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roadside savants David e Haase

The Red Ceilings Press

MMXI [rcp 36]

roadside savants David e Haase

roadside souvenir stand Marv can t fish only knows how to fish it s ok Earth shows us how to adapt he rises at 3 am fishes the beach sometimes kills a dying bird dawn cleans oily feathers Mrs Marv fluffs Marv cuts stuffs poses bodies for rigor mortis pinkens them with spray tomorrow Marv will sell lawn ornaments out back his truck to media and HazMat crews Mrs Marv will hoard flamingo gumbo into freezer

roadside Schroedinger boolean cat

is not boolean event

result prediction is

roadside troubadour every fifty same miles horsehair troubadour all feather & stick fiddle chin four strung & codpiece slung serenaded wheels roiling & sculptor pounding clay

roadside sidewalks his face cratered antediluvian desert swollen tongue would flick around mucous beard drawing cartoons sidewalk canvas deftly indifferent pedestrians abstract colors tickling his deliquium he smiled a moonless eclipse

roadside skylark in a puddle birds have ankles & sore feet only three toes this bird doesn’t move roads wind reckless under beak sounds of metal collision the exact moment of breath wild phlegmatic water turkey fractal weaves frostbite purple scorch the stunned bereaved unrippled puddles reflect lucid dementia

roadside bus stop Post pubescent Pre adolescent Post humanoids named her Frank for short the grotesque mutant Frankenstein the Gargoyle Girl whose ashen white deathpale magnified the ripe juiciness of her deeply pimpled face a teenage ganglion raw mass of pulsating hormonal fireworks exploded when she was bloodied by a missile candy jawbreaker & skinning puppies when she screamed & busdriver ignited a bunny when she bled and untoothed into sweaty palms

they move to warm their hands over freshly faced wounds distractedly calculating the cold objective terms of exile

roadside bodhisattva naked hitcher hiking late venus flytrap buddha with null sets for sale

roadside ocean a lewd jaundice blows debleached waves rippled dune vaginas hairmeat skin sluices glistening perfect rigid unfurly folds of poetry

roadside motor lodge give me back my wasa that lady the red dress with the hamburger the shipment of pizzas who did this to my plant oh salesman s still in town let me put some new dirt in it so the leaves don t stick to my forehead but it s too late I ve killed the cleaning ladies are cleaning out the two rooms next door the occupants are still there their possessions strewn about in the hall

roadside savant she sits on spent tells cherryripe roadedges weaving baskets waeving passersby wordmongeress she pulleys autumn emmer wheaty sheaves

roadside Muenchausen by proxy her manuscripts are quarantined orphanages she reads the reflection of eyes her skin color of cement she imbues she smiles a staggering jaundice

roadside scenic overlook unsequence conjugated bilirubin verbs crusted piss brown mustard fingernail scrimshaw ceramic fresh lacquerless flesh blind smile spins on tile floor carving symbols into bowl licking the shavings off eyebrows marillion veins in palsied yolk sclerae chunks watch him climb inverted knees needle quilled drippings head jacked back listening the yellow of rippling relief

roadside convict she drowns paper wrote him each day hands create hands all thumbcuffed a burlap string cutout

roadside suicide (god is a duck) perfectly still no ripples just floating on a glass swamp man made lake many have died head first in three foot of oily water despite signs warning broken concrete slabs re-bar impalers and abandoned trawling equipment god is a duck perfectly still no ripples simply floating on three hundred and fifty four shards all at once your Lladro face

roadside travel plaza fresh teeth crack on stick lipped fork mascara troughs untouchable black slushgutter time occluding sphincter enteric para(non)sympathy corrugates her slipstream

roadside cemetery surgical grade fingernail scars crisscross tiny caesarian tombstones aborted fatty necrosis graves cauliflower keloid lilac bones

roadside bermuda triangle your isosceles angles positively python aa gorean fibonacci flowers bloom fractal geometry tactile gentle sensory hearthair is fog-ghost lost

roadside briderunner her stretchmarks never go away she denied forensic petting virginity of indecision white silent tonight her pony tail macrame windmill swings counter pointing breasts

roadside street clinic urbane proprietor gratefully dispenses hooded uvula swabs equitable exchange for crustaceous debridement pyramidal breast receptionist swipes government reimbursement into the ATM next to workers leaned at the slit of night tonight proprietor sips flagitious absinthe out dainty glass his overstuffed parlor purgatory rules the steam slick street

roadside stiletto silhouette & brick film noir shadows stretch peeling brick calf length black skirt slit grapples heavy light exposes alleys of perfect crime stained finger faces smell my brick brown teeth schau schau the discordant cocktail animation fishskin condom dirty mortar loaf shadows used cucumber rags & Amish fudge

roadside salesman his oversized teeth sweat & glass eye wanders & he recalls those movie moments singing a gulp of carbonated polymers sluices nicotine stained mustache catalog brides machine guns & prostheses he thrives how to slick outside my event horizons

roadside interview honestly I don’t know anything about Oximagnesium but listen growing pimples is god’s way of discouraging sex amongst individuals before the species requires their services

roadside whirlygigs all spins on road blinding vertigo cornrows of song clicking wind perfect anomalies sourtilt centrifugal sunrises into pirouette palsyballet

roadside carnival & we meet most by foot some by me we pause against each other at sepia split to different rides listening the fourth note between each word echo unbirthed future

David e. Haase Is a former trout farmer, who lost his government subsidy, lives and writes in Denver, Colorado. He has been published in Short, Fast, and Deadly, Breadcrumb Scabs, In Between Altered States, and Metazen. roadside souvenir stand originally appeared in Short, Fast, and Deadly i31. Thanks to Joseph Quintela, Helen Vitoria, and Kerryn Tredrea for their help in developing this chapbook.

The Red Ceilings Press

MMXI [rcp 36]

roadside savants  

by David e Haase