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a big thank you to all of the wonderful vendors and friends who have assisted with our second issue. We truly love being part of the wedding community, and it has been an absolute pleasure meeting vendors and brides alike on our journey thus far! Thank you for supporting The Refinery with your time, talent and by reading our magazine!

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a letter from the refinery girls Summer is a time of colour, vibrancy, warmth and (hopefully) spending time outdoors. It’s a time to visit the beach, drink mojitos with friends and family on the patio, and take sunset strolls with the one you love. We know, that all sounds a little cheesy – but it’s true – isn’t that what you look forward to in the summer time? Colour isn’t just about the season, or the weather outside, but we believe it’s about the way it makes you feel. We know that the colours of a west coast sunset make things feel extra romantic, the sun & sand make everything more fun, and the bright pinks & corals on your toes adds a little pep to your step. When you’re planning your wedding, colour is a hot topic – which colours do I use, how many complimentary colours can I have? Which metallic colour is going to be my accent? It’s a tough call! But to us, colour doesn’t have to mean bright and in your face, it can also be subtle, but effective! In this issue we are bringing some non-traditional views on the use of colour in the summertime and we hope you enjoy it! We believe that summer is about experiences (well, we believe that your whole life is about collecting new experiences, but that’s a whole ‘nother letter!), and we hope you take some time to dance, travel and clink glasses to your future with the ones you love! We are so excited to share our second issue, which focuses on the colourful parts of your big day. From real weddings packed with beautiful hues and a little tropical punch, all the way to some of our favourite summer styles in soft and warm pastels. We hope that you will find something to inspire and delight you! See you in August!

with love,

ainsle y & madison

Alex & Miranda san francisco, california CAPTURED BY BENJ HAISCH

HOW WE MET We met thru a mutual friend in March of 2010. Miranda was working at American Eagle at the time. I had just moved from Ankeny, Iowa to Omaha, NE to continue my college education. I went to visit our mutual friend, Molly, who worked with Miranda at AE. While visiting AE I saw Miranda who Molly had been talking to me about. WHen I saw Miranda for the first time I thought she was the most beautiful thing. As I left the store I told Molly that Miranda was the girl I was going to marry. Shortly after, I found out Miranda was currently in a relationship. Since she was seeing someone, I sparked up a conversation thru Facebook asking her some common questions to get to know her. We hit if off right away. We had a lot in common. Photography, traveling, life dreams, family, and the list kept growing. Then I found out she broke up with her boyfriend and I made my move. For a graduation present, Miranda was taken to Europe with her parents for 3 weeks. The only communication we had while she was gone was thru Facebook, and only when she was in a WIFI area. Once she came back to the United States, we went on our first date. THE PROPOSAL STORY It was Miranda’s 21st birthday and we were taking a family trip to San Francisco with her parents. I bought the ring 2 weeks before we left. I worked on a plan as to how I wanted to propose. I secretly called Benj and asked about engagement pictures. While talking to him we came up with an idea that it would be cool to have him capture the proposal and engagement pictures on the same day. Before we left for our trip I had asked my parents to join us on our trip. They said that wasn’t possible. Little did we know they were waiting to surprise us on our first day in San Francisco by showing up for breakfast. Miranda and I were shocked, and I was secretly excited that they could now be apart of our day. WIth my plan in motion, Benj was secretly on a plane headed to San Francisco for the day. The family were all on bikes ready to bike from fisherman’s wharf, over the Golden Gate Bridge and into Sausalito. Once we arrived in Sausalito, I got a taxi and whisked Miranda away to Pointe Bonita Lighthouse to propose. After she said yes, I told her there was one more surprise and that is when Benj came out from behind the rocks. Miranda was thrilled that Benj caught the proposal and we were able to have our engagement pictures taken in such a beautiful place.

love is in the air



a note from Helena about

Lara & Dean It was in late July 2012 when the Riverview Hospital closed its doors and ended an era. Left behind were decaying brick and concrete buildings that echoed of times past. Riverview opened in 1913 and at that time, was the first hospital of its kind. It was more than a hospital; the entire hospital ground was a small selfsufficient city with its own fire hall, post office, cinema and an encompassing botanical garden. Stretching north of the Lougheed Hwy, all the way down to the Fraser River, this plentiful little city included a Colony Farm, where the land was used for agricultural production. It is a spectacular

area. The inviting tree lined streets have always beckoned me back. Unfortunately, as this was the home to so many patients, photography on these grounds was not permitted. But as of last summer, when the hospital operations ended and the residents had all been moved off the premises, I met up with Lara and Dean on Clover Street for their engagement session. Although the buildings may be crumbling and the emptiness can be felt, there is still life here... and hope. And new love.


