13’9” bedroom and refitted bathroom. The property also benefits from double glazing, gas radiator heating and allocated parking. An internal viewing is highly recommended. NO CHAIN.

A well presented two bedroom end terrace house situated in a cul-desac in the popular Village of Southwater. The accommodation briefly comprises; entrance porch, 13’8 living room, open plan to dining area and refitted kitchen. To the first floor are two bedrooms and bathroom. Also benefits from double glazing, gas radiator heating and allocated parking for one car. Viewing recommended. NO CHAIN.

A well presented modern ground floor two bedroom apartment located within proximity of Horsham Park, Town Centre & Station. Accommodation comprises; entrance hall, 16’4” kitchen/breakfast room, 16’3” living room, two bedrooms (master with en-suite shower room) and bathroom. Also benefits from gas radiator heating, double glazing, communal gardens and garage en-bloc. NO CHAIN

North Horsham £224,950 (Freehold)

Horsham £259,950 (Freehold)

Southwater £274,995 (Freehold)

Town Centre £279,950 (Freehold)

A well presented two bedroom terraced house situated in a cul-de-sac in the popular Holbrook area of North Horsham. The accommodation briefly comprises; entrance hall, 13’10 living room, 13’ kitchen and 11’5 conservatory. To the first floor are two bedrooms and bathroom. The property also benefits from gas radiator heating, double glazing and garage with off road parking space. NO CHAIN.

A recently refurbished and immaculately presented Victorian three bedroom semi detached house located within close proximity of Horsham park, station and town centre. Briefly comprises; entrance hall, 12’1 living room, 11’7 dining room, refitted kitchen and refitted bathroom, and to the first floor are three bedrooms. Also benefits from gas radiator heating and double glazing. Viewing recommended.

A well presented three bedroom detached property situated in a cul-de-sac location within the popular village of Southwater. The accommodation comprises; kitchen, utility area, 24’ lounge/ diner, conservatory. To the first floor are three bedrooms and family bathroom. The property also benefits from gas radiator heating, double glazing and garage. AViewing is highly recommended.

A well presented three bedroom link detached house situated in a highly sought after location within close proximity of Horsham Town Centre. The accommodation briefly comprises; entrance hall, downstairs cloakroom, kitchen, 16’1 living room. To the first floor are three bedrooms and bathroom. The property also benefits from gas radiator heating, double glazing and detached garage.

MR & MRS S Referenced Seeking 3 Bedroom house up to £1000PCM

Horsham £675pcm

• Two bedroom apartment • Kitchen with appliances • Spacious lounge

ATTENTION LANDLORDS Reduced management fees for all instruction received in July 2010

Horsham £795pcm

• Allocated parking • Available Mid June • Unfurnished

• Two double bedroom maisonette • Close to town and BR Station • Spacious lounge

COMPANY SEEKING 1 Bedroom Flat in Horsham £625PCM

Southwater £950pcm

• Fitted kitchen • Available Now • UNFURNISHED

• Three bedroom house • Detached garage • Spacious lounge

Burford House | 26 Worthing Road | Horsham | RH12 1SL

Storrington £950pcm

• Master with en suite • Available July • Unfurnished

• Three bedroom semi detached house • Allocated parking • Master bedroom with en suite

Tenancy Deposit Scheme member

• Fully fitted kitchen • Available July • Unfurnished


The National Approved


the resident | Friday 09 July 2010

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CGT rise won’t dampen appeal of buy-to-let

Paul Weller Leaders Local letting specialists Leaders are confident that buy-tolet will remain a popular investment option despite the rise in the rate of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) to 28% for higher-rate tax payers. The increase, which does not affect taxpayers paying lower rate tax (20% or less), was not as sharp as many had anticipated, and came into effect from midnight June 22 2010. The annual exempt amount

for CGT remains at £10,100 and is index linked for future tax years. Says Leaders’ managing director Paul Weller: “This increase to 28% still sees CGT rates remaining lower than three years ago, when they were up to 40%, before the 18% rate was introduced by Labour. “We do not believe this increase will dampen the appeal of buy-to-let as an investment. Buy-to-let’s potential to provide an annual rental yield, as well as to provide capital gains in the long-term, has long appealed to a wide range of investors and will continue to appeal as an enduring asset class.” Leaders point out that, with rents now rising as they are because of high demand, the income earned through property - rental yields of 6% are now achievable - is very appealing compared with the derisory interest rates currently available of around just 1%. “Stocks and shares are no more enticing,” says Mr Weller.

“You only have to look at what is happening to BP, a blue-chip British company whose share price has almost halved over the last 6 weeks, and who may consider suspending dividend payments. Property values tend to rise over the long-term making bricks and mortar a more solid investment.” Leaders are reporting rising rental demand in the 45 towns and cities in which they operate across the South. Good quality rented accommodation is in short supply, and with more properties for sale following the abolition of HIPS, there is now plenty of choice for landlords to increase their portfolios. At the same time buy-to-let lenders are at last beginning to offer more and better buy-to-let mortgage deals, including the welcomed introduction of some higher loan-to-value products. Says Mr Weller: “The Private Rented Sector currently accommodates 13% of UK households and needs more investment if it is to continue to provide a good

choice of homes to the millions of people who either choose to rent, or rent because they are unable to buy “Done with the right advice and guidance, buying to let is an excellent long-term investment. But it must be done with the help of a qualified and experienced specialist such as ourselves. Unfortunately, despite the raft of legislation governing residential lettings, letting agents themselves remain unregulated. “This means anyone can set up a letting agent, with no knowledge or understanding of the market and legislation which applies to it. “Landlords must take care when choosing a letting agent, and be aware of the importance of the role that the agent plays in the success, or otherwise, of their investment.” For advice you can trust on renting or letting in Horsham, please contact Leaders on 01403 217585 or email

Katrina Smith Interior Design Specialist I am always banging on about storage in these articles, and people are always moaning they don't have enough. So why don't we tackle these issues. Believe me if you tackle them now, whether with the help of a professional designer or on your own, it will give an immediate sense of relief. To create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in any living space you will need to have your storage blend in with existing pieces. Trunks, whether antique or modern that also act as a lamp tables or occasional tables, also make great homes for the children's toys or books or a whole host of clutter that we just

26 - 27 West Street Horsham West Sussex

can't bear to be parted from! Rattan baskets lined up on shelves look great and will hide all sorts of things. If you don't have enough room left on your shelves, then lined up on the floor will look just as good. I love fabric covered ottomans. They have a multitude of uses from filing cabinets, to tables, to seating and at the same time house your clutter. A really good investment! Space is important in any property so use all the nooks and crannies in your home – add fitted cupboards or shelving, right up to the ceiling if necessary and then have fronts put on that will match the existing style of your home. If you don't want them to stand out, then paint them the same colour as your walls. I find that painting the wood in an eggshell will give a beautiful matt finish, whilst blending with the walls. For further information contact Katrina at True Colours Interiors. Call 263509

Property Management

horsham £1200pcm let similar required

horsham £695pcm let similar required

coolham £1500pcm let similar required

horsham £675pcm let similar required

Three bed unfurnished house within walking distance of town centre

Two bed unfurnished flat available late June

Two bed unfurnished or furnished barn conversion in stunning location

Two bed unfurnished maisonette above shops

billingshurst £645pcm under offer

horsham £595pcm let similar required

horsham £1000pcm let similar required

billingshurst £595pcm let similar required

Two bed unfurnished cottage available for 6 month let only

One bed unfurnished ground floor flat

Three bed unfurnished semi-detached house close to station

One bed unfurnished converted cottage available mid May

Fax : 01403 217083 eMail :

Telephone 01403 217427

Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident

10 | property

West Chiltington £2,495 pcm A delightful and spacious five bedroom, three reception room detached modern family home.

Ifold £2,500 pcm

A modern four bedroom, two bathrooms detached family home set in the sought after village of Ifold with three reception rooms and double garage.

Billingshurst £1,900 pcm A fantastic Victorian detached four double bedroom house with four reception rooms & off road parking.

Stopham £1,850 pcm A superb and spacious three bedroom ground floor apartment forming part of an elegant country house.

Ardingly £950 pcm A fantastic two bedroom apartment in this quiet and sought after development in Ardingly Village.

Horsham £3,500 pcm

A fantastic four bedroom, three bathroom cottage surrounded by fields close to Horsham town centre.

Southwater £1,650 pcm

A fantastic detached five bedroom detached family house situated in a quiet cul-de-sac in Southwater.

West Chiltington £2,500 pcm A unique Four bedroom family home with fantastic living space and situated in a rural location. Secure Gated entrance, double garage, Guest accommodation, Outdoor Pool and Jacuzzi. Short Let Only. Hamptons Office

The Hamptons International team always go further to meet your personal property needs, whatever they may be. Over 97% of our clients say they would use us again or recommend us to others. Let us show you why.

Haywards Heath £3,000 pcm

A fantastic detached five bedroom Edwardian house located in the sought after area Muster Green and situated within easy walking distance to Haywards Heath mainline station and town centre.

Bolney £1,900 pcm A four bedroom, three reception room, detached house in Bolney with great access to the A23.

01403 839053 Beyond your expectations

Horsham £3,250 pcm

A delightful four bedroom, four bathroom detached converted barn situated in Central Horsham.

Haywards Heath £2,200 pcm

A large spacious detached five bedroom family home located in the popular village of Bolnore.

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010

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For a fresh approach to Residential Letting £665pcm

A well presented two bedroom first floor flat in the town centre, rent includes background heating & water rates.

Living room Kitchen/breakfast room Bathroom with electric shower G.C.H & parking Unfurnished | Available August

A superb detached family house situated in the sought after town centre development of Tanbridge Park. ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Spacious accommodation Large conservatory En-suite to master bedroom Garage & parking Unfurnished | Available Early August


A four bedroom detached family house situated in Southwater with good access to the A24. ƒ Large kitchen/breakfast room ƒ Living room & sun room ƒ En-suite to master bedroom ƒ Garage ƒ Unfurnished | Available August

01403 2100 8 8 24 Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1SL


Lounge/diner with doors to rear garden Kitchen with appliances Master bedroom with en-suite Gardens & garage Unfurnished | Available July

Broadbridge Heath

T £795pcm

A modern two bedroom first floor apartment situated in the heart of the town centre. ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ


Re q

Spacious accommodation Modern fitted kitchen Bathroom with shower Parking for two cars Unfurnished | Available Now


A spacious three bedroom semi-detached property situated in easy reach of the village centre and station.

Si m

A well presented first floor maisonette located in the village of Southwater, just outside Horsham. ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ


ila r

Re q

ila r

Spacious accommodation Large conservatory En-suite to master bedroom Garage & parking Unfurnished | Available Early August





ui re d


Si m

A wonderful farmhouse with a wealth of character situated in a rural location within a stone’s throw of the town centre. ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Spacious accommodation Lounge/diner Fitted kitchen Walking distance of local amenities Unfurnished | Available Now


T ila r

Re q



ui re d


Si m

T ila r

Re q



ui re d


A well presented one bedroom house with a garden situated on the popular North side of town. ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Si m


ui re d

Si m

ila r

Re q




A one bedroom split level maisonette with large roof garden situated with easy access to the A264.

ƒ Sitting room with wood flooring ƒ Kitchen with appliances ƒ Double & single bedroom ƒ Bathroom with shower ƒ Unfurnished | Available Early July Horsham


ui re d


Presented in good order Living room with Juliette balcony En-suite to master bedroom Secure parking Unfurnished | Available Mid July

An elegant double fronted 3/4 bedroom detached property located in a leafy no-through road. ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Spacious accommodation Presented in good order Mature garden Garage & ample parking Unfurnished | Available Now



A Victorian period 4 bedroom house located within walking distance of the town centre and mainline station. ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Spacious accommodation Good sized bedrooms Family bathroom & shower room Parking for one car Unfurnished | Available August

Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident

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First In Letting


Horsham: 01403 217585

150761 Central Horsham £535 pcm

150303 Central Horsham £535 pcm

150092 Central Horsham £540 pcm

528551 Horsham £575 pcm

• RENT INCLUDES HEATING COSTS AND WATER RATES • Modern top floor unfurnished studio apartment • Situated in the heart of Horsham town centre • Open plan living area with double door to faux balcony • Compact fitted kitchen area with built-in appliances

• Modern 2nd floor studio apartment • Prime central Horsham location • Living space and fitted kitchen • Includes water rates and heating • Available on an unfurnished basis

• Modern first floor studio apartment • Situated within a short walk of the station • Kitchenette with integrated appliances • Spacious and modern shower room • INCLUDES WATER RATES AND HEATING

• Modern 1 bedroom 1st floor unfurnished flat • Set in a quiet residential area • Double bedroom with fitted cupboard • Bathroom with shower facility • Allocated parking and communal grounds

85801 Central Horsham £610 pcm

511671 Broadbridge Heath £650 pcm

• Spacious 1 bed ground floor flat • Situated close to town centre • Double bedroom with cupboards • Bathroom with shower attachment • Residents allocated parking

• Super 1 bedroom house in popular area • Presented to a high standard with good quality fittings • Allocated parking and good access to commuter routes • Double glazing and Gas central heating • Modern fitted kitchen with appliances

The sky’s the limit 648645 Bishopric Court Horsham £650 pcm

We’re delighted to report that the demand for properties to rent remains stronger than ever.

Get the winning team on your side. A letting appraisal is as close as your phone. To get the ball rolling simply ring

218020 Horsham £825 pcm

• RENT INCLUDES HOT WATER AND HEATING • Well presented and deceivingly spacious 2 bedroom • Modern kitchen and bathroom with electric shower • Spacious and neutrally decorated lounge • Benefits include GCH and residents parking

In fact, we’ve had a record breaking last few weeks. Which is good news if you have a property to let.

