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A magazine full of reflections of God’s spirit, enhanced & embraced with enlightenment. Full of His breathtaking inspiration as well as infinite wisdom. Replicating the Lord’s hope, loving kindness, peace, joy, compassion, forgiveness & light. How He, The Lord, touches lives.

Issue #19

Book Reviews of:

Where Butterflies By: Deliverance Hope 2016-2017 Fly AND Free When God Hits You Straight Between the I’s

Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope 2012

The Song of Oneself You are being set up!

The Lord is My Shepherd Segment True Repentance God’s unending Loyalty, Helping hand & Love

Let’s Get REEL Movie Review of: Priceless

I Was Wondering Segment

Prays the Lord Prayer Segment Now We’re Cookin’ Segment

The Depths of Time

REVELATION 12:!! REDEMPTION Segment Featuring: ~ Heather Savage ~ Samuel ~ & ~ Deliverance ~

What I See Within Every word, Every Breath Blue Bird the Angels of the Lord breathe The Staff of the Church As & When I Found My Way & Truth What A Deceptive Hearted Person

Fingerprints from Heaven Segment The Lord’s Affirmations

What is Not Odd in the World Today

Will Never Desire

Now! Is the Right Time to Do This

A division of God Breathed Publishing, LLC Talladega County, AL Publisher: Deliverance Hope Writer: Deliverance Hope Lead Photographer: Deliverance Hope Copyright Š-2016-2018 All Rights Reserved

Fingerprints from Heaven segment

“I promise to you My everlasting, tranquil, perfect peace That I will instill within you once you believe in & receive the wholeness of Me… This I promise to thee… Isaiah 26:3 Fingerprints From Heaven…” Deliverance Hope Excerpt from the book

Fingerprints from Heaven Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope 2013-2016 All Rights Reserved Photography taken & copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved penres4667

Book Review of:

Where Butterflies Fly Free

Deliverance Hope God Breathed Publishing, LLC Talladega County, AL

Where Butterflies Fly Free Whispering inspiration found within:

The Lord’s Affirmations... To Pick or Pluck ... The Assumption of responsibility... Timeless Awakening... Where the Treasures of life are found ... What is truly remarkable ... Unhindered equality, within every word that the angels of the Lord breathe , I see ... You are continually being “set up”... Frequency... How and when I found my way... The Higher the Light... What hurts one more when they are already hurting... Later... What realm I desire to be , my plea to the Almighty...What I see is open & stretched out wide ...State of being...Be careful who you friend and follow...Every moment with you... What penetrates my entire being...There is a time for all ...Let me break it down for you... I hear a whisper in the air...things that are planted ...What I did when I heard one particular whisper in the air... Malfunction Junction ... Disorders...Do all function and love the same?...there is the most beautiful , breathtaking river, stream...True Repentance ... Where true promises shine ...The song of oneself...What truly, touching psalm has... What co-existence does not mean ... The one , true , only common denominator of all ... If God loves you...What true love gives...what ability reflections of truth have ... What kills people ...No matter what others think , do & say...When things are good or bad , what to do...When again , I was finally home ...As and when my head was hung low... What to do with this, very moment...Lift thine ...The staff and rod ...wherever you go, whatever you do, my wish for you... My safe place ...the Lord is my shepherd ... While I was riding... What else you should give to God ...In times of pain ... My forevermore prayer...true dreams with purpose are ...A different type of God send , request...What I desire to see clearly...How I love you... What miracle took place ... Why I am here ...What I find is a shame ...What to be careful of...Touched , caressed by God ...Following in the footsteps of God ...The type of days I thirst for... What God’s will is for each and all ...the type of chronic cough many have got... Sprung...How to clearly see from a different perspective ...One thing I will never, ever do... The most important part of you...If and when you end up alone ... the song that is undefiled ...True , spiritual hymns resound from...This very morning... I cherish a true mother... I’ll be ...Where I am and will forevermore be ...

