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Jay Adams, Nancy Evans, and Al Martino


National Promoters League “World Event News� Coverage

Dear Martial Arts Enthusiasts, This is Theresa Zaino, Editor of the Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine. I would like to begin by thanking everyone for their support of the Martial Arts Entertainment agazine as we enter into our second issue, Volume 2 "Martial Artists In The Movies“. The Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine is an online publication designed to give you the facts about today's martial arts world including the latest news, events, special reports on our industries leaders, living legends, celebrities, stars and the martial arts entertainment and movie industry. In 2007 the Martial Arts Entertainment Radio was born and with your help and support we now have over 100 shows on your favorite martial arts stars and pioneers of our industry, mixed martial arts celebrities, event coverage, and interviews on topics of sports, martial arts business, youth, travel, and cooking. In June we will be launching the start of our New "Martial Arts Show Biz TV" online television show, giving you one more opportunity to reach the world with your own online show or infomercial. At this time we invite you to take a look at our great advertising rates. Why internet advertising? * Today 75% of ALL advertising is done on the internet verses traditional advertising. * Targeting customers. We target over 25,000 Martial Artists with each E-News campaign and get over 90,000 hits per month on our sites. * Cost. Our pricing is 75% cheaper than conventional advertising. Don't put if off any further. Contact us today at: entertainmentmag@comcast.net to advertise in the next issue of Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine or have us design for you one of our advertising packages which includes ad space in the Magazine, Radio Show interview, TV infomercial air time, and email E-News blasts, all for one low affordable price! We also invite our subscribers to contribute relevant content to this online publication by contacting the Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine at: entertainmentmag@comcast.net. Inclosing I would like to thank the contributing writers to this issue of the Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine: Dr. Richard Hackworth of the "World Martial Arts Magazine", Claire Poulton "Nutrition 2 Success", Danny Zaino, publisher of the "Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine, Maurice Contrac "Budo Magazine", and Aurelien Henry Obama from Africa. Again I thank you for your support and hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. Yours in the Martial Arts, Theresa Zaino Editor Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine

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Letter From The Editor Article - "Road to Becoming a Grand Master Feature Cover Story - "Movie Stunt Legend Kim Kahana Don the dragon Wilson - Star of Over 29 Feature Films 5 Easy Ways To Promote Your Martial Arts Website The Life and Legend of Bob Wall Three Reasons To Join The World Martial Arts Network James Sang Lee - actor, stuntman and bodyguard Born to Compete FightZone Media Gene LeBell – The “GodFather of Grappling” The New Coming African Martial Arts Movie – an Aurelien Henry Obama Production Two Great Internet Television Shows Contest Winners Bart Vale’s Ultimate ShootFighting Championship IV Advertise with the National Promoters League Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors 2010 MMA San JuJitsu and Kali Seminar – Stadthagen, Germany Refined Sugar Destroys Health – by Clair Poulton – Nutrition 2 Success Shihan Andy Horne – Stunt Coordinator

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The Road To Becoming A Grandmaster Hi. I would like to introduce myself. I’m a new Grand Master, an 8th Degree Black Belt in American GoJu-Ryu. I've been promoted by such great Grand Masters as John Pachivas, Carl Stone, Ulysses “Pop” Winn, Roy Williams, John Gabriel, and Richie Alford just to name a few. I have co-written 3 books, am the Co-Host of the "Danny & Theresa Zaino’s Martial Arts Radio Hour” and the “Martial Arts Success Show” on the Martial Arts Entertainment Radio which I started in 2009 and has become the most popular and listened to radio network of its kind along with the Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine and I am now producing two documentary films “Born to Compete” and the “Warriors Quest”. I know this probably means nothing to you, but the point I am trying to make is I am involved in the Martial Arts community. Shaping and molding it. Taking from it, but mostly giving back. If I were to ask some of my Martial Arts friends what they think about Martial Arts today, they would say that their studios are struggling and hurting financially. That is because somehow the tradition has been lost. Know one wants to put on a silly suit we call gi's and study martial arts history, philosophy, and train for 20 to 30 years just to learn the proper way of performing kicks, punches, and to fall the right way with Judo and Jujitsu techniques. Karate is now becoming a forgotten art. People feel that Kata (Forms), bowing for respect, and learning the history of the style they are studying is a waste of time. Professional Mixed Martial Artists is what everyone is craving. It seems to be what everyone is talking about. Yes, it is impressive to watch on TV and the average Joe knows their names and titles. It’s as rough as it comes and plenty of people are making allot of money. So I say to you, what about the old Grand Master? What is going on with the Martial Arts society today? I know I am just speaking for myself, but frankly I’m a little confused why my young students want to do the MMA and not train with me. I am 49 years old, in decent shape, and have studied all kinds of Martial Arts for the past 35 years. I have studied and trained with allot of great masters. Personally, I think that Grand Masters should capitalize on this and continue teaching the old style, which I think is called stand up. That is exactly what I intend to do. Spread the word about old school martial arts. It’s funny. How did I get the rank that I am at right now? I’ll tell you how, and it is the same story for most Grand Masters. I had 30 students as a brown belt at the age of 22. For 10 years straight I had no senior belts at my school. Just me fighting everyone that walked through the door wanting to test my skills. To be truthful, it was a real pain in the backside! Every Tom, Dick, and Harry wanted a piece of me. I got my ass kicked but I kicked allot of butts as well. I’ve had both of my biceps (right and left arms) ripped out and rebuilt and my nose has been broken 11 times as well as toes, ribs and teeth. Besides fighting, by being a professional martial arts teacher you had to produce martial arts students teaching little kids, women, and even crazy people turning them into great martial artists. Then you took some of those students to martial arts competitions, kick boxing matches, and to learn all about the politics at the events. For the first 20 years most of my students lost in competition due to lack of competition skills and event politics, but as the years went on I began to figure it all out. Eventually we got better and better which resulted in me producing numerous state, national, and world champions. 45 Black Belts later it is amazing how the different generations of students over the years are different from the ones from the past. Now 35 years later I have my 10 or so Black Belts that love me and out of 10, 5 that still respect me as their teacher. The bottom line is this. Can I fight? That is the whole reason why you study martial arts.

I remember at a karate tournament about 4 or 5 years ago a Grand Master asked me why I write to perfect strangers and talk about martial arts over the internet. He asked me if I knew who he was. I did. The bottom line was he was thinking of fighting me, but the real reason was he wanted respect for his past accomplishments running one of the top teams in the 80’s. The moral is that Grand Masters just want their little bit of respect. Recently I finally did something I have wanted to do for the past 30 years. I opened up my Karate System to the general public. It is a great martial arts system which has run its course for the past 35 years. If anyone out there wants to learn traditional old school style of Karate, my organization is one for you. God Bless you in your Martial Arts Career, Grand Master Danny T. Zaino Publisher of the Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine

* 8th Degree Black Belt - Hachidan * 35 years in the Martial Arts * Former US Army Karate Team * Former US Army & Florida Police Officer * Creator of the "Pure Warrior" Sports Tonfa * Head Coach Team Americas (formerly National Team Pepsi) * 15 Time Hall of Famer * Starring in Documentary Movies "Born to Compete" and "Warriors Quest“ If you are a school owner who would like to benefit by having a great weapons program at your school or a martial artist just looking to improve your techniques, then this is the program for you.

For more information call: 561-575-5425 Email: dzkarate@comcast.net

Visit: AmericanGoJuRyuKarateFederation.com www.teamamericas.net

Feature Cover Story "Movie Stunt Legend Kim Kahana"

*Former Member of the Stuntmen's Association of Motion Pictures * 8 years on the Screen Actors Guild's Safety Investigative Team * Martial Arts Instructor for over 40 years * Six Different Black Belt Degrees * Hand to Hand Combat & Weapons Expert * President of Stunt Action & Safety Coordinators, Inc., 2nd Unit Productions, and Stunt Action Hero’s, Inc. Now 80 years old, Kim Kahana is squinty-eyed and somber, with an actors facility for looking like either a Chinese bandit or a rich Mexican lawyer. Barely 5 foot 7 inches tall with a slim physique it is not difficult to assume, even in his bandit mode, that one can challenge him impunity. Sometimes he even smiles, which adds to his generally shy and offensive appearance, like a rabbit at the water hole that, by its vulnerability, invites the pounce of a bigger and stronger predator. But don't be fooled. This rabbit is a stunt man. He was the quintessential kid, war hero, martial arts expert, and a gun-packing body guard. He once killed two armed men who were trying to assault a woman in a parking-lot and killed a dozen others while winning the silver star as a paratrooper during the Korean War. Once Captured by the Communists and left for dead, he dug his way out of a mass grave and escaped, and before the war was over he had added two bronze stars and two purple hearts to his uniform. At his stunt school in Groveland, Florida they call him the General, where at the age of 80 he still runs stunt camps teaching high falls, rolling of cars, cliff hanging, and a horror of other film stunts that civilized people avoid. To those who sign up for

his course he tells them, "If your friends tell you your a little crazy, then you're the student for me" privately adding "Because I'm a little crazy too!" Some might agree with him, including the physician who, after treating him for a broken back, told him he would never be a stunt man again. Being somewhat impatient and not wanting to be told that he couldn't do something, Kahana promptly walked into the men's room, smashed himself against a wall until the cast shattered, took it off and walked out after being in the cast for only 3 months.

