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Issue 44 September

Archbishop Ximenez de Rada gives his speech at The Battle of Navade Tolosa (800 th Anni)

Greetings All We are nearing the end of the re-enactment season here in the UK and what with the really bad weather (worst on record supposedly) we have lost a few events this year and there is rumour that at least one large event will not be taking place next year, this is obviously a real shame and all we can do is hope for an excellent late summer and a really good year in 2013. Praying before the Altar with a Templar Sargent Battle of Navas de Tolosa 800th anniversary

Thank you to David Nievas Munoz for his excellent report on The Battle of Navas de Tolosa and in his 2nd language too!

Congratulations to everyone for being the lucky winners of last month’s competitions. Your prizes will be with you soon! This month I have 2 signed posters up for grabs in the competitions and here is a hintthe answers to the questions can be found within this magazine! The Al-Nasir’s Palenque and The Black Guard of The Imesebelen at The Battle of Navas de Tolosa 800th anniversary.

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The 800th anniversary and re-enactment of the Battle of Navas de Tolosa, 1212-2012

Las Navas de Tolosa by Francisco de Paula Van Halen The path to the battle (a historical approach) Spanish history is one of the richest in Europe. Since ancient times, the Iberian peninsula was a crossroads for a variety of cultures: celts, Iberians, romans, carthagnians and then the visigoths, who expelled others germans tribes as the sueves or alans from the peninsula, founding the Kingdom of Tolosa, later Toledo, who ruled the former roman Hispania. In the year 711, Spanish history changed forever. The arab-muslim invasion from the north of Africa conditioned the Spanish and Iberian history to the date. Ten years later, the germ of the Christian kingdoms was planted in the battle of Covadonga, part history and part myth. The medieval and early modern historiography centered the attention in the period marked since this date, extending to the late XV century, and called it “The Reconquista” (the reconquest) as a propaganda about reuniting the Iberian peninsula under a single kingdom of Christian faith. But reality was more complex. Al-Andalus was a period of cultural splendor in the early medieval times, and a place where Islam was much more tolerant than in the rest of the world. Muslims today remember Al-Andalus as a period in which their culture reached its zenith. Modern historians tell us about the coexistence of two worlds, the Christian kingdoms in the north who advanced slowly to the south, and Al-Andalus, both of that sides divided in multiple realms that allied and made war each other without attending the religious factors. They were all “Spanish” in fact. In the late XII century Al-Andalus suffered the invasion and

control under the might of the north African almoravid dynasty, much more fundamentalist than the andalusians, who already did not follow much of the sharia precepts. After the epic struggle in times of “El cid”, almoravid decayed, and taifa kingdoms reappeared. A now invasion, however, was preparing in the north Africa. The almohad dinasty, the muwahidss, controlled Al-Andalus again, punishing the “impurity” of the andalusians, and revealing themselves as a big thread for the survival of the Christian kingdoms. Almohad battle plan started advancing to the north of Sierra Morena, natural frontier between north and south, and gained the control to the Tagus river after defeating the Castilian army in the Battle of Alarcos, 1195. Toledo, the key stronghold in the Spanish central plateau, was in serious thread. A plan was made by king Alfonso VIII of Castile, and the archbishop of Toledo, Rodrigo Ximénez de Rada. A plan for a crusade in the Spanish soil.

The battle, 800 years before Ximenez de Rada travelled to Rome, and talked to the Pope Inocentius III, who already launched other crusades in Holy Land, Bizantium and the French Languedoc against the cathars. Rada got a bulle of crusade, and then travelled to France for recruiting additional troops amongst the lords in war in the Languedoc. Bishops of Narbonne, Bordeaux and Nantes joined the crusade, and much other lords of France with their troops. Meanwhile, in Spain, the Christian kingdoms prepared for the fight. King Alfonso sent embassies and letters to the kings of Aragon, Navarre, Leon and Portugal. Although Castile was in war with Leon, a compromise was signed for the non-intervention of the leonese against the Castilian frontier during the joint operations. The king of Leon refused in participating in the crusade, but sent a small amount of troops later. The king of Portugal dispatched many of his nobles, and permitted the Templar master Gomes Ramirez joining the Christian army with his knights. King Pedro II of Aragon and Sancho VII of Navarre went

personally to war. The Christian army gathered in Toledo, numbering 70.000 men. In the almohad side, battle plans marched well. A gigantic army of 100.000 men gathered in the outskirts of Jaen, and blocked the paths of Sierra Morena and Despeñaperros. The army of the caliph Al-Nasir was composed mainly with andalusians, but also with troops of north Africa and beyond, with volunteers of Turkey, Libia or Egypt. He was personally escorted by the imesebelen, the Senegalese black guard, though and feared men. After taking the castle of Calatrava, many of the troops beyond the Pyrenees deserted. It was july in Andalusia, and heath was terrible. King Alfonso refused to the petitions of massive looting of the French. Only the languedocian bishop remained, and the Christian army found a mountain pass mocking the surveillance of Al-Nasir sentinels, penetrating from a path now named “Mesa del Rey” (plateau of the king). Almohads prepared for battle in a better terrain, occupying the heights with their camp in his back. Al-Nasir was in his red tent, the “Palenque”. The imesebelen chained and buried them-selves to the waist, vowing not to fall back. Morroquian infantry was in the advance, and behind them the bulk of andalusian infantry, flanked by the cavalry and the almohad themselves. King Alfonso divided his army into three sections. And advance, with the militias of the concejos (semiprofessional forces of Castile) under the command of Lope de Haro, behind them the troops of the military orders of the kings Templar, Hospitaller, Saint Lazarus and the Spanish orders of Santiago, Calatrava and Trujillo. The reserve was composed by the central force of Castilian lords with the bishop Ximenez de Rada himself (dressed for battle). Left wing with the troops of Pedro II of Aragon, and left wing with Sancho VII and their Navarrese bannermen. The battle started in the morning with the advance of Lope de Haro. The militias pushed forward, but they were surrounded by the almohad army in a classical movement of fake withdrawal (the torna-fuye). Lope de Haro stayed, but many of the militia men fell back. Alfonso then ordered the military orders to advance, with Templars in the advance. They pushed with force, but were surrounded by the incredible numbers of Al-Nasir army, but they stayed in the field, fighting with bravery and discipline. In that point of the battle, a new defeat as Alarcos was feared by king Alfonso. Determined to win or die, talked to archbishop Rada in this way: “Here and today, your eminence and me, shall die”. Then charged with the reserve, followed by the Aragonese and Navarre kings which became known as the “charge of the three kings”. The battle continued for hours, but Christian army pushed forward slowly in a brutal close combat. Imesebelen, chained and fierce, resisted in the Palenque, until the Navarre broke the chain and entered the almohad camp. Al-Nasir fled, and his battle flag was captured. His army was vanquished and cut to pieces. In the aftermath, Ximenez de Rada asked the troops for chanting the “Te Deum”, thanksgiving. More than 60.000 men died in the field. The battle was over, but the legend had just began. The greatest battle in Spanish medieval history, and one of the greatest in Europe, became known simply as “The Battle”. The coat of arms of Navarre turned from a black eagle to the chains of Al-Nasir’s Palenque. Al-Andalus fell to Castile in a short period of time, only the nasrid kingdom of Granada remained until 1492, because the European crisis of the XIV century. The Reconquista reached its zenith in the bloody fields of Navas de Tolosa, 16 th July 1212.

The re-enactment camp It is a hard work for the Spanish medieval reenactment for attracting more than a hundred reenactors. Usually because of a lack of funding, or commercial mentality of the medieval fairs which are widespread in the spanish territory. Despite the rich spanish history, and the vast cultural heritage (Jaen province is the region of Europe with more concentration of castles, well preserved, of the world) the medieval re-enactment groups are divided, as usual, in those specialized in faire atmosphere, and those who pursue a more accurate approach. Navas de Tolosa 2012 was a project launched years ago, well prepared, with an essay in 2011 with just 80 re-enactors. The site chosen was the village of Navas de Tolosa, a small town depending La Carolina, Jaen province (Andalusia), despite the real battle was fought near Santa Elena, nowadays a forest. Jaen province government launched its own commemoration for the centenary, but centered in a congress where intellectual figures talked about the battle. The organisation recayed fully under the city council of La Carolina and the re-enacment group “Battle Honours�, who worked hard preparing the details, from the terrain

to the basics: water supply, electricity if needed, fire control (temperatures of 40ºC were expected), food for the non-self-sufficient groups and planning the security for weaponry, making the standard for the clothing, tents and equipment, etc. More than 30 reenactment groups answered the call. Groups of all spanish geography and foreign groups too, as the portuguese Guildas Aureas, Companna or Vivarte. Single reenactors from France and England came too. The list of spanish groups vary most, from groups once specialized in fairs as Calatravos de Alcaudete (now made a remarkable investment in material for reaching the European medieval reenactment standard) to veterans of renown such as Podenco Blanco or Fidelis Regis. New groups surged with force since 2010, as Signum Phoenix, Magerit or Milicia de San Jorge, amongst many others, giving a very good level to the re-enactment camp. More than 40 tents, in four rows, and 300 reenactors gathered in the jaenese town outskirts, in a place once used for threshing straw and wheat field in this small town (just 500 inhabitants). Re-enactment group and enterprise Bastimento put a large kitchen with a menu of historical accurate food, both christian and andalusian, at the price of 12 euros each menu. Activities planned began Saturday 14th July with a tour at 5:30 am to castle of Castro Ferral and Santa Elena historical battle site, returning then for a parade in Navas de Tolosa. The small town was filled with visitors attracted by the re-enactment, and completely dumped with the centenary. Streets were decorated by banners of the kingdoms and lords who participated in the battle, and a small but solid fair was planted in the major streets selling crafts of the region, and food for the visitors. Back to the camp, the re-enactors were addressed in a briefing by Battle Honours, following a tournament of archery and combat with strict security rules and arbitrators. Civil re-enactment was introduced to the camp too, with alternate activities with photographic compositions, theatrics and living history and crafts. After an intense heath in the evening, a series of speeches, written by the author, prepared the way for the battle. Reenactors Pedro Jesus Mora (as archbishop Ximenez de Rada), Israel Corral (as Al-Nasir), Daniel Blasco (as Pedro II of Aragon) and David García (as the maester of the order of Santiago) made us thrill with their words. Battle of the Sunday followed, at 20:00 during an hour and a half. Later, a night parade was preparing, and a the court of the king of Castile, represented by members of Conca, Caballeros del Duero and Lobos Negros gave this reenactment a high sense of historical immersion, receiving in audience the reenactors who wished to live this experience. Night followed with a parade with torches, and after the dinner, 300 plates by Battle Honnours cookery. A theatric named “Juicio de Dios” (the Ordeal) was made by the reenactors in the square of the town, with great satisfaction to the viewers. The theatric was based in the ordeal of the 1453 Talhoffer’s fight fook, between a man and a woman, presiding the king and queen of Castile, and archbishop Rada, and directed by myself. Sunday morning, a second battle was made at 12:00, with less re-enactors, but the same spirit. After lunch, re-enactment groups began to pack and returned home. A bunch of them stayed. Monday morning, institutional acts were planned, with a military parade, medals for the authorities and the symbolic delivery of the city keys to a representative of the spanish royal house. The 800th anniversary of the Battle of Navas de Tolosa ended at 20:00 Monday with a salute to the flag, in memory for the fallen 800 years ago in that glory field.

The Court, Archbishop Rada, King Alfonso, Queen Leonor & Pedro Re-enacting the battle At 20:00 more than 200 re-enactors gathered at the dusty road outside the camp. Banners of the knights Templar, Santiago the moor killer, Castile, Navarra, the Virgin Mary and many others stirred in the air. As in the battle, the march began, with the militias in the advance. The knights of the orders followed behind, and myself, as an early Franciscan friar with them. Then, the Castilian troops, Navarre and aragonese, which came with a great sprit du corps. An American re-enactor named Richard Bradley, who lives in Oporto, started singing in latin, as the troops advanced in a thirty minutes march in the field, dusty, stony, hot field. The time machine started to work.

