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HOWLER Volume 14 Issue 1

January 2014

Official Publication of the Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club

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(Sunday and Tinker Lilly, Photo courtesy of Tricia Thompson)

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Cambridge MN Kennel Club Board of Directors


Effective April 6. 2013

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President: Glen Kothe Email: Vice President: Gretchen Hofheins-Wackerfuss Email: Secretary: Theresa Goiffon Email: Treasurer: Tim Bergeron Email: Director Director Director Director Director

Darvin Bethke Eileen Bowen Wayne Harmon Rick Majkrzak Carol Wirkkunen

Date January 14 February 11 March 22

Meeting Board Meeting General Meeting Board/General

April 5


May 13 June 10 July 8 August 16

General Board General Board

September 9 General October (TBD) Board/General November 11 Board December (TBD) General

Location teleconference teleconference Cornerstone Restaurant Wyoming Total Recall Training Center Hugo 10:00 a.m. teleconference teleconference teleconference On The Run Training Center Ham Lake 10:00 a.m. teleconference in conjunction with sanctioned match Total Recall Training Center Hugo teleconference Annual Holiday Brunch (tentatively Running Aces Columbus, MN)

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Please plan to attend the following club meetings. Your participation is needed. Unless otherwise noted Board and membership meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. via telephone conference call. Dial 1-712-432-3100 and when asked for your access (Bridge) code press 351012. For further information about joining the conference calls phone Nancy Bergeron

Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club Minutes Date: January 14, 2014 The meeting was called to order by Vice-president Gretchen Hofheins- Wackerfuss at 7:08 p.m. In attendance were Gretchen Hofheins-Wackeruss, Tim Bergeron, Lisa Schroeder, Diane Racette, Donna Erickson, Nancy Bergeron and Wayne Harmon. A motion to approve the agenda as printed was made by Tim, seconded by Diane. Motion passed. A motion for any corrections/additions for the December meeting minutes was made by Tim, seconded by Donna. None were made. Motion passed.

CMKC Meeting Dates – teleconference meetings held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. January 14 February 11 March 22 April 5 May 13 June 10 July 8 August 16

Board Meeting teleconference General Meeting teleconference Board/General Cornerstone Restaurant Wyoming Board Total Recall Training Center Hugo 10:00 a.m.

General teleconference Board teleconference President’s Report – not available General teleconference Secretary’s Report – not available Board On The Run Treasurer’s Report – T. Bergeron - the December agility Training Center Ham Lake 10:00 a.m. turned out with a little less than projected, approximately September 9 General teleconference $1000 profit. July ribbons were included in the December October (TBD) Board/General in conjunction with order. sanctioned match Total Recall Training Center Hugo Committee Reports: November 11 Board teleconference Delegate – W. Harmon – the Dog Show Rules and AllDecember (TBD) General Annual Holiday Breed committee meetings were attended. Also the LegislaBrunch ( tentatively Running Aces tive Caucus and the Delegate’s Meeting. Minutes taken durColumbus, MN) ing each of these sessions will be published in the January 2014 newsletter. No major news reported. The annual elec- New Business tion of new board members will take place on March 10. Annual Banquet - the date has not been confirmed but will Four candidates are running for three positions. be held on either March 15 or 22 at the Cornerstone RestauSpring Obedience – no report rant in Wyoming. The awards form will be published in the Summer Show – Application and Judges Panel have been next newsletter with a March 1 deadline for submission. submitted. Pending approval. Premium list proof copy is due National Animal Interest Alliance – Our membership in this January 29. June 21 and 22 are the dates this year and held organization was submitted when registration for the workin conjunction with Anoka Co MN KC June 19 and 20. Clean shop occurred. -up will be June 15 and set-up on June 18. Volunteers needed for each and all of these days. Diane Racette has A request to have the club e-mail list updated as several agreed to assist in the search for a new caterer. members are not receiving messages and/or newsletter. July Agility – application has been made Wayne will contact Theresa and Glen to “sync” lists. Fall Obedience – application has been submitted Volunteers for the Nominating Committee included Tim, December Agility – application pending Diane and Donna. Positions for election this year include president, secretary and two board members – positions Old Business: presently being held by Wayne Harmon and Carol WirkEvent dates: kunen. The committee will report to the February meeting, CMKC Obedience/Rally April 5-6 with nominations from the floor accepted at the March anCMKC Conformation/JS June 21-22 nual meeting. CMKC Agility – July 4-5-6 CMKC Obedience/Rally August 16-17 Meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m. CMKC Agility December 13-14 Respectfully submitted, Wayne Harmon (Acting secretary) Page 3

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APHIS Interpreted

At the recent delegate meeting Julian Prager, representing the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) and also an American Kennel Club (AKC) delegate, gave a presentation at the legislative caucus held before the Delegate meeting. In this presentation , it was stated that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has agreed to work with AKC and NAIA and that there should not be an effect on small breeders. The primary concern will be centered on the large commercial breeders that have previously sold to pet stores and now are selling over the internet. These breeders are not covered under the existing law. The USDA is going to focus on kennels that were previously registered with the USDA and dropped their licenses to sell over the internet to commercial concerns. Procedures for implementation and training for inspectors will include NAIA and AKC input. Inspections can not occur until you are licensed. The USDA must “teach” you how to become a licensed kennel. The USDA will ask what your business model is. Your response should be “to develop a line”. In your business model, the information that you breed show dogs for yourself and other breeders; selling an occasional puppy. In developing your business model, information regarding that you do not breed anything under two years of age and no bitches over six years. The USDA must believe you. Notify AKC if you have any concerns. Julian stated, “They don’t really want to mess with us, they just don’t understand us”. Due to limited funds to deal with commercial breeders, existing state laws will dictate how much concern they have in your area. He also stated, “They want the most bang for their buck”. His attitude presented a fairly positive outlook for show breeders and is willing to watch closely the actions that the USDA may take. The only reason that you may be inspected at this time is when a complaint is made. Be aware of the present laws in your township, city and state. 2013 IN REVIEW This past year has been successful and rewarding for many of our members. Please gather your show wins, HIT’s, rally and obedience titles, new champion titles, placements at nationals, participation in therapy and the many things that are educational in design. Send information to Wayne Harmon to compile by February 15 and to be presented at the Annual Banquet in March. Page 7

News, Brags, Births and Photo’s From Nancy Johnson... Announcing Champion Maplewoods Fashion Statement “Victoria” Victoria is owned and bred by Nancy Johnson She finished her Championship with a 5 point major Thank You to her handler Terri Meyers And thank you to Judge Sari Brewster Tietjen,

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Fun photo’s from Tricia Thompson Tinker Lilly is her Maltese that holds the following titles: NA, NAJ, CA, CGC and TDI Sunday is her canine partner, a mixed breed who also holds the following titles: NAP, NJP, CA, CGC and TDI Congrats Tricia and Thank you for the fun photos!

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2014 january howler  
2014 january howler  

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