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Dear Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine Subscribers, Thank you once again for subscribing to another Issue of Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine servicing the martial arts business and entertainment world with reports on today’s latest news, events, living legends, celebrities, stars, and stunt & movie film projects in our industry. We hope you enjoy this Issue which includes articles and stories on Movie Stunt Legend Kim Kahana Sr., Famous Korean movie stars Hwang Jung Lee & Chang II-Do – aka Bruce Lai, Producer, Director & Fight Choreographer Art Camacho, Stuntman & Actor George Catalano, and International Nisei GoJu-Ryu NYC Entertainment News on Alan Goldberg's Action Martial Arts “Hall of Honors”, Cynthia Rothrock & Eric Kovaleski's "Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame", Up Coming Movies "Tengu" with James Lew & Mark Grove, Jason Lau's "Masters“ and “University of the Streets” with Grandmaster Wilfredo Roldan and Vincent Pastore (“Pussy” from the HBO Hit Series “Soprano’s”), Articles from Danny Zaino on "The Aging Grand Master“, Steve Kaufman’s " The Application of Primal Action on a Sophisticated Plane ", Frank Sanchez with “America’s Grandmasters Council – The W.H.F.S.C.”, and the Martial Arts History Museum, News Blasts with Richard Bailey's "Martial Launch Services“ the Dragon Force National Karate Team "2011 Grand Champions“, What’s Up with the Stars of Martial Arts Show Biz TV, and Danny Zaino’s “Hard Core Cooking” filmed at the Kahana Stunt Ranch, Martial Arts Health with "Karate Up“ by Deanna Dean, and advertisements from Don “The Dragon” Wilson’s Traditionz Shirt Line, Battle of Atlanta, US Open, 2012 Alexander’s Open Karate Championships, Kim Kahana Sr.'s Stunt School, Action Martial Arts Magazine's Hall of Honors, The Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards, Battle of the Arts Martial Arts Championships, Allie Alberigo's N.Y. Tournaments & Nawa Manriki "The Hidden“, Martial Arts Admin with Vice President of sales and support Ross Greenberg, Jim Cirile’s movie “Liberator” Starring Lou Ferrigno, Action Entertainment Talent Agency, Martial Arts Show Biz TV online TV show, Andrew Linick's Official Karate Magazine, Danny Zaino's "Hard Core Cooking“ online TV Cooking Show, Martial Arts Entertainment Radio and more! Martial Arts Show Biz TV, Radio and Magazine a Martial Arts Entertainment Media Company is The # 1 Media Resource in the United States & around the Globe Serving The Movie, Stunt, Acting and Martial Arts Business, Sport, and MMA COMMUNITIES. Danny & Theresa Zaino CEO’s of Martial Arts Show Biz TV, Radio and Magazine a Martial Arts Entertainment Media Co., received their prestigious Hall of Honors Award for “Outstanding Contribution in Publishing and Media Coverage” in front of an audience of 1400 martial artists at Alan Goldberg’s Action Martial Arts Magazine’s “Hall of Honors” on January 22, 2012 in Atlantic City New Jersey which is the largest Martial Arts Hall of Fame Events in the world today. 3

Table of Contents Feature Stories: Movie Stunt Legend Kim Kahana – pages 7-9 / Director, Producer & Fight Choreographer Art Camacho pages 23-24 / Hwang Jung Lee – the Villain Everyone Rooted For – pages 31-32 / Chang II-Do – aka Bruce Lai – pages 33-35 / Stuntman & Actor George Catalano – page 44 / International Nisei GoJu-Ryu NYC –page 50

Entertainment / Event News: Alan Goldberg’s AMA Hall of Honors – pages 17-19 / Movie “TENGU” written by Mark Grove Starring James Lew and the movie “Masters” a film by Jason Lau – pages 25-28 / Cynthia Rothrock & Eric Kovaleski Presents “Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards – page 42 / Movie “University of the Streets” – page 49

Articles: Americas Grandmaster’s Council – W.H.F.S.C. – by Frank Sanchez – pages 13-14 / The Aging Grandmaster by Danny T. Zaino – pages 37-38 / The Application of Primal Action on a Sophisticated Plane – by Steve Kaufman – pages 55-56 / The Martial Arts Museum – page 69

News Blasts / Press Releases: Art of the “Pure Warrior” Sports Tonfa – page 40 / What’s Up with the Stars of Martial Arts Show Biz TV, Radio and Magazine – page 46 / Richard Bailey’s “Martial Launch Services – page 53 / Dragon Force National Karate Team – pages 59-60 / Danny Zaino’s “Hard Core Cooking” Show filmed at the Kahana Stunt Ranch – page 62

Health & Beauty: Karate Up – story by Deanna Dean / Eat More Fruits & Vegetables with Juice Plus+ - pages 67-68

Contributing Writers: George Catalano / Deanna Dean / Steve Kaufman / Guy Edward Larke / Frank Sanchez / Danny Zaino / Theresa Zaino Chief Publisher and Editor: Theresa Zaino / Assistant Publisher and Editor: Danny Zaino

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by Theresa Zaino Trained by legendary Yakima Canutt and John Eppers Grandmaster Kim Kahana Sr. holds six different black belt degrees in the Martial Arts. With over 300 films to his name and television credits too numerous to count he was a member of the Screen Actors Guild Safety Investigative Team and the Stunt Safety Community for 8 years, a former member of the Stuntman's Association and was stunt double to movie star Charles Bronson. Some of his movie credits just to name a few include: "The Dirty Dozen", "Magnificent 7", "The Mechanic", "Death Island", "Banana Splits Adventure", 28 Episodes of “Kung Fu”, and 80 episodes of “Guts Nickelodean”. Founded in 1972 and incorporated in 1974 Kim Kahana Sr. opened his Kahana Stunt School in 1977. The objective of the school is to prepare the students to become professional, creative and technical craftsmen in the motion picture and television industries. Like other film schools that charge you anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000, the Kahana Stunt School is different as for the last 40 years and over 15,000 students Kahana Sr. and his highly qualified staff has been teaching on the job training where his school is the school of life. Here is what he teaches: * How to break into the motion picture and TV industry * How to arrange your composites and resumes * How to do your job and present yourself on an audition * How to set up cameras and edit * Hot to act and set up your own stunts * How to be safe for yourself and for others - the most important thing you will learn.

