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VOLUME III CELEBRITY MARTIAL ARTISTS Table of Contents Feature Stories: Action Martial Arts Magazine's Alan Goldberg World Breaking Champion Fred LaSala Stuntman Matt Joe Jones from the UK A True Hero - History of Dr. Gardere

Entertainment News: New Movie in Development "Opening Night of the Living Dead" World Event News: Results from the IIMMA Training Conference Results from Bart Vales USC V Fights

News Blasts: Press Release - Interactive Martial Arts TV from Australia Joins Forces with Martial Arts Show Biz TV from the USA Virtual Martial Arts Competition

Contributing Articles: How to Develop a World Champion - by Jerry Kellerman Get Motivated to Get Your Black Belt - by Richard Hackworth

Health & Beauty: Nutrition 2 Success - Avoid Disease Naturally Without Vaccines - by Clair Poulton Childhood Obesity has Skyrocketed Out of Control - by Richard Hackworth Avon Cosmetics: a Leader in Cosmetics As Well As Corporate Philanthropy

Contest Winners: Martial Arts Show Biz TV Contest Winners - page 24

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Dear Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine Subscribers, Thank you once again for subscribing to another Issue of Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine which has become one of the hottest online martial arts publications to date. Designed with an entertainment flair Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine gives you the facts on today’s martial arts world including special reports on the latest news, events, living legends, celebrities, stars, and stunt & movie film projects in our industry. In its first year of publication Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine’s Volume I and Volume II included articles on the following Martial Arts Celebrities & Legends - actor, producer, and stunt coordinator Grandmaster Kim Kahana; Kick boxing legend and star in over 29 martial art films Don “the dragon” Wilson; Martial Arts actor and Fighting Champion Bob Wall best known for his role in “Enter the Dragon” with Bruce Lee; “The God Father of Grappling” and famous stunt actor Gene LeBell; actor, stuntman, and body guard James Sang Lee starring in such films as Blade and Lethal Weapon 4; stunt actor, coordinator, and U.S.K.A. World Champion Shihan Andy Horne, the Zaino Family starring in the documentary film “Born to Compete; Kickboxing Champion Olando Rivera; and star of the African Martial Arts movie “Lost Brother – Waka-waka man Aurelien Henry Obama. It also included articles on some of the Top Events in the Country with Mike Sawyer & Mike McCoy’s US Open, Joe Corley’s Battle of Atlanta, The 32nd Battle of Florida & Hall of Fame with Team Americas debut erformance, Bart Vales USC ShootFighting Matches, Alan Goldberg’s AMAM Hall of Honors, and San-JuJitsu and Kali Seminar from Germany. Besides the exciting reading on martial arts celebrities & Events there were Informational Articles of “Women in the Martial Arts”; Danny Zaino’s “Pure Warrior” Sports Tonfa for competition; “5 Proven Ways To Promote Your Martial Arts Website” by Dr. Richard Hackworth; The debut of “Two Exciting Online Television Shows” – Martial Arts Show Biz TV & World Martial Arts TV; “The Road to Becoming a Grand Master” by Danny Zaino; Ron Tromantano’s Virtual Martial Arts Competition, and health articles on “Refined Sugar Destroys Health” & “Death by Prescription” written by Nutrition Expert Clair Poulton. In the past two years Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine has highlighted many of the top events to include: Andy Horne's Suwannee River Martial Arts Camp in Bell, Florida; Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors in Atlantic City New Jersey; US Open ISKA World Championships in Orlando, Florida; Battle of Atlanta in Atlanta, Georgia; Warrior Classic V Kick boxing Event in Tampa, Florida; Dixieland Nationals in Columbia, South Carolina; Pan American Internationals in Miami, Florida; Gotham Classic in New York City, New York; Redlands Invitational in Hialeah, Florida; IMAF World Open Championship in Germany; Warriors Invitational in Leesburg, Florida; Battle of Detroit in Dearborn, Michigan; Purple Dragon World Karate Championships in Trinidad; NPL Invitational Event in Jupiter, Florida; WMAL Hall of Fame in Long Island, New York; IIMAA Training Conference in Orlando, Florida; Budo Magazine Hall of Fame in New Rochelle, New York; World Wide Martial Arts Festival in Orlando, Florida; The Jason Sterling Show in Las Vegas, Nevada; 1st Annual Korean Martial Arts Seminar in Chattanooga Tennessee; Super Foot Super Show in Chicago, Illinois; Disney Martial Arts Festival in Anaheim, California; South Florida Martial Arts Championships in Estero, Florida; The Yuen Mastery System Seminars World Wide; and Mac Tour USA Events in South Florida. Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine also took pride in recognizing some of the top martial arts businesses and services to include: Budo Magazine; FightZone Media; KickPics Professional Martial Arts Photography; Action Martial Arts Magazine; Martial Arts Entertainment Radio; Action Star Media; World Martial Arts League; Action Radio Network; Pro Karate & Boxing Supplies; World Martial Arts Network; The Gold Shield Project from the Action Mag Store; World Martial Arts Magazine; and Martial Arts Embroidery.com. For more information please contact us by calling: 561-575-5425 or email us at:dz@masbtvradiomag.com. Here's Hoping that Everyone has a Safe and Happy Holiday!

Danny & Theresa Zaino Publishers - Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine

