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issue six SUMMER 2014

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issue six SUMMER 2014

real engagements kris & sandy erin & rob

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little bohemia

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berry blush


FLORALS in the FAMILY written by Tahnee Sanders

real weddings kara & taylor






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HOW WE MET It all started back in high school where we met. We

nature and the ocean. After this beautiful day, we

were young and in love. Nothing could ever stop us.

got ready for dinner and headed back out into San

Maybe it was just another high school fling. At the

Pancho. I thought we were going to be meeting up

time it’s hard to know but what we did know was, it

with Kris friends from work, this is what I had been

was something special. Throughout the years we have

told. Kris was dressed up and looking sharp. As we

been through many experiences together. As soon as

started walking towards the beach restaurant, our

I met Kris I knew there was something very special

server escorted us out way onto the edge of the

about him that I wanted to keep close to my heart.

beach. From there I wondered what was going on.

Kris and I have pretty much grown up together. I was

There was a small table for two, white table cloth

15 years old and he was 17. We did what Deep Cove

and a beautiful arrangement of flowers. We sat and

kids do around here: House parties, Quarry Rock,

enjoyed the sunset while drinking refreshing wine.

Honeys Doughnuts, Boating and so many other fun

I was so relaxed and stuck in the moment I didn't

activities together! This year we have been together

realize what was coming. I stood up to start taking

for 10 years, We will be getting married in our 10th

pictures of the majestic sunset, When Kris stood up

year which is very exciting for us!

and was standing next to me. I knew. He got down and one knee and said words I will never forget!


Before he could finish what he was saying, I was

The proposal was truly one of the best days of my life.

like YES!! This is when everyone along the beach

It was this time last year we were down in Sayulita,

and restaurants went up in an uproar of cheer! They

Mexico. It was the 3rd day in and Kris had told me

all knew I was getting engaged. Kris had hired a

he had the whole day planned. When we travel we

photographer to capture everything. I had no idea

alternate on planning the day ahead. Today was his

someone was photographing this whole experience.

day. It all started with heading out with a local couple

After the beach celebration we headed to dinner

to go surfing in Nuevo Vallarta. Bianca and Luis took

and enjoyed every minute of being a newly engaged

us to paradise. This surfing spot was home to the

couple. It was magical! I am the luckiest girl alive!

locals in such a beautiful part of town. They called it their (Secret Gem) and I would definitely agree. We


had the whole beach to ourselves, Crashing around in

Kris and I will be tying the knot in Sayulita, Mexico

the waves, The sun glistening down on us, Cervezas

after we had such a great time there last year. The

in our hands. The day was picture perfect. After

people, culture, food and sun were every reason to

surfing we headed to grab lunch at this local hot spot.

go back and show our family and friends how much

The surfers would always hit up this amazing place

this places means to us. There will be 85 guests

after a day on the water. We sat up on the rooftop

joining us May 17th, 2014! We are very much looking

in the sunshine, painted rocks and just let life sink

forward to the big day filled with Love, Family and

in. I couldn't believe where we were and how lucky

Friends! Xo

we were to be there. The view from here was like being in the jungle with nothing around but fabulous


from THE PHOTOGRAPER Erin is an artist down to her bones. She thinks in colours, textures and typography. She wears her heart on her sleeve and even though she is a graphic designer in the film industry and has worked on some big name shows and films, she is incredibly down to earth. She thinks Rob handsome.

ABOUT THE ENGAGEMENT SHOOT In true Vancouver style, the weather threatened rain the week leading up to our shoot. But on the morning of our session, we all woke up to an amazing overcast sky, with sunlight breaking through the clouds. The vision of the shoot was to really capture a lazy saturday morning, followed by visiting Rob is a creative guy’s guy. He watches and some of their favourite spots in Vancouver. listens to the world with a quiet fascination So we started by capturing some lifestyle and has a soft spot for photography, good photos of them at home. All the details of music and anything hand crafted. He laughs their apartment made the space feel homey, from his soul and is quick with a witty reply. creative, and loved. Tiny notes, doodles and keepsakes from their travels and love affair He thinks Erin is hot. are scattered around like tiny momentos of Together they’ve headed many cool, small, the things that are near and dear to them. creative projects - the most well known being: After a bit, we headed out to Spanish banks “This is East Van” a community photo book to cruise along the barnacle rocks and chill out by the ocean. The sky was amazingthat has 2 editions. full of texture and light, and I loved trying Their love story is deeply imbedded in their to incorporate the Vancouver skyline into love of Vancouver, the city where they met, their memories. Finally we ended our day at fell in love and created a home. So it seemed Tacofino- their favourite taco place. Sipping only fitting that we would feature their on margaritas, ordering tacos, and people favourite locations around the city during watching. Both Erin and Rob felt like the their engagement session. One of the most session was a day in the life look at their important places they wanted to feature, favourite kind of weekends. was their apartment in East Vancouver, which overlooks the Burrard Inlet. This is the apartment they have built their life together and will continue to live in after their wedding on August 31st 2014, in Kelowna BC. The wedding is being dubbed a homestead, indie, lovefest with lots of handmade goodness and touches of Erin and Rob. The wedding is taking place at a local ranch and is more of a weekend celebration with friends and family coming from all over the globe to help celebrate.