279603 Horsham £850 pcm

531316 Horsham £895 pcm

609174 Southwater Village £950 pcm

641985 Rudgwick £1300 pcm

• Beautifully converted 2 bedroom 1st floor apartment • Situated within walking distance of the station and centre • Modern kitchen / breakfast room with appliances • Luxury and spacious bathroom with shower • Viewing highly recommended

• Beautifully presented 3 bedroom end of terrace house • Good size lounge and modern fitted kitchen with appliances • Modern family bathroom with power shower • Delightful enclosed rear garden with patio and side access • 2 allocated parking spaces, double glazing and GCH

• 3 bedroom mid terraced house • Situated in a quiet close in Southwater • Newly decorated with spacious lounge • 2 doubles and 1 single bedroom • Garage and driveway parking

• Spacious 4 bedroom unfurnished family house • Situated in a popular village location • Large fitted kitchen / breakfast room • 2 good size reception rooms • Side and rear gardens with decking

18a Market Square, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1EU email:

Horsham: 01403 217585

Opening times: Mon-Fri 9.00-6.00 Sat 9.00-5.00

• Well presented 2 bedroom house • Situated in popular residential area • Fitted kitchen/breakfast room • Modern bathroom with power shower • Driveway for 2 cars

Accepted here

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010

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The Pinnacle Letting Company

The Letting Specialists

LandLoRdS & PoTEnTiaL LandLoRdS do you have a property to let? are you thinking of letting your home? do you need more information on becoming a Landlord?

We have an extensive Waiting list of prospective tenants for your property. Due to increasing market demand for rental property we constantly require good quality properties To Let throughout Horsham and surrounding areas.

biLLingSHuRST | £2250 Pcm

SouTHWaTER | £885 Pcm

HoRSHam | £800 Pcm

HoRSHam | £800 Pcm

• • • • • •

• • • • • •

• • • • • •

• • • • • •

Fantastic 6 bedroom Charismatic Detached House available unfurnished 3 main bathrooms Large living room and formal dining room Large country kitchen with downstairs utility room Attractive landscape gardens with large patio area Double garage with large driveway

3 bedroom end of terrace house Newly double glazed Good location local schools Garden Parking Unfurnished

Modern 2 Bedroom split level maisonette Situated in popular in North Horsham Kitchen/ breakfast room Family bathroom with Shower Parking Unfurnished

2 bedroom 2nd floor apartment built in 2007 Finished to a high standard Light, modern kitchen with integrated appliances Open Plan living Parking Walking distance of mainline station




e re Ag

HoRSHam | £700 Pcm

HoRSHam | £700 Pcm

HoRSHam | £690 Pcm

SouTHWaTER | £550 Pcm

• • • • •

• • • • • •

• • • • •

• • • • • •

Second floor apartment 2 double bedrooms Good size living accommodation Walking distance of town centre & station Allocated parking

2 double bedroom first floor flat Fully Fitted kitchen with appliances Fitted bathroom Neutral Decor Parking Unfurnished

1 bedroom ground floor maisonette Fitted kitchen Bathroom with shower Garden Unfurnished

1 bedroom first floor flat Modern kitchen with appliances Modern bathroom Communal Garden Parking Unfurnished

We are an established and independent Letting Agent and our reputation is built upon our experience and the high level of service we provide.

LET uS LET FoR you! CALL 01403 275030 For A FREE reNTAL APPrAiSAL a Service you can Rely on and People you can Trust.

a service you can rely on and people you can trust

26 Piries Place, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1EH Tel : 01403 275030 Fax : 01403 264136

Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident

14 | property



Horsham Branch



st Ne ru w ct io n In


st Ne ru w ct io n




A well presented and deceptively spacious two bedroom end of terrace house in a quiet residential area of Horsham. Benefits include redecoration throughout, modern fitted bathroom, enclosed rear garden, spacious living accommodation, two double bedrooms, gas central heating and garage.



A truly delightful two bedroom executive apartment forming part of a superb Grade II listed Jacobean-style house set within 19 acres of formal gardens and grounds. The apartment occupies part of the first floor and provides stunning views over open fields and The Surrey Hills beyond.


A 3 bedroom house in sought after residential location with great access links to airport, railway and motorways. Features include modern fully fitted kitchen, large through lounge/dining room, enclosed rear garden, newly fitted bathroom suite, gas central heating, off road parking for 2 cars.

Haywards Heath


A superbly presented two double bedroom 3rd floor apartment situated in the sought after location within walking distance of Haywards Heath mainline train station. Property comprises: entrance hallway, lounge, kitchen, two bedrooms, en-suite bathroom and family bathroom.

Are you thinking of selling your home ? Call today for a FREE market appraisal Telephone : 01403 256331 - Email :

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010

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property Planning Applications

Planning applications submitted to Horsham District Council under the Town and Country Planning Acts and related legislation requiring statutory publicity. Applications registered between 25/06/2010 and 01/07/2010 DC/10/1308 Conversion and extension of existing garage/store into 2bed dwellinghouse Towne House The Village Ashurst Steyning West Sussex BN44 3AP

DC/10/1165 Proposed new (2-bed) house on existing site - after demolition and removal of existing Wildhanger Crossgates Amberley Arundel West Sussex BN18 9NR

DC/10/1322 Erection of single storey rear extension (Listed Building Consent) Willow Wren Mill Lane Ashington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 3BX DC/10/1264 2-storey rear extension and dormer roof window to existing front roof Wooddale Cottage Wooddale Lane Billingshurst West Sussex RH14 9DZ

DC/10/1108 Replacement detached dwelling and car barn Lannards Okehurst Lane Billingshurst West Sussex RH14 9HR

DC/10/1286 Fell 1 x self seeded Sycamore (T1) and surgery to 1 x Holly (796) tree (Works to Trees in a Conservation Area) Billingshurst Village Hall Roman Way Billingshurst West Sussex RH14 9QW

DC/10/1183 Change of use of part premises from B1 office to residential to provide additional accommodation for the existing house Lannards Okehurst Lane Billingshurst West Sussex RH14 9HR DC/10/1283 Erection of 3 (2-storey x 5-bed) houses (Outline Planning Permission with some Reserved Matters) Land South of Kingsmead Close Bramber West Sussex DC/10/1304 Surgery to 1 x Oak tree SMG (Cowfold) Ltd Henfield Road Cowfold Horsham West Sussex RH13 8DT

DC/10/1317 Loft conversion and new crossover 21 Silverdale Coldwaltham Pulborough West Sus-

sex RH20 1LJ

metres and the introduction of a sloped roof to incorporate a canopy between store and existing warehouse Sony DADC UK Limited Southwater Business Park Worthing Road Southwater Horsham West Sussex RH13 9YT

DC/10/1294 Construction of a new conservatory (Listed Building Consent) Moustows Manor High Street Henfield West Sussex BN5 9DD

DC/10/1312 Single-storey side extension, pitched roof to replace existing flat roof over existing rear extension and rear conservatory 7 Millfield Southwater Horsham West Sussex RH13 9HU

DC/10/1289 Construction of a new conservatory (Full Planning) Moustows Manor High Street Henfield West Sussex BN5 9DD

DC/10/0792 Variation of Conditions 3 and 4 of planning permission DC/09/1924 (restricting use of the barn for storage of agricultural machinery and equipment carried on by Mr Stern only and when premises cease to be occupied by Mr Stern all materials and equipment shall be removed) to allow use of the barn for personal storage shall only be carried out by the owner/occupier of either Stable Cottage or Stable Cottage Barn and for no other person. The Barn Stable Cottage Wheatsheaf Road Henfield West Sussex BN5 9AU

DC/10/1280 Conversion of existing garage into new kitchen, with small front extension and raised decking Dipdown King James Lane Henfield West Sussex BN5 9ER DC/10/1124 Single-storey rear extension Bramley House Furners Lane Henfield West Sussex BN5 9HS DC/10/1215 Single storey rear extension 4 Hillside Horsham West Sussex RH12 1NG

DC/10/1265 Replacement windows 12 Bowes Close Horsham West Sussex RH13 5SZ

DC/10/1258 Proposed conversion of existing garage to new bedroom with new wc 12 Brighton Road Horsham West Sussex RH13 5BA

DC/10/1313 Demolition of rear garage erection of a rear single storey family room side kitchen and front store 29 Curzon Avenue Horsham West Sussex RH12 2LA

DC/10/1318 Erection of single storey extension to rear and side of existing semi-detached house to provide additional living space 21 Potters Croft Horsham West Sussex RH13 5LR

DC/10/1305 Surgery to 1 x Oak tree 60

Smugglers Way Barns Green Horsham West Sussex RH13 0JY

DC/10/1246 2-storey extensions and alterations including chimney and dormer windows Leechpool Cottage Leechpond Hill Lower Beeding Horsham West Sussex RH13 6NR

DC/10/1297 Demolition of existing timber framed conservatory to be replaced with a brick construction conservatory with UPVC framed roof construction windows and doors 76 Wallis Way Horsham West Sussex RH13 6ST

DC/10/1277 1st floor side extension 3 Foxleigh Chase Horsham West Sussex RH12 4AX

DC/10/1307 First floor extension over garage 1 Red Deer Close Horsham West Sussex RH13 5UG

DC/10/1295 Erection of two lines of fencing extending either side of the front driveway 45 Wood End Horsham West Sussex RH12 4NT

DC/10/1293 2-storey side extension Shorts Farm The Street Nutbourne Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2HE

DC/10/1233 Demolition of existing stables followed by the construction of new stables and 20 metre by 37 metre riding arena consisting of a timber 3-rail fence surround, sand and rubber topping with stone base Meadow Cottage West Chiltington Road Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2EE

DC/10/1301 Surgery to 2 Poplars trees (T1 and T2) Hawthorn House 29 Masons Way Codmore Hill Pul-

borough West Sussex RH20 1DZ

DC/10/1303 Commercial use has commenced continuously for a period of 10 years in contravention of condition 3 of planning approval RS/58/90 stables to be used only in associated with the use of Bensons Park as a dwelling and not used for commercial purposes or in connection with any form of riding establishment (Certificate of Lawful Development Existing) Bensons Park Wimland Road Faygate Horsham West Sussex RH12 4SS

DC/10/1062 Retention of earth bunding and associated landscaping Little Park Farm Charlwood Road Ifield Crawley RH11 0JZ

DC/10/1323 Conversion of attached ancillary domestic outbuilding to additional residential accommodation The Mount Barn The Mount Ifield Crawley West Sussex RH11 0LF

DC/10/1296 Proposed single storey extension to living room on north elevations and velux windows to main roof High Trees Rusper Road Ifield Crawley West Sussex RH11 0LR

DC/10/1282 1st floor extension over existing sitting room Kent House Guildford Road Broadbridge Heath Horsham West Sussex RH12 3PH

DC/10/1229 A material minor amendment to existing planning application DC/09/2124 (2-storey extension to existing main building, relocated air handling units, reconstructed chemical stores, upgrading of street boundary treatment and reconfiguration of staff parking) for the repositioning by 2.65 metres, reduction in size by 1.58 square

DC/10/1298 Proposed single storey rear extension 44 Corfe Close Southwater Horsham RH13 9XL DC/10/1299 Single storey rear extension 13 Oak Road Southwater Horsham West Sussex RH13 9ED DC/10/1256 Formation of farm track (Agricultural Prior Notification) Calcot Farm Horsham Road Steyning West Sussex

DC/10/1225 Fell 1 x Sycamore (T3), surgery to 1x Tulip (T1), 1 x Cooper Beech (T2), 1 x Sycamore (T4) and 3 x Lime (T5) trees Haven St Mary Little Drove Bramber Steyning BN44 3PP

DC/10/1319 Proposed rear 1st floor extension 23 Saxon Road Steyning West Sussex BN44 3FP

DC/10/1315 Surgery to Leyllandi and Laurel trees (Works to Trees in Conservation Area) Little Downs The Street Thakeham Pulborough West Sussex RH20 3EP

DC/10/1270 Erection of one and a half storey extension with glazed link on west elevation, involving landscaping, extension of boundary wall and formation of opening existing ground floor kitchen window (Full Planning) Tumblestones Newhouse Farm Broadford Bridge Road West Chiltington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2LA

DC/10/1271 Erection of one and a half storey extension with glazed link on west elevation, involving landscaping, extension of boundary wall and formation of opening existing ground floor kitchen window (Listed Building Consent) Tumblestones Newhouse Farm Broadford Bridge Road West Chiltington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2LA DC/10/1302 Surgery to 2 x Oak trees (T1

and T2) Touchwood 8 Barkworth Way West Chiltington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 2PQ

DC/10/1284 Construction of a 20 metre by 40 metre riding arena comprising sand and rubber topping on a stone base with a network of land drains surrounded by a 3rail and post fence Plough Boys Rest 160 Sinnocks West Chiltington Pulborough RH20 2JX DC/10/1320 Garage and garden store Goose Green Farm Broadbridge Heath Road Warnham Horsham West Sussex RH12 3RS

DC/10/1217 Construction of 2 storey extension 2 Tilletts Lane Warnham Horsham RH12 3RD

DC/10/1207 2-storey side extension 7 Montpelier Gardens Washington Pulborough RH20 3BW

DC/10/1176 Proposed rear conservatory Del Lago Georges Lane Storrington Pulborough RH20 3JH DC/10/1285 Surgery to 1 x Oak tree Hylates Hampers Lane Storrington Pulborough RH20 3HZ

DC/10/1321 Porch extension, replacement windows and new window opening (Listed Building Consent) Hook Farm North Lane Ashington Pulborough West Sussex RH20 3DF

Further details of the applications, including plans, may be inspected at the Council Offices, Park North, North Street, Horsham, during the period of 21 days from 06/11/2009, or can be viewed at Any person who wishes to make representations to the Council should do so in writing, stating the reference number, within the stated period, to the Director of Planning, Park House, North Street, Horsham, RH12 1RL.

Any correspondence received will be available for public inspection and posted on the Council's website. The Council has introduced a scheme to provide the public with an opportunity to speak at committee meetings when planning applications are being decided. Details of the procedure can be obtained from the Planning Office or by calling 01403 215192.


Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident


Facelift for German models It just looks like a great car, doesn’t it? Well, it ought to be, as the 550i M Sport saloon will set you back £53,615. But you might feel it’s worth every penny. Both BMW 5 Series Saloon and Touring models will be available in this M Sport guise this September when the highly popular specification goes on sale. The package, which is specified on the vast majority of BMW 5 Series Saloon and Touring models ordered in the UK, has been developed by BMW M GmbH and comprises components that have been specifically adapted to match the suspension, aerodynamics,

exterior and interior design of each model. The M Sports suspension, M aerodynamics package and 18inch M light alloys featuring a double spoke design not only create an exceptionally powerful appearance but also contribute towards enhanced driving dynamics. Specially developed Sports seats give the interior a particularly sporting ambience, while further interior features include an M leather-clad steering wheel, an M gear lever knob, an anthracite roof lining and M aluminium hexagon interior trim strips. Further options include 19inch M light alloys as well as an M rear spoiler for the saloon.

On-the-road prices start at £31,270 for the 520d M Sport Saloon and reach £53,615 for the 550i M Sport Saloon. The fourth and most powerful diesel version of the new BMW 5 Series – the 299hp 535d Saloon - will also go on sale in September. Equipped with an eightspeed automatic transmission, the new BMW 535d Saloon will accelerate from zero to 62mph in just 5.7 seconds. Soon after its launch, in September 2010 two additional diesel engines and a third straight six-cylinder petrol engine will be added to the BMW 5 Series Touring range. Meanwhile, the range-topping BMW X1 xDrive23d is

The new Toyota Auris Hybrid officially went on sale last week and instantly scooped its first award, being named the WhatGreenCar Car of the Year 2010. The British-built Auris Hybrid was chosen from a short-list of 10 green car finalists which were test-driven by six of the UK’s leading green transport and environmental experts.

now available with a six-speed manual transmission, and there’s a Design Pure Impulse equipment package for the Z4 (below). Available from September 2010, exclusive components of the Design Pure Impulse equipment package are the black Alcantara/Nappa leather sports seats with yellow colour accents, black Alcantara surface

A zero hero

décor with a yellow contrast stitching on the dashboard, as well as high-grade BMW Individual interior trim strips in a black piano high-gloss finish. The package is priced from £540 to £2,200 depending on the model chosen. At a -

Mercedes-AMG has revealed the SLS AMG ECell, a super sports car featuring a zero-emission high-tech drive. Boasting a power output of 535 hp and 880 Nm of torque, the technology vehicle from AMG is able to offer exceptional performance. The gullwing with electric drive is part of the company strategy entitled "AMG Performance 2015" which aims to improve fuel consumption and lower emissions.

Kuga boost

cama Yellow paint is available exclusively for the Design Pure Impulse equipment package. Alternatively, there is an option of Alpine White, Jet Black, Space Grey, Titanium Silver or Sapphire Black metallic.

The Ford Kuga strengthens with exciting new powertrain options designed to boost performance, and improve fuel economy. The new powertrain combinations include a new 163PS version of the 2.0-litre Duratorq TDCi diesel engine, a new 140PS version of the 2.0litre Duratorq TDCi engine and availability of the PowerShift six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox for 4x4 models.

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010



Dream up a new concept

Ford leads the way

Who would have thought that young boys would grow up dreaming of one day owning a Renault! We had examples of Citroen’s dazzling concepts a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s the turn of their French compatriots. Powered by an electric motor, DeZir is proof that electric vehicles and a love of cars are by no means incompatible. It is powered by an electric motor mounted in a mid-rear position to optimise weight distribution over the front and rear wheels. The vertically-mounted 24kWh lithium-ion battery is located behind the benchseat and provides the car with a range of 100 miles. Batterycooling is ensured not only by the air channelled from the front to the back of the car, but also – and above all – by the flow of air that enters through the lateral scoops concealed behind the aluminium panels on either side of the body. The basic motor is the same as the unit used for Renault's production electric cars, although an evolution has enabled its power and torque to be uprated to 110kW (150ch) and 226Nm respectively. The DeZir project is the first to have been led by Laurens van den Acker and marks the start of a sequence of concept cars that will provide an insight into Renault Design's new vision for the future. The public will get its first opportunity to see DeZir at the Paris Motor Show.

Connect With A Bargain! Only

NEW Transit


Connect 200 L SWB 75PS TDCi

Plus delivery, VAT, RFL and 1st reg fee


£3575 Ford maintained its leadership of the UK vehicle market for the year to the end of June, at the same time as it announced a new pricing strategy across its passenger car range. Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus are the clear UK best sellers for 2010, in first and second positions, respectively. Ford Fiesta sales totalled 57,508 in the first half of 2010 while Ford Focus sales were 48,314. Ford Fiesta is the firm favourite with retail customers with a total of 31,654 retail sales for the year to date. During June, according to official figures released today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, Ford was a

clear leader in retail car sales, with 10,337 registrations, and in commercial vehicles with 5,447 sales. To maintain the integrity of its business, Ford consciously capped less profitable short-cycle rental business during June, which reduced fleet sales for the month and placed Ford second in terms of overall car sales with 23,716 registrations. The announcement of a new pricing regime for Ford passenger cars on July 1, which makes the value of Ford cars much more obvious, has resonated well with private customers. Ford is reducing the official recommended list prices on its medium and small cars from

August 2. This follows similar action on Ford's large car range in April. Ahead of the August price changes, dealers will be offering special promotions which mirror the coming lower prices. Nigel Sharp, managing director Ford of Britain, said: "In June we took an early decision to cap the volume of shortcycle rental business in order to protect the residual values of vehicles bought by fleet and retail customers. The appeal of our best ever vehicle range is reflected in rising retail sales, boosted by our new pricing strategy, which is leading the market in making the whole purchase process more transparent."

Off list price

equivalent to

£58 per week! Finance based on VAT and RFL deposit with 48 monthly payments of £249.61 charge for credit £1630.75. 7.9% APR LifestyleCommercials 01403 254331 53-55 Bishopric, Horsham, West Sussex

Contact Andy Bassett (Commercial Specialist) Offers available to business users operating fleets under 25 who receive no additional manufacturer support or terms. Prices are plus VAT, RFL, & delivery unless stated otherwise. Finance subject to status. Offers cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other promotion. Vehicle image is for illustration only.

Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident


motors The Aston Martin DB9 range has received a complete package of styling, engineering and equipment enhancements. Subtle styling changes freshen the DB9’s appearance, with a new front bumper, bright finish radiator grille and a re-shaped lower intake featuring bright hexagonal mesh.

New headlight bezels, re-styled sills, silver brake calipers, 20-spoke diamond turned alloy wheels and clear rear light lenses complete the external revisions. Under the skin the DB9’s passive damping system has been replaced by a new Adaptive Damping System (ADS). The ADS is offered as

standard across the range. A new tyre pressure monitoring system, a revised Bluetooth microphone system and the addition of a new Double Apex alloy finish trim and Bang & Olufsen hi-fi options broaden the DB9’s specification. The DB9 is available as either Coupe or Volante (convertible)

with rear mid-mounted six-speed manual gearbox as standard or optional ‘Touchtronic 2’ six-speed automatic transmission. Production is already underway, with deliveries commencing in July. Prices start from £122,445 for the DB9 Coupe and £131,445 for the DB9 Volante.

DB9 gets fresh

First glance

New Ford Mondeo

Ford will debut its stylish and technologically advanced new Mondeo at the 2010 Moscow International Automobile Salon on August 25th. The new model – in UK dealerships in October – features a restyled exterior and uprated interior, new high-efficiency Ford EcoBoost petrol and TDCi diesel powertrains.. Key exterior changes include distinctive new grilles featuring a bolder lower trapezoid and a slim, stylish opening above, plus an enhanced bonnet. New front bumpers include LED daytime running

lights, and re-designed rear lights also employ LED technology. Additionally a new rear deck lid treatment matches the revised rear light profile. The interior is also upgraded and features a new flow-through centre console design, revised door treatment featuring flush and integrated door release handles, and a new central overhead console with ambient lighting. The launch will see the first application of a higher performance 240PS version of the efficient 2.0-litre Ford EcoBoost turbocharged petrol engine.

Lowest Price Guaranteed! Liquefied Petroleum Gas:

Transit 350 LWB High Roof with LPG conversion

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• 30% fuel cost saving (approx) • ZERO congestion charge • Environmental benefits • Trade benefits

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2010 Best Retail Group & Retailer Of The Year

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was £22,870




now £16,995

Prices are plus VAT, RFL & Delivery

01403 588029 01737 668090 01892 458093 Bishopric Horsham

Brighton Rd Redhill

Mount Ephraim Tunbridge Wells

Offers on new commercials available to business users operating fleets under 25 who receive no additional manufacturer support or terms. All prices are plus VAT, RFL, & delivery. Offers cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other promotion. Vehicle image is for illustration only.

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010

Man y Ca


rs Re

duc ed

HPI Checked P Pre-Delivery Inspected P Fully Valeted P Warranty P Finance Available P

small car selection

01/51 reg - 71,000 miles 1.6i vtr 3dr

06/06 reg - 7,000 miles 1.4 verve 3dr, a/C




£5,299 01/51 reg - 80,000 miles 1.6 (salt) 3dr, sunroof


Wheels Arriving Soon


Mini £4,999

05/05 reg - 36,000 miles 1.0 Colour Collection 3dr


n Micra

n 206


n one


n Yaris



n saxo

10/59 reg - 2,000 miles 1.2 tekna auto 5dr, sat nav



family car/sports selection











07/57 reg - 53,000 miles 1.6 Match fsi 115 5dr



n a3

07/07 reg - 37,000 miles 1.9 DCi Privilege Convertible 2dr



audi £9,999



£8,999 08/58 reg - 4,000 miles 1.6 glX auto 5dr




£9,999 07/07 reg - 64,000 miles 2.5 st 225 3dr


n golf

n Megane


07/07 reg - 40,000 miles 1.6 fsi 115 Match 5dr


06/06 reg - 35,000 miles 2.0 vvt 136 Dynamique 5dr, a/C




£7,999 £9,299


n focus


n scenic

n sX4


00/X reg - 79,000 miles 1.9 Convertible 2dr, leather



05/55 reg - 47,000 miles 1.6 16v Dynamique 7-seater 5dr



03/03 reg - 74,000 miles 330 Ci Coupe auto 2dr, nav


n golf

06/56 reg - 59,000 miles 2.0tDi s estate




07/07 reg - 38,000 miles 1.7 CDti sXi 5dr, a/C


n Passat



vauxhall vauxhall



06/06 reg - 53,000 miles 1.8tDCi lX estate 5dr

n grand

03/52 reg - 56,000 miles 1.8t gti (150) 5dr

n astra

04/04 reg - 78,000 miles 1.6 lX 5dr, a/C


n golf

06/55 reg - 74,000 miles 1.9CDti sri estate


n focus





02/52 reg - 53,000 miles 2.0 vvt-i nrg 3dr

n Z3

n focus

03/03 reg - 79,000 miles 1.8 elegance, a/C, 7 seats, alloys, fsh

n vectra

n rav4

05/05 reg - 58,000 miles 2.0t fsi Quattro sport 5dr


05/05 reg - 60,000 miles 2.0 tDi se estate 5dr


five oaks billingshurst

rh14 9al





land rover

n Discovery

n a4


00/X reg - 61,000 miles 1.8i ls 5dr, a/C



97/p reg - 112,000 miles 2.2Dt rt 5dr, f/s/h

Wheels Arriving Soon


Wheels Arriving Soon

n Zafira

n vectra



n laguna

05/55 reg - 67,000 miles 2.7tD v6 hse auto 5dr


Kevin Griffin • 2 to 8 years old currently buying • Finance settled cars for ca$h • Service history

01403 783399



Established in Horsham for over 25 years

Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident



01403 268305

car centre

04(54) BMW X3 2.5 Sport Auto, 44K 4x4, 18” Alloys, Full Leather, A/C .......... £12,699

05(55) Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2.2, 56K Auto C220 Turbo Diesel SE Sports ................ £11,699

05(05) Renault Clio 182 Sport Cup 2.0, 75K Hatch, A/C, Alloys, 1 Owner, FSH ........... £4,999

06(56) Renault Scenic Privilege VVT 111, 21K MPV, Alloys, A/C, ABS, 1 Owner ............. £6,699

05(56) Citroen C2 1.6 VTS, 5K Hatchback, A/C, 1 Owner, S/H................ £6,999

07(57) Citroen C1 Rhythm 5dr, 35K Hatch, A/C, ABS, 1 Lady Owner ............. £5,499

06(06) Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Auto, 3 Door, 16K Hatchback, A/C, 1 Owner, S/H................ £6,499

06(56) Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Auto, 5 Door, 25K Hatchback, A/C, 1 Owner, S/H................ £5,999

06(06) Audi A3 2L TDi Sport, 59K Hatch, E/W, ABS, 1 Owner .................... £10,999

04(54) Citroen Picasso 1.6 HDi Exclusive, 50K MPV, A/C, 1 Owner, FSH ......................... £5,999

07(07) Saab 9-3 1.9 Turbo Diesel 150 Vector, 18K, E/M, E/W, Alloys, 1 Owner ............ £10,999

04(04) BMW 525 iSE Auto, 44K Saloon, A/C, Alloys, Full leather ............ £12,699

05(05) Citroen C3 SX 104, 5 Door, 18K A/C, PAS, 1 Owner, FSH ......................... £5,399

06(56) Dodge Caliber 2.0 Turbo Diesel SXT, 29K Hatch, A/C, ABS, 1 Owner, FSH ............. £7,999

06(56) Seat Ibiza 1.4 16v Sport, 3 Door, 48K A/C, 1 Lady Owner .................................. £5,499

03(53) Mercedes C180 KSE Auto, 43K Coupe, A/C, 1 Lady Owner, FSH............. £8,699

05(54) Mini Cooper 3dr Chili Pack, 51K Hatch, Half Leather, Metallic ................... £7,699