At his stunt school which he started in 1972 and opened up to the general public in 1977 Kahana demands absolute attention, leading his students through their paces like a Marine drill instructor, warning, threatening, cajoling, blind in one eye, angry in the other. There is nothing they do that he hasn't already done in about 300 movies body doubling for actor Charles Bronson in several of his films. If they don't believe it, he proves it! "You don't tell them", says the man who has free-fallen 120 feet into water. "You show them!" Kahana limits his stunt school sessions to about a half a dozen students who pay about $4500 a piece for a six week course. He limits the size of his camps to ensure individual attention, and won‘t just take anyone who walks in off the street. He guarantees them no jobs, tolerates no disrespect, and throws them out if he feels they are incapable of learning what he is trying to teach. "You've got to have a stunt man's instinct or you're going to get hurt" he says having broken his arms 60 times as well as other essential body parts. Kahana gets enraged by those who encourage amateurs to try stunts best left to the professionals and complains about producers who use inadequate safety standards for the pros. Kahana tells his students to "be afraid!" As he teaches them to repel down the face of a cliff. "Always know fear! "When you stop being afraid, your dead!"

Part Hawaiian and part Japanese, Kahana refers to himself as the "half-assed Oriental" and you'll find him the majority of the time dressed in camouflaged dungarees and combat boots, feet apart and hands on his hips. He is proud of the fact that out of 250 students that have gone through his stunt school in the past 40 years, no one has ever been seriously hurt and at least half of them are working as movie industry as stunt people. In the past he ran his own body guard agency with a staff of 30 and his 3 sons and daughter all hold black belts in the martial arts and are all involved in the movie stunt industry including his grandson. Kahana learned the stunt business by doing it. Although he claims to be a little nutty he thinks he is also lucky too. In 1955 he was on a plane that crashed in Texas where thirty-two people were killed and he walked off without a scratch proving to himself he's right where he ought to be. For more information on Kim Kahana and to learn more about his stunt camps you can visit his website at: www.kahanastunts.com.

Kim Kahana (center) next to Chuck Norris and Benny "The Jet" Urquidez (far right) and family

The Academy Awards of Martial Arts "Hall of Honors Banquet� at the Tropicana Casino and Resort - Atlantic City, New Jersey January 20-21, 2011

New Friday Night Party with the Stars Exclusive for the First 200 Persons to Register

Promoted by Action Martial Arts Magazine New for 2011, this year we are adding in a Friday Night party exclusive for the first 200 people that register for the Saturday Night Hall of Honors Banquet. Inductee and a guest will receive a free pass and a drink ticket, finger foods, and music. On hand there will be over 20 Martial Arts Stars. All set in a relaxed party atmosphere. 7-9 PM will be set aside for this exclusive group. Starting at 9 PM till 11 PM the door will open for all other Hall of Honors guests. Go to: www.actionmagstore.com for registration and credit card or paypal payments. For questions on how to get an Invite email us at:4martialarts@earthlink.net or call 718-856-8070.

Don the dragon Wilson Don "the Dragon" Wilson's humble beginnings started in Cocoa Beach, Florida, where he was born and raised in the shadow of Cape Canaveral, where his father worked as an engineer for NASA. Don was an honors student at high school, and his quest was to follow in his father's footsteps. He attended the Coast Guard Academy, where he studied engineering, and wanted to become a military officer, but a lesson from his older brother, Jim, who had already been studying kung-fu changed his life forever. Don had also been a great athlete in high school, captaining both the football team and the basketball team, where he was the team mvp in both sports. Therefore he couldn't understand why at a solid 205 lbs., he could not outfight his smaller 155 lb. brother. Don was soon competing in competitions, and point fighting. Don was studying the dragon style (pai lum) of kung-fu, however he did not feel fulfilled with this style and wanted to prove that kung-fu practitioners could really fight. He discovered the world of kickboxing, where he became a student of the game, and started his professional kickboxing career in 1974, training and fighting out of his brother Jim's dojo. By 1978 his ring performances had attracted sponsorship from an investment group, and by 1979 he was the PKA U.S. middleweight champion. At that point, Don had been working on his techniques with PKA world champion, Bill "Superfoot“ Wallace. This was the genesis of Don's legendary kicking skills. he was able to use every kind of kick invented, including the jumping and spinning variety, and could deliver double and triple kicks from each leg. At that time, Don was considered the heir apparent to the PKA world title vacated by the retirement of Bill "Superfoot" Wallace. However the PKA advocated a policy dictating that all contenders had to be exclusive property of the PKA, and Don felt that it was not to his advantage to be exclusive, because Don would fight under any sanction, against any fighter, to prove his abilities.

In 1980, Don won the WKA Light-Heavyweight World Champioship, His first World title. Later in 1980, he won his second World title, the STAR Light-Heavyweight Champioship. In 1982, he won the WKO World Light-Heavyweight title. In 1983, Don won the KICK World Light-Heavyweight title, and later in the year added the WKA World Cruiserweight title. He also was named Official Karate magazine's Fighter of the Year. In 1984, Don won Super Light-Heavyweight World titles in both the WKA and STAR organizations, along with Official Karate, and Black Belt magazine's Halls of Fame, and culminated with STAR Career Champion - The Highest rated Kickboxer of all time. By the time Don hung up the gloves, he had won 2 more World titles under the sanctions of ISKA, and the PKO. What makes "The Dragon“ the greatest champion is the fact that he won 11 World Titles, in 3 different weight classes under 6 different sanctioning organizations. He was world champion for 11 straight years, defeating 12 other world champions, 12 numberone contenders and 15 National champions on four continents. Don thoroughly dominated kickboxing as the undisputed world champion, fighting anyone, under any rules, and he defeated the best champions in their own hometowns, while they were in their prime. Don's impressive career record consists of 71 wins, 47 by knockout, and 6 by kick-knockout, and he was also the first kung-fu practitioner to become a World Kickboxing champion. In 1996, Don was named the Greatest Competitor of All Time by Kickside magazine-Europe. As Don's phenomenal kickboxing career was winding down, he came to Hollywood at the suggestion of his friend and fellow martial artist, Chuck Norris. After hooking up with agent Ray Cavaleri (who is still his agent), Don got a national commercial, and a stint on the soap opera "General Hospital". Shortly thereafter came a fateful audition with the legendary filmmaker Roger Corman, who had discovered such talents as William Shatner, Jack Nicholson, and Robert DeNiro. Corman was so impressed with Don's kickboxing career and his natural charm, that he immediately signed him to a non-exclusive seven movie contract, and Don starred in the huge hit, "Bloodfist". Since Don was still fighting, Corman actually once insured Don's face for $10 million with Lloyd's of London. The tremendous success of "Bloodfist" urged Corman to produce a sequel, and that success led to eight different versions of "Bloodfist". Don had discovered his niche of producing (yes, he has co-produced all but the first 4 films) and starring in exciting action films where he can showcase his incredible kicking skills, his keen sense of humor, and his undeniable charisma.

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Posting messages to discussion boards, sometimes called forums, is a great way to promote your martial arts school web site. When you post a message include your signature file at the end. Include an attention getting sentence why they should visit your martial arts school web site. If you read any of my posts at www.martialarts-discussion.worldmartialartsmagazine.com you will notice my signature file at the bottom. You can set this up in your profile area so that it is automatically included with every post that you make. About the author: Richard Hackworth is a Grand Master with more than 30 years in the martial arts industry. He is the editor of www.worldmartialartsmagazine and contributing writer for www.martialartsentertainmentmagazine.com . He is a regular cohost on www.actionradio.net and www.martialartsentertainmentradio.net . Be sure to join him and add him to your friends at www.worldmartialartsnetwork.ning.com .

