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We here at ReFRESH hope you will begin your ReFRESH YOU self-care, self-love, self-joy journey in words & deeds.

Our transformational Spring workshop is a day dedicated to delving deep and coming out feeling tranquil and serene.

We get you started with a short list of easy ideas to begin YOUR ReFresh YOU! What will become your self-care ritual?

We are grateful for our 2019 Members who are committed to their growth process and this wonderful community of like-minded women!



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Hello ReFRESH Community! We are nearly 3 months into 2019! Heading towards the end of the 1st Quarter. Our weather continues to be unpredictable and we are feeling the initial signs of Spring. This year in all we do we plan to continue our journey to joy and with that we are choosing to focus on ReFRESHING YOU! There will be a continual visit to the ways you can LOVE YOU! Self-Love, Self-Care are words we hear all the time without the matching actions. So, this year at ReFRESH in all we do, we are focused on ReFRESHING YOU! So, in celebration of ReFRESH YOU I took my first steps in showing myself some love and care. I scheduled a Reiki session with our very own Stephanie Clements from Stillness YOGA here in the Marietta area. Stephanie was our expert speaker at the ReFRESH 3.0 at Callaway and her loving Spirit is still felt with those who attended. What a beautiful gentle way to make time for myself. It was gentle and just what I needed for my self-care and self-love. Stepping into this phase of ReFRESH YOU is our opportunity to make small changes, take baby steps and enter a season of

peace, less stress and total attention to self. We all deal with the challenges of our physical world reality – now it’s time to ReFRESH ourselves, replenish our love tanks and find JOY in all we can. Stillness Yoga & Meditation Center 3115 Roswell Rd. Suite 103 Marietta, GA 30062 Visiting Stephanie and making the time in that day to just be with myself was enormous. Next up while finishing up at Stephanie my mind and heart were so open it popped in my mind to go visit Sharron Ragan

at Heart and Soul. I was totally open and felt that I was not done showering myself with love and high vibration energy. So, I extended my self-care and headed to Sharron’s most beautiful, oh so serene art, crystals, stones, and love home. When you step in the door you are met with smiles and love.



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Reflect | Refuel | ReFresh

Spring Workshop April 6, 2019 9:30 AM - 5 PM | Hotel Indigo Vinings This year we are focused and committed to ReFRESHING YOU! Activating self-care and self-love with joy, ease and grace. Loving, healing, shifting, and discovering us. This transformational Spring workshop is a day dedicated to delving deep and coming out feeling tranquil and serene. A stellar program of aligned and gentle experts will take us thru a day filled with JOY filled conversations, in a loving environment with gentle acts of kindness.

Secure your spot | $150

Meet Your Workshop Leaders!

Helen Mitchell, MA, CMP

Brandi Shelton

Helen Mitchell, MA, CMP

“The practice of journaling is cathartic and reflective. I hope you witness the revelations and joy from your own thoughts and words. My intention is that you ENJOY journaling and you allow it to serve you well!” The ReFresh Experience founder Helen Mitchell “You have these wonderful experiences over a cup of tea. Tea is a safe space. It just feels good like I’m able to take a moment for myself to breathe and escape.” Just Add Honey owner Brandi Shelton “Meditation is listening to that quiet still voice inside. It's feeling All there is in life to know, to experience life fully Awake. It's Deep Presence.” Stillness Yoga & Meditation Center founder Stephanie Clement

Meditation Stephanie Clements We begin with meditation. Stephanie Clements from Stillness YOGA will lead us gently into a place of bliss and peace, meeting us where we are and guiding the spirit of meditation.

Tea Blending & Rituals Brandi Shelton Join ReFRESH on a unique tea journey. Brandi Shelton of Just Add Honey will share the spiritual bliss of tea and how the aroma, the leaves and the drinking experience calms the spirit.

Journaling | Soul Speak Helen Mitchell Put pen to paper and witness the incredible freedom of journaling. What an empowering experience to add to tea time. Helen Mitchell, Joy Expert and ReFresh Founder walks us through making the most of this sweet time of reflection and heartfelt release.

Self-Love | Joy | Next Steps Healthy Lunch Served | Signature Bag


I did not see Sharron at first and then from the back my dear Soul friend appeared. Our greeting was just what I hoped I would encounter during my visit. Sharron and her team showed me around and I felt like I arrived home. I even commented to her I could just lay down and stay all night. The simple beauty and the high vibration energy in the space was palpable. We looked at crystals and their meanings. I looked and touched and let my entire being be charged by the energy present. The beautiful art in the second room some done by Sharron and the handmade and intention set candles were fragrant and called to me. The tuning bowls from TIBET she played vibrated with clarity and every item in the boutique had a special story. I was there a long time and I still could have stayed longer. I was just filled with JOY to be present with Sharron and all the special items she selected to be a part of Heart and Soul. Heart Soul and Art 70 Roswell Road Marietta, Georgia What an amazing treat for ME. I felt totally ReFRESHED! I felt so

much JOY! I felt loved. What self-care, self-love activity will you gift yourself? What one little baby step towards ReFRESHING you will you do each month? We here at ReFRESH hope you will begin your ReFRESH YOU self-care, self-love, self-joy journey. Here are ten easy ideas to begin YOUR ReFresh YOU! Read a loving book of your choice Commit to using an essential oil for a month Visit a place that makes you smile even at the thought of going Sit quietly for 5 minutes each day for a week Go thru your phone or old photos and relive some memories Take a long bath Call a friend and just chat Eye gazing with your partner Dance with reckless abandon Listen to soft soothing music YOUR Turn – what will you add to this list!

Sat, April 6, 9:30 AM Spring Workshop Tea Ritual & Journaling Hotel Indigo Vinings

Sun, May 5, 1 PM On February 28, 2019 membership registration closed for the year, as we hoped to keep member only offerings to an intimate group size. And for our Inaugural year, 2019 we launch with 19 ladies!

Ladies, we thank you for your commitment to your life transformation. You have taken steps toward a life of joy and peace. We are most grateful for your commitment. 

We’d like to acknowledge the 19 inaugural members who made the commitment to join a very uniquely supportive community! As the founding members we honor them, because being the first is always special.

We are excited to serve YOU! The member benefits for 2019 include:

2019 Inaugural Members Andrea Warren Carol Gibson Charlita Stephens-Walker Deborah Glover Denise Wilkins Helen Mitchell Jacquelin Ridley Kim White Kwavi Agbeyegbe Lisa Danielle Lowe Lisa Horne Lydia DiLiello Marjorie Mitchell Mika Smith-Brown Nell Patterson Rosalyn Moore Terri Ewing Thomasina Neely-Chandler Vernell Washington

A ReFresh Enrollment Gift 20% off Workshop & Fall Retreat (1) 30 minute Complimentary one on one Coaching Session Members Only Events - special events designed for members only Discounts on all ReFresh logo wear

Members Only Meditation Stillness Yoga & Meditation Center

Sun, June 9, 1 PM Members Only ReFresh Reads II

September 27 - 29

ReFresh YOU Fall Retreat 4.0 FREE ReFresh Reads III Callaway Gardens

Thu, November 14, 5 PM FREE ReFresh Joy Hour Hotel Indigo Vinings

Sun, December 8, 1 PM Members Only ReFresh Reads IV

We are working to expand offerings and meet you where you need. In 2020 we plan to launch ReFresh Destination trips, and only members will be eligible to attend.  This is a time of high JOY – we are taking the lid off for 2019 and each of you are an integral part of that expansion.  Stay tuned and WELCOME HOME to The ReFresh Experience! 

Members Only ReFresh Reads II The Alchemist Sunday, June 9


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