THE PROPOSAL STORY I had worked eight days in a row and was so looking forward to a four-day long weekend. Garrett was heading to visit me from work for the weekend and I originally wanted to go on a road trip to Seattle (to getaway), but he suggested we could still do fun things while in Vancouver (he doesn’t live in the city and in fact lives about 6 hours away). The plan was to go to Science World with our great friends Perry and Jodi. We were both very excited as we had our own fun memories there years ago. So we got to Science World and were having a blast figuring out puzzles and science-y things! Ha! Then all of a sudden, Jodi said that she had to go to work earlier so they had to leave. Little did I know, this was all part of the plan! As we were driving out to get lunch, Garrett said: “I think I have a good date idea.” He made it seem like he had just thought of it on the spot! Instead of asking away (like I normally do), I just said: “Okay! This will be fun!” So we drove up to Finch’s Market and he insisted that we took sandwiches to go. The place was so cute, I was a little sad we couldn’t stay to eat.

Eventually, we parked by the water where we normally have picnic lunches. I figured we weren’t going on a picnic since it was cloudy. He got out of the truck with shoes changed, a bow tie on, a coat for me, and a picnic basket! (Looking back now, I should’ve seen these hints but I really had no idea what was going on!) All of a sudden he said: “We’re going on a sail boat!” We met the captain and his boat was named Allons-y (which means Let’s Go in French). This whole time I was just so oblivious to the whole situation and so amazed that we were going on a sail boat date! After some conversation with the captain, I found out he happened to be a fashion photographer as well - which I thought was so awesome! I started taking photos with my phone thinking how cool it was to see Granville Island Market from the water. All of a sudden, he pulled out his camera and started taking photos of us! I thought “Hmmm, that’s a little weird. But of course he has his camera with him. He’s a photographer! We’re on his boat!”

We were having a great time as Garrett and I were just having conversation, soaking in this time we have together. Though it was cloudy and cold, I didn’t care as I was able to snuggle next to my love. Then suddenly he whispered to my ear saying: “Remember that list of five things you wanted to do when we first started dating... well this is the last thing on the list.” (Um hello another BIG hint that this could be it! But no, I STILL had no idea) I simply thought, “Awww! My love that is so cool!!” Then after some time, the captain suggested that we check out the front of the boat. Again, I thought “Oh! Good idea! Let’s do that!” So we got up, I was at the front and Garrett was behind me. There I was standing, talking away by myself and thinking how absolutely cool it was! Then I

turned around, and there he was. Down on one knee. He asked: “Will you marry me?” I thought “Oh my goodness! This is happening!! I have to soak all of this in!” And of course I said: “Yes!!” THE WEDDING PLANS We are still in awe that we are engaged and are going to get married! We look forward to being married out on a farm (North Arm Farms in Pemberton, BC), surrounded by the beautiful mountains that have stood by us on those numerous road trips and flights back and forth to see each other. We are excited to be with friends and family to socialize, eat cake, make funny faces in front of a photo booth and of course, dance the night away!

business profile

MOTHERLAND captured by nadia hung PHOTOGRAPHY

MOTHERLAND Est. 1999 In 1999, Lawrence Sampson had an idea for a store called Motherland and opened the first location on Main Street, Vancouver. The original products that he sold were t-shirts and casual clothing for men and women. The in-house brand, also called Motherland, was designed and manufactured in Vancouver. Motherland has changed and grown immensely since that first Main Street location and is looking towards a bright future. Motherland takes its name from the style of its clothing when it was founded, which was inspired by early Soviet designs. In early socialism there is an ideal of creating a new future for the masses - a utopia through design. Sampson tried to emulate this aesthetic into his products. Now moving away from such obvious Socialist images, Motherland still seeks to stick to their original goal of designing for the masses. Their main focus is catering to their clients. Since 80% of their design and manufacturing occurs locally in Vancouver, it allows them to make clothes and sell them directly to the people. With the constant support of their customers, they have grown from their original 3647 Main Street and Broadway location, and expanded to a second location in Gastown at 466 West Cordova.