Subject - Brace Yourself

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The Life and Legend of

Bob Wall

For two decades Bob Wall was a force on the tournament circuit placing 1st or 2nd in every major karate championship from 1965 to 1972. Mr. Wall was also a member of the legendary quintet of Chuck Norris, Mike Stone, Joe Lewis, and Skipper Mullins sweeping the world professional titles for 1970, 71, & 72. In addition to his championship career in the ring, Mr. Wall was also the only actor to appear in three Bruce Lee movies. His most notable role was as the evil O’Hara in "Enter The Dragon," one of Warner Brothers top ten grossing films of all time. Mr. Wall and Mr. Lee were very close friends; they shared a special bond that lasted until Mr. Lee’s untimely death. To this day Mr. Wall speaks often and fondly of his departed friend. Mr. Wall also appeared in "Law Man Jeans", "Hai Karate" and "Black Belt Cologne" commercials and has made numerous guest appearances on "Walker, Texas Ranger", Hong Kong TV’s "Enjoy Yourself Tonight", "Hollywood Squares" and "Family Matters", to name a few. Mr. Wall is also one of the most featured personalities appearing on the cover of 41 magazines including, "Black Belt", "Official Karate", "Fighting Stars", "Karate Illustrated", "Professional Karate", "Martial Arts Legends", "Budo", "Inside Karate", "Karate News", "Fighter", "Karate Budo", "Fighting Spirit" and "Karate Review". Additional honors include four Hall of Fame induction’s and the Karate Pioneer & Martial Arts Museum Awards. Along with his many martial arts awards and accolades Mr. Wall is also a successful California’s Real Estate entrepreneur. In 1983 and 1984, Mr. Wall was listed in "Who’s Who" in California and "Who’s Who" in Business and Finance in 1998. In 1967 the legendary Chuck Norris and Bob formed a partnership with two Karate studios and grew them into a large chain of studios. In 1968 Chuck and Bob formed the first Martial Art school finance company, Martial Art Acceptance. The former Karate Champion, film star, trainer, manager, author, Grand Master and martial arts pioneer never allowed himself to be chained to a specific style or system. It’s been said that if there is a part of the Martial Arts world untouched by Bob Wall, it must not have importance.

In 1975 Mr. Wall authored the first, "Who’s Who in the Martial Arts and Directory of Black Belts" which included over 5,000 martial art schools. This archive pays honor to the men and women whose success and achievements laid the foundation for generations of future martial artists. Today Mr. Wall continues his vision and is the driving force and inspiration behind "WorldBlackBelt.com". Mr. Wall has trained in many styles and systems with some of the most prominent martial arts legends. He studied judo under "Judo" Gene LeBell and Al Thomas, Okinawa-te under Gordon Doversola and Shorin-Ryu under Joe Lewis, Boxing under Chuck "The Hurricane Kid” Simonini, Jujitsu under the world famous Machado Brothers, and Tae Kwon Do under Chuck Norris. "Joe and Gene toughened me up", Mr. Wall said. "But it was Chuck Norris that turned me into a complete martial artist and in the process taught me a lot of life’s lessons". Bob Wall continues to lead by example. In the dojo, on the mat, in the ring, or in the board room this high-energy martial arts and business Icon is a proven winner. Armed with a vision of things to come through WorldBlackBelt, Mr. Wall is leading the martial arts community into the 21st century with the same zeal and determination that he brought to the competition circuit 4 decades ago. If you would like to contact Bob Wall you can do so at: bobwall@worldblackbelt.com Visit: www.worldblackbelt.com


Seminars on - Fight Scene Choreography / How to Run a Show Team Demonstration and Put on a Dynamic Performance Complete Weapon Training Event & Television Performances Live Radio & Television Interviews Contact: teamamericas@comcast.net Call: 561-575-KICK Visit: www.teamamericas.net

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James Sang Lee actor, stuntman and bodyguard The Stuntman/Actor was born in Madison, Wisconsin on June 12, 1971. The Chinese/American had been a performer all his life involved in music, the arts, and in sports. Although a student of the American Academy of Music, his first love was martial arts. Lee’s background in classical piano and violin was overshadowed greatly by his championship training from martial art masters Wei Kong Koo and Sang Kee Paik. Lee went on to win multiple martial art championships in the 1990’s. His discovery in 1993 by Directors/producers Doug Schwartz and Michael Berke of Baywatch along with wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan led to his notoriety as a film and television villain. Currently now a member of the Kahana Stunt Team and Stunt Action Coordinators Lee is best known for stunts, character villains, and fight choreography in particular in the area of martial art weaponry. Awards • 1 US Open World Championship • 2x Diamond National Champion • 3x ISKA World Champion Runner Up • Ranked once #1 in the World Special Skills - Internationally known Hand to Hand Combat and Weapons Expert - Over 30 years in martial arts - 6th degree black belt in Jiu Jitsu - Kobujutsu Weapons Expert Black belts also in Kung fu, Karate, and Tae Kwon Do - Executive Protection Specialist - Head of Security for over 1000 concerts and special events - Firearms Instructor NRA Pistol, NRA PPITH, and NRA PPOTH - CCW, Class D, Class G - Bodyguard to numerous celebrities - Member Screen Actor's Guild (SAG)

Movies • Lethal Weapon 4 • Blade • Shootfighter II • Dead Presidents • The Walking Dead • The Librarians • Mortal Kombat Conquest • Kyoko • Michael Winslow Live • The Dream Team • Animal Planet • America's Health and Fitness • Mama Flora's Family • Sudden Terror • Kenan and Kel • Thunder in Paradise 3 • Pointman • WMAC Masters • Love They Neighbor • Martial Arts and the Movies • This Job's a Trip • Internal Power Self Defense

Contact James at: DBLCHUX@hotmail.com Visit: www.fortresshill.us

Born to Compete

- theandmovie "Born to Compete" stars the members of "Team Americas" the Zaino family of Jupiter, Florida. The movie is a documentary that is two years into production, Produced by Danny Zaino and Directed by Richard Hackworth. It follows the careers of the Zaino family as a martial arts team as they battle their opponents and Sport Karate politics to become one of the most respected teams in the world. The film then follows the Zaino family from competition to acting classes, stunt school, TV show appearances, radio shows and live performances as they become the first family of martial arts entertainment. Head coach Danny Zaino, who received martial arts rank in the Military while stationed in Korea and Ft. Bliss Texas and was a member of the US Army Karate Team, provides a narrative view of the behind the scenes footage talking about the reality of what it takes to reach the top. His team, "Team Americas" World Martial Arts Show Team consists primarily of his family members. With Danny & Theresa Zaino as the coach and manager and their three children, Tony Zaino, Joey Zaino and Dominique Zaino as team members, this film has something that every member of your family can relate to. There is no C.G.I. animation, no trick photography, just real life martial artists demonstrating their amazing skills on camera for all to enjoy. This is a must see for the entire family. This is Danny Zaino's first full length movie production. His past projects include radio shows for the Action Radio Network and Martial Arts Entertainment Radio. You can find his articles frequently featured in World Martial Arts Magazine and Martial Entertainment Magazine. Richard Hackworth is a career TV and Radio Personality. His past projects include 129 episodes of the "King of Sports" TV Show in Japan and Korea, 6 seasons on the "Never Die" TV Show on Skylife Network, and 4 seasons on the "Turning Up The Heat!" TV Show on Brighthouse Networks. Hackworth is the host of "The Richard Hackworth Show" on the Action Radio Network and Martial Arts Entertainment Radio as well as the co-host and frequent guest on several other shows.


With Over 100 Hours of National MMA Programming When FightZone TV began airing MMA events in 2006, they began with a modest four shows per month on FSN Affiliate Sun Sports, wired into 6 million plus Florida Homes and 4 million national subscribers on DIRECTV and The Dish Network. There were four original Promoter Partners: Real Fighting Championships (RFC), Mainstream MMA, Ultimate Warrior Challenge (UWC) and Combat Fighting Championships (CFC). Now there are sixteen with new leagues and events being added monthly.

