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TIPS to stay intentionally focused as you seek out heartfelt dreams, have courage to make yourself the priority, and commit to a mindful, intentional and joy filled journey.

Are you ready for your most incredible year? Join us for an incredible workshop experience Saturday, March 3, 2018, 9 AM to 1 PM for first timers and 2 PM to 5 PM for alumni.

Let JOY find you while in prayer, meditation, art, dance, singing, music, reflection, journaling, photos and scrapbooks, poetry, nature, cooking, all activities you love.

Love heals all. Love is the underpinning for Joy. I’m sharing 3 things I learned about Love at The Chopra Center. I’ll be sharing more learnings over the next few ReFRESH events.

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ReFresh Your Vision Edition

Just sixty days into the new year and guess what? Some are facing an inordinate amount of stress, fear, anxiety, self-loathing, doubt, and confusion. Some (not any of us) have already given up and just can’t take any more. The societal pressures of perfection, planning, goals, resolutions, and vision are just too much to bear.

Are you JOYFULLY focused for We are getting it all together so 2018? Do you have focus, deter- that we won’t feel like failures mination and most important – before February arrives. Coach YOUR PLAN? Are you calmly and Trina and I were having this very easily moving into this new time conversation. with the utmost JOY?! This is a great time to be still, to be quiet So, this is our time to JOYFULLY B R E A T H E! The good news is focus ourselves on 2018. What there is still a possibility of 305 days and to let the ideas, the next before we find ourselves vested in steps, and divine knowing unfold. would that look like you might inquire? The world the outside is This seems like a perfect time to these same activities. Let’s be get to know YOU. This is a perfect not responsible for your you grateful that we don’t have to truthfully, nothing in the outside time to check in and see what have it all done by today or world can disturb or steal your joy! tomorrow. The start of a new year you want and what you need. Source, Spirit your connection to Yes, we are all aware and is so full of new possibilities that the divine is your source of joy. engaged in the focus of 2018. we set our sites on. We have the feeling we can do anything, and >> CONT. PAGE TWO the truth is we absolutely CAN with some planning. So how do Our JOY is our internal well, and it overflows we keep the plans of these past with all the JOY we need. I AM JOY! 28 days FRESH and going strong for the whole year? Some are falling down the rabbit hole of comparison and questioning their self-worth. How did we arrive here in just twenty-eight days?


Here are some TIPS to help us stay intentionally focused.

A workshop facilitated by Joy Expert, Helen Mitchell SATURDAY, March 3, 2018 First Time Participants workshop, 9 AM - 1 PM Past Participants 60-day check-in, 2 PM - 5 PM



Have a Plan with small actionable and accomplish-able steps. See the book One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer Ph.D. Having a plan keeps you inspired and motivated! And helps avoid feeling overwhelmed. Get a Partner, a friend, a ReFRESH buddy, a ReFRESH Coach to support you. Accountability partners provide support, help us stay on track, and share the journey. Check-in and celebrate small steps with your partner. REVIEW the plan on a vision board or in a planner. Reviewing the plan on a regular basis helps you to remember your heartfelt dreams and to stay intentionally focused on the plan you created for your life. Create time for the dream! Make time to be committed to YOU during each day and week, create a habit out of the steps. Be very kind to yourself! BE GENTLE. CHILL!!!! When you fall off the plan, regroup and refocus. Loving yourself is accepting where you are in the present moment. Recommit to the plan on the 1st of each month. Make it a simple activity. Make a standing date with your partner. The purpose is to stay on the plan and enjoy the journey. Practice self- care rituals that you love. Set time and plan activities and help you feel ReFRESHED, excited, relaxed, recommitted, motivated, inspired and rejuvenated! Treating yourself helps keep your mind in the game and moving forward. Keep Going! This is a special time for seeking out our heartfelt dreams, having the courage to make ourselves the priority, and committing to a mindful, intentional and joy filled journey. ReFRESH reminds you to look in your HANDBAG for the tips to JOY and enjoy the JOURNEY.

Are you ready for 2018 to be your most incredible year yet?

Join us for an incredible workshop experience that will bring into clear view your most meaningful and heartfelt dreams and desires! Tap into your subconscious and soul’s purpose through mind-body-spirit activities to discover where you are currently, and what you can do in 2018 to move yourself forward in a way that really aligns to your life’s calling. We’ll use proven spiritual psychology tools and skills to assist you in manifesting and co-creating the life you want. Plus you’ll gain the resources and support needed to activate your vision throughout the upcoming year! 9 AM - 1 PM - Register online at

WORKSHOP INCLUDES: Meditation Vision Board Power word Essentials of Oils

2 PM - 5 PM - Register online at WE WILL DISCUSS HOW YOU CAN: Take a look EVERY DAY at your board Meditate – or think about YOUR power word Reach out and share an act of loving kindness with someone Focus on your blessings and lessons Practice Healthy Selfish