Contact him today about his on going training camps by calling the school direct a: 352-429-4561 or visit the official school site at: www.kahanastuntschool.com 9


Kim Kahana (center) next to Chuck Norris and Benny "The Jet" Urquidez (far right) and family


Call Today To Reserve Your Spot for April 30th thru May 27th & Oct 1st thru Oct 27th

AMERICA’S GRANDMASTERS COUNCIL THE W.H.F.S.C by Frank Sanchez There are martial arts organizations in the world which cater to just the very elite in the martial arts. They seldom advertise and acceptance into their inner circle is most often impossible for the average martial artist unless they are connected in some way to these elite grandmasters who compose the upper echelon of the group. These types of organizations often take on a low profile because of their uncommon nature. One such organization which was formed in May of 1992 , not only has the distinction of being America’s first grandmasters organization as documented in the books “An Illustrated History of Martial Arts in America” by Emil Farkas and “The World Head of Family Sokeship Council” by Rising Sun Productions of California, but also is the largest LEGITIMATE grandmasters council in the world. The organization is called the World Head of Family Sokeship Council (the word “Sokeship” being a derivative of the two words “Soke”, a Japanese term referring in this case to the “head of lineage or a martial arts organization” and the American word “ship” to “transport to a destination”). The destination being “enlightenment”. The “brain child” of its founder, Grandmaster Frank E. Sanchez of Guam, who currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida. The World Head of Family Sokeship Council is composed of 9th and 10th dan grandmasters and their equivalents. At the present time the Council has over 250 grandmaster members worldwide of every conceivable martial arts style and origin. Their list of members includes the likes of such martial arts legends as Gary Alexander of Combat Isshinryu, Jim Arvanitis of Modern Pankration, Bram Frank of CSSD, Taika Seiyu Oyata of Ryukyu Kempo/ Ryute, Solomon Kahaiwalu of Lua, Ji Han Jae of Sin Moo Hapkido, Cacoy


Canete of Doce Pares Eskrima, Reylson Gracie of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; and Honorary Members such as Jackie Chan, Ed Parker Jr., Rickson Gracie and Miyako Fujitani amongst others. Its membership roster at http://www.whfsc.com/roster.html reads like a virtual “who’s who” of the martial arts world.

Frank Sanchez (2nd from right) with members of the W.H.F.S.C.

L to R: Vincent Marchetti, Bill “Super Foot” Wallace and Frank Sanchez

Unlike other organizations, the World Head of Family Sokeship Council grants membership solely by invitation or sponsorship only. The main purpose of the Council’s focus is to bring communication between the different systems through its grandmasters and proliferate the growth of the martial arts through its newsletters and programs. Programs such as its International Hall of Fame which allows its members to network and to honor martial artists yearly for their accomplishments; its annual seminar symposium designed to expose martial artists to the teachings of grandmasters and masters in the arts; and its newly formed Masters and General Membership Divisions designed to mentor up and coming grandmasters in the arts. On June 1st – 2nd of this year, the WHFSC will be celebrating its 20th year of existence at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel in Orlando, Florida with international seminars, an awards show and celebration banquet. It will also be honoring WHFSC Member, Grandmaster Joe Williams of Florida for his 28th Wedding Anniversary as well.

For more information on the Council including testimonials, programs and newsletters, you can access the WHFSC’s official website at: http://www.WHFSC.comm or contact Grandmaster Sanchez at either San_Jitsu@yahoo.comm or GMFrankSanchez@comcast.net Great Grandmaster Masaaki Hasumi with Grandmaster Richard Van Donk


Martial Arts Show Biz TV, Radio & Magazine Covers Alan Goldberg's Action Martial Arts Magazine's "Hall of Honors" Danny and Theresa Zaino from Martial Arts Show Biz TV, Radio and Magazine covered this years Action Martial Arts Magazine's "Hall of Honors" promoted by Alan Goldberg on January 21 & 22. Once again held at the world famous Tropicana Casino & Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey it maintained its reputation as the world's largest gathering of martial artists, renowned masters from around the globe, celebrities and movie stars. Developing the reputation as the "Red Carpet“ of Hall of Fames this years event topped them all with a who's who of celebrities and stars dinner on Thursday night, a Friday night pre-party that jammed until the early hours of the morning, a martial arts tournament, seminars and expo throughout the weekend that seemed to go for miles with endless vendor booths with equipment and business products to excite even the most experienced of martial artists including celebrity autograph signing from some of the top movie and television stars in the world today. By the time Saturday night rolled around for the "Hall of Honors“ Banquet everyone wondered how it could top the previous festivities but as usual Alan Goldberg pulled it off with a dinning experience to top some of the best restaurants in the area and with host Michael DePasquale Jr. announcing the award winners with his charismatic charm.

Danny Zaino with Chuck Zito Star of the HBO Hit series OZ

Danny & Theresa Zaino with James Lew and Mark Grove from the movie TENGU “The Mortal Blade”

Danny & Theresa Zaino were on hand throughout the event interviewing all of the celebrities, stars and special guests with their Martial Arts Show Biz TV online television show, their Martial Arts Entertainment Radio Network and Magazine. You can watch the 2 part special coming in Episode 9 "The New York New Jersey“ Show on Martial Arts Show Biz TV and listen to all of the great interviews on the Martial Arts Entertainment Radio. Danny & Theresa Zaino with Promoter Alan Goldberg 17

Here are a few quotes from some of the guests who attended past and present: * Alan, thank you very much for inviting me for my fifth Hall of Fame. I had a great time with you, as usual. Your event is the BEST that I have ever been to and I really appreciate the friendship that you have afforded me. Thank you again, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace * Hi Alan, Thank you for an amazing time.... It only gets better! Thanks for inviting me every year.....

Danny Zaino with actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa from Mortal Combat

Cynthia Rothrock * This is the Biggest, the best, martial arts event there is! Chuck Zito * My Brother Alan, you have kept the standards high, and year after year you go one better. This is it! I will always be there. Phil Morris * Sifu, you know I travel all over the world going to many Black tie events. It's no doubt hands down this is one of the largest and classiest events I have ever been to. As long as my schedule allows me I will be there by your side!

Danny & Theresa Zaino with Martial Arts Movie Star Cynthia Rothrock and Jim Wilson & Lawrence from Don “The Dragon” Wilson’s Shirt Line “Traditionz”

Joe Piscopo

For information on attending next years event visit: www.actionmagstore.com. To have Martial Arts Show Biz TV, Radio and Magazine cover your next event contact: maemedia@maemedia.net or call: 561-575-5425

Danny Zaino with Michael DePasquale Jr. from the Action Film Academy


Danny & Theresa Zaino with Martial Artist & Actor Phil Morris from Seinfeld

Danny Zaino with Martial Artist, Actress & Stunt Woman Christine Bannon Rodrigues

Danny Zaino with Boxing Legend “Merciless” Ray Mercer

Danny Zaino with Martial Artist, Actor and Producer Jason Lau Danny & Theresa Zaino with (L to R) Jeff Smith, Jim Wilson and Bill “Super Foot” Wallace

Danny & Theresa Zaino with Jim Wilson from Traditionz

Danny Zaino with Famous Kick Boxing Champion Demetrius “Oaktree” Edwards


Director, Producer and Fight Choreographer Art Camacho Award-winning action film Producer/Director Art Camacho has a vast experience in the entertainment industry. His last studio releases include Sony Pictures “Half Past Dead 2“ and Lionsgate release of Confessions of a Pit fighter. HPD came full circle for Camacho due to the fact that he was the Action Coordinator/2nd unit director on the original (Half Past Dead starring Steven Seagal and Ja Rule). Most recently Camacho Co-producer and Directed "Confessions of a pit fighter" which is being released in by Lionsgate Pictures. Camacho began his film career as an actor, appearing in various action films and television programs. He then went on to producer and direct Spanish language commercials prior to making films. His background in martial arts and fighting helped him make the transition to Fight choreography in martial arts action films. With over 35 action films under his belt as a fight choreographer he was dubbed "The Fight Master" by the leading martial arts publications. Camacho then became a successful feature film director/Producer. Amon his most recent film's are Lions gate releases of "Crooked“ in 2007 and "Confessions of a Pit Fighter" (2008 release). In "Confessions" much like many of his films, Camacho not only directed the feature but wrote, Co-produced, and choreographed the action. It starred Armand Assante, James Russo and Flavor Flav. Camacho soon distinguished himself as one of the "Promising directors in the action film genre" according to Premier magazine. His Producing/directing film career has not been limited to action but all genres including family films. His film "Little Bigfoot" went on to become the third highest grossing DVD release for Republic pictures in 1997 and garnered two