04(04) Renault Clio 1.2 Extreme 3dr, 36K Hatch, ABS, E/W, SH .............................. £3,999

06(56) Citroen C4 SX 16v 5dr Auto, 13K Hatchback, A/C, 1 Lady Owner............... £6,499

05(54) BMW 525 SE Diesel, 70K Estate, A/C, Alloys, Full Leather ............ £11,999

08(08) Peugeot 207 1.4 SW, 10K Estate, A/C, 1 Owner, S/H ....................... £8,699

04(54) Mercedes-Benz C220 Avant-Garde TD 36K, Saloon, A/C, Leather, FSH .............. £9,999

05(05) BMW 320 MSport 2 Litre, 52K Estate, A/C, Alloys, Full Leather ............ £12,699

07(56) Hyundai 2.0 S111 Auto, 20K Coupe, Alloys, Full Leather, FSH ............. £9,999

07(57) Citroen C3 Cool 1.4 HDi, 5 Door, 34K Hatchback, ABS, E/M, E/W, 1 Owner ..... £6,499

08(08) Chrysler 300C CRD 3.0, 20K Saloon, A/C, Alloys, Full Leather ........... £15,999

04(54) Toyota Avensis T Spirit D-4d TDI 5dr 59K, Hatch, A/C, Full Leather, FSH ......... £6,999

05(54) Peugeot 307 2 Litre SW Auto, 18K Estate, A/C, Alloys, ABS, EW .................. £5,699

07(56) Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Climate 5dr, 13K Hatch, A/C, ABS, E/M ............................. £7,399

06(56) Honda Civic 1.8 Sport 5dr 65d, 38K Hatch, A/C, PAS, Alloys, FSH.................. £9,999

04(04) Hyundai Elantra CDX Crtd 2.0 5dr, 68K Hatch, A/C, Full Leather, 1 Lady Owner .. £3,699

07(56) Honda Jazz 1.4 SE Auto, 19K Hatch, A/C, ABS, 1 Owner ...................... £7,999

07(07) Toyota Auris T3 D4D 2ltr TD 5dr, 52K Hatch, A/C, ABS, Demo + 1 Owner ...... £7,999

03(53) Renault Megane 1.6, 5 Door, 48K Hatchback, 1 Owner, S/H ........................ £4,599

02(52) Mercedes C220 Avant-Garde Auto CDi 44K, Estate, A/C, Leather, FSH ............... £9,999

04(54) Jaguar X-Type 2.0 SE TDi, 31K Saloon, A/C, ABS, 1 Lady Owner, SH ... £8,999

07(57) Fiat Bravo T-Jet 1.4 Active, 37K Hatch, A/C, ABS, Service History ........... £5,999

06(56) VW Touareg TDi Altitude, 25K 4x4, A/C, ABS, Demo + 1 Owner .......... £21,999

07(07) Mercedes A-Class 1.5 A150 5dr, 21K Hatchback, A/C, ABS, 1 Owner .............. £8,699

08(08) Nissan Note 1.6 Tekna Hatch, 16K Hatch, A/C, ABS, 1 Owner ...................... £7,999

05(05) Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Climate TDCi, 43K Hatchback, A/C, E/M, E/W, CD ............... £6,999

06(56) BMW 116i Sport 5dr, 20K Hatch, A/C, ABS, 1 Owner, SH.............. £10,999

Further Stock

02(52) Honda CR-V 2L Sport SE 4x4, 54K Miles .......................................... £1,699 99(T) Honda Civic 1.6 ES Aerodeck Auto, 71K Miles....................................... £499 06(55) Citroen Picasso 1.6 Desire HDi MPV, 39K Miles............................... £5,999 99(V) Mercedes CLK 230 Kompressor Elegance Auto, 68K Miles ........... £4,999

06(56) Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec Climate, 26K Miles .......................................... £6,999 04(04) Ford Street Ka 1.6 Luxury Convertible, 34K Miles ........................... £4,999 06(56) BMW 1.8 Turbo Diesel Sport, 25K Miles........................................... £12,499 07(07) Toyota Auris T3 1.6 Auto, 26K Miles .................................................... £7,999

06(06) Vauxhall Astra 1.8 Club Auto Estate, only 2000 Miles .................. £6,999 99(T) Mercedes C240 Elegance Auto, 78K Miles .......................................... £3,699 04(04) Hyundai Matrix 1.6 GSi MPV, 36K Miles ............................................. £3,699 07(07) Citroen C4 1.6 HDi VTR Auto, 10K Miles ............................................ £7,999

6 months parts & labour warranty included - part exchanges welcome - finance available park street, horsham (south from railway station) open mon-sat 9-6pm - sundays by appointment only when closed, call the main number or 07836 254444 up to 9pm

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010

Corsa SXi £189


per month

a closer look. e k a T Only . n w £567 do

• Free metallic paint • 3 years Road Fund Licence • 3 years roadside assistance 35 monthly payments of £189. Excess mileage charges apply if over contracted 10,000 pa. Terms and conditions apply.

Driving Pric£s Down

Permanently lowering prices on new Vauxhall


Price ✓ Choice ✓ Deal ✓ Quality✓ DIDN’T QUALIFY FOR SCRAPPAGE? Now you can save even more with Vauxhall Swappage.


see our entire used car vehicle listing with pictures and prices

Brand new Vauxhall Astra 1.4 Exclusiv 5dr with £1500 Deposit Allowance Save £3000

on List Price £11030

Cash Price

Deposit Customer Amount Allowance Deposit of Credit

£7986 £1000 £500

58 Monthly Payments

2 Monthly Payment

Total Amount Payable

£6486 £149.99 £298.99 £10797.18



on List Price £15895

Cash Price

Deposit Customer Amount Allowance Deposit of Credit

£12895 £1500 £1700 £9695

58 Monthly Payments

2 Monthly Payment

Total Amount Payable

£199.96 £348.96 £15495.60



Brand new Vauxhall Meriva 1.4 S

Brand new Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Energy with £2750 Deposit Allowance Save £3820 Deposit Customer Amount Allowance Deposit of Credit

£15495 £2750 £245

59 Monthly Payments

1 Monthly Payment

Total Amount Payable

£12500 £299.23 £299.63 £20949.20




Across the Vauxhall range from Corsa to Insignia.

If you drive a car over 7 years old, then swap it and get at least £3000 towards the price of a new Vauxhall. My personal guarantee Peter Stevens MANAGING DIRECTOR

Why choose Stevens?

Established for over 30 years Offering the largest choice of new, nearly new and used cars in the area. Not knowingly beaten on price

Stevens Service Plan 3 Years Servicing and MOT test from

on List Price £19315

Cash Price

Brand new Vauxhall Corsa 1.0 S 3dr with £1000 Deposit Allowance Save £3044

Cash Price

Customer Deposit

£15495 £4731

Amount of Credit

36 Monthly Payments

£10764 £299

Total Amount Payable



0% APR

£15Per month

Genuine Parts • Manufacturer trained technicians Easy Payment Terms • Inflation Proof Prices Additional benefits - Discounted Accessories

All savings include swappage allowance. Subject to manufacturer programme remaining unchanged.

Stevens Nobody does it better

Fleming Way, Industrial Estate RH10 9NS

CRAWLEY Tel: 0844 375 1231

78 Billingshurst Road, Broadbridge Heath RH12 3LP

Open 7 days a week

HORSHAM Tel: 0844 375 1239

Official Government Test Environmental Data - Fuel Consumption Figures mpg (litres/100km): Vauxhall Range: urban 16.6 (17.0) - 61.4 (4.6), extra-urban 32.8 (8.6) - 88.3 (3.2), combined 24.2 (11.7) - 76.3 (3.7), CO2 Emissions 274 - 98 g/km. The Vauxhall Swappage Scheme applies to customers trading in a qualifying car or commercial vehicle (up to 3.5 tonnes) against the purchase of selected new Vauxhall models when ordered or registered between 08.04.10 and 06.07.10. Please check with dealer if Swappage continues after this date. At the date of the new vehicle order, the vehicle traded in must be 7 years old or older from date of first registration in the UK. To qualify for the scheme, the owner of the trade vehicle (or their spouse/partner living at the same UK address) must be named as the registered keeper and resident at the UK address shown on the Vehicle Registration Document (V5C) and have owned the vehicle for a minimum of 90 days. The new vehicle must be registered at the same address. The vehicle must have a valid MOT and road tax (or that has expired no earlier than 14 days prior to the new vehicle order date) and be insured at the date of the new vehicle order. The Vauxhall Swappage Scheme cannot be used in conjunction with the Government Scrappage Scheme, or with any other offer. All Swappage discounts are inclusive of VAT. Offers available to private customers, Vauxhall Partners and small businesses 1-24 (purchase only), on selected Retailer stocks at participating Retailers only. On the road prices include number plates, delivery, Vehicle Excise Duty, first registration fee.


Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident





All Makes, All Models




Stevens Nobody does it better

78 Billingshurst Road, Broadbridge Heath RH12 3LP


HORSHAM Tel: 0844 375 1244

Call for directions or see our web site for detailed location maps.

These offers are not available in conjunction with any other offer. Calls may be recorded for monitoring and training purposes only.

Please bring along this advert to redeem these special prices.

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010



Used Car StockDisposal! Stevens


HUGE SAVINGS ON A MASSIVE STOCK CHOICE. TELEPHONE TODAYTO FIND THE CAR THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR see our entire used car vehicle listing with pictures and prices Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 Life A/C 08 58 REG

Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 SXi A/C 5dr

09 09 REG

Silver Lightning, Only one remaining


09 REG

Star Silver

Vauxhall Astra 1.6 SXi Sport Hatch 3dr

Stevens Stevens

Only £8,500 Only £8,200 My personal guarantee Peter Stevens MANAGING DIRECTOR

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Ultra Blue

Only £10,000


Vauxhall Agila 1.2i Design Hatch A/C 5dr

08 58 REG

Established for over 30 years

Vauxhall Astra 1.6i 16v VVT (115PS) SE Hatch 5dr

09 59 REG

09 09 REG

Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi SRi Black, Sat Nav Was £16,999



Moroccan Blue

Offering the largest choice of new, nearly new and used cars in the area. Not knowingly beaten on price

Only £14,900 U REG Stevens

Vauxhall Vectra 1.8i VVT 9140PS) SRi Estate 5dr

Only £15,999 Vauxhall Corsa 1.6i Turbo 16v VXR Hatch 3dr

08 08 REG



Only £7,500

Stevens Service Plan 3 Years Servicing and MOT test from

£15Per month

Genuine Parts • Manufacturer trained technicians Easy Payment Terms • Inflation Proof Prices Additional benefits - Discounted Accessories

Stevens Nobody does it better


Used cars you can rely on

Network Q Comprehensive Ownership Promise Warranty

Only £12,900

12 months cover on brakes, battery & clutch

30 day exchange

Cars shown for illustration purposes only. Finance subject to status. This advertisement supersedes all previously advertised offers.

Fleming Way, Industrial Estate RH10 9NS

CRAWLEY Tel: 0844 375 1231

Network Q Multi-Point Check

Only £9,900

78 Billingshurst Road, Broadbridge Heath RH12 3LP

HORSHAM Tel: 0844 375 1239

Open 7 days a week

Nationwide vehicle search

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7 day guide You should have gone to Specsavers

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Saturday TV BBC1 6.00 Breakfast. 10.00 Saturday Kitchen. 11.30 The Delicious Miss Dahl. (R) 12.00 BBC News; Regional News; Weather. 12.10 Formula 1: The British Grand Prix — Qualifying. 2.30 Live Golf: The Scottish Open. Further coverage of the third day’s play. 5.15 BBC News; Regional News; Weather. 5.30 Total Wipeout. (R) 6.30 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow. New series. Contestants try to win £10,000 by answering general knowledge questions correctly or face being removed from the show. 7.30 The National Lottery: In It to Win It 2012. Dale Winton presents the quiz show in which five contestants answer questions to scoop a big prize. Includes the Lotto, Dream Number and Thunderball draws. Last in the series. 8.25 Casualty. Lenny tries to locate the last of the drug trial patients. 9.15 Live at the Apollo. With Rhod Gilbert and John Bishop. (R) 10.00 BBC News; Weather. 10.20 A Question of Sport: Uncensored. Risque outtakes from the lighthearted quiz. 10.50 That Mitchell and Webb Look. Sketches include the difficult home life of Santa Claus; (R) National Lottery Update. 11.20 Match of the Day: 2010 FIFA World Cup. The third-place play-off. 12.00 Film: The Relic. (1997) Horror, starring Penelope Ann Miller. 1.45 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. (R) Weatherview. 2.50 BBC News.

BBC2 6.00 CBeebies. 7.30 CBBC. 12.10 Animal Park. (R) 12.40 The Sky at Night. (R) 1.00 Live Golf: The Scottish Open. The third day’s play at Loch Lomond Golf Club. 2.30 Escape to the Country. (R) 3.30 Sacred Music. 4.30 Live Athletics. The British Grand Prix. Coverage of the star-studded meeting at the Gateshead International Stadium.

ITV1 6.00 GMTV. 9.25 The Crocodile Hunter Diaries. (R) 10.25 Children’s Hospital. (R) 10.55 Monk. 11.55 News; Weather. 12.09 Regional Programme. 12.10 This Morning: Saturday. 1.10 Film: Columbo: Prescription Murder. (1968) Crime drama, starring Peter Falk. 3.10 Film: Superman. (1978) Comic-strip adventure, starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder and Marlon Brando. 5.55 Creature Comforts. (R) 6.05 Regional Programmes. 6.15 ITV News; Weather. 6.30 You’ve Been Framed! (R)

7.30 Placido Domingo in Simon Boccanegra. The Spanish tenor takes the title role in Verdi’s masterpiece at the Royal Opera House in London’s Covent Garden. Antonio Pappano conducts the Orchestra of the Royal Opera. 10.00 Have I Got a Bit More News for You. Rolf Harris asks the questions in this edition of the long-running satirical current affairs quiz. Panellists are comedy writer Andy Hamilton and journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer. (R) 10.40 FILM: Munich. (2005) A team of Israeli assassins hunts down the orchestrators of the 1972 Olympic hostage crisis in Munich. Steven Spielberg’s thriller, with Eric Bana. 1.15 Da Kath and Kim Code. (R) 2.40 Close.