Their style has adapted as their core customer group has grown and changed. They recognized their client base was moving into “respectable jobs� and needed a wardrobe that matched this lifestyle change. Their designs went from jeans and t-shirts to suits and ties. Following this change in clientele, Motherland welcomed David Chiang who partnered with Lawrence to create a new in-house brand titled National Standards. The concept of the new brand was to make classic menswear pieces, including shirts, pants and suits that cater to every man’s needs. They want this clothing to be of the best quality and construction, but at prices that compete with garments sold in international stores. This year Motherland is introducing a new, simple casual line made from a unique eco fabric, which is woven from cotton and recycled plastic bottles. The NatStan line consists of crew neck and v-neck t-shirts, henley baseball shirts and lightweight zip hoodies. Motherland will continue to expand their range of products and carry forward their tradition of having locally made products.


Around Town with Mike & Bean With a move to start 2013 off in a new neighbourhood, Mike and Bean Benson of WedOverHeels now make their home in “The Village” (former “Olympic Village”). After only a few months, they already feel completely at home with the mix of great dining, shopping and sense of community. Mike and Bean told us, “What we love about the neighbourhood are the friendly neighbours and the vibrant, creative atmosphere. There is so much diversity, but the one commonality [that the residents share] is a great love of Vancouver. Like our neighbours, we wanted to live by the water in a beautiful urban setting. It feels like all of Vancouver - including Granville Island, downtown and Stanley Park - is easily accessible and only a quick bike ride or walk away.” The Village is like a small town in the middle of a big city. There is a corner store (Urban Fare), a pharmacy (London Drugs), a cafe (Terra Breads), a restaurant (Tap & Barrel) and much more. All that is missing is a town Doc, but the soon-to-open medical clinic will fill that void. Mike and Bean are lucky enough to have their very own rooftop vegetable garden, and the neighbourhood has more than its share of community gardens, dog parks and playgrounds. There are even more things to come for this area! Later this summer, the much anticipated Craft Brew House will open its doors in the famed Vancouver Salt Building overlooking the square. The Village is located right on the seawall, which makes for picturesque morning jogs and family walks. Want a quick escape from the city? Check out Habitat Island, constructed in False Creek to provide a waterfront wooded oasis right in the heart of the city. It’s no surprise that The Village has become a go-to destination for absolutely stunning engagement and wedding photos.

From their townhome in The Village, Mike and Bean own and operate, a fun & free social wedding community connecting engaged couples with local pros. WedOverHeels offers custom wedding websites with fullscreen backgrounds as well as free blogs, profiles and landing pages.

captured by FRESHphotography

Living a Rose Coloured Life by Tahnee Sanders

When I was five years old there was only one thing my parents could do to get me to school without the daily flood of tears at the gate.

I traded my Australian newsroom for a Canadian floral studio and I now find myself living a beautifully colorful and fragrant life!

It was a bribe, of sorts, but it didn’t My decision certainly came with its involve, candy, toys or the promise fair share of skepticism, fear, and of a trip to the diner for a milkshake. well-warranted concern. Instead, it involved flowers. All was right in the world as long as I had a freshly-picked bloom in hand to give to my teacher.

Had I gone completely mad? Was I throwing away years of hard yakka with the notebook, pen and indecipherable shorthand (not to mention a student loan and a university degree) in exchange for fulfilling an unrealistic childhood dream of spending my days surrounded by flowers?

I’m not sure whether it was the act of giving or the appreciation of the recipient that filled my heart with joy, but one thing I do know is that Some may have thought so. But it is still does. Every day. Flowers are the reason why after never felt that way to me. seven years as a newspaper journalist I took a leap of faith in to CONTINUED on the next page the world of floristry.