Erin and Rob are the poster children of the cool, creative, east van couple. Their laid back personalities, creative spirits and giddy kind of love was amazing to capture. I can’t wait for their wedding in August 2014.


little bohemia



little bohemia


They bring the cute factor, they melt hearts, chose dresses from Gap which each ran and if you’re not careful, they steal the under $55. The best part? They’re easy to show. Flower girls are pretty darn amazing, wash and make a great spring and summer but boho flower girls are even better! Now staple. obviously not everyone has a ‘boho’ wedding aesthetic, but we love a simple, natural and When it comes to styling, completing the free-spirited flower girl look and think that look is as simple as adding a fine greenery or it can be incorporated into just about any floral crown and pretty wildflower bouquets. wedding, teepee or no teepee.

Dushan Flowers created delicate pieces that are so fresh and youthful without being

As much as most little girls love to play dress- too large that they over-power or become a up, and ooze excitement at the thought of a burden to the girls throughout the day. pampering party, at the end of the day, they are little girls and we believe that not only If you really want to have some fun, give should their look be true to that, but they your little ladies a hideout where they’ll feel will most likely be tired and cranky about a like the princesses that they are without all fussy up-do and too much taffeta, when all the fru fru. Perfect for an outdoor wedding, is said and done.

a teepee is relatively easy to construct and adds an interesting addition to your overall

To achieve the boho look, opt for simple wedding décor. Adorned with a floral dresses constructed from a natural fabric garland by Dushan Flowers, a naked cake such as cotton. White is fresh and youthful by Cakes by Nicole and home décor items and allows you to easily mix and match found at West Elm, Urban Barn, Chapters styles if you plan to include multiple flower and Ikea, the teepee is a magical addition. girls. We love anything eyelet or pleated and adore feminine details like ruffles or frilled Here’s to all the little teepee princesses; sleeves. Going simple allows you to purchase castles are so last year! xo dresses off the rack from retail stores, which often come at a more affordable price. We

PLANNING & STYLING best day ever creative events PHOTOGRAPHY vasia weddings FLORAL DESIGN dushan flowers EATS & SWEETS cake by nicole DRESSES the gap, eyelet flutter dress & crochet eyelet tank dress MOCCASINS wickaninnish gallery FEATURING echo, farah & toby, the pug

berry blush


STYLING pink & honey event styling FLORAL DESIGN fleurish flower shop EATS & SWEETS pretty sweet HAIR & MAKEUP sarah byrne MUA


FLORALS in the FAMILY Written by Tahnee Sanders

Tahnee is the Wedding & Event Director at Celsia Floral

The youthful innocence of children at weddings is something to be adored, isn't it? We've all got stories of the ring bearer who expresses his alarm at the “boy” Groom kissing the “girl” Bride, or the flower girl who is so in love with her basket of petals she has no intention of delicately throwing them as she walks down the aisle. While we may think about the role children play at weddings as the sentimental connection between childhood and adulthood, do we really know where the traditions of flower girls come from? Do any of our traditions today hold true to their original meaning? It turns our the first children to make appearances as attendants at weddings were in ancient Rome when they carried wheat and herbs as a symbol of prosperity and fertility. During the Medieval Times children would often carry a variety of herbs, each having their own significance. Garlic, for example, was seen to ward off evil spirits. The Elizabethan era was when the traditions of petals began, with the path from the bride’s home to the church being covered with rose petals. Flower girls would then follow the musicians in a wedding procession while carrying a rosemary branch and a silver bride’s cup adorned with ribbons. The closest connection to our current association with flower girls was the Victorian era when young girls were dressed in white, often with a colored sash worn

around their waist. A Victorian flower girl would also carry a basket decorated with fresh blooms or a floral hoop, symbolically circular in shape like the wedding rings. These traditions have taken on a life of their own ever since with us each infusing our own ideas and personality into the role of flower girls. But as you may have noticed from my columns to date, I love a little dose of meaning in any occasion so I've come up with a couple of ways you could give a nod to the history and significance of flower girls on your special day – or just to simply try something a little bit different. Knowing that the ideas would be a whole lot sweeter in action than still life, I had a gorgeous little friend, Olive Grace, help me out. Her mother, Sharni Tait, is a talented portrait photographer in Australia so with a few kind words (and maybe some mild bribery) we took to the park to try our luck at photographing these floral ideas. - With lavender one of the first herbs used symbolically at weddings, why not incorporate it in to some of your florals. For Olive I made a floral headband dotted with sprigs of lavender and attached long ribbons to it like those attached to the bride’s cup in the Elizabethan era. I also handmade a small birds nest, rather than a basket or floral hoop, which was rimmed with lavender.