7.00 World Cup Live. Coverage of the thirdplace play-off, as the losing semi-finalists meet at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth (Kickoff 7.30pm). Subsequent programmes subject to change. 9.30 James Corden’s World Cup Live. The Gavin & Stacey star previews tomorrow’s final. 10.05 ITV News; Weather. 10.25 FILM: Mickey Blue Eyes. (1999) Romantic comedy, with Hugh Grant. 12.15 Nightwatch with Steve Scott. (R) 1.05 The Zone; ITV News Headlines. 3.10 October Road. (R) 3.55 ITV Nightscreen. 5.30 ITV Morning News.

Channel 4 6.10 The Hoobs. (R) 6.35 World Sport. 7.00 The Grid. 7.30 MSA British Rallycross. 8.00 The Morning Line. 9.00 T4: JLS Special: Under the Skin. 9.50 T4: Friends. (R) 10.25 T4: Big Brother. (R) 11.30 T4: Big Brother. (R) 12.20 T4: The Hollyoaks Music Show. 12.50 T4: T4 on the Beach 2010: Buried Treasures. 1.40 Channel 4 Racing from York, Ascot and Chester. 3.55 Come Dine with Me. (R) 4.25 Come Dine with Me. (R) 5.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 5.30 Come Dine with Me. (R) 6.00 Come Dine with Me. Architect Richard Whitaker hosts the final meal in London. (R) 6.35 Channel 4 News. 7.00 A teacher explains how faith helped him through the 2005 bombings in London.

7.05 FILM: Return of the Magnificent Seven. (1966) Western sequel, starring Yul Brynner. 9.00 Big Brother. Highlights from the house. 10.00 Misfits. New series. Comedy drama about five youngsters who gain superpowers. 11.05 FILM: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. (1986) Sci-fi adventure sequel, with William Shatner. 1.20 Big Brother: Live. 3.40 What About Brian. 4.25 Demolition Day. (R) 5.20 Countdown. (R)



6.00 Milkshake! 10.00 Zoo Days. (R) 10.15 Jane Tomlinson Run 2010. 11.20 Fifth Gear. (R) 11.50 Extreme Fishing with Robson Green. (R) 12.50 Daring Raids of World War Two. (R) 1.20 Film: Riding Shotgun. (1954) 2.50 Film: Silverado. (1985) Western, with Kevin Kline. 5.20 Film: Be Kind Rewind. (2008) Comedy, starring Jack Black and Mos Def.


7.15 Cricket on Five. England v Bangladesh. Highlights from the second match of the three-game one-day series, held at the County Ground in Bristol. 8.05 Five News. 8.10 NCIS. A supposedly dead Marine suddenly returns to consciousness on the autopsy table, leaving the team struggling to solve the mystery of how he came to be in such a strange predicament. (R) 9.10 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Part two of two. Brass fights for his life after being shot, while the team tries to focus on investigating the death of a man decapitated on a train track. (R) 10.05 Law & Order. Detective Falco becomes a murder suspect. 11.05 CSI: Miami. Natalia’s sister is the victim of a kidnapping. (R)


12.05 SuperCasino. 4.05 European Seniors Tour Golf. 4.55 The Family Recipe. (R) 5.00 Hana’s Helpline. (R) 5.10 The Milkshake! Show. (R) 5.35 Thomas & Friends. (R) 5.45 Roary the Racing Car. (R)

3.00 Holiday Showdown. 4.00 America’s Got Talent 7.00 Film: Peter Pan (2003) 9.10 Film: Must Love Dogs (2005) 11.10 Film: The Illusionist (2006)

ITV3 2.35 Agatha Christie’s Poirot. 4.45 Agatha Christie’s Sparkling Cyanide. 7.00 Lewis. 9.00 Midsomer Murders. 11.00 Cracker. 2.30 Live Cycling: Tour de France. 4.30 British Superbike Championship Highlights. 5.30 The Professionals. 6.30 World Cup: Countdown to Kick-Off. 7.00 Cycling: Tour de France Highlights. 8.00 Minder. 9.00 Cops with Cameras. 10.05 James Corden’s World Cup Live. 10.40 John Bishop’s World Cup Diary. 11.10 Film: Coogan’s Bluff (1968)

BBC THREE 7.00 T: Stereophonics and Paolo Nutini. 9.00 T: Black Eyed Peas. 11.00 Family Guy. 11.45 American Dad!

BBC FOUR 7.00 Hop, Skip and Jump: The Story of Children at Play. 8.00 A Century of Fatherhood. 9.00 Snow. 10.00 Film: 36 (2004) 11.45 Consuming Passion: 100 Years of Mills & Boon.

E4 2.20 Hollyoaks. 5.00 Friends 6.00 Smallville. 7.00 The Big Bang Theory. 7.30 How I Met Your Mother. 7.55 Friends 9.00 Film: Mean Machine (2001) 11.00 Film: Hot Shots! (1991)

FILM4 3.05 Bad Day at Black Rock (1955) 4.40 Oliver Twist (2005) 7.15 The Ringer (2005) 9.00 Road to Perdition (2002) 11.15 Saw II (2005)

SKY1 3.00 Project Runway. 4.00 Liza and Huey’s Pet Nation. 5.00 Futurama 6.00 Glenn Martin, DDS. 6.30 Modern Family. 7.00 The Simpsons 8.00 Oops TV. 9.00 Film: Erin Brockovich (2000) 11.35 Classic Albums.

Sunday TV BBC1 6.00 Breakfast. 9.00 The Andrew Marr Show. The week’s talking points. 10.00 Sunday Morning Live. New series. Topical debate covering religious, moral and ethical issues. 11.00 The Politics Show. With Jon Sopel; Weather for the Week Ahead. 12.10 Formula 1: The British Grand Prix Live. Jake Humphrey presents coverage of the 10th round of the season, held at Silverstone, where Sebastian Vettel took the honours last year (Start-time 1.00pm). 3.40 EastEnders. Omnibus. 5.35 Songs of Praise. Aled Jones takes part in the Knaresborough Charity Bed Race. 6.10 BBC News; Regional News; Weather. 6.30 Match of the Day Live: 2010 FIFA World Cup. Gary Lineker introduces coverage of the final from Soccer City in Johannesburg, South Africa, as the first World Cup on African soil reaches a conclusion (Kick-off 7.30pm). Subsequent programmes subject to change. 10.00 BBC News; Regional News; Weather. 10.25 FILM: Catch Me If You Can. (2002) A conman lies his way across America, posing as a pilot, doctor and lawyer, and outwitting the FBI at every turn. Factbased drama, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks; Weatherview. 12.45 Sign Zone: Children’s Emergency. (R) 1.15 Holby City. (R) 2.15 Grow Your Own Drugs. (R) 2.45 Countryfile’s Summer Special. (R) 3.45 BBC News.

BBC2 6.00 CBeebies. 7.00 CBBC. 10.00 Something for the Weekend. 11.30 Escape to the Country. (R) 12.00 Film: Hocus Pocus. (1993) Supernatural Disney comedy, starring Bette Midler. 1.30 Live Golf: The Scottish Open. The final day’s play at Loch Lomond Golf Club.

6.00 Wild Wales. New series. Iolo Williams explores the wildlife of Wales. 7.00 James May’s Toy Stories. The presenter enters a Plasticine garden into the Chelsea Flower Show. (R) 8.00 Top Gear. Searching for the world’s best fourseat supercar. 9.00 How to Build Britain’s Secret Engineers. The top-secret work of defence contractor QinetiQ. Last in the series. 10.00 Pete & Dud: The Lost Sketches. Jonathan Ross gathers together a group of comedy performers to recreate lost sketches from Not Only — But Also, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s popular 1960s comedy show. 11.00 FILM: Educating Rita. (1983) Comedy drama, starring Michael Caine and Julie Walters. 12.50 Film: During One Night. (1961) Second World War drama, starring Don Borisenko. 2.15 BBC News. 3.45 Close.

ITV1 6.00 GMTV. 9.25 Coronation Street. 12.05 News; Weather. 12.09 Regional Programme. 12.10 This Morning: Sunday. 1.10 House Gift. (R) 2.10 Film: Columbo: Mind Over Mayhem. (1974) Detective drama, with Peter Falk. 3.40 Agatha Christie’s Poirot. (R) 5.40 Ladies of Letters. 6.10 Regional Programmes. 6.20 ITV News; Weather. 6.30 World Cup Final Live. Adrian Chiles presents coverage of the showpiece encounter of the 19th World Cup, staged at Soccer City in Johannesburg, South Africa (Kick-off 7.30pm).

9.50 James Corden’s World Cup Live. James, Abbey Clancy and celebrity guests discuss the result of today’s World Cup final in Johannesburg, and look back on the highs and lows of the tournament. Last in the series. Continues on ITV4. 10.20 ITV News; Weather. 10.35 World Cup Highlights. The key moments from the final. 11.35 FILM: Boogeyman. (2004) Horror, starring Barry Watson. 1.05 The Zone. Interactive game show; ITV News Headlines. 2.30 British Superbike Championship Highlights. 3.25 Motorsport UK. 4.10 ITV Nightscreen. 5.30 ITV Morning News.

Channel 4 6.05 The Hoobs. (R) 6.30 The Hoobs. (R) 6.55 Catching the Impossible. 7.50 Super 8 Athletics. 8.45 T4: Hollyoaks. 11.15 T4: Big Brother’s Little Brother. 12.15 T4: Being N-Dubz. (R) 12.45 T4: T4 on the Beach 2010: Buried Treasures. 1.35 T4: The Simpsons. (R) 2.05 T4: The Simpsons. (R) 2.35 Film: Garfield 2. (2006) Family comedy, with the voice of Bill Murray. 4.05 Deal or No Deal. 4.50 Film: Sink the Bismarck! (1960) Fact-based Second World War drama, starring Kenneth More. 6.40 Channel 4 News. 7.05 The role of faith in helping people deal with adversity. 7.10 FILM: Beaches. (1988) A singer visits her terminally ill friend and looks back over the highs and lows of their volatile life-long relationship. Drama, starring Bette Midler.

9.30 Big Brother. Action from inside the compound. 10.30 Alan Carr: Chatty Man. With Grace Jones, Gok Wan and Lily Allen. 11.20 The IT Crowd. Jen gets involved with a rock band. (R) 11.55 Stand Up for the Week. Satirical comedy show. (R) 12.45 Big Brother: Live. 4.25 Countdown. (R) 5.10 Hill Street Blues. (R)

Five 6.00 Milkshake!: Peppa Pig. 6.05 Roary the Racing Car. (R) 6.15 Fireman Sam. (R) 6.25 Fifi and the Flowertots. (R) 6.35 The Milkshake! Show. (R) 7.00 Elmo’s World. (R) 7.15 Pocoyo. (R) 7.30 The Milky and Shake Show. (R) 7.35 Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs. (R) 7.45 Noddy in Toyland. (R) 7.55 Milkshake! Bop Box. (R) 8.00 Mist: Sheepdog Tales. (R) 8.15 Little Princess. (R) 8.30 Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures. (R) 8.35 The Adventures of Bottle Top Bill and His Best Friend Corky. (R) 8.50 Igam Ogam. (R) 9.00 Olivia. (R) 9.20 The Mr Men Show. (R) 9.35 Gerald McBoing Boing. (R) 10.00 Shake!: iCarly. 10.35 True Jackson, VP. 11.10 Zoo Days. (R) 11.25 Extreme Fishing with Robson Green. (R) 12.25 Film: Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now You Don’t. (2005) Thriller, starring Lea Thompson. 2.20 Film: Operation Crossbow. (1965) Second World War adventure, starring George Peppard. 4.30 Film: The Karate Kid. (1984) Martial arts drama, starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita. 6.50 Five News. 6.55 FILM: Sleepless in Seattle. (1993) Romantic comedy, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. 9.00 FILM: Miss Congeniality. (2000) Comedy, starring Sandra Bullock. 11.10 Extraordinary People: Seven New Faces in Seven Days. (R) 12.10 UFC 83: Main Event. 1.10 SuperCasino. 4.05 House Doctor. (R) 4.55 The Family Recipe. (R) 5.00 Hana’s Helpline. (R) 5.10 The Milkshake! Show. (R) 5.35 Thomas & Friends. (R) 5.45 Roary the Racing Car. (R)

Digital ITV2 3.40 Film: Apollo 13 (1995) 6.30 Film: Wild Wild West (1999) 8.30 The Planet’s Funniest Animals. 9.00 Peter Andre: The Next Chapter. 10.00 Film: The Bourne Identity (2002)

ITV3 3.45 The Forsyte Saga. 5.20 Wycliffe. 7.00 Midsomer Murders. 9.00 Film: The Queen (2006) 11.00 Wycliffe.

ITV4 3.00 Live Cycling: Tour de France. 5.00 The Professionals. 6.00 Minder. 7.00 Cycling: Tour de France Highlights. 8.00 The Sweeney. 9.00 Total Emergency. 10.00 The Force. 10.20 James Corden’s World Cup Live. 10.50 Film: Pale Rider (1985)

BBC THREE 7.00 Formula 1: The British Grand Prix — Highlights. 8.00 T: Prodigy. 9.00 T: Dizzee Rascal. 10.00 Family Guy 10.45 Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show. 11.15 Mongrels. 11.45 The Real Hustle on Holiday.

BBC FOUR 7.00 The Department Store. 8.00 Inside John Lewis. 9.00 Baroque! From St Peter’s to St Paul’s. 10.00 Film: The Counterfeiters (2007) 11.35 Classic Albums.