It felt liberating. I felt like I was finally stepping outside of my comfort zone. I felt like I was breaking every rule in the book. And for a teacher’s pet who had never had so much as a detention in her life (probably because I bribed my teachers with flowers from an early age), that was damn scary! But you know what I realised? There’s no punishment for taking risks in life. There’s only opportunity. So here I am. July 18 marks one year since my floristry journey began and life still

looks and feels as sweet as day one. These rose colored glasses are now my favorite accessory! My career journey may have taken a some-what unconventional turn and what lies ahead, I can’t be sure. But for now I know that flowers have some sort of captivating power over me which I can’t ignore and love to share. I think Claude Monet was on to something when he said “I must have flowers, always and always.”

Tahnee is an Australian-born journalist-turned-floral designer who now finds herself at home among the beautiful sights and scents of Celsia Florist in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Garden roses, a lamb roast and exploring BC with her husband are a few of her favourite things. Mountain bikes are her nemesis.







Boutique Weddings & Events AINSLEYMREID@GMAIL.COM



oscar de la renta (style 33N06) floral headpiece by sunflower florist

marchesa (MB70805) headpiece by olivia

monique l’huiller - peony floral scarf by greenstems

alvina valenta (AV 9251)

jenny packham - callie headpiece by olivia

a bridesmaid’s



delovely creative


cassaundra holt


jenny eng



ohkuol jewelry

beaucoup bakery

MODELS amanda isley, kathryn schultz & florencia caula

ingredients 12 blackberries 12 large mint leaves 4 teaspoons sugar 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 1/2 cups seltzer water 1/4 cups vodka or rum 6-8 ice cubes

BLACKBERRY MOJITO Directions Muddle blackberries, mint leaves, sugar, lemon juice and lime juice in a tall glass until berries are mostly crushed. Add seltzer, vodka, and ice. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

ingredients 1½ PARTS ½ PART 3 PARTS

Gin St-Germain Tonic Water

a st. germain

gin & tonic Directions Combine all ingredients in a tall ice-filled Collins glass and stir well. Garnish with lemon wedge. Enjoy!

a DIY with

FAT paint captured by jarusha brown photography

materials -

FAT paint FAT paint wax one vase (can be metal or ceramic) paint brush paper to line your surface with painters tape

helpful hints a little goes a long way! don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty! (it also washes off super easily, so seriously - don’t sweat it!) enjoy the process!

to see FAT PAINT’s full colour palette, VISIT THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE at

instructions Make sure your vase is clean, if this is a used item, just give it a quick wipe down before you begin. Use the painters tape to tape around the area you would like to paint. Make sure to press down on the tape, to get rid of any air bubbles. Take your clean paintbrush, dip it in the paint (only use a little bit - you’ll be surpirsed how far this stuff goes!) and get to it! You will probably need to do another coat or two, depending on the look you are going for. Wait until the first coat is dry, to apply the second.

using the wax After your desired coats of paint have dried, remove the tape and apply the wax with your finger tips. A little goes a long way, so make sure it absorbs into the paint. You don’t need to thickly coat it. Leave to dry for a few minutes, and then wipe off with a cloth. Once finished, your vase will now have a smooth, matte texture.


wasn’t that simple?

Think this looks like fun? It was! Come join us at our DIY night!

we’re hosting a

event at the FATpaint company join us on

JUNE 21st

7 pm for an evening of arts, crafts, fine foods & mingling tickets are $50 this includes your item to paint

(please choose either a frame or a vase when you purchase your ticket)

eats & treats from Savoury City

cocktails and mingling with brides & vendors GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

swag bag ($30 value)

e a rl

a speci d r i b y


, iends ee! r f 3 r bring cket for f i t r ou get y /13 ends







vendor profile


this is flo - the pi単ata that meaghan made for us!

dang, girl! look at those nails!

your piñata:

a creative venture Meaghan Kennedy has always been a very creative individual, but three years ago her creativity took her to a whole new level when she started a business that focused on the creation of specialty piñatas. When Meaghan first started making piñatas, never in her wildest dreams did she think that this fun hobby would grow into her full time career. Just over three years ago, Meaghan made a life altering career change and left her job at a luxury-clothing store to make piñatas full time. Meaghan was taking a chance that her talent would allow her to grow her business into more than just a hobby and so far, it has definitely worked out for the best. Meaghan has a steady business creating piñatas of loved ones, celebrities, animals, and much more for a wide variety of events. Her business originated because a friend of hers asked her to make a pink poodle for an event, and Meaghan realized there

