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WELCOME Hello and welcome to the 4th issue of The Reliant. The frequency of our music coverage in the last few issues has been a bit flat, so we decided to be more instrumental in our support of the sound of music and jam this issue with musical treats. We went to visit Flatfoot Johnny, Forest Hill’s very own old time obsessive, to check out his cellar where he crafts a whole host of instruments that twang. We also went to check out Camberwell’s best-kept secret and vinyl vulture hang out Rat Records. And finally, we had the chance to hang around Peckham’s very own Reprezent FM, London’s one and only licensed youth FM radio station.


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The Reliant is created by Epneo, a local design company that specialise in graphics, illustration, branding, websites and more.

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Alex Michael, Michael Large, Matt Lloyd, Amy Browne, Alex Pilalis, Zoe Webster, Helen Ashton, Jade Gamlin.

We hope you enjoy the issue and forgive the inexcusable “puns” in the second paragraph. We will see you again in October!


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The Reliant is proud to support King’s College Hospital The Reliant Challenge 2012 In 2012 we aim to raise £5000 for the King’s College Hospital Children’s Wards. We will be holding various events culminating in our Autumn Festival 2012!

Donate at: Please support us by giving whatever you can and by coming to our events! For more info please contact us at:

RELIANT REPORTS SOUTHWARK COUNCIL GIVES BOOST TO LOCAL HIGH STREETS HIT BY DISTURBANCES As one of the places hit worst by last year’s riots, Peckham High Street will receive £100k. The fund will give the high street a welcome boost and aims to start a sustainable improvement in a time of economic hardship. Eclectic Productions will be using a £31k grant to promote local businesses with their Talking Shop project. The monthly talk show dedicated to local businesses will use targeted on-air advertising to draw shoppers to the area. Sefa Nkyi, project manager of Talking Shop said, “This funding gives us the opportunity to offer young people a chance to engage with business. They’ll be making adverts and hosting business discussion programmes which will help promote new and established businesses in the area. It’s a win, win for everyone.” Ozzie’s Motors will be one of the businesses featured on Talking Shop. Owner, Ozmen Piro said, “I’m all for raising the profile of local businesses, it means more people are aware of the range of shops and services on their doorstep and that hopefully means more trade and custom for the local businesses.”

Peckham High Street

DULWICH PICTURE GALLERY RECEIVES £2 MILLION ENDOWMENT FUND GRANT The Heritage Lottery Fund and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport have granted The Dulwich Picture Gallery £2 million towards their endowment fund, subjective to them raising another £4 million. Money from the endowment fund will be invested, and the interest generated can be used by the gallery for upkeep and future projects. “At the moment the endowment fund isn’t sufficient to cover the running costs of the gallery,” says Ellie Manwell, Communications Manager at Dulwich Picture Gallery. “That’s why we are launching a campaign called ‘Picture our Future’ to increase our endowment to £20 million.” “The interest earned on that £6 million endowment fund will be specifically used to make sure our education and outreach programmes are being secured for the future. They are really important to what the Dulwich Picture Gallery does, because our whole ethos is about making art available to the public and educating people.”


Dulwich Picture Gallery

ALEX ON: THE OLYMPICS An Olympics Revamp It’s here! The once in a lifetime experience of unusable roads and delayed television programmes for the third greatest sporting event on Earth; The Olympics! By popular request, we’ve been asked submit proposals for a more modern Olympics with up to date and relevant events. An honour! So we at The Reliant have been extensively researching to bring you the draft list of events that should have been a part of the 2012 Olympics and may yet be an actual competitive event in a later Olympics. You know, an Olympics in another country that we won’t be as fussed about! Here are the events that we have carefully thought about that we are sure to make the Olympics a success! Tourist Photography – If you’ve ever walked through the city and have been near one of our nations great monuments, you run the risk of having to take a photograph for a family of Non-Brits who *really* want a picture with them and the whole of Big Ben in the background and since they have the means of previewing your snap, there is a chance that they will be unsatisfied and ask for one more. If this was an Olympics event, you would score well for not having to retake the photo, for understanding their language and for not punching them in the face.

