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HOWLER Volume 13 Issue 12

December 2013

Official Publication of the Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club


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Cambridge MN Kennel Club Board of Directors


Effective April 6. 2013

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President: Glen Kothe Email: Vice President: Gretchen Hofheins-Wackerfuss Email: Secretary: Theresa Goiffon Email: Treasurer: Tim Bergeron Email: Director Director Director Director Director

Darvin Bethke Eileen Bowen Wayne Harmon Rick Majkrzak Carol Wirkkunen

Please plan to attend the following club meetings. Your participation is needed. Unless otherwise noted Board and membership meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. via telephone conference call. Dial 1-712-432-3100 and when asked for your access (Bridge) code press 351012. For further information about joining the conference calls phone Nancy Bergeron

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Monthly Meeting Monthly Meeting Monthly Meeting Monthly Meeting Monthly Meeting Meeting to be announced but sometime during the show Monthly Meeting Monthly Meeting Monthly Meeting Monthly Meeting Monthly Meeting Meeting to be announced

Please put these dates on your calendar. For up to date events, please visit our Page 2

Cambridge Minnesota Kennel Club Minutes Date: December 1, 2013 Present: Glen Kothe, Donna Erickson, Gretchen Hofheins-Wakerfuss, Darvin Bethke, Theresa Goiffon, Briana Bergeron, Nancy Bergeron, Tim Bergeron, Eileen Bower, Karen Anderson, Carol Wirkkunen, Roger Wirkkunen John Hofheins Mark Wackerfuss, Annie Piper, Nancy Johnson, Alan Schoeder, Sharon Schroeder, Diane Racette, Lisa Schroeder, Sally Wojtowicz, Tricia Thompson, Barb Trana, Grete Krause, Suzanna Moody, Zack Zitto and Cheryl Zitto Meeting called to order at 12 :20 p.m. and October and November Minutes approved. Secretary Report: Please send in photo’s, news, brags, stories for the monthly newsletters. Treasurer's Report: None Delegate Report: None Committee Reports: Legislative: More to come at the end of February. The Animal Rights people are very well funded. The Breeder Bill we do not support. Their goal is to do away with all pure bred dogs. There will be a meeting/seminar at 1:00 on Saturday, during the Land O Lake show for information about the legislature. Report given by Donna Erickson (full report on the National Animal Alliance (NAIA) on page 4 of this newsletter). Please be aware if anyone comes to your home to take your dogs away from you, unless it is a Sheriff with a search warrant do not let them in and contact a lawyer. If someone takes your dogs contact your lawyer and tell them a 1982 Action should be filed. Membership: No report Old Business: None New Business: Agility: Trial next week, show is full and there is a waiting list of 200. The July show is in the works paperwork filed and the feedback is very positive. Rally is approved, obedience is approved, awaiting confirmation of approval. Summer Solstice: Gretchen is working as co-chair to move into the Chairman role in the future. There will be an eye clinic again this year. We will sell root beer and ice cream with donations going to Take the Lead. We are expanding the tent area from 40x80 to 40x100 and the RV set up to be a bit configured differently. Quite a few specialties coming this next year. Summer Obedience: Diane and Lisa to take over for Gretchen, who will help with the transition. Awards Banquet: Date to come mid March, same location. Adjourned: 12:40 p.m. Respectfully Submitted by, Theresa A. Goiffon Secretary

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National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) Report by Donna Erickson

a life” these unregulated “rescues” means a potentially expensive, often thousands of dollars, and ultimately a heart breaking path.

How prepared are you for an illegal search and seizure? Can you afford to hire an informed attorney to prevent the conversion of your private property into state property? Where would you even find one? Don’t have the answers to those questions? You BETTER! Ignorance is not bliss...It’s DANGEROUS!

I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a disturbing related issue I just became aware of. There is an epidemic of Feral cats in Florida, vast quantities of which carry Toxoplasmosis. They have become a serious health threat to the large homeless population that has had to resort to killing, cooking and eating these cats to survive. There is I hope that every person who has any interest in or involve- strong evidence to a link between Toxoplasmosis and Schizophrenia. As emotional and unpleasant the subject of ment with animals in any capacity will make it a priority to attend the NAIA conference in the very near future. Alterna- Euthanasia is, it unfortunately still has to play a large part in tively the entire 2 days of seminars was video taped and will our society if we are ever going to bring these problems be available on their website in the near future. No excuses back into some kind of balance. The alternative is surely a not to check it out. Speakers include lawyers, veterinarians, steep rise in epidemics such as rabies, bubonic plague, etc. agricultural experts, breeders, judges, legislative activists Human greed, ego, selfishness and ignorance has led to and many more. many of the animal and health issues we face today. We must collectively take action NOW to reverse the course of If you are a farmer their were topics/speakers for you as well. If you are a hunter, the same. I am neither of those so I our future as a society. If you do not get involved you will have to suffer the consequences. will be focusing on the issues relating to the small AKC breeder and companion animals.