In the camp, almohad re-enactors, a hundred, started their preparations. Ten Senegalese men, hired by “Battle Honnours”, waited with a smile near the chains forged for the occasion, with spears at their shoulders, watching as the re-enactors simulated a muslim prayer before forming up split in the battle formations like eight hundred years ago. Less numbers, obviously. The battle chants cried for Allah and the glory of Al-Nasir, who watched himself from a chair in the Palenque, with a quran in his hand, and a microphone in the other. He’s going to give the speech to the crowd gathered for the battle, who waits behind a fence. Slowly, the Christian army appears behind a slope, and began to form up. The friar blesses the soldiers with a salm, and they kneel. The almohads shout for battle, and militias begin their advance in a field dotted with thistles. The military orders are the second praying, and Ximenez de Rada himself blesses the Castilian rear, dressed with a gambison and a miter over the chainmail. The archers in the almohad site, with blunt arrows, begin with their volleys over the militias, who raise their shields. Close combat began as the almohads charge, under the sight of the arbiters, who made clear the rules: no thrust movements, just cuts and blunt spear shocks, searching for the enemy shields. This is not bohurt. Surrounded, the arbiters make the sign, and the orders advance, and myself with them. Arrows fall and I have to find cover. I only have a straw hat and a habit of wool as protection. Nobody says “fall back”, they’ll know me. I’m the “pater”, the priest, and I always march with them, giving them water. The sword matches the wooden shield, painted with the red cross. The combat follows. As 800 years before, we are surrounded. I gave the unction to those who fell and pretended to be dead, some of them ask for me to hear their confessions. Then, the rear charges with shouting, and the almohad re-enactors fell back to the palenque. The senegalese re-enactors fight with a smile in their faces. It’s a great day for them too. One by one, the almohad re-enactors hit the ground, and the chain falls. The christian army survivors gathered in the palenque, and Ximenez de Rada jumps in it, making his final speech. I prayed the Te Deum, and re-enactors repeated my phrases. Joaquín Ballesteros, dressed as king Alfonso, make his final words. The words that I already know, because I wrote them. He talks about the victory, the sacrifice, and the brilliant future of a new world before this battle. The public starts in applause when we finally stop talking. A grandma tells to his grandson “look at this. Because of them, Spain is as it is today”. We’ve made history once more. David Nievas Muñoz History M.phil, University of Granada Member of S.A: Unusual Reenactment and Battle Honnours

Competition One

“The Five Months of Torment” by Rodney Matthews 1991 From the record “The Torment” by Seventh Angel. I have a signed copy of this poster as the prize in the first of this month’s two competitions. The poster measures 100cm X 70cm. To win this poster please answer the following question:

Q: When is the Festival in the Shire taking place? (commorating the 75th anniversary of The Hobbit)

Send your answer along with your full postal address to me at the following email address: This competition runs until September 24th 2012 at which time I will pick the winner at random and post the poster to them.

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Competition two

“Caradhras” by Paul Raymond Gregory Caradhras is number one of a series of posters from the original paintings by Paul Raymond Gregory inspired by Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” I have a signed copy of this poster as the prize in the second of this month’s two competitions. The poster measures 90cm X 60cm. To win this poster please answer the following question:

Q: When does Living History Radio aim to go live? Send your answer along with your full postal address to me at the following email address: This competition runs until September 24th 2012 at which time I will pick the winner at random and post the poster to them.

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The Flodden Project

Background and future plans. 2013 is the 500 year anniversary of the battle of Flodden 1513. This took place in Northumberland between the Scots under James IV and the English under the Earl of Surrey (Henry VIII was in France at the time). There has been strong support in Northumberland for the project and the event is being financed by the Ford and Etal Estate. Part of the project is to hold two re-enactment weekends. The first will be on 1st/2nd September 2012 in the village of Etal next to Etal Castle. This is planned to be a taster week end to launch the re-enactment project and to hopefully recruit in the local area. The area the event will be held in is with a huge walled garden, it is secure and right next to the village. There is an area for LH tents and modern camping, the latter being hidden well out of view. Because of the rural area security is not an issue. There is a very good pub (The Black Bull) 200 yards from the site that does good beer and food and a local cafe. The event has the support of the local land owner and village. On the Sunday it will run in parallel to a local well established event. Due to the nature and scale of the site is not planned to have a skirmish of any type but to have a living history week end but with the addition of weapon and tactical displays. The early 16th century was a time of change as far as tactics and armour/weapons were concerned. Fashion was changing but there were still strong influences from the previous century. With this in mind it is likely that a lot of late 15th century arms armour and clothing would have used and worn which means that anyone with late WOTR kit will fit in. That isn’t to say that early 16th century kit isn’t welcome far from it but as this stage we appreciate some people may not want to invest. It is planned to try and be as good as we possibly can and in due course a kit list will be made available which hopefully will include drawings. This will be the ideal so don’t be put off if your kit is more late 15th century than early 16th. There are two possible arena areas one of which is already fenced as it is used for horse riding. So we will be able to do weapon displays. Black powder weapons are OK, but hand gonnes only. If you want to bring a gun please let me know well in advance as I will supply powder.

Traders are also welcome. We plan to use the village hall which is 100 yards from the reenactment area. Here you can sell your products and tell the public how they were made. As this is a modern building you do not have to wear period clothing. Please note we cannot allow you to sleep in the hall but a modern camping area will be available. If you prefer to be outside and provide your own re-enactment style tent we should be able to find you a place. In this case you will be required to wear period clothing and have as little modern kit on site as possible. Traders please contact AnnieDoeberieiner The second event will be in 2013 the location again will be Etal village but on a much bigger site. The plan is to make this as big event as we can. Have a full scale battle, large living history, and with lots of local input. I am running the event on behalf of the project, so if you have any questions let me know. I can be contacted by email or 07974057945 it may also be worth your while registering on the Flodden forum Tod Booth - Flodden Project re-enactment co-ordinator.

Re-Enactment Radio The 1940s UK Radio Station

At The UK 1940s Radio Station our mission has always been to provide a free non subscription service to promote this wonderful music by playing the original recordings and also by supporting the musicians and singers today that all come together to authentically recreate this music for us all to enjoy at concerts and dances. We have had the pleasure of working with many of the finest musicians and singers in the United Kingdom that devote their working lives to keeping this music going against all the odds, and indeed we are so proud to have Tony Jacobs and Bob Kerr who both donate some of their precious time to present shows for us. It is very sad that traditional radio stations tend not to play much of this music nowadays because the demand is not such as to make it financially viable. So it is down to a hand full of stations such as ours to try and keep this music going. No small task but for me knowing that you all appreciate all of our efforts is more than enough encouragement for us to continue to provide this service for as long as we possibly can.

The 1940s UK Radio Station plays music that was around in the 1940s. We have a number of presenters who bring their own style of presenting to the music. Our four main presenters are Shaun Moncaster, Lynda Moncaster, Nia Michael and Bryan Warnet Shaun features music from the 1930s, Lynda presents a show called 40s Favourites but she is also now working on a number of biographies featuring artists such as Artie Shaw and Al Bowlly. Nia is our link to the many re-enactors and living history enthusiasts who listen in. She is a WW2 re-enactor herself and features a more international flavour of the 1940s. Bryan presents the weekly dance music programme. The station started in April 2010 and has built up gradually over that time to be a very popular station with in excess of 5000 unique visits per week from all over the world. We are so pleased to have a very good working relationship with many WWII Re-enactors we feel pleased to of been accepted for our love of the music and we are in a very good position to promote any 1940s events through our living history programme hosted by Nia Michaeland our soon to be produced '1940s Events Round Up Programme' Email details of your events to

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The Living History Radio is operating on an 8 hour playlist, repeated on a weekly basis. We will go live from October and I am currently working on the programming for this. It has a weekly visit rate of just over 100 unique visitors. Living History Radio is a free internet based radio station delivering drama, documentaries and audio text covering historical broadcasts and themes from all over the world. Programme Schedule We operate on an 8 hour cycle from 12 midnight to 8am (GMT) with the second and third 8 hours a repeat of the first, so if you miss the programme on the first airing you have two more chances to hear it. In the meantime we have included a selection of programmes which will give a flavour of the types of programmes we will be presenting. Educational Services We offer an Audio Media in Education programme available to schools, colleges and youth groups. Workshops for Adult and mixed groups are available in a number of writing and acting tutorials. Please follow the link for further information. Advertising Rates Advertising is available both on the station and on the website. The Living History Radio Station is on target for going live on 1st October 2012.

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From time to time a book comes along that is staggeringly good, one that illuminates and informs readers on multiple levels, like Wolf Hall or Cold Mountain. Set in 20th-century Spain, The Sadness of the Samurai paints an unflinching picture of injustice and soulsearing evil, of passion and exquisite beauty. Using multiple viewpoints and two timeframes, Árbol begins his story in pro-Nazi Spain in 1941, where aristocrat Isabel Mola’s political execution sets in motion a sequence of events that swirls forward for three generations, to the late 1970s and early 1980s and to lawyer María Bengoechea, whose greed leads her to prosecute and send to prison César Alcalá, a man she knows in her heart is not guilty as charged—at least, not completely. The character-driven plot wherein Isabel’s son persecutes César’s family – the wrong family – for his mother’s murder for forty years is complex, brutal, and heartbreaking. Evil walks through these pages, propelled by greed, love, and misunderstandings, which in a lesser writer’s hands could easily have gone awry. What seem to be coincidences abound in a story that at the end comes full circle. There are “aha” moments when connections are made. To say that María and Isabel’s stories come together in an almost familial way and that María eventually orchestrates César’s escape from prison and helps him find his kidnapped daughter is not, I think, giving away too much of this literary historical novel. This is award-winning Spanish author Víctor del Árbol’s first novel translated into English, and I can only hope it will not be the last. As one character says, “The past is never forgotten; it’s never wiped clean.” Obviously, Árbol, who is a member of the Catalonian police force, knows whereof he speaks.

For other great reviews visit:

Event Information 27th – 29th Loseley House Battle Display Weekend (NA) Nr Guildford, Surrey 31st – 2nd “Borderland 1474”, Poland. Near the border with Ukraine

September 1st & 2nd Ayscoughfee Hall, Tudor Weekend 1st & 2nd On the Home Front 1939-45, Rufford Abbey Country Park, Notts, UK 1st & 2nd Etal Village Northumberland. Flodden, early 16th century weekend. Contact: Tod Booth Traders: Annie Doebereiner

1st & 2nd Gloucester through the ages, City of Gloucester. Major Roman to WWI 6th – 9th The Asylum 2012, Lincoln, UK. The most splendid steam punk festival in the world. 8th & 9th EMA weekend at Caldicot Castle, wales 15th & 16th The Battle of Mortimer’s Cross, Leominster, Herefordshire, UK 22nd & 23rd Wimpole at War (1940s event), The Wimpole Estate, Cambs, UK 22nd & 23rd Blasts from the Past multi-period show, Broadlands, Romsey, Hampshire 29th The Hundred Years War, A Century of conflict re-evaluated. Tower Of London 27th – 31st Holkham Hall, Haunted Halloween Horror Details: 29th & 30th Sherwood through the Ages multi-period, Sherwood Forest, Nott, UK

October 6th & 7th Hughenden’s Wartime Weekend, Hughenden Manor, Bucks, UK 26th – 28th The International Living History Fair, Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, LE17 5QS

November 9th – 11th The Original Re-Enactors Market, Ryton, Near Coventry, UK 10th & 11th The National Living History Fayre, Onley Grounds Equestrian Centre 24th & 25th Ludlow Castle Medieval Christmas Fair, Ludlow, Shropshire, UK

December 1st & 2nd Holkham Hall, A Victorian Christmas Details: 8th & 9th Holkham Hall, A Victorian Christmas Details: 13th – 16th Peterborough Cathedral, Historical Christmas Market & fayre Details:

Events for 2013 June 15th & 16th Gloucester Medieval Play Festival, UK – August 3rd & 4thThe Midlands Festival of History, UK - August 17th & 18th Scotlands Festival of History, Chatelherault, Scotland

The Re-Enactor Group Listing

Argentina A.R.M.E. (Association Recreacionista Medieval Escandinava) 4th - 13th Centuries Location: Argentina Battle re-enactments and duels, talks on myths, legends, religion, history and art. Email: Website:

Australia 15th Hussars Napoleonic Location: Victoria Regency dinner, dances, battle, skill at arms, mounted drill displays Website: Email:

19th Alabama Re-Enactment Group Western Confederate 1863-65 Location: South East Queensland A campaigner group with regular camp outs and drills. Website: Email:

42nd Royal Highland Regiment (1815) Aus. 1800-1815 Living history and combat displays Website: Email:

“A” Battery, Queensland Permanent Artillery C1896 Drills and public firing displays A variety of weapons are fired during the display. Website: Email:

Ancient Hoplitikon of Melbourne inc. 3rd, 4th & 5th Centuries Location: Melbourne We portray ancient Greek Hoplite/Citizen Soldiers & Roman, Phlanx Drill, Symposiums. Website: Email:

Anderson Zouaves Living history & research American Civil War Research, living history, skirmishes, dinners, music and songs, publications. Website: Email:

Army Group South WWII Location: Brisbane Our core purpose is the historical recreation of the combatants and non-combatants of the 20th Century. Website: x.html Email:

Australian Medieval Guild Inc. Location: Australia combat focused reenactors. Website:

Australian Napoleonic Association (ANA) 1789-1815 Military & Civilian activities Website:

Battery ‘D’ Rowan Artillery C S A 1864 Location: Victoria American civil war re-enactors with two full size 6pdr. cannons Email:

Beechworth Historical Re-Enactment Group Inc. 1852-1885 (Inc. Ned Kelly era) Re-enactments, educational talks, promenade around Historical Beechworth. Email:

Blood & Bourban (Pavia 1525) 1520's specifically 1525 Location: S.E. Queensland & Brisbane, Aus. Landsnechts & Spanish Infantry, Cavalry, Canon and non-combatants Email:

‘C’ Troop 15th King’s Light Dragoons (Hussars) Location:@ Victoria Authentically recreating the sabre skills and horsemanship of this elite cavalry regiment. Email:

Captain Sandham’s Company RA 1815 Location: Victoria British Napoleonic re-enactors with 2 full size 6pdr. cannons Email:

The Colonial Re-Enactment Society Inc Location Melbourne Victoria. We do Re-enactments from 1788, to 1900,s, and Displays etc. Our main Military unit is the 40th Regt of ft (2nd Somersetshire) from their arrival in Victoria 1852 to 1859. Email Website:

Commonwealth History Group Location: Cooma, NSW Historical research Email:

Commemorative History Society Australia WWII, Horse & Musket era Member Royal Australian Historical Society and project member Living History resource group. Website: Email:

Eslite d’ Corps Caboolture, Qld, Australia 1340-1380AD We recreate a noble household of the 14th century, focusing on all aspects of medieval life and culture and bring some of the most well known performers and characters to the recreation of history today. Website: Email:

Historia Germanica 1500-1560 Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Sword training in the style of Renaissance manuals, cannon drill & firing, costume workshops, feasts.