stars in TV Guide. His directorial debut, "The Power Within“ garnered rave reviews from the International film community and was extremely lucrative in the Foreign and Domestic film markets. Camacho also Directed episodes of "LA Heat"; a buddy cop action series and "Reyes y Rey", for Sony Pictures. He has been featured in numerous international magazines and books throughout the world including "Black Belt magazine", "Inside Kung Fu", "Karate International", and "Cinturon Negro", "Masters and Styles, "Secrets of the Masters", "Martial Arts Illustrated", "Who's Who in Entertainment" "Encyclopedia of Martial Arts" and most recently graced the cover of Canada's "Martial arts experts“ (2007). L.A.'s largest Spanish Language Newspaper "La Opinion" has done several stories on Camacho and dubbed him "One of Latino Hollywood's best action directors" Proclaiming that with the right project Camacho will break through. He was also featured on "Hola Los Angeles", "Cinemax" Mexico's channel 12, "Despierta America" and "CONTROL ". Camacho was most recently featured on Latin Nation and he was the first recipient of the "The Outstanding Director of the Year" award from the Action on film, film festival 2005/2006, The Golden and Bronze halo awards from the Hollywood motion picture counsel. Art Camacho Outstanding Director of the Year 2005 / 2006 Action on film Festival - Best Action Sequence (The Cut Off) 2006 Action on film Festival - Bronze Halo Award: (Southern California Motion Picture Counsel)


TENGU THE IMMORTAL BLADE In March and April of 2011 Asgard Entertainment filmed Tengu: The Immortal Blade, written by Mark Grove and starring James Lew and Louis Mandylor. The movie is about a 15th century Japan, Asura who is given a magical sword by a half human/half crow creature known as a Tengu. This sword bestowed the gift of immortality, but it also came with a price. Asura was now honor bound to become a protector of our world, guarding it against the forces of darkness. Throughout time Asura has fulfilled his duty without question, but now a new threat arises. The sorcerer, Tanaro, who killed his master centuries earlier in feudal Japan has risen from beyond the grave to fulfill his mission to summon a powerful evil upon the earth. His soul inhabiting a metropolitan police officer, Tanaro reunites with a modern version of his ancient cult to recover powerful artifacts that will enable him to open a gateway between our realm and that of a malevolent evil known as Akuma. Along with his apprentices, Kotori and Domino, and police detective Drake, Asura must stop Tanaro and his minions from completing the ritual that will unleash hell on Earth.

Keep up with us on Facebook for news and updates to the website which will be up soon at: www.TheImmortalBlade.com Mark Grove 720-560-0981 AsgardFilms@aol.com www.AsgardEntertainment.com


Masters A Film by Jason Lau Masters is a film about a mysterious Martial School that teaches a system called Wing Chun and attracts a young man named Mason. Impoverished, he finds himself substituting work for his tuition, room and board. He begins his journey into the intricate world of Wing Chun to fulfill his dreams. He soon begins to see how the masters of the school rise to the top within a short period of time. Witnessing the peculiar power of simplicity and how efficient they used it to defeat their opponents, he longed for it with all his soul. Despite the consequences and circumstances surrounding it he did not falter. About the producer: Jason Lau is a martial arts practitioner of Wing Chun Kung Fu as the Grandmaster of the Jiu Wan branch. He worked as the "resident martial-arts master" in the Cobray International counter-terrorist training camp of Mitchell Livingston WerBell III an "old b boys club" member of the clandestine United States Intelligence Community. Jason Lau learned Wing Chun under Jiu Wan (Chiu Wan) and introduced his friend Francis Fong to the style. Jason Lau worked under the late Mitchell Werbell III in his counter-terrorist training camp Cobray International in Powder Springs, GA. WerBell had an established history with the CIA and other clandestine governmental agencies. At Cobray International, security forces for Lyndon LaRouche were he trained. Jason Lau's experience reportedly allowed him "to walk...across ceilings like a human fly, remain crouched in a motionless position for hours while waiting for his prey, jump higher than people's heads; and pause, bird-like, suspended in the air," according to Eagle magazine. In 1987 Jason Lau helped stage a mock terrorist raid on a synagogue in Atlanta.

Danny Zaino interviews Mark Grove and James Lew (left) of “TENGU” and Jason Lau (right)at Alan Goldberg's Action Martial Arts "Hall of Honors“ in Atlantic City New Jersey. Watch them on Martial Arts Show Biz TV's Episode 9 "The New York New Jersey Show" and listen to them on the Martial Arts Entertainment Radio Network

www.MartialArts-ShowBizTV.com / www.MartialArtsEntertainmentRadio.com 28

Two Famous Movie Stars from Korea Stories by Guy Edward Larke

Hwang Jung Lee The Villain Everyone Rooted For

If you start to watch more than a few Hong Kong films from 70’s and 80’s certain faces start to pop out at you. I say faces because many stars had their names changed on them repeatedly. Upon closer examination actors’ styles begin to shine through as well. Before Bruce Lee most of the action seen was just swinging arms and poor special effects. After the renaissance brought about by Lee Jun Fan, the public demanded a higher calibre of action. “Real” action you might even say. As most of the Chinese stars at that time had limited kicking skills to say the least, producers and directors began to look farther East for kicking specialists. South Korea for centuries had a tradition of martial arts encompassing all types of footwork such as Taekgyeon and Sukbak. The first discovery was a leanly muscled Taekwondo, Tangsoodo and Hapkido expert by the name of Hwang Jung Lee. A very athletic youth, he first got the chance to study the martial arts at the age of 14. Always dedicated to his training, he greatly enjoyed training alone in the outdoors. During a near tragic mishap slipping down a mountain he had an experience that would change his life forever. As he fell he instinctively grabbed a long branch. The branch bent (as if in slow motion) then snapped spiralling away in an odd pattern making an odd noise. Thankfully he was able to secure another firmer hold to climb to safety. Still the images wouldn’t leave his mind. For some unknown reason he imagined his body as that branch and once able, began experimenting with the concept. It changed his movements (especially kicking) from that moment on. He took the concept and applied to every art he encountered and quickly mastered it. His fame reached the island of Hong Kong. In 1975 the 30 yr-old Hwang Jung Lee started acting in the films Secret Envoy and Black Dragon River (aka Martial Mates) for Hong Kong director Lo Wei. However, the one who really put Hwang Jung Lee on the map was a younger Hong Kong director Ng See Yuen. In 1976 Hwang Jung Lee burst onto 31