Where Butterflies Fly Free Written & copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved God Breathed Publishing, LLC Talladega County, AL

Book Review for ~Where Butterflies Fly Free ~ Written & Copyright by Deliverance Hope 2016:

“OH MY!!! That is all I can say right now! I am left speechless, as I am crying continually just thinking about some of the spoken word within! What a beautiful, poetic book that took my breath away! There were so many simple lessons and reminders that brought God to light in me. I felt my spirit leaping as I read it! It is like God took the pen and guided it through the writer, Deliverance Hope! It left a God profound impact on me! A reminder of how God is with us, and how much He cares and loves us! WOW! OH WOW! Oh WOW!!!!!!! What a masterpiece!” Camy- from California “Deliverance Hope - WRITES AS THOUGH I AM RIGHT THERE! It is as if she put me as the lead character in the book and I experienced what she was writing about personally! From this writing, I was led to not only touch the hem of Jesus, his garment, but see his face! Tears filled hope & joy, as well as sorrow streamed from my face while experiencing the intimate moments with God in this book! What a brilliant awareness of the reality of God Himself! I am in awe, so is my spirit & jaw! What a beautiful, inspiration, work of art! A must read!!!” Jay- from Alabama

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“Moments and breaths pass by in an instant and cannot ever, be recovered again… So now is the time To choose & do the right thing.” Deliverance Hope

Excerpt from the book: Where Butterflies Fly Free Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved Photography taken & copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved

“True repentance Is true admission, it is enlightenment shining into, Then a ricochet displaying a reflection of the revelation of truth, expelling from the inward you As an overwhelming desire to never again repeat nor do… True repentance requires also an action, as well as just an admission, truth…” Deliverance Hope

Excerpt from the book: Where Butterflies Fly Free Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved Photography taken & copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved

“I was wondering… Have you listened for the voice of God today? Have you? I was wondering…” Deliverance Hope

Excerpt from the book: I Was Wondering Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved Photography taken & copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved 022717res183

“ “The

song of oneself can be compared to, and found with the ocean, the sea, not just its emotions but its true heartbeat.

Are you rushing in gently, softly, tenderly whispering? Or are you a rip tide, a path of destruction, pulling all down, under & drowning underneath?

The truth of you is found within your churning…” Deliverance Hope

Excerpt from the book: Where Butterflies Fly Free Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope Photography taken & copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved

Book Review of:

When God Hits You Straight Between the I’s Written & Copyright by:

Deliverance Hope 2012 All Rights Reserved

Book Review of: When God Hits You Straight Between the I’s Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope 2012 All Rights Reserved

“Subtle, humbling Godly wisdom is wrapped up within this book that is sometimes, just too funny! The ending caught me way off guard! LOL! How creative & full of brilliance! It shows how there is never a dull moment in time spent with God! The wisdom is phenomenal & not of this world when you have a one on one with Him! What a marvelous book by a eloquent writer! I will now be thinking more about my actions, as well as reactions as I know and have become aware as God is watching me each moment. I will be thinking and searching for what he is trying to show & teach me too! As for the writer & her inspiring words, Deliverance Hope helped inspire me to listen to God, follow Him, as well as check myself, and know, realize that God is RIGHT HERE with me!” Dale ~ Iowa “Humor, talent, intelligence, humbleness & suspense, all wrapped up in this quaint book! e end, especially, was a OH! NO! LOL! is writer’s writing is so unique & intriguing! e words were bringing awareness of & how we are close to God, showing me how he is really here and trying to teach us! How we can choose to become aware of him and his ways & thoughts, or choose to dismiss him! I say unique, brilliant, funny & inspiring! Love it! Great piece of work!” Sara Beth~ Georgia

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“In the world today… It is not odd To try to get even with others... Not Godly…” Deliverance Hope

Excerpt from the book Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope When God Hits You Straight Between e I’s!!! 2012 All Rights Reserved

“Not only once upon a time But also There comes a time”