Let’s make shelters a memory, not a mascot! Make it a point Historically, the goal of animal shelters and humane socie- to find out what bills and laws are being proposed. Find out who your local representatives are as well as your county ties has always been to put themselves out of business. commissioner, state legislators, etc. Voice your opinion in Well not anymore! They have become BIG business and their new goal seems to be the eradication of purebred dogs the form of phone calls, emails, letter to the editor of local and cats. I am sure everyone has seen the constant barrage newspapers, social media etc. Spend some time exploring the NAIA and NAIA trust websites for more ways to get inof television sports promoting rescue and or adoption of mixed breeds instead of “buying” an AKC breed from what volved. It will take everyone of us to a part. they elude to, is the “bad” breeder person. A sale by any For more information please visit their website other name is still a sale! They aren’t giving those animals away! What they are frequently doing is importing thousands at of under documented animals from all over the world, bringing with them old diseases were extinct as well as diseases never before seen in the US. They do not have to adhere to the strict documentation and laws that govern small breeders. Nor do they have to make any guarantee to the animal health. They couldn't! They don't’ know the animals backgrounds. Puppies/Kittens whose eyes are not yet open, but they already have been spayed and neutered are routinely brought in from Mexico! Shelters on “Facebook” are offering to pay for people to bring them puppies to sell. State to state shifting is routine. Areas with large stray populations (usually in the south) will ship their excess to shelters in the northern states. One hundred Chihuahuas were sent to the Golden Valley animal shelter from California this past summer! For the well meaning but ignorant buyer who only wants to “save Page 4

News, Brags and Births From Sonbar Basenjis...Sonar added a Preferred Excellent Jumpers with weaves title to his name. It's indicated with the initials AJP. So his name with all titles is: AKC GCH UKC BIS CH Sonbar's Sonic Shockwave CD RAE OAJ OA AJP. Born Nov 20th a litter of 3 girls to Ch Sonbar's Yoko Yodels x Ch Sonbar's Zfor Zorro. 2 red girls and 1 tri girl. They are in Minneapolis. From MKC Papillion's: Our Rowdy aka James Bond von den Kolibris is now a Grand Champion after a Best of Breed win at Shakopee on Sat Nov. 23.

Congratulations to all and Best wishes on the new pups!

Truck Vault Cares For the past few months, there is an organization that has offered funds to seven dog or hunting related organizations. These organizations include rescue, hunting, children's education (4-H shooting), and the American Kennel Club- Canine Health Foundation (AKC-CHF). This is a contest where it appears that everyone wins. For every vote received for the organization, money is donated to that organization. People can vote daily and can use multiple e-mail address. I believe in the AKC CHF and the work it does, so I vote. However, the AKC fancy is NOT voting on this website. Prior to Thanksgiving, we led the vote by 2000 votes. For awhile, the votes stayed with that lead. In the last week, our lead has dropped to only 700. In fact, yesterday we were ahead by 800. I highly suspect that someone has contacted all the young people (4-H) to get all their friends to vote and it has done a mini-viral thing. We, on the other hand, have done nothing. A faithful few keep voting daily. Please go the link below and VOTE for AKC-CHF. Vote daily!!!!

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A Christmas Poem Author unknown To see what they've missed. And now as I watch them

It's the day before Christmas And all through the house The puppies are squeaking An old rubber mouse.

The thought comes to me, That theirs is the spirit That Christmas should be.

The wreath which had merrily Hung on the door Is scattered in pieces All over the floor.

Should children and puppies Yet show us the way, And teach us the joy That should come with this day?

The stockings that hung In a neat little row Now boast a hole in Each one of the toes.

Could they bring the message That's written above, And tell us that, most of all ...Christmas is love.

The tree was subjected To bright-eyed whims, And now, although splendid, It's missing some limbs. I catch them and hold them. "Be good", I insist. They lick me, then run off

Merry Christmas From Theresa Goiffon and Dunham Lake Australian Terriers

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