the scene as Silver Fox in the movie Secret Rivals, thoroughly convincing audiences in Hong Kong and the world over that Korea is the land of "leg masters". This paved the way for HK legends such as Chang Yi-Tao and Casanova Wong to come into notoriety. After the success of a similar film the following year, namely Snuff Bottle Connection, NG See Yuen decided to broaden Hwang's horizon and the result: world wide fame through films with Jackie Chan, especially Drunken Master and the preceding Snake in the Eagle's Shadow, both directed by Yuen Woo Ping, produced by Ng See Yuen. "Fist: 30%; Legs: 70%!" goes Hwang Jung Lee's famous quote from the movie Drunken Master (1978), in which he played the unforgettable villain opposite Jackie Chan. Through Hwang Jung Lee achieved the fame of one of the greatest onscreen villains in movie history, there were times when he played the good guy---just as convincingly. in fact, Hwang started out as good guys in his two earliest movies by Hong Kong director Lo Wei. In Secret Envoy, he played a repentant traitor of a temple that acted as a base for the Resistance against the Japanese; in Black Dragon River, Hwang appeared in a guise as innocent as an ethnic Korean fighter from China that it would surprise viewers who've never seen that side of him. Later when he's established himself as a "default villain", Hwang Jung Lee still played positive roles impressively in quite a few productions. In the movie Hitman in the Hand of Buddha (1981), Hwang taught the arrogant fighter played by Tino Wang Zhang a good lesson. In the very disturbing movie Bloodchild, aka Five Fingers of Steel (1982), in which fellow Korean kicker Kwon Young Moon played a sociopathic rapist who killed his own child, the originally ambivalent Hwang appeared last minute to help the day. However, Hwang himself still favors the villain roles: "After I returned to Korea in the late 80's I played a lot of good guy roles and nobody wanted to watch. I didn't think it was fun either and I find the bad guy roles more interesting." The question arises naturally as to how good a fighter in real life Hwang Jung Lee would be. Well, all we can tell you is the famous legend that he once killed someone with one kick. The official version of the story is that during a seminar in Vietnam he became a Taekwondo instructor for the South Korean Marines. One day during a joint demonstration for the South Korean, South Vietnamese, and US troops, one South Vietnamese soldier had the nerve to sneak upon Grandmaster Hwang from behind with a knife. Instinctively he whirled around in self-defence and killed him with one kick. After that there were numerous other tales of him challenging other Korean fighters, including the solid, but not so well-known, Cheng Kai Ying. These claims are not always substantiated; but all we can tell you is, even today at the age of 67, no one in his right mind would challenge this master to a fight. Enter present day, Grandmaster Hwang resides near Seoul and divides his time between business interests in Laos and Korea. He has reunited with an old friend from his Hong Kong days, Chang II-Do (Bruce Lai) and together they work with the World Duk Kwan General Federation. In early May he will instruct with the WMDKGF in Pennsylvania and attend the Hall of Fame hosted by the incomparable Cynthia Rothrock and Master Eric Kovaleski. 32

Much More Than Just One of the Bruce's..... The Evolution of Chang II-Do - aka Bruce Lai

Who doesn’t remember the Bruceploitation Era in HK history? With the gap left by the loss of HK’s greatest hero, it shouldn’t have been any surprise the entertainment industry rushed to fill the void. As for Chang Yi Tao, aka Bruce Lai, aside from Bruceploitation roles in films like Clones of Bruce Lee (1981), Chang Yi Tao (Chang II-Do in Korean) is a Korean Tang Soo Do master who became a famous Hong Kong martial arts film actor in his own right. For me, he is my Tang Soo Do instructor and mentor at the World Moo Duk Won General Federation. Contrary to what one might expect, he resembles a tidily dressed businessman in his mid to late forties (though he's in his early sixties). In and out of the dojang his manner is the same. He is a complete gentleman with a gentle voice with infinite patience. In a country with so many swollen egos, those qualities are nice to find. To really understand a master you have to go back to his beginnings. Born as Jong-Gug Hong in the then small town of Chun-ahn in1949, he was part of post-war Korea. His country was free from Japanese rule but at a heavy cost. The country was in shambles. Growing up the most important thing to him was to become strong. So when he entered the 10th grade in 1965 he enrolled in a Tae Kwon Do Moo Duk Won academy to get stronger and learn how to fight to survive as a young man. He earned his 1st Dan in just two years time and another in 1970. At that point came a pivotal point in his martial education. As it's mandatory in the country, he like every healthy young man was obligated to serve a period of military service. Due to his background in Tae Kwon Do, part of his duties was instructing other soldiers in the art. During that same period he found Tang Soo Do legend C.S. Kim. Although the forms were almost identical to what he studied before, it was the man himself that impressed the young serviceman. GM Kim was young and strong at that time and practiced so hard and sincerely he sold Hong. The two quickly struck up a partnership.


Hong needed a new master and the more senior Kim needed an assistant. The year and a half that followed seemed like an old martial arts film. He was either training, studying, or teaching martial arts 7 days a week. In 1972 the fresh Tang Soo Do instructor finishes his military service and in March of 1973 he opened a Tang Soo Do school (actually given by the military) at the US military base known as Camp Coiner in Yongsan. On the first day he opened he signed up 6 recruits. Shortly thereafter a foreign Kung Fu practitioner came in and challenged the young instructor to a duel of sorts. If Hong won, the foreigner would join his class. Hong agreed and the American began to move lie Bruce Lee from the movies. Enraged by being challenged in his school and by the ridiculous way he insulted Bruce Lee (he actually admired Lee as an actor and a martial artist) he smashed him with a sidekick directly into his face. The force was so great; it shattered the man's glasses. He then had to be rushed to the hospital. Three months later, the challenger visited to tell him that he was blind in one eye and had to retire and return to America. Unbelievably he still wanted to return someday to challenge him again. He never reappeared however. In 1974Hwang Kee himself awarded the young master a 4th degree belt in the discipline. His group kept winning competition after competition as Master Hong would analyze TaeKwonDo (the new Kukkiwon style) matches and take aspects from that into his gym to develop newer and better fighting strategies. The next year another renowned figure in the Tang Soo Do world contacted him. GM Kang-UK Lee invited him to the UK to work as an instructor in his prestigious organization. First the young master wanted to star in at least one movie to advertise him. He was approached in 1976 by a Korean movie company to appear in a film adaptation of the fictional folk hero Chang Il-Do to be entitled Il Ji Mae. It was a blockbuster. It even reached the booming film island of Hong Kong. The movie and its story moved him so much he decided that Hong must die so that Chang could be reborn. In 1977 he was recruited to films there. His British visa was never put to use. During the years of 1977 to 1979 amongst various contractual obligations he befriended a fellow “boot fighter” by the name of Hwang Jung Lee. As Hwang was his senior and was more well versed in the culture he showed his junior around the area and the pair spent countless hours on beaches practicing various kicks in the sea then on the sand and back in the sea again. Both men to this day attribute their skills partially to that period. In all fairness, some of you might not know the name Chang Yi Tao (the Chinese pronunciation for Chang Il-Do) as well as Korean kicking bastion Hwang Jung Lee. However, if we mention the name Bruce Lai, many would remember the Korean Bruce Lee clone from the so-called “Bruceploitation” genre. Throughout his career Chang Yi Tao has played both good and bad characters outside of his Bruceploitation roles, audiences accepted him at both. His strong Tang Soo Do shone through every fight he performed, but he also was not afraid to delve into the various Chinese systems made so readily available to him. One also cannot deny that his looks helped in his career, particularly in more pensive roles like the one he played in “Grandmasters of Shaolin Kung Fu”. He had a strong entourage of female fans. He also appeared briefly with fellow Korean powerhouse Kwon Young Moon as Manchu thugs in the hugely-popular “Return to the 36th Chamber." 34