Barrier Hurdling – I recently read an interesting (made up) fact that there will be 200,000 deployed steel barriers in the capital to funnel us Peons around the stadia and events during the games. In this event, the participant has to hurdle as many as possible whilst trying to avoid knocking them down whilst doing their normal day to day walk. Telly Shouting – It’s inevitable; we will be shouting more at our screens during these Olympics than ever before (unrealistic episodes of EastEnders not included). In this event, the athlete will be scored on the things that they shout at the TV. Here are some examples of the things that will be shouted:

“Definitely on drugs!”(12 points) “Those medals aren’t real gold, you know”(6 points) “How is Dressage a sport?” (3 points) “She looks like a man” (8 points) “The Chinese athletes look really serious”(1 point)

Olympic Lane Skating – As you know some of our roads have been commandeered for Olympic use so that only officials and participants can use them. This event is a simple one; you simply have to roller skate down these lanes for as long as possible, accumulating metres until you get pulled over by the authorities. The gold medallist will be the one who has the longest skating distance and the lowest fine. Please skate safely! There we are. The modern Reliant Olympics. Expect our petition of support through your letter boxes any day now.

Tweet Alex @aliospalio

New Olympic Sports- The Word On The Street If you could turn anything into an Olympic sport that you would win what would it be? ... “Reading. So much variety it is wonderful.”

“Contemporary dance. It is beautiful, old and modern.”



“Eating ice cream. It is my only gift.”

“Gardening. Connection with nature.”




King’s College Hospital treats and cares for more than 40,000 sick children every year. They have a dedicated children’s critical care centre, a day care unit, a busy outpatient department and four inpatient wards. Their children’s neurosurgery unit has the best specialist doctors, nurses and pharmacists and the children’s liver unit is the largest of its kind in the world. Donations help to ensure children get the best care and treatment possible. Because together we can… help children recover.

“Being a dark Jedi master. Holding a lightsaber would be cool.”


“Staring contest. When you blink you are gone.”





orest Hill is the last place you would associate with banjos and other things that twang, but for the last four years Flatfoot Johnny has been carefully crafting these old time instruments in his cellar. We caught up with him to find out the story behind the music. The steps down to his cellar are dangerously steep with a low ceiling thrown in for good measure. Once safely down you are met by the traditional organised chaos of his workshop, with bits of banjos and charmingly mismatched tools filling the room. “When we moved here, I was into kung fu so I had a punch bag in here. Unfortunately the banjos have taken over everything,” says Johnny. In 2008, after a brief obsession with WW2 pillboxes, Johnny bought his first banjo and started to learn bluegrass finger picking style. He soon discovered more old time styles and minstrel banjos. “I couldn’t afford to buy another and so I made one by using the kit at work and it went from there.” Four years later and Johnny is making a whole host of uncommon instruments from canjos to banjos, cigar box guitars to fiddles. At the moment he only gets to make them in his spare time, but would one day like to go fulltime. “There aren’t generally many people over here who are making them to sell, just a few making them for their

Flatfoot Johnny plays a banjo made from a Victorian sieve. Right: Johnny’s workshop Below: Detail on one of Johnny’s handmade cigarbox guitars.