Starting their fourth year of broadcasting, FightZone TV will air 112 hours of MMA content in January to over 25 million homes on Sun Sports, Sport South, DIRECTV, The Dish Network and ATT U-verse and be available to over 65% of the homes in America with cable TV. Look for FightZone TV to even increase their distribution coverage in 2010 both on more cable networks and on various websites making their content available on demand and to video capable phones. FightZone TV programming now includes three shows: • FightZone Presents the best in MMA events from around the country, UK, Aruba and Hawaii. • Jay Adams' Brawl Call, an up close and personal, behind the scenes, Interview Show with FightZone co-owner Jay Adams talking to the biggest stars in MMA today. • And MMA 30, a fast paced monthly News Program based in Las Vegas, and hosted by Dave Farra, who is always right on top of every breaking MMA story. In addition MMA 30 supplies a 2 minute Breaking News update inserted in every FightZone Presents show. This past year saw FightZone TV expanding its support in the MMA Community with sponsorships of the record setting Inaugural UFC Fan Expo in Vegas, World Expo in New York, World MMA Awards held in Las Vegas, Florida MMA Awards and numerous local and national events. Providing commentary and hosting most of FightZone's live events, Jay Adams traveled across the globe in 2009 to bring their viewers MMA action from such diverse places as Hawaii, Aruba, Belfast Ireland and various mainland US locations such as Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Smith Arkansas, Cincinnati, Sarasota, Southern California, Tampa, Ft. Myers and Washington DC. Debuting on FightZone TV in January will be Cage Wars Champioship's "Nightmare" Part 1 from the historic King's Hall in Belfast, Ireland featuring MMA superstar Rich "No Love" Clementi against Irish sensation Chris "Menace to Society" Stringer in an all out international super fight. The Machine, John Lober stepped out of retirement to face Lee "Dragon" Mc Kibbin and was out to put the young Dragon in his place. Colin "The Gift" McKee was intent on increasing his six fight winning streak by facing down undefeated Brazilian Ju Jitsu black belt Neydson Santos Ferrara from Spain. Nightmare features a host of International and

European talent in a non stop action packed event that was so big it had to be split in half with Part 2 airing in February. Also debuting will be FightZone's newest Promoter Partner, Unconquered Martial Arts' "November Reign," held at the BankUnited Center located on the University of Miami’s campus. This event saw fighters leaving it all in the cage with the judge’s scorecards only being read once. The action packed event was called by Jay Adams, Jen Boronico and Din Thomas cageside. The card featured two female fights with Amanda Duval from Animal House taking on the tough ATT fighter Jessica Aguilar and the televised bout of Michelle Gutierrez and Fight Girls' Felice Herrig, a Muay Thai Champion. Other featured bouts included Jen Boronico's pick for Fight Of The Night, Allan Arzeno vs. Patrick Mikesz in a crowd pleaser ending with a standing ovation. Another fight that had the crowd on their feet was the Miami street fighting legend Rene Martinez vs Charlie Champion. In other action, The Miami Hometown Hero, Luis “Baboon” Palomino took on Rafael Dias and ATT’s eighteen-year-old prodigy, Yuri Villefort against Joshua Lee. This truly International card, which saw fighters from the US, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Venezuela and Czech Republic among others, set the stage for many more Unconquered events to come. And, of course, FightZone TV will be there to bring you all the action. Rounding out FightZone TV's January's debuts is X1's "Legends" from Hawaii. This event features some of the most know and loved Hawaii fighters over the past years, plus some newcomers trying to become fan favorites on their way to future legends. Bouts include two fighters, who according to Russell Shimooka, a legendary commentator himself, were not legends coming into this fight but will soon be after this explosive TV coverage. Welterweight Champion, Chad Reiner and Brandon Wolff, after having a five, 5 minute war of non stop action, will certainly be local legends after these airings. Also on the card were: Kolo Koka vs Michael Brightmon; Ray "Bradda" Cooper vs Ritchie Whitson and Egan Inoue vs Hans Marrero. Fight Zone's Promoter Partners include Cage Wars Championships (CWC-UK), Unconquered (UMA- FL), Art Of Fighting (AOF-FL). Vendetta, (Aruba), X1 (Hawaii), Ultimate Warrior Championships (UWC - Washington, DC), Mainstream (Iowa), Xtreme Fighting Association (XFA -Las Vegas), Pure Combat (CA), Real Fighting Championships (RFCTampa, FL), Reality Combat Championships (RCC - Jacksonville), Gladiator Challenge (CA), World Fighting Championships (WFC, Tampa, FL) Combat Fighting Championships (CFC Orlando, FL), . For Airing Schedules, Commercial availability and Media Kit, visit www.FightZone.TV or email FightZoneMedia@aol.com or call 727-577-5500. Visit: www.FightZoneMedia.com

Gene LeBell

Gene LeBell started young in the world of fighting. Gene.s mother, Aileen Eaton, owned and operated the Olympic Auditorium. The Olympic was built in 1927 for the Olympic Games in 1932. It has housed some of the greatest boxers and wrestlers of all time - Muhammad Ali, Jerry Quarry, Gorgeous George, Jimmy Londos, John "The Golden Greek" Tolos, Sugar Ray Robinson, Andre the Giant, Archie Moore, Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, Henry Armstrong, Gene Fullmer, Emile Griffith, Floyd Patterson, Lauro Salas, Ike Williams, Mando Ramos, Danny Lopez, Carlos Palomino, Jimmy Carter, Art Aragon, Sugar Ramos, Carlos Ortiz, Willy Pep, Lou Thesz, and a thousand more - and Gene was warming up the mat with them as early as age 6. One wrestler in particular, Ed .Strangler. Lewis, started Gene off in the world of grappling (not wrestling, wrestling has different rules). Ed explained that with grappling you could do just about anything to your opponent. You could hit the guy, do heel locks, ankle locks, armbars, back locks, neck locks, tweak the nose or choke him out. Needless to say, when Gene entered his first out of school judo tournament at the age of 14, the officials were horrified to see Gene performing .illegal. grappling moves on his opponents - tossing them into the air as if they're as light as mobile phones and jumping on them, dropping elbows on them, and simply terrorizing his competitors. Unfortunately it was a short day for Gene, the officials ended up disqualifying him from the event stating that he used too much strength. "I don't count disqualifications as losses. If you've never been disqualified, you've never been afraid of your opponent.“ Undaunted, Gene worked even harder to improve his skills, training every day in martial arts and boxing, and competing in tournaments on the weekends. Gene was gearing up for something big. At the age of 20, Gene LeBell had 14 years of hardcore training from the best in the world, and he set his sights on the National Judo Championship in 1954 at the Kesar Pavilion in San Francisco. Gene tore through the ranks of competitors with everything he had. After the smoke cleared, Gene LeBell was the last man standing - he had won the National AAU Heavyweight Judo Championship and the USA Overall Judo Championship back to back. Skeptics called it a fluke - they said that Gene had more luck than talent, and wrote him off. Gene has often said "the harder you work, the luckier you get." He came back and took the national championships again in 1955, this time at the Olympic Auditorium where he had trained during his youth.

After taking two consecutive Judo Championships, Gene decided to try his hand at Pro Wrestling. "I had won over 200 trophies, and if I cashed them all in, they wouldn't make a single house payment." The highlight of his professional wrestling career was in Amarillo Texas when he beat Pat O'Connor (from Australia) for the world's heavyweight wrestling championship. Then, while flaunting the championship belt, Gene accidentally hit the commissioner and split open his head. Even though it was an accident, Gene was disqualified, and his belt was taken away. "At least I was the champ for 12 seconds." Unbelievably, lawsuits were actually filed against Gene, and he decided to take a trip to Hawaii while the heat died down. On Dec 2 1963, in Salt Lake City Utah, Kenpo master Ed Parker told Gene about a boxer named Jim Beck - a man who claimed that a professional boxer could easily best any martial artist. Gene agreed to step into the ring and prove Jim wrong, but upon arrival Gene realized that they had pulled a bait-and-switch; instead of Jim Beck stepping into the ring, Gene was facing off with Milo Savage - the no 5 ranked light heavywieght boxer in the world. Unfazed, Gene held true to his end of the bargain and took his place in the ring. Milo Savage was wearing brass knuckles - not only that, Milo was greased from head to toe, making it nearly impossible to keep a hold of him. After 4 hard fought rounds, Gene choked out Savage. He stayed out for 20 minutes (for those that would like to see it, this fight is available on VHS in the Products section). During Gene's more than 25 years of wrestling he did far more than wrestle. He was also doing stunt work for movies and television, and still is today. In his ongoing career to date, Gene has appeared in more than 1,000 movies and TV shows. Gene is considered one of the greatest martial artists of all time, in addition to being a teacher of champions. He has taught grappling to such greats as Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Benny "the Jet" Urquidez, Gokor Chivichyan, Bob Wall, Ed Parker Hayward Nishioka, and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace just to name a few. Gene says "It wasn't a one-way street. I learned a lot from each of these champions.“ Some are suprised to discover that Gene got his pioneer spirit from his mother Aileen Eaton, former owner of the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles for 38 years. She was one of the only female boxing/wrestling promoter's in the history of those sports. Not only did Muhammad Ali fight for her, but so did legends such as Sugar Ray Robinson, Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, Archie

Moore, Henry Armstrong, Hene Fullmer, Emile Griffith, Floyd Patterson, Lauro SAlas, Ike Williams, Mando Ramos, Danny Lopez, Carlos Palomino, Jummy Carter, Art Aragon, Sugar Ray Ramos, Carlos Ortiz, Willy Pep and so many more. One can easily see why Gene LeBell would grow up to become the world class athlele, competitor and teacher he is. Gene LeBell has made a tremendous contribution to the martial arts community, and though he will stoutly deny it, he is admired and appreciated by nearly all of the greatest fighters alive today.