In the movie Heroic One (1978), the 30 yr-old Chang Yi Tao plays a white-haired villain opposite Ti Lung, ultimately killed unintentionally by his own daughter, whom he indirectly drove mad. In this movie he showed more his maturity as an actor than his actual skills, for his distinctive Tang Soo Do kicking style, I would recommend the movie Grandmasters of Shaolin Kung Fu (1981), a big hit on You Tube. His last film was “Emperor of Kung Fu” in 1988. He felt he had enjoyed his fame in HK but it was time to look at new horizons. He obtained a taste for business so in 1989 he began an entertainment business in Korea and represented stars such as Chow Yun Fat, Leslie Cheung and Andy Lau in his nation. Eventually he felt a pull away from the film industry and towards the gym. In 2003 he opened an English Tang Soo Do academy in Islam. This was followed by assisting in the opening of the World Moo Duk Kwan General Federation in Seoul in 2005. To this day he dedicates his mind, body and soul into developing better programs for the federation’s members, education non-Koreans about Korean culture, and building membership internationally. In addition to joining GM Hwang in Pennsylvania, the two will also be returning in August to appear in the movie Double Fury with Cynthia Rothrock. About the author: Master Guy Edward Larke has dedicated his life from a young age to the pursuit of the martial arts, Asian culture and haplology. It led him to Korea in 2000 and has lived there since then. He lives in Seongnam city with his wife Gi-Ryung and son Alexander. He holds black belts in Tangsoodo, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Taekkyon, Bon Kuk Kumdo, Korean kickboxing, Karate-do, Wushu, Cheonji-muye-do, and various other systems. Currently he teaches Taekwondo, Karate and Cheonji-muye-do full time in addition to writing for various magazines and running Kisa-Do Muye & Marketing. He can be contacted at: kisa_do_muye@yahoo.ca.

Left to Right: Guy Edward Larke, Master Hwang Jung Lee and Master Chang II - Do aka Bruce Lai


The Aging Grandmaster by Danny T. Zaino Hi, my name is Grandmaster Danny Zaino. I am an 8th degree Black Belt in my system of American / Japanese & Okinawan GoJu-Ryu and Kobudo. I have been studying martial arts for close to four decades and have been promoted by greats such as Grandmaster’s Carl Stone, Roy Williams, John Gabriel, Ulysses Pop Winn, Ed Brown and the late Grandmaster’s Richie Alford and Johnny Pachivas just to name a few. I am writing to you in this article about the aging Grandmaster. In today’s society how do they survive? When you were younger and your DoJo or DoJang was hot you have a lot of Black Belts running around and everyone respects the chain of command. You are always doing favors such as helping to promote your less financially fortunate students, you take the major bullies and turn them into productive citizens in your community, and you help the ones that can’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag so they at least can walk away without going to the morgue. Over the years you teach at your DoJo, Recreation Centers, YMCA’s, etc. You teach anywhere anyone wants to learn martial arts. Than you get to a point where you want to test some of your students skills. You start taking them to tournaments, seminars and demonstrations. You bring in the best trainers in the world to make your school the best it can be and low and behold you have this hard core phenomenal martial arts organization. I personally produced over 40 black belts, 3 World Champions, and countless State Champions in Sport Karate and Continuous Kick Boxing. So, where do you go from here when you start to get up in age? The kids that you were teaching at 4 years old are now in their 20’s and 30’s. Your black belts that were middle age are now in their 50’s and 60’s. After many years of dedicating your life to teaching you suddenly don’t feel like paying the rent and putting up with all the bureaucracy at a community facility. You start to trim down and do less and less with your organization because for the first time you want to enjoy life a little bit. So how do you run discipline in your organization when you are not teaching 5 or 6 days a week? Is this a problem or not? In our society with the birth of the social media and the great new art of MMA, nobody runs around wearing a silly white outfit anymore learning one technique for 20 or 30 years and kissing their Sensei’s ass. Now the new and improved martial arts student doesn’t believe in bowing or the rank system and the moral level is very low. Not like years ago. When I was going through the ranks I would never think twice of wising off to my Sensei’s or even doubting what came out of their mouths. There was only one incident in my whole martial arts career where I had a problem with one of my Grandmasters which was unavoidable. Even in that incident I would never think of raising my hands to my superior in the martial arts. What students today don’t realize is that most Grandmasters are ex military and many of them war veterans. At least most of the ones I know are. The ones that are not have some type of titles. Most all are proficient with weapons and are trained killers. But they have the discipline not to ever show that side. Like myself, originally from New York, I was brought up with an old school Italian father who was a maniac from Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. He was a hard core disciplinarian. Two days after graduating from High School I went into the military as a military policeman and when I got out became a Florida Police Officer. I learned all the skills of combat. 37

So why am I telling you all of this ? Well over the years I’ve had some students that chose to go down the wrong path and use their martial arts skills against the rules of society ending up in and out of prison. How do you handle this situation especially when you encounter these students again and they want to hurt you because they don’t like authority? What do you do when one of your black belts squares off with you and wants to do you harm? The first thing that would probably come to mind is to band them from your organization for life. But than you ask yourself, “are these the same students that were in the back of your car for six or seven years going to martial arts events, playing with your kids and teaching your classes?” Yes these are the same students but they have chosen to take a different path in life, not the one you tried to lead them on. They have picked different mentors that have the criminal element in them. I have personally been in these types of street combat situations where these so called students wanted to hurt me. Naturally being the professional fighter I am I was ready to throw down just like you would be. But ironically none have thrown down with me yet even though they came pretty close to it. I recently discussed this in a radio interview with Grandmaster Allie Alberigo from New York. In the interview we both came to the conclusion that if you are going to be a Black Belt Grandmaster and your body is suppose to be a weapon, it better be a weapon. As you get up in age you start to loose muscle mass so you better take your health seriously by eating well and exercising 5 or 6 days a week. I also had this same discussion with Bill “Super Foot” Wallace in the airport a few years ago when heading to an event. He told me that when it gets to the point where someone wants to call him out or hurt him he feels there is no shame in calling the authorities. Knowing Bill personally I’m sure he would have no problem kicking them in the head, but what he meant was why go through today’s legal hassles in doing that. Pretty much the golden rule is force against force. If they have a weapon and you have a weapon or fist against fist, it’s ok. But the best weapon you will ever have is your mind. I have always reasoned with a person who wanted the confutation. I have always talked my way out of an altercation. Even though by nature I am a “hot head”. Martial Artists are a different breed. Have you ever noticed a fight at a Karate Tournament? Within seconds it is broken up and everyone is friends. Nobody wants to see a DoJo brother go to jail over something stupid. So in ending this article the answer to how an aging Grandmaster survives is staying in tip top shape and taking care of your body and your mind so you can deal with any combative situation that comes your way.