nn tjoh

oo flatf


/ .com ny k o o b n face oot.joh f flat y@ hnn o j t m oo flatf hot


own,” he says. “In the states there are people who solely make early banjos as their full time job, but there’s just not the market here.” Johnny’s skills are completely self-taught; he relies on Internet forums and YouTube videos for tips on constructing and playing the instruments. “I’m learning about them and their history as I go along,” he explains. “It’s mostly trial and error, if it doesn’t work you just try it a different way.” One of the most unusual instruments Johnny makes is the gourd banjo. Gourds, a relative of the pumpkin, are left to dry out and go hard and are then used as the body of the banjo. “All of the gourds I use are UK grown and it’s been quite a challenge,” says Johnny. “I’ve had seeds growing in the garden for the last three years but I’ve only managed to get this small one. I know a professional gardener in Cornwall and he’s failed as well!” Before his banjo obsession, Johnny was a mechanic for 10 years until he studied fine art in Derby and then came to London to take a “very conceptual” MA in St Martins. “If you mentioned anything about craft or hand made they would give you a funny look and kick you off the course,” says Johnny. When asked whether his family had any part to play in his make-ityourself mentality, Johnny remembers seeing a handmade jewellery box his Great Granddad gave his Great Nan as a wedding present. “It was a bit rough and ready, but I thought it was amazing. I think that’s always been with me and stuck in my mind. The skinflint in me thinks why buy it when you can make it.”


with Rat Records we let people browse, but if people ask we will definitely jump on the challenge. I personally find it one of the best things about the job. I tend to be interested when you get younger guys who come in with their indie and are going backwards. You recommend stuff and then they come back next week asking for more. I sometimes write reviews on the CDs but it’s really just informative. I will never put a qualitative review on it because then people might come back and say, “you said it was great, it is shit!”

Do you ever argue about selections with the other staff ?


at Records is Camberwell’s hidden gem. A record shop with the best selection, sold at the lowest prices. We caught up with manager Philippe Giron to find out how to keep the vinyl vultures happy and why you really shouldn’t try to sell your Michael Jackson records. What is the ethos behind Rat Records?

Vinyl justice! We price to sell. We try to not put anything out there, which would go straight into the bin. If it doesn’t deserve to go out, it doesn’t go out. We buy collections and only get what we think is worth buying. We build up around 600-800 records every Saturday that go in the ‘new in’ racks. There’s a constant rotation of stock, whatever is left by Friday goes in the other racks. On Saturday morning there’s a huge queue outside the shop of the people I call the ‘Vinyl Vultures’ and basically the best part of the stock goes within two hours on Saturday. These guys are ready to spend £300 if the stock is there.

Do you have many regulars?

We have regulars, but unfortunately not enough, because they refuse to talk to their friends about us. It’s very much a place that is kept secret by these people. We make sure they are not rude to people and it’s fine but you can see it in their eyes. With more and more people coming on Saturdays, you can see all the guys going, “come on man, how about just us on Saturday and the others on Sunday” But it’s all tongue in cheek and good fun.

How have things changed over the five years you have worked here? When I arrived here, they had terrible decks with even worse headphones. The sort you find with your old eighties boxes in the attic. I started changing things around, so now we have three sets of Technics and quality headphones. The whole place was also originally painted green and yellow, so we sorted that out. A lot of customers are the same people who came five years ago. When you think that people have been coming for years and still find stuff to buy, it’s pretty amazing.

Do you recommend music to customers?

Yeah absolutely, its something we try to do. We don’t go to them,


Tom is the decision maker. If I put something he doesn’t want in the shop and he comes back and sees it in the rack, he takes it out and says, “what the hell!” It’s good fun there’s no real arguments. I will generally argue with Tom because he prices incredibly low and most of the arguments will be me saying, “come on, you can at least get a fiver for that!”

Have there been any memorable moments in the shop?

I had a Bob Marley record in the window and this lovely lady came in and was like, “Can I buy this?” and I said “Yeah sure” and picked it up from the window and she pays and starts leaving. She was really gracious, then started waving it and says, “By the way, that’s my Dad!” She has never been back so I cannot confirm that she was, but I was told that it’s definitely possible because he had a lot of unofficial children. Aside from that, one time I had someone out of control urinating on the shop door, he just undid his fly and pissed on my front door! It’s a funny area, but it’s also very lovely. I like the fact that there’s no tube here, it’s got the same feeling as somewhere like Hackney central. It’s less suits and more normal people.

“ He just undid

his fly and pissed on my front door! It’s a funny area, but it’s also very lovely.” Do you exhibit art in the shop?