Kingsley Swords Combat School Location: Kingsley. We fight mostly with Shinia & other wooden weapons. Website:

The Companie of Knights Bachelor Location: Queensland The Companie re-creates the era of the 3rd Crusade, the time of Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, of brave knights and beautiful ladies, with the excitement of a medieval tournament, using real weapons and the clothing of the time Email:

Knights Guild of Wessex & Mercia Inc. 1150-1220 Location: Brisbane Arts & crafts, school talks, catering and entertainment for functions. Email:

Knights Order Of Lion Rampant 1385-1415 Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Event: Abbey Medieval Tournament & Festival, Cabooulture, Queensland. (Dark Age – Renaissance) History Alive (Roman – Vietnam War) Website:

Leongatha Medieval Society English Army 1346-1400 Location: Leongatha, Victoria, Australia Combat, armour making, tournaments, educational talks, western martial arts, warbow training and construction + traditional archery Email: Website:

Living History Resource Group Multi-period Location: Sydney Living history encampments, dinners, music, song, public shows and research. Website: http://eighteenthcenturylivinghistory.freeforums.o rg / Email:

Melbourne Ancient Re-enactment Society 1300BCE – 456 CE Location: Melbourne University Mediterranean & European civilizations Website:

New England Colonial Living History Group 1680-1760 Location: Armidale, NSW Historical trekking, experimental archaeology, primitive wilderness survival. Website: http://eighteenthcenturylivinghistory.freeforums.o rg/ Email: Blog:

New Varangian Guard (Rusland garrison) 9th – 13th Centuries (Viking) Members of the Guard attempt to learn about the lifestyle of these peoples by study and reconstruction of the materials and practices of the period. Website: Email:

The North Queensland Historical Re-enactment Society Colonial, Boer War, WW1 and WW2 Website: .html Facebook:!/groups/375631 589121614/ Email: The Pike & Musket Society (The Routiers) October 1642 (Battle of Turnham Green) Location: Blaxland East, NSW, Australia Living History, Drill, Combat. Email:

The Order of The Dragons Realm 900’s-1500’s Location: Tasmania Living history & Combat Website:

Teutonic Order of Prussia C14th & C15th Location: Kandanga, Queensland, Australia Jousting, Foot Combat, Daily life and times reenactment Email:

Uppsala Medieval Society 500 – 1500 Location: Sydney, Australia Combat, various crafts including brewing mead, archery, blacksmithing. Training every weekend. Website: Email:

Society for Creative Anachronism Australia Largest pre 1600s Medieval recreation group in Australia. Branches in all major cities and larger country towns. Experiential historical reenactment. Not a display group Website: Email:

The Wayfarers of Midgard 1st to 15th Centuries Location: Tasmania Historical European Martial Arts and Living History Email:

White Company 100 years war, specifically 1346-1394 Location: Australia Archery, equestrian activities, dance, games, costume, cooking. Website: tml Email;

Belarus Order of Temple Late 13th – early 14th Centuries Location: Minsk, Belarus Re-Enactment of templar & Secular Knights and infantry. Email:

Belgium Braunschweig Gelernte Jäger Kompanie 1809 – 1815 The 2 company of the "hunters - riflemen" of the avantguard of the Brunswick's army. They were German but they were fighting under British orders until 1809 in Spain Email:

The Company of the Morning star C15th Location: Belgium Combatants, archery, making hypocras, calligraphy and costume making. Website:

The Company of The Turnip C15th Location: Koekelare, West Flanders. Living history, plays, horsemanship, archery and pikemen Website:; Email:

The Griffin Medieval Society C15th Location: Belgium mercenaries, hypocras wine, chainmail manufacturing, medieval knitwear, falconry Email:

De Liede der Laeckvaleye 13th,14th & 15th century Location: Belgium Medieval re-enactment with emphasis on authenticity, to gain a better understanding of medieval life! Website: Email:

Lubbeekse Legervrienden WWII Location: Drogenhof 57, 3210 Lubbeek, Belgium WWII Re-Enactment group and Historical Cars. Email:

Milites Templi Early 12th century – 1307 Location: Belgium (Ghent) Swordsmanship demos, camp life, shows for children, marching with Latin commands. Email: Website:

Ulfelagar 9th – 10th Centuries Location: Arlon Wool and textile craft demonstrations, warfare explanations & demonstrations. Website: Email:

Vzw Het Gruuthuse Huishouden C15th Location: Belgium Reconstruction of the Bourtgundian life and the household of Lord Louis of Bruges. Website: Email:

Bulgaria Chigot 12th – 15th Century Location: Varnia, Bulgaria We recreate the period of the second Bulgarian tzardom and Balkan history. We produce arms, armour, clothes and accessories. Email:

Modvs Vivendi 12th & 13th Centuries Location: Sofia & Varna Experimental archaeology and living history society. Email: Website:

Brazil Histotiarte A Non-Profit making organisation Website: Email:



Gnivil Medieval History Group Viking to Renaissance age. Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada We perform and teach medieval crafts from metal work to costume making. + lots more besides. Box 33, site 9 RR2 Tofield, Alberta, T0B 4J0, 780-710-0396

Knights of the Northern Realm C14th (Richard III) Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Study of authentic medieval combat, armour & history. Host annual C14th Tournament & 2 medieval festivals. Email: Website:

Montjoie C1471 Location: Quebec Province French Free Archer of 1471, civilian & military re-enactment Website: Email:

Scallagrims Medieval Martial Arts Ce Location: Toronto, Ontario Kievan Rus (Russia) XII-XIII century, Vikings IX-XI Full-Contact Live Steel Martial Arts, Living History and Costume, Fire-play Website: Email:

Varulfr Vinland Viking 1000 & earlier Location: Quebec City, Canada Email:

Croatia Order of The Silver Dragon Early 13th – late 15th Centuries Location: Zagreb, Croatia Promoting chivalry, culture, customs & world fantasy. School of medieval fighting, chainmail making, costume making. The Grifon Magazine Website: Email:

Czech Republic Karlovci 1315-1380 Jan Lucemburky (John of Luxembourg) & his son Karel IV (Charles IV) Website:

Pani z Landstejna (Lords of Landsteyn) 1290-1330 Living History & Combat Website:

Societas Draconistararum 1408-1437 Members all over the EU To re-enact medieval life Website: Email: Email:

SSHŠ ČESKÁ KOROUHEV. o.s Czech association of fencing & theatre group Near Prague Email: Website:

VIRTUS VINCIT Zlín, Czech Republic Historical fencing, dancing and fire Art and production agency Website: Email:

Denmark Causae et curae 1350-1400 Location: Denmark Knowledge on medieval medicine, handmade soaps and herbal remedies. Hand sewn medieval costumes. Website:

Gordons Route 1340-1370 Location: Fredericia, Denmark. Living history, combat & fire shows. Email:

Legio VI Victrix Cohors II Cimbria 0-300AD Location: Denmark Telling the story of Scandanavian-roman relations Legionaires, auxilias & Roman artillery + civilian group with Roman Taverna. Website: Email:

England 2nd (Queens Royal) Regiment of Foot 1809 Location: Surrey Re-creating the life of a British regiment of line infantry during the Napoleonic wars Website: Email:

2/Pz.Aufkl.Abt.Grossdeutchland (GD Recon) Location: UK WWII Accurate portrayal of the rifle men in a motorised reconnaissance unit within the elite ‘Grossdeutschland’ Division that mainly saw active service on the Russian front during World War II. Website: Email:

4and 20 Blackbirds We are historic cooking specialists and work from 15th century through Edwardian. Website: www. Email:

17th Century Life & Times C17th Location: Middlesex Life and times of the 17th Centuries Website: Email:

21st Panzer Division Living History Group WW2 Living History/Battle Re-enactments/ Film Work etc - We have a range of historic military vehicles Website: Email:

29th Field Kitchen Crimean to WWII & beyond Cooking in an authentic style, period recipes. Website: Email:

43rd Monmouthshire Light Infantry 1803-1815 Location: London Napoleonic British Light Infantry Email: Website:

Col. Richard Bagot’s regiment of the SK 17th Century Civil War Re-Enactment Website: Email:

Also: York Rangers (1793-1797) Age of Chivalry Specializes in the re-creation of full contact Tournament Fighting and Dance of the Fourteenth Century during the time of Edward, The Black Prince. Email:

Your group Listed here

Armet Early 16th century based around the Flodden (1513) period re-enactors, portraying civilian and military life at the time of James IV of Scotland and the Young King Henry VIII. Email: Website: Berghestede Archers C14th – C16th Location: West Sussex Also “The Circle of Friends”, WWII Website:

The Border Levy 15th Century Location: Hereford, UK Combat, archery & living history & various crafts inc. maille making, bow making and fletching. Email: Website:

Ladies of the Bower & Lords of the Tower C15th Location: Kent We seek to represent the English nobility of the Neville / Plantagenet household through our Living History encampment Website: Email:

The British Plate Armour Society (BPAS) 14th & 15th Centuries Location: Members all over UK Combat, archery, living history, film & TV work Website:

The Clarence Household 15th Century Location: Huddersfield, UK Combatants, archery & Living history Website:

Colchester Waits Dark age to modern Location: Colchester Popular music from the dark ages to the age of enlightenment Website: Email: Company of Chivalry 14th Century Location: Bristol, UK Knights, soldiers & peasantry in period costume displaying arms, armour and other artifacts. Website:

Companie of Canterbury 1455-1485 (Wars of the Roses) Location: East Kent, UK We attend events all over the UK Website: Email: The Company of St. Joseph C15th Location: S.E England, UK Combatants, archery, high quality living history. Email: Events:

Companie of the Silver Arrow C15th Century Location: Hemel Hempstead Living History, Archery, Combat, Barber Surgeon, medieval games Website: Email:

Crusade 1066-1216 Location: UK - Midlands in particular A society of several groups, we focus on the crusades and contemporary cultures of all faiths. Perform combat and living history. Extra support available for student groups wishing to join. Website: Email:

Dawn of Chivalry C13th – C15th Location: Hartlepool, N.E England Combat, Displays, Social Activities Email: Website:

Deeds of Arms 2nd Century AD Location: Hampshire, UK Historical players specialising in Gladiatorial Combat, Stage Combat & fait d’armes of the 1360’s;

Devon Medieval Alliance 1450-1500 Location: Bideford, Devon, UK Tournaments, attending multi society events all over the UK. Email: Website:

The Dogs of War 13th -15th Century Location: Nottingham, UK Resident group at Nottingham Castle, living history and combat displays. Website: Email:

Domus Lunaris Wars of the Roses Location: Sutton, Surrey, UK Group of medieval mercenaries comprising of swordsmen & women inc. massage therapists & healers. Email:

Ealdfaeder 7th – 11th Centuries Location: East Anglia, UK Anglo Saxon and Viking re-enactment and living history Email: Website:

The Ermine Street Guard Roman Army 1st Century AD Location: Gloucester, UK Displays of Roman army, armour, battle tactics, visits and talks to schools, liaison with universities, museums and archaeological groups Email: Website:

Escafeld Medieval Society 1250 – 1300 Location: Sheffield, UK We re-enact a 13th Century Tournament, living history and archery Email: Website:

The Fairfax Battalia 1360 – 1650 Location: Members all over UK High quality military and civilian re-enactment Part of the English Civil War Society Email: Website:

Fellowship of the Ox Dark ages-Renaissance Location: Oxfordshire, UK Performances, demonstrations and lectures for fetes, events (public & corporate) parties and for interested groups as guest speaker. Website:

The Ferrers Household 15th Century (Wars of the Roses) Location: members across the UK Combatants, archery & Living history, blacksmith, carpenter Website: is currently under review

Fox Commando Royal Navy WWII Royal Navy Commando's, one of the best kept secrets of WW2. A living history group part of the larger Northern World War 2 Association. as a unit we do living history displays and take part in battle re-enactments. Website: Email:

Gosport Living History Society 1642 Location: Gosport, Hampshire, UK Group recreates life at start of Civil War using its range of timber frame and cob buildings. Email: Website:

Heraireia Palatiou (Palace Company) C900 – C1204 Location: North of England Living history presenting aspects of life in and around the court of Constantinople. Military drill, training and combat. Court Ceremonies. Website: Email:

The Historical Harpist (Sarah Deere-Jones) Classically trained professional harpist who performs on authentic and/or reproduction instruments and in costume for concerts, lectures, historic events, schools and TV. Concerts include other instruments, readings, stories and dancing, historical CDs, sheet music and harp tuition also available. Website: Email:

History re-enactment workshop 16th & 17th Century England Location: All over England 1st person interpretation for 16th & 17th century social & domestic history. Website :

Hood’s Texas Brigade 1861-1865 Location: UK We represent John Hood’s famed Texas Briagde Website: Email:

Hospitallers of England & Ireland 1095 - 1300 CE (1st 3 Crusdaes) We have full living history with a selection of rare and genuine artifacts, combat displays, and give talks and lectures on the history of the order and the crusader periods. Website: Email:

The Kedleston Re-enactment Group C15th Location: Derby & East Midlands Presenting an authentic portrayal of the lives of the C15th. Email: Website:

Knights in Battle Medieval Society 15th Century Battle re-enactment Location: Sheffield, UK Living History, Combat, authentic cooking, indoor training sessions and social gatherings Email: Website:

Knights of Honour Cambridge C14th Re-enactment group

The Knights Hospitallers of the North Location: Manchester Living history, sword displays, weaponry talks, armour talks Email:

Knights of Skirbeck 1381-1485 (notably reign of Henry IV) Location: UK Living history, crafts & combat. Email: Website:

Knights of Royal England 13th – 16th Centuries Location: Based in Kent, UK Spectacular Jousting and Mediaeval entertainment. Email: Website:

Lacewars C18th Specifically 1745/46 Jacobite rebellion Location: UK We portray both Government and Jacobite. Military & civilian Website:

Lancashire Hussars 'D' troop period 1900 - 1918 To recreate a First world war cavalry troop of yeomanry hussars, to research the background, To put on displays of camp life and where funding allows riding skills and parades. Email:

Legio Secunda Augusta Mid 1st to Early 2nd Centuries Location: Members all over the UK Roman military and Civilian life Email: Website:

The Lion Rampant Medieval Location: South Buckinghamshire, UK Singing, fighting, juggling, music, dance & story. Educational shows in a light hearted fun manner. Website:

The Lichfield Garrison The English Civil War garrison of Lichfield Website: Email:

The Lincolnshire Victorians 1795-1901 All things Victorian! Website: Email: The Marquess of Winchester Regiment English Civil War- C17th Location: UK Living history and combat Website: Email: membership: Regimental contact:

The Marcher Freemen 13th – 15th Centuries Location: UK Living History and Skirmish re-enactments. Website: Email:

The Medieval Combat Society C14th Location: Southern England, UK Combat, archery, and dance. Entertaining shows to educate whilst having fun! Website:

Medieval Siege Society C14th & C15th Location: UK Siege equipment, combat, archery, living history, gunnery, historic crafts, trading and more. Website:

A Merrie Noyse Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire Period music and dance covering medieval to English Civil war periods. Also themed activity days for schools from Egyptian-Victorian times. Perform for museums, historic houses, weddings, banquets, handfastings and corporate events. Website: Email:

Les Miles des Marches 1066-1403 Location: Shropshire Living history encampment, knights on horseback, archery and combat. Website:

Norwich & Norfolk Medieval Association. (N.A.N.M.A) We cover the Reign of Edward 3rd (1312 - 1377) with three different styles of Living History displays. Email:

Norfolk Trained Bands English Civil War 1639-1660 Location: UK Civil War Re-Enactment Society Email: Website:

Normannis 1135-1215 Location: All over UK Combat & Craft displays as well as historical set pieces Website:

Northampton Pagans A place for Pagans in Northamptonshire Website: Email:

The Northern Men at Arms Society Wars of The Roses Location: UK Full living history, have a go archery, combat Email:

The Great Northwood Company C14th Location: Croydon, Surrey Living history, combat, archery, dance & mummers plays Website: Email:

The Order of Rye Longbowmen Medieval Location: East Sussex Archery Email:

Oskorei Viking-Norman Location: Bristol, UK Full living history from warriors to craft and village life. Website:

Paladins of Chivalry 1360-1415 & 1460-1480 Location: London, UK Civilian & Military life within a noble household. Music, dance, archery, combat. Email: Website:

Passamezzo 1450-1700 Location: UK Music, Theatre and spectacle for all occasions Website: Or:

Pirates & warriors Dark Age, Medieval & Pirate Location: Basingstoke We train at Oakridge Methodist Church every Wednesday evening, 7.30pm to 10.30pm Website: Email:

Plantagenet Medieval Society Medieval Living history, combat, archery Website:

Must be over 18 years of age!

Plymouth Medieval Society 1370-1450 Location: Plymouth, Devon, UK Combat tournament with characters from the hundred year’s war in full armour, medieval court dancing. Email:

The Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment. Guildford, Surrey Victorian Period We portray both the regular and volunteer battalions of one of the UK's oldest infantry regiments, and are one of the few groups who portray the rifle volunteers. We can recreate a training camp or provide a military escort or display, performing period drill and camp life at events across the country. Also, currently looking for recruits! Website:

Quills and Bow 1066-1508 Location: UK A small group of Monks and Nuns on pilgrimage offering medical support in the form of a surgeon and an apothecary. Website: Email:

Red Army of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 We represent the 2nd Guards Rifle Division, the largest Red Army re-enactment group in Europe. Website: Email:

Re-enacting Ancient Times Society (RATS) Location: Cambridgeshire and the surrounding counties. Knights of St John Re-enactment 12th/13th Century Hospitallers and Pilgrims Bjarndi Broedr - Dark Ages to Norman invasion De Vere Household - Post Norman invasion to 13th Century Email: Website:

The Red Wyvern Society C15th Location: Cumbria, UK Historical re-enactment society recreating as many aspects of life during the Middle Ages. Email: Website:

Renaissance Footnotes Tudor (1450-1650) We specialise in portraying the domestic pastimes of the period – particularly the music and dance Email: Website: http:///

Romanorum Roman multi-period cavalry with infantry and living history. Website: tours/ Email: Website:

Rose & Thistle (RaT) 1745 Jacobites/John Roy Stewarts Regt. Highwaymen, Thief takers and civilians. Living History, skirmishes and story telling. Website: Email:

The Royal Ulster Rifles Location: East Anglia Period Covered: North West Europe 1944-1945 The group was created in 2004 as a way of promoting all who served in Irish Regiments during World War Two, and in particular the Royal Ulster Rifles. Website: Email:

Runelore Vikings Viking Location: Launceston, Kernow.UK Combat & Living History Email:

Sir John Savile’s Household Mid to late C15th Location: Based in South Yorkshire Portraying daily life and times of a modest 15th Century Yorkist household. Combat, archery, living history. Website: Email:

Soldier Blue RAF Regiment LHG. WWII and Post war Location: UK, US & Germany We attend forties L/H & Re-Enactment events and veteran association events all over the country. Website:

The Suffolk Free Company C15th Location: Suffolk Living History & Combat Email: Website:

Swords of Chivalry C14th Location: Essex/Hertforshire Medieval entertainment and re-enactment group Website: Email:

Team Falchion C14th & C15th Location: Nottingham/Derby, UK Living history & sword fighting demonstrations. Website:

Your group Listed here

The Tudors of Temple Newsam Location: Leeds, Yorkshire 1500 acre site with Tudor/Jacobean Mansion, stable courtyard & C17th Farm. Email: Tele: (0113) 3367559

The Tommy Atkins Historical Society 1944-45 Location: UK The 5th Platoon, B company, 1st Battalion of the Leicestershire Regiment in the 49th West Riding Division. Email: Website:

Vicus Roman, Iron Age, Romano British, Gladiators, Living History Website:

The Vikings of Middle England 789-1080 Location: Leicester, UK Combat, SPFX, living history Email: Website:

Wryngwyrm Dark Ages Location: Bedfordshire, UK Living history & combat. Website:

Wyldes Noyse Dark Ages to Age of Enlightenment Location: East Anglia Popular music through the ages Website: Email:

Ya Raqs Roman to medieval Location: Chester Dance Group Website:;yaraqs.blogsp Email:

France Al Cantara The Middle Ages Location: Paris At the crossroads of Celtic & Arabo-Andalousian music, street shows, historical faires. Website: / Email:

Les Compagnons d’Araluna asbl 1353-1383, Duchy of Luxembourg Location: Arlon Craft demonstrayions, warfare demonstrations, maille making, civilian & religious life Website: Email:

Company La Courbiere Location: Burgundy The 30 Years War Focused primarily on the 30 Years War Website: Email: La Gerboreene C1435 Location: Gerberoy, Picardy, France. We re-enact the Battle of Gerberoy (d1Arundel) which took place May 9th 1435 at Gerberoy. Email: Website:

Histoirenscene C13th – C16th Location: South of France French historical evocation sword fighting Website: L’Ost du Dauphin 15th Century Location: Vienne (Isere), France We specialise in the artillery of the C15th, with 6 pieces of ordinance, accessories and living history camp. Website: Email:

Les Portes de l’histoire 350BC – 100BC Location: Bourgoin Jallieu Our company presents Celtic period with a War Chariot. Website: Email:

Germany Bergische Lehnsritter e.V. C13th Location: North-Rhine Westphalia/Germany We reenact knights, archers, sword fighters & countrymen while doing complete tournaments and camps. Email: Website:

ArGe Sanquis Georgii C15th Location: Bavaria We reenact merchants & pilgrims and the household on a ministerial castle. Email: Website:

Greece Koryvantes 12th- 3rd Centuries BC Re-enacting Greek Warfare Website:

Medieval Rose Association 14th-16th Centuries Location: Rhodes Island We organise the Medieval Rose Festival and the Castle Fayres Website: Email:

Ritter Hellas 1100-1350 Location: Athens Re-enactment of Crusader Orders, combat, parades and seminars Email: Website:

Hungary Haiducks of Bethlen Gรกbor Our aim is namely to do research into the social history of the age of the Turkish occupation of Hungary (16-17th century), to revive its peculiar battle processes and to represent the authentic weaponry, clothing, manners, music, dance and literature of the era Email: Website:

Indonesia Nusantara Indonesia , Malaysia , Philippines , Brunei & Singapore Islamization of Indonesia (13.Cent. The Focus of the Group is the Culture of Nusantara and it's Struggle for Independence

Ireland An Braden Ban (The White Salmon) 10th - 16th Centuries Location: Dublin Ireland Training every Sunday for all members using a variety of weapons in a combative & martial way. Email:

Bran Dubh Location: Kilkenny, Limerick, Cork and Tipperary 13th/14th Century combat and living history displays but some of our number also do Celt and Viking Website: Email:

Faol Lia Historical Re-Enactment Society Neolithic – WWI Location: Carrick On Shannon, Co. Leitrim Design, school work, film work, armourer, historical advisors. Website:

Fingal Living History Society Location: Dublin Historical recreation society dedicated to portraying medieval and viking life and times in an accurate, informative and entertaining manner. Website: Email:

Gael agus Gall Irish Living History during the Viking Age Location: Leixlip, Co. Kildare, Ireland Demos and displays of crafts, food, weapons of the Viking age at Public shows & Museums Email: Website:

The Roman Military Society of Ireland (Legio XX Valeria Victrix and Celtic Numerius) Portraying the Roman Army in the first century A.D. We portray all aspects of military life including the Legionaries, Auxiliaries, Allies of Rome and even the civilians who were part of the Army and its entourage. Also full contact Gladiatorial and Legionary Combat and Roman Artillery Email: website:

The Toccoa Breed We portray the 101st airborne, the German paras, the German army and a unit of the SS that fought in Holland. Website: Email:

Italy Cavalieri di Ranaan 1000-1600 Location: Milano, Italy Combatants, Medieval Pavilion, Medieval animation. Email:

Compagnia d’Arme Sancto Eramo Medieval Location: Rome, Italy Medieval events, duels, music, merchants and jousting. Website: Email:

Compagnia dell’Aquila Bianca 1370-1430 Location: Florence-Naples Combat, living history, full contact tournaments Website: Email:

Compagnia della Morte Medieval Location: Milano Combat, living history, full contact tournaments Website:

Compagnia della Torlonga 1380 and 1420 Location: Padova in Italy Living History, combat and archery Website: Email:

Confraternita del Cervo C12th & 13th Location: Bomo, Italy Combat, Living History & Crafts Email:

Corpo di Guardia di Gradara Medieva Location: Gradara Living history & Combat Website:

Equites Aurati Medieval Location: Brescia, Italy Combat and living history Website: Email:

Fanti di Spade Location: Sarzana 1280-1310 a group of genovese infantrymen and knights from all over Europe, we make fighting and living in medieval Italy Website: Email:

Gilda del Loto Nero 1200-1400 + banqueting for all periods. Location: Bologna, Italy Living History, Musicians, banquets, production of Roman & medieval wines & liquors. Email: Website:

Gli Sparvieri 1370 - 1420 Location: Bagnara di Romagna Combat, Living History, Banquets Website: Email:

Order of St Michael C10th – C14th Location: Italy Group historical medieval Website: Email:

Pisa Ghibellina 1260 – 1325 Location: Pisa Montaperti’s Battle & Altopascio’s Battle Living history, combat, school talks. Website: Email:

Sbandiertori e musici della signoria di Firenze 1469 – 1492 Location: Florence, Italy Traditional flag throwing accompanied by drums and chiarine playing. Sword fighting Website: Email :

Scaligeri 1265 – 1387 Location: Verona, Italy Cultural assoc. of research, teaching in primary schools and medieval events Website: Email:

Luxemborg Lucilinburhuc 8th – 16th Century Location: Luxembourg We practise historical European martial arts (I.33, German & Italian school, Wallerstein, ekuchner) Email: Website:

Lucilinburhuc 250 B.C. – 1600 AD We practice historical European martial arts I.33, German & Italian school, Wallerstein, Lekuchner, and many more Websites Re-enactment: HEMA:

Mexico ARDEMAC Asociación Recreacionista de la Edad Media alianza de Cavalleros Location: México CIty XIII century Sword foght, Archery, medieval cooking, camps, music, clothing, educational presentations in colleges, museums, and festivals. Website: Email:

Mester de Juglaría Location: México city XI to XV century Music Website: Email:

Netherlands Compagnie van Brederode 1480-1490 (dutch mercenaries) Living History, Combat Website:

Compagnie van Cranenburgh 1360-1380 Living history, infotainment, combat Website:

Clan Macbran 1745/1746 Jacobite Civilian We portray daily civilian life from the 18th Century Scottish Highlands & weapon demos Website: Email:

Muninn & Huginn Viking Living History Group Living History, Crafts, Daily live Website:

Pagus Viriditas 950 AD to 1500 AD Location: Enschede, Netherlands Living History, museums, school visits Email: Website:

Pax Romana Roman military, civilians and gladiators (1st and 4th century AD) Living History, museums, school visits E-mail: Website:

Tungrii Late Roman & Viking Civilian Life in these periods Website: Email:

New Zealand Anglosaxon Medieval Guild Viking – Tudor periods Location: Cambridge, New Zealand Also The Medieval Marauders Email:

La Licorne Blanc (Sth Burnett Medieval Society) 1100-1563 (notably The Black Prince) Location: Murgon South Burnett & Toowoomba Various workshops held monthly covering heraldry, costume, cooking, music & dance + Email: Website: 937494

Second Legion Augusta (NZ) 1st & 2nd Centuries Location: Auckland, New Zealand Legionaires, Auxiliaries & Artisans. Combat, sword and armour making + roman legion equipment. Website:

The Northern Horde of Tauranga Medieva Location: The Bay of Plenty The National Association of Antigue & Medieval Arts are hosting the event. Website:

The Wellington Medieval Guild 750-1600AD Location: Wellington, New Zealand Music, dance, singing, embroidery, costuming, plays and combat. Website:

Norway 7th Texas 1808AD Location: Oslo, Norway The group lets people join in re-enacting the military activities of the period

Det Sondenfjeldske Frivillige Musketeercorps 1861-5 Location: Oslo, Norway The group lets people join in re-enacting the military activities of the periods

Kongshirden 1260 Location: Bergen, Norway Primary focus on re-enactment fighting and live steel combat. Email: Website:

Ladehirden 7th – 11th Centuries Location: Trondheim Viking re-enactment and stage fighting Email: Website: 3859296

Legio XV, 108AD Location: Oslo, Norway The group lets people join in re-enacting the military activities of the periods, and the legion also helps you to make your own equipment. Website:

Nordenfieldske Grenader Compagnie 1808 Danish/Norwegian Line Infantry Location: Trondheim, Norway Infantry Email: Website:

Ordo Ignis 1300-1400 Location: Trondheim, Norway Knights on Horseback, foot combatants, archery. Email: Website:

Tordenskiolds Soldater Stavern Location: Norway Early 1700’s land/naval re-enactors Website:

Poland Nordulf C8th – C12th Location: Poland Migration period and Viking age jewellery, clothing, belts, baldrics, pouches, knives, and seaxes. Email: Website:

Portugal Guildas Aureas-Associacao de Recriacao Hisorica The Middle Ages Location: Portugal Re-Enacting crafts that existed as Guilds in The Middle Ages. Email: Website:

Romania Gladius Dei Sibiu Living history & Combat Website:

The Order of the Knights of Burzenland 14th C Brasov Living history & Combat Website:

The Order of the Knights of Hunedoara 13th-14th C Hunedoara Living history & Combat Website:

The Order of the Knights of Medias 12th-14th C Medias Living history & combat Website:

Paladins of Terra Medies C9th – C13th Location: Medias Living History & Combat Email:

The Silver Hawks 10th C Oradea Combat Website:

The Transylvanian Dragons 15th C Cluj-Napoca Combat, living history and medieval crafts Website:

Russia Union of St Olaf C14th Location: Russia Reconstruction of the Swedish crusaders in Finland, 1320-1370 Diocese Abo 283916

Scotland 94th Regiment of Foot (Scots Brigade) Napoleonic 1812-1815 Location: Ayrshire Accurate portrayal of Grenadiers, Drill, Musketry, Living History encampments Website: Email:

Celtic Britain 1300bc Location: West Coast of Scotland Website:

Fire & Sword Medieval-16th Century Location: Kilmarnock Living history and combat Website: Email:

Gaita Medieval Music Musical performance and publishing Website: Email:

Gordon Highlanders 1914-1918 WWI Re-enactment, drills, static displays. Website: Email:

Knights of Monymusk Vikings-Scottish War of Independence Location: Arbroath Combat, have a go archery, living history Website: Email:

Marr agus Fibh (member of Regia Anglorum) 850-1100 Location: Aberdeenshire & Fife, Scotland, UK Combat, living history. Email: Website:

Mythos Historic Events Medieval & Jacobite Location: Aberdeen, Scotland We provide banquets for corporate and wedding functions Website: Email:

Schiltron 1300-1500 (also Jacobite) Location: Aberdeen, Scotland The group stages and participates in historic events. Regular practise sessions. Website: Email:

The Sell Swords Dark age to C15th Location: Ayrshire Combat, mercenary, fight for who pays most Email: Website:

Verias Vincit Jacobite Rebellion 1715 Location: Ayrshire, Scotland We give dramatic combat displays as well as indepth living history performances Email: Website:

Spain Asociación Compañía Bellomonte 1450-1490 (C15th) Location: Belmonte (Cuenca) Association for Spanish Medieval Reenactment. Website: d=100002084082512 Email:

Asociacion Historico-Cultural Aliger Ferrum C13th Location: Valencia Combat & Living History Website: Email:

Caballeros del duero C12th & C13th We recreate ladies and knights of the Castilian court and civilian craft characters Website: Email:

Company Almogávares de Almansa Location: Almansa Centuries XI-XII-XIII Group of recreation almogávar, mercenary soldiers of the Crown of Aragon. Activities, Camps and life of camp, launch of azcona (short lance), throw with sling, workshop of leather, medieval fencing, group of flageolet and percussion, participation in battles and skirmishes... Website: Email:

Grupo de Recreación Histórica Signum Phoenix 1050-1490 (C11th-C15th) Location: Madrid. Group of medieval studies through living history. Website: Email:

Ludud Gladiatorum Vulcanum Roman Empire to 12th-15th Centuries Location: Madrid, Spain Gladiator’s combat exhibition, various workshops for children Website: Email:

MAGERIT C8th - C17th Location: Madrid (Spain) Combat, craft & Living History Website: Email:

Sweden Albrecht's Boesser 1364-1389 Location: Sweden Specialised in, and with particular focus on, early handgun’s manuscript fighting, battlefield fighting and medieval crafts; dyeing, weaving, blacksmithing, carpentry, leather crafts Email: Website:

Carnis 1364-1412 Location: Sweden Infantry warcamp under the banner of Margrethe 1st of Denmark. Enemy of Albrecht of Mechleenburg & his hand gunners. Website:

Gustav II Adolfs fotfanika Early 17th Century, specifically reign of Gustav II Adolf 1611-1632 Location: Goteborg, Sweden Honour guard, wedding guard, musket salutes, canon salute, city watch show, pike, musket & artillery drills. Troop & military camp. Website:

Jacobs Ledung 1250-1325 Location: Goteborg, Sweden Representing the common person of the periodfarmers and craftspeople. Dyeing, weaving, sewing, bone carving & cooking. Email:

Switzerland Companie of St George Late 15th Century Living history display of a small Burgundian garrison with a few guns. Website: Email:

VCRV The Swiss Assoc. of living history Roman Early Imperial A collaboration of various groups Website: Email:

Turkey Turkish Re-Enactors Location: Istanbul Focused on World War II Wermacht & WaffenSS and also were going to focus on World War I Turkish Army in Gallipoli. Email:

Les Pieds Gauches C15th Location: Switzerland Dance and music, offering courses as well as dancing with the public Website: Email:

USA 5th Texas Field Artillery American Civil War Location: Colorado The only American Civil War re-enactment in Colorado open to the public. The unit has one 3 inch Ordanance Gun. Contact:

71st Penn.Vol.Inf. Company B American civil war Based out of Southern CA & Northern NV We portray a mid to late war unit during winter quarters. Includes Civilian Corp. Website: Email:

The American Civil War Assoc. Northern California Website: Email:

American Civil War Society, Inc. Southern California Largest and safest civil war re-enactment group in southern California. Website:

Comstock Civil War Re-Enactors Northern Nevada Living history and combat Website:

The FTMS Period Covered: 1400-1600AD Location: New Bedford, MA Historically accurate pirates, fencing, presentations to schools, youth programs and libraries Website:

The Grellon Renaissance Guild 15th Location: Ventura, California, USA Archery/Forestry Guild Website:

Hawaii Historic Arms Assoc. Hawaii We exist for the perpetuation of firearms, accoutrements and edged weapons as living history. Website:

Highland warriors-Kingdom of the Gael 1560's Scottish Highlands Location: Fremont, California, USA Living History, sword theatre, weapons and clothing history & demonstrations. Email: Website:

St Ita's of Cill Ide (pronounced kill eeedie) 1564 Location: California, USA A participation guild focusing on the everyday lives of noble women. Sewing, carding wool, spinning, leather working. Website: Website

Knights of The Northern Realm Location: California Authentic medieval combat in historical armour Website:

Micel Folcland (Branch of Regia Anglorum) 950 – 1066 Location: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana Focusing on the Danelaw in the early C11th. Accurate re-enactment of everyday life. Website: Email: The National Civil War Assoc. Mid California Dedicated to the education of the public about the people and events of the civil war. Website:

New Mexico Civil War Commemorative Congress

New Mexico The mission of the NMCWCC is to provide a forum for the communication of ideas and events between member units. Website:

The Neville Companye 1377-1485 Location: Maine & New Hampshire, USA Living history, crafts, archery, educational outreach programs for local schools and organizations. Website:

The Seattle Knights/ Pirates of Puget Sound 1100/ 1740 Location: Seattle, USA professional theatrical combat and equestrian performance troupe Email: Website: http://

Southern Nevada Living History Assoc. Nevada Living history & historic re-enactment Website: Email:

South West Civil War Assoc. American Civil War Arizona Arizona’s largest and most active civil war reenacting organisation. Website: Email:

TherionArms Location: Austin, Texas Historical swords, weapons, armor, and world antiques Website:

Time-Line Enterprises C18th – Today Location: Greensburg, PA Public shows, School events, Research Time-Line Enterprises, PO Box 304, Greensburg, PA, 15601, USA Website:!/pages/Time-LineEnterprises/134151009953852

Utah Civil War Association American Civil War We participate in battle and encampment reenactments, balls, living history activities and parades. Website: Email:

Veritas Swordplay Academy Location: Moses Lake, Washington, USA Veritas Swordplay Academy offers instruction in the German medieval martial arts of Master Johannes Liechtenauer Website: Email:

Viking invasion Viking period Location: San Antonio, USA Combat using Jomsviking system. Website:

The Vikings of Vinholm Viking Period Location: Maine, USA Live Steel Viking re-enactment Website:

Westmearc Viking & C11th Anglo Scandinavian culture. Location: Oregon & Washington, USA Military & civilian re-enactment, living history Email: Website:

HQ Wuffingas Historical Re=Enactment Club Medieval Tournaments Location: Cambridge City IN 47327 Living history, tournaments, training sessions. Website: 7421960024

Wales Ardudwy Knights (Marchogion Ardudmy) 1230-1340 (+ Owain Glyndwr) Location: North Wales Fighting, archery, falconry, games and many housekeeping arts! Website: Email:

Cosmeston Manor Archers C1346 Location: Cosmeston medieval village, Cardiff, UK Archers encampment, archery demonstrations

The Freemen of Gwent 14th Century & up to 1415 Location: Members all over UK Combat, archery living history, crafts and trades email: Website:

Sir Henry Vaughan’s Company 1639-1660 (Sealed Knot Co) Location: South & West Wales Living history, pike & Musket Website: Email

Marcher Stuarts 17th English Civil War Living History and military group displays Website: Email:

The Montgomery Levy 12th – 15th Centuries Location: Mid Wales, UK Full living history, combat, archery, field kitchen, medieval baggage cart & traders display “levied foot soldiers” Email:

The Re-Enactor Traders List

Australia Asa & Contarina’s Small Luxuries Location: Australia We specialize in historically accurate clothing and accessories. Website: Email:

Corps Sutler I Supply Roman, 17th century, Napoleonic and ACW clothing and equipment. Special items made to order. Website: Email:

Dark Ages Emporium Dark Woods Forge Location: Tasmania Location: Australia We sell medieval reproduction goods such as Bladesmith and Jeweller weapons, armour & Jewellery (LARP gear too) Website: Website: Email: Email: Dragons Realm Location: Australia All things medieval, mythological, magical, wicca, gothic and the macabre. Website:

Eco Drums Location: Australia We make drums from all eras, including turned medieval tabor style. Website: Email:

Errant Knight Location: Queensland, Australia Maker of Daggers, alloy warhammers & maces, bronze maces, C14th Pewter belts, jewellery & armour. 74956&ref=nf Email:

The Gilded Needle Medieval & Fantasy Location: Brisbane, Australia Commissions for medieval & fantasy clothing. Sewing kits and medieval style dolls. Email:

Historic Armouries Supplying quality munitions armour to the re-enactor community. Web Site: Contact:

To The Kings Wardrobe With over 20 years of experience and passion, we design and create bespoke historical garments of high quality and accuracy that feel wonderful to wear. Working in accurate natural fibres from leather to silk and linen, we reproduce the fashions of Western Europe from the Early Middle ages to the 19th century, with a special love of the 14th to 16th centuries. Hand finishing is a speciality and smocking is one of our hallmarks. Website: Email:

The Sutlers Store NSW Australia Location: NSW, Australia WWII, ACW, Napoleonic-specializing in French. Website: Email:

Belgium Brabantse Meade Location: Vertrijk, Belgium Production and selling of mead. Website: Email:

Kolja the Karelian Location: Belgium I make wooden spoons and bowls by hand Website: Email:

McFarthingbowl’s We sell a variety of multi-period items: buckles, buttons, lace, shoes, sabres, horn and bone products, uniforms etc. Email: Website:

Canada Name : Darksword Armory Location : Montreal, Quebec, Canada Hand forged swords & armors for reenactment groups and serious collectors, with a particular focus on the 5th to the 17 th C. Custom orders & Damascus steel blades are also available. Website: Email:

Tanis & Enif Metal Imporium Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Mail making Email:

Czech Republic Arma Bohemia location:Velvary/Prague High quality weapons, armor pieces and everyday equipment of middle ages and renaissance. Website: email: Kovex-Ars Ltd Nechranicka 239, 43145 Brezno, Czech Rep. Weapons, armour, leather goods & metalwork. Email: Website:

Arms and Armor Manufacture Wide range of arms and armour available to order. Website: Email:

England 6of1 Location: Lincolnshire Authentic provenance artefacts Iron age to steam age Website: Email:

19th Century Tailoring Location: Bournemouth For all your 19th Century tailoring needs. Website: Email:

1066 Creations Location: Shropshire Gargoyles, green men, folk lore image casts Website: Email:

Aelfgyfu Location: Staffordshire Hand made Dark-Age giftware Email:

Eric Moulder Maker of historical woodwind instruments Shawms, Crumhorns, Curtals, Rauschpfeifen, Cornamusen and Baroque Bassoons Website: Or:

Alison & Hugh's Handmade Things Newark Website:

Ancient Battle Crafts Supplier to reenactors, museums & collectors. Arms, armour, shields, clothing, shoes, tents, jewellery, chainmail + lots more 300BC 1600AD Email:

Annie The Pedlar Location: Hampshire, UK Tudor/Elizabethen reproduction accessories and haberdashery. Website:

Annott’s Pots Location: Essex Individually handcrafted reproduction pottery, 2000BC-1800AD Workshops for schools and museums Email:

Arabian Knights Location: UK Leather supplies Email:

Arbalist Armoury Medieval crossbows & Quarrels Longbows & Arrows Email:

Archers Review This is a website, run for and by archers with a thirst for knowledge. Our extensive collection of reviews is split in to a number of sections to make it easy for you to find what you are interested in Website: Email:

Art Pol Location: Cheltenham Email:

Paul Atkin Historical Woodworker Woodware for the reenactor and modern market. Email: Website:

Bad Ceramics Location: UK Unique handmade ceramics Website: Email:

Barefoot Leather Location: Ludlow Manufacturer of leather goods. Website: Email:

Battle Ready Hand crafted leather armour Website: Email:

The Battered Booke Shoppe Location: Norfolk, UK Manufacturers of hand bound medieval books for re-enactors, film, tv and museums. Website: Email:


The Bearded Dwarf Outside Bars John Freeman Real Ale tents & Meadariums (mead & fruit wines) for historical re-enactments and markets. Email: Website:

Sister Beth Calligraphy Location: UK Poetry, verses, inspirational quotes, all hand crafted originals. Website: Email:

Black Hand Armoury Matt Black Armour Location: UK Location: UK Arms, armour, jewellery & fashion wear for re- Armour made to order enactment periods from Bronze Age to Website: Napoleonic. Email: Website: Black Bear Events Location: UK 20 years experience in event management. We can supply site infrastructure, marquees, caterers and entertainers Website:

Black Sheep Emporium Location: UK Period costume researched and made for you by Jennie Black Website: Email:

Black Star Clothing Medieval clothing range for all ages and sizes up to xxxxl for lords & size 42 for ladies. Website: Email:

Blast from the Past Sophie Matthews & Chris Green Historical Music Website: Email:

Bohemia Beauty Replicas of Historical glass Website: Email:

Born 2 Late Historical Leatherworker Website: Email:

Brandon Thatchers Film Services Location: Rugby We offer a complete rustic scenery construction service for events. Website: Email:

Buckleswyvern Location: South Glos, UK Wooden practice swords and medieval heraldry plagues, wall hangings, fridge magnets Email:

Gary Burbeck (VTCT MFHT Fully qualified and insured freelance BSL-using Massage & Holistic Therapist available for public & private appointments in the SW UK and events nationwide. Sports, Swedish, Hot & Cold Stone massage; Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki. Email: Website: Busy Mole Music Ltd Location: UK Harp makers, dealers in early musical instruments & early music specialists. Email: Website:

H Burbeck Copperfoil method stained glass design and creation using the glass itself to make images in many forms such as panels, plaques, mirrors, suncatchers or other 2D work in any genre, shape, size, style, timeline/period . Email:

Candles for All Ages We specialise in candles for most periods. Also candle related historical interpretations. Email:

Candle Maker Period candles (ONLY beeswax and tallow with authentic and modern wicks); lighting accessories including horn paned replica period lanterns; small personal sundries: combs, spectacles, pins, needles, dice; period textile equipment: spindles, shuttles, lucets, heddles etc. ALL hand made in wood, bone, horn or metal. Website: Email:

The Captains Seamstress Elenna De Vargr Period Costumes from the 10th to 18th Century. Costume design and advice for all periods covered. All items hand stitched. Email:

Cavalier Books Civil War Sutler Books ideal for the re-enactor, covering a wide Location: Dorset range of history. American civil war clothing, frontier clothing, Website: associated leather work, soldiers needs items, accroutrements, footware, ladies ware and dresses and footware. Website: Email: Class History Classic Costume Location: UK Location: Plymouth The place to find re-enactors taking history into Mainly Regency Period costume the classroom Website: Website: Email: Email: The Cloth Hall Location: Huddersfield Natural fibre & reproduction historical textiles. Email:

Cloak’d & Dagger’d Jackie Philips Costumes Email: Website:

Club Axe Ltd Mr Richard Cooper Medieval re-enactment furniture Also Bespoke Furniture Website: Email:

Hector Cole (Arrowsmith) Location: Chippenham, Wiltshire, UK Top quality reproduction hand forged arrowheads of all periods. Archaeologically correct artifacts and blades forged to order. Website: Email:

Company of Artisans Location: UK Domestic & social history interpretation. Medieval tile making, wattle & daub, plaster, Tudor bricks, stone masonry. Website: Cornish Leather Craft Hand carved leather made in Cornwall: we sell standard or custom made leather goods from bookmarks to belts and bags, guitar straps to hair accessories. Any item considered. Website: Email:

The Company of the Black Bird, 1066-1356 Historical presentations, talks, living history and re-enactment. Website: Email: The Costume Mercenary Commissions undertaken Website: Email:

Crossbows Replicas Our craft experience is based on creating reproductions of weapons, armour, halberds and medieval firearms as well as crossbows. Website: Email:

Crossman Crafts Location: Portsmouth, UK Hand crafted personal accessories, combs, pomanders, sewing and weaving accessories, gaming items and more! Website: Email:

The Cutting Edge Company Location: Sheffield The Cutting Edge Costume Company site for Leather armour, weapons and costume for Live Role Players (LARP), Reenactors, Goth, Punk, Theatre and Film Website: Email:

Damnonii Traders Location: UK We supply furs including wolf, bear, cross wolf, coyote and assorted deer. Email:

Danegeld Derbyshire Arms Ltd Location: London, UK Location: Derbyshire, UK Dark Age & Medieval Silver and Bronze All kinds of black powder firearm including Jewellery. wheel locks. Medieval to the C19th. Website: Email: Design Asylum Location: Warwick Costumes researched and custom made to your measurements and requirements. This can include chainmail, leathercraft and tooling as well as cloths and underpinnings. Email:

Dilligaf Brian Tassinari Medieval beds and boxes Any commission undertaken. Website: Email:

Douggie the Wood Location: Strensall, York Wood craftsman and period furniture maker. Website: Email:

Dragons & Unicorns Locations: Ringwood Hampshire Shop in Swindon, WiltsHistorical and Fantasy clothing for male and female of all ages - no limit on size as we handmake each outfit so available from Zero to Hero. Website: Email:

The Dragons of Wye-ten Dressing History Medieval Puppet theatre. Lives like dragon C18th & C19th bonnets, silk stockings &C. puppets play all the parts in this unique puppet An engaging series of presentations. show. A large range of authentic dress patterns Website: Website: Email:

Eceniron (Historic Blacksmith) Location: Suffolk A wide and varied range of historic Iron work made by skilled blacksmiths Email:

Embellished Joanna Tyrrell Thread Buttons, Ladies & gentlemen’s textile and knitted accessories. Extant item enhancement. Website: Email:

Embroidery Emporium Location: Bath, UK I make embroidery and black working suitable for use as parts of historical costumes. Email:

Evenlode Studio Location: Oxfordshire, UK Large range of leather arnour and props for theatre, live roleplay and historic re-enactment. Website: Email:

EventPlan Limited Howard Giles Professional historical event planning and management services; live historical events to enjoy (with historical traders welcome at most events); reconstructions for TV and film. Website: Email:

Extra Klasse WWII The core of my range is produced by Michael Janke in Germany, who is renowned for his quality & accuracy of style. Aged, they are sometimes hard to distinguish from the originals. I am confident that you will not be disappointed with the quality of his superb garments. Website: Email:

Excalibur Artifacts Location: Farnborough Mike and Thelma Smith bring history to life. Have a Tudor person into your classroom. Handle clothes and artifacts as well as participate in Tudor games and activities. Make history fun for everyone Email:

Fairbow UK Location: Spalding, Lincolnshire, UK Suppliers of traditional English Longbows, American flat bows, horse bows of varying tribes/armies and all leather work and sundries Email: Website: Tel: (James) 07771 866133

Foxblade Trading (& re-enactment shoes) Manufacturers and suppliers of boots, shoes, leatherwork & historical supplies. Website: Website: Email:

House of Freyja Handmade medieval cloaks, generic cloaks in velvet. Rune sets, Medieval inspired pendants. Handmade replica stained glass pendants. Website: Email:

Gemmeus Historical reproduction jewellery Location: Suffolk, UK Jewellery. Also available for commissions. Email: Website:

The Giddy Kipper Purveyors of Fine Food Fayre Historical, themed & Outdoor Events Website: Email:

Gothic Green Oak Location: UK We specialise in historic board games, dice & playing cards covering Roman, Anglo Saxon/Viking, Medieval, Tudor, ECW & Napoleonic. Email: Website:

Jack Greene In role historical presentations for schools, heritage sites, museums, films and TV. Website:

Greenleaf Workshop Location: UK Greenleaf Workshop specialises in the creation of bespoke arms and armour and material for museums, living history re-enactors, theatrical productions and collectors. Website:

Grunal Moneta Location: Lincoln Hand struck coinage in pewter, copper, bronze, silver or gold. Travelling Mint craft demos. Website: Email:

The Gunner Hautbois Location: Lincolnshire, PE12 0EF Location: North Yorkshire Late Victorian to 1980's deac's, specialise in the Music in historical context 1066-1945 Vickers Machine Gun and Lee Enfield Rifles Website: Website: Email: Email: Richard Head Longbows Over 30 years Experience with Longbows. Location: Melksham, Wiltshire, UK Makers/suppliers of all Longbow Archery equipment. Hand made to your specifications. Email: Website:

Brian R. de Heer Period Weapons Armour & accessories; Wooden Boxes ; Drinking Horns / Tankards / Mugs ; Linen & Cotton Clothing.;Quality Leather offcuts; Pouches & Bags Email:

Hedgewitch Historical instruments, clothing, wood crafts etc Email:

Heritage Tents Aurillac Way , Retford, Nott’s DN22 7PX Phone : 01777 703489/Fax : 01777 704743 Medieval tents-pavilions, Burgundians, wedge tents, bell tents, Traditional pole tents, awnings, tailor made tents, hand sewn eyelets and groundsheets Email: website :

Herts Specialist Fabrics Historic Arts Carpentry Location: Hatfield, Hertfordshire, UK Paul Bennett Supplier of cloth to the re-enactment world. Hand-made furniture, weapons, Reproduction fabric for museums, listed games and accessories. buildings, film, theatre & television. Website: Website: Email:

Historical Costumiers Historical Management Associates Ltd Makers of historical costumes. 250 books on subject’s pre 1660 which we Costumed interpretation, Suppliers of costume publish, banquets, sheepskins, specially made accessories. period fabrics, historical fruit varieties and Website: reconstructed landscapes for living histories and Email: film work. Website: Email: Historical Promotions & Event Management History Matters Butstone Business Centre Suppliers of Medieval shoes & boots, arming Petrockstowe, Okehampton, Devon, EX20 3ET points, clothing points & aylets, padded jacks, UK gambesons & aketons. Website: Website: (01837) 811243 or 07944 524657;www.historymatters House of De Clifford Suppliers of ethically produced fur to the historical and re-enactment world. Members of the British Fur Trade Association. Email: Website:

David Hodges Medieval trader (+ other periods) Location: Northants, UK Forges, fireboxes, spits, lamp irons, banner stakes, tent pegs, tools for making & repairing armour + general tinsmithing and sheet metal work. Website: Email:

Jane Huggett Location: UK Historical Costume Maker, covers all periods. Also available for talks as a professional costumed interpreter. Email: Website:

Jones Instruments Location: Staffordshire Bagpipe Maker Website: Email:

Kanes Armoury Sells historically accurate, hand made leather armour and accessories.