Action Martial Arts Magazine's Master Alan Goldberg A Leader In the Martial Arts Community Master Alan Goldberg is one of the most respected martial arts individuals in the world today. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York he has over 4 decades of dedication to the martial arts training under some of the most prestigious masters in the world. His discipline of choice is Wing Chung Kung Fu and at the age of 24 he was the first person to actually go and live inside a Shaolin Wing Chung Temple. Over the years he has always been particular with whom he trains and has had a select circle of students who are notable celebrities such as actor Joe Piscopo, martial arts movie star Chuck Norris, former heavy weight fighter Dimitrus "Oaktree" Edwards, and Newsweek Magazines most recognized orthopedic sergeon Dr. Richard Pearl. His commitment and dedication to the martial arts has earned him numerous awards from some of the most highly regarded organizations and publications globally which include his 2004 award from Black Belt Magazine for "Kung Fu Instructor of the Year". Over the course of his extensive martial arts career he has also received well over 75 Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductions. He is the publisher of Action Martial Arts Magazine which is one of the most widely distributed and highly regarded martial arts magazine's in our industry. Now 21 years later and 76 issues produced and distributed it is the second largest full coverage Martial Arts Magazine in the USA. He is also the founder and host of the Action Martial Arts Magazine "Hall of Honors" which has become the largest martial arts Hall of Fame in the world held every year in Atlantic City at the Tropicana Resort. This past January 2010 marked the 10th Anniversary of the event with a record breaking attendance of over 1200 people at the banquet and 2200 at the trade show and seminars. The event is also known for bringing in such celebrities as Joe Piscipo, Chuck Zito, Phil Morris, Jason Lau, Bill “Superfoot� Wallace, Olando Rivera, Ron Van Clief, Frank Shamrock, Dan Severn, Michael DePasquale, Joe Lewis, Don Wilson, Cynthia Rothrock, Bernard Kerik, David Toma, Jeff Smith, Hank Garrett, Michael Jai White, Rampage Jackson, James Lew, Karen Shepherd, Chris Penn, Chuck Wepner, Royler Gracie, Cary Tagawa and the list goes on. Alan is a true entrepreneur always developing new ideas including his Action Martial Arts Collectors Card in which today over 1 million cards have been distributed to his latest creation The Gold Shield Pin Project where martial arts can make a statement for itself by recognizing the accomplishments of others in the industry. He is also a television and movie producer and recently had a part in a new movie coming out called "Love, Hate, and Kung Fu". To learn more about Alan Goldberg visit: www.actionmagstore.com.

Martial Arts Show Biz TV Joins Forces With Australian Based TV Show

Martial Arts Show Biz TV from the United States joins forces with Interactive Martial Arts TV from Australia. Graham Slater, producer of the Australian show stated that he enjoys the content Martial Arts Show Biz TV has to offer especially the humor which makes it more enjoyable to watch. Slater contacted Zaino early last month to discuss the possibility of the two shows joining forces with news segments from each others countries. The idea is to have a two to three minute segment aired on each of the shows and modeled after the “Today Show” concept with the hosts of each show saying “and now back to your local news”. Producer of Martial Arts Show Biz TV Danny Zaino said “this should make for a really cool intervention.” “I like the fact that the Australian and American dialogues are similar in nature which will make it easy for everyone to understand.” “This should be a “win win” situation for everyone involved.” “Internet television is the hottest crave right now.” Look for more information on this exciting martial arts TV programming coming your way in Episode 4 of Martial Arts Show Biz TV. Feel free to contact us with your views on the show at: dzkarate@comcast.net. www.martialarts-showbiztv.com / www.interactivemartialartstv.com

Master Ron Tramontano, The Martial Arts Network, and Master Alan Goldberg, founder of Action Martial Arts Magazine have joined forces to bring you a "World Renowned" Virtual Martial Arts Competition. Submit your best video into this worldwide Virtual Martial Arts Competition. At the end of the year we'll see who the top competitors are from all over the world. It was bound to happen sooner or later, the first Virtual Martial Arts Competition. Wow! And who do you think would put something like this together? You guessed it! The Martial Arts Network (Tman.com) and yours truly, Master Alan Goldberg and Master Ron Tramontano have joined forces to bring the Martial Arts Community a truly World Renowned event. Competitors from around the world will now have the opportunity to compete in a world arena for all of us to see. The first tournament to have virtuallly an unlimited number of categories in which to compete. In November of 1995, TMAN, as it has become known, became the first global Martial Arts presence on the web. From November of 1995 until today, Master Tramontano has worked to intergrate what we love to do, into the lives of every person in every country around the world. It's time to get out the video equipment and show us what you got. You need to jump head first into this one. It's about to get interesting. Here's how it works. When 5 (five) videos have been submitted in the same category, a competition will take place, and a winner will prevail. That winner will be notified that he or she has won and has moved to the next five submitted videos in that same category. Once a video has won five times in the same category, the video is removed and placed in holding until October of that year. At this time, all videos in holding in the same category will compete for the all around World Champion. Rules for competitiors: Must be in uniforms, also please place on the first frame of your video, The category (first), your name (second), the paypal transaction number provided to you by PayPal (Only $5.00), and the length of the video (not to exceed four minutes). Tip: Your video should be: Good quality, proper execution, and short to the point. For more information contact Ron Tramontano at: RonT398675@aol.com Call: 561-4829049 or visit: www.tman.com.

World Breaking Champion Master Fred LaSala Teaching Karate For Christ Head instructor of LaSala's DoJo in Port St. Lucie, Florida Master Fred LaSala has studied the martial arts for over a quarter of a century teaching his art of Tai Chaun Do for the past 20 years through his Karate for Christ Ministries. Originally a grappler Master LaSala prides himself on being a hard but fair teacher reaching out to the lost in his community while shinning a light on the martial arts community. His training began in 1973 while attending wrestling camps throughout the country. This lead to his success in High School winning many championships while participating on the wrestling team. In search of a martial art he felt good about his travels lead him to the style of Tai Chaun Do founded by Grand Master Ken Champ. Also studying the styles of A-Kido, Jujitsu, and Karate Master LaSala also holds rank in Hapkido Nam Moo Kwan, Nisei GoJu-Ryu, American GoJu-Ryu/Okinawan Kobudo, and has trained in Judo and Kick Boxing. His training has led him to 5 World Championship titles and 13 State Championship titles in breaking, forms, weapon forms, fighting, and self defense winning a Silver medal at the Wide World of Sports in the division of Jujitsu. He has been inducted into numerous Hall of Fames and is also a member of the World Pan Hellenic United Martial Arts Foundation.

Fighting for the US Karate Team in Venezuela in 1995 and making the Port St. Lucie Florida tough man contest finals in 1999 lead him to be honored once again in 2006 as a coach for the US Karate Team to Trinidad. Returning home with many International Pan Caribbean titles his DoJo has also won 46+ Championship titles in self defense, fighting, forms, weapon forms, submission grappling and breaking. In 2007 his school was voted "Martial Arts School of the Year". Training at Master LaSala's DoJo is hard work but will lead you to great spiritual growth, personal fitness, and rank certification. Master LaSala believes that by training hard you will come to feel better about yourself and be able to walk through life with new confidence. To contact Master Fred LaSala call (772) 332- 0101 or Email: LaSalasDoJo@comcast.net You can also visit the website at: www.LaSalasDoJo.com

How to Build a World Champion Martial Artist by Jerry Kellerman When I was asked to write this article I thought it would be easy enough for me to be able to relay my advice on how to build a world champion Martial Artist and what a parent or grandparent would have to do, and have to sacrifice, in order to provide the necessary support system to make this happen. After all, I had accumulated approximately 12 years of hard core national and world competition experience and Becca had achieved International recognition along with 25 NASKA and ISKA world titles. But, when I started to look back into our past I came to realize that there were so many parts to the formula for success that no matter what I came up with, I would only be scratching the surface of what it would take. knew I would have to start somewhere and so I decided to take what I considered to be the 5 most important lessons I had

learned and put them down on paper. But, before I could do that, I also knew that I had to listen to one of my favorite Bette Midler songs: “The wind beneath my wings”. It must have been cold there in my shadow, to never have sunlight on your face, you were content to let me shine, that's your way, you always walked a step behind. So I was the one with all the glory, while you were the one with all the strength. Did you ever know that your my hero, and everything I would like to be? I can flyer higher than an eagle, 'cause you are the wind beneath my wings. It might have appeared to go unnoticed, but I've got it all here in my heart. I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it, I would be nothing without you.