Yes! I don’t believe how difficult it is to get hold of these people. We are looking for artists who are interested in putting their stuff on our walls, we are happy to sell it for them and do private views. We don’t take a commission; we will just take one piece of their work for our own private collections. We just like the idea of changing constantly what is on our walls, but we need proactive people because I just don’t have the time to chase them.

Are there certain records that plague the shop?

It’s unbelievable how many people have bought the same records. It depends on the area, but there are records that people bring over and over and I don’t want to see them ever again. In this area there are lots of really bad lover’s rock compilations called things like ‘Love Me Tender Vol 10’. Michael Jackson keeps coming back as well. If somebody has sold 20 million records then everyone has it, and if everyone has it, it has no value! Also don’t bring A-ha to me.

s cord ew Rd e R Rat rwell N e l amb berwel C 8 34 Cam 0RW SE5 .net k u s ord trec a r . www



Andy Warhol: The Portfolios

Peckham Palais 1 Rye Lane, Peckham

SOUTH Saturday 15 September 10PM – 6AM Boddika Oneman Mickey Pearce Eliphino Behling & Simpson TOYC Seb Wildblood £8/£10/£12

Corsica Studios

4/5 Elephant Road, Elephant & Castle In The Woods Festival Warm Up Friday 3 August 7:30PM – 3AM Eugene McGuinness Laurel Collective Post War Years Clout Dauwd Nightwave Micachu + Raisa K Goldbars Timeout £10/£12.50 CHURCH Friday 17 August 10PM – 6AM Bok Bok Deadboy


South, Peckham Palais

Dusky Ossie GoldFFinch Fort Romeau Apes Seb Wildblood Joonipah Barely Legal £6/£8/£10/£12

La Petite Vendeuse De Soleil (The Little Girl Who Sold The Sun) Friday 24 August 7PM Director Djibril Diop Mambety’s final film centres on an illiterate girl’s quest for financial independence on the outskirts of Dakar.The screening is followed by an open discussion about disability and empowerment in Africa. Free – Booking necessary on 02077036120

South London Gallery

Viva Riva! (15) Friday 21 September 7PM This screening of a Congolese crime thriller film, written and directed by Djo Tunda Wa Munga, is accompanied by a discussion on related themes. Free – Booking necessary on 02077036120

65-67 Peckham Road

Pursuit of Perfection: The Politics of Sport 27 July – 14 September The exhibition brings together art works, which, in different ways and to varying degrees of seriousness or wit, play on some of the issues raised by sport, the politics surrounding it and its representation in the media. Free Who’s In? An Estate-Wide Football Game Dalwood Street, SE5 Fri 24 August 2PM – 4PM Following two weeks of work themed around competition, location, site and boundaries with artist Anthony Schrag and young people from neighbouring housing estates, local residents from Sceaux Gardens and Southampton Way are invited to take part in an inter-estate football game. Free - No booking necessary.

Dulwich Picture Gallery 1 Rye Lane, Peckham

Andy Warhol: The Portfolios Now until 16 September This exhibition features some of Warhol’s most iconic print portfolios as well as lesser known sets. Portfolios on display will include the the Muhammad Ali Portfolio and the Myths Portfolio produced six years before the artist’s death in 1987. £5/£4/£FREE Continued...

Peckham Space

The start of a 3 week run of a brand new play ‘Love is Not Enough’.

Peckham Peace Wall by Garudio Studiage 8 August – 2 September 2012 Launch Event - 8 August 5PM-7PM This will celebrate the wall of post-it notes of love and respect for the area, which grew on Rye Lane following the disorder of last year. It will comprise 4000 original post-it messages including those from London Mayor Boris Johnson and Leader of Southwark Council Peter John alongside those from residents. Each of these will be digitally hand-traced by artists Garudio Studiage working with young people from Peckham.

South City Sunday 12 August 11PM-LATE South City host a 14 hour all-day music event with leading DJs inside and a special BBQ on the 5th Floor Roof.