For more information on Gene Lebell Visit: www.genelebell.com

For More Information Visit: www.americangojuryu-karatefederation.com/seminars.html www.battleofthearts.com/npl_invitational_event.html Call: (561) 575-KICK

The New Coming African Martial Arts Movie: Lost Brother « Waka-waka man » an Aurélien Henry OBAMA Film production (NGUL Productions) For years Africa and African Diaspora community has been mourning for their own action martial arts heroes in the movies. Since the 70’s African American martial artists have been promoted in the Black exploitation film industry. Famous stars like Jim Kelly and Ron Van Clief brought pride to their people. In the 80’s and 90’s in the USA there were people like Taimak, and Billy Blanks. Today film stars like Wesley Snipes, Michael Jai White and many others continue the legacy of the African American Martial arts film heritage although great achievement have been done by African American martial artists in the movies, Asian and Europeans in origin are still dominating the action film scenes. A new renaissance of martial arts conscience has arise within international Black community which is African martial arts, fighting systems developed within Black/ African race inside and outside of Africa creating pride within the African people, valorization of the African warrior tradition.

Africa needs a hero; Africa needs heroes to believe in and dream about. So that African child can have their own African Bruce Lee. Models and examples to the African people that they can have their own heroes that they can relate too and the stories of their people can be valorize in the movies. For this reason the film project Lost Brother “Waka-waka man”: Africa needs a hero was initiated in Cameroon an African central region country by Aurélien Henry OBAMA who is the actual publisher of Shiai Magazine “the International African Martial Arts Magazine” www.shiaimagazine.net and an African martial artist practicing several martial arts disciplines like Karate shotokan Taekwondo, Sambo, Bodybuilding and a researcher in African martial arts. He wrote the script and is the producer of Lost Brother “Wakawaka man”. He will play the lead role of Jake DAMOSE aliases “The Wakawaka man” a former African soldier from KOONAN ( an imaginary African country) after the civil war in his nation , he searches for his lost brother in small locality which host dangerous ex-rebels who have converted to hard time criminals who control the town. Waka-waka man is obliged to free the town against the outlaws if he wants to find his brother. Africa needs a hero and jake DAMOSE is that hero.

Robert Parham an African American a retired Karate and Kickboxing champion converted to film acting will play the main villain of the film promoting Comba-Tai an African American Martial arts system in which he is a 10th degree Black belt. Jason “Phenom” Sterling a world Kickboxing champion will appear in the film as the friend to Waka-waka man and security defense agent of KOONAN. Jason Sterling in the film will demonstrate his unique African Martial arts system Khefa Uat (Kemetic for fist way). Pavel Nyziak from Poland Bolo Yeung (The Chinese Hercules) webmaster and film agent who practices Win chuan and Jeet Kune Do will have a special appearance in the film. Three men mentioned above are associate producers of lost Brother “Waka-waka man” the movie. The film is under NGUL Productions an Aurélien Henry OBAMA film production house. NGUL signifies force, power, strength and energy in the Beti Ewondo dialect of his people. The film has to be shot ending 2010 or beginning 2011 followed immediately the film sequel of Lost Brother “Waka-waka man” 2: Stand up for what you believe in. The film soundtrack will be produced by many famous African musicians in Psaume23 Music studio www.psaume23-music.net . The landscapes and the beauty of Cameroon “Africa in miniature” will be shown in the movie. Although Lost Brother “Waka-waka man” is an international African film the story theme is universal and all races and people of all horizons can identify to unique African martial arts hero. The search for his brother, helping his community to get rid of criminals, coming back from war and so forth are problems that faces our hero in which people can relate to. Best action African martial artists in Cameroon will feature in film besides other international actors including a professional mixed crew from Cameroon and abroad. Lost Brother “Waka-waka man” wants to be a unique film valorizing and giving Africa and whole Black community their own action heroes. For all those who are interested to sponsor or help out in the making of the film can contact the film producer at shiai_magazine@yahoo.com

They can also watch film demo Waka-waka man at www.youtube.com/masterobama

Master Ron Tramontano, The Martial Arts Network, and Master Alan Goldberg, founder of Action Martial Arts Magazine have joined forces to bring you a "World Renowned" Virtual Martial Arts Competition. Submit your best video into this worldwide Virtual Martial Arts Competition. At the end of the year we'll see who the top competitors are from all over the world. It was bound to happen sooner or later, the first Virtual Martial Arts Competition. Wow! And who do you think would put something like this together? You guessed it! The Martial Arts Network (Tman.com) and yours truly, Master Alan Goldberg and Master Ron Tramontano have joined forces to bring the Martial Arts Community a truly World Renowned event. Competitors from around the world will now have the opportunity to compete in a world arena for all of us to see. The first tournament tohave virtually an unlimited number of categories in which to compete. In November of 1995, TMAN, as it has become known, became the first global Martial Arts presence on the web. From November of 1995 until today, Master Tramontano has worked to integrate what we love to do, into the lives of every person in every country around the world. It's time to get out the video equipment and show us what you got. You need to jump head first into this one. It's about to get interesting. Here's how it works. When 5 (five) videos have been submitted in the same category, a competition will take place, and a winner will prevail. That winner will be notified that he or she has won and has moved to the next five submitted videos in that same category. Once a video has won five times in the same category, the video is removed and placed in holding until October of that year. At this time, all videos in holding in the same category will compete for the all around World Champion. Rules for competitors: Must be in uniforms, also please place on the first frame of your video, The category (first), your name (second), the paypal transaction number provided to you by PayPal (Only $5.00), and the length of the video (not to exceed four minutes). Tip: Your video should be: Good quality, proper execution, and short to the point.

For more information contact Ron Tramontano at: RonT398675@aol.com Call: 561-482-9049 or visit: www.tman.com and click onto the Virtual Martial Arts Competition Logo (as seen above).


The Zaino family, owners of the Martial Arts Entertainment Radio, Magazine, and Team Americas "World Martial Arts Show Team" are sponsoring a NEW Show called "Martial Arts Show Biz" TV. Danny originally collaborated the idea with Richard Hackworth. In the past Hackworth has worked on several local and international television shows. In conjunction with their on going movie projects they are managing the TV Network with the same entertainment format as the Martial Arts Entertainment Radio and Magazine.

Dominique Zaino, an experienced News Anchor will host the News portion of the show which will be aired in 10 minute video segments to allow for faster loading time and digital TV quality. Zaino and Hackworth are judging the Worlds first cyber-auditions, giving martial artists a chance to become part of a Worldwide online Martial Arts TV Show!Producer Danny Zaino is now conducting cyber auditions where YOU can audition via dvd or mpg clip to appear on upcoming episodes of the new Martial Arts TV Show. "Martial Arts Show Biz" TV is the first show of kind for the Martial Arts industry.

In the 1960's Andy Worhal created a movement with underground films. Everyone wanted to be a part of this in the entertainment industry because he could make the average person into a Movie Star. It is the same with the internet today. The internet is like the Wild Wild West and if you find the right vehicle its bounderies have no limits. Tony, Joey, and Dominique Zaino are no strangers to the Martial Arts Entertainment Industry and will play a big part in the programming for the show. To audition for "Martial Arts Show Biz" TV, enter today by sending your info to: dzkarate@comcast.net.

The "World Martial Arts TV Show", produced by Action Star Media and sponsored by World Martial Arts Magazine, will be running an internet Television Show which content focuses on training information and featuring various styles and experts. Show segment topics will include Striking and Kicking arts, Grappling arts, Self Defense skills, and Martial Arts Forms. The show's official launch date will be June 15th, 2010 and will feature members of "Team Americas" World Martial Arts Show Team along with several Hall of Fame Awardees. The Production manager is Kevin Rhodes, a 3 time world cruiser weight wrestling champion and a member of the famous Rhodes Pro Wrestling family along with Dusty and Dustin Rhodes. The show is hosted by Grand Master Richard Hackworth, PhD, who is also the co-host of the World Martial Arts Magazine Radio Show. Hackworth's co-host for the World Martial Arts TV Show is TangSooDo expert and radio personality Master Fred Parks. Hackworth and Parks first worked together on the "Martial Arts Success Show" for the Action Radio Network. For more information on how to audition for World Martial Arts TV visit: www.martialartstv.worldmartialartsmagazine.com/directions.html


Contest Winners

Resume & Headshot: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3463632/resume Martial Arts trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbmcpb-fzkU KA Profile: http://www.cirquetribune.com/database/artist.php?id= 149

Cheri Haight

Cheri and Jen Haight are the leading roles for Cirque du Soleil's "KA" show at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas. It is a live acrobatic theatre show that features Chinese Martial Arts, Puppetry, Pyrotechnics, and Ariel Stunts. Cheri and Jen are the main characters of the story, playing a pair of Imperial Twins who practice Wushu Chinese Martial Arts. They were cast for this role because of their high degree in Wushu Martial Arts; National Champions of their art and US Wushu Team members in 2003.