Well, that song had to be written for me: I always stayed in the background and was content to give up my identity and be known as Becca’s “Poppy”-Most people who have been martial arts associates of mine for years still don’t know my name. I am content with that because I don’t have an ego and I know, within my heart, that Becca knows that I am truly the wind beneath her wings.When Becca was very young and had started winning a lot of local tournaments she had said to me” Where do I go from here Poppy?” And I said “where do you want to go?” She said she wanted to be a World Champion and I replied that I would do everything in my power to try and make that happen-We would train and we would go to those people who had lots of experience and train with them and we would condition and we

both would have to forgo a great deal to achieve that goal. I asked her what she would do when her friends called and wanted to go to the movies or come over and play and she said “Poppy I have to make a choice-Either I will want to go to the movies with my friends or I will want to be a world champion. I choose being a champion!” And so our quest began for real-Hard core training every dayan exercise program that would challenge the fittest athlete-a new diet of healthy food eliminating all sugars and adding lots of protein and good carbohydrates. All of this would have been for nothing if she didn’t have the desire and the natural talent and wasn't willing to sacrifice the things that regular kids do everyday. Things like going to Carvel, eating potato chips and yodels, having sleepover parties, going ice skating, playing jump rope, etc, etc. It’s easy to see why there are so few world class athletes that are martial artists-not only is the sport not recognized as a world class event, it is not supported by anyone except parents or siblings or friends- It is the only sport that I can think of that has no outside spectators. Yet, the competitor must train as hard as is needed in any other sport, must have natural ability, must have a high level of self discipline, must have a good support system, and must be willing to sacrifice a great deal in order to achieve his or her goal. This is to say nothing of the politics involved in sport competition and the role certain Teams and individuals play in determining who ultimately will win and make it to stage for the nighttime show. Every parent who has a child in competition has to deal with this anomaly. There is no secret formula to becoming a world champion. It takes hard work and great sacrifice, both on the athlete’s part, and the parent, grandparent or guardians part. It requires a large amount of funding, a lot of natural ability, a desire to succeed, a willingness to give up simple pleasures in exchange for long hours of hard core practice. It requires searching out those experts in the field of endeavor who have already gained success and learning from them It requires self motivation, self dedication, an open mind and a healthy body. It requires the heart of a lion, the eye of an eagle, the speed of a serpent, and the hand of a woman when times get really rough. And perhaps, most important of all; an unspoken understanding between yourself and your child. Here are what I consider to be the 5 most important lessons I have learned in parenting Becca Ross- World Champion Martial Artist: Lesson #1: If you want to build a champion you have to give up your ego, stay in the background and let your child live the experience and learn the lessons that winning and especially losing will teach. I realize that is difficult to do, especially since you have been guiding and directing him or her towards this path since they could walk. I can vividly remember the very first tournament I had taken Becca to. It was in West Point , N.Y. and she competed in sparring and self defense. She came in dead last in both. She cried all the

way home and swore that she would never go to another tournament. I asked her “why won’t you go” and she answered “because I lost!” That was when I knew I had to change her thought process. So I asked her, “Becca did you do the best that you could do?” Her answer opened the pathway for me. She responded, “Of course I did, I tried as hard as I could-I put everything I had into it but I lost.” “Well then, I said,-you did not lose-You learned a lesson and that is what sport competition is about-it’s OK to lose, but as a wise man once said “Don’t lose the lesson”. I don’t care if your first or last-I want to know that you tried as hard as you could and you did the best that you could. Now, when we go back home you can decide if you want to give up, or you want to work harder, and train harder, so that you do better next time.” Lesson #2: There comes a time when they themselves must be self motivated, self sacrificing and know that within their heart they want to be the very best at what they do. It is this motivation and self desire that will raise them above all the other competitors. You will always be there to lick their wounds and help them through the hard times but you must learn to let them fight their battle for themselves and not for you. The young competitor must want this for themselves and not be doing it for you-Don’t get me wrong-you want them to succeed, and will try as hard as you can to help them-you will sacrifice your time, your money, your friends, and maybe even the rest of your family-but the burden rests on them. It is their talent and their desire that will pilot them to ultimate success. Lesson #3: You must set the example-you can’t expect your child to eat healthy while you eat poorly-you can’t expect your child to train and you just sit by and watch-you must be physically active in the training and if you can’t or don’t know how and must pay someone else then you must be there- focused on all that happens and lend a helping hand if needed or discuss what what you might think is a problem both with your child and the instructor-You must be able to share in your child’s development without overstepping the boundary line between help and giving orders. And you must support your child when her friends forsake her and tell her she’s crazy for doing what she does. Lesson #4: Know the difference between lending a helping hand and creating abnormal parental pressure. Excessive parental pressure can and will ultimately drive the child away from the sport or create emotional turmoil within the child’s mind. Abnormal parental pressures can be a critical factor in determining whether your child really enjoys what they are doing or will quit the sport and choose not to compete because of fear of displeasing you Excessive peer pressure can be just as damaging as parental pressure, maybe even more damaging, because the child craves the companionship of his friends and doesn’t want to be left out and become a “loner”. This is the time for you to support your child and stress the camaraderie that martial artists have within their own group. Lesson #5: To me; this lesson is the hardest lesson of all. As parents, you must learn to

accept the fact that judging may not always be fair, and that judges may not always be experienced or educated enough to judge accurately-that politics does sometimes play a role in determining the outcome of certain events and that if you or your child can not cope with the system that is in place then don’t let your child compete- It falls upon you to explain to your child that they should have won but didn’t because that is the way it is sometimes, and that the time will come for them, when they will win when they shouldn’t have, and so that is how it usually all comes out even in the end.