Deliverance Hope

Excerpt from the book: When God Hits You Straight Between the I’s Copyright by: Deliverance Hope 2012 Photography Copyright by: Destiny Grace All Rights Reserved

“There is this beautiful, strong, solid tree ~ with many limbs…

And many houses built upon, on it… And many of birds… ~Different ~ In not only appearance, externally, but also internally, their purpose and giſts… All have different roles to play, but they all house there, dwell there, in unity… And then there is the one, blue bird, that sits on the bottom, all alone….. All because of the unity with the rest, and the sole one that abides and resides…. All alone… He looks, and is different than them, the rest…… He is new to them, for he came at a later day, and he is different in many, in all ways…. So, as of, and also to this day, he sits alone….. For many, they speak of him, not in truth... About him, they sing a different tune… And not only physically is he blue, but because of this, mentally blue too… It does hurt when one is on the outside, and all that others speak of are rumors, strife, and lies… Just because he looks and is different, and just because of what others speak, believe, and say, it has almost destroyed him in all ways…. And they choose not to accept him… But yet, he still stands among them, he still sings when it is a tune for and of God, in unison, when they also do …… Fellowship, when it is for The Lord, it does not matter about anything else, personal that it… All for God, regardless…. God puts you when & where He wants to We just have to accept & endure, and obey Him… No matter if we are physically and mentally blue, there is a reason! The development & revelation of this, will and shall come to pass… Just sit at, also in, your own pew… Where God has placed you…” Deliverance Hope When God Hits You Straight Between The I’s!!! When He Has Had Enough of U!!! I…….Eye….I…..Eye….I…… …………. Now…….Smile……. Uh-Oh, Whoa to Me, Lord God Have Mercy, Down to my Face and Knees

“The Lord’s continual, whispering affirmations known & seen as lullabies to me Dance throughout, within, the caressing wind

Excerpt from the book: Where Butterflies Fly Free Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved

Right before mine & your I’s/eyes… …Everlasting…” Deliverance Hope

“You are continually being “set up” by the desired plots & plans of others…. “Set up” Either for the good... best for you and future plans Or for the bad….deceptive destruction Depends on the true heart of the person. Tell me, Truly, Which ones are you, do you choose to listen in and to?” Deliverance Hope

Excerpt from the book: Where Butterflies Fly Free Written & copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved

“A deceptive hearted person will never desire another being to rise above, to be and become higher than their own accomplished doings & state of being…” Deliverance Hope

Excerpt from the book: Where Butterflies Fly Free Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved

Now We’re Cookin’

Hamburger Soup 2 lbs lean ground beef 1 white onion, peeled and diced 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper, more to taste 1/2 teaspoon dry oregano, more to taste 1/2 teaspoon dry basil, more to taste 1/4 teaspoon seasoning salt 1 (1 1/2 ounce) envelope onion soup mix 6 cups water, more to desired consistency 1 (8 ounce) can tomato sauce 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 (15 ounce) can diced tomatoes, undrained 1 (15 ounce) can corn, drained 1 cup celery, sliced 1/4 cup celery leaves, coarsely chopped 1 cup fresh carrot, sliced 1 cup white potato, peeled and cut into small cubes garlic salt, to taste shredded parmesan cheese, to serve sour cream, to serve Directions:1Brown ground beef and onion in a large pot. Drain if needed. 2Add spices and onion soup mix. 3Stir in water, tomato sauce and soy sauce. Bring to a boil; then reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes. 4 Add the rest of the ingredients up to the potatoes bring to a boil; reduce heat, and simmer uncovered until potatoes and carrots are tender about 30 minutes. (Add more water if needed). 5Season to taste with garlic salt. 6Serve with shredded parmesan cheese and sour cream. rty-hamburger-soup.html

Fried Rice Ingredients: 3 cups cooked white rice (day old or leftover rice works best!) 3 tbs sesame oil 1 cup frozen peas and carrots (thawed) 1 small onion, chopped 2 tsp minced garlic 2 eggs, slightly beaten 1/4 cup soy sauce how to make it: fried-rice.html