E4 3.05 Film: Andre (1994) 5.00 Friends 6.00 Scrubs 7.00 One Tree Hill. 8.00 Friends 9.00 Desperate Housewives. 10.00 Film: Mean Machine (2001)

FILM4 2.55 The Opposite Sex (1956) 5.10 The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997) 7.00 Eragon (2006) 9.00 Titanic (1997) Romantic drama, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio.

SKY1 4.00 UK Border Force. 5.00 Futurama 6.00 The Simpsons 7.00 Pineapple Dance Studios. 8.00 Fat Families: Second Helpings. 9.00 House 11.00 Fringe

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7 day guide Tuesday


6.00 Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer; (R) BBC News; Weather. 11.00 Real Rescues. 11.45 Cash in the Attic; (R) BBC News; Weather. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Murder, She Wrote. (R) 3.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 3.05 CBeebies. 3.25 CBBC. 5.00 Newsround. 5.15 Weakest Link. (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show. 7.30 Fake Britain; (R) BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 EastEnders. 8.30 Orphans of Haiti: Panorama. 9.00 The Silence. 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News; Weather. 10.35 Who Do You Think You Are? 11.20 Film: Irresistible. (2006) Thriller, starring Susan Sarandon; Springwatch Weatherview. 1.00 Sign Zone: The Genius of Design. (R) 2.00 Museum of Life. (R) 3.00 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. (R) 4.00 BBC News.


6.00 Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer; (R) BBC News; Weather. 11.00 Real Rescues. 11.45 Cash in the Attic; (R) BBC News; Weather. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Murder, She Wrote. (R) 3.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 3.05 CBeebies. 3.25 CBBC. 5.15 Weakest Link. (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show. 7.30 EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 Holby City. 9.00 The Silence. 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News; Weather. 10.35 Between Life and Death. 11.25 Film: Lady in the Water. (2006) Fantasy, starring Bryce Dallas Howard and Paul Giamatti; Weatherview. 1.10 Sign Zone: The Edible Garden. (R) 1.40 Raymond Blanc: Kitchen Secrets. (R) 2.10 Theo’s Adventure Capitalists. (R) 3.10 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. (R) 4.10 BBC News.



6.00 CBeebies. 8.00 CBBC. 11.10 The Flintstones. (R) 11.35 The Flintstones. (R) 12.00 Daily Politics. 12.30 Working Lunch. 1.00 The World at War. (R) 1.50 Hands on Nature. 2.00 Rowing. 3.00 Diagnosis Murder. (R) 3.45 Flog It! (R) 4.30 Ben Fogle’s Escape in Time. 5.15 Escape to the Country. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. (R) 6.30 Antiques Road Trip. (R) 7.00 Wild Wales. (R) 8.00 University Challenge. 8.30 Antiques Master. 9.00 Mary, Queen of Shops. 10.00 Rev. 10.30 Newsnight; Weather. 11.20 How to Build Britain’s Secret Engineers. (R) 12.20 The Private Life of Cows. (R) 1.20 The Super League Show. 2.20 BBC News. 4.00 Close.


6.00 GMTV. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 Regional News; Weather. 2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 3.00 60 Minute Makeover. (R) 3.59 Regional Weather. 4.00 Midsomer Murders. (R) 5.00 The Chase. 6.00 Regional News; Weather. 6.30 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 Coronation Street. 8.00 Countrywise. 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 Identity. 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather. 10.30 Regional News; Weather. 10.35 Film: The Thing. (1982) Horror remake, starring Kurt Russell. 12.35 The Zone; ITV News Headlines. 2.35 Tour de France 2010 Highlights. 3.25 ITV Nightscreen. 5.30 ITV Morning News.

Channel 4

6.00 Yo Gabba Gabba. (R) 6.25 The Hoobs. (R) 6.50 Big Brother’s Little Brother. (R) 7.45 Big Brother. (R) 8.45 Vernon Kay’s 5 O’Clock Show. (R) 9.45 Deal or No Deal. (R) 10.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 11.00 Friends. (R) 11.30 Friends. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 The TV Book Club. 12.30 Will & Grace. (R) 1.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 1.25 Come Dine with Me. (R) 1.55 Come Dine with Me. (R) 2.25 Come Dine with Me. (R) 2.55 Come Dine with Me. (R) 3.25 Countdown. 4.10 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Fern Britton’s 5 O’Clock Show. 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 Dispatches: Africa’s Last Taboo. 9.00 Concorde’s Last Flight. 10.30 Big Brother. 11.40 Being N-Dubz. 12.15 Music on 4: Brandon Flowers: Video Exclusive. 12.20 Alan Carr: Chatty Man. (R) 1.10 Big Brother: Live. 4.50 Film: Contraband. (1940) Second World War spy thriller, starring Conrad Veidt.

6.00 CBeebies. 8.00 CBBC. 11.10 The Flintstones. (R) 11.35 The Flintstones. (R) 12.00 Daily Politics. 12.30 Working Lunch. 1.00 The World at War. (R) 1.50 Hands on Nature. 2.00 Open Gardens. (R) 2.30 Ready Steady Cook. (R) 3.00 Diagnosis Murder. (R) 3.45 Flog It! (R) 4.30 Ben Fogle’s Escape in Time. 5.15 Escape to the Country. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. (R) 6.30 Antiques Road Trip. (R) 7.00 Antiques Master. (R) 7.30 University Challenge. (R) 8.00 Top Gear. (R) 9.00 That Mitchell and Webb Look. 9.30 Shooting Stars. 10.00 Miranda. (R) 10.30 Newsnight; Weather. 11.20 How to Beat Tough Times: Money Watch. (R) 12.20 University Challenge. (R) 12.50 BBC News. 4.10 Close.


6.00 GMTV. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 Regional News; Weather. 2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 3.00 60 Minute Makeover. (R) 3.59 Regional Weather. 4.00 Midsomer Murders. (R) 5.00 The Chase. 6.00 Regional News; Weather. 6.30 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 8.00 Piers Morgan On. (R) 9.00 The Bill. 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather. 10.30 Regional News; Weather. 10.35 TV’s Naughtiest Blunders. (R) 11.40 October Road. 12.35 Goodwood Festival of Speed. 1.20 The Zone; ITV News Headlines. 3.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R) 4.20 ITV Nightscreen. 5.30 ITV Morning News.

Channel 4

6.20 The Hoobs. (R) 6.45 Big Brother’s Little Brother. 7.10 Big Brother. (R) 8.20 Frasier. (R) 8.45 Fern Britton’s 5 O’Clock Show. (R) 9.45 Deal or No Deal. (R) 10.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 11.00 Friends. (R) 11.30 Friends. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 Wife Swap USA. (R) 1.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 1.25 Come Dine with Me. (R) 1.55 Come Dine with Me. (R) 2.25 Come Dine with Me. (R) 2.55 Come Dine with Me. (R) 3.25 Countdown. 4.10 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Fern Britton’s 5 O’Clock Show. 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 The Ugly Face of Beauty. 9.00 The Fairy Jobmother. 10.00 Big Brother. 11.15 The Rise and Fall of Tiger Woods. (R) 12.30 The Poker Lounge. 1.30 Big Brother: Live. 4.05 KOTV Boxing Weekly. 4.30 Superbike World Championship 2010. 4.55 MSA British Rallycross. (R) 5.25 The Grid. (R) 5.50 World Sport.

Milkshake! 9.45 Michaela’s Animal Five 6.00 6.00 Milkshake! 9.45 Michaela’s Animal Road Trip. (R) 10.45 Trisha Goddard. (R) Five Road Trip. (R) 10.45 Trisha Goddard. (R) 11.45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (R) 12.40

Five News. 12.45 House. (R) 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.50 Don’t Stop Believers. 2.55 County Secrets. (R) 3.10 Film: Hard Ground. (2003) Western, starring Burt Reynolds. 5.00 Five News; Weather. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Home and Away. (R) 6.25 Don’t Stop Believers. (R) 6.30 Live from Studio Five. 7.15 Cricket on Five. 8.00 Police Interceptors; Five News at 9. 9.00 Film: XXX. (2002) Action adventure, starring Vin Diesel. 11.20 Film: Road House 2: Last Call. (2006)A DEA agent fights to protect his uncle’s bar from villainous drug runners. Action thriller, a sequel to the 1980s Patrick Swayze movie, starring Johnathon Schaech and Jake Busey. 1.00 SuperCasino. 4.05 House Doctor. (R) 4.55 Rough Guide to Adventures. (R) 5.10 The New Tomorrow. (R) 5.35 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R)

11.45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (R) 12.40 Five News. 12.45 House. (R) 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.50 Don’t Stop Believers. 2.55 County Secrets. (R) 3.05 Film: A Decent Proposal. (2006) Thriller, starring Jessica Tuck, Spencer Rochfort, Andrew Airlie and Jennifer Spence. 5.00 Five News; Weather. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Home and Away. (R) 6.25 Don’t Stop Believers. (R) 6.30 Live from Studio Five. 7.30 Michaela’s Zoo Babies; (R) Five News Update. 8.00 Build a New Life: Was It Worth It?; Five News at 9. 9.00 CSI: Miami. 10.00 CSI: NY; (R) Five News Update. 11.00 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (R) 11.55 NCIS. (R) 12.55 SuperCasino. 4.05 House Doctor. (R) 4.55 Rough Guide to Activity Holidays. (R) 5.10 The New Tomorrow. (R) 5.35 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R)




Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) BBC1 6.00 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer; (R)

Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) Breakfast. 9.15 Heir Hunters. (R) BBC1 6.00 BBC1 6.00 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer; (R) 10.00 Homes Under the Hammer; (R)

6.00 BBC2 The

6.00 CBeebies. 8.00 CBBC. 9.00 Live Golf: The Open Championship. The opening day on the Old Course at St Andrews in Fife, Scotland. 8.00 The Private Life of Chickens. 9.00 Victorian Pharmacy. 10.00 Mock the Week. 10.30 Newsnight; Weather. 11.20 Dragons’ Den. (R) 12.20 How to Beat Tough Times: Money Watch. (R) 1.20 BBC News. 3.25 Close.

BBC News; Weather. 11.00 Real Rescues. 11.45 Cash in the Attic; (R) BBC News; Weather. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Murder, She Wrote. (R) 3.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 3.05 CBeebies. 3.25 CBBC. 5.15 Weakest Link. (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show. 7.30 Penguin Island; BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 Waterloo Road. 9.00 The Silence. 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News; Weather. 10.35 The National Lottery Draws. 10.45 The Bionic Vet. 11.15 Film: Dan in Real Life. (2007) Premiere. Romantic comedy, with Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche; National Lottery Update; Weatherview. 12.50 Sign Zone: My Life. (R) 1.20 Mary, Queen of Shops. (R) 2.20 The Delicious Miss Dahl. (R) 2.50 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. (R) 3.50 BBC News. CBeebies. 8.00 CBBC. 11.05 Flintstones. (R) 11.30 Daily Politics. 1.30 Working Lunch. 2.00 Open Gardens. (R) 2.30 Ready Steady Cook. (R) 3.00 Diagnosis Murder. (R) 3.45 Flog It! (R) 4.30 Ben Fogle’s Escape in Time. 5.15 Escape to the Country. (R) 6.00 Eggheads. (R) 6.30 Antiques Road Trip. (R) 7.00 Golf: The Open Champions Challenge. 8.00 How to Beat Tough Times: Money Watch. 9.00 Dragons’ Den. 10.00 Rev. (R) 10.30 Newsnight; Weather. 11.20 That Mitchell and Webb Look. (R) 11.50 James May’s Toy Stories. (R) 12.50 Tribal Wives. (R) 1.50 BBC News. 3.50 Close.


6.00 GMTV. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R) 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 Regional News; Weather. 2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 3.00 60 Minute Makeover. (R) 3.59 Regional Weather. 4.00 Midsomer Murders. (R) 5.00 The Chase. 6.00 Regional News; Weather. 6.30 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 Coronation Street. 8.00 Midsomer Murders. (R) 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather. 10.30 Regional News; Weather. 10.35 Film: Frantic. (1988) Thriller, starring Harrison Ford. 12.45 The Zone; ITV News Headlines. 2.50 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R) 3.45 ITV Nightscreen. 5.30 ITV Morning News.

Channel 4

6.20 The Hoobs. (R) 6.45 Big Brother’s Little Brother. 7.10 Big Brother. (R) 8.20 Frasier. (R) 8.45 Fern Britton’s 5 O’Clock Show. (R) 9.45 Deal or No Deal. (R) 10.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 11.00 Friends. (R) 11.30 Friends. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 Wife Swap USA. (R) 1.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 1.25 Come Dine with Me. (R) 1.55 Come Dine with Me. (R) 2.25 Come Dine with Me. (R) 2.55 Come Dine with Me. (R) 3.25 Countdown. 4.10 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Fern Britton’s 5 O’Clock Show. 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 How to Look Good Naked. 9.00 Living with Brucie. 10.00 Big Brother. 11.10 The Big Bang Theory. 11.35 My Name Is Earl. 12.05 My Name Is Earl. 12.35 Music on 4: The Album Chart Show Spotlight. 12.50 Music on 4: Mercury Prize Sessions. (R) 1.05 Big Brother: Live. 4.15 Beach Volleyball. 5.10 Countdown. (R) 5.55 Yo Gabba Gabba. (R)


6.00 Milkshake! 9.45 Michaela’s Animal Road Trip. (R) 10.45 Trisha Goddard. (R) 11.45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (R) 12.40 Five News. 12.45 House. (R) 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.50 Don’t Stop Believers. 2.55 County Secrets. (R) 3.05 Film: The Last Chance. (2003) A woman who inherits a ranch in her grandfather’s will locks horns with her father when they disagree over how to best run it. Drama, starring Jennie Garth, Bradley Cooper, Lance Henriksen, MC Gainey, Dylan Wagner, Muse Watson, John Vargas, Eugene Osment. 5.00 Five News; Weather. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Home and Away. (R) 6.25 Don’t Stop Believers. (R) 6.30 Live from Studio Five. 7.30 Escape from Auschwitz; (R) Five News Update. 8.00 The Lost Evidence; Five News at 9. 9.00 NCIS. (R) 10.00 CSI: NY. (R) 10.55 K-Ville. 11.55 Poker. 1.00 SuperCasino. 4.05 House Doctor. (R) 4.55 Rough Guide To. (R) 5.10 The New Tomorrow. (R) 5.35 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R)

BBC News; Regional News. 11.00 Real Rescues. 11.45 Cash in the Attic; (R) BBC News; Weather. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Murder, She Wrote. (R) 3.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 3.05 CBeebies. 3.25 CBBC. 5.15 Weakest Link. (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show. 7.30 EastEnders; BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 Waterloo Road. 9.00 The Silence. 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News; Weather. 10.35 Question Time. 11.35 This Week; Holiday Weatherview. 12.25 Sign Zone: Orphans of Haiti: Panorama. (R) 12.55 Cracking Antiques. (R) 1.25 Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is. (R) 2.25 The Day the Immigrants Left. (R) 3.25 BBC News.