Resume & Headshot: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3463633/resume Martial Arts trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDivDiWv43M KA Profile: http://www.cirquetribune.com/database/artist.php?id= 150

Jen Haight

Started my Martial Arts journey May 10, 1959. Appeared in my first film in1973. Created the Elite Martial Art of Sei Ei Do. Developed the World's FIRST and still the ONLY complete ONLINE Black Belt training program. Have been recognized as the Pioneer of Online Martial Arts Instruction and given the title of "The Digital Master." I am a 2-Time Hall of Famer. 559-917-5262 www.masterjohnson.com www.thedigitalmaster.com

As an actor , stunt pro , MC and musician , David has been active in the martial arts for over ten years . His film credits include the award winning The Edison Death Machine , The Dark Knight and the upcoming horror/comedy feature My Bloody Wedding . He won a contest by Fender Frontline Magazine for the bass guitar division and has been inducted into martial arts halls of fame in America and Europe . David lives on land in Eastern Kentucky that has been in his family for a hundred years . For more information on David Fultz , please check his listing on the IMDb.com and Youtube . See film and video clips of David at www.myspace.com/davidafultz http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2197888/ http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/davidafultz?ref =profile

www.myspace.com/davidafultz www.mybloodywedding.com


Honor Leather Dry Fit Boxing Gloves

Honor Leather Headgear Product Price: $59.95

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Ultimate ShootFighting Championship IV On March 20, 2010, Henry Regalado's United Martial Arts Academy hosted the Ultimate ShootFighting Championship IV. The event was co-sanctioned by Bart Vale's International Shootfighting Association and the International Sport Karate Association. Participating schools included Regalado's United Martial Arts Academy, Noel Castillo's Tiger & Dragon Martial Arts of Kendall, Douglas Tate's Tiger & Dragon Martial Arts of Boca Raton, and Jesus Gonzalez's MASS Martial Arts Academy. The event provided these amateur/martial arts students an opportunity to compete in a safe, secure, and developmental setting; a setting that mimics the look and feel of a major event, complete with a regulation size ring, video/pyrotechnical introductions, pre-fight and post-fight interviews the Martial Arts Entertainment Radio Network (www.martialartsentertainmentradio.com) and Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine (www.martialartsentertainmentmagazine.com) and quality opponents. United Martial Arts Academy's Katdo Robinson was also presented with his, "Balck Sash," rank during the opening ceremonies.

Akers vs Stacy The aforementioned school's commitment to the development of it's students has not gone unrecognized; in particular by the office of Florida State Senator Alex Diaz De La Portilla. Senator Portilla has long been a supporter of the aforementioned schools and it's accompanying youth programs that are supported by the Early Childhood Learning Coalition, Miami-Dade Child Developmental Services, and The Childrens Trust. On March 20, Senatorial Aide Daniel Rodriguez was on hand to present Danny and Theresa Zaino an award from the Senator's Office for theiraccomplishments in the martial arts, which include the following:

1988 – Founders of the Florida Palm Coast Karate Events Tournament Circuit and National Promoters League "World Event Division" 7 Time Hall of Fame Promoters since 1994 for their "Battle of Florida" National Martial Arts Champions 1996 – (Danny Zaino) Innovator of the “Pure Warrior” Sports Tonfa for sports competition 1990 to current – producers of numerous State and National Champions for sports Martial Arts Competition 2000 – Founders of Team Americas “World Martial Arts Show Team” (Formerly National Team Pepsi) 2004 – 2008 – “Coach’s of the Year” Award for Team Americas (formerly National Team Pepsi) 2007 - 2009 – Winners of the #1 “Sports Radio Show of the Year” Danny & Theresa Zaino’s "Martial Arts Radio Hour” 2009 – Producers of the Martial Arts Entertainment Radio online radio network and the Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine online magazine 2010 – Producing and starring in the documentary films “Born to Compete” and “Warriors Quest”

2010 - Producers of the "Martial Arts Show Biz TV" online television show

Danny and Theresa Zaino (center) receive an award from the Senetor's Office for their accomplishments and contributions to the Martial Arts. Award given by Daniel Rodriguez (R) and Noel Castillo (L)

In addition we'd also like to recognize the following martial arts school owners and coporate partners who attended the event, to include: Sifu Alfred Magnan (Magnan Martial Arts), Sifu Julio Anta (Anta's Fitness & Self Defense), Sensei Bill Vergara (Family Martial Arts), Master Bart Vale (ISFA), Doug Tate (T&D Boca Raton), Jesus Gonzalez (MASS Martial Arts), Amy Losek (F.I.S.T./Tufchik Fight Gear), Henry Regaldo (United Martial Arts Academy), James Warring (World Champion Boxer & Kickboxer), Edward "Corey" Tucker (Sanuces Self Defense Academy), Jim Morrison (I.S.K.A.), Daniel Rodriguez (Senator Alex Diaz De La Portilla's Office), Danny and Theresa Zaino (Martial Arts Entertainment Radio Network and Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine), Barry Polonitza (American Kenpo Karate & Shootfighting), and several others. We trust that we will see several students competing from the aforementioned schools in the very near future.

Host Danny Zaino with Promoter Bart Vale

Hosts Danny & Theresa Zaino with Kick Boxing Champion James Warring

Host Danny Zaino interviews Sifu Henry Regalado

Host Danny Zaino with Cory Tucker from Sanuces Self Defense Academy

Advertise with the National Promoters League World Event Division The National Promoters League World Event Division was founded in 1988 by Danny & Theresa Zaino who have an over 20 years experience in marketing, advertising, and promoting national level events. Some of their other sister companies they have also built into leading martial arts events promotion resources are the Martial Arts Entertainment Radio Network , Magazine , and starting in June they will be launching their new "Martial Arts Show Biz TV" online television show. In all, this advertising experience could be very valuable to any martial arts business or event promoter that wants more business.

About The National Promoters League World Event Division The National Promoters League World Event Division is a marketing, consulting, and media relations firm for small to medium sized companies who want to sort through all the advertising they are "Sold" and develop an advertising, marketing and media relations campaign focused on the unique aspects of "their" martial arts business and "their" goals. In addition, the NPL's represent several online, print, radio and television media and is focused on providing the right mix of media for your needs.

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Learn from Team Americas Joey Zaino Specializing in Sword, Flying Kamas, Point Fighting, and Continuous Kick Boxing * 14 years in the Martial Arts * 9 Time Florida State Champion * FPCKE Florida State Continuous Kick Boxing Champion * Weapons & Extreme Martial Arts Expert * Team Americas member (formerly National Team Pepsi * Starring in the Documentary Movie "Born to Compete"

For more information call: 561-575-5425 Email:

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Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors 2010 A Decade of Dedication was the theme for the Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors 2010, held once again at the world famous Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. The world’s largest gathering of martial arts superstars, film and combat celebrities, and renowned Masters from around the world once again gathered to meet, greet, and share with the thousands who congregate from around the globe. It was almost a dilemma, this event coined by many as the greatest martial arts event in the world. How to make the 10th Anniversary special? The Action staff put on its thinking caps and went to work, putting together the most Action packed weekend, with class, honor and a lifetime of memories. The weekend started off Friday in the north tower of the hotel with 6 seminars, and 3 separate certification programs with Soke Michael DePasquale Jr, Guro Julius Meligritto & Kempo International’s own from Sweden Hanshi Jorge Jorgensen. During the time 12-7 PM Action had put out a complimentary coffee area with bagels, danish and muffins for all that showed up to enjoy the day. To our surprise over 500 people showed up to chat, train and just mingle. As Friday evening rolled around the night life at the Tropicana was starting to heat up. Well admitted by Action’s staff, what took place was not planned. Around 7 PM gathering at the Tango Lounge on the main floor of the Casino, hundreds of guest met and had a few drinks, planning for the rest of the evenings. It was wild looking across the room. There were groups of fans talking and taking photos with their favorite celebrities Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace on one side of the room, Don Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock 20 feet away. Across the room stood Dan Severn, James Lew, Michael Jai White and Chuck Zito. It was great to to meet, greet and have a photo opportunity. About 9:30 p.m. the crowd started to thin out. No, they didn’t go to sleep. They just moved on to the 20 restaurants and dance club within this world famous casino & resort. There were parties going on all over to the wee hours of the morning. And to think this wasn’t even planned. It was amazing! ndbertsch@yahoo.com It seemed like the evening didn’t end when there it was 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning and martial artists by the dozens entered the seminar & expo area. Walking in I noticed some of the big wigs giving outinfo packs, such as Century Martial Arts, Asian World, MACHO, Yamazato & Shaolin Brand Products and 40 other interesting tables from MA supplies to TShirt companies. There was also no loss for the media showing up - Martial Arts Today / Black Belt TV, UCW Radio and TV, New England Martial Arts Cable show, MMA Confidential Cable, Martial Force Online, Martial Arts Warrior Online, Budo International USA, TWKTimes, and Artie Clear’s Sports Radio Show broad casted live. There were 30 seminars held by some of the world’s best Martial Artists. We are proud to report that over 2,000 Martial Artists

showed up to be a part of this record breaking event! Suffice it to say, with the dire economy and troubling times we are facing, the Martial Arts world still managed to come together in support of one another in spite of it all. That says a lot about what we as Martial Artists stand for and also, of the importance and recognition of our event worldwide - with 16 countries in attendance.