Kats Hats High Quality Bespoke Historical Headdresses, Costumes and Accessories, cover the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries and are individually handcrafted to order and customised to suit existing outfits or a new ensemble for any historical setting be it Re-enactment, Music and Dance. Website: Email:

To The Kings Wardrobe With over 20 years of experience and passion, we design and create bespoke historical garments of high quality and accuracy that feel wonderful to wear. Working in accurate natural fibres from leather to silk and linen, we reproduce the fashions of Western Europe from the Early Middle ages to the 19th century, with a special love of the 14th to 16th centuries. Hand finishing is a speciality and smocking is one of our hallmarks. Website: Email:

Lancasters Armourie LTD Location: North Derbyshire, UK Arms and Armour specifically for full contact medieval combat. Email: Website:

Leathstitch (Steven Pole) Location: Leicester, UK Leather goods & canvas kit bags. Email: Website:

Legendary Armouries Location: UK Trader in arms and armour from all periods along with fantasy, movie swords and revel/airfix model kits. Website:

Karl leofrsson Location: Cornwall, UK Leather work and maille making, also story telling Email:

Letters of Marque Historical replicas of accoutrements and props from the Golden Age of Pirates. Website: Email:

Lionheart historical replicas Location: Sussex Manufacturers of the finest replica medieval pewterware. Pilgrim & Secular badges, dress accessories, spoons, domestic wares. Website: Email:

Lone Knight Supplier of Roman to Medieval re-enactment, historical and fantasy items. Website: Email:

Maggie’s Location: UK The makers of costumes for adults and children Website: Email:

Mayhem Photographics Location: UK Get shot by an expert Re-Enactment photographs Website:

Mercia Sveiter Bronze & Pewter Castings. The whole original gdfb range inc. chainmail, helmets, spear heads, clothing, horn items & swords. Email: Website:

Medieval Art & Woodcraft Frances Perry Location: West Yorkshire, UK Reproduction & modern furniture, weapons and living history items. Medieval & historical reproductions of images as pictures, banners & flags. Email: Website:

Medieval Heraldry Location: UK We design and manufacture high quality heraldry apparel, flags and shields for the discerning medieval re-enactor, LARP enthusiast as well as museums, historical venues and themed events. Website: Email:

Medieval Photogrpahy Historical|Re-Enactment|Wedding Documentary|Event|Commercial TV & Film|Stock Photography Website: Nigel Wallace-Iles

Medieval and Pirate Costume Sally Fever Location: Isle of Wight Email:

Medieval Supplies Location: Staffordshire, UK Journals, leather goods, dipping pens. Website: Email:

Medieval World Location: Thetford, Norfolk , UK We bring history to life with a presentation on a variety of historical subjects. All delivered with historical accuracy and a dash of humour, plus artefacts for the audience to handle. We can also provide the discerning re-enactor, or museum and the like, with a number of hand-bound historical books. Website: Email:

Medren Medieval Location: Staines, UK Medieval, renaissance and gothic style dresses made to measure, hire or buy! Website:;www.medieva Email:

Paul Meekins Military & History Books Location: Warwickshire Large selection of books. Secondhand, out of print and new. Website: Email:

Megan McConnell Embroidery Editor Email: Website:

Merchant of Menace Large range of re-enactment items including armour, weapons and leatherwork. Website: Email:

Mike the Hat Fine felt and woollen hat maker Website: Email:

Mike’s Military Books Location: Tring, Hertfordshire, UK Selling previously owned books, model kits and militaria Website:

H W Morgan & Sons Location: Herefordshire, UK A family business carrying on the tradition of making hand cleft ash tent pegs. No minimum quantity Email: Website:

My vintage life A shop full of vintage and retro accessories for your home, yourself, and your life. Website: Email:

Edward Nash Location: Isle of Wight Armourer Email:

Natural Spa Supplies Sally Mittuch BA (hons) PGCE RMANM Import, wholesale, retail & training courses. Soapnuts, Rhassoul Clay, Alum Crystal, Argan Oil‌ Website: Email:

Needwood Tree Location: Burton-on-Trent Medieval Market Traders, specialists in obsidian windchimes, crystals, wooden chests, boxes, jewellery and incense. Website: Email:

Nidderdale Archery Location: Pateley Bridge, Harrowgate, UK Traditional style bowyer and fletcher and artificer of medieval style longbows & arrows. Ash shafts and bow staves. Bow Making courses Website: Email:

Nonimus Minstrels of Merrie England A colourful band of costumed entertainers. Period instruments with basket full of lively song, dance and medieval music. Website: Downloads: Bookings: Julie 07790 537512

NP Historical Shoes Location: Derby, UK We make hade made, authentic footwear from ancient to C18th. We also demonstrate our craft at events. Email:

The Pagan Sanctuary Location: Reading, Berkshire, UK Dragons, Fairies, Swords, Display & ReEnactment types. Website: Email:

Pans Pantry Location: Norfolk, UK We specialize in selling incense resins, burners and associated goods. Website: Email:

Past Tents LTD Location: Biddlesden Brackley, UK Purveyors of fine quality tentage. Special designs undertaken. Website: Email:

Peggy’s Necessities Sundrie apparall for souldiers and goodwives of the middling sorte Email: Website:

A Piece of History Location: UK Traditional archery supplies Website: Email:

Pilgrim Shoes Location: Wooton, Bedford, UK Reproduction Tudor & Elizabethan shoes. Website: Email:

Pike & Shot Events Ltd Event Management, Historical interpretation & consultancy for live historical productions, films, TV, schools, museums and the heritage industry. Website: Email:

Pimpernel Clothing Pinchmill Leathers Ltd Location: UK Paul Hoogstraten th th I sell 18 and early 19 century clothing and Leather Merchants accessories including leather goods. Website: Website: Email: Email:

Plantagenet Reproductions Location: UK Purveyors of fine wrought ironwork & historic costume, cloaks, clasps, armour and powderflasks Website: Email:

PlugfirecapgunsUK Location: Cambridgeshire, UK Replica firearms for re-enactors, periods from WWI, WWII, to modern day conflicts. Website: Email:

Kochan Philips Historic Textiles Suppliers of exclusively UK manufactured historical textiles made to rigorously researched specifications derived from study of original samples and documentary sources Website:

Piva Director: Eric Moulder Popular music of the Renaissance Website: Email:

Prior Attire Izabella Pitcher Historical Costumier Website: Email:

Props Resources Dept. Vintage clothing, props & Militia Location: 54 Blackwell Street, Kidderminster, DY10 6EY, UK Also: Castings Resources Dept

Rachel Puckey (Tent Maker) Location: Shrewsbury Makers of Re-Enactment getald/ridge-viking-bell tents etc Email:

Pyewackett Location: Tring, Hertfordshire, UK Saxon Selling Thor’s Hammer plus jewellery, Goddess things etc Website: Email:


Quiverstock Traditional fletcher, custom made authentic medieval arrows Website: Email:

Raptor Care Location: UK Falconry displays, private parties and corporate days. Handling sessions. Website: Email:

Ravencrest Location: UK We sell re-enactment grade armour, helmets, bucklers, boots etc Website: Email:

Ravenstonz Location: UK We create replica pieces of metal work using silver, gold, brass and copper based on designs found from Dark Ages and Early medieval archaeological sites and historical records Website: Email:

The Reenactors Closet Location: Ware, SG11 1TF For all your authentic clothing Ebay Shop: The Reenactors Closet Email:

Re-enactment Supplies Location: Staffordshire, UK Authentic Supplies for re-enactment purposes for the 15th, 16th & 17th centuries Website:

The Re-Enactor (Trading) Magazine Reiver Trading Location: Herefordshire Location: UK Supplier of wooden tent pegs (6”-18”), unspined Hand Cast English Pewter for museums and Re-

arrow shafts and rope Email:

Enactors. Website: Email:

Robin Hood Events Ltd Goose Farm Broadoak Canterbury Robin Hood Events offer s fantastic archery days out Website: Email:

Roo the leathercarver Preston, Lancashire We design and make a large range of high quality leather goods Pouches, Belts, Quivers, Armguards and the like. Websire: Email:

The Roving Pieman Location: Northumberland, UK We produce & supply pies, cakes, jams, chutneys, cheese + specialise in Hog Roasts. Email:

Rune Lore Vikings Karl Leofrsson Location: Kernow, UK (Cornwall) Leatherwork and storytelling. Website:

Vanessa Ryall Creative Concepts Artist: Designer: Tutorials: Cooking: Ambience: Interiors: Email:

RZMilitaria WWII The WW II Gebirgsjager and field equipment are my speciality. I mainly specialise in Third Reich items, but also deal with other periods and countries from around the world. Website: Email:

Sands Bros Chris & Lee Sands Location: Midlands, UK Stonemasons. Any and all stonework undertaken Email:

Sentimental Journeys Location: Lincolnshire, PE12 0EF Specialist suppliers of British Military and civilian equipment and accoutrements 1914-60. Website: Email:

Sewn By Design Location: Ware, SG11 1TF Fancy dress, reproduction historical costumes, Prom dresses, Wedding & Bridesmaids dresses. Website: Email:

Shield maiden Mrs. P. Cload Location: West Berkshire, UK Design and manufacture of shields, plaques and banners, for display or combat Email: Website:

Shoot and Scapa Location: Farnham, UK Hand made and stitched reproductions of historical footwear, bags and archery accessories. Website: Email:

Silver Arrow Archery Location: Bedfordshire, UK All things archery! Website: Email:

S.J's. (Seamstress) Location: Staffordshire, UK A Historical seamstress, period accurate clothing,

David Smith Events Organiser Location: Wellingborough, UK

specialises in the 18th Century but covers all Organises event around the UK periods Email: Email: Website: Soaps of the Sacred Spring Spellbound Supplies Location: Mildenhall, UK Anita & Roger Carthew Handmade and hand milled historical soaps & We stock herbs, crystals and pagan goods. Pater Noster Beads Email: Email: Website: Spirit of the Fens Leather Location: Cambridgeshire, UK Hand carved leather goods. Unit 1a, 3 Acres, Creek Road,South Junction, March, Cambs, PE15 0BY Email:

Standing Stones Studios Location: Buckinghamshire, UK Makers of quality historical replicas Email: Website:

Brad Steele (Stonemason & Carver) Telling History Demonstrations, talks and lectures available on Location: UK the practise and history of the craft of the Maureen James tells tales from an authentic tent stonemason and stone carver. wearing clothing of the appropriate period. Iron Email: age to modern times covered. Website: Email: Templar Insignia Templar Taverns Location: Warwickshire, UK Neil Comley Badges, sculptures, figurines, books and prints on Outside bars and off sales, Quality fruit wines, the Knights Templar and associated subjects. meads and ales Email: Email: Website: Sarah Thursfield

Location: Shropshire/Welsh border Patterns, fittings and tuition for making historically accurate garments, especially medieval. Website: Email: Tillerman Beads (Mike Poole) Location: West Yorkshire, UK Handmade glass lampwork beads based on examples from Museums, archaeological finds and reports. Website: Email:

Time – Travellers Battlefield Pyrotechnics, School Visits, Events Organised Website: Email:

Time Warp Textiles Accurately replicated period fabrics for the ultimate in authenticity when recreating replica historical clothing Website: Email:

Time Warrior Productions Location: Derbyshire, UK I sell historic crafts, weaponry, and general supplies from the Roman to Medieval period. School visits & video production Website: Email:

Tinctoria Moira Forsyth Dyer of yarns, fibres and fabrics for knitting, weaving, needlepoint, textile art, braidmaking & embroidery Website: Email:

Tinkers Tailor A fine selection of 18th Century goods all handmade in Great Britain with soldiers, sailors and C18th civilians in mind. Website: Email:

Dave Tonge (Yarnsmith of Norwich) Costumed Historical Storyteller Teller of Saxon, Viking, Medieval, Tudor and Stuart Tales For Old and Young, Rich and Poor! Website: Email:

Traditional Materials Location: Essex, UK Raw materials for the craftsman Website: Email:

Tudor Market Location: UK A collection of makers and sellars of reproduction Tudor wares. Website: Email:

The Tudor Tailor Reconstructing sixteenth century dress Research, training, production of costume. Practical workshops. Website: Tel: (01483) 414356 Email:

Unicorn Crafts Location: Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, UK Purveyors of variable reproduction medieval artifacts including ironware, wooden items, jewellery and pottery Email:

Viking Crafts Location: Kettering, UK Quality reproductions of viking artefacts Website: Email: EU ONLY!