6.00 GMTV. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 Regional News; Weather. 2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 3.00 60 Minute Makeover. (R) 3.59 Regional Weather. 4.00 Midsomer Murders. (R) 5.00 The Chase. 6.00 Regional News; Weather. 6.30 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 Made in Britain: Tonight. 8.00 Emmerdale. 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 Homes from Hell. 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather. 10.30 Regional News; Weather. 10.35 Cops with Cameras. (R) 11.35 The Late Debate. 12.05 Grimefighters. (R) 12.30 The Zone; ITV News Headlines. 2.30 The Jeremy Kyle Show. (R) 3.25 Made in Britain: Tonight. (R) 3.50 ITV Nightscreen. 5.30 ITV Morning News.

Channel 4

6.20 The Hoobs. (R) 6.45 Big Brother’s Little Brother. 7.10 Big Brother. (R) 8.20 Frasier. (R) 8.45 Fern Britton’s 5 O’Clock Show. (R) 9.45 Deal or No Deal. (R) 10.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 11.00 Friends. (R) 11.30 Friends. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 Wife Swap USA. (R) 1.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 1.25 Come Dine with Me. (R) 1.55 Come Dine with Me. (R) 2.25 Come Dine with Me. (R) 2.55 Come Dine with Me. (R) 3.25 Countdown. 4.10 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Fern Britton’s 5 O’Clock Show. 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.55 8.00 Celebrity Come Dine with Me. 9.00 Undercover Boss. 10.00 Big Brother. 11.10 Skins. 12.15 Dirty Sexy Money. 1.05 Big Brother: Live. 3.05 Dispatches: Africa’s Last Taboo. (R) 4.00 Film: The Dark Corner. (1946) Thriller, starring Mark Stevens. 5.35 Countdown. (R)


6.00 Milkshake! 9.45 Michaela’s Animal Road Trip. (R) 10.45 Trisha Goddard. (R) 11.45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (R) 12.40 Five News. 12.45 House. (R) 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.50 Don’t Stop Believers. 2.55 County Secrets. (R) 3.10 Film: Mystery Woman: In the Shadows. (2007) Crime mystery, starring Kellie Martin. 5.00 Five News; Weather. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Home and Away. (R) 6.25 Don’t Stop Believers. (R) 6.30 Live from Studio Five. Ian Wright, Kate Walsh and Jayne Middlemiss host the magazine show featuring location reports, celebrity interviews and showbiz gossip. 7.30 Fifth Gear; Five News Update. 8.00 The Man Who Moves Buildings; Five News at 9. 9.00 Film: Romeo Must Die. (2000) A former cop becomes dangerously close to the daughter of the gangster boss behind his brother's murder, and as they lead the hunt for the killer, the pair get caught up in the middle of a mob war between rival American and Chinese factions — with deadly consequences. Martial arts thriller, starring Jet Li, Aaliyah, Isaiah Washington, Delroy Lindo and Russell Wong. Includes Five News Update.11.20 Police Interceptors. (R) 12.20 SuperCasino. 4.05 House Doctor. An inspector tries to stop a man committing suicide. (R) 4.55 Rough Guide to Journeys. (R) 5.10 The New Tomorrow. (R) 5.35 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R)

BBC News; Weather. 11.00 Real Rescues. 11.45 Cash in the Attic; (R) BBC News; Weather. 12.15 Bargain Hunt. 1.00 BBC News; Weather. 1.30 Regional News; Weather. 1.45 Doctors. 2.15 Murder, She Wrote. (R) 3.00 BBC News; Weather; Regional News. 3.05 CBeebies. 3.25 CBBC. 5.15 Weakest Link. (R) 6.00 BBC News; Weather. 6.30 Regional News Programmes; Weather. 7.00 The One Show. 7.30 DIY SOS; BBC News; Regional News. 8.00 EastEnders. 8.30 QI. (R) 9.00 My Family. 9.30 The Old Guys. 10.00 BBC News. 10.25 Regional News; Weather. 10.35 Friday Night with Jonathan Ross. 11.35 The National Lottery Draws. 11.45 Film: The Rainmaker. (1997) Legal drama, starring Matt Damon; Weatherview. 1.55 Sign Zone: The Great Rift: Africa’s Wild Heart. (R) 2.55 Monty Halls’ Great Hebridean Escape. (R) 3.55 BBC News. 6.00 CBeebies. 8.00 CBBC. 9.00 Live BBC2 Golf: The Open Championship. The

second day’s play on the Old Course at St Andrews in Fife, Scotland. 8.00 BBC Proms 2010. The first night from the Royal Albert Hall. 9.30 Shooting Stars. (R) 10.00 How Not to Live Your Life. 10.30 Newsnight; Weather. 11.05 T in the Park. 1.05 Film: Like Minds. (2006) Crime thriller, starring Toni Collette. 2.45 Close.


6.00 GMTV. 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show. 10.30 This Morning. 12.30 Loose Women. 1.30 ITV News; Weather. 1.55 Regional News; Weather. 2.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 3.00 60 Minute Makeover. (R) 3.59 Regional Weather. 4.00 Midsomer Murders. (R) 5.00 The Chase. 6.00 Regional News; Weather. 6.30 ITV News; Weather. 7.00 Emmerdale. 7.30 Coronation Street. 8.00 Dickinson’s Real Deal. 8.30 Coronation Street. 9.00 Doc Martin. (R) 10.00 ITV News at Ten; Weather. 10.30 Regional News; Weather. 10.35 Film: Dragnet. (1987) Spoof crime drama, starring Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks. 12.30 The Zone; ITV News Headlines. 2.30 Film: Calamity Jane. (1953) Western musical, starring Doris Day. 4.15 Touching Evil. 5.05 ITV Nightscreen. 5.30 ITV Morning News.

Channel 4

6.20 The Hoobs. (R) 6.45 Big Brother’s Little Brother. 7.10 Big Brother. (R) 8.20 Frasier. (R) 8.45 Fern Britton’s 5 O’Clock Show. (R) 9.45 Deal or No Deal. (R) 10.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (R) 11.00 Friends. (R) 11.30 Friends. (R) 12.00 Channel 4 News Summary. 12.05 Wife Swap USA. (R) 1.00 Come Dine with Me. (R) 1.25 Come Dine with Me. (R) 1.55 Come Dine with Me. (R) 2.25 Come Dine with Me. (R) 2.55 Come Dine with Me. (R) 3.25 Countdown. 4.10 Deal or No Deal. 5.00 Fern Britton’s 5 O’Clock Show. 6.00 The Simpsons. (R) 6.30 Hollyoaks. 7.00 Channel 4 News. 7.25 7.30 Girls on the Pull. 8.00 A Place in the Sun: Home or Away. 9.00 Big Brother. 10.00 The IT Crowd. 10.35 Big Brother. 11.05 Stand Up for the Week. 11.55 4Movie Special: Inception. 12.25 Music on 4: Klaxons: Video Exclusive. 12.35 Music on 4: The Noisettes. 1.05 Big Brother: Live. 3.35 This Week’s 4Music Top 20. 5.25 Countdown. (R) 6.00 Milkshake! 9.45 Michaela’s Animal Five Road Trip. (R) 10.45 Trisha Goddard. (R)

11.45 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (R) 12.40 Five News. 12.45 House. (R) 1.45 Neighbours. 2.15 Home and Away. 2.50 Don’t Stop Believers. 2.55 County Secrets. (R) 3.05 Film: Just Desserts. (2004) An aspiring chef vows to save the family bakery by winning a dessert competition — but fails to anticipate falling in love. Romantic comedy, with Lauren Holly and Costas Mandylor. 5.00 Five News; Weather. 5.30 Neighbours. (R) 6.00 Home and Away. (R) 6.25 Don’t Stop Believers. (R) 6.30 Live from Studio Five. Ian Wright, Kate Walsh and Jayne Middlemiss host the magazine show featuring location reports, celebrity interviews and showbiz gossip. 7.30 Zoo Days; (R) Five News Update. 8.00 Nature Shock; (R) Five News at 9. 9.00 The Mentalist. 10.00 CSI: NY. (R) 10.55 Grey’s Anatomy. 11.55 Cops in Crisis. (R) 12.15 SuperCasino. 4.05 Motorsport Mundial. 4.30 House Doctor. (R) 4.55 Rough Guide to Bang for Your Buck. (R) 5.10 The New Tomorrow. (R) 5.35 Michaela’s Wild Challenge. (R)


Tel: 01403 273124 Fax: 01403 210339 Web: Email: 12 Queen Street, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5AF by the Iron Bridge

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The Big Picture

Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident

Dog owners from across the region gathered for one of the district’s biggest agility shows at the weekend. The Bridge House Agility Club event, held at Horsham Rugby Club in Coolhurst on Saturday, featured hundreds of animals tackling a series of testing obstacle courses, competing not only for pride, but for a shiny rosette or two as well! For a full report see Page 25 (picture by Chris Woolgar for The Resident)

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010


jobs & careers r

Olde Sweet Shoppe

We are an old fashioned style sweet shop based in West Street, Horsham & we are looking for part time staff - week days only. Are you enthusiastic, outgoing, helpful, flexible & willing to learn ? Then we would like to hear from you, previous retail experience would be an advantage but not essential. Send your CV to Sharon O’Callaghan, Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, 42 West Street, Horsham RH12 1PP or email to

FLEURS Salary: £13,000 - £17,000 p.a. subject to experience Location: Horsham – South East Telephone : 01403 252297 Address : 17 Blackhorse Way, HORSHAM, West Sussex RH12 1NU

Fleurs are looking for a �lorist who loves to work with beautiful contemporary �lowers using stunning colour combinations. We specialise in designer Weddings and contract work for top end clients and hotels.The ideal candidate needs a passion for �lowers and a commitment to excellence. A team player is essential for our busy �lower shop, covering all areas of �loristry. Please forward your CV to Caroline Pecorelli to the email address shown before the 31st August 2010. Note : Applications from quali�ied or experienced candidates only. Overseas applicants must already reside in the UK and have a valid work permit before they apply for this vacancy

Working in partnership with Apprentices required Technology provider.





In support of its continued growth Damovo UK is again looking to the future and investing in the next-generation of local employment talent. Damovo, who are based in Horsham, West Sussex, are an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems integration and service provider, focused on delivering advanced business solutions for medium and large organisations. Continuing the success of last years Apprenticeship scheme Damovo are now seeking applications from people who would like to be considered for their 2010 Apprenticeship Scheme. The scheme, offers students the chance to be part of the rapidly developing and dynamic world of ICT. Qualifications will be achieved through a combination of formal and on the job training.

Sussex Health Care is an award winning group of 17 care homes providing nearly 550 beds, incorporating specialist care provision and care for older people. Sussex Health Care is the only independent care provider in the UK to have attained dual accreditation and certification to ISO9001:2000 with CKHS, Investors in People and Hospitality Assured.

Successful applicants will be invited to an Assessment Day. If you are keen to get into this fast moving world and would like to be considered, please send your CV to by the 20th July 2010 or contact Charlotte, Julie and Anna on 01293 597650.

We are currently seeking in the Horsham area: RGN’s/RNLD’s/RMN’s, Care Assistants, Activity Assistant and Kitchen Assistant (near Broadbridge Heath), P/T Domestic (Henfield). For an application form please contact Sara Cohen on 01403 217338 or email

Due to a new service opening in September we are holding a

Recruitment Open Day Tuesday 20th July 2010 10am to 2pm at Wisteria Lodge, Horney Common, Nutley, Nr Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 3EA We are looking for skilled and enthusiastic staff to join our award winning team: RN’s, Care Staff, Chef, Second Chef, Physiotherapy Assistants, Activity Assistants, Kitchen Assistants, Domestic Assistants. Sussex Health Care offers excellent career pathways and is committed to both professional and personal development of the individual. We are an approved placement for student nurses and offer the ONP in association with the University of Surrey for nurses from overseas. Accommodation may be available

Receptionist Full time Receptionist required for our busy Orthodontic Practice in Horsham. You will possess excellent communication skills, be planned and organised, have a flexible approach and a passion for customer service. You will be computer literate and have the ability to work under pressure. Full training will be provided. The role is Monday to Friday, 40 hours per week. Salary will be commensurate with experience. Applications with introductory letter and CV to: Zoë Greenwood Total Orthodontics, 16-18 Worthing Road, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1SL Closing Date Friday 23rd July 2010.

To advertise in this section, call us on

01403 251000

or email

Roffey Social & Sports Club


Regular Shifts Available Must be flexible Tel: 07904 541611





Squirrels Moles Mice Rats

01403 217099

07881 445470 |

Brindles digital Established 30 years

Sales Installation Service Sony Panasonic Samsung Aerials & Satellite Internet or superstore purchase ? Need support ?