- There are many ways to play with the circular “endless love” idea as the Victorian floral hoop used to do. You could use the birds nest, for example, or a floral crown. - Rather than a traditional sash around your flower girl’s waist, why not make her a foral sash? It can be tied at the back so as to be easily removed and is not as distracting as a head crown often is for little ones. - Use florals with a special meaning as cute little accents. I used lisianthus Olive’s little ballet shoes. Lisianthus can mean “outgoing nature” or “appreciation”. - My personal favorite is what I call the fairy wand. It’s essentially a very small bouquet bound in cascading ribbon. You can incorporate any florals of personal significance or a special meaning while enjoying the youthful bliss that will occur watching a little girl skip down the aisle as the ribbons float in the breeze. Above all else, embrace the spontaneity of having children as a part of your wedding. You never quite know what to expect, but sometimes it’s the unscripted moments in life that we end up treasuring most.


...for weddings that are stupid good fun! A I N S L E YSA FFA I R S .COM | FB.COM /A I N S L E YSA FFA I RS







SIPPIN' PRETTY with Railtown Catering Co.

signature drinks for your special day CAPTURED BY SHARI + MIKE PHOTOGRAPHERS

roasted lynchberg lemonade Sweet, sour, herbaceous. It warms you up as the night cools down.

what you need: - roasted lemon juice - caramelized lemon syrup - honey Jack Daniels - Perrier or Rosemary Lime Sip Natural Soda & rosemary to garnish.

honeyed old fashioned Warm, sweet, rich, smokey, citrus. An updated and refreshed favourite.

what you need: Railtown Honey, Craft bitters Vanilla infused bourbon & red grapefruit peel to garnish

his & hers ceasars HIS - smokey and rich, savoury & spicy HERS - a lighter, fresher ceasar

what you need, for hers: Clamato juice 33 Acres ocean beer, Worchestershire sauce, Classic ceasar rim, & lime

what you need, for his:

Clamato juice Tobacco bourbon Hot Sauce Worcestershire sauce, Smoked salt, Toasted black pepper rim & garnish with either black pepper candied bacon, or black pepper jerky

the wedding after // champagne cocktail Sweet, bubbly and detoxifying.

what you need: Mountainberry tealeaves, Tea infused vodka Fresh pressed juice Champagne

blood orange ginger mezcal margarita Sweet, spicy, smokey, bitter. An amazing hot night cocktail.

what you need: Blood orange juice, Ginger syrup, Ginger Liquer, Mezcal & Garnish with ancho chili salt

pride punch Fruity, fresh, sweet tropical, a playful punch to bring out your inner pride!

what you need: Strawberry infused gin, Coconut infused cachaca, Green chartreuse, Balsamic and basil syrup, Lime and coconut cordial & basil leaf, coconut and strawberry to garnish

enjoy these sweet sips!


PHOTOGRAPHY adrian michael photography FLORAL DESIGN & STYLING clare day flowers PLANNING & STYLING french kiss events DRESSES joanna delaney design & dressmaking PAPER GOODS laura lavender calligraphy MAKEUP melanie baird makeup artistry HAIR conscious hair by elena

a CITRUS SUMMER inspiration for the shoot

Surrounded by the rugged west coast, open sea, and soft sand, 2 Brides dream of “a love so deep, the ocean would be jealous�. Taking inspiration from the ethereal beauty that the west coast provides, our color palette came from the textures found in the sand, driftwood, and rock, as well as the few pops of color that appear over the landscape come the changing of the seasons. The kumquat oranges created an organic feel to the floral design and allowed the table setting to feel even more natural. The luxurious lace used on the dresses, enhances the romantic side of the west coast, and the deep desire that these Brides have for a deep and passionate love. The soft lines of the calligraphy, along with the natural linens and ribbons used, give a nod as well to the whimsical and ethereal feeling we wished to bring alive.

LOCATION Gonzales Beach, Victoria BC


The Refinery Magazine - ISSUE VI  

Summer 2014

The Refinery Magazine - ISSUE VI  

Summer 2014