89 Peckham High Street

Old Waiting Room

off Platform 3, Peckham Rye Station Platform View – Visions of Peckham Thursday 2 August 5PM-9PM Talk at 7PM / Friday 3 August 1PM-9PM This summer, come and get a glimpse of one of Peckham’s hidden architectural gems. For 3 days only, Peckham Vision are holding an exhibition, with talks each day and much more, in the Old Waiting Room, in Peckham Rye station. It is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in this atmospheric space, learn more about Peckham’s buildings and past, and find out about hopes and plans for Peckham’s future.

Frank’s Cafe

95a Rye Lane, Peckham, SE15 4ST

Summer Cinema Dulwich Park, SE21

The Artist Monday 27 August Performance starts 8PM £12.50 Singin’ In The Rain Thursday 13 September Performance starts 7.30PM £12.50 When Harry Met Sally Thursday 20 September Performance starts 7:30PM £12.50

The Artist, Summer Cinema

To Book Call 08448586767

Frank’s Cafe

Bold Tendecies 30 June – 30 September Peckham’s annual international sculpture show and multi arts events programme, with Franks Cafe.

Asylum at The Last Refuge

Unit 9A, Entrance via The Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane Opening Party Friday 3 August

CLF Art Café

1st Floor & 2nd Floor, The Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane Deep In The Jungle Friday 3 August 11PM-LATE With XFM’s John Kennedy. Free Love Is Not Enough Friday 9 August 7PM START




e held our first ever fundraising event on Saturday 16th June to raise money towards The Reliant Challenge 2012. The night was a perfect mix of pool and music, with DJs playing the very best in dubstep, bass, house, garage and grime in Canavan’s Pool Club, Peckham.

The Reliant is proud to support King’ssuccess. College Hospital A big thank you goes to DJs that performed We fully encourage everyone to get on the night for the great cause of the Kings down to Canavan’s to have a great night of The Reliant Challenge 2012 College Hospital Children’s Wards. The line pool with a wonderful owner and staff who In 2012 love we aim raise £5000 King’s College Hospital up included Seb Wildblood, Piri Piri, Sepia, to tosee you haveforathe good time. Children’s Wards. We will be holding various events culminating Kani and Milli. in our Autumn Festival 2012! To everyone that helped and attended, thank We totalled up the entry fees, raffle tickets Donateyou. at: and additional donations, which came to a grand total of £500. A very special thanks Please support us by giving whatever you can and by coming also goes to Anita AKA ‘Scorpion Lady’tofor our events! showing amazing yet gruesome supportFor bymore info please contact us at: eating the scorpion living at the bottom of Donate to The a vodka bottle, all in the aid of We Reliant Challenge 2012 at: are all beyond grateful for your amazing support! Lastly, when holding an event you often come across difficulties along the way. However owner Kieran Canavan went above and beyond to make sure the night was a thereliant

The Reliant Challenge 2012: In 2012 we aim to raise £5000 for the King’s College Hospital Childrens Wards. We will be holding various events culminating in our Autumn Festival 2012.

DJ’s on the night included Piri-Piri, Kani and Milli. Also big thanks to Kieran Canavan (right).