01903 231337 07868 236898

Jane Hancock

Helping Hands Domestic Cleaning

Opening Hours 8am-5.30pm Mon-Fri Sat 9am-1pm Helping Hands Domestic Cleaning We have Trustworthy & Efficient Staff to help you now One Offs, Weekly, Fortnightly Telephone 01403 276444 for more details


Matt Lines Qualified Painter and Decorator


CABINET MAKING • • • • • • •

Custom Designed Wardrobes Units & Shelving Hardwood Flooring Doors, Windows, Locks, Etc Repairs And Renovations Purpose-Made Joinery Family Run Business

Tel : 01403 265161 Mob : 07712 669802

PEOPLE est. 1984

Fast-Fuss-Free Plumbing All aspects of Plumbing and Heating From emergency repairs to new bathroom installations Power Flushing, Taps, Toilets, Baths, Basins, Sinks, Showers, Pumps, Radiators, Valve’s etc. Fully Insured. Call Ryan to discuss your requirements T: 01403 218 704 | M: 07805 200 686

01403 276298 07824 882501

Eric Murray

Servicing Repairs Installations

Tel: 01403 258214 Mob: 07828 177522 Email:

All major credit cards accepted

For : Brick/stone work, carpentry, concreting, ceramic tiling, drainage (clearing, repairs, etc), electrical, fencing, guttering (clearing, repairs, etc), glazing, groundwork, paving, plastering, plumbing, roof repairs, re-pointing and almost any other type of job around the home, then contact us.

Professional Painter

Toby Phillips Photography specialise in capturing life’s essence, creating and delivering images that freeze-frame memorable moments, true personalities and natures natural beauty.

10 Years Experience Interior & Exterior Free Estimates

Studio shoots or on location, our photography preserves memories in time for you to relive and cherish forever.

Quick and Friendly Service

For more information, details on photographic tuition or pricing please contact us on... • 01403 258 218 / 07968 795 625

phone 07526 699110 email




01403 267711 07727 238198

CHIM EY CO TRACTORS CHIM EY SWEEP REPOI TI G FIREPLACE A D STACK RESETTI G POTS ALL MAJOR REPAIR WORK Get your chimney serviced before the BIG RUSH in September Taking Orders ow For April Fully Insured Phone 07512 045443/07784 654080 Email:

NO JOB TOO SMALL The odder the job, the better we like it ! TELEPHONE : 01403 784281 or 07850 394326 (ANYTIME)

John Harkin

Free estimates Quality workmanship Sensible prices Reliability Guaranteed


Commercial and industrial enquiries welcome

Capture life...

Aerials Freeview, Freesat, Sky & Digital Aerials

01403 267995 / 07810 604614


lady decorator

100X210_TPP_POSTFLYER_V2.indd 2

Over 30 years experience

Ironing Service Collection, Delivery Service, Drop-off The Studio, Old Guildford Road Broadbridge Heath RH12 3SU

Unit 23 Blackhouse Farm, Blackhouse Road, Colgate, RH13 6HS Telephone 01403 264205 Mobile 07825 440294 Email


Local friendly reliable service

For 0 All your 4 01 Pest Problems

1. Installation of ALL telephone requirements 2. Tidy-ups & repairs 3. Business systems support 4. ALL work guaranteed

Free estimates Excellent references

5 89

1 32


Ants Wasps Hornets


Lock repairs/replacements BS3621 lock upgrades Emergency door openings Locks keyed alike Mobile key cutting CRB checked locksmiths Trade welcome M Marcus door furniture & hinges

Forget the paper, paint and sanding. I’ll come and do your hall, stairs and landing or any other room or space and put the smile back on your face.



9 00




9 01


Telephone 01403 210210 48 Barrington Road, Horsham West Sussex, RH13 5SN

Bedbugs Fleas Flies


Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident

Resident The

To Advertise YOUR business Here call: (01403) 251000 or email:

28/1/10 09:14:36

To advertise alongside these fellow professionals call 01403 251000

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010



Bowlers battle for the Bowl

Every year, Horsham and the Worthing club at Marine Gardens compete over two legs for the Centenary Bowl. The long friendship between the two clubs was cemented four years ago when Horsham’s chairman, Mike Power, donated a fine cut-glass bowl as the trophy. For the first two years, the Bowl stayed in Worthing, but last year a fine win saw it come to Horsham for the first time. This year’s first leg in Horsham was a nail-biting affair. At tea, Marine Gardens were 9 shots in the lead and fortunes fluctuated thereafter. Eventually, after a recount, Horsham was declared the winner by one shot, 110-109, the slenderest of leads to take to Worthing on 23rd July. Top rink for Horsham was Malcolm Bridgman, Doris Kelcher, Tony Venn and skip John Littleton (+9), with good support from Dennis Tribe (+5), Mike Power (+4) and Roy Smith (+1). In the Border League, Horsham kept up it’s good record, with a third win out of four against a strong Newdigate team, winning 8-2 on 1st July.

Trinity’s net result Keith Bradshaw, the chief executive of MCC, unveiled a new two lane practice net at Horsham Trinity Club last week. The nets have been built in the grounds of Greenway School, as a shared facility between the Club and the school. It will be used not only by the club membership but also by Greenway, meaning over 200 children will have access to the nets as well as the senior members of the club. Keith Bradshaw was so impressed with the club’s youth set up that he offered Horsham Trinity its own section at Lords for the first day of Australia vV Pakistan

on the 13th July, fee of charge. Uptake has been immense and the club already has a full coach and 120 names booked to go! The Club would like to show thanks to those who kindly helped to sponsor the building of the nets, without whose help, this project would not have been achievable: •£8,400 from the “106 Fund” via the Horsham District Council. •£10,000 from National Lottery •£3,000 from Co-Operative •£3,000 from North Horsham Area Council The club, which has played at Victory Road Recreation Ground since it was founded in 1921, run for Saturday senior sides and two Sunday senior sides. The Saturday 1st XI plays in Division 2 of the West Sussex Invitation Cricket League and are current holders of the Invitation League Knockout Cup. The 2nd XI play in Division 7 and the 3rd XI in Division 10. Trinity 4th XI also play league cricket, in the Stoner Conference and are the current holders of the Robbie Divall Knockout Cup. Trinity also field two Sunday Teams, and enter 1st and 4th team cup competitions on Sundays. Players wishing to enjoy a more relaxed style of match are most welcome in these sides. The Club also has a strong colts section, with 120 Junior playing members, fielding eight teams in the Identilam Cricket League ranging from Under 10's up to Under 16's.

Pictures by John Lines

Presidents Cup at local Club

On Sunday (11th July) from 2pm Broadbridge Heath Cricket Club holds its annual Presidents Day at the club in Byfleets Lane. The President's team is made up of past and present players of the President's choice against a strong representation from BBHCC. The Bar will be open all afternoon and evening with a raffle and as the World Cup final is on there will be a sweepstake for the first goal with profits going towards the Roller Fund which is presently standing at almost at £1,000. A barbecue will be fired up late afternoon. All supporters welcome.


Many thanks to all of the clubs that have submitted reports. We do our best to publish all reports sent to us, and welcome words and pictures from all sports clubs in the district. So keep them coming - and if you play for a local cricket team please do send reports - we don’t get many at all! Don’t forget pics taken by The Resident are available as Jpegs free or charge!

Please send reports and picture requests to

Friday 09 July 2010 | the resident



South African fun at Coolhurst

Horsham Rugby Club is hosting a South Africa day on Saturday 24th July, from 1pm. Includes a real braai (barbecue) with boerewors and steak rolls, as well as Koeksusters, pannekoek and melktert and Castle lager. There will also be games for the children, and some South African music too...

Thunders shop now available

Sussex Thunder have teamed up with Football America UK, and are proud to announce the release of their all new Official Thunder Merchandise store. The store is packed with custom garments, from baseball caps to hoodies, both embroidered and screen printed. Each item can be individually customised to include your favourite players number and name. Get over to Thunder’s next home game, incidentally, is not until 15th August , against the London Cobras at Broadbridge Heath stadium.

The Atlantis team have enjoyed a great year in the pool and there has been some outstanding individual performances too

Atlantis pipped in nail-biting final gala Horsham’s competitive swimming club Atlantis has finished runners-up in a nail-biting conclusion to the Sussex League. This is the Club’s highest ever finish in the competition and is a further indication of the Club’s continuing and steady march forward. The final gala took place on Saturday night at K2 and pitted Atlantis against near neighbours Crawley and Mid Sussex Marlins. In last year’s competition, Atlantis finished third behind both clubs. The night lived up to the promise of high drama and the tightest of finishes, with the result in doubt right up until the final race. Although this final round included the top 3 finishers from last

year, only Atlantis and Crawley had gained enough points in previous galas to win the league this year. Mid Sussex Marlins, based at the Triangle in Burgess Hill, still had a very important part to play in the gala and were after maximum points from the final round to secure second place in the final league standings. All the teams were missing key personnel. Atlantis had suffered the big blow of losing one of the Club’s most reliable points gatherers, Cam Lambourne, to a freak cycling accident just days before the event. This did not however dampen the mood prior to warm up, and the spirit was one of quiet confidence and determination.

The gala started with all three teams generally sharing the points. A third of the way through the gala found Atlantis trailing the field with Crawley out in front. Gradually as the gala wore on the Atlantis swimmers started to claw their way back into contention. At the end of a strong middle session, Atlantis had overhauled Mid Sussex Marlins and had drawn level with Crawley. The final race of the evening is a mixed “squadron” relay with 8 competitors of boys and girls of different ages from each club swimming for double points. An announcement over the tannoy told all the teams that it was down to wire and that there was everything still to play for in the last race.

Crawley took an early lead and held onto it to the finish to finish just 4 gala points ahead of Atlantis by 347 points to 343, with Marlins on 318. The final points meant that Crawley finished top of the league with Atlantis just one league point behind in second place. Commenting on the result Head coach Bill Penny said “Many of our swimmers had to swim a lot of races tonight. I am thrilled by the effort and application they showed. “They all swam for each other to give us our best ever finish in the league - testimony to the team spirit within the club. We will have to see if we can go one better next season”.

Tigers past and present to come together for 40th birthday Horsham Tigers FC held a dazzling Awards Night celebrating the achievements of over 100 players over the 2009/10 football season. It is now 40 years since the club first played in the familiar gold and black striped kit in Horsham Park and, at the Holbrook Club, the current batch of Tigers were reminded of their club's long and illustrious past. The players in the seven teams in six different age groups had identified their chosen Player's Player, parents and coaches of each team had also identified the

Most Improved Player, and the recipient of a Sportsmanship trophy. Finally the Team Managers each identified a player to receive a special Manager's Award. All of the winners were presented their trophies by the Chairman of the Horsham District Youth Football League, Dave Wellbelove. All of the other boys received a medal as a memento for the season. A successful raffle and auction rounded off the evening with some much needed fundraising. Horsham Tigers’ Club Chairman Richard Harris, confirmed

that during the coming months, fundraising events will be held to mark the 40 year anniversary, and former Tigers players are encouraged to get in touch and join in the fun and share their memories The Club also wish to encourage any younger players (school years 3, 4 and 5) to get in touch if they wish to play football, and become a Horsham Tiger. To find out more you can visit or email or call 01403 272145

the resident | Friday 09 July 2010



Jolyon chases Williams test

Jolyon (front) with Dean Stoneman

Luke - The forks are strong with that one! Luke Thomas shows the white route no mercy on his way to victory

Everything all white for trials ace Luke This month’s Horsham Riders Motor cycle trial took place on land near Walliswood. The trial was marked out on Saturday by local man John Charman along with Harry Ross and other helpers. The land was very dry due to weeks of hot weather but there was still some mud in ditches which had to be crossed. The expert white route was once again won by Gas Gas rider Luke Thomas, who lost two marks on the first scorecard followed by one on the second for a total of three marks for the day.

Just one point separated second and third, with Mr Honda Clint Legget on 7ml and Steve Farrall on 8ml. The blue route was won by new name Tom Horsburgh on 21ml. Head and shoulders above the other riders on the yellow route was John Yardley who lost 11ml on the first scorecard and 0ml on the second to win by 12ml from Mitch Brown. Adam Holloway and Bob Miles must have found the red route too demanding as both recorded DNFs. Report & pics By Steve Hook

White Route

Young Hornets need manager

Luke Thomas 3ml Clint Leggett 7ml Steve Farrall 8ml Dave Renham 17ml Sean Parsons 18ml John Charman 18ml

Blue Route Tom Horsburgh 21ml Paul Pearson 32ml Pete Haines 36ml Sam Aldrich 38ml Graham Knight 41ml Michael Hyden 62ml

Clint Leggett just clinched 2nd Last year’s U-14s had a super season

Yellow Route John Yardley Mitch Brown Steve Parker Joe Aldrich Ben Rinds Harry Ross Steve Farrall was third on the expert white route

Local racer Jolyon Palmer and rival Dean Stoneman pulled away in the chase to win a dream Formula One test with the Williams team by claiming a win apiece in rounds 9 and 10 of the FIA Formula Two Championship in Portimao, Portugal, this weekend. Palmer – son of former F1 driver and F2 champion Jonathan – ultimately tightened his stranglehold on the championship after romping to an assured lights-to-flag victory in the Algarve opener on Saturday afternoon before securing a solid second place on Sunday. Stoneman endured a disappointing race in the weekend’s opening contest when a clash with Austrian racer Philipp Eng left him way down the order and out of contention. But he hit back by winning Race two. The British duo now have a healthy lead in the overall championship ahead of their home event at Brands Hatch, Palmer leading Stoneman by 26 points - with the next nearest challenger, Austria's Philipp Eng, a further 70 points further back.

11ml 23ml 37ml 42ml 58ml 85ml Josh Yardley won the yellow route

Horsham FC will be running Horsham under 14s for the for the new 2010/2011 season. The Squad will play Sundays in the Arun Chichester League. The club are also in the process of interviewing new managers for the Under 14s for the new season. If you are interested in managing the team at Horsham Football Club please contact Annie Raby on 07800 922442 or email Also, Horsham Youth have decided to run Horsham Under 12’s for the new season. The Squad will play Sundays in the Arun Chichester League . Please contact Annie Raby for information on trials.


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The Resident - 9th July 2010  

The Resident newspaper, 9th of July 2010 issue.

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