About the Author: Grandmaster Danny T. Zaino * 8th Degree Black Belt * Former Army Karate Team * Former Military & Florida Police Officer * Head Coach of Team Americas (Formerly National Team Pepsi) * 7 Time “Hall of Fame Promoter” * 16 Time “Hall of Fame Inductee” * Creator of the “Pure Warrior” Sports Tonfa for competition & combat * Online Television Star – “Martial Arts Show Biz TV” and “Hard Core Cooking” * Radio Show Host – Martial Arts Entertainment Radio Network * Asst. Pub & Editor – Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine 38

Art of the “Pure Warrior” Sports Tonfa Grandmaster Danny T. Zaino, a veteran in the Martial Arts for close to four decades recently held a seminar at Grandmaster Herbie Thompson’s school in Miami Gardens, FL. He taught his specialty, the Tonfa which he performed several self defense moves with against other weapons and also taught a Kata he designed for sports competition in which his son Tony Zaino has won many State and National tournaments. In 1996 he created his own version of the Tonfa for combat and sports competition called the “Pure Warrior” Sports Tonfa and was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1997 for “Innovative Weapon Design of the Year”. Offer your students something New and Exciting! Contact GM Zaino today for a seminar at your school – Call 561-575-5425. To learn more visit:


Students learn a Tonfa Kata designed by GM Danny Zaino for tournament competition

Danny Zaino 1981

Grandmaster Danny Zaino and Sensei Tony Zaino show combat moves with the Tonfa

Danny Zaino “Pure Warrior” Sports Tonfa 1996

Danny Zaino 2010

Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame Awards This years Masters of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame presented by Cynthia Rothrock and Eric Kovaleski on May 11 & 12, 2012 will prove to be "History in the Making" as inductees will include such legends as Korean Grandmasters Hwang Jung Lee, Chang II Do aka Bruce Lai, Young Duk Kim, Hee Suk Choi, Woo Jin Jung, Kow Woong Choung, and Jae Joong Kwon, Martial Arts movie stars and celebrities Master James Lew, Master Art Camacho, Hanshi Frank Dux and Boxing legend Muhammad Ali, just to name a few. Sponsored by "The World Moo Duk Kwan General Federation", Master Kovaleski's "Karate USA" and "The International Tang soo do Moo Duk Kwan Association" the event will differ from previous years in that it will be a 3 day event with the "World Reunion" for all Moo Duk Kwan, Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do Grandmasters, masters, Dans and members on Thursday May 10th where everyone meets and trains with Grandmasters Young Duk Kim 10th Dan, Grandmaster Hwang Kee, and Grandmaster Hee Suk Choi during their first visit to the United States, Friday night competition in Breaking, Jump Side Kick, Jump Front Kick and Demo Team and Saturday competition in Traditional and Open Forms, Weapons and Sparring. New to the event will include all 1st thru 4th place winners receiving a spot on the USA National Karate Team.

Eric Kovaleski

Saturday night will host the Hall of Fame Awards Presentation. In its second year this black tie event will begin at 7 PM and will last till 11 PM. All Nominees will be voted on by the 2012 "Legends of the Martial Arts" Hall of Fame Board of Directors and Nominated Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors and martial arts friends will receive a prestigious award in their honor. You too can join in on the inductions by emailing masterkovaleski@frontiernet.net or call: Master Kovaleski at: 570-307-5425. For more event information visit: www.itma.us .

Cynthia Rothrock

The Korean Grandmasters attending this years event are the most senior Korean martial artists in the world today. For more information on the World Reunion Seminars (Thursday) or the World Reunion dinner, please call Master Eric Kovaleski at 570-307-5425 for further details. Look for the official commercial on this event coming this month on Martial Arts Show Biz TV – Episode 9 “The New York New Jersey Show”. 42

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Action Entertainment Talent Agency, Inc. is a full service talent and booking agency representing individual talent for actors & actresses, stunt men & woman, models, musicians, singers, dancers and kid talent. With dozens of new film projects coming into the State of Florida and around the United States yearly the need for talent is growing each year.

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Stuntman & Actor George Catalano Stuntman and actor George Catalano started his stunt career in 1980 when he moved to California from Florida to attend Kim Kahana’s Stunt Action Coordinators School. After his completion of the school George then moved to New York where he worked in the stunt industry for a few years. His favorite stunts to perform has always been the fire and fight gags. After he got married George made the decision to leave the stunt industry and settled down to raise his family of 4 boys. Over the years he enjoyed success in a verity of businesses which included owning a Restaurant and Night Club and being in the Jewelry and Real Estate industries. George is also an Army veteran and has a background in law enforcement where he became an instructor at the local police academy . He instructed recruits in the use of fire arms and defensive tactics. George also has a music background and has been playing the drums for over 35yrs. He is now working and training with Kim Kahana once again, this time in Florida where he is looking forward to picking up his career and getting back to work as a Stunt performer.


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The Zaino Family starred as stunt actors (zombies) in the up coming movie in production “Opening Night of the Living Dead” which was filmed at the Kahana’s Stunt Ranch in Groveland, FL October 2010.

"Angel of Light" is a murder mystery film written and directed by Cynthia Morrison from the Burt Reynolds Institute in Jupiter, Florida. Martial Arts Show Biz TV stars Danny and Tony Zaino played the rolls of a Chauffer and Valley in this short film production filmed in West Palm Beach, FL November 2011.

On October 15, 2011 Martial Arts Show Biz TV’s Joseph Zaino was one of the recent graduates from the Kahana Stunt School in Groveland, Florida. Taught by the master himself, movie and stunt legend Kim Kahana Sr..

Martial Arts Show Biz TV's Dominique Zaino recently had the starring roll in a play about the dangers of drugs and alcohol where she played a deceiving girl friend who purposely over doses another girl. The play was awarded a first place prize at the Palm Beach County Drama Awards. 46

University of the Streets Written & Directed by Bryan Felber Story by Kyle Duncan & Bryan Felber Produced by Veronica Pomilla & Bryan Felber Director of Photography Anthony Savini

In this martial arts blaxploitation comedy TV pilot, three characters fight to keep their Dojo alive from foreclosure by a big bank. Gentrification, the act of wealthy people moving into low-income areas and driving out members of the community. This is commonplace in New York City, especially in the Lower East Side. So it comes as no surprise when Jiu-Jistui Grand Master Roland Armeciando played by Wilfredo Roldan from Nisei GoJu-Ryu International learns his karate school is being foreclosed upon by a powerful banker Charles Beets played by Vincent Pastore (“Pussy” from the HBO Series The Soprano’s). With the help from retired friend Leon Watson played by Kyle Duncan and clumsy apprentice student Kyle Bleeker played by Sam France, the trio must fight to keep their Dojo alive. Go Here to Learn More.

Vincent Pastore “Pussy” from the HBO Series The Soprano’s

Sam France, Wilfredo Roldan and Kyle Duncan 49

Wilfredo Roldan is the Grand Master of the INTERNATIONAL NISEI GOJU-RYU KARATE-DO. He is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost authorities on the NISEI GOJU-RYU system and traditions. Roldan has been studying the martial arts for over thirty-five years. He has studied SAMURAI JU JIT-SU,VEE ARNIS JIT-SU,KALI-ESKRIMA, KOBUDO (Oriental Weapon), JUDO,FENCING, BOXING, URBAN and NISEI GOJU.