Movie Reviewof Priceless James was a pretty good guy... until that day his wife died... And then his life journey took a turn... a hard left turn that left him feeling that life, especially his own, was pretty worthless... Our story opened with developing plot twists that proved to be quite relevant in light of several current issues illegal immigration and human trafficking... And though James’ cross-country journey that provided the backdrop of our story was intended to set his path back to the right, several dead ends later, he was forced to travel on with only an uncomfortable faith in a small voice from inside himself serving as his GPS guide... New aquaintances provided some inspiration for his faith in where this journey might ultimately lead... He had to at least try... And, while we won’t provide any spoilers in a story inspired by several true-life stories, along the way, James found a value in life fueled by faith!

“Is the staff of the church the Lord’s chosen staff and rod?” Deliverance Hope

Excerpt from the book: Where Butterflies Fly Free Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved Photography taken & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved 072717fix77

“The Lord is my Shepherd He gathers me into His arms, and carries me close to His heart. We, will never part.

Excerpt from the book & jar: The Lord is My Shepherd Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved Photography taken & copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved

The Lord is My Shepherd.� Deliverance Hope

“Every word, every breath that the angels  the Lord Breathe Each, I see, then, released White Feathers oating ee, out, in the suounding, overshadowing, open air Cascading around, ile oating slowly, swaying, ile gently, dcending down With and in, to, the guided tempo, the ispering blow, the caring breath  God, known to man as the wind ...Within every word...” Excerpt from the book: Deliverance Hope

Where Butterflies Fly Free Written & copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved

“As my head was hung downward, low As I was mourning, outpouring from within my entire being As I felt alone, depleted. The Lord, He, Took His pointer finger And turned it sideways as He then, placed it underneath my chin As He began to upward, raise my head Softly, slowly, gently Toward the skies above me, toward throne of where He resides And will so be, eternally. Then, is when, I felt a total, unencumbered peace penetrate, as it surrounded me. As He wiped away every single one of my cascading tears away. Mine eyes then, began to open up, wide, I saw His face. His care for me shone this very day, like none other that I have ever known… Mine eyes today may still shed tears that downward fall, that appear to cry, expelling from my insides, but now, my head, my every and all, are turned upward, focused on and upon Him, now, As I now, truly do know the Lord, He is with, behind & beside me as I endure, forevermore. The Lord, He cares, He loves us each, So…” Deliverance Hope

Excerpt om the book: Where Buerfli Fly Free Wrien & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Rerved Phography taken & copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Rerved

“My Lord … I found my way, my enlightening light, my wholeness & truth The moment & breath that I found You…” Deliverance Hope

Excerpt from the book: Where Butterflies Fly Free Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved Photography taken & copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved

REDEMPTION REVELATION 12:!! “Where we invite others to freely share Their Testimonies The Touch The Kiss The breath of God...

Redeemed Set Free Tranformed....� ~

Deliverance Hope FEATURING ~ 3

Part 1 of Heather B. Savage Samuel & Part 1 of Deliverance While most of this publication is the original work of Deliverance Hope, we encourage others to contribute their work as well. That work is their own and does not necessarily reflect the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs of the publisher.