eprezent became a licensed FM radio station in March last year. The Peckham based community station broadcasts all over London and is for young people, run by young people. We caught up with them to find out more about “the voice of young London.” “Some people have an image of community radio as a Chorley FM sort of thing where everything is corrugated iron and string, but it’s a myth that needs dispelling,” says Adrian Newman, full time manager. The station prides itself on its no adverts policy and by whole-heartedly supporting underground UK music. “We want to play artists that are undiscovered, ones the bigger stations aren’t playing at the moment,” says presenter DJ Marxsi. Shows like Forecast, the Thursday evening programme full of under-the-radar bass music, separate their schedules from others. “It’s the sort of stuff you hear underneath an archway at a train station, a grotty, grimey sort of place,” says presenter Martha. “You don’t hear it much, so it’s really nice to be able to play it on the radio.” The station has been gaining momentum and listeners since its conception. For the first time, Reprezent will have a continuous schedule from 9AM until 11PM every day, from September. “We know a lot of people are listening to us and now we have the opportunity to take it up a notch,” says Adrian. Reprezent will now go shoulder to shoulder with other fulltime stations like Radio 1 and Rinse and are planning a daily drive time show hosted by current presenter of The Jam Show, Jamilla. “She is a genius,” says Adrian. “Very funny, very talented and people want to listen to her. She knows what she’s talking about and doesn’t try to blag it.” Jamilla will be playing a lot of new music as well as throwing in her own unique special features. She is especially excited about an idea called Chicken Shop Shout Out, “I don’t want to give too much away but we are going to get all the gossip from the chicken shops and do a mock documentary.” The drive time show is sure to be a welcome sound to listeners looking for a new radio experience. “It’s going to be fresh, we aren’t going to tell you what to like, because we are you,” says Jamilla. “Our playlist is what you want to hear and not what we think you should hear. None of the club crap that you are force-fed, none of the Katie Perrys, just straight up brand-spanking new music.” It’s refreshing to hear radio produced by presenters the same age as their listeners. “We are the only licensed youth station in London, which differentiates us from everyone else,” says DJ Marxsi. It really does make a difference. The authenticity of the passion they show for the



“We have the

opportunity to take it up a notch.�


music they play really shines through in their shows, something lacking in mainstream radio. Reprezent isn’t just a radio station. In the last year, they have taught around 400 young people using a training program of radio skills devised themselves from the ground up. “When you take out the music and the pop stars, it’s about improving opportunities for young people and providing training for them,” says Adrian. “I see us as a catalyst for change in South East London for young people.” Pete AKA Ginjaman of the South London Sauna show, who has been with the station even before it became Reprezent, says, “It proves to adults that kids aren’t novices and if they get the right training and inspiration, then they become much more professional.” The training program is very successful and extremely popular with young people in the area, receiving more applications that they can fulfil. However, Adrian is very keen to keep the training accessible to everyone. “When we have a new course, we send out an email to everyone on the database and the first 20 people to get in touch are the ones that get on the course.” For those struggling in education, the training course offers new opportunities and can open a new career path that would have otherwise been unattainable. “Young people come in here who have either been excluded from school or had a referral order from youth offending teams and what we do is act as a catalyst and jet them off in a different direction,” says Adrian.


“Our playlist is

what you want to hear and not what we think you should hear.” .3FM 7 0 1 nt reze p e uk R org. . t n e prez e r . www adio R t n e prez e R @


By teaching radio interview and research techniques, the training course can prepare young people for employment. “It’s very stealthy,” says Adrian. “We are actually teaching young people how to research a job, fill out a CV and deal with the pressure in a job interview but we do that by teaching them radio.” The station would not be able to run without the large amount dedicated volunteers who give the station its personality and professionalism. “It’s a misconception that adults have, from outside London especially, that young people are a different species and that’s scary”, says Adrian. “We are dependent on our volunteer presenters, and the staff who work here give way more than if they were at a normal 9-5 job.” There is a real buzz amongst the presenters. They share a sense pride for what they have achieved and are full of ideas for the future of the station. “When they first meet people, they tell them they’re a radio presenter and you do realise that it’s a big part of their lives,” says Adrian. By giving these presenters opportunities to work with industry standard equipment, they are no longer reliant on attending university to gain the skills they need in the future. “I don’t feel like university would help me at all,” says Martha. “I’ve been coming here for more than two years now and I feel like I’ve learnt so much, more than you’d get from a broadcasting course and it’s probably more fun.” Presenter of the Lunch show, Nicole adds, “I don’t want to go to university because I think radio is more about the practical work rather than sitting down and typing up stuff.” They are making their mark and are starting to get recognised in the industry. Adrian wants to see his presenters flourish and believes TeeWhy, presenter of Fly Time and Epidemic, has the talent to be on 1Xtra by next year. From their training program, which opens up new opportunities to hundreds of local young people every year, to their unrelenting support for new underground music, it is truly inspiring to see what Reprezent have achieved in such a short space of time. They are a prime example of what can be done when a relatively small amount funding is in the right hands. The year ahead is set to be their most successful as they venture into full time broadcasting, so support your local radio station and keep it locked to Reprezent 107.3FM.