Once again, we were honored by some more new faces this year including the Master Jeff Speakman, Grm Oso Tayari Casel, GM Al Dacoscos. As Master Goldberg stated to me, that "He is so appreciative of all the Celebs that show up, but in his eyes everyone at the event is a celebrity in their own right! You can see it on the expo floor to the seminars all the way through the banquet that everyone is on the same level, no egos, no rank, no bull, it’s almost like a class reunion". Just the list of all day Free Seminars showed that everyone wants to give back. Where else can you train with such names as, Grm Oso Tayari Casel, Grm Stephen Hayes, Jeff Speakman, Cynthia Rothrock, Bill Wallace, Don Wilson, Joe Lewis, Prof Ronald Duncan, Master Olando Riveria, Dan The Beast Severn, Grm George Alexander, Grm Ken MacKenzie, Christina Bannon Rodriquez, Soke Depasquale Jr., Soke Tom Gettling, Hanshi Jorgen Jorgensen, Shihan Dana Abbott, GrmJurg Zeigler, Master Bob MacEwen, Master Danny Lane, Shihan Tito Alan, Shihan Mark Walker, Shaolin Monk Sifu Shangwei Wu, Master David Nemeroff, Master T. Dilallo, Grm Mark Shuey, Guru Julius Meligrito, Grm. Kevein Cullen, Hanshi Jorgen Jorgensen, Guro Greg Pichardo, Sifu Tu Guo Shun. I Also saw a few Special people partaking and watching on like like David Toma and Jeff Smith Wow, I never saw so much knowledge in a room and all happy to partake. 3 o’clock rolled around and I felt like the day was over when I reminded myself the best was yet to come, the 10th Anniversary Bash. So I went back to my room to freshen up and get dressed in my best. I came down to the banquet floor around 6pm! The waiting line to enter was about 2 blocks long. But as the reputation of this event hold Action did not disappoint. As I waited, there was a classical Violist playing soft dinner music and as we moved along there as another person entertaining the guests as a mime, dressed as a Samurai warrior. As we moved on to the entrance, there was a group of Action Staff greeting each guest and giving them a small entrance gift. It was class. That’s the only word I could think of as I entered the hall and looked into the largest banquet room in Atlantic City. It was big as a football field with decorative lighting and a 5 piece band playing on stage behind the Celebrity seating stage. After a few cocktails, I moved to my seat with a few friends. The lights were dimmed all the way down and a small spotlight hit the middle of the stage where Sifu Bam Johnson was standing. As the light opened on him, he was joined by his Lion Dance Team, which displayed fantastic aerial and martial arts stunts. What a great way to open the night. Like clockwork the event opened with the MC Soke Mike Depasquale, introducing Comedian Joe Piscopo, who did the opening intro of the President and Publisher Master Alan Goldberg. After a small thank you speech, a seamless array of event proceeded - the Marine Color Guard with Sifu Romelletti singing the National Anthem and the opening prayer by Dr. M. Willett. This year, Action announced a special set of Awards called the Apex Award, which is given to a pioneer that brings an art from the Orient and proceeds to take hold in the Martial Arts World in a big way. This year there were 2 given and as I may say to my surprise it was well deserved. First was DoJuNim Ji Han Jae with the expansion of Hapkido and Shihan

Richard Bowe with Aikido. As dinner was being served groups of awards were being given out, with photos of all new inductees to be printed in the Action magazine. During a break the band played and people were dancing and enjoying themselves with improv photo times. As everyone was asked to get to their seats, the surprise of the night had come as Comedian Joe Piscopo sang his special rendition of New York-New York for the whole room. It was great, funny, and just a class act to be added to a class event. This whole song can now be seen on YouTube (www.youtube.com). (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7eWAqo_MvU) Finishing the Awards and dessert was a little depressing knowing the night was soon coming to a end. 10:30 p.m. rolled around and everything was finished. But to all our surprise the band played on for another 90 minutes and the cameras flashed all the way thru the night. Proud to say this year’s event this landmark banquet was another outstanding success, with a full house of over 1200 people. Thanks again to all who attended and who have continuously given us their support. This weekend I heard so many coined names for this event, like Micheal Depasquale’s "The Greatest Martial Arts Event on Earth", Joe Lewis mentioning "The Gathering of Champions", and so many still calling it the Academy Awards of Martial Arts. I look forward to our 11th year Hall of Honors banquet in 2011 of which plans is already underway. Master Goldberg is planning to expand the Party with UCW Radio as a Sponsor to bring you a Friday night Free cocktail party. I hope to see you all there to celebrate this special milestone event. Until then, health and happiness to all! Have a wonderful 2010! See you all next year! Roving Reporter Shihan John Gurrieri

MAA San-Jitsu and Kali Seminar To the regional training course of the Martial Arts Association international www.maa-i.com could be welcomed approx. 60 participants in Bielefeld/ Germany. The aligning association Tao Bielefeld e. V. knew here a Top teacher staff Kali national coach Thorsten Isringhausen, San Jitsu national coach Joerg Aderhold, Dirk Golstein, Ulrich Schreiber and Bernd Hoehle, welcomed those the martial arts San Jitsu Ryu and Kali Concepts informed. In the first unit San Jitsu Ryu was located on the curriculum. With the San Jitsu Ryu acts it around a guam Jiu Jitsu system with strong influences out of European and other asiatic martial arts. Emphasis of this training unit was it to train different entrances for the groundfight and to then control the opponent at the soil with various levers. In the second unit was then Philippine martial arts the topic. Emphasis was here stick and measurer training. Multiplicity of different possibilities of the disarmament or also the stick as levers to begin was informed here. Unfortunately also this training course passed again much to fast, so that the participants around some experiences enrich contently the home journey began with the certainty to 20.9.09 again come, because then the San Jitsu Ryu founder Soke Frank Sanchez (president of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council) in Rahden a training course will give. Further also a set of Kali seminars under the direction of Guro Thorsten Isringhausen and Bernd Hoehle stand on the Event plan of the MAA-I. Martial Arts Association - International Fasanenweg 3a, D-31655 Stadthagen, Germany Fax: 05721/ 72866 Email: Info@MAA-I.com


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Refined Sugar Destroys Health Chronic Conditions Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Disease

In the last 20 years, sugar consumption in the U.S. has increased from 26 pounds to 135 lbs. Per person per year! Chronic Conditions such as Heart disease and Cancer were virtually unknown in the early 1900's. Prior to the turn of this century, the average per person consumption of sugar was only 5 lbs. per year! High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS)is being processed into so many foods such as bread, breakfast cereal, mayonnaise, peanut butter, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, and those "quick-fix" microwave meals.

Refined Sugar Consumption The average American consumption of sugar is a horrific amount of 2-3 pounds of sugar each week. Highly refined sugars include: Sucrose(table sugar refined from Cane and Sugar Beets) Dextrose (refined from corn) Fructose (refined from fruit and corn) The "glycemic index" indicates how quickly the sugar is utilized and absorbed. The lower the rating, the slower the absorption and digestion process. Consuming "complex carbohydrates" found in foods such as fruits and vegetables, results in a more gradual,

healthier absorption of sugars into the bloodstream. A high rating means that blood-glucose levels are increased quickly. This stimulates the pancreas to secrete insulin to drop bloodsugar levels. Rapid fluctuations of blood-sugar levels are not healthy because they place a great amount of stress on the body. Sugar raises insulin levels. This inhibits the release of growth hormones, which in turn depresses the immune system. Depressing the immune system is not something you want to happen if you want to remain free from Chronic Conditions and Disease. Allowing rapid influx of sugar into the bloodstream upsets the body's blood-sugar balance, triggering the release of insulin. Insulin is what the body uses to keep blood-sugar at a constant and safe level. Insulin also promotes the storage of fat. When you eat sweets high in sugar, you will gain weight rapidly and elevate the triglyceride levels. Both of these negative consequences of a diet high in sugar have been linked to Heart Disease.