Hanshi Wilfredo Roldan

During the mid-sixties, Roldan started his Journey into the world of martial arts. Born on November 2nd, 1951, in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Roldan grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. The neighborhood is also known as ALPHABET CITY, what used to be one of New York's most dangerous communities. In his martial arts life, Roldan first studied GOJU-RYU under Master Owen Watson. After

realizing Roldan had potential, Watson introduced him to Grand Master Frank Ruiz (founder of NISEI GOJU) for advance training and further development. The time spent with Grand Master Ruiz, proved to be a turning point for Roldan's martial arts education as he was elevated to Chief Instructor of NISEI GOJU After mastering NISEI GOJU, Roldan was sent by Ruiz to learn more about practical application of the GOJU KATAS and advance teaching skills from Supreme Grand Master Peter Urban (founder: USA / URBAN GOJU). During this time, Roldan was sent to study SAMURAI JU JIT-SU under its founder Grand Master Peter Siringano, Sr. Grand Masters Ruiz and Siringano were known as the Damon and Pythias of the martial world. In the mid seventies, Roldan was fortunate to be granted permission to study VEE-ARNIS-JITSU under its founder , Prof. Florendo MaCalruz Visitacion. In 1979, Grand Master Ruiz retired to Florida and appointed Roldan to be the Head Master of the NISEI GOJU-RYU WORLD HEADQUARTERS in New York City. Continuing the evolution of Nisei Goju, Roldan added the elements of ju jitsu and stick fighting, broadening the art created by the Great Grand Master Frank Ruiz. Roldan credits the martial arts for giving him the discipline to struggle for a better life. Visit: www.niseinyc.com. Pictures from L to R: Grandmasters Frank Ruiz & Peter Urban at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Hanshi Roldan in front of a photo of Grandmaster Frank Ruiz Hanshi Roldan in front of a picture of Prof. Visitacion


Client by Design's Martial Launch! Services has a BRAND-new focus! Yonkers, NY - March 23, 2012 - Richard Bailey, founder of Client by Design, LLC has been gearing up t help martial artists and schools build their brand and get even greater online visibility in 2012. Client by Design established its Martial Launch! suite of services to serve the martial arts industry several years ago in 2007 with cutting edge online marketing training, seminars and hands-on services. Richard was one of the first professionals to introduce the concept and importance of local search marketing to martial arts businesses by distilling years of experience into very short teleclasses and how-to articles read by thousands. The company is now helping to make an impact on the martial arts world by bringing Fortune 500 type marketing strategies and online public relations services to schools, individuals and businesses of all sizes and budgets to establish and build their brands. "Marketing is more than just business for me. My love for the martial arts and anyone trying to make a positive impact, especially those with an entrepreneurial spirit, is what drives me to come up with new ideas. I love bringing people together through strategic alliances and put every bit of energy into building others (schools, individuals) up with my skills, experience and resources," says Richard Bailey.

About Richard Bailey and Client by Design Client by Design was founded by Technologist, Guerrilla Marketing Coach and Author, Richard Bailey in 2002 to develop methods and technology to attract customers. Serving different vertical markets, Richard has an affinity for the martial arts world and has worked with many figures in the industry: Ernie Reyes Jr., Willie "The BAM“ Johnson, Hanshi Moti Horenstein, Sifu Larry Attile, Anthony and Eileen Arango, Warrior Personal Safety, Educational Funding Company and more. He can be reached by visiting www.MartialLaunch.com www.ClientByDesign.com or by calling: 914-206-9625

for consultation. 53

The Application of Primal Action on a Sophisticated Plane By Hanshi Steve Kaufman Any form of violence that is expressed through rage is primal in the attempt of the user to “kill” an enemy, and there is usually no control of the physical or mental state of the person attacking. A trained martial arts practitioner should be able to control this type of attack, but for the most part is unable to do it. Anyone who trains to be a black belt should be able to take care of themselves by using sophisticated techniques to accomplish their ends. Unfortunately, the same conditions apply here though in reverse; they are unable to actuate themselves as the thing they are studying. They are incorrectly taught that pacification is the key to survival and to express oneself through violence goes against the so-called creed of compassion towards another. This is taught in various forms, although many sensei suggest to their students that they react with “savage intensity.” The main reason that “black belts” can’t take care of themselves is that they are generally led to believe that karate and the martial arts are for self-defense, spiritual enlightenment, physical conditioning, etc., anything except the reality of what they are truly intended for. This is absolutely not the case. Bear in mind that I am not talking about children learning martial arts for reasons of self-discipline, self-esteem, etc. Just watching the little tykes performing their acrobatics is enough to soften the hardest hearted warrior. Twelve year old black belts, boys and girls, are indeed quaint notions that should be taken somewhat seriously in the advent that some of them may in time develop into full-fledged and valuable “ka.” In order to be in the so-called “zone” or “state” of fierce combat viability, it is essential that students be taught exactly what it is that they are being taught without the glossing over and super hype about them eventually becoming inestimable warriors. It requires a sensei with intelligence to perceive what the student needs and not what the governing board of judges at a ranking ceremony is looking for so that they can control their definition of how belts should be awarded. Thusly done, the student gets ripped off and develops a false sense of security that can cause them great harm, especially by someone who is not impressed with the braggadocio of meaningless rank. The martial arts were never intended to be for the masses. They were specifically for the soldiers of any society to protect that society from any form of intrusion. True, self-defense is a good thing to know, but more important is the realization of when to use it, and then to be able to use it effectively and meaningfully. It is the responsibility of the sensei to be able to teach on this level and not with the idea of providing karate lessons for the after school crowd or bored house wives. Teaching a student the right mentality brings with it the perception of any attacker to sense imminent danger to themselves should they attempt to cause harm to someone who obviously knows how to take care of themselves. Being a sensei is a significantly important thing. It is not a hobby profession, although there are plenty of part-time good practitioners who are sincere in their approaches. They take their responsibilities seriously. They know who they are and don’t permit themselves to acquiesce to false pride. ”Wannabes” cannot be convinced otherwise, and they simply do not have the experience or the maturity to teach a life and death subject. 55

About the author: Hanshi Kaufman founded SelfRevealization Acceptance (TM ) in 1993. The first and foremost Reality Facilitation concept ever presented to the modern world. He has transformed thousands of lives through his work. Distinguished Grandmaster and Educator - A True Founding Father of American Karate Hanshi Steve Kaufman

World Renowned Author

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Dragon Force National Karate Demo Team World and National Karate Champions The Dragon Force National Karate Demo Team from the Ryoshin-Kan Karate School in Virginia Beach, Virginia won the Karate Demo Team 1st Place Trophy /Title as well as the most trophies at the 2011 World Fall Classic Martial Arts Championships conducted at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia on 9 October 2011. Ryoshin-Kan / Team Dragon Force won a total of 48 Trophies including Twenty-one 1st Place Trophies in Team Demo, Self-Defense, Weapons, Kata, Kumite, Xtreme Weapons, Team Pairs, Breaking, Musical Kata and Musical Weapons. Ryoshin-Kan Karate School's Dragon Force National Karate Team are the 2011 World Fall Classic Karate Demo Team Champions! The Ryoshin-Kan Karate School has won numerous awards on the Local, National and World Level. They are frequently in the News on the Radio, TV, Online and Print Media. Team Dragon Force performs in over 50 Events every Year including Festivals, Half Time Shows, TV Specials and Tournaments. They have won World and National Karate Championships 16 times. This year the Dragon Force National Karate Team won 1st Place / Grand Champion Demo Team Trophies at the 2011 Battle of the Martial Arts National Championships, US Classic National Karate Championships, East Coast Karate Championships, Battle of 7 Cities Martial Arts Championships, US Gladiator Karate Championships and the 2011 World Fall Classic Karate Championships. Dragon Force is also the 1st Karate Demo Team to win the World Cup Martial Arts Demo Team Title 3 years in a row.