W.A.G.(Washing borough archaeologygroup) We make short heritage films for museums & schools. (Empathise on Lincolnshire’s heritage) Website: Email:

Judith Watkins Pole Arms

Wight Leather Craft Location: Isle of Wight Bespoke leather goods hand made to measure. Website: Email:

White Rabbit Lynens London We make historically accurate garments, specialising in authentically made undergarments. Website: Email:

Email: Tel: 01332 730225

Windfall Photography Medieval event photographic specialists Website:

Wolfs Crafts Location: Northampton, UK Wood carving and leatherwork Website: Email:

Withycot Woodcraft Location: Prickwillow, Cambs, UK Turned tableware, “Treens” for Re-Enactors Website: Email: ZOUNDS! Public Address for Historical Re-enactments Superb Quality at Reasonable Prices Tel: 01785 662884 or 07775 621139 Email:

France CAPELADA Bouisse Cyrille Craft(home-made) manufacturing of felt hats and fabrics(tissues) inspired of diverse périod of the history. Email: 93581154007

Nigel Carren I specialise in restoring and reproducing historic european plate armour fom the 16th and 17th century. I also produce fully articulated miniature suits (1/7th Scale) TV & Film and fashion work. Website: Emai:

Jane’s Wardrobe I make all aspects of clothing from underwear to gowns and coats. Couture Corsetry, period costume and bridal wear Website: Email:

The Mulberry Dyer Location: Houvigneul, France A history of colour! Authentic dyeing demonstrations, talks Website: Email:

SARL THE ESPAVIOTE RN88 - les baraques 43370 CUSSAC SUR LOIRE Such. 04 71 03 99 87 Fax. 04 71 03 65 42 Email: Website:

Germany Famwest Nehelenia Patterns For the best German made period tents at D-59199 Bonen excellent prices. We stock historical sewing patterns 10th - 20th Email: Century, corseting and millinery materials, jewelery, period fabrics, tools and notions, ribbons and laces. We ship worldwide. Please ask for our pattern wholesale catalog! Website: Email:

Vehi Mercatus (The Driving Traders) Location: Langdorf, Germany We sell re-enactment equipment for the medieval period and later Website: Tel/Fax: +49 (0) 9921-882371 Email:

Frank Packer Altertümlichen Lederartikeln Location: Erfurt. 18th and 19th century Knapsacks, Haversacks, and Leather Articles for the Soldier, Traveller, or Adventurer; from extensively researched period designs, or will also undertake custom work and single commissions. Email:

Unlicht Location: Germany Gothic metal mittelalter Website: Email:

Westernbedarf Halang Location: Freiberg, Germany. Historical Tents, wooden plates & leather. Email: Website: &

Greece Strategosathena Location: EU Trade historical figures of historical enactment. Website: Email:


India The Curios House Location: Udaipur, India Suppliers of arms and armour to film shooting, collectors and museums. Website: Email:

Daniyal Steel Crafts We specialize in making historical accurate and highly authentic historical replicas - Helmets, Body Armour, Leather footwear, Chainmails, Clothing, Shields, Tents and a vast range of other miscellaneous other historical related products. Email:

Indian Damascus Location: India Arms, armour, chainmail, swords, daggers and arrow heads. Period and contemporary jewellery, period locks and keys Email: Website: www.INDIANDAMASCUS.COM

Indian Trade silver Location: India Purveyors of the finest trade silver reproductions from history, and original designs done in the 18th & 19th century styles. Website: Email:

N.V. Sikligar Inc Location: India “One stop store for your re-enactment needs” Handcrafted muzzle loading guns, pistols, spare parts, Damascus knives + custom made renaissance & medieval arms and armour. Website: Email:

Indonesia FARIS REEANCTMENT BASAR Location: Indonesia Medieval Saracen Muslim Equipment to all who would like to create a medieval Saracen Group or Character. Website: 038376503

Ireland The Irish War We sell Irish war of Independence uniforms , caps , medals, badges etc for the re-enactor and collector. We ship worldwide. Website: Email :

Mircat Manufacturing ( Bows Strings and Leather Things) Location: Ballinamore, Co Leitrim I produce Traditional wood bows, either split stave or from board, mostly in Ash up to 60# draw weight Website: Email:

Mouthful of Mead Location: Wexford, Eire We make outfits from the Roman period right up to the end of the Medieval period. We also make a huge range of shields and reenactment waster swords. Website: Email:

Italy Davide Bulzacchi Sartoria Storica MonRo Loaction: Padova Location: 47121 ForlÏ (FC) Wooden supports for shields and handmade Medieval Clothing for Re-enactors. C12th – shields replicas. C16th. Armour & Leather protection. Email: Website: Email: VIDUQUESTLA, PADOVA, ITALY I make historically board game and objects of daily use in medieval times (also reconstructions on application). Website: e-mail:

Netherlands Fairbow Suppliers of a wide range of stock for the archer Website: Email:

Gelderseroos Medieval to C19th Clothing and shoes, orders undertaken! Website: Email:

Atelier Zilverlinde Goldsmith, historical reproduction jewellry & leather masks Website: Email:

De Zwarte Zwaan (The Black Swan) Medieval and Victorian Living History group Living History, Crafts, Daily live Website:

New Zealand Imaginosfilms Location: North Island, New Zealand We’re involved in the local re-enactment scene, filming and photographing a lot of events. Website:

THORNFORGE Padlocks/Plate Locks/ Roman to Renaissance Knives/Damascus/ Daggers Plate Armour/SCA Armour etc. Email: Website:

Norway MS Reenactors Shop A large and varied range for re-enactors Website:

Sadefjord Paintball Paintball games Location: Sandefjord Email: Website:

Poland Gardariki I make naalbinding knitwear in historical stitches. Website: Spes-medieval market Location: Torun, Poland. Clothes, gambesons, furniture, tents, equipment, armaments & accessories. Email: Websites:


Jae Design Location: Minsk Clothing designed and produced for all periods. Website: Email: Replika Art Location: Grzybowo Antler and Bone items Website: Email:

Portugal Northern Winds Handmade unique items for re-enactment and Live Action Role Play (LARP). Medieval, Roman and Arabic clothing and accessories. Website: Youtube: Email:

Russia Narval Location: Siberia, Russia We make acoustic musical instruments of ancient Russia (C9th-C11th) and medieval Russia (C12th-C17th) Website: Email:

Scotland Armour Class Scottish Manufacturers of swords Manufacturers of dark age, medieval, 17th century and Scottish swords Website: Email:

Gallowglass Location: Perthshire Hand made glass beads, lamp work and fused glass art. Unique jewellery. Website: Email:

Shetland Handspun Location: Scotland Handspun yarns, natural colours, traditional garments, Shetland lace. Workshops/Tuition Website: Email:

Macdonald Armouries Edinburgh We at Macdonald Armouries are proud to offer individually hand-made swords, sgian-dubhs, dirks, single-sticks and our high quality reproduction Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting knife, which is popular with collectors and serving military alike. Email:

Wield a Shield We specialise in the construction and painting of handmade wooden shields for reenactors, children's play and decoration Website: Email:

Zippy Stitch Location: Fife Period costume and clothing. Victorian to 1950’s Website: Email:

Spain Marshal Historical Alfafar, Valencia, Spain. In Marshal Historical we have a commitment to bring the best quality items for re-enactment, living history, LARP, and WMA use. Our staff with more than 10 years of experience, uses pictorial references and surviving examples to design our pieces: cloth, armour, weapons, tools, complements. Website: Email:

Sweden Avacyn Historical jewellery and reproductions made by a professional re-enacting goldsmith. Website: E-mail:

Handelsgillet 300- to 1900-Century Handelsgillet has provided material and items of high quality, based on archaeological findings, since 1999. We provide fabrics dress accessories, books, patterns, sewing tools, eating utensils, and much much more. Website: Email:

Viking Kristall Stig Nielsen Jewellery Email:

Ukraine Steel Mastery Location: Kiev, Ukraine Producers of large range of steel armour for medieval, SCA, LARP and re-enactment Website: Email:

Willy Trambone Location: Sevastopol, Ukraine Leatherworker Email: Website:

U.S.A Ancient Traders Ltd Location: Texas We specialize in premium re-enactment supplies. We have the first and only commercially available jousting saddle on the market and is in its final stages of R&D. Website: Email:

Black Diamond Metal Arts Location: Black Diamond, Washington State, USA We produce art, signs & armour Website: Email:

Castle Keep Ltd Location: 83 South LaSalle Street, Aurora, Illinois, 60505. Ancient to WWII Re-Enactment originals & reproductions. Website:

C & C Sutlery USA Your one stop source for civil war re-enactment supplies. Website: Email:

Coon River DragonSlayer Visions Iowa, USA Location: Dayton, Ohio, USA We are one of the leading manufacturers & I work with chainmaille, mostly jewelry. suppliers of civil war uniforms for re-enactors. Website: Website: Email: Email: Fall Creek Indiana, USA We have been in the sutler business for 30 years supplying re-enactors, living historians, museums, movie production and victorian era buffs. Website: Email: Fort Vause Outfitters We specialize in products for historical reenactors including 16th, 17th & 18th Century reproductions Website:

Folump Enterprises Location: USA Focusing on Early Medieval offers or what trade sells/produces books and pamphlets. Website: Email:

Garb The World Location: Los Angeles, USA We sell custom-made historical and religious clothing. We also carry a wide variety of period shoes for reasonable prices Website: shtml Email:

G & M Mercantile USA A full range of merchandise from souvenir items to complete officer uniforms. Website: Email:

Horse ‘n’ Round Studio Location: Duvall, Washington, US Custom made maille armour & kits, horse bathghans, jewellery, vaulting training and more! Website: Email:

Ivan Henry Trading Company 17th & 18th Century reproduction weapons and clothing. Website:;www.ivanhenr Email:

C.D. Jarnagin USA Provider of fine wares from 1750 – 1865 Website: Email:

Landser Outfitters, LLC Location: Foothill Ranch CA 92610 Re-production WWI and WWII Militaria Website: Email:

Frazer Brothers Dallas, Texas Uniform supplies for Texas reolution, Mexican war, American civil war, Indian wars and Spanish American war. Website: Email:


The Lumenaris Group, Inc Location: USA Our company makes a barbeque patterned after an 1830’s shaker stove. Website: Email:

Mercury Supply Company Sutler Livingston, Texas High quality military & civilian goods and clothing for re-enactors. Website: Email:

Originals by Kay Location: USA All things civilian for the mid 19th Century Website: Email:

Regimental Quatermaster Gettysburg, PA, USA America’s leading civil war sutler Website: Email:

Revival Clothing Company 27 S. May Street Aurora, IL 60506 708-502-1937 Viking to 15th century medieval clothing, footwear, arming clothes and accessories made out of authentic fabrics from research based on period reference Website: Email:

Rudderbows archery Location: Ellensburg, Washington For Medieval and Victorian era reenactors We build a variety of English style Longbows, Medieval bows as well as a medieval crossbow. We also offer working indian replica bows at modest prices for the pre 1865 reenactors Website: Email:

SCA, Shire of Nany-Y-Derwyddon Location: Tennessee, USA Manufacturer of fine leather goods for the ReEnactor. Armor and Accessories. Provider of period Footwear for the Re-Enactor from the 9th17th Centuries.

Service of Supply Location: Selah, WA Hard to find and unique WWII reproductions. First-Aid Pouches, Bandoleers, Neckties, Gas Brassards. We're the only place to get reproduction M1 Garand Clip Cardboards and Durable Fabric Reproduction Gas Brassards. We also have a large inventory of reproduction and original medical items. Website: Email:

Website: Email:

Texas Sutler (Colonel Jerry Tubbs) Location: Houston, Texas Supplier of hard goods and clothing for the men and women of the 1820 to 1840 time period Website: Email: Urweg - Nordic Tribal Jewelry PO Box 322 Corvallis, Montana 59828 Museum quality replica Viking, Celtic & AngloSaxon Jewelry handcrafted in Sterling Silver and Bronze Website: Email:

Two Flags Sutler Location: Escalon, California, USA Dedicated to provide the American civil war reenactor with authentic period reproductions for soldiers & civilians. Website:

Wales Andy Burke Historical Shoes & boots Location: Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan, Wales Handmade and bespoke shoes & boots Email: Website:

Your Trade Listed Here

Cap-a-pie Location: Cardiff, Wales. Specialists in Authentic Medieval Maille. Email: Website: Glennderi Location: Abergavenny Medieval furniture Website: Email:

The Maille Tailor Location: Caergybi, Ynys Mon incorporating coifs into hauberks; to make a more authentic look for Norman conquest to mid C13th maille armour. Website: Email:

Sally Pointer & Gareth Riseborough Location: Mountain Ash Historic hats, stockings & knitted items History of perfumes, cosmetics & soap Metal, bone & horn work. Website: Email:

Black Star Leather 100% hand crafted, custom leather goods made to order. Re-Enactment our speciality! Email: Email:

Wotaloadofcassocks Location: Wrexham For all your medieval/period costume needs Website:

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