World Champion Becca Ross www.BeccaRoss.com

Stunt Man Matt Joe Jones from the UK Stunt Actor and Director Internationally accomplished professional stuntman Matt Joe Jones from the United Kingdom is a stunt coordinator, actor, and director known for delivering high impact and intense action sequences over a range of genres and productions. Always encompassing safety first, Matt Jones brings 10 years of solid experience and select strengths working within all budgets and providing high production value. A talented performer he is equally effective at directing and recently co-directed the stunt acting crew along with stunt legend Kim Kahana in an upcoming film currently in development called "Opening Night of the Living Dead�. He has been a stunt instructor at the Kahana Stunt School Ranch since 2003 where he earned his certification in 2001. He is also a Gymnastics and Trampoline Coach.

Experience: Director Stubborn Athletics (commercial) Day of the Snake (short) The Encounter (short)

Independent Stunt Productions Independent Stunt Productions Anomaly Productions

Action Director / 2nd Unit Bodyguard: A New Beginning Ten Dead Men Underground (trailer)

Intense Productions Modern Life Productions Intense Productions

Stunt Coordinator The Hallow I'll Try Anything Once Gnaw Blood-myth Even Dead Men Die Voodoo Ray (short) Live Feed (short) The Liberator

Coldwood Productions Electric Sky Productions Big Yellow Feet Rogues Yarn Modern Life Bournemouth University Broken Dreams Entertainment Rogues Yarn

Stunts / Misc Ben Franklin plumbers (commercial) Sensei (trailer) So You Want To Be A Stuntman Suckerpunch Illzaam Hard Rock Live Lovestruck Intergalactic Strike Force

Matt helps with Dominique Zaino's fire gag along with stunt actor James Sang Lee

Rigger Camera Operator Camera Operator Fighter / Stunts Fighter / Stunts Rigger Fighter / Stunts Stunts

Left to Right: Matt Jones, Jensen Lee and Kim Kahana Goofing around on the set of "Opening Night of the Living Dead“ Contact Matt Jones at: stuntfreax@aol.cm

Get Motivated to Get Your Black Belt by Grand Master Richard Hackworth A bad mood can steal your enthusiasm for training. So how do you motivate yourself to train when your mood is getting in the way? Here are ten knock-out techniques to get you motivated to get your black belt: 1. Overcome Your Distracting Thoughts. Are your thoughts jumping ahead to future demands or lingering over past experiences? Remind yourself of how precious training time is, there will be plenty of time to return to distractions when your class is over. Tell yourself, “Okay, I only have an hour to train, but I’m going to completely concentrate on it.” 2. Examine How Your Body Feels. Are you feeling fatigued, stiff, tense, lethargic or restless? Perhaps you are training too hard and need to cut back a little. Or perhaps you need to increase your stretching and decrease your “TV” time. Your body also may be sending signals about other lifestyle concerns that need attention: overwork, emotional strain, poor nutrition or not enough sleep. Listen carefully and adjust accordingly, but don’t give up on your commitment to stay on track to get your black belt! 3. Visualize Your Achievement. Imagine how you will feel after fulfilling your training commitment for the day. Envision yourself stretching and reaching with full extension and perfect body alignment. Picture stress running off your body along with sweat. Or dream that you are in top condition, playing in the Super Bowl or at Wimbledon , running the last mile of the Boston Marathon or cycling in the Iron-man competition. Maybe even envision yourself going to distance with Dan “The Beast” at the UFC! 4. Talk Back To Your Demons Of Laziness. Do you often tell yourself, “I’m too out of shape,” “I’m too slow,” “I’ve tried this before, it never worked,” or “I’m too old”? Talk back to those “Gremlin” voices. Say to yourself “I can do this one step at a time. I am stronger. I will stick with this black belt program.” Every time you hear the negative self-talk, challenge it. You can become a black belt! 5. Listen To Your Joy. Are you choosing activities you like or those you wish you would like? It’s true that sometimes you need to train when you simply do not feel like it, but if you are not getting any enjoyment from your training, you may need to look for a style that is a better match for your personality and interests. If you enjoy forms training and self-defense, but your instructor is only teaching sparring and drags you to tournaments, speak up. Let them know that you want more forms training to make your workouts more enjoyable. Instructors need your feedback to make the classes more enjoyable for everyone. It helps them to help you to stay motivated!

6. Examine Your Plateau. Ask yourself., “What needs to change for me to feel good about my progress?” Clarify the gap between what you are experiencing and what you want to experience, then make the changes. Sometimes something as simple as getting a crisp new uniform boosts your enthusiasm. Or buy a book or piece of training equipment that you have been interested in. It can help motivate you. Your instructor can normally order items and have them for you in less than a week. 7. Shake Up Your Routine. Try a new kind of workout or change the sequence or frequency of your training. You do not have to add a lot of time to your class to see change: instead try a harder level or increase the number of classes you attend each week. Push yourself a little. You can do more than you think!

8. Compromise Your Approach. If you decide to skip your class, plan on taking a 10-minute training break at lunch and another training break during your afternoon break to practice a few stretches and techniques. Plan ways to make up for lost class time, like taking a seminar on the weekend or scheduling an extra training session. A private lesson is often more affordable than you think and can be just the boost that you were looking for. 9. Recommit To Your Goals. Activity levels greatly impact your physical ability, risk of disease, stress response, energy level, appearance and attitude. Remind yourself that positive habits are created one choice, one movement at a time. Even if you choose not to train today, make a commitment to get back on track tomorrow, no matter what. Call a friend from class and see if you can practice with them one-on-one to help motivate each other. 10. Reinforce Your Training Values. Spend 20 minutes writing down the reasons why staying on track for testing and learning is important to you and why you cannot quit now. The secret to success is not willpower, it’s “want-power.” Choose to stay committed, to stay dedicated, not because you have to, but because you want to! If your goal is to become a black belt, commit to it. Let your instructor know. Sometimes making the commitment to someone else is a strong motivator because you don’t want to let the other person think that you are a quitter. Remember to make it to black belt you have to make a decision. A wish changes nothing. But a decision changes everything!

