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Placement test scores allow MCC staff to place you into the appropriate classes— whether that’s directly into classes required for your degree, or Developmental classes to help you prepare for them.

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do you mean that I might have to take classes that don’t count toward my degree first? That means extra money and time on my part.” The short answer is yes. If your entrance exam scores are below certain levels, you must first take Developmental classes before beginning your actual college-level courses. This means that, ultimately, you would have to take more classes than those required for your chosen degree.

Would you like the opportunity to: √√Take fewer classes to complete your degree, √√Save on tuition cost, √√Finish your degree in less time, √√Help ensure that most of your credits will transfer to four-year colleges and universities?

If so, read on...

Assessment Preparation: What’s in it for me? Beginning in February, this assessment program allows you to: 1. Take MCC’s entrance exam—called the COMPASS test—and receive your test scores. 2. If needed, use an online tutorial system to help you better understand the subject-matter with which you require assistance—and work toward raising your test scores! 3. Re-test and have your final test scores forwarded to MCC. See the enclosed letter for information on how to register.

Muskegon Community College and the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District are partnering on a Community College Assessment Preparation class.

We heard that you are planning to attend

Muskegon Community College...

If you’ve already applied to MCC, but don’t have… an ACT score of at least 22 - or a proficiency level of 1 or 2 on the reading and writing sections of the Michigan Merit Exam …you’ll need to take a placement test before you enroll in classes at MCC.

Find out how inside. Save precious time, tuition, and do as well as possible on your entrance exams!

MCC Brochure  
MCC Brochure  

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