I have truly enjoyed my passionate study of JOY. It seems so illusive to many and yet I can feel it even when I see the word, when I get quiet or when I see a baby, my own baby or a puppy. In a flash these experiences illicit the automatic JOY filled emotional responses. What are the experiences, moments and memories that bring forward the same emotion of JOY for you? In our ReFRESH workshops we spend 30 days documenting and journaling our joy filled activities. We are in pursuit of JOY, the emotion we all have, the innate feeling that resides inside, available 24/7. We are hardwired for JOY! I recently read this passage from Dr. Robert Holden: “Joy is the soul of happiness. Like pleasure, it can express itself through the body, but it is not of the body. Like satisfaction, it can be felt emotionally and appreciated mentally, but it is so much more than just an emotion or a state of mind.” Joy is bigger than your ego and not dependent on circumstances. Isn’t that reassuring that it is available. So how do we get it, you might ask? You don’t GET IT, you have it! Helen Keller described joy as “the holy fire that keeps our purpose warm and our intelligence aglow.” Mother Teresa wrote, “Joy is prayer.

Joy is strength. Joy is love. Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls.” And C. S. Lewis referred to joy as “the serious business of Heaven.“ So, I encourage you to consider relaxing the search. I suggest tuning into and aligning with JOY. Allow yourself to feel it, and then make note of the moment that you were able to tap into the well of JOY and bring it into your awareness. Most of us can think of one unforgettable JOY FILLED moment in our life. The more you FEEL that feeling; the more you become a vessel for Joyful expression. I claim the identification of JOY EXPERT because I want to attract JOY to my life. I declare it as so, while I let Spirit unravel the details. I AM A JOY EXPERT! I am open and willing to be open hearted and receptive to all the JOY inside me and all the joy that is in my world. Saying those words feels JOYful. I hope you will continue this journey during our ReFRESH workshops, meet ups, podcasts, blog posts and with Spirit. Let JOY find you while in prayer, meditation, art, dance, singing, music, witnessing, silence, reflection, journaling, photos and scrapbooks, poetry, nature, cooking, all activities you love. What seems to emerge from these creative expressions is pure JOY!


JOY IS CONSTANT When people tune in to the feeling of joy, what often emerges is an awareness that this joy is somehow always with us. Joy is quietly, invisibly ever-present. It is not “out there,” and it is not “in here”; rather, it is simply everywhere we are. Joy does not come and go; what comes and goes is our awareness of joy. JOY INSPIRES CREATIVITY Upon discovering joy, many experience a greater sense of creativity. Your ego may get the byline, but really joy is the author. In one of my favorite Upanishads, classic sacred texts of Indian literature, it is written: “From joy springs all creation, / By joy it is sustained. / Towards joy it proceeds, / and to joy it returns. JOY IS OFTEN UNREASONABLE I like to describe joy as “unreasonable happiness.” It doesn’t need a cause or an effect to exist. A happy state of mind can make you more receptive to joy; but joy still exists even when you are not receptive to it. We can be surprised by joy even in the most ordinary moments. JOY IS UNTROUBLED Unlike pleasure and satisfaction, joy does not have an opposite. Joy does, however, have a twin love. Like love, joy is fearless and untroubled by the world. JOY IS ENOUGH Unlike the ephemeral states of pleasure and satisfaction, joy does not induce a craving for more, because joy is enough. “Joy is the organic state of your soul. It is not something you achieve; it is something you accept.” From Dr. Robert Holden I am excited about the possibility of having JOY available at my desire. How about you?

March 3, 9 AM - 1 PM

AT THE CHOPRA CENTER Watch Facebook Live posts from the Chopra Center at So, in less than a month, I saw Deepak Chopra in Atlanta, booked a Chopra Program that spoke very loudly to my soul – Love Beyond Limits; began my trio journey with classmates and selected Robert Holden’s book Loveability! I began falling in love with myself and took the leap and said yes to my SOUL! The Chopra Center is the brainchild of Deepak Chopra and his team. He began this center to offer Ayurveda training, offerings and events. Today it continues to grow and offers a full range of Ayurveda spa treatments, products and services. Over the next month, I hope to share learnings and my personal journey while at the center. It was transformative, mystical, heart opening, peaceful, enlightening, physical, and necessary for my life. For three days, all it was about was LOVE! From my heart to yours here are my 3 learnings! There is nothing to seek when it comes to LOVE – your essence, your Souls calling is only LOVE!

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Meditation and breathing are foundational to making an immediate shift in THE moment and creates space for being. Self- Image and the image of others is not who we really are. I am not my self-image. I am not the image of others. Love is everything. It is the beginning and the end, it’s our connection to Source and the reason for our existence. Being in a state of loving is our connection to all others. Love is the most healing and harmonizing power available to us. Love heals all. I hope that one or all these will resonate with you. I am enthusiastically sharing these blessings and lessons with the hopes that love beyond limits is your daily reality. I learned so much and over the next ReFRESH events and opportunities, I will be sharing how LOVE is the underpinning for JOY and how and why we will want to connect the dots. I am gathering all my blessings and lessons for each of YOU!

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Enjoy our curated blog posts that help you live a joyful life. In every article we discuss how you can come into full alignment and understa...

ReFresh Experience Deeper Than A Magazine (2.27)  

Enjoy our curated blog posts that help you live a joyful life. In every article we discuss how you can come into full alignment and understa...