History of Dr. Gardere A True Hero Master Gardere began his martial arts training in 1959 with Si Fu Willie Salis at the age of 4 years old. From 1959-1968 Master Gardere trained in the arts of Kenpo Karate, Korean Karate & Taekwondo under Sifu Salis, Si Fu David Areola and Master Eddie Sablon. In the late 60’s to the early 70’s Master Gardere began his training in Kajukenbo (2 years with si fu Earl Knowles) and then with Master Greg Lagera, (founder of Crazy Dragons). He later changed from hard style Karate to Kung Fu where he had the honor of training with the late Bruce Lee while master Gardere was a student at Professor Gaylord in Fremont California. While at Gaylord martial arts studio Master Gardere studied the Kung Fu styles of White Crane and Northern Mantis from Si Fu Jr. Hawaiian. Master Gardere remained with professor Gaylord for the next 4 years at which time he began training at the House Of 9 Dragons under Master Chucky (Quick Kick) Curry. Under Master Curry Master Gardere was trained in Dragon and Tiger Kung Fu. In 1976 he began his rane as the WBBA lightweight World Champion and held that title for the next 9 years at which time he was also a 12-time national champion in both forms and sparring. IHe trained under Professor Hazard at San Jose state University in 1982 and was also training at the Wing Chung Academy in San Francisco at the same time. Continuing his training for the next 10 years, Master Gardere was always seeking more & more knowledge from as many styles as possible until he began working on a new fighting style which he called Twin Tigers Kung Fu. In 1993 master Gardere began work with the San Jose Police dept. with the drug and Gang Abatement team and tasks force and in 1996 was awarded the citation of merit from the deputy Mayor of San Jose for his work with this organization and for his contribution in shutting down a drug and prostitution ring that was located 1 block from an elementary school. In 2001 he moved to Los Banos California where he started to put together his style of twin Tigers Kung Fu with the help of his then 13 year old daughter (now woman's light weight world champion) Si Fu Tiffany Gardere.

In 2003 the Twin Tigers fighting system was now complete and at that time Twin Tigers Kung Fu was born. Since then he has been training students in the Los Banos area and has helped numerous kids in the city to find a better way of life then that of the life on the streets. He was a true Humanitarian taking in students even if they couldn't afford the leasons. In 2005 he was promoted to Master by martial arts legend professor Carlos Navarro. In 2008 he was promoted to Professor and was inducted into the Bushido Martial arts Hall of Fame. He received his doctorate degree In 2009 in both the Martial arts and in Christian education and was also inducted into 2 more Martial art Halls of Fames for his achievements. Some of the names that Master Gardere has worked with include: Martial arts film stars Harry Mok and Master Zhong Luo, Singer/film star Tyrese, recording artists Masters P., Silky Fine, Cool J Bones, Thugs & Harmony, and Wy Cleff, Sports Celebrities Charles Woodson, Grady Jackson, Tarell Owens, Jeff Garcia and the list goes on. Besides being a great martial artist, Mater Gardere is also a husband and father raising four children in the martial arts, Eric Gardere Jr. (wushu, Brazilian jujitsu,Kung Fu & M M A) Si Fu Tiffany Gardere (Chinese forms, weapons & sparring), Timmothy Gardere (Chinese weapons & sparring), and Sejen Gardere (sparring). We love him for being a great father, a loving husband, and a great instructor and mentor. This year he will be celebrating 51 years in the martial arts. Now That, is dedication! Tiffany Gardere

“Opening Night of the Living Dead” is a character-driven horror-comedy in the spirit of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Zombieland” which combines classic scares and dark humor. Following a bizarre event which causes their entire town to be overrun by a horde of braincraving zombies, a troupe of misfit actors barricade themselves in the local theatre. With nothing but their nerves, questionable dramatic skills and a few costume changes between them and a final curtain call -- they’ll need more than a little luck to get through this opening night performance! JAY ALAN LAVELY, Producer, has been involved in the film & television industry for 20 years, beginning in Los Angeles at Paramount Studios. He then relocated to Florida, most notably working directly with the Line Producer on HBO's critically acclaimed miniseries “From the Earth to the Moon.” Jay moved on to NYC where he has served as Line Producer and/or Production Manager for major networks including but not limited to: ABC, NBC, CBS, Kingworld, Oxygen Media Network, E!, Style Network, VH1, Discovery Channel, Bravo and Telemundo. Jay directed and produced a documentary DVD titled “BASIC PAINTING: An Introduction to Scenario Paintball” at WEST POINT. (www.scenariopaintballfilms.com). Most recently, Jay has been a Production Manager for the daytime drama One Life To Live on ABC and was Director of Photography for SyFy Channel’s new show, Mary Knows Best.

Producer Jay Lavely (left) with stunt actor Adam Lytle (center) and Director Brian Bazala

Stunt Crew on the set of "Opening Night of the Living Dead"

BRIAN BAZALA, Director, has spent the better part of 20 years as a professional actor, director and voiceover artist, appearing in countless theatrical productions, feature films, television & radio commercials and corporate video for various clients including Disney and Disney Cruise Line, Universal Studios, Sears, Subway, Lockheed-Martin, and The Golf Channel. This experience has given Brian unique insight into both the artistic and technical needs of a production. An award-winning writer, Brian co-wrote and directed the original musical “Houdini,” which was produced OffBroadway. Together, Brian and Producer Jay Lavely also created the original television pilot “Deziner Kidz” and the documentary “Freedom Resort.” Brian also owns Bazala Entertainment, Inc., a multifaceted production company located in Central Florida. BRIAN PRZYPEK, Director of Photography, has more than 15 years of experience making Feature Films, Music Videos and Commercials. A champion of new technologies, he was one of the first Cinematographers to use the RED ONE Camera system and continues to explore the cutting edge of digital image acquisition. He honed his lighting skills as a gaffer, working under many well known A.S.C and international Cinematographers, with more than 40 feature films to his credit in that position. Familiar with all formats of film and video, Brian has shot feature films on the RED @ 4k , Super 35mm, 16mm, Super 16mm, and 1080p High Definition Video. Past credits include: Game of Death (w. Wesley Snipes), Return to Sleepaway Camp, War, Inc.. He was Director of Photographer on the recent feature films Art=(Love)2 and Waiting for Summer, both shot on the RED camera system. www.przypek.com JOE BLASCO, Makeup Designer/Supervisor. Joe Blasco’s achievements and pioneering efforts in all areas of make-up artistry set him apart as an icon of the industry. With a film and television career spanning over 40 years as a Special Makeup Effects Artist, Designer and Supervisor, his work has been seen in countless classic features including David Cronenberg's “Shivers” and “Rabid,” as well as the current TV series “Mystery