The Gallery is a hotbed of talent for students, graduates and local artists to show off their best work. To show off your work in The Reliant’s gallery, please contact us at Exclusive Reliant badges will be given to all artists in the gallery (Blue Peter style).

Amy Browne Illustrator


Alex Pilalis Local designer and MSc Computer Animation graduate. See for more of Alex’s work.


Zoe Webster

Local artist

See for more of Zoe’s work.


Helen Ashton Local artist. See and for more of Helen’s work.



The Reliant guide to going out will help you get off that sofa and discover a hidden gem down your road. More available on our website:

VIEWING OUT Andy Warhol: The Portfolios/Four Seasons by Philip Haas Dulwich Picture Gallery

is a monumental installation in the gallery’s grounds, Philip Haas’ Four Seasons. The four contemporary fibreglass sculptures stand at fifteen-foot each and really dominate the gardens.

The celebrated works of Andy Warhol: The Portfolios are gracing the walls of Dulwich Picture Gallery this summer, marking their first UK showing, and we couldn’t resist taking a peek.

Flowers, fruits, vegetables and twigs jut out from the artworks and walking among them takes the spectator on a journey through the seasons, from spring through to winter.

The exhibition, taken from the Bank of America collection, features some of Warhol’s most iconic works, including Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali and Campbell’s Soup. Having these iconic, silk-screen prints right on our doorstep is a once in a lifetime opportunity, yet the collection also exhibits a few hidden gems where Warhol expresses himself in ways never seen before. The Vesuvius print series is one example which, with its 57 colour variations, is a modern take on Eruzione del Vesuvio portrait from the early 1800s. The 80 works are densely packed into the gallery space, which is quite contrary to the vast, “blank canvas” backdrop typically used to display contemporary art. Complementing the exhibition

Similarly to Vesuvius, the pieces are influenced by Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s renaissance paintings of the four seasons, with each embodying a human portrait. The installation is the first public display of the works and, along with Warhol’s exhibition will occupy Dulwich Picture Gallery over the summer months.

Double Vision//Photo: John Clare his new book, Ghost Milk, an autobiographical investigation into the effect the Olympics has had on London and its inhabitants.

By Jade Gamlin

READING OUT Ghost Milk by Iain Sinclair Rye Books

His disdain for corporate arrangements quickly became apparent, as Sinclair shared his penchant for narrowboats and flowerbeds above Westfield shopping mall and the temporary McDonald’s that will occupy 30,000 square feet of the Olympic Village.

Hive of local literary activity, Dulwich Books, is renowned for its evening events which draw in bookworms from in and around the area. We jumped at the chance to hear author Iain Sinclair exhibit

Sinclair is a British writer and filmmaker, with many of his works exploring the concept of psychogeography: “The study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals”.

Four Seasons by Philip Haas


Ghost Milk sees Sinclair pose questions about what the Games will mean for East Londoners and their surroundings, and is a physical exploration of the new structures and developments that embody the Olympic village. Hackney-based Sinclair began his discussion by lightheartedly contesting the north / south London divide, which fluidly lead into the dissection of the work.

He has published many poetry collections, novels and most recently non-fiction works focused on London, including London Orbital and Lights out For the Territory.