might actually be a business in making piñatas. Her unique designs have caught the eye of many people in the lower Mainland, and she has also started to ship her piñatas internationally. Even celebrities have recognized Meaghan’s talent and have been interested in getting piñatas created. She has created piñatas for celebrities such as Will.I Am and Jason Priestly. If you are an Ellen DeGeneres fan you might have seen Meaghan’s Ellen and Tony piñatas featured on one of her shows! Meaghan’s piñatas are a combination of balloons and papier-mâché. Papier-mâché is made up of small pieces of paper mixed with flour or glue that is painted or decorated with paper, ribbons and many other materials. Meaghan mainly works out of the studio in her home and can ship her piñatas to a wide variety of locations. If you are looking for something to spice up your next party, you might want to consider a custom made piñata by Meaghan!

blush wedding photography

Ellebay Bridal ELLEBAY.COM




778 397 8880

A hidden hue: love at the burrard CAPTURED BY UNION PHOTOGRAPHERS


the burrard hotel FLORAL DESIGN

fiorire custom florals DECOR

ainsle y’s affairs WARDROBE

lip lounge motherland meadow gifts & apparel pure magnolia JEWELLERY & ACCESSORIES

je wliette’s elsa corsi je wels

meadow gifts & apparel HAIR & MAKEUP

faye smith joanna keller TREATS & SWEETS

as sweet as it gets modern bite (geometric cookies) sweet e’s (cake) MODELS danielle mcmartin, emma nash, tamsin linton & nicholas hunnings



filosophi events



brix restaurant

v&j plant shop



jennifer ruth

sweet thea



sideone band


connie gallo

(jason david hair)

a note from

HAILEY & CONNOR Connor and I grew up blocks away from one another, attended the same small high school in White Rock, but being a few years apart in age never officially met. He was Head Boy when I was in grade 9, and watching him give assembly every morning, I never would have imagined that he would one day become my best friend, my husband, my family.

Connor proposed to me the day before I left for a month of travelling. It was so difficult to leave after that, but the thought of coming home and preparing to start the rest of our lives together was exciting! He was so nervous after picking up the ring. He ran home with it in the pouring rain, burst through the door and got down on one knee right there in the kitchen, soaking wet. It was the perfect proposal. The ring is unlike any other – it was a collaboration A few years later while standing in line at Celebrities between Connor and the incredible Hume Atelier. Nightclub in Vancouver, I recognized a familiar face He described it as “Art Deco Punk”, and the result behind me. We began talking, and after a summer is beyond what I could have ever imagined. of emails and text conversations, we finally met up again. That was it. We moved in together a month later.

We wanted to bring that aesthetic into our wedding, and Brix was the perfect venue for it. The inspiration began with the dress – the structure and the femininity of the peony-like flowers influenced the rest of the décor; a mixture of 1920’s glamour with a subtle nod to our Celtic heritage. Connor and I brought out our personality in the small details – skulls on the grooms socks and bowtie, black glossy nails and vintage lace gloves for the bride, and a bit of glitz and sparkle in the headpieces.

all off on the day, and keeping the Mother of the Bride from running around with a clipboard and headset. The fondest memories were the ones made on the dance floor, as SideOne brought the house down until the early hours of the morning.

It all went by so quickly, we barely had time to take it all in. Elle&R did an amazing job of capturing every moment we loved, and all the details we missed. Filosophi Events were instrumental in helping pull it

But the best part is knowing that I get to spend forever with my best friend, and love of my life.

We would do it all over again exactly the same; even the part where the marriage commissioner said the wrong name and ended up almost marrying Connor to our good friend Clare!




golden gardens park

lake union cafe



j.cre w


seattle, washington

Jared & Erika THE PROPOSAL After almost 6 years of dating, Jared knew in his heart and felt peace that it was time...He wanted to express his love and commitment to me and knew I wouldn’t want anything else other than to

THE WEDDING Golden Gardens has always been one

spend the rest of my life with him. Jared knew that my

of my favorite places in Seattle. I always get a sense

favorite place was on the beach next to the ocean and

of “calm” at this beach...with the beauty of the sand,

decided that a surprise trip to Maui was the perfect plan!