Stunt actors - The Zaino Family - Danny, Joey, Dominique, Theresa, and Tony

Hollywood makeup artist Joe Blasco (left) with Stunt Coordinator Kim Kahana

Looking down on the set of "Opening Night of the Living Dead"

Diagnosis” for Discovery Health among others. He is regularly featured in Fangoria Magazine and hosts his own online content network, MUA-TV. In addition, he developed the world's first government recognized schools for professional makeup artistry. The Joe Blasco Makeup Schools have locations in Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida with a future location planned for New York City. www.joeblasco.com KIM KAHANA, Stunt Coordinator, has over 40 years of experience in the motion picture and television industry as a Producer, Director, Actor and Stunt Coordinator. He is also an accomplished Martial Arts Instructor and hand to hand combat and weapons expert and holds six different black belt degrees. His credits span a colorful career, appearing in projects as diverse as “Fantasy Island,” “Kung Fu,” “The Green Berets,” “Magnum Force,” “Good Guys Wear Black,” “Passenger 57,” “Jeepers Creepers” and “Lethal Weapon 3.” In addition to being actively involved in film production, he trains a new generation of stunt performers at his school in Groveland, FL. www.kahanastunts.com PAUL VAN WORMER, Unit Production Manager. President of Wormerland Productions in Orlando, Florida, Paul brings years of production support experience and contacts to the table along with an extensive grip and lighting equipment package. Notable clients include Disney, Universal, Telemundo and several domestic and foreign feature films. The film will be shot in and around Central Florida, featuring special makeup effects designed by Joe Blasco.

Stunt Actor Adam Lytle with Joe Blasco's makeup crew

Attacking the Star scene

Results from the

The IIMAA Training Conference was held this past July 16-18, 2010 at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida. Event promoters Drew and Danielle Serrano worked hard to put on this unique event which held competitions in the following categories: International Power Breaking Men's Lt. & Hvy. weight divisions, International Power Breaking Women's Lt. & Hvy. weight divisions, World's Hardest Hand Strike Men's Lt. & Hvy. weight divisions, Women's Hardest Hand Strike Open division, World's Hardest Kick Men's Lt. & Hvy. weight divisions, World's Hardest Kick Women's Open division, World's Fastest Punch Men's & Women's Open division, and the World's Fastest Kick Men's & Women's Open division. Besides the great competition there were a total of 28 seminars available for your entertainment and learning experience. These seminars included: Bill "super foot" Wallace, Soke Michael DePasquale Jr., Master Jeff Allen, Master Brian Zawilinski, Sifu Richard Bustillo, Master Dean Sutzer, Shidoshi John Manniel, World Champion Becca Ross, Senior Instructor Clinton Murphy, Grand Master Jody Perry, Napma Vice President Toby Milroy, World Champion Cory Lutkus, Grand Master Ralph Bergamo, Grand Master Carlos Silva, Professor George Kirby, Master Greg Goepfert, KTC Founder Drew Serrano, Sifu LaVonne Martin, Master Larry Fields, Janell Vela Smith, Master Mel Hebert, UBC Founder Jim Graden, Mestre Ze ComFome, O'Sensei Diana Martin, Instructor David Orman, Instructor Fred Mergen, Kyoshi Hector Arias, and Instructor David E. Merrell.

Promoters Danielle & Drew Serrano

Dominique Zaino from Martial Arts Show Biz TV Interviews World Forms & Weapons Champion Becca Ross

There were also a slew of venders which included: Macho Martial Arts Products, East Coast Training Systems, The Black Belt of Martial Arts Membership & Business Management Solutions, USBA/WBA, Jim Graden's UBC, The Board Breaker, NAPMA, Martial Business Solutions, Gold Shield Project, and Martial Arts Entertainment Media covering the event with TV, Radio, & Magazine. At this time Drew and Danielle Serrano would like to thank all of the instructors, sponsors, support staff, volunteers, and our Martial Arts family that made this event possible. Most of all, a special thanks to our family and friends who supported us and encouraged us every step of the way.If you were there please send us your feedback and let us know if you would like to see this come together again. We can make it happen!

Danny Zaino from Martial Arts Show Biz TV interviews Grand Master Ralph Bergamo

Contact: drew@iimaaconference.com or call: (203) 410-9222For More Info Visit: www.iimaaconference.net

Theresa Zaino with Keith Scott from Martial Business Solutions

The IIMAA Training Conference was held at the beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida

Promoters Danielle & Drew Serrano with World Breaking Champion Larry Fields - Winner of the "Worlds Hardest Kick" Men's Hvy. Weight

Danny Zaino with Dr Jeff Allenanny

Dominique Zaino and Master Chris Edwards from Tennessee

Theresa Zaino with World Breaking Champion Larry Fields

Tony & Joey Zaino - Filming for Martial Arts Show Biz TV

Danny Zaino with Professor George Kirby

Results from the USC V The martial arts/sport of Shootfighting速 is a recent creation. It had its genisis less than 25 years ago when a famous German wrestler who taught the art of real wrestling or "shooting", to a group of top Japanese martial artist. The wrestling they learned bore only a superficial resemblance to today's professional wrestling. Two of these Japanese martial artist, Masami Soranaka, practitioner of karate,judo and sumo and Yoshiaki Fujiwara, a muay thai kickboxing champion and judo expert combined their knowledge of these diverse styles and created what has come to be known as UWF wrestling or the strong style. Official matches have been held for almost 10 years and the sport's popularity has grown and is now the third most popular spectator sport in Japan behind baseball and sumo. There are currently three main organizations sanctioning matches and teaching the style. Of these the oldest and largest is the Fujiwara Gumi (family) run by founder and former champion Yoshiaki Fujiwara. The current world champion of the Fujiwara Gumi is Miami's Bart Vale, the first foreigner (American) to reach the highest levels of the sport. Vale who coined the term Shootfighting速 to describe the style, combined the wrestling and muay thai techniques he learned in Japan with his experience in American karate and kickboxing to advance the sport further. He is presently attempting to promote regular matches in Florida and California. Rules: Currently proffesional Shootfighting速 consists only of a heavyweight (200 lbs or more) division. But there are lighter divisions for amateur competitors. Pro matches run 30 minutes non-stop, amateurs 10 minutes. Held inside a standard wrestling ring, competitors are allowed to kick, knee or elbow any part of the body except the groin, as well as headbutt. Punches are allowed to the body. Since no gloves are worn to facilitate wrestling, punches are not allowed to the head through open hand palms, but slaps and punches are allowed. Any type of throw or takedown is legal and competitors are allowed to hit a downed opponent. Additionlly, any type of joint lock is legal as are chokes against the side of the neck. The only foul consists of punches to the face, eye gouges, techniques against the windpipe and groin strikes. Fights are won when a competitor is knocked down for a ten-count, knocked down five times or forced to submit. A fighter caught in a submission hold may grab the ropes to break the hold, but this counts as a 1/3 of a knock down. grab the ropes 15 times and you lose. Bouts that go to the full time limit are declared a draw. Visit: www.ShootFighting.cm