Effects of Refined Sugar on Vitamin C In the 1970's researchers found that Vitamin C was needed by white blood cells so they could "phagocytize" (the cellular process of eating, the purpose of which is to eliminate debris and pathogen, as opposed to taking in fuel for cellular processes) viruses and bacteria. Inside the white blood cells it is required to have 50 times the concentration of Vitamin C as outside of the white blood cell. The white blood cells have to accumulate Vitamin C. The "phagocytic index" tells you how rapidly a particular "macrophage" (macrophages phagocytose [engulf and then digest] cellular debris and pathogens either as stationary or mobile cells, and stimulate lymphocytes and other immune cells to respond to the pathogen) can gobble up a virus, bacteria, or Cancer cell. Did you know that Glucose and Vitamin C have similar chemical structures? What happens when the sugar levels go up? They compete with each another upon entering the cells. The determining factor which allows the entry of glucose into the cells is the same factor that determines the entry of Vitamin C into the cells. If you have more glucose in your system, there will be less Vitamin C allowed into the cell it doesn't take much: a blood sugar value of 120 reduces the "phagocytic index" by 75%. When you eat sugar, your immune system slows down to a crawl.

The Roots of Disease It doesn't matter what disease we are talking about - the common cold, Heart Disease, Cancer or Osteoporosis - the root cause is always going to be at the cellular and molecular level. Habitual ingestion of sugar creates results which are certain to occur. Refined Sugar has been found to aggravate asthma stimulate mood swings, make personality changes, cause mental illness, feed nervous disorders, form gallstones, and begin the onset of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension, and Arthritis. Refined Sugar lacks minerals and vitamins. So it "steals" micro-nutrient stores from other parts of the body so it can be metabolized into the system. Metabolization of cholesterol and fatty acid is impeded when storehouses of vitamins and minerals are depleted.

This promotes higher blood serum triglycerides, higher cholesterol levels, and Obesity due to higher fatty acid storage around organs and in tissues beneath the skin.

Refined Sugar Is One Of The 3 Major Causes Of Degenerative Disease Refined Sugar is devoid of minerals, vitamins, AND fiber. It has a deteriorating effect on the endocrine system, so much so that major researchers and major health organizations (American Dietetic Association and American Diabetic Association) agree. If you think that substituting honey for refined sugar is the answer, think again. Honey is a simple sugar. 96% of honey's composition is simple Sugar, so use it sparingly.

Effects of Refined Sugar on our Health Depresses the immune system Upsets the body's mineral balance Contributes to hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, concentration difficulties, and crankiness in children Produces a significant rise in triglycerides Causes drowsiness and decreased activity in children Reduces helpful high density cholesterol (HDLs) Promotes an elevation of harmful cholesterol (LDLs) Causes hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) Increases the risk of coronary heart disease May lead to chromium deficiency Causes copper deficiency Interferes with absorption of calcium and magnesium Promotes tooth decay and gum disease Creates excess acid in the stomach (Acid Indigestion and Acid Reflux Disease) Raises adrenaline levels in children (ADHD) Speeds the aging process, causing wrinkles and grey hair Increases cholesterol levels Contributes to weight gain and obesity Increases the risk of Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis Contributes to diabetes Contributes to osteoporosis Leads to decreased glucose tolerance Causes Heart Disease Causes food allergies Causes "free radical" formation in the bloodstream Causes Toxemia (elevated water retention and high blood pressure) during pregnancy Contributes to eczema in children Overstresses the pancreas, causing damage Causes atherosclerosis (Hardening of the Arteries) Breaks down the lining of the capillaries Causes liver cells to divide, increasing the size of the liver Increases the amount of fat in the liver Increases kidney size and produces changes in the kidneys' cell stucture Causes depression and other mental problems Increases fluid retention Causes hormonal imbalance Causes high blood pressure Causes headaches, including migraines Causes an increase in delta, alpha and theta brain waves, which can alter the mind's ability to think clearly Increases the "stickiness" of blood platelets which increases risk of blood clots and strokes Increases bacterial fermentation in the colon (Candida Yeast Infections)

Refined Sugar and Cancer There are well over 4 million Cancer patients being treated in the U.S. today. Not surprisingly almost none are given guidelines as to their dietary needs to help get rid of Cancer cells. Most Cancer patients would have a major improvements if they were told that they should control the supply of Cancer's preferred food - Sugar. Cancer patients could make it possible for their immune systems to catch up to the disease by controlling their bloodglucose levels through diet, exercise, supplements, meditation and prescription drugs( if necessary). Otto Warburg, Ph.D. (1931 Nobel laureate in medicine), first discovered that Cancer cells have a different energy metabolism compared to healthy cells. His Nobel thesis stated:..."malignant tumors frequently exhibit an increase in ‘anaerobic glycolysis’ (a process whereby glucose is used by cancer cells as a fuel with lactic acid as an anaerobic by-product) compared to normal tissues. The large amount of lactic acid produced by this fermentation of glucose from the cancer cells is then transported to the liver. This conversion of glucose to lactate creates a lower, more acidic pH in cancerous tissues as well as overall physical fatigue from lactic acid build-up. Larger tumors tend to exhibit a more acidic pH."

Author: Clair Poulton


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Shihan Andy Horne

Stunt Coordinator Shihan Andy Horne has been a practitioner of the martial arts since 1968. Mr. Horne has earned the distinction of holding the rank of Kyoshi, Hachi-dan (8th degree black belt) in Okinawan Shuri-Te and the title of Renshi in Kobudo (Okinawan Weaponry) which he received from Grand Master John Pachivas, 10th dan (deceased). Mr. Horne also holds rank in All-Japan Shinto-Yoshin JiuJitsu from Hanshi Steven Roensch, 9th dan. Mr. Horne also has the distinct honor of passing on the art of Katori Shinto Ryu Iaido (art of drawing the sword) and Kenjutsu, an honor bestowed upon him by the late master swordsman Ken Ogawa. Mr. Horne is the S.E. United States Representative for the United States Chanbara Federation (full contact sport weaponry). Mr. Horne is a coach and competitor for Team Americas National Karate Team and was named “2002 Coach Of The Year”. He is also a member of the elite Trias International Society, the American Budokai Society and the International Shuri-Ryu Association. Mr. Horne is a retired southeastern United States Kickboxing champion and World contender (30-0, 24 ko’s). He is a 5-time National and World Empty-Hand Form and Weapons Champion. In 1992, Mr. Horne was inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Akron, Ohio. In 1997 Mr. Horne was inducted into the Florida Hall of Fame and the year 2001 received the gold Life Time Achievement. Then in 2009 was inducted in the category of Stunt Coordinator Of The Year. He is an active member of SAG (Screen Actor Guild) as a stuntman, actor, fight choreographer and 2nd Unit Director. He has appeared in numerous movies, commercials and live action stunt shows throughout a 30 year stunt career. 1996 movie Virtual Weapon with Terrence Hill (Boot Hill, They Call Me Trinity) and Marvelous Marvin Hagler (Middle Weight Boxing Champion). Plato’s Run with Gary Busey (Lethal Weapon), Roy Scheider (Jaws) and Jeff Speakman

(Perfect Weapon). Mr. Horne has also worked with Burt Reynolds, Bud Spencer, Neil Patrick Harris, Elizabeth Ashley, Luke Halpin and many, many others too numerous to mention. He has traveled extensively as a personal bodyguard to Billy Joel, Ozzy Osbourne, Expose’, Jimmy Cliff, Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Michael Bolton, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and many others, when asked Mr. Horne states his resume’ reads like the alphabet from “A-Z, ABBA to ZZ Top”. Mr. Horne is a graduate of The Broward County Criminal Justice Institute and is a Florida Department of Law Enforcement State Certified Police Officer with the Town of Trenton FL. He is also a NRA certified Firearms Instructor and is in constant demand for demonstrations, charity functions and seminars around the world.

Great Events and Important Fundraisers! School Owners: Join Us and sign up now! Please take part in this Fundraiser to help our soldiers with Severe Disorder of Consciousness Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine endorses the IBRF hope you can register and get on board to help. If you can’t do the Fundraiser you can do a 50/50 in your dojo, or with your family, sports clubs , teams or your place of business. 50% of whatever is collected go’s to a winner and 50% go’s to the IBRF as a donation to this cause. Tickets can be 5.00$ a ticket, Five tickets for 20.00$. I hope you can do one or the other. Join Us At: www.ifojj.com and become a member of a forty year old Ju-jitsu organization. And Join us at the next IFOJJ- Martial Art University on Dec 3rd-5th 2010. www.martialartextremechallenge.com

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The #1 Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine and Media Resource in the United States and around the Globe.