sailboats, tree grove, and the sunset. Jared fell in love

He had his sister drop a package off at my apartment

with this park when he first took sight of the old exposed

and I found a small card at the bottom with nothing

brick building on the beach. We had both seen several

other than a flight itinerary to Maui. Jared had already

fun, free-spirited parties there and we knew that it

been visiting family in Lahaina for a week, so Jess and

would be a “dream come true” wedding venue for us,

I flew in together to meet them. It was by far one of my

which became a fairytale reality on Sunday, September

favorite vacations with friends and family. Near the end

16th. We both share a passion to be in the outdoors,

of the trip, Jared and I decided to explore the South

especially, the ocean/beach (hence our meeting place)

Maui beaches. We took the local tour-guide book and

and our goal was for our guests to be comfortable, throw

stopped to body-surf at every beach down the coast. It

their shoes off, enjoy the sand in their toes - basking in

was getting closer to sunset and we had a few more to

the romantic moment of the sunset over the sailboats

explore. We decided on Paako Beach, also known as

and the olympic mountains. It was a picture perfect day!

the Secret Cove. We followed the small road and a lava

We give all the credit to our family and friends who came

brick wall until we found the telephone pole #E2-3 and a

alongside us and brought every last detail together. It

small opening in the brick wall. It was a beautiful beach

was a simple, playful, DIY, elegant celebration - with a

with rugged lava channels … completely encaved with

big dance party afterwards with belly’s full of amazing

plumeria and palm trees. I decided to write in the sand

food and drink. My favorite part was running on the

and Jared suggested “Jared + Erika” … I wrote our

beach barefoot with my new husband and best friend -

names and added the heart … Jared got quiet and knew

in my amazing soft flowing dress, catching the last few

it was the perfect moment. He pulled me up into a hug

moments of the sun!...I will never forget this moment of

and asked me quietly, “Do you love me?” I replied, “Of

complete happiness! My husband’s favorite part was his

course, I love you!” He then asked, “Do you know why

glowing bride, of course! ;) and most importantly, we

I brought you here?” I looked back at him in confusion

both agree that the day was blessed by the love of our

and he got down on his knee…I was shocked! I was

Savior...being able to share this joy and have everyone

totally not expecting what came next and it was so

important in our life all together at once was amazing

perfect! He put a ring on my finger and I said YES! We

and unforgettable!

sat and prayed…soaking it all in: the beach, the sunset, our week together in Maui, the past years of dating, and our exciting future to come.

the details




sam edelman

theia couture


nicole robinson




sperry topsider

zara man

a tiny flower shop on Isla Mujeres



isla mujeres, mexico

sunset grill HOTEL

hotel cabana maria del mar

“Chris is the

love of my life!”

I can say that with certainty because we are a 10 year old couple and we’ve been through our ups and our downs and, while there are likely many more emotional waves to come, I’ve never felt so good about something in my life. True, I am in post-wedding bliss right now, but we’ve lived together a long time, we share bills and furniture and toothtpaste, triumphs and victories, was getting married really going to change anything? Somehow it did. Sure, it made everything fresh and sweet and sexy and romantic all over again, but most importantly it solidified our partnership in this big crazy world. We’ve stamped it, locked it and threw away the key! That’s it, no erasies! We’re planning a real future together and we’ve both signed up to be in it no matter what happens. To me, that’s pretty romantic. I have to preface this with the fact that I’ve always danced around the idea of marriage. My parents messily divorced when I was 6. They later remarried, and re-divorced. This all left me feeling that marriage is pretty stressful, and quite frankly, not that fun. I figured marriage wasn’t in my cards.

Chris finally made me see things another way; this is our adventure and marriage will be what we make it.

having so many people together at once. We didn’t have a big budget or much time, but turns out, it didn’t matter.

We waited 10 years to get married, We got married on a little island off which many might call a long time, the coast of the Mayan Riviera just 5 weeks ago with 51 of our closest but after all I’m happy we did! friends and family and it was simply Through our many years together the best time ever. We ate, and we we accrued a great number of laughed, and we danced, and we really, really great friends. Plus, we danced! We are so incredibly lucky have friends and family who were to have so many wonderful people just dying to see this happen once support our love and share this day and for all. So, when the budding with us. We had the best wedding!! notion of a group vacation started, we jumped on the opportunity of

Wedding Planning & Day of Management M o d e r n M int E ve nt s . c o m



We make sense of the noise and are the invisible support team. The food will be only slightly more magnificent than your dress.