Heather Savage Testimony Part 1 Written by: Heather Savage My generation just squeezed in to being Baby Boomers, so we were born into a world that was, once again, in flux; a world where traditional values were no longer the norm, and “alternative lifestyles” were hip. Extended families, we were told, were of the past, and the hot-house environment of the “nuclear family” now removed us from the wisdom and governance of grandparents; making relationships with parents all we had to go on for examples of how to be adults. Great if you had great parents; not so great if your parents were dysfunctional. Mine were great.. They were ordinary working people, with modest dreams of owning a home, and raising their kids to be better off and more secure than they had been when they grew up - their childhood world had been devastated by war. They did a good job. They put two kids through university, bought that home, and lived exemplary lives. They preached hard work, “nothing-for-nothing”, and kindness. We went to church, every Sunday, ate family meals together, and had rules and standard set for us kids to go by. There was always some “stray” person at Sunday lunch and Christmas. Needless to say, stray animals joined the family too. From my beginning, I had a strong sense of the importance of making my life Christ-centered; inspired by a Grandmother who had a very deep relationship with Jesus. She could not read or write, so I used to read Bible stories to her as a little girl. She sang old-time Gospel-Hall hymns in her beautiful, girlish voice. She loved Our Lord with all her heart. I was taught to pray each night: “There are four corners to my bed, there are four angels at my head. Mathew, Mark, Luke and John, bless the bed that I lie on. I was a happy, healthy kid, with a few “issues” – I had an IQ off the radar, undiagnosed (until adulthood) mild Asperger’s and ADD. In the warm embrace of my lovely family, with its cast of aunts, uncles and old family friends, who were all wonderful, colorful “characters”, I was safe and happy; outside, in the world, not so. School was miserable from the first day. I just felt different from all the other kids. I didn’t fit, for some reason, all through, until High School I had no really close friends. My kid brother and I were close, and had great fun together, but we outgrew each other in puberty after we went to single-sex schools. So I was an unhappy, tortured adolescent. With low self-esteem, no confidence, and only a thin veneer of bravado to shield my sensitive heart, I was an ideal candidate for the temptations of drugs and alcohol. And I succumbed. I first got drunk at 15, and liked the “badass” image it brought with it a lot. I liked the vomiting and hangover less, but persevered. My parents didn’t raise quitter! Nobody in my family drank to excess apart from one uncle, whom I looked up to, who was funny, witty, and had a roughish charm. I decided that was whom I would emulate. By 18 I was drinking regularly, and pill-popping. Punk-rock had arrived, and an anti-establishment, F***-you attitude was pushed on the young. Anything your parents stood for was out. Anything that shocked or horrified them was in. I cut off my long hair, threw away all my pretty clothes that my mother and I had used to enjoy shopping for together, and wore charity-shop clothes. I joined the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and flirted with Communism, briefly. I became a pain in the ass at home, prosyletising my new “gospel” with fiery enthusiasm and zeal. I was a “disciple” of anti-establishment media darlings, and I parroted anything that they espoused. Their cause was my cause. I stopped respecting my parents, couldn’t communicate with my (conservative, scholarly, clean-cut) brother. I lost all interest in the things I enjoyed: painting, writing, gardening, cooking, caring for animals, home-making with my mother. My new “friends” became an ersatz family. I left home at 20, rudderless, and without a plan. I shacked up with a guy I had met at a party some time before, and got a day-job in a shop, with a part-time weekend job in a bar to top up my income. He and I fell out of lust pretty quickly, and I moved in with a pal from work. We were two 21-year-olds from country towns, mesmerized by a big city – in this case Edinburgh. We boozed Friday through Sunday, staying awake with amphetamines. The “Goth” thing got big, so we got gothic. We’d stand around in dark clubs drinking pints of “Pink Panther” – a noxious mixture of cider, Pernod, and blackcurrant cordial! The music was depressive, nihilistic tripe, but we swayed along. Sunday was hangover day, so I stopped going to church. I had one boyfriend after another, a couple serious, ‘though nothing that was going to lead to marriage and family. Of course, I was having sex with everyone I went out with. That’s what you did as a free-wheeling feminist in charge of her own life. I got fired from my job for being spectacularly rude to a customer (who was, it must be said, a real piece of work!) and signed on social security – which horrified my parents, whom I still called at least weekly, and visited at Christmas. Bored, and not in the mood to look for work, I signed up for a writers’ workshop at the local Workers’ Education Association, and met new set of friends who were all around 5-10 years older than I. They had done the “hippy” thing – lived in communes and squats, and were now, at 30, just starting to “get into” careers. We hung out a lot, smoking home-grown weed, and drinking home-made wine. They turned me on to folk music, and we had some good times. They were good people – genuinely good people. They kind of mentored me, and certainly looked out for me. I volunteered at a homeless shelter, and found I was interested in helping people in need, and I met a nun who inspired me: Sister Apollinaris, who ran a drop-in centre, where she mothered the motherless. One of those people is still a close friend 35 years on. He’s still a gentle hippy, who grows a little grass and plays and makes musical instruments – living in a little cottage on a Scottish island. He encouraged me to go to university, and helped me through the application process. He was, and is, a true friend. TO BE CONTINUED...