His powerful statements challenge the impermanence of London today and the rapidly changing landscape gives a voice to Sinclair’s criticism about the loss of some of the tradition and history the city was built upon. By Jade Gamlin

VIEWING OUT Double Vision by Gayle Chong Kwan Peckham Space Chong Kwan’s unusual sculptural exhibition triggers the senses. The mini mountain made from various herbs, spices

and vegetables, evokes the participant’s sense of smell. Coming out of the landscape are various headphone sets that recount stories of childhood relationships with food, both good and bad. The narratives explore the memories that are rooted within us, and shape who we are, revealing the large affect food can have on our lives. Gayle Chong Kwan says, “I am excited about this opportunity to bring these personal stories of past experiences to life as a tangible, three-dimensional landscape. It will also offer members of the public the chance to explore the way in which each of the senses allows for different versions, or layers of these experiences to exist simultaneously.” By David West

RETURN FIRE Games We Want Made Let’s face it; we’ve played them all. Shooting games, jumpy games, games where you beat up prostitutes and of course games that make us think we are actually playing a sport! But what games would you like to see made? I don’t know about you but I lack the necessary skills to make a video game that will ultimately make me money and acquire the sort of following that makes games developers into celebrities. I will therefore do the next best thing and ask them to make one for us! Send us your ideas and I will forcefully demand that a talented video game developer make it into a great game just in time for Christmas, as well as giving me 30% of the earnings it makes for my trouble. So here it is, as chosen by you (me), the games that we want made:

VIEWING OUT Febrik: Play, I Follow You South London Gallery With this exhibition, Febrik look at how abandoned objects can be transformed into play items in the Palestinian refugee camps of Beirut and Amman. You really do get swept up into the minds of the children as you read their stories. Their imaginations run wild in the desolate landscapes, which are more often connected with violence than the simple joy of a playing child. Their games told in the narratives use imagination and found items like paper aeroplanes and a watering hose. The idea of public and private space are also explored, with one of the children making a

Febrik//Photo: Richard Eaton private fort out of a number of brightly coloured skirts in the middle of the street. Febrik also created play environments for the children out of found objects. An installation made from old chairs acted as a bright play centre in a communal area of the camp. The

installation featured a tall chair to alter traditional perspectives, as well as a chair with notepaper on it, which allowed children to flout the rule of not drawing on furniture. By David West

Alex and Mike present Return Fire Podcast live every week. Past shows can also be downloaded from iTunes and their website: Super Angry Neighbour Parking Simulator – There are plenty of driving games out there and we certainly don’t need anymore but this game is different. The idea is to simulate the nail biting anxiety and tension of getting home after a long journey and seeing the next door neighbours Fiat Punto parked badly in your bay. Once you have angrily found another bay, you then have to go to the right house and find whose car it is right before you smash it up. 18 rated obviously. Club Bouncer – I can’t believe that this game has not been made yet! You play a door man of a dance/social venue and you have to rise through the ranks to become the greatest bouncer there ever was by evicting the drunk, frisking for weapons and not smiling as the men in the queues try to impress you with witty banter. Get ready

to tap the “Are those jeans?” button to achieve success. In my money making head, I can imagine people downloading their favourite club to play in the game.

Club Bouncer: The Game? Consolidate Your Debt – More of an edu-game this one. In this game, you have to stabilise

the financials of your on screen character in glorious high definition so that you are paying as little interest to the credit card companies as possible. The better you are, the more animations of a happy spouse and offspring you will see. It can even be one of those games that the government will give for free to newly graduated students who typically spend the rest of their lives owing money after a flagrant and inconsiderate 3 years in the higher education system. That’ll learn them! If you have any great game ideas bubbling in your heads, please send them to us with a stamp addressed carrier pigeon. Remember; there’s money in them thar games!




MYSTERY PICTURE COMPETITION WIN A £20 VOUCHER FOR WWW.ASTERIONLONDON.COM Name the location of this photograph. The winner will be picked at random on 28th September and notified by email. Send entries to the address listed on page 5 or email: with the subject ‘Competition’.

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The Reliant Issue 4  

Issue 3: featuring Reprezent FM, Rat Records, and Flatfoot Johnny.

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