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Olifaunt David Tomaloff

The Red Ceilings Press

MMXI [rcp 27]

Olifaunt David Tomaloff

“And he is a fulle felonous best: and he chacethe and sleethe the olifaunt.� Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation

”...they lent me a problem with the language; they split my seams and then they dropped in a fuse.” FUGAZI

a. RISE+ { #comm union} communion : daggers fresh kill in the form of winter salvo— }{}{}{}{}}}{}{}{}{}{ a window, the thin pane which shields us from untold flood &disconcert {}{}{}{}}}{}{}{}{}{} owl repetition— fade blankets a quiet woven within itself }{}{}{}{}}}{}{}{}{}{ monsters invent a brand new formula— everyone a new day

b. DESIRE+ { #multi plied} mission imposter, fortunate trade &accidental+ ; blank set __ __ __ __# number $ { “I” all where is under economical— a firing squad #BANG #BANG #FAULT outnumbered dry “’’3# physicality district “”3# as I turn my head &cough?

c. PoP! { #while you were out} stricken” ; actuality pandemic hide & go seekkk elelelelel— this, what rots in the “...television heart #core &exo busted metropolis #branded soil scarecr0ws the cops take hold in pockets of mass para 0; suicide gangs let the static ;eating all your gro#)ss sin;s “ pay them forward”

d. SEED” { #et tu _____?} man; man men tick tick tick tick

man me/n tick TICK

#ooooTICK” you: __________?

e. COURAGE� { #dropping anch0r} driving to your house , bent up and spent out: a. b. c. d.

feeling somewhat better than I did almost an hour ago

I sparrow rooftop the party ; I loud plummeting hand grenade obscenities zero+zero+zero equal sign plural catastrophe{_____________! { #night crawler bigger on deck than anyone should a. have b. a right to I love/hate kamikaze ; your address is a beautiful+ly�

c. white{_____________! d. #waiting harbor

f. MONSTER+ { #tin man sentencia} swan. swan. swan. swan. duck! duck! { #goose things are stuff too much to think about— tanking in the garden &“...dialogues in defeat” unreasonably, June ; all summer long leaves turn on us all & , eventually

g. UNGLUED” { #oh, poor Icarus} my “” for your apparition in effigy dry docked a parking lot ; a bus stop to make it home “who did your what?” you win, a beautifully , a’ false venom negligible a. a negligee b. the pandemonium next year the |”| #burning catalyst “...a broken seashore finding its wings”

h. MISCREANT_ { #on&off&onagain} a. b. c. d.

villainy contusion the psych ward my television

you let me up when I whisper { #the safe w0rd; I’ll let you down the mom3nt “...I am free , Q: what is “free?” a. , the smell of talcum blooming b. or the circuit bent sounds of night as she washes her sp3NT clothing?

i. SHADOW+ { #modus cluster} marksman ; did eye miss #beneficiary _+#(&*the snake oil service in the back of the tent ↓↕th↓ canonized for little silver dollars— my grime becomes the weapon heart radio “black I!” ; beat euthanasia kjd mars, my head is ringing “$*) with the scent of killkillkill

j. FLIGHT� { #mockingbird} f ragile, fra gile, frag ile _h3art syntax {# s pr3ad, s pilling || |g u

t s||

all over the fl00r; t h e y wi l lc o m e fo r y o u in mur d e rs� every glaring eye , that of a crow no quarter is given in aviary circles

k. EXILED+ { #part ic ul ar} you are your brightest element ; a luxury of chain0gang fierce dictation a) flung out b) of the sun malleable intent all best distraction governor attire; a) what I want b) is blue jeans a ho pe ful list o f inv3n t ive #ad j e c tives exiled by those you tried hardest “ love?�

l. LANGUAGE+ { #static blu3s &burns} they take tiny pictures of me as I speak they are processing and reloading,

{ #always

click & whiz & sign & flare ; my script is the script riddled with bull3ts , and fashioned into a helmet there was a time wh3n none of this mattered,

&there was no war “ far as I could see� a) they laughed b) made me dinner c) I went to bed the colors of their sins , bleached by the dawn

m. PLAYGROUND { #an unhealthy fear of heights} powdered sugar pheromones { #bleak, sugar, bleak! the glass, tortured airwaves emitting callousness from under your tongue are sacred to no one I have commas but _mostly I have q uestion marks rain falling , rain falling ; peppermint, I see you there sugar electric name calling “&no shins are sacred

n. MIMEO+ { #burden of proof} stra nde d in a p hoto gra ph ey es as d ark as fl yin g sa u cer s “ the p a le is a so f t m i me ag ain st yo ur sk in som eth ing is wr i tt en in the di rt b elo w

o. HEROES+ { #bloodsh3dding} cringe! crumple! apparent-eyed , seedling— guns hidden ; buddha likes to dream &dream, he likes , alone! patio sliding doors SNAP! s h u t {#!!! I impending & , like it “this way” hurry up, fox! O blinding narrow strait their cities are tamed