Testimony of Samuel “From the time I remember as a young child, I remember always being in Church. My parents were the typical 1st row sittin’ folks! Devoted- I was molded into from the moment I was born! We were well to do, and our name in our county was, is, well known. In knowing each of us, you then knew we were loved by Jesus! It was from families like ours, that were blessed, we kept and keep the Church operating still today. I never had to endure what many say they have to because from the moment I remember being here, I remember being blessed always. So my walk with Jesus has been consistent. To me typical. Not at all controversial. Jesus has always been there for me, so I still today make it my priority to do my part and attend his house each week, cause like mama said, “Jesus, each Sunday, is scanning the pews to see whose seat is empty!” So I do my best to not be put on the empty seat list, make by Jesus!” By: Samuel

Deliverance Part 1 Excerpt from the book(s): Vessels of Light e Trilogy Series Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope 2011 All Rights Reserved

“When the process started…Some years ago…It was and is not an instant, whole, total, change… It is a life change…Day by day….It is a forever choice to follow God…To follow the light. Change proceeds choices… The choices you each moment make determine your yesterdays, tomorrows as well as todays… Free-will granted decisions…Grants the open options of choices…. I was, at this time, in and have been in many relationships that have been very abusive… In many ways… Mentally, (physiologically)…. Emotionally…Physically… Sexually…Spiritually… Financially… A lot of past bad choices made by me… There came a time that I had to refuse to keep living in fear of being so threatened, intimidated, controlled, and insecure. Simplicity, was and is, just this…I was mowing the lawn. As I was choosing which direction to run the lines… The art of the pattern of the cut…Just then…That very moment…That very instant… Something came over me….A quiet, gentle, warmth that comforted and soothed me… I then heard a voice that said, “Enough is enough…!” It was like a beacon of light came on…A bell went off and rung… Ding, ding, ding! It was, as if, for years, I had not heard my favorite song…And then all of a sudden…It finally, came on… I was captivated by the moment…I felt every beat that played, it beat in unison with the beat of my heart, that was soaring, while continuously fluttering… Not deflating but a sense of a presence of a defibrillator helping stimulate it… Perfect rhythm…My own, long, lost song…. It felt like I could and would finally rediscover it….Experience it…To go, see, and hear, my long lost home… Which I then knew what I had been and what was missing all along… The song was and is of My Lord…From the Heavens Above….It has been locked away for many years, I must say… Even though it was always there…God, is always there…Right here with and for us…And even though it always played gently… Continuously…Within my soul….I had to choose to turn into it, again…And then…When I did…I finally did not just listen to it, but I choose to then, really hear it…Again….I remembered Him, My Lord…I started humming the hymns of the tunes, of the words of My Precious Lord…That I remembered…I did know…They were tucked and locked away in the depths my soul… I had to open them up again..Let them out, let them freely flow… A revelation of the filed away invitation…A welcome home… There is nothing that you have ever done that He, God, will not forgive you of, if you were blinded to it previously… Except!!! If you were about The Holy Ghost, blaspheming! And now, you have been enlightened …You now can see…. All other previous trespasses you committed against The Lord you now choose to truly repent for each of them… From your heart, then all will be cast away and shall be forgiven and forewarned, in all ways, always… For many say that you can live your life for you…For you to be happy…Or any other excuse… And then in the end..You can repent…And also some say…By and with God’s grace… It was and is a gift..Free for the taking..He , knows we are not perfect and can’t be…And He knows the way the world is today... And we have not choice but adapting… After all, He wants us to have abundant life and be happy! So we are safe...We spoke the words of acceptance…We believe in Him…He, came so now we can live our lives the way we want… Free…And have abundant life here..As we think…And we should be happy… But I am here to say that this is false witnessing and misleading…I am here to say to these monstrosities “No!”… If you think this is the way it can be or is…It, as well as you, then, are wrong…You, could perish this instant… It could happen, any day, any second… You do not want The Lord to say to you, “I never knew you.” ??? Do you??? The decision now is all up to you. The Lord, constantly, stands beside you and some of you have not even recognized… God, knows you for who you truthfully are…. Not by all the world’s inflicted cuts, bruises and scars.. He, knows your truth, He, knows your heart…

