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My work is a direct result of my physical surroundings which suggests my feelings towards them and the places that they take me in my mind. Through study, my intrigue with naive art built rapidly into a throbbing desire as I saw in it the freedom from boundaries and connections to others -they don’t build narratives to the world we know and so they take you somewhere else; in to their own worlds. The themes of youth and nature are two things that are universal and timeless and I often find my work reaching similar conclusions and pulled to familiar roads and tunnels. Though I do commissioned work regularly, it is in authorial briefs that I find my comfort.

INSPIRATION Gallery memberships were my birthday and Christmas present when I was 15, 16; 17 and 18: and much to my parents relief I did not let them sit idle. I grew up just 20 minute from Kings Cross [London]so was lucky to be able to take such advantage of them. I felt engulfed in the world of art and though I was not surrounded by green fields; exhibitions for me made me feel free. Naive and land art particularly stole my heart. I felt that in both I could feel a rawness of life. Also the writings of Greek philosophy, -particularly Plato, Aristotle and Epicurus, and their beliefs on the importance of freedom found far from society. For this project; Ian hamilton Finlays ‘Little Sparta’ was a huge inspiration. He created a garden in Scotland; in the silence of the countryside and placed words and quotes, sculpture and land art throughout. Directing the soul of the place, and your mind. My ambition within the EMP was to create this within an A3 archival box. His placement of words really inspired me to push my own poetry within my work. I currently go for walks each day; writing doodling or just thinking and it is here that I now find my inspiration, and my individual voice speak.

‘Blest youth, set sail in your bark and flee from every form of culture� Epicurus

Walking from the east to the west coast of Spain, totally immersed in nature for 6 weeks as they were pressed they transformed

I wanted to try and express, reveal, highlight their intricacy.....

painti the fir

CAMINO DE SANTIAGO- 400 mile pilgrimage

ing between the veins of these petals was rst step for me in my work with nature

PROCESS I once heard Vivienne Westwood say that she had no idea what was fashionable and had no interest in current fashion or trend as inspiration was to be found outside that. I can relate to this notion in the sense that I feel most inspired by the people and places that surround me. Response to experince of nature, and life around me When you are awed by something you are never satisfied till you have suggested that in some way- so taking directly from nature was the natural reaction. Walking the Camino de Santiago directed gave me the experience to be entriely consumed in nature for 6 whole weeks. Recording my experience and response with a pencil to paper never seemed to justify the actual fragments. So instead I decided to use them as the caanvas Poetry My little words scattered throughout the imagery put ME in my work: my personal reaction and response. They direct the audience through the work and provoke thought.

My last project was a body of work, full of visual explora my EMP. I did not finish with a final piece therefore, and slightly lost within the mass at times. I kept pushing thou ing etc.

Deciding that my final piece would be the A3 archival bo the diverse practice that I had indulged over 6 months. A produced was predominantly hand made and would lose essential for the audience as it matched my own -which w professionally which gave me a confidence in it and a perspective of its place outside university. I think it will work well in exhibitions.

ations that I ended to continue and conclude within d though this was intended; as I had not refined, I felt ugh: experimenting with filming, fabrics, paint, draw-

ox meant that I could compile a thread through all An archival box was perfect for my work as the work I e its full effect if printed. I felt that direct contact was was the theme of my work. It also presented my work


University has granted me the chance to mee themes and interest and it is important not t of us, therefore have decided to group togeth will be released in June, and ready to be plac Dot’ as a promotional stand. We will be hol [Bristol] and Norwich Arts Centre. I also have exhibitions lined up with Monica folk that will occur in August and 2 in Septe I have had previous experience at working in tunate to be able to go back in July.

et and befriend people with similar to leave behind those that inspire you. 6 her as a collaboration and our fist zine ced in the London Exhibiton ‘Dot-tolding a Silent Auction in the Can- teen,

a Wilkinson in Bristol, Brixton and Norember. n a small gallery in Brixton and am for-

"No man is an island" John Donne There is a world of difference between simply doing a degree and the whole university experience, and primarily because the second is a life style. Something which is at the heart of this is your peers, and immersing myself in this creative environment.

I began this uni experiece apart of c an invaluabl e time for me as it beca becoming part of the creative hub. L find incredible and gave me experie rial and zines. This collective gave laborate alongside other illustrators Jeans. It really solidified my love fo munity is an important thing to mework in schools and shelters, creatin

Collaborating with Kitty Regan in university pushed us to take it our working spark further and outside the classroom walls. ‘DETAIL’ nightclub used photos from our photoshoots each month and it was great to have someone to work alongside of to push eachother. We hope to continue this when I am graduated and we have been offered a studio space by London Bridge for our props and materials. This work inspired my own in working with 3D

collective Faux Life. This was ame a stepping stone in to Live art is something which I ence with promotional mateme the oppertunities to cols and businesses such as Pepe or working with others. Com- I have also had the chance to ng work alongside each other.