The Founder and Director of the Ryoshin-Kan Karate School and the Dragon Force National Karate Team is Kyoshi Tim Thompson. He is an 8th degree Black Belt, Hall of Famer, Retired US Navy Commander, World and National Karate Champion. He established the Ryoshin-Kan Karate School and the Dragon Force National Karate Demo Team in1980.

Ryoshin-Kan Karate School Virginia Beach, Virginia 757-468-1643 Visit the Official site at: www.dragonforcekarateteam.com 59

World Fall Classic Martial Arts Demo Team Champions: The Dragon Force National Karate Demo Team are the 2011 World Fall Classic Martial Arts Demo Team Champions! *** Well Done to Sensei Thompson, Michael Milliman, Maurice Reed, Keegan Grinspoon, Kai Loree, Chris Altman, Joe Ramirez, Demetria Ramirez, Patrick Johnston, Quinn Barson, Stephen Johnston, Dayjha Armstrong and Titus Butler


Danny Zaino’s “Hard Core Cooking” Show Professionally Filmed at the Kahana Stunt Ranch “Hard Core Cooking” with Danny Zaino filmed its third show professionally at the beautiful Kahana Stunt Ranch located in Groveland, Florida. The show consisted of Danny taking you step by step on how to make a line up of delicious Italian cuisines such as a Mediterranean seafood salad which included shrimp, squid and scallops, Capers and Oil over pasta, an Italian fish dish with Tilapia cooked in tomato sauce and milk, and two side dishes of tomato and mozzarella and a lemon green bean salad. To top it off there was also fresh Italian bread, red wine to enhance the meal and fresh fruit as a desert.

Danny Zaino on the set of his “Hard Core Cooking” Show

Kim Kahana Sr. along with his assistant Matt Jones personally filmed the show. It looked like none other than a true Hollywood set with 3 cameras rolling to capture the cooking of the food at different angles, professional lighting and of course professional directing from the master himself, Kim Kahana Sr..

Having learned how to cook in an Italian Restaurant growing up Danny once again makes the cooking experience easy and mouths soon began to water as he completed each dish with ease. At the end of the filming the crew, family and friends sat down to enjoy this most delicious meal. Look for the show coming soon to Martial Arts Show Biz TV where you can now view the pilot shows on how to make your own dough, sauce and pizza. Just go to: www.MartailArts-ShowBizTV.com to watch. Happy Cooking! 62

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KARATE UP Story by Karate Mom Deanna Dean I would love to share my story so maybe I can help someone out there going thru a hard time in their life, do to an illness. I'd like to give a little background about my life. I have been a hairdresser for 20 years working part time. My husband worked at a insurance restoration company that was 24/7 working as much as 80 hours a week sometimes. We have 3 children together all with different activities. My oldest son who is now 12 and my youngest child, my daughter are involved in the Martial Arts. My son having been in it since the age of 5. Their Karate schedule on the norm is Monday thru Thursday and also on Saturdays. My son also plays the drums one day a week. My second son plays the piano and art class each one day a week. I myself also am involved in the Martial Arts and took class I could get there to keep me mentally and physically in shape. Some days I felt like a race car driver constantly racing around so to keep up with things I took a lot of vitamins to keep myself healthy or so I thought. One day I developed a pain in my lower back accompanied by a high fever. I found out thought medical treatment that I had a virus which was attacking my liver. It was extremely painful. I had to go through a long process of de-toxing my liver. In the process of healing my liver I also went thru a hormonal imbalance. When I finally got that under control I was left with a thyroid problem. The side effects from this was like pushing your brake and gas petal down at the same time in your car. This went on for a good year. The only thing that kept me going was staying positive and doing what I have done for years, Karate. Karate was the only thing that got me out of bed. So that is how my idea of Karate Up came about. The vision of Karate Up is to show the power of hard work, positive mental attitude, discipline, proper nutrition and exercise can enhance your daily life. Like anything if learned at a young age the benefits will last a lifetime so I have geared the program towards children. At Karate Up we teach and promote the fundamental ideas behind martial arts and how a strong body and mind can improve self-esteem, self respect and discipline for an overall healthy positive attitude on life. In my quest for getting healthy I also became a distributor for the company Juice Plus + which gives you a complete daily intake of fruits and vegetables. My business proposal Karate Up is to get it involved in the School Systems. For more information on how you can get involved please contact me at: 856-889-9966.

Deanna Dean with actor Martin Cove from the “Karate Kid� movie

www.Karateup.org 67

Eat more fruits and vegetables Over the years, people have found countless ways to ignore that advice. "I don't have time.“ "It's too much trouble." Medical science reminds us almost every day that good nutrition and good health go hand in hand, especially when it comes to the healthful benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, despite the growing medical evidence, less than 25% of American adults eat the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

Theresa Zaino Juice Plus Representative

There is no substitute for eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, at least 7-13 servings every day. But if you're like most people, you don't eat enough fruits or vegetables or enough variety. And those fruits and vegetables that we do eat tend to be over processed, over-cooked, or too far removed from the field. That's why there's Juice Plus+. It's a convenient, affordable, and natural whole food based nutritional product providing nutrition from 17 vegetables, fruits, and grains. Juice Plus+ is not a vitamin supplement, providing a limited number of handpicked nutrients. Juice Plus+ is a whole food based product providing the wide array of nutrients found in a variety of fruits, vegetables, and grains. It's the next best thing to fruits and vegetables...because we don't get nearly enough of the real thing every day.

6th Degree Black Belt

Learn more about Juice Plus by visiting: www.nutrition4successwithjuiceplus.com


Martial Arts History Museum

The Martial Arts History Museum is a fun as well as an historical venture for the whole family. This is not a place about violence nor is it a who's who, rather, it is an educational and cultural facility in which young people have the opportunity to learn about Asian artistry, culture, tradition, theater, music, animation and even films and how they coincide with Asian forms of martial arts. Designed by artists from Disney, makers of The Simpsons, and more, it is a timeline of history of how Asian history became part of American history. The mission of the Martial Arts History Museum is to provide an educational and cultural facility that will promote an understanding and appreciation of Asian artistry, culture, music, tradition and history and how they coincide with Asian forms of martial arts. We share the story of our diversity and how Asian history became part of American history. From the birth of Chinese kung fu to the Japanese Samurai to today's animation, Asian forms of martial arts have had a positive influence on modern society. Through continuous programs, workshops and seminars held at the Martial Arts History Museum every other weekend, we provide a cultural experience for our youth, we strengthen our local community and introduce Asian traditions to our young people and returning visitors. With millions upon millions of children enrolled in martial arts and thousands of young people visiting from the nearby elementary schools, the Museum opens the doors to history and transforms lives to create a better world for all of us. www.mamuseum.com 69

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mae magazine vol 5  

The #1 Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine and Media Resource in the United States and around the Globe.

mae magazine vol 5  

The #1 Martial Arts Entertainment Magazine and Media Resource in the United States and around the Globe.