Many people of this world will attempt to rule over you and will do so if you choose to let them. I only ask for acceptance and guidance from the Lord God from Above… He, is the only one that I must please. He, is the only one that has agape love for me. God, is not like man, you see…? Offended? Often conviction is hiding behind the shadows of a guilty, strong, wrong stance of falseness & liesas one choose to hide behind and then spew out in frustration and aggravation… How another one has now, then … Crossed the line! This is the presence and essence of Offense.When another one highlights it…It is hidden sin! As those that hide it, often, then, get upset, as they then set the atmosphere as this…Hostile!!! When another exposes it… Often when one must face what is in their closet that they are hiding…They then, get angry! In, the hidden guiltiness of undealtwith according to God’ s way’s and standards pertaining to these convictions… The devil and his vessels, will intentionally mislead you and me… And present conviction as a trespass…As an offense…A violation … To get you to turn your back on truth, according to thw words of and from God…As well as, your God called will… It is time now.. To handle all, including you, and correct it…And, to God, Submit as well as repent… I often wish that in the reflection of our spirit beings we would see the truth of our reality… I wish … That when you looked in and at the reflection in the mirror, you would see the truth of your true character and integrity instead of the external flesh being of your foreseen soul-ly existence… I desire for all to see…With your internal, eternal, eyes...Not with your shallow flesh I’s…All of the time… Often, many, in secret, are guilty and refuse to repent as well as submit to what the Lord says… That is enlightenment of the contents within ones existence of hidden pride and arrogance, highlighted! Because often, man chooses to follow themselves as well as other men first, instead… Maybe it is a revelation to show you who… Really….Over you, has control…? Who is your #1? By the way…Offense, is not the normal practices and works of God…It is most often the works of the adversary….The Devil….. You are a child of God…It is time now for you to rise up and make a stand… Start to accept and live for Your Father God, from Above…And not for this world…Or for man… It is time to repent, And truly mean it… … …Enough said… Now, we are going to begin to AGAIN, reflect and review a few more parts of my yesterdays with you.”

To Be Continued...

Deliverance Hope ~2011

Prays The Lord segment

“Thank You Lord God for Your infinite presence that surrounds that is on & upon me. I pray may You continue to keep me safe infinitely under the shadow of Your wings ...forevermore & always... Thank You Lord, God ~always~� Deliverance Hope

Excerpt from the book: Where Butterflies Fly Free Written & Copyright by: Deliverance Hope All Rights Reserved

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SEVERAL 8X10 photo’s in frames with breathtaking photography alongside inspirational words that impact one, forevermore. Magnets & Bookmarks too!

From the depths of my heart, mind, spirit & soul I want to take the time to thank those that support & assist with this mission, this path, this journey that God has set before me. As I endure on following, these God breathed dreams that He has placed in, out & through the vessel of me. To each, to all, I thank you so much, forevermore... Deliverance Hope, God Breathed Publishing L.L.C. There’s Always Hope & There’s Always Hope The Magazine

““May The Lord God Bless you & keep you close & tight with & in His eyes, heart, hands, prayers & mind forevermore beyond the end of time.” Deliverance Hope

Theres Always Hope The Magazine Issue 19  
Theres Always Hope The Magazine Issue 19