COMMISSIONS "Good things come to those who wait; the best things come to those who do" I've never been particularly bothered by small spaces (-I was raised as one of nine children so I wouldn't have got very far if I did!) but I can relate to the most gripping feeling of claustrophobia from my reaction to the very thought of a 9-5 job or any type of shift work. I think I must be allergic because my whole being swells up and reacts every time I go near one; which left me with one option over the years and that was to get creative. I have designed on commission for individuals, companies and charities; and set up various initiatives and projects over the years, and the range of briefs has inspired my own work-as it has opened my eyes up to the endlessness of visual exploration. Each opportunity has given me a whole new world to explore and really made me thrive creatively.

I have been making products for years and have sold quite a few of my designs to individuals and on stalls. I love the feeling of having my work placed on to something for someone else to take home and enjoy.

I have also been lucky enough to be commisioned to making window displays for local shops around Bournemouth and Hertfordshire. As well as making signs for Boutique stores like Hetty and Dave in Boscomb.

For 1 year I was the illustrator that Knebworth house suggested to their wedding clients, and so work extensively on customed printed ephemera -including invites, table plans and service booklets. This experience was invaluable and affirming.

“NO ONE MAN� A clothing brand that will be launching their first season A/W 2013. I have produced several designs for them which are/ will be in print for their products and promotion. This has been an interesting brief to be given as it gave me the chance to fully attempt something that I didn’t feel much passion for and making work purely for payement. This is something which I feel I could do now and again however, I need to immerse myself in my work in order for me to feel satsified with it. Having a creative outlook- not just in work but in life is something which is very important to me.

Community is important to me and I have been blessed to work alongside charities such as SPUC and KISS [Kiddies support Scheme] to create promotional materials including posters, tickets and logos. It is incredible to be able to do what you love that is also helping another.

Business cards for costume designer Bethany Haigh.

Shop vinyl designs -for Studio 700 in Hounslow. This was a commission that may have taught me the most as they actually changed my deigns in print. Though I was gutted it instilled in me the importance of a full Contract and so I am extremely grateful.

PERSONAL COMMISSION Getting commissioned by an individual for personal pieces is my absolute favourite type of work. I feel so satisfied being able to talk with the individual and try and get as much story out of them that I can enfuse into the image. I took a year out between my first and second year of university and for the first 3 months was a waitress on the side for consistent money, until I knew that my commissions could take off without its help. I spent the next 8 months drawing and designing for individuals. This time in between my university was the most incredible and gave me more then I could ever learn behind a desk. It taught me time management; professionalism and also skill.

EXHIBITIONS “Senses” Exhibition- 2012. Curated and work installed for collaborative work with Monica Wilkinson Bosconova Exhibition- 2012 and 2011. Work installed Stevenage Arts Centre- 2011 Art installed.

Film screen shot ‘Senses’ 2012

COMPETITIONS I designed and won the ticket competition for the charity KISS [kiddies support scheme] for a play about childhood calles ‘Captain Noah and his floating zoo’. Winning gave me confidence in work towards a brief. They were also great promotion and I got two commissions from individuals from them.

PROMOTION Promotion as free lance illustrator is essential. I have never received a commission without having had to push myself -and push hard. I have specific places that I have had my business cards homed- in Knebworth house, boutiques and cafes that held my work, and on in a coffee shop on the train line to London from Stevenage (which was the most successful!) They have always been a success, and I decided to design more for the London Show and in conclusion with my work at the moment.

FRONT BACK The back and front work in sync. I think simple and minimal works best and the one petal, alongside the handdrawn text I think summed up alot of my work in theme and style. The back is almost a piece of art in itself, and I wanted it to be something that people want to keep.

POSTCARDS Producing a keepsake is a long term promotional idea as people will then have your name for a long time, and obviously postcards are there to be circulated. I produced a series and a design for the middle of envelopes that could home these

WEBSITE I have never been great at promotion online. The first step in has been my blog Where I was at first stlightly cautious what went on, I now use it almost daily and find that it pushes myself as it gives me perspective. Even choosing whta it is that I want people to see on it helps me with my refinement process, and the support from followers has been invaluable and affirming. Compiling a website was a great way to promote myself as a profesional -I recently met someone on the train who saw me drawing and asked if I had a website. She has since emailed me about a commission, so already I can see the benefits!

Therese Vooght professional practice  
Therese Vooght professional practice  

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