USC V September 25, 2010 MAIN EVENT Amateur Lightweight Title Austin Polonitza (winner) Pierre Akers Semi-Main Event Amateur Heavyweight Title Felix Alvarez ( winner) Chris Lewis Dan Goodman (winner) Doug Tate Nick Just (winner) Chris LaSala Tony Daniels (winner) Andy Ricart Brian Fitzgerald (winner) Edian Pena Daniel Camargo (winner) Robert Fuentes Jose Tovar (winner) Xavier Rodrigues Ray Mompointe (winner) Barry Goldstein Victor Guzman (winner) Bryan Sansovini Liana Beach (Draw) Kameni Arashiro Marcelo Sierra (winner) Cody Stacy Stephanie Marconi (winner) Somer Molina Levi Kelley (winner) Adam Tate

Adam Lytle Martial Artist, Stuntman, and Actor Adam Lytle, martial artist / stuntman / actor was born in Sanford Florida, into a family of traveling drama ministers. During his travels with his parents, Adam would sneak off by himself and execute his own stunts. When he was an eightyear-old boy, his love for stunts was developed when he discovered he could mimic actions he saw in movies and video games. It was not uncommon to see him jumping off church roofs or choreographing fights for home movies. His passion for stunts and acting still continues today.Adam has participated in school plays such as Sand Bag Stage Left and Into the Woods. He has had the opportunity to work on UCF student films as well as upcoming projects including a new film currently in development called "Opening Night of the Living Dead".

Adam Lytle

Adam is currently a black belt student and instructor for the Fortress Hill dojo in Longwood Florida. This past July, 2010 he competed in the US Open and ISKA world championships with his instructor James Sang Lee and teammates Charlie Beck and Matt Jones winning the Grand Championship for the Self Defense division. Adam has completed stunt school under Grand Master Kim Kahana and is looking to perusing his passions in the stunt and movie industry.To Contact Adam Email: lytleadamj@yahoo.com.

Performing High Fall

Opening Night of the Living Dead

US Open ISKA World Championships Self Defense Winners

Joshua Breau Stuntman and Actor Born in a small town called Jaffrey in New Hampshire, 22 year old Joshua Breau graduated from high school in 2007. After graduating he spent 3 years acting in his local theatre where he helped choreograph fight scenes. He worked hard and saved his money towards his dream which was to one day become a stuntman. In April of 2010 he found Kahana's Stunt School in Groveland, Florida, moved down and never looked back. Currently Joshua is attending massage school while he continues his stunt training and his passion for acting. He recently was a stunt actor in a new film currently in development called "Opening Night of the Living Dead". To Contact Joshua Email: silver_stuntwolf@yahoo.com

Joshua Breau on Horseback. Left – top to bottom: Army scene, “Opening Night of the Living Dead” film and stair fall.

Elliot Smithson Martial Artist, Stuntman, and Actor Born in Bern Switzerland, 19 year old Elliot Victor Smithson was raised in Central Florida. Elliot has been a martial arts practitioner since the age of 7 and has become well versed in a variety of styles including Tae Kwon Do, Jujitsu, Sanda, Wing Chung Kung Fu, and Kobujitsu. He continues his training today at the Forest Hill dojo in Longwood, Florida under the instruction of Master James Sang Lee where he obtained a black belt. He attended and received certification at the renowned Kahana's Stunt school/Stunt Coordinators under the instruction of Grand Master Kim Kahana. He continues to train there today and has gained a respectable amount of stunt experience, some of which includes high falls, slide for life, rappelling, fight choreography, and wire work. He is also proficient in a wide variety of weapons, some of which include: tonfa, nunchaku, staff, katana, broadsword, and his personal favorite, the tiger hook swords. He recently did stunt work in a new movie currently in development called "Opening Night of the Living Dead" produced by Jay Lavely and directed by Brian Bazala. In addition to his martial arts and stunt/acting career, Elliot is a sophomore at the Seminole State College of Florida and is working towards an athletic training degree. He dream one day is to have a prolific career in the movie business as either a stunt man or an athletic trainer. To Contact Elliot Email: elliot226@gmail.com Elliot Victor Smithson – left to right: “Opening Night of the Living Dead” film / Suicide Fall – Kahana Stunt & Film School.

Are Vaccines Safe? Avoid Disease Naturally Without Vaccines In the real world vaccines are failing miserably. In the New Jersey / New York area A recent outbreak of mumps occurred almost entirely among children who had already been vaccinated against mumps. 77 % of the children who got the mumps had been vaccinated! The recent H1N1 Swine Flu "pandemic" that never happened had millions of frightened people lining up for their H1N1 Swine Flu vaccination. We still don't know the exact number of how many vaccinated people died, because the CDC is hiding those statistics from the public. They want to make sure mainstream media doesn't learn the truth: That many of those who were vaccinated still died. What the CDC and Big Pharma want people to believe is that vaccines always offer protection against infectious disease . (100% protection). This is absolutely not true. Because vaccines introduce a weakened form of the virus into the body, it hampers a normal immune response. It creates a systemic weakness that makes people more vulnerable to future infectious diseases. That's why people who have received any vaccine in the past are more likely to die from an infectious disease sometime in the future.

Some People Will Believe Anything There is an interesting connection between those who buy the official line on 9/11 and those who buy the official line on vaccines: Non-thinking people who are easily duped by anything that government official say. They could be told that the World Trade Center building was brought down by a miss-placed cigarette butt in the staff bathroom, and they would believe it was true! It's better to be skeptical. Somehow, it seems unbelievable that if humans survived for thousands of years without vaccines; years developing natural immunities against infectious disease, why, suddenly do we need protection for every germ in existence?

What's In Vaccines That Makes Them So Dangerous? Vaccines are a combination of toxic vaccine adjuvant which are pharmacological agents added to a vaccine to increase or aid its effect, plus the weakened viral agent itself.