Liz Reid


“I’m never too busy for you!” Accredited Mortgage Professional 604 290 4835 | LIZREID-MORTGAGES.CA

Ravi & Sarena




okanagan sikh temple

vintage origami


laurel packing house

Ravi & Sarena A balance of modern vintage and traditional values, Sarena and Ravi’s wedding was a perfect reflection of the couple them- selves. Spanning three days, the celebrations took place in Sarena’s hometown of Kelowna surrounded by their family and incredible friends from near and far. Day one started with breakfast and a maiya ceremony in which the couple was smeared with turmeric paste to instill a glow before their wedding day. After a restful afternoon of mendhi and wine, the group got together again for a bbq buffet and talent show where friends were encouraged to show off their skills in dancing, singing and even magic. Wearing traditional Sikh wedding attire, Sarena and Ravi were wed at the Okanagan Sikh Temple in Kelowna on day two. Ravi arrived on a white horse surrounded by friends and family chanting and dancing alongside him. For me as their photographer,

the best moment of the day was when Sarena entered and sat down beside Ravi nothing can beat the look on his face as he took in his beautiful bride for the first time! The day ended at Sarena’s Uncle’s orchard home where Ravi had to barter his way in to claim his wife and the two were sent off by Sarena’s family, signifying her leaving the family to join Ravi’s. The tears and emotions were incredible. The final day was all about vintage bollywood glamour. From the beautiful outfits worn by Sarena and Ravi, to the modern vintage decor at the Laural Packing House provided by Vintage Origami Decor Rentals, the whole evening was a celebration of old meets new. The evening ended as every other night did - with nonstop dancing, lots of laughter and endless love sur- rounding these two incredible people. - Amber Hughes

Matt & Kat sydney, australia



nelder jones bridal (custom) HAIR

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Matt & Kat Matthew and I wanted our wedding to be and intimate relaxed celebration with our nearest and dearest. We chose The Pine Grove in Centennial Park for our ceremony as it is in the heart of Sydney and provided the perfect location for our dream forest wedding. My family and best friend flew over from Vancouver making it the most special day. Following our ceremony we had refreshments and cake to enjoy the December warmth. Ten minutes from the park we held our reception in our friends rock & roll style bar that he had shut for the night. It was newly opened so barely any of our guests had been there before. It was such a fun night and it was everything and more than I could have hoped for.


the DOLLARS & SENSE of homeownership by Liz Reid When young couples start out, one of the first to 5 years that will not cause me to sacrifice things they contemplate is the matter of finding everything else I do?” a place in which to live. Maximum qualifying money and rates are good Most people initially look to what is cheap to know, but in the grand scheme of things, and easy - not what you would want in a they should not be your first thought. You mate! However, in housing, these are coveted see, outside of selecting your partner, property purchases are your next major commitment, attributes. and any savvy purchaser knows you need to Because of this, many people nowadays don’t have a plan and a strategy to get there. mind living at Mom and Dad’s, or moving in with friends, co-op style (where did my leftovers in This means thinking about some of the following: the fridge go?). Where is my job/business going to be for the Both of these options can be very beneficial to next 3 to 5 years (location, profitability, etc)? helping couples save some money for buying Is our income situation going to change for their own place, but once the down payment the better or worse? (maternity leave, job is saved, crazy thoughts of property purchase promotion, business expansion, etc) start. Can we see ourselves living in this community As an Independent Mortgage Broker, many if we have kids? people will often contact me with questions Once you have answered these questions such as: the next thought is “what am I used to paying How much money can I qualify for? Can you find me more money than I qualify for now?” as my price range is limited in what I like? If you are still living at home, you should watch What is the best rate you can get me? my favorite episode of the Cosby Show from the While all of the above questions are good ones, 80’s called “Economics Lesson with Monopoly the better one to ask yourself is “how much Money”, to learn about living costs. can I afford on a monthly basis for the next 3

Now, let’s compare what you are paying to an actual property available for sale today. As an example, I looked up a recent (April 2013) MLS listing in New Westminster and found a nice apartment/condo that has the following features: 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 900 sq/ft , gas fireplace, big storage area, one parking space and is 35+ years old. It is listed for sale at $169,900.