, and I

I am pretending cowboys! I am pretending cowboys that a. b. c. d.

still might exist “


p. PAPER THIN, { #an exquisite mantra} glib little arrows; not knocking—

shadow thames kickboxer

sacred old aura where the little abbreviates at?

blind marquee brings his

fallout shelter home “ surprised” hands on hips ; a mocking m0tion

q. PARTIAL HEART? { #a mock revision} a mixture I found drying in the ice outside my window; thugs take me inside for a mock ex3 -cution, please “...pardon my stanza” turning toward the kitchen, I remembered outer space ; how we never really got along that well rollercoaster floats by, carries beautiful girls in its jaws ; it’s alright, new york ; I’m only bleeding, {&” O how your trains are all so corrupt

r. TILT! { #pinballer dreams} you guys are sleeping fires ; the dial-tone talks to us nightly for free a. b. c. d.

this is your dream to fly &to conquer

a) to be dreamt b) to be flown c) to be conquered the hole in the wall as always , your medium fireflies sit through the film without so much as a spark &the line goes silent , once again in their names

s. PENNY� { #copper stains} I nursery rhyme, sugar , &dream of fresh cut lawns I e n v y summer in its worst moments the rest of me is silent & I reach for the words like blisters after the sunburn , or f i n g e r s { #after a rain

t. APPLICATION+ { #bang directive} there is a strain of g h 0 s t in ha biting my s of t t is sue ; my breath, a bird’s nest gone empty for days I’m taking time from my cuts &my chases to call you { #to talk ; october is the muse I bet untold future earnings on a horse named Evermore, &hung up the phone execution-style we bleed the directive in unison; we starve the line in true surround sound

u. DECONSTRUCTION+ { #a refugee starter-kit} tar equals minus fell fell birdy try try sky &blame , blame noose astronauts dream in long-distance of suns they have never known , & no one is the wiser spring makes an announcement, {...} &breathes heavily into summer’s sails

v. RED IS A NAME! { #your maybe is a weapon} I’m feeling scientific today, stomping out answers to math equations I’ve never met a junkie; I’ve never really tried bright &shining , a million city apocalypse sidecar drops through a tattered ceiling ; a molotov springtime who3ver left me here has a lot of explaining to do polygraph yourself as I lie awake &listen “...relay, repeat , relate, the world | &over”

w. DISCONNECT|ion+ { #birth of the unsumer} t-minus electric ; making maker ceramic in the day, &orange &plaster sky by night I wear your firing squad like a silver halo ; the radio as revolver I am coming to grips #with the scenery the ride is long &the train has left the station, “...conductorless at the controls” there are misfit assassins among the “us” tonight I am alone , though I can hear them breathing

x. LANGOUR” { #mine is not my own} sympatique , no or yes coke machine dys function ; light me up& smell the noise, drag site &refuse +++++ +++++ branded, demoted$# sycophant! blood-letting amusant! butchered “like” “like” “like” holes in wall or insect eyes; insectivore , misplaced! you are verb , a shocking singular; a hammer coming down , stuck all night on repeat +++++++ “imagine such a thing,” I said &she said, “I can imagine such a thing”

y. REPEATER+ { #t his li f e} this used to be my drug &that used to be my home I could find my way around a flag back then I could cut the corners &keep the blood in my blood I could cut the cord &drain the soot from my soot I played the safe average occupant I sounded thin but without complaint where I could leave the doors unlocked &swallow , I now serve as a remnant upon a dusty shelf “...lexicon, chérie d’amour, turning the volume in upon itself &kicking errant bullets back into the skull!” where , alas there is bread on the table, & I am starving to death

z. CONVENTICLE| { #untraceable; ______________} trajectory , conventicle pestilence &wall machines

how we they the “I”

probable cause messed up the origin

drivel fear exert &complicate


fingers threaded ‘round the trigger of vernacular ; apologetic , clean-up on aisle nine the grocery clerk stays late to atone for their sins

David Tomaloff (b. 1972) | is a writer, photographer, musician, and all around bad influence | likes: jazz | hates: jazz | photography: yes | his work has appeared in fine publications such as Mud Luscious, >kill author, Thunderclap!, HOUSEFIRE, Prick of the Spindle, DOGZPLOT, elimae, and many more | he is the author of the chapbooks EXIT STRATEGIES (Gold Wake Press, 2011) and MESCAL NONPALINDROME CINEMA (Ten Pages Press, 2011) | David Tomaloff resides in the form of ones and zeros at:

Thunnerplump And so, we say, friendship ends here in a tidal column of cloud that crumples the sky. Today has the saddest eyes, a tick of rain before the thunder swallows us into a house roomed by chance. Raw edges of what might have been scrape my metal fillings. Magpies people the light like an old movie devoid of sound but for a theatrical pianist. We close the book on the last brick of the story as dark paint swathes old weathered wood.

The Red Ceilings Press

MMXI [rcp 27]


by David Tomaloff