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COMPANY PROFILE (SW!TCH): Sw!tch is one of the country’s official product resellers and service centers for Apple products. It is owned and founded by Mr. Ben W. Loo Currently, there are five branches of Sw!tch, all catering to the less saturated and uncommon places such as Alabang Town Center, inside the campus of De La Salle-College of St. Benilde, and inside Meridian International College, among others, in order to cater to students as well as those who don’t have the time or to undergo the hassle to go to crowded, overpopulated malls for their Apple fix. They have just opened a new branch in One Archer’s Place, a condominium surrounded by the buildings of De La Salle University. In this branch, three (3) employees have already been tasked to attend to the needs; namely, Mr. Bienvenido Custodio (who is acting as the senior manager of the branch), Mrs. Vanessa Galera, and Mr. Phillip Rivera. Having opened last August 2012, they have already catered to many of the Apple needs of DLSU students, from the small needs such as a new pair of earphones for their iPod to buying an iPod itself. VISION AND MISSION A. MISSION The roadmap of Switch starts with its missions which are focused on five core ambitions it continuously strives to attain: 

To delight and impress customers…

To advise other people who plans to start their own business…

To engage in certain activities that can make the company better…

To inspire, empower, and create value and difference…


“Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.”

Just like the Apple, Switch’s vision is centered to be the premium retail store of Apple, both in internal and external. Their framework also includes to present and to sell the best brand. Maximization of its long term return to its share holders also constitutes the company’s realization. And lastly, Switch aspires to be an efficient and effective organization.

C. OBJECTIVES The following comprises the objectives of Switch: 

To distribute and sell the best products of Apple

To expand the group’s Apple distribution network within the Philippines, thereby accomplishing the growth of the organization

To sustain a professional, well-organized business

Performance Indicators, Strategies, Programs In this business wherein their business runs of Apple’s products, it is very important that they know how strategize properly their business. For many years till now, Apple’s retail stores continues to grow and thus their retailer’s competitor’s as well. Although they sell the same brand, there are different owners for every retailer’s company. The apple itself still gets the same profit as the premium source of products but retailers don’t and their profit will have to depend on how they manage their business effectively.

SWITCH One Archers Branch, has made their strategy focused on providing satisfaction sustainability to its customers. To do this, they have to face the upcoming challenges in the market, to maintain good service to clients by satisfying their needs, to protect the Apple company, to know people, and take out for their well-being. They have also thought of developing a never-ending process for their company. Looking through a mainstream perspective, their strategies and programs aims for one goal for the company. That is to be the best brand presentation, get place to work, maximize long term to shareholders, be an effective and efficient organization. All these are the indicators of how well their performance is, whether it’s effective or not. If not, they will have to start all over again from the very basic of the company’s objective and goals all the way to its market plan.

Activities, Tasks, Resources

Typical, daily activities of the employees of switch are distributed according to their position in the branch. The cashier is the typically first one who arrives, in charge of handling the key of the cash machine. The cashier is tasked to take the payment of customers, and to keep track of daily finances. The sales person is tasked to talk to incoming prospective customers, and to promote the company by engaging by standers near the area. He must know the complete, correct, consistent information of each product sold by Switch. The manager is the one who oversees all the efforts of the organizational members. He makes sure that each employee does his/her job. This branch organizes themselves organically; they have very permeable task and hierarchal boundaries. As such, tasks are often carried out by whoever is immediately available at a particular instant.

Resources to complete these tasks are given by the company. Product inputs are imported by the main office of the Apple Company.

Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses, Strengths

Being the only Apple distribution store in One Archers, we believe that there is no immediate competition that could serve as a threat for the store. This gives SWATCH the entire market of TAFT to sell its products. SWATCH controls the apple market in the entire campus and can take control of its consumers.

The target market for SWATCH are students from De La Salle University, who some may say are home to the richest students in the country. Apple products, the sole product of the establishment, are very appealing to people in the higher class. Despite Apple’s high pricing, majority of the student population of DLSU own apple products. Taking advantage of this knowledge and opportunity, SWATCH opened a store in the heart of One Archers looking to make a mark in the DLSU population.

Having DLSU students as your main market can also mean a weakness for the establishment. Since most of the student already have apple products they would have no use to buy a new one. The source of income for SWITCH is selling apple products, so if no one buys their products no income can be generated. The challenge for SWITCH is to market their products for those who have yet to buy IPads or IPhones. Also if new products will be released, it would be their challenge to draw more customers to buy from their establishment.

Management Style Retail management styles vary from store to store and manager to manager. However, they all fall into the basic concept of management which is buy and sell like in the case of Swtich and how it sells apple and other computer related products. Great leaders think outside the box, takes risks and let employees do their jobs without micromanaging them. They trust their employees and allow them to take credit when they do a great job, while taking the blame as a leader when things fail or don’t meet the expectations required from them as a leader. Some management styles in retail management are Directing, Participatory and teamwork. The directing style manager gives specific instruction on what, how, when, where, and why: what their people need to do, how they should do it, where they should do it, why they’re doing it, and when it must be finished. There is no room for discussion or input. Managers who employ this style should be unambiguous about certain important details and should be very specific in their expectations. The directing style manager gives specific instruction on what their people need to do, how they should do it, where they should do it, why they’re doing it, and when it must be finished. There is no room for discussion or input, which can be a problem if there is any ambiguity in the instruction. Managers who employ the teamwork style utilizes the best of his or her team to use their knowledge to complete projects. He or she knows that teams are usually able to solve problems more quickly than individuals, which means that outcomes can far exceed expectations. A manager of this type is willing to give the team credit for success instead of taking it for him or her self. This type of management allows the manager to participate and encourage participation among employees and staff. The manager lets the individual skills of each team

member determine his or her contribution to the project, and classify them into teams which allows the business to work faster and more efficiently

A manager, who is a participator, gives his or her employee’s tasks to complete or a group of employees a project, explaining to each individual what their part should be from start to finish. In the group setting he or she makes sure each employee understands their role in the big picture. He or she also asks for inputs from the employees on what they are doing and how they can get it done. Employees managed this way tend to feel valued and that they have ownership in the project. They also have a good understanding of the tasks and why they need to be done, partially from the instruction, partially because they are encouraged to ask questions.

Company Profile - Sw!tch  

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