If this fits in your budget for a living expense, or you can get a friend/renter to move into the second bedroom (hence why I recommend buying a 2 bedroom), then you can do it! The big thing is to be realistic and know all the costs before you sign on the dotted line to buy. Any good Mortgage Broker can help you to figure this out if you are having difficulty. DO NOT get caught up in the real estate excitement web if you haven’t done your homework first!

Also, consider any updates or immediate To buy this property you need a minimum 5% repairs you may want or need to do on the down payment - $8,495 + closing costs (legal property you are looking to buy... where will fees, taxes, etc), so I say plan on having about that money come from? $12,000 saved to get into this beauty. Now, based on current mortgage rates of, in, and around the 3% range for a 5 year fixed rate (some are higher and some are lower depending on credit qualifications) and a 25 year amortization (the maximum currently allowed in Canada for insured mortgages), your mortgage payment would be $790.00/month (principal and interest). This is not sounding too bad, huh?

The biggest mistake that most home buyers make is basing a purchase decision on the market conditions (“but it is such a great deal” OR “mortgage rates are so low”), and not on their own personal situation (“my boss did mention they were downsizing”). Many people make the mistake of getting in over their heads with a larger mortgage, because they may perceive the home purchase cost as cheaper in comparison to others in their city. Don’t let this be you!

However, factor in that you will have strata fees, utilities & property taxes. With the example Planning for reality and being smart about your property the strata fees are $363.06/month future is the first step in having a successful (gas, heat and hot water is included) and the purchase and a satisfied life being a homeowner. property taxes are $1,350/year or $112.50/ month. So let’s do the math: Mortgage Payment = $790.00 Strata Fees = $363.06 Property Taxes = $112.50 Total = $1,265.56

Liz Reid is a Licensed Accredited Mortgage Professional with Dominion Lending – Aegis Mortgage Services and has been assisting new home buyers in the Lower Mainland and the Interior of BC for over 6 years.

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Q How much can I expect to pay in “fees� when I purchase my home? - ashleigh m

A Fees can be as simple as just legal fees, which on a purchase range from $750 to $1000. However, if you buy with more than a 20% down payment you will also pay for an appraisal on the property - $300. (normally, if it has less than a 20% down payment, the mortgage default insurer covers this). Also, if you are not a first time homebuyer purchasing at less than $425,000, you also have to pay for the BC Property Transfer Tax, which is calculated at 1% of the first $200,000 and 2% of the balance of the purchase price of the property. This can add up to several thousand dollars for any buyer, and it is best to have a Mortgage Broker calculate it for you to be exact.

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TO DINE AT Paa Dee Laurelhurst Market Screen Door Pambiche Tasty & Alder

NIGHT LIFE Oven & Shaker Doug Fir Lounge Beulahland The Sweet Hereafter Landmark Saloon

the people & places of portland by Kim Miller

I could rattle off a list of super hip hotels, including the Jupiter Hotel which is attached to the Doug Fir-an extremely cool lounge with an underground music venue. But the truth is, no one I know stays in hotels anymore. They stay in houses, or apartments, right in the neighborhoods they plan on spending the most time in. If you don’t know anyone with a guest room in Portland but want to sink your teeth into the city without paying a fortune, check out AirBnB. It’s been a total game changer for everyone I know, never mind the fact you’ll actually have a fridge to put those leftovers in. The great thing about skipping the downtown scene is taking advantage of all the neighborhoods’

proximity to each other. Leave the Zipcar behind -- all you need is 10 minutes and your own two legs before you’re in a whole ‘nother ‘hood with a new list of options. I often find myself starting out an evening in my neighborhood and ending up anywhere from Belmont to Division. West Burnside has no shortage of elegant boutique shops, clothing stores and of course -- Powell’s City of Books, a local bookstore that’s 3 stories high and consumes an entire city block. On the Eastside we boast Music Millenium, the oldest record store in the PNW having been founded in 1969.

TO NOSH AT Clyde Common Little Big Burger Blue Star Donuts SW Alder Food Trucks Uno Mas Canteen

TO LOOK AT Waterfront Park The White Stag Laurelhurst Park Movie Madness

SHOPPING Alder & Co Canoe Powell’s City of Books Music Millenium

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