Mercury in the form of Thimerosal A deadly preservative 50 times more toxic than mercury itself At high enough doses, it can cause long-term immune, sensory, neurological, motor, and behavioral dysfunctions. Also allegedly associated with mercury poisoning are autism, attention deficit disorder, multiple sclerosis, and speech and language deficiencies.

Alum or aluminum hydroxide Can cause vaccine allergy, anaphylaxis (rapidly developing and serious allergic reaction that affects a number of different areas of the body at one time), and macrophage myofascitis (a chronic inflammation syndrome). I thought alum was used in pickling to make pickles crispy!

Newer adjuvants including MF59, ISCOMS, QS21, AS02, and AS04 These newer adjuvants have substantially higher local reactogenicity (capable of causing a reaction and especially an immunological reaction) and systemic toxicity than alum.

The Ineffectiveness Of Vaccines Is Being Swept Under The Rug It is very likely that most of the people who died from H1N1 swine flu were vaccinated during prior "Pandemic Scares". Those previous vaccines may have played a role in the recent deaths from H1N1. Of course, this is not being acknowledged by any health authority. They simply pretend that there could not possibly be any connection between prior years' vaccinations and immune system vulnerability during the last "Swine Flu Pandemic".

If Not Vaccines What Are Some Real Solutions? People who took high-dose vitamin D and led a healthy lifestyle did not get the H1N1 Swine Flu. (I am one of those people). If those people who took high-dose Vitamin D and followed a health-promoting lifestyle, had died, don't you think the CDC, drug companies and the media would be pumping the media full of this fact? Stories like "Healthy vitamin D advocate dies of swine flu!" If they had been able to find a story like that, you can be sure it would have been triumphantly broadcast from every media source in the world. It's never been reported that any healthy person with high vitamin D levels has ever died from swine flu. It's probably safe to say that the number of healthy lifestyle, vitamin D proponents dying from the flu, including seasonal flu, must be a very rare occurrence. www.nutrition2success.com.

Subject - Brace Yourself

Get ready for the shock wave to hit. Our World Martial Arts League (WMAL) Just found a major U.S. Health Insurance carrier that is willing to offer our members a plan that is not only affordable but is is Guaranteed issue which means they will not turn you down. I know the lack of health insurance is a real issue leading to medical costs that end up literally crushing families every single day. This plan was designed to reduce your medical expenses. - No approval process - Real Health Insurance for top U.S. carrier - Plan starts at $99.00 per month - Doctor visits, hospital, accident injury, prescription...

Sincerely, Dr. W. Schneider, D.SC., M.MA WMAL - US Chapter President

Childhood Obesity has Skyrocketed out of Control by Dr. Richard Hackworth Americans are always on diets these days, and despite this we're getting fatter. As a society, we've gotten fifty per cent heavier in the last ten years. This alarming trend towards overweight has spilled over to our youth, with an epidemic increase in childhood obesity. Today, one in five children is considered overweight, with obesity being the number one health problem among America 's kids. A study reported in the December 12, 2001 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) concludes, "Childhood overweight continues to increase rapidly in the United States ." Researchers recommend culturally competent treatment strategies and policy interventions, as a way to increase physical activity and encourage healthy eating patterns in today's youth. Overweight kids who mature into obese adults are at greater risk for early development of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and type 2 diabetes, as well as certain types of cancers. Dr. Robert Berkowitz, MD, an associate professor at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia , believes that successful weight loss requires a family commitment, with the child and parent addressing lifestyle modification, nutrition and physical activity. The doctor recommends not overloading the child's plate at meal time. Three to four ounces of lean meat, a small baked potato, and salad or vegetables is an appropriate choice. Teaching children a successful method of making appropriate food choices is made easier with the Traffic Light Diet. Children as young as eight can learn the caloric worth of food by assigning traffic light colors to the amount of caution they should take when filling their plates. Red Light: Eat less of these high calorie food such as ice cream and french fries. Yellow Light: Use caution with these moderate calorie, healthier foods such as chicken and potatoes. Green Light: Eat more of these low calorie, low fat and fiber foods such as carrots, lettuce. Dr. Berkowitz also recommends not using food as a reward or punishment, as well as shifting the child's focus from sedentary activities like TV and video games, to sports like Taekwondo or bicycle riding. Children are overweight for a variety of reasons including genetic factors, lack of physical activity (the average child watches 24 hours of television a week), or unhealthy eating patterns. In rare instances a medical problem such as endocrine disease, will be the culprit. First make sure your child really is overweight. For borderline cases, pinpointing whether a child is overweight or not can be tricky. As your first step, consult with your pediatrician.

10 Steps You Can Take: 1. Be supportive of your child. 2. Focus on family, not an individual. 3. Increase family physical activity. 4. Be a role model, set an example. 5. Teach your children healthy eating habits. 6. Encourage slow eating. 7. Plan snacks in advance. 8. Involve kids in shopping and preparing meals. 9. Don't use food to reward or punish. 10. If unsure what to do, consult with a certified dietician

Avon Cosmetics: a Leader in Cosmetics As Well As Corporate Philanthropy Avon cosmetics are manufactured by the Avon Products, Inc. corporation. Avon produces perfume, cosmetics and even toys with markets in over 135 countries around the world. Avon has annual sales of $7.74 billion around the world. Avon's CEO and company chairman is Andrea Jung, who in 1999 was promoted to the position. Today, Avon's' fastest growing markets are in Russia and China. Though Avon has traditionally been and continues to primarily be a direct-sales company, in places like China most sales happen in retail stores. Door to door selling was banned in China during the 1990s, but this hasn't seemed to slow Avon sales in China.

Avon cosmetics are not just for women, though traditionally women have been the target market for Avon products. There are also Avon products that are geared toward men and their skin care needs. Avon has also been seeing profits from their children's products, including toys and basic toiletries such as shampoo and bubble bath. More recently, Avon came out with two new brands, "M" and "mark". M is an Avon catalogue and line of products for men. Mark is an Avon line targeted to younger, college aged women (18-25). The Mark product line has been very successful and features a monthly 'magalog' that showcases the latest and most popular Avon cosmetics and other products geared toward younger cosmetics shoppers. Beyond commercial pursuits, the Avon corporation is also invested in various philanthropic causes that are mostly focused on health and women's empowerment issues. Some of the biggest campaigns launched or participated in by Avon involve breast cancer, domestic violence and global issues.

Profile for Theresa Zaino

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The #1 Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine and Media Resource in the United States and around the Globe.